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  1. A more elegant solution would be to remove the bonus granted by alignment, then double or triple the bonus for standing in your deity influence. This would allow players who want to grind channel a better option (simply don't stand in your god influence) without hurting existing play pattern, since most priests are already casting from their influence. Might also encourage more "faith war" on PvP servers, which could be interesting.
  2. Updated with price reductions, as well as added current stock of readily-made items for shipping. Reduced Prices Blacksmithing 70QL: 80 copper -> 75 copper Masonry 60QL Marble: 1 silver -> 80 copper 70QL Oven/Forge: 2 silver -> 1 silver 50 copper 70QL Smelter: 8 silver -> 7 silver Carpentry 70QL Tools: 1 silver -> 80 copper 50QL Wagon: 4 silver -> 3 silver Mining Silver 70QL: 2 silver -> 1 silver 50 copper Silver 80QL: 4 silver -> 3 silver Chain Iron 50QL: 3 silver -> 2 silver 50 copper Iron 60QL: 6 silver -> 5 silver Iron 70QL: 10 silver -> 8 silver
  3. This isn't something new that has to be implemented or anything. There's already code capable of separating the currency between the northern, southern, and jackal clusters. When you go to Jackal, you will not have silver. When you return, from Jackal, all your silver will be accessible again. Purchasing currency on Jackal would be disabled outright since the mechanics would operate on Jackal Points instead.
  4. There's a subscription fee. Small team is no excuse for this. There are paid developers on the team and it is quite literally their job to provide content for the game. If they aren't, why are they getting paid? I could single handedly provide an expansion-level content update such as Jackal's Return in the course of 4-6 months. They got a ton of players, an influx of money, and could easily expand their team to increase development pace. If there really is some future development, they need to tell us that. Every comment I see is "we have more to share soon" or "something is coming." Again, call me a pessimist, but I'm sick of it. Just tell the players what you're doing and set their minds at ease. It's so freaking easy to just be honest and instead it feels like a scam or con.
  5. Sadly it encourages zerg mentality. Players will all swarm to one side in order to profit off winning.
  6. Call me a pessimist but from what I'm reading here, it sounds more like just releasing stuff that was held back with minor tweaks rather than actual new content. It's been 2 months since launch and there's nothing major in development? That's terrifying.
  7. Basically, it comes down to economics. Players do not earn currency for playing on Defiance. Instead, they earn moon metal. Moon metal cannot be sold to Freedom, so that's not an option. So essentially every kingdom lives in a communist bubble where everyone is simply supplied with what they need... except sleep bonus. When you play on Freedom, it's a capitalist system and you can sell excess of whatever you craft to other players in exchange for currency. You can then exchange that currency for sleep bonus. This makes playing on the PvE side far more rewarding as you're skilling twice as fast pretty much permanently. You need to give sleep bonus incentives for playing on PvP. @BrokenSanitymade a great suggestion post addressing that. HotA wins granting sleep bonus and similar are great ideas. Check out that thread. Simply put, yes. This was tested in WU and supply depots which are easily spotted from anywhere on the map are very high activity PvP zones that can escalate rather quickly. Sleep powder is coveted right now. Non-priests need a way to interrupt casts. If that can be provided, then it will be a much healthier state between priest and non-priest. Priests are still better, but at least non-priests will have tools to deal with them at their disposal. This one bothers me the most. When the Battlecamp HotA was first designed, being a temporary deed which slowly collected moon metal was the intended play. Instead, the following adjustments were made that broke their original concept: They are removed after X days. They can be found from some absurd distance (100 tiles?) with a pendulum. They announce what sector of the map they are in when they spawn. The original idea was to make it so that weaker kingdoms would be able to attain moon metal steadily if they properly defended their battle camps. For example, just a week ago, Jenn-Kellon had 2 camps that were located just a few locals from the capital. These could have had fortifications installed to prevent enemy kingdoms from claiming it. Unfortunately, since they are removed after 10 days, there's no incentive for anyone to fortify a battle camp. Instead, the enemy came at off-peak hours and capped both at the same time, winning HotA and removing both from play. Beyond that, there was two days where I got a group together to go out and find the fourth battle camp as soon as it spawned. On both days, the fourth camp spawned, and the first one was 10 days ago and was destroyed. This felt awful because we got into positions to find and capture all the camps, yet were unable to finish the job since there's no message about a camp expiring either. The whole concept of removing the camp after some amount of time is the entire reason half the mechanics that were built for them are not used. It needs to be removed. The proper play for a camp is to have it be found in your territory, construct fortifications around it, place a guard tower if possible, then allow the enemy to trap themselves if they aim to claim hota. Stealth traps and so much more interesting ideas can be pulled off if these camps are able to just function as they were originally intended. Beyond that, a powerful kingdom can claim a camp, intentionally not claim HotA, and use it as an outpost for offdeed PvP. There's so many possibilities if they just did not expire. Beyond that, the rewards could be improved. Moon metal can only be distributed in so many ways. Something a bit more potent that affected the whole kingdom would be nice, such as a Rite-style sleep bonus reward that can be claimed in 24 hours or something.
  8. Updated with new offerings and reduced prices. Reduced Prices Targeted affinity pizza portions: 1 silver 50 copper -> 1 silver 70QL Blacksmithing: 1 silver -> 80 copper 70QL iron lump 64kg: 80 copper -> 75 copper 70QL iron lump 300x large crate: 3 silver 20 copper -> 3 silver New Offerings 70QL and 80QL silver weaponry is now available. 80QL Blacksmithing is now available. 90QL ores and lumps are now available. 85QL ore is no longer being sold. Tin and Silver have been added as options for ores and lumps. Chain smithing up to 70QL is now available.
  9. Started using the site and have some suggestions/requests/comments: Some form of "any X skill item" for requests. Instead of listing file, awl, leather knife, hammer, etc. it would be nice to just say "any tool" When making a new listing, it would be good if it automatically filled in your server and location for pickup. When listing a baking stone and mortar and pestle, marble was not an option. It would be good to pass through and make it so appropriate materials were available to relevant items. Sorting by tool/weapon/etc. seems less effective than sorting by skill used to create. For example, sickles, carving knives, and butchering knives are listed under both tools and weapons. If they were instead listed by the skill used to make them, it would avoid having two categories with the same item. Adding a note to item sales would be helpful. Some way of noting enchants or similar would be great. The default listings per page can probably be increased. 10 listings per page is kind of low. I'd recommend 25 or even 50. I'd much rather scroll than have to go to the next page. When marking a listing as sold, it should automatically fill the sold price with the one it was listed for. I'll be sure to post more as I think of them.
  10. Since then, I discovered that the simulations I ran in that thread initially were faulty. I never removed the shield taking damage on each block, so in the simulations that you see there, the shield takes so much damage that it inevitably breaks and is destroyed. This throws off the data by a lot. Maybe one day I'll get that program running again, update it to the latest iteration of the code, and spit out some new results. In short, the simulations for mining and combat back in 2016 were faulty. The casting simulations were very accurate, and you can see that in practice with the Grinder tool.
  11. The reason is because the server isn't targeted towards new players. It should be targeted towards skilled fighters and veterans of the game. People who want to take their skills and use it to push for something new and productive. When the original Jackal launched, the lack of transfer was, in my opinion, one of the main reasons for it's lackluster participation. People have been playing for years and years and have built their character and skills for a long time. To have that stripped away when engaging with new content doesn't feel very good. Some players don't want to start over, they just want new content. This concept is aimed at providing exactly that. New players should start on the original servers, and have participation on Jackal as a goal to strive for - not a starting point. Correct. The idea is that you'll need to create high quality smithing tools on Jackal in order to make a rare unbound cobalt item. It would need to be improved on the Jackal server specifically. If you take it back to the original servers and damage it, the only way to get it improved again would be to revisit Jackal and have it improved there. Cobalt veins would have low quantities in them, and very high difficulty (above gold). Each vein wouldn't be guaranteed to be very good or utmost, either. Getting high quality rare Cobalt gear should be a chase goal for players with high skill participating on Jackal, not something that should be expected. Whether that concept should extend to the trees of Jackal is up for debate. It's possible to make it so only Jackal wood can be used to improve items made from Jackal wood. It's just a matter of whether or not that's a good idea - and I don't know the answer to that.
  12. Auction complete and item sent!
  13. I don't see why not. This could be launched for Wurm Online with a marketing campaign. Then several months later added as DLC for Wurm Unlimited. This would make players of Wurm Unlimited happy (they would get all the updates from Wurm Online) and the company would receive revenue from purchases of the new DLC. Company makes money, players get new content, and everyone is happy. Expansion is exactly what the game needs.
  14. Skills would transfer seamlessly between Jackal and the main cluster servers. Any skill gained there would transfer back as soon as you took the portal home. I was considering pitching a possible different skill gain solution for the server which makes it tempting to play when you have unenchanted tools to start. The idea would be something like 50% increased skill gain, but sleep bonus would increase skill gain by 50% instead of 100%. This would make playing on Jackal without enchants more appealing while still making normal servers more efficient when you're min-maxing with enchants. In the end I decided it would probably just make a point of contention so I decided to leave it out. I do agree that some incentive to skill gain on Jackal would be nice.