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Found 65 results

  1. I guess I've probably held onto this privately for a bit too long, considering how relatively harmless it is. Here you go. Before After For use with Ago's Client Modloader. Download (Google Drive)
  2. I think this would be hilarious. And its the closest we can get to a palanquin carried by *paid employees*. It seems like it would be a simple mod, where you just have to toggle the Leadable & Hitchable property on the creature object. But I don't know how to do it. Preferably, only mayors or GMs could use this hidden power. But since that might be more complicated to code, I'm not worrying about that part for now. How can this be achieved or can someone help me write this?
  3. I would like a mod to make the game more low fantasy, so I am looking to have a server mod done that "shuts off" everything that has to do with the deities. Basically removing everything that depends on religion. If this is something any modders are willing to do, please pm me and we can work out the details and pricing. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks
  4. Hi, I made a third person mod. It's rather simplistic, and can easily clip through walls. Is also not thoroughly tested. Instructions within the link: Get the mod here Suggestions, contributions, bug reports welcome. Thanks Version History: v1.1.0 Added x-offset feature, allows people to duplicate the old third person camera if they'd like. v1.0.0 Initial release
  5. This server mod (for use with Ago's server modlauncher) will add custom guard towers designed for PvE and especially folks who would like the option to not fight . The primary goal with these is to have simple towers not subjected to vanilla WU tower mechanics. My goal is to have few restriction over them. The server owner will be able to configure guard strength. This customed strength could be anything between not being able to kill a rat all the way to one hit killing a venerable red dragon. After asking for help within the tower's range a guard will be created right on top of the mob and immediately start attacking it. It's a ghost so they can just appear wherever, right? Source on GitHub: No releases at the moment as it's not ready. Although, the code is on github if you wanted to clone it and mess around. Requires I could use some help at this point (1/28/2019). #1) The onPlayerMessage() modloader hook so I can trigger events when players ask for help is loading WU bases classes too early and causing an error: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.wurmonline.server.players.Player class is frozen There is a bunch of these too: [07:25:23 AM] WARNING org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.EarlyLoadingChecker: Mod GhostTowerGuardMod loaded server class com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Creature during phase load When I remove the PlayerMessageListener interface and its required methods the error goes away. #2) Also, I"m not sure if creature AI can be setup to destroy itself if its target no longer exists. I want to create a ghost, have it target and attack the mob. Once the target is dead have the ghost disappear and delete itself. I'm not asking you to do this. I just want to know how difficult it is before I start digging into it. I've never done anything with creature AI.
  6. [Server] Zoned PvE

    Latest release This mod provides a convenient way to customize PvE zones in PvP Wurm Unlimited server Color scheme Create a colored image to specify PvE/PvP zones for your Wurm Unlimited server: Color(r, g, b) Description Green(0, 255, 0) Always PvE Yellow(255, 255, 0) PvE with scheduled PvP Pink(255, 128, 128) PvP with PvE at deeds Orange(255, 128, 0) PvP with PvE at deeds. Scheduled PvP at deeds. Red(255, 0, 0) Always PvP Map format The map must be 24-bit BMP image named "map.bmp" and located in "%SERVER_FOLDER%/mods/ZonedPVE" directory. The image size must be equal to server map size. Top left corner of the image corresponds to the north-west corner of the server. Example image: This map is created for a very small (512x512) server. There are peaceful north and south with little PVP at the center. The yellow zone will have PvP only at certain times. The pink zone has PvP outside of any deeds. Orange zone is the most complicated - PvE on deeds with scheduled PvP (and constant PvP outside of any deeds). The red zone has always enabled PvP. Schedule format The schedule can be set in the configuration file using UNIX cron format. Very good site for creating schedules is here. Here are some examples: UNIX cron format Human readable format * 20-21 * * SAT Every Saturday between 20 and 21 hours */2 * * * * Every second minute Put your schedule string to "%SERVER_FOLDER%/mods/" file with key "pvpschedule". Example: pvpschedule=* 20-21 * * SAT
  7. I don't know if its just me but wurm buildings would look much better with ceilings. Please let me know if your interested in making this mod. ;-)
  8. Lanterns currently have an unrealistic decay rate compared to most any other metal item in the game. (This seems like a useful mod just waiting to be made.) Lantern decay modification suggestion details below: In inventory: No timed decay, only decay through use (light/snuff) like other metal tools. Outside inventory: Timed decay similar to other metal items such as lamps. -On deed/planted -> decay same as lamps (no decay) -On deed/not planted decay same lamps (lessened timed decay) -Off deed -> decay same as lamps & other metal items (timed decay) Thank you for your time & consideration. Sentient Peanutbutter
  9. my personal github has been removed without consideration or backing up the mods in question. All in this thread is unavailable, except for some stuff by @bdew (take a look at the last page of the thread).
  10. Im trying to get the action times mod to work, but it's not wanting to work with any mods.. I keep getting errors and the server wont start. r fix to getCounterAsFloat in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsStructure colorWall 4251 [02:07:08 PM] INFO TimerFix: Applied timer fix to sendActionControl in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsStructure removeColor 4280 [02:07:08 PM] INFO TimerFix: Applied timer fix to getCounterAsFloat in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsStructure removeColor 4286 [02:07:08 PM] INFO TimerFix: Applied timer fix to sendActionControl in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsStructure colorFence 4319 [02:07:08 PM] INFO TimerFix: Applied timer fix to getCounterAsFloat in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsStructure colorFence 4323 [02:07:08 PM] INFO TimerFix: Applied timer fix to sendActionControl in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsStructure colorFence 4319 [02:07:08 PM] INFO TimerFix: Applied timer fix to getCounterAsFloat in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsStructure colorFence 4323 [02:07:08 PM] SEVERE org.gotti.wurmunlimited.serverlauncher.DelegatedLauncher: javassist.NotFoundException: colorItem(..) is not found in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsItems java.lang.RuntimeException: javassist.NotFoundException: colorItem(..) is not found in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsItems at net.bdew.wurm.timerfix.TimerFix.init( at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModLoaderShared.lambda$loadModsFromModDir$8( at$ForEachOp$OfRef.accept( at$2$1.accept( at java.util.ArrayList$ArrayListSpliterator.forEachRemaining( at at at$ForEachOp.evaluateSequential( at$ForEachOp$OfRef.evaluateSequential( at at at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModLoaderShared.loadModsFromModDir( at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.serverlauncher.DelegatedLauncher.main( at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke( at at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.serverlauncher.ServerLauncher.main( Caused by: javassist.NotFoundException: colorItem(..) is not found in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsItems at javassist.CtClassType.getMethod( at net.bdew.wurm.timerfix.TimerFix.applyEdit( at net.bdew.wurm.timerfix.TimerFix.init( ... 18 more Does anyone know what mods the action timers mod is incompatible with?
  11. Please Close

    These are the mods that were released by @Sinduskseparated into individual downloads by myself. I will be updating as they are separated. It is NOT recommended to use wyvernmods and the other mods here as it will cause issues on your server. Wyvern Anti Cheat Download: Soul Stealing Mod Download: Wyvern Items Download: Leaderboard And Titles Download:
  12. we have very nice Hedges but for a entrans go a garden or a deed it will be nice to have some Arched Hedges like Marple and Rose. to build like planting a Hedge but aditional 2 or 3 Woodenbeams 2-4 Nails ore some Planks to create it. thats it look like one this samples
  13. Ok fixed it. Arkoniks Hitching Post mod. Will hold 3 Animals at a time. 3 logs 5 L nails 3 Horseshoes 3 planks Every thing works but the decay img which I didn't have time to figure it out at this time. Have way to many personal models in my own WU server I'm working on and it wasn't in my priority to do list. Not to mention This is side project cause I'm working on building my own MMO Sandbox. If Ago wants to or someone else wants to add this to the modloader feel free to do so. As it is out of the box it alters the server files and will break other mods. My added code is easy to find in the 4 files. Instructions in the rar file. Added more code to include passengers on wagon. If you want both use the other Vehicles file in the other folder. Edited 11/22/2015 5:35am. I got time tonight before I go to bed to run threw the files again. Fixes no more tent issue placing hitching post. Updated the post can now be dyed picked up placed down Dev mode or not as long has strength to pick it up. Had to alter another behavior class. Enjoy if find a issue just post if I get time I will look into it. Link to mod: Ver 1.1 Video link: IMG Feel Free Rolf to use my model in WO you have my full consent if you want it.
  14. Hey, I had a question if there was a mod or a way to make the default Kingdom you join a Player made kingdom. Like set the server to run a PMK as a home server, or to Force a Kingdom change Upon Spawn in the Game. Maybe a mission that triggers in a area (say I set the Main Town as the area) they instantly shifts you to a PMK?
  15. I am trying to make a recipe that requires multiple items in order to craft an item, in this case a Julbord. However, when I go to make the item in game it completes the whole thing without requiring the additional items. I can't seem to find why it is doing this, nor how to declare it to create an unfinished version of the item that needs the rest to be completed. (I am a complete beginner at coding and have been looking through code made by others trying to copy their method) Any tips or help is greatly appreciated! package org.dragonsgatewu.wurmunlimited.mods.julbordrecipe; import com.wurmonline.server.items.AdvancedCreationEntry; import com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationCategories; import com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationEntryCreator; import com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationRequirement; public class JulbordRecipe { public JulbordRecipe() { AdvancedCreationEntry julbord = CreationEntryCreator.createAdvancedEntry(10038, 22, 1173, 442, true, true, 0.0F, false, false, CreationCategories.COOKING_UTENSILS); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (1, 22, 9, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (2, 1173, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (3, 217, 10, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (4, 258, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (5, 257, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (6, 259, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (7, 129, 50, true)); } } I already have 1 + 1 = finished item working perfectly but I want this to be a more advanced recipe that requires more than a plank and plate to make, but also forks, spoons, knives, etc.
  16. Requires Ago's Client Mod Launcher to run. Description: This mod will estimate the favor you would get for items if you sacrifice them. The estimate is based on a simple formula from this page Setup instructions: Install mod following instructions of Ago's Client Mod Launcher How to use: First thing you need to do is to choose a convenient key and bind the command "favor" for that key Now select any number of items in inventory, hover the mouse over the inventory and press the binded key. The mod will show you the favor you will get for that items. To use non default item constant value type the following: Notes: There is a certain constant for each item in the game that directly affects the amount of favor you will get for sacrificing it. For example the cordage rope have the constant value equal to the 1 and the door lock have the value 0.5. So door locks will give you twice less favor than cordage ropes of same quality. By default mod calculates the favor, assuming that the value constant is 1 You can use different value this way The spindles have the value equal to the 0.5, but Vynorians have double favor for wood items so you don't need to change the default value in this situation You can calculate favor not only in your inventory but in other containers too
  17. [Client] Unequipper Requires Ago's Client Mod Launcher to run. Description: This mod will add a possibility to unequip all stuff on your body in 1 click and equip it back also in 1 click. Setup instructions: Install mod following instructions of Ago's Client Mod Launcher How to use: In the game console type "unequip" to get the usage description. The good way of using the mod is to bind the unequipping command like that: and to bind the equipping command that way:
  18. After being asked to release wagons and other items to the public, I went ahead and compiled the mod that @nekoexmachina had made and posted to enable those to be crafted. Some items do not work such as the towers and tabards, but I made a tabard mod already and will make the towers as time permits. Add Kingdom Items Mod Enables the creation of PMK wagons, banners, and flags not normally able to be crafted. Prerequisites: Server mod loader 0.34.1 or greater Unzip this archive into the mods folder. No additional mods required on server or client side! See for vehicle configuration settings
  19. DrakeMountMod Allows breedable, rideable, tameable Drakes to be enabled in Wurm. Many Drake settings can be customized to fit your needs. Detailed instructions on the configuration settings can be found in the file. Example properties file can be found HERE List of item ID's for Items_Butchered can be found HERE List of Creature Types can be found HERE List of Armor Types can be found HERE Unzip the archive into the mods folder. No additional mods required on server or client side! Make sure you have a current version of the mod loader.
  20. Tabard Mod A mod that allows all kingdom tabards to be crafted and worn by players. Prerequisites - Server Pack mod for BOTH client and server Unzip this archive into the mods folder See for ID settings
  21. Hey This is on my server now: [13:45:25] Creatures total:17983, On surface=17973 (of which 2 are below -10 meters), in Caves=10 (of which 0 are below -10 meters), visible=17982, offline=0. And we have 20 max creature and 40% aggro But when i look in creature.db i cant see any pandas from from creaturemod and i cant see unicorns either. Why does it not spawn?
  22. This is a client mod. Requires client modloader Description This mod will add the possibility to filter out any message you get in your chat tabs(even Event tab) based on a set of keywords. Setup instructions: Install mod following instructions of Ago's Client Mod Launcher How to use: In the game console type "filter" to get the usage description. Example: "filter add :Event You create" will filter out any messages in Event tab containing "You create" Note: don't forget to add a colon at the beginning of "Event" when you add new filter
  23. Basically bypasses the spyglass check and gives you a permanent rangefinder cursor at the center of your screen. Before After With Zoom Range finder be toggled with the following command in console: rangefinder Zoom can be toggled with the following command in console (recommend hotkey bind): zoom For use with Ago's Client Modloader. Download [v2] (Google Drive) Old Downloads: Download [v1] (Google Drive) <No Zoom>
  24. I am willing to pay someone to help me fix a mod that is not functioning fully. The mod works at about 50%. For more information about the mod and the price, please send me a private message and we can discuss things further. Thank you.
  25. The ability (chat command maybe) for GM's to delete all items, fences, and structures in a certain radius of tiles. For structures, have it automatically bring up the annihilate structure window if it is within the radius (as a sort of confirmation of the building being destroyed). Or just do items only and let GM's destroy building on their own.