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  1. Sindusk Server Mods

    Yeah I never adjusted the conversion from player to player. Has to be done via the light.
  2. Can you tell me the number of passengers to get to the seat mentioned? I tested using the first passenger seat (when no other passengers are on the knarr) when I was fixing it. If it's down to very specific spots, I'll need to know how many passengers to load into the knarr before beginning to test again.
  3. Add RPG-style character statistics panel

    +1 Would be really nice to see stats like this in a nice well-formatted panel instead of on examine.
  4. Skill Points

    Make a wish, Becket. Let's see if I can grant it in honor of your achievement.
  5. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    DUSKombat Tamed mounts now give a higher bonus to attack checks. Penalty to hit chance from Skill Penalty has been slightly reduced. Fixed an issue where excel and nimbleness were giving a penalty to parry instead of a bonus. Miscellaneous Adjusted the skill gain difficulty adjustment to a new (but similar) formula. Graph below. Smelting using a smelting pot has been disabled. Unfortunately, smelting pots are ripe for abuse no matter how I change them. Revenant and the mods we run are all about creative freedom, allowing new mechanics that bend and break the game to encourage new gameplay opportunity. If smelting pots continue to exist, they impose an invisible barrier of creativity that cannot be passed. New ways to improve quality of items, moving rarity, and similar all have to be designed with smelting pot use (and abuse) in mind. I want to rid myself of these restrictions, and this is the best way to do it. As a background for those unaware, the reason this change is coming through right now is because of a loophole using mine doors. Creating a rare mine door then smelting it gives you a large chunk of rare material in return, which can then be used to improve other items (using the Revenant rarity changes) to create multiple more rare mine doors, and so on and so forth. Smelting pots will remain, but the "Smelt" action will simply give an error telling you that Smelting is disabled (much like sermons). Fixed an issue where Affinity Catchers would not be able to be consumed if you did not have an affinity for the skill already. Fixed an issue where casts above 100 were sometimes causing power to be lower than the cast. Fixed an issue with uniques from treasure maps spawning incorrectly, causing them to be unable to be attacked.
  6. Updates the current pvp community want

    While this thread did derail, it also caused some good discussion about where PvP should be headed. Just because the discussion was slightly off topic doesn't make it irrelevant. Also, I think you're right with creating a thread asking for points of feedback and suggestions. I'll see what I can do in a couple weeks after the existing changes go through and more information about what's coming next is revealed.
  7. Updates the current pvp community want

    The high barrier of entry is natural in the game, but there's options to help mitigate it's severity. These options are being explored.
  8. Or have a statuette depicting a human, and allow people to make statuettes specific to each demigod. Statuette of Tosiek Statuette of Nahjo ...
  9. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

    I'll give you the full background of what happened, since it's been taken out and reverted. I'm the one who made the changes so I'll take the full blame for it all. There was a bug in the code which caused imbues to not function properly when using the crafting window. For those familiar with the code, the bug was mentioned in this thread. For those not, the bug essentially boiled down to having the imbue do nothing if the imbued tool (the chisel, from now on out) in the right slot of the crafting window. If you had rock shards on the left, and the chisel on the right, it would check the rock shards for the imbue which was incorrect. I fixed this bug, then went to test it to ensure it was functioning. What I noticed was... well.. nothing. When I used the imbue chisel, I didn't notice any changes to the quality of the bricks I was making. I took a stack of 50QL shards out and had 90 stone cutting with an imbued chisel, and they all came out to 50QL bricks. So what gives? I thought imbues were supposed to increase QL, just like they do on gathering with woodcutting and mining. I looked into it, and added the additional QL to creation so it matched other imbues, assuming that too was an oversight. Obviously, in hindsight, this was a mistake, which is why we arrive at this hotfix. However, that's not to say that imbues are currently useless. Imbues currently increase the power of your skill check when creating, but are capped to the QL of the material. Let's say that you have a 100QL rock shard. You have a very, very low chance of making a 100QL stone brick even at 99 stone cutting. However, this changes with creation imbues. You now have an increase to your power on every skill check, giving you a pretty decent chance of getting a perfect 100QL resulting whetstone or brick. It's still capped to the resource QL, which means using an 80QL rock shard will never yield a brick or whetstone above 80QL. However, you at least have a higher chance of turning that 80QL rock shard into exactly an 80QL stone brick. This issue has caused some discussion about where the root of the problem lies with these types of choices, and we're trying some different changes first before revisiting the idea of increasing creation QL again. They're not going to take forever - you'll probably see some adjustments in the upcoming few patches to lay the groundwork. It's something that would be really nice to have and, as you stated, it was earned. It should be rewarded.
  10. Updates the current pvp community want

    Considering a different idea, and would like opinions on how you feel the "locate meta" might shift because of it: First, removal of body/player Nolocate casting. Nolocate would be an enchant for jewelry only. Nolocate would no longer be a power check to see if Locate > Nolocate. Instead, when located, the power of your Nolocate would give you immunity to further locates for a given duration. For examples sake, we'll say 3 seconds per power. At 100 Nolocate on a ring, you would be immune to Locate Soul for 5 minutes. The player being located would have no indication that they were located, aside from their jewelry decreasing in Nolocate power. This eliminates the triangulation method, as enemies would be required to wait a significant time frame between each locate. This creates an interesting predicament where a kingdom might actually opt to locate their own players in order to give them immunity to locates for a trap. While this is interesting, one of the concerns might be that a player would set a timer to locate themselves constantly in order to remain immune. If this were to happen, it wouldn't be too difficult to implement some variation to the timer (4-6 minutes instead of always 5) to make it more difficult to accomplish. On the flip side, if an enemy gets a locate on you, they now have a rough estimate of the timer on your immunity, and can hit you with locates around the time your cooldown expires in order to ensure you cannot block them. This can then be counter-mindgamed by using lower power Nolocates to ensure that the timer doesn't match the enemy expectations, allowing you to re-locate yourself and re-align your timer back to the way you want it to be. What do you think of this type of system? Does Locate Soul become worthless? Is being able to locate someone with absolute accuracy if you know the window to do so too good? Also, I apologize for derailing the thread into locate soul discussion. Although in fairness, it is a PvP related mechanic.
  11. Updates the current pvp community want

    I think it's probably okay for me to say the following: An exceptional amount of PvP-related bugs have been fixed - These are ready to go and will be live with the next update. This ranges from minor things like models not displaying properly to fixes which actually change how things operate. Features that were previously broken now function correctly, especially when it comes to PMK's. Armour code has been completely rewritten from scratch - This is currently undergoing testing and will continue to do so until the next update, or when it's deemed stable. With this change making armour much easier to work with, there's a good chance of changes to armour statistics. This might come during the patch that implements this rewrite or some update shortly after. I don't have a timeline for it, but it's currently aimed for the next patch or two. Some talking points in this thread are entering production - I'm not going to go into specifics on which they are, but the dev team has seen this thread and read through it. There's been internal discussion on the topics and their potential impact. And no, entering production doesn't mean you're going to see it years from now. My personal estimate for what I'm working on would be a few weeks, which would mean it should be seen within a month or two. If it were up to me, I'd give a few more specifics, but I'm trying not to overstep my bounds or raise expectations too high. Right now, I'm just putting in the effort to move the game forward. I know there's anxiety in getting these changes fast, but I can tell you from experience as a player: Seeing the change you wanted in the patch notes without knowing it was coming, then playing it the next day feels great. Hearing about a change that's coming then waiting for it to happen feels awful.
  12. Updates the current pvp community want

    Could start out at 1,000 maximum tile distance for Locate Soul and see if that helps at all. It would at least discourage the use of alts spamming from deeds or using the triangulation method from all the way across the map.
  13. Anyone have the online map viewer?

    Here's the version that currently operates on my server. I don't have the windows .bat for it, but it shouldn't be too difficult to tweak and get it running how you want. I'm not the best person to ask questions about it, but perhaps others who use it will chime in and help. MapViewer (Google Drive)
  14. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    When I joined the team, I listed three primary focuses: Weapon/Armour/Combat Spells & Religion PvP I'm unsure if this changes anything, but those are my focus points.
  15. Updates the current pvp community want

    So I guess the real question is: Would you prefer to see a reduction in locate soul range, or would you rather see it removed completely?