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  1. No, it should be a completely new cluster. We wouldn't want the new rabble to mix in with the existing player base!
  2. Player growth is stagnated until they develop some basic marketing and communication skills. They can make small tweaks and changes, but the best case scenario would improve player retention which leads to a slight growth in concurrent players. If they want significant player growth, it will require a successful marketing campaign alongside a sizable update. Preferably one that benefits new players entering the game for the first time. Communication is so lacking that we have no idea what they're aiming to accomplish anymore. Is player population growth actually something they're aiming for?
  3. It would be better as a mod for Wurm Unlimited.
  4. Unfortunately not. The friends list is saved to each individual player. The player "Sindusk" would have friend A, B, and C attached. If I go to another server, the friends list comes with that data. When the friends list gets updated (such as a new removal or addition), the server where the request came from would find what server I'm located on (via the login server, which tracks every player's current server), then send the relevant command to update the friends list for me. Alliances and villages are not so simple. Each alliance is heavily server-bound. Just because you're in an alliance on one server, doesn't mean you're in that same alliance on another. This means if an alliance changes while you are off-server, you have no information about what actually happened there. You can be kicked from an alliance while off-server, and you wouldn't know about it until after you return. You don't get a message saying "X alliance has removed your deed on Y server" or any indication whatsoever. It's only when you return to the server that contains that alliance that those messages are sent and everything syncs back up. In order to manage cross-server alliances or villages would require a fundamental rework of how that data is stored and managed. You cannot attach alliances to a single player, since it is used by more than one. In order to do it properly, you would need to synchronize the data across all servers. If you are in an alliance on one server, and that alliance kicks a deed, then you would need to synchronize that change to every server and have them run relevant checks to ensure all the proper players have their clients aware of the change. This means that, as Archaed said, servers would "need to know it all, and that's a recipe for an absolute disaster." This is very accurate, since every server would need to know about every alliance, every deed, every player within that deed, every branded animal that is allocated under that deed, the permissions set by that deed, and so much more... about every other server within the cluster. While on the surface it seems simple to just say "make it so I can chat with alliance members when on other servers" the actual task is "rework the entire server alliance/deed infrastructure so that we can have cross server interaction." Doing anything short of that would be a subpar implementation where bugs would crop up and the functionality would be limited. What happens when a deed is added to an alliance when members are off server? What if a deed kicks a member? What if roles within the alliance changes (such as capital deed) and then the deed that used to be the capital is removed while the mayor is off-server the whole time? These questions and more would need to be accounted for in a system that would require consistent maintenance with any new features moving forward. In the end, it's simply not worth it.
  5. Testing would be far more successful if done as events rather than "it's just there now." Set a date, time, and duration for the test. Load it up on the test server and have GM's around to spawn in the required items or test different configurations. Wurm's strongest attribute is it's community, and the best way to leverage that is to get people together in the same place with a common goal.
  6. Not a bad option, though it just covers up the root of the problem. In this scenario, you would just have 2 paths. One would be PoK, the other would be [insert second best path here]. The problem is that PoK feels like a required choice. This method doesn't solve the problem, it simply covers it up by giving everyone the required choice alongside another option, pushing the balance concerns down to the next most powerful path.
  7. The change mentioned - setting all path level 11 abilities to the 25% skill gain bonus of PoK - would take about 10 minutes to implement for Defiance specifically. That's what's being recommended. Fixing broken mechanics "properly" and solving the underlying problems with them takes a lot of time. That's being recommended against. I don't think anyone is asking for a miracle. They're asking for 10 minutes of time for a game they pay $10 a month to play. If the development team does not want to implement the PoK bonus to all paths on Defiance, all they have to do is say so and explain why. I figure that would also take about 10 minutes.
  8. It would need to be scaled back to 0% then. I would take 0.1% DR over 25% skill gain on Defiance. Because I'd just have 25% skill gain on the PvE side anyways and skill there (current problem).
  9. I don't see any issues with your configuration, so the maps should in theory be working properly. I'd recommend taking a look at what the console outputs when a map is attempting to be generated and go from there. I don't really support my mods anymore, but they're all licensed under MIT (and I've just added the license to the repositories missing it), so they can be freely modified and redistributed by anyone.
  10. With your settings, the new change should have no effect. With that in mind, using the older version should have no differences. If the new version is somehow causing issues, you can safely return back to the prior version without any problems.
  11. Priests will always be "alts" unless priest restrictions are removed entirely. Problem there is that everyone would be priests (see WU), which is also undesirable. It's up to the player to decide whether they want to interact with everything (and thus use alts), or if they are satisfied with a single playstyle - priest or not. As it stands, the magic portion of the game is "functional" and I doubt that it's even being considered for improvement in the near future, despite how simple it is to create new spells. In regards to not receiving new content in a long time, you can say the same thing about almost any aspect of the game. There haven't been new weapons in an extremely long time. Warhammers are still unavailable to PvE players in spite of taking up a slot on the skill list.
  12. Definitely a positive step in the right direction. However, as a minor criticism of the most recent patch, it was released on a Thursday. There's a reason that most major MMO's patch early in the week (Tuesday is the most common). This allows any issues with the patch to be resolved during the middle of the week, when most working people are occupied. Having hotfixes and downtimes during a Friday - or worse, during the weekend - is generally bad practice. In addition to what you're currently doing, I'd recommend aiming major patch days for either a Monday or Tuesday.
  13. Ether makes post with numbers, I make pretty graphs from it.
  14. Rebrand the server from "Epic" to "Test" and use it for testing new features in an accelerated environment instead of releasing them buggy and broken.
  15. Not a single line in the original post was committal. Read the language carefully. Does pending mean it's locked in? Or does it mean that it could potentially be changed and removed from the update? Planning to release, not going to release. Update might not happen this month. Looking at getting, not getting. There's no assurance that a new community manager will be coming and that communication issues will be resolved. Try to keep you updated. Not going to keep you all updated. This is the only committed language in the post. VR starting development is the only statement that carries weight. Everything else is just well crafted hot air.