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  1. WurmNode

    In theory it makes sense to increase the multipliers for those skills - they are harder to skill. However, the whole system operates under the assumption of no skill gain multipliers (including CoC and sweet spot imping). They're entirely ignored in order to make the system sane. Those skills are more valuable per STP for exactly the reasons you describe, but adding a multiplier would be an arbitrary addition to a skill that does, in fact, go through the same skilling system of every other skill.
  2. I am no longer actively modding, but @Tyodahas made some improvements to this mod and released them here: I'll be updating the main link in the OP as well to reflect that this should be used over the outdated one I originally made.
  3. Seems like a great mechanic. Aside from a few which could be targeted for abuse (such as Sampo) these seem well designed.
  4. WurmNode

    A bit late on this I suppose, but better late than never. I've created a "documentation"/"explanation" for STP: This gives a full definition of what STP is (quoted directly from Chakron, who is credited for the original implementation), the changes that have occurred since it's original inception on Niarja, and the formula and multipliers for every skill in the game. If there are any questions about STP that are not explained in the document please let me know so I can update it with further clarification.
  5. WurmNode

    Unfortunately not really possible. The formula to calculate STP is a reverse engineering of the way skill ticks are granted by all the skills in Wurm. Fighting is an exception to this, where it does not use the skill ticks that other skills use at all. It does not even use its own difficulty when calculating skill gains. As a result, using the formula to give Fighting any value, regardless of multiplier, would completely undermine the purpose of STP altogether. Niarja did not give any value to Fighting and I believe the reasoning is identical.
  6. WurmNode

    All good observations. I'll try my best to explain the reasoning behind everything. Before I get into specific points, I'll make a few notes here ahead of time: I went over some of the calculations today with Drogos and some adjustments have been made to fix calculation errors. The previous maximum value for a skill on Wurmnode was 99.99995 (4 digits of 9 after the decimal). After changes today, it is now 99.9999995 (6 digits of 9 after the decimal). This more accurately represents when Wurm actually displays a skill to 100 instead of using smaller decimal places. As a result, the maximum value for most skills has increased. There was a calculation error which was causing skills, mostly in the range of 99-99.9995, to be calculating their STP very incorrectly. It was much lower than expected. This calculation has been corrected and Wurmnode is now displaying properly calculated STP across the board. Soul Depth had a difficulty of 800,000 instead of the correct 200,000 on Wurmnode. This has been fixed and all values should be 1/4 of what they were before. As I was writing this, Drogos put all the same information in a reply above. STP at it's core is meant to display one thing: A direct measure of amount of time the skill is spending in the action bar. Some skills operate in ways that are directly counterintuitive to being calculated by STP, such as Meditation and Lockpicking. These have cooldowns, and cannot be grinded similar to other skills. However, this does not mean we should value them immensely higher than other skills. Instead, we need to register that while these skills are on cooldown or not being skilled, the player is doing something else. If we changed this logic and decided long cooldown skills granted higher STP, anyone who was diligent about skilling them would be granted more STP by default. In it's absolute most purest form, without any of the multipliers or similar being applied, a player's STP is quite literally "how many seconds have they spent skilling." When you see a character with 20 million STP, it's directly related to the amount of time they've spent skilling. 20 million seconds = 333k minutes = 5,555 hours = 231 days of raw action timer skilling. This does not account for sleep bonus, CoC, and other factors. However, it's designed as the best measure possible without being overboard on community opinions or conjectures. And now, to answer your comments as directly as possible: Small Axe appears to be worth 24,586,364 at max, while Large and Huge Axe are the base 14,049,351 - Is this a design choice? I'm not a PvP'er anymore, so I'm not aware of Small Axe being any more difficult to grind. This is due to small axe naturally having a higher difficulty than other skills. Small axe has a difficulty of 7,000 whereas weapons such as medium maul, longsword, etc. are all 4,000. This results in it being almost 2x as difficult to skill. Preaching and Exorcism, two notoriously difficult skills, also don't get very high totals. Both at 2,341,558 - neither are easy to grind, and could be considered harder than even Meditating. I'd refer to note 2 which covers Preaching and Exorcism. Meditation has a multiplier of 3 because only 1/3 of the full action timer is used to apply skill gain. Meditating doesn't get a very high total, despite widely being considered one of the most time consuming and hardest skills in the game. It caps out at 7,024,675 which is lower than even my beloved Weapon Smithing at 23,415,585. Again, note 2 above is the best answer here. Meditation is valued higher than most other skills because every 3 minutes spent meditating only gives 1 minute of actual skill gain. The value for Mind Speed at a sizeable 140,493,510 seems very overvalued even if it is harder to grind than the other characteristics. This is correct. Mind speed is only obtained through fighting and shields. These have bad times multipliers in their skill checks (which is why most weapons/shields have 3x value of normal skills), so we give Mind Speed compensation in the STP calculations to match. If you look up the leaderboard for Mind Speed on Niarja right now, you'll see that even after 15 years hardly anyone has more than 70. Meanwhile multiple accounts rock over 90 in every other stat. The mind speed valuation is extremely high, because it's quite literally the hardest characteristic to skill in the game and it's not even close. Soul Depth is absolutely and extremely overvalued at 187,324,680 - considering it's one of the easiest characteristics grinds thanks to panfilling. This was corrected. Short Bow, Medium Bow and Long Bow appear to be undervalued. They aren't any easier or harder to grind than the other weapon counterparts. This is something that could be looked into and changed. I never really looked deeply into how archery works so if it's not directly action timer -> skill then I'd need to know specifics to apply a proper multiplier. Milling is very undervalued considering it's a creation grind. It could at least be on par with another creation grind that's relatively easy to gather materials for like Papyrusmaking. I missed this. Milling is in fact creation only and I will apply the 3x multiplier to it accordingly. Thievery, Stealing, Lock Picking and Traps also feel slightly undervalued considering they don't have improvement grinds. Note 2 above covers Lock Picking. I don't know anything about stealing/thievery/traps if I'm being honest, never looked into them. But they are most likely covered by the explanation in note 2. Firemaking feels undervalued due to how irritating it is to grind. Note 2 above covers Firemaking. Climbing feels undervalued due to how irritating it is to grind. As terrible as climbing is to grind and how it feels incorrect... it's actually also covered by the explanation in note 2. Notably, though, if anything climbing might be more worthwhile to reduce in value since it can be skilled simultaneously with other skills, such as mining. However that goes against the philosophy of pure time, so it's probably best just left alone. Shield Bashing and Taunting have base maxes at 3,512,337 despite being difficult to grind. Most fighting skills get a multiplier of 2x or 3x because of how they interact with the times parameter when skilled. However, Shield Bashing and Taunting actually skill normally. So while they are extremely painful to grind due to both having a cooldown, action timer, and requiring a specific scenario... they're covered by note 2 philosophy. In any case, STP will never be a completely perfect way to calculate investment of a character. If too much opinion gets injected into how it's calculated, it's going to become a divisive topic that holds very little meaning anymore. As of now, there are 3 skills (Cooking, HFC, and Beverages) that have multipliers that are arbitrary and not calculated. This is because panfilling ignores the action timer completely. There would be a case to be made for removing these skills entirely from STP since they go against the core philosophy. However, they extend into Mind Logic and Soul Depth, which makes things messy... so these arbitrary multipliers are applied to mitigate the issue rather than resolve it. The rest were calculated based on how they are skilled, referencing how they level up directly and reverse-engineering it into a multiplier for STP.
  7. It's entirely impractical. The amount of technical engineering to make it happen is immense. You would need to merge several different databases with multiple tables having conflicting ID's for items, creatures, tiles, etc. All of them would need to be changed to avoid any conflicts. Then any references to those ID's would need to be updated to those new ID's. This is just the first technical issue that comes to mind and it's already immense. Actual development of such a system would take a lot of time, thought, and would likely come out with bugs that could cause devastating issues to players. Instead of forcing players to take a boat, an alternative option to allow teleportation from landmark to landmark cross-server would be more intuitive. If every home town had a cross-server teleporter that allowed players to take their vehicle (wagon, cart) with them, then it'd create far less stress on the player base. Because let's face it, getting on a boat to travel for an hour to get to an event on another server isn't fun. It's tedious. It's sacrificing good gameplay for the sake of realism.
  8. Just take 4 of the 2k servers on freedom, combine them into a single 4k server. Now you have 3 less servers and nobody loses anything. Easy.
  9. Farewell Old UI

    The problem you're encountering is likely the same one that many others experience in other games. The issue you're having is not related to Wurm. No game software should cause your computer to crash and restart. That level of severity is almost always due to hardware or drivers. If you're on an NVIDIA card, I recommend trying the following. Note that this is on Windows 10, but you should be able to find a similar button in a similar location on Windows 11. I've added images in spoilers to assist. 1) Navigate to your Windows Settings, and go to the "Power & Sleep" tab. From there, there is an "Additional power settings" button that will lead you to a new window. 2) This will bring you to your Power Options. Here, the most likely scenario is that you're currently on "Balanced" - the default setting when Windows is installed. Instead, change it to "High Performance" and the problem should be resolved. That should solve the problem where your computer resets when trying to launch Wurm, or any other game for that matter. You might be wondering why, so if you're interested, I'll leave a short explanation in the below spoiler.
  10. Solving a problem is not binary. Not everything needs to be solved in one patch. Instead, you can make progress towards the solution and roll it out in smaller stages. Question is: Has that happened?
  11. I forgot I made this thread 4 years ago. Money spent on gear/accounts is equivalent to what I phrased as "player strength" in the form, and I agree that it remains the largest issue for players attempting to participate in PvP for the first time.
  12. I can tell you from the rewards posted here, there is no sense of "lottery" to win. This is outright required for this system to see success. As soon as maps start having a predetermined value without a jackpot lottery, there will only be a few people engaging with them. You'll instead have a system set up where players completely ignore the content and pass that burden onto a small group of players or even an individual that will game the system and trivialize it for profit. Assume every map is worth 5 silver. A player now makes offers on all maps for 4 silver 50 copper. That player has 20+ alts spread across the server with mailboxes nearby. When the player obtains a map, they mail it to the alt nearest the location. The claim the 5 silver worth of items inside the chest, since it's well known what the rough value a chest is worth. They profit 50 copper for minutes of time. Anyone who is not that player now has a choice: Sell the map and immediately cash it out for 4 silver 50 copper. Spend up to hours exploring the map and hunting for a reward of 50 copper. This is a valid argument to make, since engaging with the system now rewards 50 copper more than not doing so. It's very likely this will be how the meta of maps develop anyway. However, an average player is far more likely to engage with the content for the chance at "jackpot" instead of immediately selling it. The closest thing I can relate it to in-game is cooking. Most players are not willing to go through the encumbering system of cooking to create affinity food. Instead, they pass the tip someone who has set up the infrastructure for it. That's exactly what you'll be seeing with this system as well. So, no. If you get a sleep powder, players will not be running over the hills and far away to 'cash' the treasure map. They'll be selling it to the highest bidder and ignoring the system entirely.
  13. Each map should reward some bone fragments. You put some amount of bone fragments together (100 maybe) and you get a rare bone. Some maps could contain supreme or fantastic bone fragments. These items would take minutes to add to the game and provide a much needed and stable reward that comes exclusively from the new exploration system. It fits thematically with the archaeology/treasure style of the content and ensures that there's always some value that people can appreciate in each chest. As it stands, nobody is going to open up a chest and be wowed by getting 3 sleep powders instead of 1, or 90ql iron instead of 60ql. Instead, imagine the reaction of anyone opening up a chest and finding a fantastic bone fragment. While it will be a rare occurrence that not everyone will experience, the possibility alone will provide enough reason for players to engage with the content. Credit to @Cipacadrinhofor mentioning the bone fragments idea first in this suggestion thread.
  14. No, it should be a completely new cluster. We wouldn't want the new rabble to mix in with the existing player base!
  15. Player growth is stagnated until they develop some basic marketing and communication skills. They can make small tweaks and changes, but the best case scenario would improve player retention which leads to a slight growth in concurrent players. If they want significant player growth, it will require a successful marketing campaign alongside a sizable update. Preferably one that benefits new players entering the game for the first time. Communication is so lacking that we have no idea what they're aiming to accomplish anymore. Is player population growth actually something they're aiming for?