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  1. Introduction The Gaussian roll governs a gigantic amount of systems in Wurm. This method is called in almost every facet of gameplay. From mining ore QL, to the power of enchants you cast, to chance to parry, to your ability to continue an unfinished item, this method determines your chance to succeed and by what margin you succeed by. When you mine an ore, the resulting QL is determined by the result of this method. When you cast a spell, the power of the enchant or effect is the result of this method. When you improve an item, the amount you improve by is the result of this method, and fails if the result is less than zero. It's not farfetched to call this the backbone of functionality in Wurm, and yet it doesn't seem to be understood or analyzed anywhere. For that purpose, I'm sharing now an analysis from a mathematician of Wurm's Gaussian Roll. Wikipedia: Gaussian Function The Method public static final float rollGaussian(float skill, float difficulty, long parentId, String name) { float slide = (skill * skill * skill - difficulty * difficulty * difficulty) / 50000.0f + (skill - difficulty); float w = 30.0f - Math.abs(skill - difficulty) / 4.0f; int attempts = 0; float result = 0.0f; do { result = (float)random.nextGaussian() * (w + Math.abs(slide) / 6.0f) + slide; float rejectCutoff = (float)random.nextGaussian() * (w - Math.abs(slide) / 6.0f) + slide; if (slide > 0.0f) { if (result > rejectCutoff + Math.max(100.0f - slide, 0.0f)) { result = -1000.0f; } } else if (result < rejectCutoff - Math.max(100.0f + slide, 0.0f)) { result = -1000.0f; } if (++attempts != 100) continue; if (result > 100.0f) { return 90.0f + Server.rand.nextFloat() * 5.0f; } if (result >= -100.0f) continue; return -90.0f - Server.rand.nextFloat() * 5.0f; } while (result < -100.0f || result > 100.0f); return result; } Mathematical Analysis Say skill==difficulty first, then slide==0, w==30. Thus both result and rejectCutoff are Gaussian with standard deviation 30 and mean 0. We reject result in case result<rejectCutoff-100, which has a probability of between 0.9% and 1%, using the following theorem. Theorem: Let X and Y be independent normal, with means μ and ν, and variances σ2 and τ2 respectively. Let W=X−Y. Then W is normally distributed, with mean μ−ν, and variance σ2+τ2. (Note that rejectCutoff-100 is Gaussian with mean -100 and standard deviation 30, so we are looking for the probability that rejectCutoff-100-result>0, which is a Gaussian with mean -100 and variance 1800, standard deviation 30sqrt(2). The probability that a Gaussian variable is 2.357 standard deviations above the mean is between 0.9% and 1%.) In the second portion, if the result is above 100 or below -100, it is truncated to +- 90 with some extra random thrown in. this only happens between 0.9% and 1% of the time each (with the standard deviation and means used). We should note that the chance of getting anything between 90 and 100 is only 0.7%, so truncating everything above 100 down to 100 in this case would make good rolls too likely. We consider several more examples. Say skill==50, difficulty==40, then slide==11.22, w==27.50. result has mean 11.22 and standard deviation 29.37 rejectCutoff has mean 11.22 and standard deviation 25.63 we reject if the Gaussian variable result-rejectCutoff-88.88>0 rejectCutoff-88.88-result has mean -88.88 and standard deviation 38.98 and so we reject 1.13% of the time. Big Picture Analysis We attempt to give some big picture analysis of what this method does. If your skill is well below the difficulty of the task, then you will have a below-average mean, and a standard deviation which well below 30, which will make it difficult to overcome the low mean, even on a particularly good roll. As your skill increases towards the difficulty, your mean shifts towards 0, and the standard deviation increases towards 30, allowing for more variation in rolls and approximately 50-50 behaviour in successes and failures. As your skill surpasses the difficulty, the mean of your rolls increases above 0, and the standard deviation begins decreasing, so you an expect better averages, and with less variation. As your skill increases further, the standard deviation eventually begins increasing up to a maximum of 30.0715 with skill==100 and difficulty==91.2879. To see a plot of how the standard deviation changes (x is skill, a is difficulty), query WolframAlpha with the following: plot 30-abs(x-a)/4+abs( (x^3-a^3)/50000+(x-a))/6 where a=50, 0<x<100 To see a plot of how the mean changes, query Wolframalpha with the following: plot (x^3-a^3)/50000+(x-a) where a=50, 0<x<100 The rejection cutoff seems completely arbitrary and useless, considering how the method handles results above 100 or below -100. It is probably meant to prevent, for example, extremely low skill allowing for extremely high results. Essentially getting two Gaussians with essentially the same mean and standard deviation and making sure they aren't too far apart. It happens infrequently enough that it probably isn't worth changing, even for performance. As far as the removal of results above 100 and below -100, it seems like a reasonable way to handle that extra 2% of cases without just saying they're all -100 or 100, since the probability of getting something between 90 and 100 could be quite a bit lower than the probability of getting something above 100, we don't want to throw all the extra weight onto 100. Unfortunately, this leads to a situation in which a skill of some number less than 100 is better than a skill of level 100 for skill checks.
  2. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    Incident Report & Aftermath A bug was discovered shortly after release of the May 15th patch. This allowed players with a rare tool to place it into the second slot of the crafting window to obtain the 5% rarity transfer chance when creating objects. It was then hotfixed the next day. However, during the time that the bug was active, certain players abused the bug to obtain hundreds of rare and supreme items. For the past several days, we've been trying to think of a proper way of approaching this situation, as some of those items are used as primary tools, weapons, and armor. For this, we've decided as a pair it's best to write up a script for the specific timestamp of any items made rare in the ~12 hour window between May 15th and May 16th to be set back to normal rarity. The items will remain, the enchants will stay, and nothing will change except the rarity of the item. We are not apologetic to anyone who abused this exploit. This is going to have false positives. If you come to discover that something you previously had as a rare has been set back to normal rarity while you were not a subject of abusing this bug, please put in a support ticket. We'll be handling any issues case by case. For reference on how bad this was, 713 rare+ items had been made, mostly consisting of tools/weapons/armor, during this time period. By comparison, 1519 random rares (including rock shards, dirt, etc.) have been made since the start of the server. New Mod: Priest Love (by Friya) Priests don't get enough credit for their work. Creators of items get their name engraved, but priests who cast our great enchants go entirely unrecognized. This mod changes that. From now on, priests will have their name on any enchant they casted. Successful casts on an item will now display their power in an event message. Items with casts from before this mod was implemented will remain without a name attached. Weapons Meta Another minor tweak to weapon stats based on usage rates. Huge axes are still by far the most used weapon by experienced players due to it being the highest base damage. For this reason, it's being reduced to perfectly match large maul. It will also receive the same speed, making them functionally identical with one being a slashing weapon and the other being a mauling weapon (with higher parry). Warhammers continue to be the most used 1-handed weapon. While I feel their actual damage is fine, their swing timer is getting a slight reduction to try and align them with the DPS of other weaponry. Two-handed swords have gone from one of the least used weapons to one of the most used weapons. I feel they're currently one of the staples of balanced two handed weaponry. Knuckles are still seeing heavy usage after the bloodthirst changes. However, I feel they're fine in their current iteration. Instead of nerfing them, I'd prefer to put power into the other 1h weaponry that isn't seeing as much use below them. Huge clubs, while wielded by trolls and some uniques, are not dealing more damage than 1 handed clubs right now. I'm changing this by buffing them significantly. Keep in mind this will make mobs wielding them much more dangerous. Huge Axe damage reduced from 11.35 to 11.25 Huge Axe swing speed improved from 6.0 seconds to 5.9 seconds Scythe damage increased from 9.0 to 9.1 Small Axe damage increased from 5.2 to 5.3 Warhammer swing speed nerfed from 5.5 seconds to 5.6 seconds Long Spear damage increased from 8.0 to 8.1 Huge club damage increased from 8.0 to 10.5 Small Maul damage increased from 4.7 to 4.8 Short Sword swing speed improved from 3.0 to 2.85 Long Sword damage increased from 5.5 to 5.7 Long Sword swing speed improved from 3.9 to 3.8 Medium Maul damage increased from 7.75 to 7.85 Hammer of Magranon damage decreased from 17.5 to 9.5 (this was a change that was supposed to have been implemented earlier, but failed to apply). Miscellaneous Enchant orbs from arena supply depots can now have new enchants: Mindstealer, Harden, Efficiency, Quarry, Prowess, Industry, Endurance, and Acuity. When a treasure chest's guardians are all defeated, it will now display a message in a 20 tile radius mentioning that the treasure's protection is reduced. Warhammer heads (and thus warhammers) can now be made out of all metals. This includes silver, gold, bronze, brass, etc. Combat Rating penalty from fighting on a cart has been reduced to 25% from 30%. Bloodlust has been reduced to 1% per attack on a pet down from 3%. Bloodlust messages will now be much more frequent so that if a pet is being attacked and the creature is enraging, it will be far more obvious. Sorcery Fragments are now awarded directly from the Supply Depot instead of from the cache. This fixes an issue where sorcery fragments could be obtained on PvE. Fixed a bug where the ring enchants were stacking with eachother. Rings with multiple of these enchants already existing will cease to function until you've dispelled them to the point that only one of the four enchants remains. To recap, this is Acuity, Endurance, Industry, and Prowess. Example product of the bug from May 15th:
  3. Sindusk Server Mods

    Spellcraft [v3.0] Six New Enchants Endurance (Jewelry): Reduces stamina loss. This has no conditionals and will work at all times, whether you're improving items, digging a road, or simply moving. Industry (Jewelry): Improves skill checks. This applies to a great deal of actions and will allow you to improve a little bit higher, parry a little bit more often, get higher average ores while mining, etc. Prowess (Jewelry): Increases Combat Rating. This affects your ability to hit and evade in combat. Acuity (Jewelry): Reduces favor cost. This effect only applies to spells with a favor cost over 10. Titanforged (Any): A combination of Wind of Ages, Circle of Cunning, and Efficiency. Has a multiplier for the power of each it should give per Titanforged power. Labouring Spirits (Strange Device): Designed specifically for use with the Automata mod, this has no use otherwise. If you do not want any of the above enchants, simply set their god to 0 and nobody will be able to cast it. Spell Adjustments Recoded Smite: Completely reworks smite so that it is a more usable spell. A better description is available in the properties file. Increase Frantic Charge Duration: Multiplies the frantic charge duration by 20x to match other similar effects such as Oakshell, Truehit, and Excel. Healing Redone: A very complex rework of all default healing spells and implementation of a new healing resistance system. More details can be found under "Healing Spell Rework" in these patch notes. Minor Tweaks Fixed an issue where certain spells would stack even if the enchant groups were set to disallow it. Fixed bugs with Replenish that would cause it to cease functioning under some situations. Download (GitHub) If upgrading from a previous version of Spellcraft, you can see the difference in the properties file from this commit
  4. Informative Errors

    Along those same lines, locates for artifacts could also display the distance instead of being vague messages to memorize.
  5. [Released] Priest Love (server mod)

    I've created a repository for this mod and updated it: Added useVanillaMessage configuration. This will use the default message with "Casted by ..." appended to the end instead of the fully custom messages by the mod. Added obscureNames configuration. If disabled, it will not obscure the names similar to creators on items, based on the power of the cast. Fixed a bug where the name would no longer display if the caster logged off. Download (GitHub) Really neat mod. I'm curious if there's a way I can integrate this into Spellcraft and allow it to apply to my custom spells as well. I'm currently thinking I'll just rewrite the mod to check if the SQL table created by this mod exists, then perform the same functions that PriestLove does if Spellcraft finds it. If you have any other ideas for how to do it, I'm open to suggestion.
  6. Informative Errors

    Informative Errors Right now in Wurm there is a significant number of systems that do not give proper player feedback which can result in confusion for anyone who doesn't understand the intricacies of how things work. These suggestions are meant to help improve clarity by adjusting error messages to more specifically display why things aren't working. Horse Gear A new player to the game might not understand that horses need to be tamed, charmed, or branded in order to be equipped. They might try something like either of the below after creating their first set of horse gear: Notice the errors? You can't reach that. You are not allowed to do that. Why can't I reach it? Why can't I do that? A new player would be absolutely confused as to what they did wrong here. In many cases, that player would simply go to Wurmpedia and figure it out, but not everyone is that patient or dedicated to resolving issues. My suggestion is to change the messages to give more clarity of what went wrong: You can't take that. The (name of creature) must be your pet or branded to your village. You are not allowed to do that. The (name of creature) must be your pet or branded to your village. Something along those lines would solve this player confusion with extremely minimal effort. Highway System There's a google document describing how the highway system works. I assure you, not everyone has read it. While creating a new highway is somewhat reasonable in terms of understanding how it works, take a look when trying to add on to an existing highway: You don't even get an error. You just can't even plant the objects trying to expand it. Now, an experienced player will know that you need to replace the catseye in the road with a waystone. But a new player will just sit there completely confused about what they're doing wrong. My suggestion is simple: Allow there to be a "plant" option for waystones and catseyes in the road where they wouldn't work. Then, display an error message telling the player why it wont work. For example, trying to place the catseye next to the highway here would result in an error like: You cannot place a catseye here. It would create an intersection, which requires a waystone. If I were to try the waystone, it could tell me something like the following: Waystones must be planted within a deed or replaced on catseyes to create an intersection. It's not perfect, but it sure beats having no idea what went wrong. Enchants & Negating Effects This one is rather simple, and can be described in two lines, copied from my Spellcraft mod description: [21:01:38] The longsword is already enchanted with something that would negate the effect. [21:01:43] The longsword is already enchanted with Blessings of the Dark which would negate the effect of Wind of Ages. "Something that would negate the effect" tells the player nothing about what's going wrong. Someone who doesn't read the wiki would have no idea why their enchant wont apply. Corners Can't Be Modified When trying to flatten or level an area, sometimes this will happen: Some corners can't be modified. Why not? What's stopping it? Which corner is it? The following is more descriptive: The birch tree prevents a corner from being modified. The slate bricks prevents a corner from being modified. Either one of those is more effective than what's being displayed. Overall, clarity in error messages does nothing but good things for the game. It helps people learn what they're doing incorrectly and guides them towards solving the problem instead of leaving them feeling dumb and helpless.
  7. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    It'd be nice if we could stop speculating about the balance concerns they have and instead they just told us or gave us an example of a scenario where this is detrimental...
  8. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    An alternative perspective might be someone buying drake on PvE with the intention of skilling up a bit then moving to Chaos with it. Again, I'm doing my best to play devils advocate here, but in reality I see way more upsides to broadcasting the Epic armour changes to other servers.
  9. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    It "devalues" drake & dragonscale, meaning players who purchased it with real money would lose out on some of that investment by making it weaker. I don't know for sure if that's correct, but it's what I'd be thinking from a developer standpoint.
  10. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    I'm going to contest that a little bit. Here's literally the one change necessary to make it so armour DR from Epic transfers to Chaos as well, without affecting freedom: Apply that to a few other parts in the code and it actually wouldn't take more than a few hours to make all the changes Chaos players want without affecting Freedom.
  11. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    Quick question. Why can't Chaos have different armour settings than the Freedom clusters? Sure the gear can transfer, but that doesn't mean they can't function differently on each server.
  12. I've fixed a lot of the bugs. Also, you may want to decrease the difficulty of maps in the configuration. mapBaseDiff=60.0 Set this to a lower value if you want to obtain higher QL maps on average.
  13. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    New Mod: Automata (By Nekoexmachina) Sick of digging clay yourself? Tired of making bricks for that project you want to complete? Need a hand but nobody is willing to help? This is the solution. Presenting Automata, the first automation mod for Wurm. Using a combination of magic and machinery, you'll be able to have devices perform mundane tasks for you automatically. For the initial release you'll be able to have the device dig for you (peat/clay/moss/tar only) or churn out bricks from shards (including non-stone bricks such as sandstone etc.) Here's an introduction guide to get you started: To begin, you'll need a Strange Device. This can be created through Fine Carpentry started by large nails and a plank. Finish with 2 ribbons, 3 large chain links, a log, and 4 planks. The recipe is available in the Crafting Recipes window. Next, you'll need to awaken the device. A new spell, Labouring Spirits is now available to all gods to accomplish this task. Labouring Spirits is one of the hardest enchants to cast, at a whopping 90 difficulty and requiring a draining 120 favor. Casting this spell is not easy, but once you've got the spirits in the device, it will be set up to proceed. Step two, you'll need to power the device. The desired source of power for these devices is favor from vesseled gems, which supply power equivalent to the stored favor. This power will drain during operation. To keep the device running, you'll need to supply it a steady stream of vesseled gems. Finally, before the device can begin working, you'll need to give it a tool to work with. The two currently implemented tools are shovel and chisel for their respective tasks. Furthermore, the spirits are picky, and require a rare or above tool to be satisfied. Please note that giving the object the tool will "consume" that tool and it can not be extracted from the device afterwards. Now your device is set up to work. To dig, simply move the device onto a patch of clay, peat, moss, or tar. Supply it with a small or large crate somewhere nearby to deposit the resources, then activate it. To chisel shards into bricks, supply a bulk storage bin with the shards near the device. Also supply a nearby small or large crate. Upon activation, it will take shards from the BSB and deposit them in brick form to nearby crates. If you get confused anywhere along the way, simply examine the strange device to get some information about what the device needs next. I've done my best to make this mod approachable, but due to it's innate complexity, there may be some confusion in how to get it started and operational. I hope players will work together and share information they discover with eachother to assist others. Any suggestions you have are welcome. New tools are planned for further automation features. Any feedback on how accessible this mod is and changes you'd like to see are welcome. This mod is very early in development and issues may arise. Please report them in the discord #general or #suggestions channel. If anything significant arises, I'm not opposed to deploying a hotfix patch during the week to resolve it before it becomes an issue. New Spells: Jewelry Enchants Each god now has their own unique enchant specifically for rings and bracelets. These enchants do not stack with themselves. If you are wearing two rings with the same enchant, they will not stack. Instead, it will use the higher value. These enchants are extremley hard to cast. They should be considered a luxury item, not a necessity. They have a baseline 80 difficulty, and the cast is further reduced based on the quality of the target item. If the ring is low quality, the power will almost always be low as well. You can only have one of these enchants on a ring. Furthermore, these can also be cast on bracelets. If you opt to not use armor sleeves, you can potentially obtain all four god's bonuses. Fo - Endurance: Reduces stamina loss. This has no conditionals and will work at all times, whether you're improving items, digging a road, or simply moving. Vynora - Industry: Improves skill checks. This applies to a great deal of actions and will allow you to improve a little bit higher, parry a little bit more often, get higher average ores while mining, etc. Magranon - Prowess: Increases Combat Rating. This affects your ability to hit and evade in combat. Libila - Acuity: Reduces favor cost. This effect only applies to spells with a favor cost over 10. New Spell: Efficiency (Magranon) Efficiency is an enchant applicable to any enchantable item, including tools, weapons, etc. Efficiency reduces difficulty of skill checks when using that item. This applies to a great deal of actions, including getting higher average ores with a pickaxe, blocking more often with a shield, and creation chance when making items with an anvil. Magranon unlocks this spell at 50 faith. It requires 50 favor to cast and has a difficulty of 60. It has no cooldown. Efficiency has negating interaction with Blessings of the Dark and Circle of Cunning. If either of those enchants exist, you cannot cast Efficiency, and vice-versa. It does stack with Wind of Ages, Nimbleness, etc. Healing Spell Rework All healing spells have been completely recoded from the ground up to function more cleanly. All spells now have improved messages for both the caster and target, giving better details about the wounds healed and which spell was used. Fixed duplicate messages when you cast heals on yourself to reduce event spam. Power is now accounted for in all healing spells meaning better channeling will make your heals stronger than before. New System: Healing Resistance All spells now share a healing resistance debuff. Whether you're using Cure Light, Light of Fo, or Scorn of Libila, they will all work off the same resistance. Resistance to healing is no longer a pass/fail. Instead, the resistance now reduces the amount of healing done. The debuff will be shown as "Heal Resistance" on your buff bar. The higher the duration of the debuff, the less effective heals will be on you. When approaching about ~30 minutes of healing resistance, heals are almost completely ineffective. This healing resistance system affects both players and creatures. That includes pets. The healing resistance system only affects spells. Bandaging wounds, life transfer, farmer salves, and other healing effects are unaffected. Cure Light/Medium/Serious These spells now have a base healing amount and a scaling healing component based on power of the cast. When the spell completes, the message now includes what type of wound was healed (Acid, Bruise, Poison, etc.) All of these spells have a potential higher than their previous amount of healing done (by about ~50%) when the cast power is high enough. Low channelers may see up to a 50% decrease in healing done per cast. Fixed a bug where Path of Love's healing hands was doubling healing instead of applying the proper 50% increase. Heal (The Spell) Heal no longer guarantees a full heal on the target. Instead, it now creates a "healing pool" with a base amount and scaling component based on the power of the cast. It will prioritize wounds it can fully heal first. If it sees a wound it can heal, it heals it completely then removes the amount healed from the healing pool. When there are no longer any wounds it can fully heal, it picks a final one at random and heals it with the remainder of the healing pool. Healing resistance is not applied until after the effect of the spell. Spells will not be hit by resistance mid-spell and when you cast on someone with no resistance, they will get the full benefit of the spell from start to finish. Players with low channeling may not be able to get a full heal off this spell anymore. The minimum is somewhere around ~50% of total health with a low cast and a poor cast. The new maximum is about 150% of health, allowing skilled channelers to perform a full heal even at ~33% of healing resistance (about a 10 minute debuff). Players with Path of Love's healing hands will obtain a 50% larger healing pool with Heal. Light of Fo Radius of Light of Fo is now more reliable. Instead of poor casts only applying a heal to players within 1 tile of the caster, the minimum range is now 3 tiles in every direction (7x7 total area). This radius can go higher, nearing 5 tiles in all directions (11x11), with stronger casts. Amount of linked players is no longer a factor in radius. When a player is healed by Light of Fo, it will now display a toast message telling them who casted the Light of Fo that healed them. Light of Fo no longer simply selects 5 random wounds and heals them as much as possible. Light of Fo now creates a total "healing pool" from a baseline healing amount and scaled via cast power. A new healing pool is made per target of Light of Fo. When a proper target is found to be healed by Light of Fo, it will find any wounds which have more damage than 1/5 of the healing pool. It makes these wounds priority wounds. The first effect it will do is to heal all priority wounds with as much power as it can spare (1/5 of the total healing pool). When finished with the priority wounds, it will start selecting wounds at random to heal with the remainder of the healing pool. If it can heal it fully, it will, then select another wound. If not, it will heal it as much as possible then finish the spell. Light of Fo can still only heal a maximum of 5 wounds on a target. As soon as a 5th wound is touched in any part of the spell, it will stop all operations and finish the spell. Healing resistance is only applied after the full spell is done, meaning players will not have their wounds resist healing during the spell process. Path of Love's healing hands now functions on Light of Fo, granting a 50% larger healing pool. Fixed a bug where Light of Fo would play the healing effect on players even if they had no wounds to heal. Scorn of Libila Scorn of Libila's radius now works identically to the new Light of Fo's radius. Scorn of Libila now also uses a "healing pool" similar to the new Light of Fo and Heal spells. However, Scorn of Libila has one healing pool for all nearby targets. This makes it less effective at healing larger groups. The damage component of Scorn of Libila adds to the overall healing pool for the spell. The damage component is always done first, so hitting more targets will provide more total healing. Healing from Scorn of Libila now selects targets identically to Light of Fo. This means it will no longer heal untame horses and neutral creatures. Players affected by the healing component of Scorn of Libila will get 1 or 2 toast messages displaying which wounds were healed from Scorn of Libila and who the caster was. The healing from Scorn of Libila works in reverse order from Light of Fo. It will select the lowest wounds and make them a priority to heal. If it can fully heal the first wound with the remaining pool, it will do so and move onto the next largest wound for that target. Scorn of Libila can heal a maximum of 2 wounds per target. This mechanical change to Scorn of Libila makes it very effective at healing low wounds across many players, or high wounds among a few players. It can no longer simply heal 2 wounds on every nearby player (for example from a unique AoE) on everyone in the area. It will run out of healing pool and players will go unaffected by the Scorn. These mechanics also make it very simple to counteract the effectiveness of Scorn of Libila in PvP. Adding smaller wounds through minor spells or enchants which separate wounds will become a critical weakness for Libila players, since Scorn of Libila now only targets the lowest wounds. Healing resistance is only applied after the full spell is done, meaning players will not have their wounds resist healing during the spell process. Finally, the overall healing pool of Scorn of Libila increases by 50% for players with Path of Love's healing hands effect. Titan Reward: Titanforged Titans previously gave an item with Efficiency from their titan caches. It used to stack with all other enchants including BotD, LT, Nimbleness, etc. Now that Magranon has Efficiency as a spell, something new had to be introduced for Titans to replace it. Previously, I was against revealing rewards so that there was a mystery to uncover. Unfortunately, it seems that people are unwilling to challenge themselves to earn an unknown quantity. So here's what a titan cache will give you (each player who attacks the titan earns one after it's defeated): When the titan cache is opened, it will reward you with a random item made of glimmersteel or adamantine. If it's a wood item, it will be made from willow. The item is always going to be a useful item (tool/weapon), such as a small anvil, hammer, leather knife, short sword, etc. The item will have a randomized value of the new enchant Titanforged. Titanforged is a combination of Wind of Ages, Circle of Cunning, and Efficiency. Titanforged stacks with all other enchants and applies additively to other enchants, but at half value. For example, 100 WoA, 50 CoC, and 50 Titanforged on an item will act like it has 125 WoA, 75 CoC, and 25 Efficiency. Titanforged can only be obtained via Titans. Enchanter crystals will never add Titanforged to an item. Spell Changes Magranon has learned Circle of Cunning. Fo has learned Wind of Ages. Frantic charge duration has been multiplied by 20. This brings it up to equal durations of other buff spells such as Truehit and Excel. Rebirth no longer works on the corpses of unique creatures. Oakshell has been adjusted to fix an error created through a bugfix a long time ago. The armour it provides should be roughly half of what it was prior to this update. This applies to player-casted oakshell only. Rewrote the Replenish spell code which should hopefully solve most of the bugs with it and potentially introduce others. Such is the way of coding. Unique Regeneration Uniques no longer have the natural regeneration associated with most creatures, and has been placed on a new regeneration system. Removed the regenerative property from all uniques. They will no longer have wounds heal lightly at random intervals. Uniques will no longer have wounds tick healing 10 minutes after being applied. Now, uniques will regenerate a static amount every second. This changes the game plan for uniques from "kill it within 10 minutes" to "outdamage the regeneration" - if you're slowly whittling away at a unique dealing 2% of its health per minute through the regeneration, you'll be able to kill it after 50 minutes of combat without getting "reset" at the 10 minute mark. I've done my best to attune the regeneration to match the healing previously done at the 10 minute mark. They should heal 100% of their full health bar back every ~10-15 minutes. This means that if a unique was capable of being slain before, it should still be able to be killed after these regeneration changes, but the fight will take longer. Rarity Improvements Rarity windows now operate on bad luck protection similar to recently introduced treasure map finding. Rare materials now have a 5% chance to transfer rarity during improvement and creation actions scaled based on weight used. This applies to any combinable resource used to create an item or improve an item. For example, using a rare lump will have a 5% total chance to transfer its rarity over the 1kg it has. The chance is modified based on the amount used to improve or create with. For example, if you use 0.1kg of supreme lump while improving your pickaxe, that improvement action (if successful) will have a 0.5% chance of turning the pickaxe supreme. This makes it so that combining rare materials is no longer detrimental to obtaining rares. When you combine up a 40kg rare iron lump, consuming it to improve would net on average 2 rares via improvement. Furthermore, creating items using rare components such as handles, blades, nails, planks, etc. are now much better as well. The following system only applies to items which are created in their entirety from two consumable resources. For example, using a rare handle and a rare sword blade to create a sword would use this system. Using a rare anvil and a rare lump will not use this system, since the anvil is not consumed in the process. Metallurgy does work. Using rare charcoal with rare iron will produce rare steel, for example. When the item is created, it will roll randomly between the two rarities of the resources used to create it, distributed equally. For example, using a rare handle with a supreme blade will give a 50% chance at a rare, and 50% chance at a supreme. Using a normal handle on that same supreme blade would yield a 33% chance at normal, 33% chance at rare, and 33% chance at supreme. Using a fantastic handle on the supreme blade would offer a 50% chance at supreme, 50% chance on fantastic. If both items are the same rarity, it completely guarantees that the resulting item will be the same rarity. A fantastic handle and a fantstic blade will always create a fantastic sword. Treasure Maps New System: Guardians Each chest now considers the ambushing mobs as "guardians" Slaying all guardians will reduce the quality of the lock on the chest significantly. Uniques spawned in this fashion are not considered guardians. Leading the unique away and then slaying the remaining guardians will count as having slain them all, and reduce the lock of the chest. Lock quality has been nearly doubled across the board. It will be much harder to lockpick a chest without killing the guardians now. This increase in quality extends past 100QL, and the locks contained on maps above 80QL can now be above 100. Nearing 90QL, the resulting lock will be over 120QL, which becomes entirely unable to be lockpicked without slaying all guardians first. Unfinished PMK wagons are far less likely to be the unfinished rare in a chest. The new unfinished PMK wagons (Legion of Anubis and Valhall Descendents) are now available as potential unfinished rares in treasure chests. New rare items can now be found. Mod Updates 3D Stuff v0.14 (Bdew) Fixed issue that caused ghost items to be left when removed from surfaces for some special items Added high bookshelf, coffer and cupboard as surfaces Fixed players being able to turn placed items without permission Added fine high chair to surfaces Highway Portals (Bdew) Fixed particle effect sticking around when portal is deactivated by village disband/resize Randomized teleport location a bit to prevent things (e.g. carts) being stuck on top of each other Miscellaneous Blades smithing titles: Bladesmith (50), Renowned Bladesmith (70), Master Bladesmith (90), Legendary Bladesmith (100) Weapon heads smithing titles: Headsmith (50), Renowned Headsmith (70), Master Headsmith (90), Legendary Headsmith (100) You can now make subgroups in inventory groups. Being a commander or passenger on a vehicle now incurs a 30% combat rating penalty. This does not apply to mounts, only vehicles such as carts, wagons, boats, etc. Mining gems, source crystals, salt, and flint will now automatically be inserted into BSB/FSB/crates/the hold of your vehicle while mining from a vehicle. If it is not a bulk resource (like a gem) it will just go to the cargo hold of the vehicle. Chaos crystals can no longer be infused into unfinished items. Leather and chain barding now have a slightly lower movement penalty for equipped mounts. Reaper and Spectral Drakes now have slightly less damage reduction. This should make them more reasonable to fight in smaller groups without pets. Unique & Rare bloodlust has been reduced from 5% to 3% per attack on a pet. Kingdom offices now require a bid of 25% more than the previous highest bidder in order to take office. Humanoids can no longer be hitched to vehicles. Existing humanoids will be automatically unhitched. Missions will now be more intelligent about what they select to spawn for creature-based missions (sacrifice/slay/traitor). Worg mounted speed has been reduced. Food fill and Timed affinities are reduced by 50%. This means you will fill half as much but also gain half the timed affinity as before. You will be required to eat twice as much of your food after this patch to obtain previous results. Opulence affinity timer bonus reduced from 1.0% to 0.25%. Opulence is very easy to cast and foods last a long time. Opulence should only provide a mild bonus, not double effectiveness. Fixed a bug where mount speed was not being affected by speed modifiers such as web armour and frantic charge. Fixed an issue where mount speed was being affected by vanilla weight limits (body strength) instead of the new, higher, modded weight. Fixed a server crash involving PvP missions targeting guard towers.
  14. Sindusk Server Mods

    Yeah this is correct. I plan on updating Armoury in the near future. It's been horribly left behind. Your fix is correct.
  15. Valrei International. 059

    As a modder and server owner familiar with this mod, I can confirm this is true. There are many cases where players have transferred creatures only for them to instantly die when redeemed on the other server due to the fact that the "care for" property on creatures does not travel either. While StableMaster is a great mod that enables a great feature to be used, it's a quick solution to a complex problem.