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  1. Ether makes post with numbers, I make pretty graphs from it.
  2. Rebrand the server from "Epic" to "Test" and use it for testing new features in an accelerated environment instead of releasing them buggy and broken.
  3. Not a single line in the original post was committal. Read the language carefully. Does pending mean it's locked in? Or does it mean that it could potentially be changed and removed from the update? Planning to release, not going to release. Update might not happen this month. Looking at getting, not getting. There's no assurance that a new community manager will be coming and that communication issues will be resolved. Try to keep you updated. Not going to keep you all updated. This is the only committed language in the post. VR starting development is the only statement that carries weight. Everything else is just well crafted hot air.
  4. Ease of use comes first. You build depth on top of easy to use features. If you do it in the reverse, you end up with a complex system that only a select few understand, ending up "niche" in style. In the case of Wurm, many features are built with significant depth, but are difficult to use. Combat is a great example of this, where there are so many micromechanics and calculations that determine the result of a battle. Instead, what we end up with is people standing in front of a creature because actually managing those micromechanics is too tedious or unrewarding to make it worthwhile. Present a clean foundation, then build on it. Don't build on a haphazard foundation. You wouldn't build a deed without terraforming first. The same should happen for features in the game. Terraform, then build.
  5. Update to Treasure Hunting: TreasureHunting v2.2 (Download) Fixed a bug with treasure map distance calculations. (Credit to Tyoda in this pull request) The pull request happened about a year ago, but I didn't notice it until it was closed and re-opened. Whoops. Anyway, it solves a bug where distances were always shorter than intended except at a perfect diagonal. It would use the minimum value between the X distance and Y distance, sometimes becoming zero in worst case scenarios. For example, if the player is at 10, 10 and the map would generate at 20, 10, it would assume the distance is zero (because the Y distance is 10, ignoring the X completely). This method was used to determine the distance a treasure map was to generate away from a player when one was made. The relevant configuration options are minTreasureDistance and maxTreasureDistance which were compared to the result. Essentially, this update resolves a problem where it was not using those configuration settings properly. Special thanks to Tydoa for not only fixing the bug and putting in the pull request, but also for generating the release which is now available.
  6. It's because of ancient history from 5+ years ago. People got into bad habits from bad situations and haven't been able to break those awful habits ever since. Source: Sparta was a settlement on Chaos in 2014 which was raided. When that was first mentioned (2 years ago), I had no idea what Sparta was nor any of the "fallout" that was mentioned. In fact, the only story of it online comes from an obscure Life is Feudal forum thread talking about Wurm. Posted by Arowhun in that thread: Of course, players who were directly involved with the event at the time have much stronger opinions of the events that unfolded... However, that's ancient history. It was 7 years ago. Discord didn't even exist in 2014. These communication policies are old and spoiled. The fact that they haven't been revised and improved is mindboggling. They should stop using ancient history as a foundation for how they communicate, and instead use more recent history like the past year since Steam launch.
  7. Feels like a lot of people are overthinking things. Speculation about what the parent company is doing, the motives behind the decisions of those running the game, and what the future holds. I feel like I was victim to that same mindset not long ago. At some point you just need to decide if the game is worth it for you or not. Additionally, if people think that volunteers cannot maintain the game well, I would respectfully disagree. It's very much the people in charge who are gatekeeping progress on the game's development. I provided a detailed summary of everything I had concerns about regarding my time on the development team to the new CodeClub CEO prior to the Steam launch. I didn't receive a response. I offered to become a volunteer developer in 2020. It was declined. Twice. Several other programmers put in applications to become volunteer developers for Wurm Online in 2020 and early 2021. None of them even received a response. Myself and others contacted the CEO of CodeClub with concerns about the current state of the game. Nothing came of it. I posted several weeks ago that there were strong indicators that development had halted. That became reality in the patch notes the next week where nothing was changed. The update on development post was made a week ago. In that time, no development has been done for Wurm Online. All it would take to turn the game around is someone at the top who actually gave a damn. Right now, there appears to be none. Not a single person fighting for the future of the game. Wurm will be living in the present and stay there indefinitely unless something changes. If you're satisfied with that, be happy and continue playing. If you're not satisfied, cancel your subscription until they decide to show that they care.
  8. Wurm VR?

    Since it's relevant to the conversation, here's some data. According to the Steam Hardware Survey, 2% of Steam users have a VR headset. According to Artillry VR Global Revenue Forecast, VR revenue declined from 2019 to 2020, but is expected to make a recovery and grow again. The total value is currently ~$4B USD. Meanwhile, according to Newzoo Insights (via ScaleTech), the mobile gaming market is currently estimated at around ~$100B USD and growing in market share year over year.
  9. Even I thought I was joking...
  10. Watched this today, and felt the following quote was extremely applicable to Wurm Online right now. At 2:34:10, the following quote from Chris Wilson, CEO of Grinding Gear Games: For context, the most recent update for Path of Exile upset a lot of players. Instead of ignoring the concerns of players and working on the next update in silence, they've set up community events (like being on podcasts and guests on streams) where they can explain their thought process and have an open dialogue with their community. Wurm Online's development team could learn a valuable lesson from this. Contact a content creator in the community and set up a time to get a developer to join them on stream and discuss what's going on with the game. Chris Wilson was reading comments directly from their internal issue tracker to ensure that players were aware that they were addressing their concerns, with a very clear cost to future marketing. Wurm Online is currently in a similar state where this type of thing would be the best move to settle community concerns.
  11. Probably around 5, judging from this investor relations report. The group has a few other projects, so I would assume about half of their employees work on Wurm Online. Can't know for sure though.
  12. Comparing the games industry today to 5-10 years ago, it's radically different. Everyone is far more connected through the prevalence of Twitter, Discord, and Facebook. These platforms were far less popular - or did not exist - when Wurm first started. Communication is an expectation in today's gaming industry. This was not the case back then.
  13. Posting it would be borderline doxxing. So no, I wont be posting it here.
  14. There are very strong indicators (beyond the lack of patches) that all development for Wurm Online has halted. Completely.
  15. Here's a new graph which is SFI only. NFI dominates the Y axis in the original, so having one dedicated to SFI helps show the variance over time.