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Found 30 results

  1. I was just thinking about leaving things for some members of my deed, and it occured to me that if I leave a crate with things in it, it could just look like another one of the crates they have there, and they might not realize the gift was there for a while. That got me to thinking that if there was "gift wrapping" available in the game, it would be noticed immediately. It would be useful to working on paper making (for the paper), dye making (for the ink to write the tag), and cloth making (for the ribbon to wrap it all up with), and would act as a skin to be used on any container type so it could "wrap" for any gift type. (for example an item that can only be held indefinately in a crate the wrap would go on a crate, but for an item that can only be held in a chest for a long time - the wrap could be used on a chest instead). Ideally as soon as the tag is read and the gift is opened the wrap would disintegrate so the container could be used for anything afterwards. I think this would be great to add into the game for those that like to leave gifts for other players, but would like it noticed immediately when the player comes on, and to know where it came from even if the creator of the gift is not online at the time, and would utilize several mechanics of the game that are under served right now.
  2. Any plans on making lighthouses available, even if for show? I think it would be a cool feature. Windmills would be cool to, to cut wood or use as a grindstone.
  3. One of the staples of a MMO to me is chat also appearing overhead on a local player/character talking to you, I find this feature should really be in Wurm of all games, Lots of MMORPGs have/had it and I see no reason to lack the option to toggle such a thing. It really draws you in to look at the person talking to you vs just looking down at chat. It may seem simple but I assure you it is a powerful tool in the art of game immersion. This feature would be a good addition to the UI changes that are being looked into. Ability to toggle it and it would not in anyway change the normal chat windows, this would be a second option that can be enabled/disabled and font size change along with being able to set the fade timer on the bubbles and their transparency along with font color.
  4. Looked at the other topics on pickles...but I just wanted to add a short note. Saw the mention of Sauerkraut and Pickles but you could use the Large Barrels in game, say 100 cucumbers(pickles) or 50 heads of cabbage(sauerkraut) sealed with the wax to preserve them....using a Rock Salt/Vinegar solution...? Just an idea.
  5. Domestication has always been around in real life, a step from mere taming where an animal is actually loyal and more than just a step away from going to kill you. In the case of dogs and cats, it's what defines and shaped our histories together, so it'd make sense to include some form of that in Wurm. It'd be nice to have a trait for animals if you're a certain level in husbandry that you can domesticate them, particularly through breeding submissive and docile animals together. Maybe creating normal cats instead of wildcats and... dogs. Yeah, I'm still thinking of what a step up from our normal Wurmian dog would be. Just a thought. Not really anything game changing, and to keep it from being too abusive, you can make it so that only certain animals are able to be domesticated.
  6. we have very nice Hedges but for a entrans go a garden or a deed it will be nice to have some Arched Hedges like Marple and Rose. to build like planting a Hedge but aditional 2 or 3 Woodenbeams 2-4 Nails ore some Planks to create it. thats it look like one this samples
  7. So i had this crazy idea. What if we were able to make a Portal to a map that was ultimately a PvP Arena. Would work similar to Epic Portals only inventory and everything stays on transfer. Player inside the arena could Fight and loot each others drops. GMs could even hold events. Toggling ON and OFF PvP in this enclosed area. It would be like maybe 150x150. Hunger Game Style build. Players could watch from the stands around the PvP/Event zone. Or go down into the Zone to actually join the event. GMs could adjust the terrain in this area to fit the event. Some lava tiles and sand traps. Few Water tiles. Lots of trees. I mean just an idea but i think it be cool it the community could be brought together Via this Portal to a Combat World/Event World. Could be a tiny server, with an enclosed Deed like the GV. Let me get some +1 for this idea. I mean... Just imagine. The Wurmians all gathered in the arena as GM Enki arrives with Spawning commands. 50 Zombies spawn and players fight to kill them off. When they die they spawn back (out of arena) with no way back in Cuz the doors are locked, Its down the wire. 5 Players left. 10 Zombies. 1 Of the players is a priest and starts healing the remaining 4. But he loses an arm and dies. Finally down to the last man alive. He wins! Gets awarded (some prize). Um.. yes! > and Please leave the hate out of this conversation. lol Could even double as a Lobby for players to chat O.O Maybe Global Market system. (maybe not) lol Ps. Maybe Even put it in GV. So new players will join and See LOTS of players online in local? O.O
  8. Hi, I was out fishing and talking with the mayor of our village and we thought it would be nice to be able to bait fishing hooks. It would be nice to add a little more to the dynamic and it could be done without adding any objects or textures. To bait a hook you would use a small fish, like a perch or roach, on a hook. The mechanic would work like this: A baited hook; has a slightly higher chance of catching a fish. can not catch a fish that is smaller than the bait on an "fish escape" condition the bait could be lost If you want to get fancy and add an object then perhaps; putting raw meat in a bucket/barrel of dirt can create maggots maggots can be used to bait hooks as described above the size restriction inverted so the size of the fish is limited but chance to catch is a little higher. having maggots in a barrel state as above causes food and/or organic things to decay really fast. Thanks for your time. Morlanius of Bearfoot Vinyard (Xan)
  9. Hey all. Some of you might remember me as the guy behind It was a fun little project of mine and it had a good run. Lately I've had another idea that's been stewing in my head. I'd like to make a freight board for Wurm Online, where buyers and sellers can find someone to handle the delivery part. Wagoners seem nice but they come at a pretty high price and have their limitations. How would that work? Keep in mind I'm still at the brainstorming stage, and very open to suggestions. The sale part would happen as it already does: seller advertises his goods in trade chat/forums/etc. buyer contacts seller, you know the rest. Seller isn't very interested in delivering, buyer isn't very interested in picking it up, so one of them creates an entry on the load board (website) and "invites" the other party. Now they both enter their location (interactive maps?) and whoever pays for the shipping sets the amount he's offering, someone sees it, thinks it's a fair price and submits his interest But what if we're not all online at the same time? Well, I'd like to recommend this as standard practice: Seller puts the crates in a purpose-built building or boat (corbita?), sets permissions for shipper to embark as passenger and access hold (or equivalent for building, as long as he can take the stuff) and buyer sets the same permissions on his building or boat. Shipper gets to seller's place, loads the crates in his boat, travels to buyer's place and transfers them to his ship). Job done. How would the payment happen? It's up to you, either leave the money in one of the boats/buildings, or send a woodscrap when you've delivered the goods. And why would I trust the other parties involved? Well, trust and reputation have a big role in Wurm Online. I was thinking I'd make a reputation system (open to suggestions on that, I was thinking of a simple satisfaction rating in %) and a bio. If you're just starting out, put a link to your Wurm profile page and get people you know to vouch for you. Pretending you're someone else wouldn't work, as the permissions would be set for the person you're pretending to be. And what if I get ripped off? I'd actually like to have a chat with GMs about that. It'd be really cool if they'd agree to have one or more moderator accounts on the website to see proof of recent activity and assist players the same way they would assist if it had all been done in-game (I assume that's why "report theft" is green in /support?) What's in it for you? A fun project to work on. I don't plan to make any money out of it whatsoever. We'll see how much it costs (hosting / SSL certificate / domain name), I might put a donation button somewhere, but you'll never have to pay a dime. It's also my own way of trying to give back to the Wurm Online community. I think it would help the economy and make it easier to transport goods in Wurm for a living. I'm sure it would help new players get started with trading too. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys think. I'm open to all questions and suggestions. Happy Wurming! On a side note: Can I use the server maps from the game? The terms of service are a little vague "CodeClub approves of sharing User Generated Material based on video, music, sound or screenshots from our game Wurm Online." I mean, I could take a screenshot of the server maps, but it wouldn't really be "user generated".
  10. so i was thinking of a new way to find snow, climbing a huge moutain or going to a norther or souther island were its always cold and snowy in part. just a though
  11. Hi all! I use Google translate! I would like to raise an issue bonus from sleep. The fact is that now sleep bonus is a nominal function, which in this game as the Wurm can not fully meet the needs of the modern player. It is ridiculous to say, but sleep bonus, as is well known, activates the command chatting through "/"))) He even from the standpoint of ordinary logic is questionable.In this regard, I would like to offer a very complicated in some cases, the calculation system of the permanent sleep bonus. Firstly, in Wurm has a quality system, to offer the same quality of sleep, and add (1 to 100). Quality of sleep in real life depends on hundreds or even thousands of factors. No one will argue that sleep is an essential human need, after breathing. I would like to propose the following system of bonuses from sleep in Wurm. Please note that all values are given as an example! Generally awake in Wurm can not live as cease to grow skills, stamina builds up as in 10% of water or other negative factors working .. These factors included after the continuous stay of the character in the game within 12 hours of real time. To get rid of the negative effects of a character must log out or use an object such as a bed, a tent or sleeping bag or other intended for sleeping. The character must be in a state of not less than four hours of real time, offered to enter status in connection with the stay of the character in the sleep mode or offline: 4 hours - wants to sleep (sleep bonus 0.5) 8 hours - not enough sleep (sleep bonus 1) 12 hours - a good sleep (sleep bonus 1.5) 16 hours or more - full of enthusiasm (sleep bonus 2) We know that most of the players come temporarily, and the more intense and monotonous they play, the faster they will go out of the project, so innovation is linked to the real-time impact on this class of players more than anyone else, and in general it is a radical impact on the social sphere . Most of the players are young people, schoolchildren or students, it is a small part of the adults working people. The first is largely spending more time on the game than the latter, so their opportunities in the game are different, a little innovation will equalize the opportunities of these people. And will reduce the possibility of using bots. In any case I think that it is necessary to introduce a factor of fatigue character: 0-2 hours in the game - the maximum bonus of sleep 2-4 hours in the game - Sleep bonus !!! is multiplied by 0.5 4-6 hours in the game - the multiplier gain skills !!! It is set to 1 6+ hours in the game - skill gain factor is set to 0.5 12+ hours in the game - set the conditions under which, the continuation of the game pointless In this case, you can enter the promotion rest of the game with continued online, for example, after the first 4 hours of play a character fit to sleep for 2 hours (siesta) and then the cycle is as follows: 0-2 hours in the game - the maximum bonus of sleep 2-4 hours in the game - Sleep bonus !!! is multiplied by 0.5 2:00 sleep 4-6 hours - the maximum bonus of sleep 6-8 hours - sleep bonus 0.5 8+ hours - multiplier gain skills 0.5 12 hours per game - sets out the conditions under which the continuation of the game pointlessOr promotion linked to the client time (as it will be implemented not know) For example, if a player leaves the game at 12 pm his time, then add a + to sleep bonus "because he just went to sleep!" It does not matter that he had gone to play another game, it will distract him from the 4 hour digging in the mine, that will eventually extend his interest in Wurm.)) At the second level of detail proposed to add statuses comfort or quality. Just compare how you are going to sleep on the bare ground, or in a luxurious warm bed and how you sleep enough, and at the same time will set to work. So: Under the terms logoff: 0 logoff in adverse conditions, with rain, wind, snow, water 1 to logoff in normal conditions, in a cave in a forest in dry weather 2 logoff indoors As things: 0 without sleeping items 1 when using lower grade and quality items (the litter made of branches) 2 by using items of the middle class (sleeping bag) 3 using high-end items (bed or tent) On the premises: 0 in a wooden house 1 in a stone building 2 in a building of frame 3 in the combined building (Roof + floors)By heating: 0 Without fire 1 Bonfire 2 In a building with a fireplace or oven. Other criteria may be added, deriving from one another: seasons, the presence and number of windows in the room, interior articles. For example, when sleepover in a combined building with a fireplace on the bed we get the quality of sleep in 10 cu (for example sleep bonus multiplier 2). Plus 16 hours of sleep 2. In the two hours of the game set in the sleep bonus 4. Then 2 hours 4 * multiplier 0.5. Then break in 2 h. 2 hours of sleep bonus 4. Follow 2 hours 4 * 0.5. Then skill gain is set to 1 * 0.5. All this approximate framework. Thank you for attention!
  12. Hello there guys. Recently after a few winters I came up with an idea of body temperature. The feature would add a little more survivalish taste to the game. Below I will present what I would love to see and how would everything work. -Body temperature increases/decreases with certain seasons -The wind would decrease/increase the body temperature within time -Water and diffrent drinks cool the player down or make him warm (depends on drink) -Standing inside a finished structure would make the temperature drop slower -Standing near fireplaces, ovens, forges (lighted) would make the temperature increase -After dropping below a certain temperature or raising it too high player would take damage -Wearing certain clothes would either decrease the temperature or increase it (For an example cloth hoods and stuff on the desert and wearing furs at winter) Also! The newbs could get a perk that temperature will not hurt them for the first wurm year so the game would not beat the potatoes out of thier sacks. You get the idea. Tell me what you think about it in the comments!
  13. Just an idea - for papyrusmaking: Folios This would item would allow players to take multiple papyrus sheets (uninscribed) and combine them into a bound folio. Instead of the regular pop-up window for inscribing it would be similar, however with the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons player could inscribe multiple pages. This could be used for recipe sharing, in-game book writing, kingdom/deed laws, inventory logs, trade deals, et. al. I'd imagine the recipe being to the effect of using a needle as the tool, 3 strings of cloth, two pieces of leather, and a minimum of five papyrus sheets. There could be recipes for different sizes, i.e. Volume: req 10 papyrus sheets, 6 strings; Tome: req 25 sheets, 12 strings. If it all possible, perhaps allowing players to bind already inscribed papyrus sheets into a bound folio although it would have to be one at a time and requires at least one string with each 'addition.'
  14. So we have the cooking overhaul. It's awesome, I've been spending time lately solely on finding new recipes. I managed to find my weaponsmithing affinity, a channeling one and now looking for other good ones. Also made a pizza for which my villagers love me now. There are talks going about reworking the meditation system. Good idea as well, it needs something done to be more appealing and less punishing. What about overhauling the building system? 1. New materials. First of all, there have been suggestions, ideas, questions and whines about log houses. Why not? Easy, quick way to put up a shed in the middle of nowhere without having to find iron. Especially useful to new players however it would surely need some restrictions otherwise we'd have tons of these around the wilderness. Probably more than there are now. Second of all, I've seen a suggestion about round cobblestone walls somewhere today. Why not add all types of cobblestone? Sure it would need more mortar to stick together but it would sure look nice. Third of all, imagine a nice wall that looks almost like timber framed walls but it's tougher and more like a house wall rather than a barn wall. Basically a concrete wall with rock shards or steel beams inside for strength. Teepees and huts made out of sticks and covered with leaves or hides. Basically would work like tents except they'd be available to be made in the wild. 2. New features, structures, types of walls and constructions. So far I came up with just a few nice ideas such as: - a basement (decreased decay for foodstuffs, speeds up fermentation, it's like a cave right underneath a chosen area with a floor above it and the walls reinforced) - round walls (I believe it would be rather difficult to achieve but imagine if we could finally make round towers on our castles) - shipyard (a building in which you can dig so ships can sail in if the roof is high enough) - grainmill (a wheel in the water (borders right next to a wall need to be at least 30 slopes down) OR a windmill instead of a roof that grinds cereals faster the stronger the wind blows and with both - a huge grindstone inside which you can open, throw some wheat inside and it is ground into flour over time - press house (same idea as the grainmill but it has a huge press inside that can turn strawberries into juice over time) - castle wall (double as thick as a normal wall, can withstand double as much damage but uses 2,4x more resources so instead of 20 bricks for a wall it uses 48) There could be way more adjustments, advancements, new tools, resources, walls, buildings etc etc. For now I just want to leave this idea here for people to discuss.
  15. I just had a couple of ideas i wanted to put forth. The first is in regards to the wurm website, as you may have noticed on the main wurm-online page it has a big wurm-unlimited banner, and a few of my friends have been confused thinking this is the main wurm-online game because it's featured in such a big way on the front page. Whilst i understand those of us already playing wurm-online understand they are two seperate games essentially official and none official, i think it would be a good idea to adjust the main page so the Play Now wurm-online is more prominent and that perhaps wurm-unlimited has it's own dedicated page, i'm sure you all know what i'm trying to say here, And i'm confident there is some smart people around who knows what i'm suggesting and is able to think of a solution. I suspect Wurm is not gaining potential players because of this! Also a guide on how to install the game and client would be usefull because to a complete newb the client can be abit unusual compared to other games and it's hard to know what is going on such as that it is doing packupdates in the background prior to playing and you just suspect the game is not letting you hit play now! The second idea is to have more than one deed per character on the same server! I'm not sure why there is a limitation on this as a per-server rule, ecspecially for PvE doesn't make alot of sense to me? If one is willing to put up the dollars , why not? what do you guys think? ( i said this in-game but i was told to post a thread, although i suspect it's already been suggested before but now we have a ninja team of developers, maybe they could sort it out? Anyways im out of breathe typing now... my apologies for the poor spelling and grandma. Thoughts? -Taz Ps: i took a few month break from wurm, i used to be the guy digging alot and it burned me out.
  16. New Skill Idea Skill: Hunting * Sub Skill - Traps , { To Create the tool / items to start with} New items: Small Trap box, Medium Fall Trap The items Small trap box - 4 small nails, 10 shafts, acorns Or cheese. Medium Fall Trap - Shafts , 1 rope , felled tree or Logs , Raw fish or herbs from botanise for example. * Sub Skill - Trapper , {To use the items) New Mechanic 1) - Plant the Small trap Box, (Not drop), Can not be picked up for 1 RL hour. after the timer the Bait is gone and in its place is ** x Squirrel meat, or Mouse/rat meat. 2) - Plant the Medium Fall Trap (Not Drop - Must be within 1 tile of a Tree) Can not be picked up at all Decays within 24 hours. After ** time it produces Bair meat, or Venison. Skill: Glass Smiting * Sub skill - Mixer {to make Glass lumps i.e. like Mortar} New items: Glass Mound , 1 x Sand + Smelter *Sub Skill - Enamel To make ornaments or Cutlery (we have spoons forks and knives already) 1 x Glass lump + Mallet New items: Creates plates and bowls Glass Windows * Sub Skill - Glazier Mixing Colour with glass. New items: glass window, jugs, plates etc , + paint/dye Produces stained glass windows , colourful globes , colourful ornaments. Please leave Feedback and additional add on ideas.
  17. We seriously need a 'Shutdown server' button that does NOT close the entire server gui, and a 'Restart Server' button that shuts down and re-launches the currently running server, so we can do faster restarts or switching of databases. Sometimes we only change one small line in a mod's .properties file and need to restart - seems silly to have to close the entire gui and reload it... Other times, we might be working on several servers getting ready to launch a cluster, but just need to be able to quickly switch between servers... I posted this to the 'Server Issues' forum, because we don't have a WU general Suggestion/Ideas forum (hint, hint, ;p), and because this lack of functionality *IS* a server issue. Please oh wonderful code-god Devs, PLEASE add these functions to the gui. Many thanks for the wonderful work Vanyel
  18. Their stuns are op as hell and they should be reworked. When they stun you it is like a shield-bash, except the difference is that they stun you for like 10-20 seconds and they do it constantly which is completely ridiculous, and once you are no longer stunned they just do it again one after another - sometimes even doing it halfway through the current stun prolonging it to the dread of the person receiving it. Practically inescapable. I suggest that you change it so that they, like players, have a timer between their last bash and the next one that they can do. I would also like to be able to see a nogump in the distance and think about it as a good challenge while hunting - that gave decent fighting skill or something (and it has a chance to drop 1kg seryll but that is quite small so it isn't really an incentive.) Instead of it being how it is right now - spotting one, thinking about whether or not you can outrun it, and if not it will catch up and mow down you and your horse if you are unlucky enough, throwing you around causing memory leaks (another serious issue that is to do with this and other valrei mobs and uniques.) and being permastunned / getting hit constantly. I'm not saying you should destroy what they are - just make it work better because I feel like they could be a good thing to have in the game - but at the moment they seem like a rampaging op monster which rips apart pretty much anything it sees from a mile away running at daft speeds.. edit: As with archering them, they still seem to lock onto you from loads of tiles away and just lock on to you and chase regardless...
  19. Hello everyone! Let's do something for fun and creativity! If you like decorations join me in this thread and share with all of us your unusual decorating ideas. Let's put those unexpected items to creative use or take something that seems ordinary and turn it into interesting design. Inspire and get inspired ! Few days ago we went to hunting trip in open sea and I came up with something interesting after trying to display our hunting trophies ( that what I call regular unbutchered corpses ). I just wanted to show our citizens and friends variety of cool sea creatures that exist in Wurm. Sadly we do not see them in our area of Xanadu. But when I dropped them on floor in our city hall , I could see only tops of creatures and rest of their bodies went underground. So, I went to second floor of our tavern and dropped them there ... and here is result how it look like on first floor "Forbidden fruit" Tavern, hunting trophies display. ( Eden Harbour ).
  20. I stole this from this thread here: Only instead of requiring a lock in the current recipe or automatically locking all vehicles, I recommend that these initial lockable vehicles have a "Secure" version that auto-locks with a 1 QL lock and key. This wouldn't mess with PvP at all, as a 1QL lock would be trivial to pick. On Freedom though, it would give new players a clear option for a safer alternative than what we have now. If adding recipes seems like a bad idea, then perhaps go with the auto-lock on the normal ones, but extend it to all vehicles. Why not all vehicles with Secure recipes? Simply because by the time you can construct boats beyond a sail boat or a wagon, you should be adjusted to the game enough to know how to make your own locks. The Devs shouldn't be holding people's hands, but these beginner and essential vehicles *should* be made more secure and safe to help with player retention.
  21. Hello I have idea with skeletons. When someone(player) dies, and isn't buried, in a few days arises skeleton. Skeleton has the some weapon that had a player, and maybe half or 3/4 fighting skill. What you think about this concept? Greetings
  22. I was to ress this topic- The wheelbarrow. Its a great idea has purpose with out being op. And matches the style of wurm with the whole medivalish theme. Were peasants let us enjoy the lovely filth! Heres the original topic; The only thing i would add is that it be movable between ships and the like. So you don't have to make a small cart when you go to a clay pit for example just carry the wheel barrow drop it and take it back throw your clay and wheelbarrow int he boat head home. Or you can through one in the boat on the way to a friends place to help them with a project. Would also be a great addition to foraging and botanizing, less lilky to get stuck on pesky tress and such.
  23. How about the possibility of adding sub forums to the current "want to sell' and "want to buy" parts of the forums. A Sub forum for each server that is imbedded into the main one would allow people who want to market to their server specificaly can. This would allow people who want to sell cluster wide have ther post not get drowned out by "local" market type adverts. Also people could more easily find what they are looking for on their server or see if they need to expand their search to a longer range. Also a cluster specific price check area or basic market information sharing part of the forum wouldn't be bad to help remove clutter from the actually buisness part of the forum.
  24. as fun as this game is it can get kind of boring after awhile....can we find a way to liven things?? maybe with quests that actually have a start and end point? or even some small storylines and tales??
  25. Treasure Hunt Main Idea- The general idea is to add another type of event to Chaos like how we have HoTA (Hunt of The Ancients) that if goes well could even be on Epic servers? I have heard of people missing the idea of treasure hunts on chaos for the chance of a hidden chest for loot of high end or middle end items that would other wise be costly or hard to get. But the original idea was more for exploration and finding things. This idea was to be a risk for loot type of situation that will be PvP. Now this isn't meant for anyone to just enter this server should be by all means Premium players only! Its purpose is for the Kingdoms like Jenn Kellon, Mol Rehan, and Horde of the Summond. The idea of this is to have another server that would be used once a month and each kingdom who participates will require at least 5 - 10 or more members to go using a portal and be transferred to this server for the chance of high loot with also the risk of PvP against the other kingdom. The only problem is you bring what you carry and you are teleported to your kingdom set portal for that server and once there you have to live off the land and instantly set in a "Work as a Team" and survival for great loot. Now this event can not and should not happen unless there is another kingdom team of even amount of players to make it fair. The portal to this event should be at your kingdoms capital similar to how the Epic Portal at spawn is. To win the event you either find the chest or what ever container is chosen to hold the loot or the enemy team is killed off each and every last one of them or a team can forfeit which will take the players back to their kingdoms portal and from there can use the portal to go back to your capital. Death System? When a person is killed their loot is not allowed to be taken until the other team loses or wins which is by finding the treasure or by killing of the other team which if the other team is killed off before the treasure is found it will end the game as said so the treasure wont be available. If a team forfeits and players have died their corpses loot should be sent back to them in the idea of like how karma can be used to Summon a Corpse same idea apply's to the treasure being founded. This is support to be by all means survival so you have to craft anything you didn't bring now it shouldn't be possible to build houses but perhaps fences and carts or if houses can be build should be wooden only. This event is not required or needed to build but if necessary it should be available for defense even or defending a location because this is still considered normal PvP in a way. Also mobs like normal passive to aggressive mobs should be spawned here yes and you would have to use the horses that was spawned there to ride which makes it ideal to bring gear for a horse before going if you want to risk a bit more for a fast horse. This event should give a fun alternative besides just HoTA and would be quite worth it but with a cost. As ideas for loot, i personally suggest the general loot to be adaminite and Glimmersteel lumps sense its a alternative to HoTA but more risk this event doesn't have to happen every month could happen every 2 months maybe more or less up to the people to decide nut in general this is another way to increases fun and more offers to this and if you haven't already guessed it Resurrection stones and other item saving items should not work here so its guaranteed to gain something. The idea for the forfeit system i haven't really thought of but that could be discussed later on if this idea happends to be implemented Server Map Suggestions The type of map for these events can be totally up to the staff of the game but ideas i had that could be interesting was to bring (If saved somewhere or anything relating to the original servers) back the old Wurm servers like gold 1 and the home servers where there could be a list and a vote of which map could be used next event. The other idea was a randomly generated map for each event so there is never the same looks to it and people will have to explore. The name of the event could be discussed by the community and staff i think it should be unique like Hunt of the Ancients but that's just me now i know this idea is long and over thought and long but i like to give detail and explain well any idea i have so others understand and i am okay if this does happen to get rejected. Please give any ideas suggestion on this i personally would love to see something like this add more fun if anything to Wurm. ~AlphaWolfen