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  1. It's getting fairly difficult to see recent developments with high accuracy due to the the duration of the graph, so here's one that starts in March.
  2. I actually disagree that players would feel inclined to go to epic as a result of hitting the cap. Right now, the cap is reached quite quickly. I'd say it takes an hour or two to get a skill to 20 without CoC/sleep bonus. If you are going to 50 without sleep bonus or CoC, you might be looking at ~10+ hours. I think at current state it's quite easy to hit 20, not experience much of the game, feel "capped" and urged to pay the subscription fee without having experienced the game. At 50, you're going to allow the player to experience quite a bit of the game before they hit a cap on a skill. At this point, they're likely to actually subscribe and become a paying customer since they've already invested a lot of time into getting their skill high enough, and have seen enough of the game that they want to continue playing. If the creative players are more social, they're already in a situation where the population is very thinned out. My hypothesis here is that SFI and NFI would not see significant decrease due to the overall growth of the population at large. Sure, there would be a new and populated cluster, but many players would want to return to the game where they left off instead of starting over. It's an interesting thought experiment to try and think of ways to allow clusters to interact with each other without being fully linked. If a new cluster appears and is populated, is there a way to make that activity beneficial to the other clusters as well? Is there a way to encourage people to be playing on multiple clusters, reaping the benefits on both sides? Oddly enough, I believe you've hit on the method by which Runescape has continued to grow (with quite a few similar systems to Wurm Online, it's an apt comparison). They frequently add new quests and update skills with additional content on a regular basis. The method you've outlined has been tried and proven to work.
  3. I originally planned to write this up to 2 years timeframe, which would've lead into a new server shared between the NFI and SFI clusters. It would probably be something along the lines of what was in the Jackal's Return suggestion I made several months ago. Essentially a high-power hunting server that encourages players to fight co-operatively alongside eachother. When that server was launched, I'd want to move the free to play skill cap on freedom up to 30/30 or 30/50 (characteristics/skills). It might not be enough, but it would at least be a start. The current free to play model is simply too restrictive, and work should be done towards loosening that up to encourage players to try the game for free. Under ideal circumstances, this would need to come alongside a major update with marketing materials to draw in the largest audience to utilize the reduced restrictions. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that without new servers, there's little to no growth for Wurm Online. The key is that the new servers need to augment the existing ones or provide a new style of play that caters towards a userbase that would otherwise be uninterested in the game. For the Epic iteration proposed, it would be targeted towards players who are interested in progression. Some players just can't get enough of watching the numbers go up. I'd say I'm among that group of players. Others like to test their limits, which would be the purpose of the new server on year 2 (hunting server). The final group of players are more creative and like to build, in which a server would need to be designed to keep them engaged for year 3. I don't have strong ideas for such a server, though if I did I think it might be better slotted in for year 1. I'm curious if anyone else has strong ideas for a new server aimed at the creative playerbase. Ideally, it would need to augment the existing servers (go to the server, create, then bring back something cool as a result). If all goes according to plan, the creative (casual) crowd is centered on the Freedom Isles, while players more interested in progression (hardcore) would be centered on Epic. Players on freedom are able to find a spot to place a deed and build to their hearts desire. With Epic consisting of only one server for PvE, it will be a much more cutthroat style where border friction will come into play. Additionally, deeds consisting of many players would be more common since there is less overall space per player. It's not for everyone, and that's exactly the point. For what it's worth, I'm also hesitant to say it's the best idea. It could end up fragmenting the playerbase even further, splitting them across 3 clusters instead of the current 2. It would bank on the growth from a new server launch being sufficient to offset the fragmentation. Judging from the result of the Steam server launch, I'm inclined to lean that it would be. Southern Freedom Isles has increased in population (slightly) since the Steam launch, not declined. Furthermore, there is a sizable amount of players who were dedicated to Epic and have stopped playing as a result of it becoming empty. With a relaunch of the cluster, I believe many of those players would return, granting an even further boost in growth. I've been hounding away at this point for literally years. If there's something in development that affects the players, a dialogue should be open early in development to gauge player response before it gets too far along. Sometimes, what the development team thinks is great for players isn't something the players want. At current time, we have basically zero information about the proposed "exploration update" that would be coming in the middle of this year. What audience will it be aimed at? Will players need high skills for it? Is there new skills involved so current skills aren't a factor? There's no ability for players to provide feedback if they're never told about it until it's dropped on their heads. If you want to sell players (like myself) that engaging content is coming out, tell us something substantive about it. See the community response to the combat update as proof of concept. The only thing anyone knew was that special moves were being changed. It was not what players wanted most from combat changes (dual wield, new weapons like a warhammer for PvE, etc). Had there been an open dialogue in the form of "what would you like to see from a combat update" prior to the work being done, the focus of the project would've been far more clear. If I was in the development team's shoes right now, I would at the very least put up a thread asking players what they would like to see from an exploration update. You don't even have to give out more information about what the team is planning, just ask the players what they are looking for. Take that feedback and improve the design of the system. On the flip side, one of the systems that recently turned out really well was the pending favor system. That was presented ahead of time, players provided feedback based on the design, and the design shifted in a positive way before it was released on the live servers. It took another couple of patches to get it where it is now, but it's become one of my favorite priest QoL updates. The whole hush-hush mindset is just so damaging to the reputation of the Wurm Online development team. If they can just break that mindset, the amount of positive attitudes would increase dramatically. Anyway, that's more of an off topic rant. There's probably a better place to have that type of discussion.
  4. Wurm Online Content-Oriented Roadmap This theoretical roadmap is a series of planned development updates which serves as an alternative to the current direction of the game. The current direction leans heavily towards maintenance and minor updates, whereas this roadmap will focus on expansion. The goals of this roadmap are twofold. First, it is aimed towards streamlining some of the more overbearing systems of the game, making them more approachable and easier to work with. Secondly, it aims towards giving new content for players who have stuck with the game for years. With these goals in mind, the organization of updates is slightly changed. Every month, an update is released with any updates and bug fixes that are relevant to the game in current form. Every several months, a sizable content update is released providing a new or overhauled system. These updates are explained in this document. Every year, a major “expansion” update is released, providing major changes to the fundamental game and accompanied by a new server and marketing video trailer. The new server will always be changed in some significant way, and is not simply another basic server to the existing clusters. Additionally, these new servers will have some form of link to existing servers. These will be explained further in this document. Content Update: Adaptive Journal - Est. July 2021 The first major content update would be the adaptive journal. Major goals of this update: Streamline the existing journal. Add tutorial elements to the journal that help new players. Create branching paths within the journal so players can specialize and learn about aspects of the game in more detail. Make rewards meaningful to the players who unlock them. In an effort to streamline and replace the existing journal, this would be a more expansive iteration that would focus on more detailed aspects of Wurm. It would start with the more generic options, then expand into skill-oriented subcategories that would provide unique bonuses to those who would seek them. Additionally, each journal entry would be accompanied by a minor text-based tutorial “?” that players can click on to find out more about how to achieve the goals and what they mean. This can also be used to present more complex mechanics to the player in approachable format, such as animal breeding and combat. As an example, here would be one of the first journal objectives, alongside the tutorial. Note that the tutorial text would be written better than presented here. This is just an example. Basic Woodworking (Reward 1 hour sleep bonus) Activate a hatchet Chop down a tree Chop a felled tree into logs Create a shaft from a log Create a mallet head from a log Use the shaft and mallet head to create a mallet Tutorial: “With your inventory open, double-click your hatchet. This will activate it, turning it green on the bottom of your inventory. Next, find a tree. The tile below a tree will tell you what type it is. When you examine a tile, it will also tell you if it is on a deed. Find an off-deed tree, then right-click the tile and chop it down. This may take several actions. You can examine the tile to see how much damage the tree has taken so far. Once it reaches 100, the tree will fall. Once you have felled the tree, use your hatchet on the felled tree and “Chop up” to create a log. Most trees will allow you to chop up a felled tree into many logs. Once you have a log, pick it up into your inventory, and use a carving knife to create a shaft and mallet head. When you have both items, activate the shaft or mallet head, then right-click the other item to begin crafting the mallet.” These are the basics, and are much more “focused” tutorials that appeal to skilled players who want to achieve everything in the game. Here’s a high-level carpentry journal, with some additional context in brackets: Master Carpentry Rewards: 5 hours sleep bonus [Sleep bonus is always nice] +3 maximum build limit [Build limit is the amount of walls/floors when building a house. This adds 3 to the maximum limit, allowing players who completed this journal to create larger houses (such as they had +3 carpentry skill).] 10% carpentry improvement bonus [Increases the amount of QL when improving by 5%. If an item would go from 50 to 51 in an improvement, this would make it go from 50 to 51.1] 10% carpentry rarity chance [Increases the chances an item goes rare when improving or creating a carpentry item by 10%] Objectives Create 5 rare, supreme, or fantastic carpentry items. [This is the most RNG-oriented requirement, but has few enough item requirements to make it attainable by dedicated players. Simple items such as shafts and planks count towards this progress.] Improve 10 unique carpentry items past 90QL. [This means unique types, such as 1 mallet, 1 spindle, 1 grooming brush, etc.] Improve a supreme carpentry item past 90QL. [This can be any supreme item, even if it did not originally belong to the player. This means players can buy a supreme item to improve to finish this journal entry.] Plan and finish a house with at least a 7x7 open area inside. [Any house design will work so long as a 7x7 open area exists within the interior.] Build 50 wooden house walls finishing at 70QL or higher. [This will require the player to use high-QL planks when creating the house walls.] This carpentry journal would be focused towards those who have high skill in carpentry, while not being mixed in with combat goals like the existing journal. The rewards would be specifically oriented towards carpentry based activity. Other journals would have similar rewards, focusing their reward structure towards benefitting the skills that unlock them. Content Update: Combat Overhaul - Est. October 2021 The second major content update would be a real combat overhaul. Major goals: Make combat slightly less random. Do not make players weaker as a result of the overhaul. Allow dual wield to become a viable combat strategy again. Implement new mechanics which benefit non-priest combatants. Update key binding system to allow for contextual combat binds. Interesting mechanics added to each weapon archetype to allow for more style expression in combat. Special moves would have synergy with each other. This combat overhaul would reduce the amount of random mechanics that take place in combat. The mathematics behind accuracy would be adjusted so that strong combatants would have a higher hit chance against opponents. This should result in combat speeding up a bit, as more hits would land instead of being misses or parries. Dual wield has been in a sorry spot for a long time now, and would be changed dramatically. Randomization of time between offhand swings would be eliminated and rebalanced to be more consistent. It would also be allowed to swing at all times instead of only during odd combat rounds. Focus and special moves would be enabled at the start of combat, instead of requiring time to use. A new “kick” mechanic would be added for players who are not using a shield. This would replace the slot for “shield bash” in the combat UI. Shield bash would also be updated to guarantee an interrupt of the opponent’s current action upon completion. Priests who use kick or shield bash would not interrupt the opponent’s action. Additionally, non-priests would have the difficulty of increasing focus reduced (meaning it’s easier to focus). Priest focus difficulty would remain at current levels. Key bindings would be updated to allow for combat-specific binds. This will be an option turned off by default that the player can decide to enable. When a player enters combat, they can have their keybinds adjusted to combat actions instead. For example, a player might use Q to improve and E to repair. However, during combat, Q might turn into special move 1 and E might turn into special move 2. This allows the control scheme to switch during combat, allowing players to have a “combat” binding setup and “non-combat” binding setup. Each weapon archetype would have a specialized mechanic which allows for a certain style of play. Swords - Riposte: Build up riposte points in combat. These can be spent on special moves which queue a counter-attack when next struck. These counter-attacks will apply debuffs to the opponent. Axes - Rage: Build up rage, increasing damage. Spend rage on special moves with deadly effects, including bleeds and infections. Bleeds would worsen quickly during combat, and infections would be difficult to heal. Mauls - Balance: Use special moves which adjust the balance of the maul. One side of the balance is more offensive, whereas the other is defensive. If the player goes too far off balance in either direction, they will open themselves up to attack and become vulnerable for a short time. Blades (Sickle, Scythe, Knives, etc.) - Combo: Build up combo points, then spend them in a special move combination to create a fast and deadly assault. Warhammers - Charge: Build up a charge, which can then be used in a single devastating attack. Additional note: A craftable warhammer would be added in this update. Special moves would be designed around the mechanic attached to each weapon. Here’s a short list of special moves that could be used for the Swords archetype: Basic Specials (Building Mechanics): Quick Stab (Middle-Center) No Cost. +1 Riposte point. Deals 100% attack damage and cannot be parried. Armada (Middle-Right) No Cost. +1 Riposte Point. Deals 55% attack damage and attacks twice. Four Head (Upper-Center) No Cost. +2 Riposte Points. Deals no damage. Incoming attacks to the upper section deal 50% reduced damage for 10 seconds. Advanced Specials (Using Mechanics): Sweeping Strike (Lower-Center) Costs 3 Riposte Points. Deals 150% attack damage. Next incoming attack within 10 seconds to the lower section gets counter-attacked with a 200% unavoidable attack to the enemy lower center. Ultimatum (Middle-Center) Costs 3 Riposte Points. Deals 130% attack damage. Next two incoming attacks within 10 seconds are countered. There would be more special moves available than just these. There would need to be close attention paid to how these moves were utilized and balance changes set in motion to ensure a single strategy did not become dominant. Auto-fight would be updated to defend the locations being attacked by your opponent. It would not utilize special moves and only attempt to attack in directions your opponent is not defending. Major Expansion: Epic Unbound - Est. February 2022 Epic Unbound would be a major expansion for Wurm Online. It would come with a short video trailer and sent to major gaming outlets a few weeks before launch alongside a written article. Brownie points if this could also be launched on Epic Games Store at the same time, just because it’s so fitting. Epic Unbound would be a full re-launch of the Epic cluster for Wurm Online. Existing epic servers would be either merged or shut down. All epic accounts would have some form of skill transfer to Southern Freedom Isles. Additionally, all existing epic accounts would have their skills re-calculated to a new “highest” for the new epic servers, granting them a 3x skill gain boost up until that point. New Epic would consist of two servers. One PvE and one PvP. The item economy would be shared. Skills would transfer between both servers. Additional servers would be avoided heavily. The new epic servers would no longer have a skill or QL cap of 100. Players would be able to gain skill or improve items indefinitely. The mathematics behind how skilling and improvement work would be adjusted to account for these changes. Vein QL cap would be replaced with vein purity. Combat mechanics would be adjusted to account for uncapped skill. Many other mechanics would be adjusted to account for an uncapping of skill. Some interesting side effects of allowing this: Players can build houses to theoretically unlimited size. Bridges could be made to span hundreds of tiles with a single bridge. Slopes of tiles (on PvE) could be made dramatically steep. Food quality could increase to a point where affinity buffs last weeks or years. Skilling on epic would be adjusted. Sleep powder would no longer grant double skill gain, but instead grant 30% additive to existing affinities. Enchants like Blessings of the Dark and Circle of Cunning would have their effects reduced as their power increased. This should help reduce the skill gain difference between players using permanent sleep bonus and high enchanted tools versus those who do not. Epic rewards would be available in the new servers. Players would be able to find unbound items that transfer between all clusters while exploring the new epic servers. Some examples: An item which allows players to capture an affinity on their character into a consumable which grants the affinity back. This will allow players to sell skill affinities or carry affinities from one cluster to another. An item which grants a random skill affinity. These would be rare. An item which can be consumed to give another item one charge of Soulbound, meaning it stays with the character through death one time. These items would be rare. Free accounts would not have limited skills on Epic. Instead, they would have half the skill gain rate and improvement rate of premium accounts. This allows players to experience the entirety of the game free at a reduced speed. Disclaimer: None of this is happening. It's purely theoretical and presented as a suggestion/alternative.
  5. Without clarification via patch notes there's no way to know what happened. And when it comes to risking gear in combat on PvP servers, not knowing what changed is terrible.
  6. Oblivion is most likely correct here (haven't played since patch, so don't have in-game experience). I did the numbers a long time ago back in WU and determined that defending in a direction was vastly superior for defense. If you correctly defended, you'd hardly ever get hit assuming decent skill. I did several 1v1 fights in WO recently where I only had about 50 shield skill and a 50-70QL shield, yet it still makes such a difference that you basically never get hit. I even streamed a duel against Archibelle where I hit them 13 times and they hit me 2 times, since I would constantly just defend the direction they were attacking me. The difference is absolutely massive. The problem with that type of system in group combat is that there's simply too many other things going on to make it a logical part of the combat process. It's important to pay attention to where your allies are. It's important to pay attention to where your enemies are. You need to be aware of where everyone is moving and what the current goal is, who the targets are, what's being cast, and more. To have a mini-game inside of all of that where you also must pay attention to where all of your opponents are aiming and be required to optimally defend against them is simply overkill. Combat in a group should be engaging and tactical, not tedious.
  7. Was wondering what the overall trend looked like since the start of the Steam launch. I updated the sheet I had made on the first page with all the new data up until this point. Thanks @Etherdrifterfor providing it in readable format each month. It ended up kind of ugly, so I opted to remove all the major outliers (due to updates, server restarts, etc.) to avoid them affecting the trendline, as well as adding some tick marks for notable updates.
  8. Yeah, that's precisely what gave the wrong impression. Turning Wurm into non-target where you have to actually attack something in physical space using collision is what I was originally implying would be unrealistic. I still stand by that statement. However, it sounds like your intention was much closer to grounded in reality, so I apologize if it felt like I was attacking your post without reason. Transforming Wurm Online's combat closer to what actually works in MMO's is exactly what I'd like to see as well. We could spend hours debating the finer details of what to define Wurm's current combat system as. Turn-based attached to real time? Tab targeting without the ability to tab? There's a lot of different ways to describe it... which is exactly part of the problem. It needs to have a clear design and meta-game. Right now, it's a very passive system which doesn't require nor encourage user input during combat. I'd like to see something that allows players to have some agency over their combat experience, and I think that's what you're asking for as well.
  9. It's quite unrealistic to expect Wurm to transform into a real-time action combat system, the likes of Mount & Blade or Mordhau (since those are, in my opinion, the most exceptional melee combat systems in games these days). Wurm Online would suffer trying to implement that due to the servers being in a central location and the playerbase being worldwide. In order to achieve decent real-time performance in Wurm, you would need to split the playerbase into regional clusters (EU, NA, AUS, etc.) in order to mitigate the severe latency. Trying to play Mordhau on 150-200 ping is misery, and transforming Wurm into that would be highly detrimental to anyone not within reasonable distance to the servers. Beyond that, Wurm's current system actually has the benefit of being mostly immune to latency. Since there is very little "twitch" combat mechanics, the system makes it so players with horrendous ping are still able to play the combat with reasonable success. Believe it or not, there's quite a few people who actually like the way that they can simply stand infront of a creature and wait for it to die. And by all means, if the player is strong enough or has the equipment to do so, then that should be fine! There's nothing wrong with that! Combat currently functions in a way that is akin to a turn-based tactics game. You take your turn every X seconds based on your weapon, swinging at the opponent. In turn, the opponent also takes their turn every X seconds, taking a swing at you. Everything that occurs is mostly under-the-hood and not easily understood by players without reading a 20 page document detailing all the variables that go into combat rating, flanking bonus, glance rates, and similar. To the untrained eye, you just keep swinging at eachother until one character runs out of health. Now, in my opinion, the real goal of a combat overhaul would be to refine the current combat system to one that is more akin to modern MMORPG's, while maintaining it's high fantasy identity. This would also need to be designed in such a way that it would be mostly immune to the ping problems, and simply extend/enhance what already exists instead of replacing it outright. What would that look like? Simply put, it would be a hybrid of conventional MMORPG and Turn-based Tactics games. A list of inspirations like the following: World of Warcraft/Final Fantasy Tactics Star Wars: The Old Republic/Tactics Ogre Final Fantasy XIV/Disgaea To try and illustrate further, I'll try to make some comparisons: Stamina in Wurm would work like Mana in other games. Special moves would costs a certain amount of stamina to use, with more powerful ones costing more stamina. Certain actions might give the ability to drain or restore stamina during combat. Each weapon archetype (axes, knives, swords) would have their own set of special moves, and a "mechanic" designed around them. This is akin to classes in standard MMORPG's. Some examples: Knives might work off a combo system, where some special moves would grant combo points that can then be expended on powerful high-damage special moves. This designates a style of assassination & pure damage. Swords might have a riposte mechanic, where special moves would prepare a counter-attack when your opponent attacks you, further refining it's style as a defensive weapon. Axes might utilize a rage mechanic, where special moves or taking damage would count towards rage. Rage built would naturally increase damage taken, but also increase damage dealt. You could use special moves to maintain maximum rage, or expend it on moves to deal more damage. This refines axes as a highly offensive option, while still maintaining some defense if played towards it. Special moves would be designed with chaining/combos in mind, using the mechanics above. All of this achieves the goals marked above. Players can ignore special moves entirely, and continue with the back-and-forth swinging to determine outcome of combat. Additionally, with several seconds cooldown on special moves, it's not heavily ping-reliant. Players can safely use special moves at a mild delay and not see a significant decrease in combat efficiency. Finally, it would leverage the UI improvements made perfectly, allowing the new mechanics to be shown in the templates above the characters instead of relying on the status bar or event logs. In all, the above system could be designed and implemented in a couple months. Most of the tools required to create it already exist, and the UI improvements made would complement it exceptionally well. I doubt anyone would be mad with having new tools to play with, especially since they can ignore it altogether if they so desire. That said, I feel the need to echo above concerns that it's just underwhelming. Steam launch was 8 months ago and so far we've got the pending favor and the upcoming minor combat update to show for it. The fact that it does not touch on dual wield or the difference between priests and non-priests in combat is shocking. To a lesser extent, the fact it doesn't add new weapons (warhammer for PvE?), armour, or simply add any new content at all to the combat system is also surprising. No balance tweaks on existing weapons and armour is additionally disappointing. I originally stopped playing in November, thinking to myself "I'm going to wait until the combat overhaul to dig my teeth back into the game and figure out the new combat." With the current patch notes, I have to say I'm not excited for it at all, and don't see myself returning as a result of this update.
  10. There's not enough in the way of new tactical decisions and no sense of "style" to be gained from the new special moves. The split of offensive/defensive stances was a step in the right direction. However, the special moves are sorely lacking. Combat is already split into 10 second intervals. Every special move should have a maximum cooldown of 10 seconds to allow one use per combat round. Some might even deserve cooldowns that are even lower. Additionally, the effects of the moves (outside of potent ones like stun) should last ~30 seconds to allow for combinations between special moves to optimize your fighting style. Think to turn-based tactic games like Disgaea or Final Fantasy genre, where you would do a form of armor break then attack the opponent. For example: Start with a special move that reduces the target's defense. Then use a special move 10 seconds later that deals increased damage to swiftly slay them. Useful against weaker targets. Start with a special move that reduces the target's CR. Then use a special move that drains their stamina. The stamina drain would hit more reliably against the reduced CR. Useful against tough opponents where you might not win by raw health, but removing their stamina might change the outcome. Upon getting into a dangerous situation, use a special move to reduce the opponent movement speed and break combat. Having 20-50 second cooldowns shared between all special moves means you'll very rarely get the chance to use them tactically. Their effect not lasting long enough also means that you cannot apply a combination of potent effects. Additionally, this was the perfect opportunity to implement tools to mitigate the difference between priest and non-priests in combat. Instead, there is no sign of any moves which interrupt casting, hinder casting, or are limited to non-priests. As of right now only the stunning moves are potent to stop casting, but they are available to priests anyway and are useful beyond simple interrupts. I'd like to see the special moves have shorter cooldowns, longer effects, and thought put into the way that they might combine to create interesting combat situations.
  11. I can't really provide any insight on to how prayer skill gain was changed, but I can definitely provide some context as to how it worked before. Beyond that, I can say with certainty that 70 prayer in 70 hours is completely bogus. A quick math assuming unrealistic values would demonstrate that, using reported skill ticks. Here's one from my own experience previously. 0.0060 skill gained in a ~30.0 second action. This results in a 0.0002 skill per second rate of gain. Of course, this assumes the player remains at 37 prayer for the entirety of the duration and gains skill on every tick (both unrealistic, but let's continue). With 0.0002 skill per second, we multiply by 60 and end up with 0.012 skill per minute. Transposed into hours, we multiply again by 60 and result in 0.72 skill per hour. Finally, multiplying that value by 70, assuming the prayer skill gain remains stable at the rate that 37 prayer skill would provide, results in 50.4 skill after 70 hours. Major disclaimer: All of this is nonsensical and represents a method of skilling that is entirely unrelated to the way skilling actually works. So let's move on to how skilling actually functions. Prayer, previously, would use a skill check to determine your success which had a difficulty between (prayerSkill - 30) and (prayerSkill - 60) at random. If the value fell below 1, it would then default to a skill check with 1 difficulty (since the skill system does not work with difficulty below 1). Additionally, it would use your faith as a bonus value to curve your skill and adjust your skill gain accordingly. We can use the grinder tool to take a look at a few examples, using skill - 45 as an average for the skill checks: 50 Skill, 1 Faith: ~37% skill tick rate 50 Skill, 100 Faith: ~15% skill tick rate 60 Skill, 1 Faith: ~35% skill tick rate 60 Skill, 100 Faith: ~15% skill tick rate So that's tick rate estimates. But how much action time does it take to get there? Well, as it turns out, I worked with a mathematician at one point and devised a formula to closely represent the action timers, assuming no buffs (no vynora, no PoK, etc) to reach any given skill, assuming tick rate was ignored. The formula was as follows, for those mathematically inclined: -difficulty/100*((skill*skill/2+100*skill+10000*ln(100-skill))-(100.5+10000*ln(99))) This would result in a rough estimation of decaseconds (10 second intervals) required to achieve the desired skill. Most skills operate in the ~10 second action timer area, so this decasecond estimation is as close as we can realistically get without spending excessive amounts of work devising a more accurate formula. So at this point you're probably reading this like "Ok Sindusk, weird flex but how about in laymens terms?" To which, I answer: Graph. This uses the above formula to estimate the rough amount of time in raw decaseconds it would take to achieve any given skill level in Prayer (or any 4000 difficulty skill). It would take 103,553 decaseconds, or 1,035,530 seconds of raw, uninterrupted, 100% skill tick rate prayer skill gain to achieve prayer skill 70. This equates to 17,258 minutes, or 287 hours. Factoring in a rough 40% skill tick rate with 1 faith (somewhat unrealistically high, but we'll be optimistic), we're looking at 719 hours of skill gain required to get 70 prayer (without Vynora, PoK, etc). If you have the standard 15% skill tick rate due to having 100 faith, you're instead looking at 1,917 hours of skill gain required to get to 70 prayer (without Vynora, PoK, etc). We're also not factoring in Soul, Soul Strength, Soul Depth, and Religion skills which would have a negative impact on skill tick rate assuming higher values, especially at lower Prayer skill. These modifications are much more slight in nature than the ones discussed, so they can safely be ignored since we're not looking for pinpoint accuracy, just a rough ballpark. I have no idea how this statement was reached, but judging from anecdotal knowledge and backed through the mathematics of what I've shown above, it's very far from accurate. Assuming the rest of the statements are true, and the new skill gain is roughly 3x faster, you're still looking at somewhere between 200 and 700 hours of prayer grind to get 70 prayer before factoring in skill gain bonuses.
  12. Advertising is best done when it comes alongside a "hook" for people to latch onto. For example, launching a new server or a major content update. When you have something new coming out, you advertise to peak interest in it before you sell it to consumers. If there's a partnership with MMORPG to just say "hey come try this game" then it's not going to do much. If there's a partnership where their site will promote an upcoming Wurm Online update with a front page banner ad, then we're in business.
  13. I voted yes because it would be nice to have. However, I also feel like it's not the best solution. A simple heatmap can be misleading. Just because an area is green does not mean it's completely unoccupied. In a similar fashion, just because an area is red does not mean it is packed. Some of the coastlines marked red do not have settlements for hundreds of tiles, such as in the southwest of Harmony. If you're willing to display information regarding where deeds are, you might as well go all the way and provide a live map of the servers. Wurm Unlimited does this already which you can see examples of in Sklotopolis and Otherlands. As you can tell from other responses, people are looking for map dumps - not a heatmap.
  14. To attempt a visual explanation of why people are mad.. Here is the current comparison between the old imbue and previous imbues. People don't have an issue with 1-80. People have an issue with 80+. What you need is a function that works better than the old imbues at early levels, but worse at higher levels. One already exists that could accomplish this goal. The epic curve. This isn't perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than what was put out there. Beyond that, if you had actually taken the months of time to actually consider your options and spent even a single day crunching numbers to figure out the math you wanted, you could have come up with a function to easily match whatever you were actually looking to achieve instead of the released linear progression which is just a slap in the face to everyone. Some examples using the method f(x) = ((x/100)^b)*100 where x is skill and b is a value to determine the strength of the curve. This function is outrageously simple. Divide by 100 to get a value less than 1, power to a variable 0-1 to get a higher value that remains less than 1, then multiply by 100 again. This took mere minutes to think of. To me, the function b = 0.5 is very similar to the progression by the new formula, but offers better results towards the end. Here they are overlayed: Now this isn't perfect, but this at least allows 80QL veins to offer 90QL ores. The results towards the end are roughly doubled and offer about a 50% increase towards 100 instead of the existing 25%. Meanwhile, it doesn't break the game and allow people with 20 skill to mine 60QL ores in the event of a linear function. Its most potent application grants +25QL at early points in the progression. TLDR: The new formula is overly simplistic and does not actually solve the problems properly. Instead, it's an underhanded mega-nerf at those who have invested in imbues in the past and spent their time grinding their skills to make the most use of them. Meanwhile, the people who benefit the most from the new formula are those at early skill levels who, quite frankly, don't have imbues in the first place.
  15. So many solutions available to encourage public slayings, many of which have been tried and executed in Wurm Unlimited with success. Yet none of these ideas make their way into Wurm Online. It's a shame, really.