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  1. Rare two handed sword. 4s? If alright COD to Tokeiito.
  2. Hello, want to buy: large crate of 80ql logs large crate of 90ql logs Wagoner delivery in Indy Coastal delivery in Indy 57y16x PM here or ingame.
  3. Interested in: Sleeves 2x Boots 2x Pants (part of payment could be drake hide pants) Jacket (part of payment could be drake hide jacket)
  4. Rare 90.10ql Steel Butchering Knife BotD103 +10%ql rune 8s Rare 90.03ql Steel Rake BotD 95 + 10% field tending rune 8s CoD to Saulencas please
  5. 20x 59y Decption no longer exists. 20x 57y The Echo 29x 58y Xolomi
  6. Some how, my pottery crafter got bugged out. What i did is, i have donated ~10 planters to improve skill. Then i gave large amphora to imp it. Logged out. After coming back, i receive email wtih bunch of clay jar with money, 7 out of 10 (i beleave) planters and amphora.I take everything out. One of clay jars had coins i was not able to do anything with. I gave same amphora for improvement. Logged out. After login back, that amphora appeared in inventory window, but not within inventory and i can not interact with it. I always get message that It is in mail right now, but upon checking mail it states that it is empty. So i have ended up with amphora in inventory, i can not do anything with.
  7. Even if in my personal opinion is that people without clue about servers, maintenance, DevOps in general, should not host, configure and run any server, still this tool is amazing. Saves time. Have not looked into source, but does it support multi server configuration?
  8. Mega Mod

    It was very entertaining reading. Huge respect for cherbert, for his polite answers to that scripty kid. Tux please do not stop writing. I am not entertained enough yet.
  9. Yes. After yesterdays update you can change tree growth in server UI. And default for fresh maps is 20. Also by setting that value manually i have not had any problems either with trees, bushes and etc for more than a week.