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Found 7 results

  1. Just an idea - for papyrusmaking: Folios This would item would allow players to take multiple papyrus sheets (uninscribed) and combine them into a bound folio. Instead of the regular pop-up window for inscribing it would be similar, however with the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons player could inscribe multiple pages. This could be used for recipe sharing, in-game book writing, kingdom/deed laws, inventory logs, trade deals, et. al. I'd imagine the recipe being to the effect of using a needle as the tool, 3 strings of cloth, two pieces of leather, and a minimum of five papyrus sheets. There could be recipes for different sizes, i.e. Volume: req 10 papyrus sheets, 6 strings; Tome: req 25 sheets, 12 strings. If it all possible, perhaps allowing players to bind already inscribed papyrus sheets into a bound folio although it would have to be one at a time and requires at least one string with each 'addition.'
  2. WTB supreme string of cloth 1s each PM Tris
  3. All pieces are 89ql and 0.2kg, buyer pays cod from Xanadu 80coc - 90c 80coc - 90c 79coc - 65c 78coc - 65c 73coc - 60c 71coc - 55c
  4. A rather simple suggestion, the ability to make lanterns designed to hang from trees with thick low branches (oak, willow). The lanterns are affixed to the tree and cannot be moved when placed. Each tree has a specific set of branches linked for locations. A hung lantern can be right clicked by its planter and "shift branch"ed to move to another branch (maybe sequence them for ease?). If the tree is cut, the lantern drops. Nice, simple and beautiful.
  5. I've been getting a lot of client crashes lately partaining to overflows and indexing issues of arrays and strings. The crashing seems to occur far more when I multi-client rather than single-clienting. A few examples are the following. First: Unexpected crash while playing The error was: <-907159351> I've had both negative and positive values for this kind of crash. Second: Unexpected crash while playing The error was: <String index out of range: 7> This is the first time I've had the above error. I've had more, such as one about an array boundary (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException). Also, none of the above are generation crash logs. I've had more crashes, but these are just the standard # EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) error. I've given Java the ability to use over 4GB of RAM, so I don't believe that I should be crashing with a problem relating to memory usage as I only run 3 clients at most (which, currently are at 545,000k, 380,000k, and 359,000k memory usage). One client is running full settings and resolution (1080p), while the others run at a 640 resolution. Is there going to be any kind of fixing of the client as far as multi-clienting is concerned? I can post my specs if needed, but that shouldn't even be an issue. This is on the Unstable Client (v3.1.75). Edit: Whoops, can be moved to the technical issues forums. Sorry!
  6. [23:11:48] A strong string of entwined wemp fibres. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Supreme Bow String - 8.81 Ql Starting Bid - 1s (Buyer pays shipping) 50c Increases There is a reserve. No Buyout. 30 min snipe protection. auction ends 12 PM GMT (Midnight) on November 10th. Good luck.
  7. I was wondering, after recently using a particularly bad quality batch of strings, does the string QL affect the end product (yoyo) at all or does it only affect the creation chance?