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  1. Sorry for all unfulfilled orders. I went inactive a few weeks ago. KarlFranz will now pick up the shop at this new thread: This thread can now be closed.
  2. [10:37:06] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  3. [06:29:59] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  4. Sent the following after improvement: Pickaxe Head, iron | 8.95 QL | 79 CoC - 1 silver Shovel, iron | 80.58 QL | 69 WoA - 1 silver, 72 copper Hatchet, iron | 81.17 QL | 76 WoA - 2 silver, 22 copper Pickaxe, iron | 80.14 QL | 71 WoA - 1 silver, 92 copper [06:17:17] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  5. The stone chisel and hammer were sold overnight, sorry! I've sent the trowel your way. [05:33:47] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. In regards to the 81QL iron plate set with AoSP, we'd ask for half the listed cast price on each piece. Multiply the cast power you are looking for by 9 then divide by half to get the total value. As a reference: 81QL with 60+ AoSP: 6 silver, 50 copper for the set, 4 silver 50 copper for the enchants = 11 silver. 81QL with 80+ AoSP: 6 silver, 50 copper for the set, 11 silver 25 copper for the enchants = 17 silver, 75 copper. As a repeat customer I don't mind giving a discounted price on such an order. Throw me a PM in-game and I'll make sure you get a good deal.
  6. Honestly, me neither. I'd rather just make them balanced. Which is something that I feel everyone would be behind. Unfortunately we're just getting flamed for wanting both Scorn (BL) and Light of Fo (WL) nerfed, because those spells are creating a toxic healing spam meta that is basically a measure of "who has more lib" or "who has more fo" priests.
  7. I had that same outlook a month ago. After being in so many situations where there's no counterplay, it really is a problem that Libila is quite fundamentally, without a doubt, the best priest to be in the game. And yes, it's a balance problem. If you really think it's not, just let WL be Libila and let BL be WL gods and be done with it. Offer a free faith transfer and watch the tides turn in a day.
  8. Clearly it's not well understood how the healing resistance works. Injure someone to 50% health. Heal them with Scorn which heals them completely. They now have 5 minutes of healing resistance. Injure them to 50% health again. Heal them with Scorn. 180% * 0.75 = 135%. They are healed completely. They now have 10 minutes of healing resistance. Injure them to 50% health again. Heal them with Scorn. 180% * 0.5 = 90%. They are healed completely. They now have 15 minutes of healing resistance. Injure them to 50% health again. Heal them with Scorn. 180% * 0.25 = 45%. They are healed to 95% health. They now have 20 minutes of healing resistance. 2 minutes pass. They have 18 minutes of healing resistance. Injure them to 50% health again. Heal them with Scorn. 180% * 0.1 = 18%. They are healed to 68% health. If you really think that someone with 75% healing resistance built up should be getting basically full healed from half HP, then your view of healing in general is simply warped and there's nothing further I can say to correct it.
  9. Cure serious has the Achille's heel of only being able to cure one wound. If it could heal any number of wounds it would, as you stated, be OP. Heal is, as you mentioned, pretty crap. It's the least usable in-combat healing spell in the game. 30 seconds of cast time is simply unreasonable and I can't see a situation where that gets used in combat. Beyond that, it can only heal at maximum 200% health, which is only 25% more than Light of Fo despite taking twice the time to cast and only affecting one player. Hilariously bad. A spell that heals for 10% in 5 seconds would be very useful. It would, as you mentioned, be more powerful than Cure Light, since it's simply Cure Light with half the cast timer. Your point that healing resistance per second is not a meaningful balance criteria is simply wrong. If a spell heals 5% per second, can I reasonably deal 5% damage per second to an enemy target? At what point does a spell begin to out-heal the damage that is being done to the target? So long as the cast times are within a reasonable length (5-15 seconds), then healing done per second of channel time is a very good balance measure and I fail to see any logic by which that is untrue. I'm not implying that it should be the sole measurement or only point of balance - that would be stupid - but it is a useful measurement to determine the strength of a spell. If single target spells should not be used as a measurement, and healing per second should not be used as a measurement, then what should? If you think healing 175% to 180% of health on a single spell which allows it to penetrate healing resistance up to 75% and still heal half the target's health is okay, then there's really nothing I can say to you. That's just a flawed view of the current state of healing and I cannot fathom your logic to defend it. Reducing the healing to the point where it becomes pointless to cast should occur after healing resistance. The values make healing resistance irrelevant. The point of the change is to make the numbers scale in such a way that healing resistance functions properly. The problem that you're seeing isn't that nobody lives long enough for healing resistance to have an effect, it's the fact that healing resistance doesn't function on the BL side because Scorn heals for so freaking much that even with 15 minute resistance it basically heals someone up to full. Increasing the lower end of Light of Fo is absolutely not the right choice. It heals so many wounds that even if you do 5% health per wound, it's going to have a significant impact. The problem is how much healing is done, not how little. No increase to the lower end of Light of Fo. We should be working these AoE spells down in power until they're balanced, not up. Higher range on cure spells would be okay, but only a few tiles. If you make it sniper mode like Drain Health, then people will start pre-casting heals on horses from afar when a player goes in to dehorse an enemy. This would create a very toxic environment where WL will basically destroy BL every time if they play correctly because there's nothing BL can do to prevent this tactic. It's a no-go. Increasing the range of Scorn and LoF is just a neutral change that doesn't really solve any problems. Lowering the cast times of all healing spells would make it even more toxic to play against, as it would reduce the time players had to tangleweave or interrupt these casts. At that point, it would be - similar to how it already is - a battle of who had more priests to cast the heals. Healing resistance actually works really well but the problem is spells are too potent to make it function properly. This is the problem that reducing the potency of Scorn and LoF would solve. When a player has 15 minute healing resistance, they should be hardly getting healed. Instead, with Scorn and Light of Fo, they can still heal for half their health! It's stupid, it's overtuned, and it needs to get nerfed. The goal here isn't to remove healing from PvP. Right now, the state of the game is that it's all about healing spells. The idea would be to move it closer to the center, where healing is valuable, but not the only thing that matters.
  10. That is a problem, but should not be solved via making the spells not work unless you go through a clunky UI and find an individual wound and heal it. Instead, it should be solved by preventing multiple people from spamming single target heals on a target. The way it was "fixed" was simply counter to QoL. It doesn't actually solve the underlying problem since, even a few weeks ago, we kept a captain alive through spamming single target heals on them via the window.
  11. Critical spell changes that simply need to happen: Scorn of Libila and Light of Fo healing reduced by roughly half. Scorn currently heals 90-180% of your health, and Light of Fo heals 25-175% of your health. I'd like to see these changed to 45-90% of health for Scorn and 25-100% of health for Light of Fo. The reason for this is because the current values are so outrageously high that even with 50% healing resistance (10 minutes of debuff), you can still get pretty much completely healed by one of these spells. Beyond that, when compared to spells like Cure Light, Focused Will, and Drain Health, you heal more health per second of your channel with LoF or Scorn than you do with the actual single target healing spells... on a single target. Cure Light & Focused Will: 20% maximum healing, 10 second cast time. 2% health per second. Limited to one wound. Drain Health: 6% maximum healing, 3 second cast time. 2% health per second. Limited to one wound. Scorn of Libila: 180% maximum healing, 15 second cast time. 12% health per second. Heals up to 3 separate wounds. Light of Fo: 175% maximum healing, 15 second cast time. 11.6% health per second channeled. Heals up to 5 separate wounds. All of these values are assuming the spells hit a single target. Instead, while Scorn and Light of Fo are healing 5x more per second channeled, they also apply to multiple targets. Completely out of balance. Single target healing spells need to be re-enabled while on a vehicle. I still cannot fathom why this was changed in the past. It's just a stupid, counter-QoL mechanic that makes single target healing spells frustrating to use in their current state. It's pretty much unanimous that Light of Fo and Scorn need to be toned down. I doubt anyone will disagree with the proposals above. Now onto more controversial spell changes that I think would assist in the current state of balance and provide more tactical options in combat. Grant Focused Will to Libila. Reduce the cast time of Focused Will, Cure Light, and Cure Medium by about half (to 5-6 seconds). Give Libila the single target healing spell that she's lacking so it can be used in combat. Increase the usability of single-target healing spells in combat by making them fast enough to be used on a target without forcing them to stand still for an awkward 10 seconds. Their potency is already pretty low due to the fact these spells can only heal a single wound. As it stands, Focused Will and Cure Light are only used to heal outside of combat. Libila needs Focused Will because the only way they can heal their horses right now is to have them tamed and drop an awkward Scorn of Libila. Increase cast time of single-target damage spells (Rotting Gut, Fireheart, and Shard of Ice) to 8-10 seconds. It's too easy to get these off right now. They're difficult to Tangleweave since you have to start the Tangleweave within 3 seconds of the caster starting their channel. I believe it's ideal to keep these spells potent in terms of damage, but reduce their use cases so they're only utilized when the situation calls for it (someone running away, initiating on a horse, etc.)
  12. I scorn the lack of spell changes.