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  1. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    We've updated to Furthermore, a minor patch is being deployed to solve a few issues: Miscellaneous Repaired and re-implemented Armoury, with armour changes removed. This will bring back material modifiers, weapon statistics, and similar. Added new Wiki/Documentation to the Server tab, created by our CM Mashhiven. Significantly reduced the XYZ dimensions of the Battle Yoyo. It should now fit into more containers. Kyklops now have 80 fighting skill to make them function properly with DUSKombat. Uniques have been slightly adjusted to make them a little more difficult. Eternal Orb price reduced from 20 silver to 10 silver. Affinity Orbs no longer restock on traders. This is a temporary bandaid solution to a problem until a proper fix can be created. Fixed a bug where eternal reservoirs would not keep their fuel after a server restart. Fixed an issue where some creatures were exceptionally difficult in combat due to DUSKombat. Fixed a bug where titans and rare spawns would sometimes not die properly.
  2. Sindusk Server Mods

    Armoury - v3.0 - Download Removal of all Armour-related options. I'll try to get these working again in the future, but for now the update to WU 1.8 has broken them in a way that makes it incredibly hard to adapt without starting over. Effected options: Armour damage reduction Armour glance rates Armour effectiveness Armour reduction overrides Armour movement Material damage reduction Material movement modifiers Material effectiveness Material glance rates Armour limit factors Removed options for fixArmourLimitSpellEffect and fixArmourLimitBuffBug. These options have been fixed in vanilla Wurm Unlimited and are no longer necessary. Note: All configurations you previously had set in your file should still be applicable in the same way, unless it was one of the properties listed above. There is no need to remove anything from the properties file, either. Any configurations set that no longer apply will simply be ignored with no harm done. If you are using your old configuration: Change the line "classname=mod.sin.armoury.ArmouryMod" to "classname=mod.sin.armoury.ArmouryModMain" - I had to change the class main to fix an issue I was having.
  3. Sindusk Server Mods

    Server Tweaks v1.3 - Download Removed the option useEpicArmourValues that was causing a crash with WU 1.8. This can now be configured through the feature management in vanilla Wurm Unlimited. DUSKombat v1.2 - Download Removed the DUSKombatOld file to reduce jar size. Updated to WU 1.8 armour system. Armoury is not currently updated. Due to a very significant rewrite of the armour system in Wurm Unlimited, it will take some time to update Armoury to get it into a working state again. I will try to get a new release out that simply removes all the armour options within the next few days, followed by a version later on that re-enables that functionality. For the time being, I would recommend removing Armoury from your server. I've had to do this on my own server unfortunately, and it's sadly the best option for now. Also, as a side note, I want to thank those who donated to me over the past week to help me out. It's been deeply humbling to receive support from this community while in a time of need. Members of the community have gone out of their way to give advice and encouragement over the past few weeks. Sincerely, thank you. Many people have asked me directly how they could donate, so here's the paypal link that I have set up for my Revenant server: Paypal I'm setting a personal goal to have a working version of Armoury within the next two days. Check back at that time and hopefully I'll have some news. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Valrei International. 068

    The example I gave was specific to Cure Light because it's extremely easy to visualize. LT is affected because I've also seen it used to "cheese" combat in some situations. On my Wurm Unlimited server, I implemented mobs that were designed to be taken down by a group of 3-5 players. Instead of encouraging hunting parties (my intended design), the players instead opted to take an LT weapon to the fight. They'd combat with the mob for ~1-3 minutes until they were on low health. Afterwards, they would disengage the creature and begin healing by attacking nearby horses, cows, and similar to heal back up to full in a short time period. They'd then re-engage with the creature and take it down in 3-4 consecutive skirmishes, despite being no match for it individually. This extends to similar encounters such as uniques. I've witnessed players get hit by AoE attacks from uniques then disengage to heal on nearby cows & horses before rejoining the fight. In the end, the decision was made to apply the healing resistance to all sources of healing that were magic-related. The primary reason is that magic is essentially "free" - especially in the case of Life Transfer. When using first aid, you are consuming cotton, and are limited by how much cotton you bring along. By implementing a healing resistance to magic-related healing effects, it puts a cap on how rapidly you can accept combats. Again, I'll reiterate that if you're playing normally and not entirely outside the bounds of how you should be playing (fighting trolls with no armour equipped for example), you're very unlikely to notice the change to Life Transfer. It's honestly so negligible that during my own testing when I was coding it, I actually checked the math several times over and even wrote debugging messages to ensure it was actually applying the proper values because it was so unnoticeable. I ended up having to test against two trolls while wearing no armour to get the healing resistance to become noticeable enough for me to confirm through eye-test that it was functioning as intended. I understand the frustration that comes with changes that look bad on paper. It happens very frequently and players do a great job of calling out issues before they get implemented. These types of discussions are critical to ensuring that the game development proceeds in the right direction. However, Life Transfer feels just as good as it did before if you're using it as it was designed (preventing using cotton during hunting). If there really is something wrong with healing resistance being applied to Life Transfer, it will come out in public testing and be changed at that time. To those wondering when the public testing will begin: My estimate would be a couple of weeks before it's ready for public testing. My personal timeline was actually a few weeks ago but unfortunately real life kicked in and got me at a bad time. I'll be back to coding this week and going through all the bugs that have been found in the meantime. I know people are anxious to get hands on and see it all for themselves. Truthfully, I might even be more anxious to just get it up and running and out there. This will be the first major project that I've worked on as a developer, and I'm really excited to see what people do with it.
  5. Valrei International. 068

    This is about as accurate as it gets. The simple truth is that combat, especially PvE combat, in Wurm is very one-dimensional. You walk up to a mob, target it, and proceed with waiting as dice roll and you watch the fight play out. Without LT, you end the fight at low health and need to perform maintenance (healing your wounds with cotton). Maintenance isn't fun. The current existence of LT makes it so you end the fight at near-full or full health. This removes the maintenance, and makes it less obnoxious to participate in combat. It was a very specific target to make the changes to healing only affect extreme healing scenarios. Furthermore, existing healing spells have been buffed (especially for high channeling and high casts) to make them more powerful and counteract the new healing resistance. It's pretty much fine for you to fight a troll over the course of a minute, take 30% damage, and heal it back up through Life Transfer. The healing resistance debuff isn't going to impact you that much (capping out at ~15% resistance, and dropping over ~3 minutes under those circumstances). However, if you are for example fighting a Goblin Leader and using LT and spamming Cure Light using your alt to ensure that the target of the goblin leader never dies... that's the targeted change. In the past, I've watched a player tank a dragon indefinitely through the use of a Fo alt constantly spamming Cure Light on every wound that was inflicted. Whenever the dragon would land a hit, the wound would be healed 10 seconds later without penalty. The new healing resistance system incurs exactly the penalty required to mitigate this case. This also has a profound effect on PvP combat and specialization, giving credence to utilizing Path of Love and a more healing-oriented priest rather than a fully-armoured frontline Path of Insanity SOTG priest. TLDR: If you're playing the game normally and not doing some silly strategy to make it so you're taking no damage in extremely short time frames, you're not going to notice the difference. This will come out more clearly during public testing.
  6. Sindusk Server Mods

    Not really. I'm currently broke, unable to find employment, and losing mostly everything in my life. I no longer have car insurance, and the car itself is going to be sold just to keep me afloat for a brief while longer. Unless I can find a source of income within a month or two I will end up homeless.
  7. Sindusk Server Mods

    I wont be updating my mods due to issues in my real life. If any other modders are willing to update them you have my full permission to do so.
  8. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Interesting thread. Brings up a lot of really interesting points. I'll try my best poking at issues that I believe I can touch on. Yikes. That's a rough one. So after reading this, I decided to do a bit of digging on Wyvern, the long-lasting Wurm Unlimited server with over 700,000 player hours played. Fun fact: there was someone who achieved 99.9999966521108 fishing skill! I decided to look up his achievements and found that he had caught 17,521 fish to achieve that (faster skill gain server, by the way). However, I then looked up the achievement for catching the big fish. Not to be found. In 17,500 fish, not a single one was over 175kg. His magic chest had 99.9QL and higher quality fish. It had rares over 95QL. It was quite a spectacle of fishing, but through the whole time, not a single fish was 175kg or higher. So, I dug a little deeper. I tried to figure out why this might be the case. The truth is that the fish must be a marlin or white shark of over 87.5QL in order to qualify for the achievement. This isn't easy to do, but it's still possible. However, now that I've fully investigated why that happens, perhaps it might be time to change the qualifications to be a little bit more relaxed. Obtaining such a high QL fish of such a specific type seems a bit overboard. Bugfixes are near and dear to me. In all my time playing, being interrupted by hitting a bug was some of the most frustrating experiences I've ever had in Wurm. In the case of PvP, it can cost you everything. They need to be addressed in a timely manner and I'm doing my best to ensure that happens. In the cases where they are not addressed, I try and give the explanation as to why it's so difficult to fix instead. PvP is a wild project to tackle. There's so many viewpoints on how PvP should be played and what should/shouldn't be allowed that it's really hard to iron out what PvP should actually look like. That said, I've had productive conversations with a lot of existing and former PvP players, and a plan is in place that should put us on track for PvP becoming easier to create and maintain. Can't really go into detail on the specifics yet, but there are indeed plans. A lot of the mentality for PvP players being so hostile tends to stem from the stakes. A death can be extremely costly, and that creates a pattern of behaviour similar to a blowfish where they puff up and make themselves look dangerous. In the case of the blowfish, it looks a little weird and is effective. In the case of human beings chatting online, it makes them looks like jerks. Reducing the stakes and giving more reason to play at low risk is something I'm working towards. While having expensive stuff should give you a significant upper hand, it shouldn't invalidate the rest of the players entirely. I've watched Deathangel's videos recently and really enjoy the amount of respectful combat that's seen there. Working towards encouraging more of that is a personal goal I've set. No comment on personal goals. A lot of this is the byproduct of shifting times and a code base that wasn't built for long-term maintenance. Ideas sometimes sound bad (or impossible) when first proposed. As time goes on, it starts to become more and more apparent that it's necessary to fix whatever the problem is. Work gets done to make it happen, and the change comes through despite all the previous opposition against it. For example, the armour changes recently were actually tooled as a "hot toggle" of sorts, where they can be turned off and on without a server restart. We now have the option, due to the code refactor, to implement more toggles like that and create changes that can be implemented to live with far less risk if something we didn't predict begins to happen. This type of long-term thinking will make it much easier to adjust how things work in the future. All of my work follows this guideline and is aimed at making it as flexible as possible to adjust to the new atmosphere as the game evolves. I understand the concerns behind map resets and legacy items. I'm unsure as to the philosophy on those items (I only joined recently, after all). Someone else would have to touch on that point. I once got hit with a filled boiling cauldron of water. I died instantly with 80QL glimmersteel plate. Good times. My comment above to whereami touches on player mentality. However, you mentioned time zones which has plagued me in the past. It's sometimes extremely impossible for European players have a difficult time handling an American assault because of the time zone difference. When Europeans' attack, the American players are generally at work and can at least do something, especially if they get off work quickly after the assault begins. In the reverse, however, the American group is attacking after midnight in European time, and the European group would need to make a choice between living a healthy life and getting some sleep or defending their deed from an attack. As an American player, I'm familiar with both sides of this and seen how it affects people. Europeans accused me of attacking at off times out of weakness, though we had all just eaten dinner and were at our peak time. I can't really think of anything off the top of my head that would be suitable to solve this problem. If you have any ideas, I urge you to post in the Suggestions & Ideas forum with whatever you can think of. I'd be interested to discuss potential solutions to the problem and, if all goes well, begin working on making it happen. My personal gripe So now it's my turn to answer the question at hand. What bothers me most about Wurm. It's not something specific, and it's not an idea either. It's a single system that has bothered me since I started playing, and I've actively made an absurd amount of changes to it including a full replacement for my WU server. Combat. The whole thing. I dislike the concept of CR as a whole. I dislike the amount of random elements during combat that you cannot control. I dislike the meta where 1/5th of the content in the game is considered viable for combat. I want to see more diversity in strategy and tactics beyond gate hopping and spamming heals & shield bash. I want to see special moves have an important place in combat both for PvE and PvP. I want to see mobs stronger than trolls on PvE servers, bridging the gap between trolls and uniques (allowing small hunting parties to be productive).
  9. One hand spear please

    I really like the 1 handed spear idea, but I feel like that would just be more of the same. I would really rather see the "knife" class of weaponry be used for pierce damage. Items like the butcher knife and carving knife already exist, but currently have too low of damage output to be viable. They even have their own unique special moves! Seeing these weapons rebalanced to be viable in the current meta would probably be a better approach to introducing piercing weapons into the 1 handed class.
  10. Valrei International. 066

    Ah sorry, I missed that question. Yes, the new jewelry enchants affects all outgoing or incoming damage while equipped. That includes damage from Frostbrand and Flaming Aura. The protection versions will reduce all incoming damage of that type. For example, with fire protection, it will reduce fire damage whether it's from another player's Fireheart spell, Flaming Aura enchant, or even just a Hell Horse kicking you in the face.
  11. Valrei International. 066

    Stacking identical jewelry applies with diminishing returns. Wearing two identical ones will incur a 33% penalty to both pieces (~133% effectiveness total), and wearing three will incur a 50% penalty to all pieces (150% effectiveness total). Swapping the jewelry out during combat is possible (and probably efficient). However, the maintenance required to do so and the significant penalties towards effectiveness when stacking should push players more towards various jewelry being equipped. Beyond that, the power of the enchant works similar to Nolocate, where it takes the average of the cast and QL of the jewelry. This means that players are going to want high quality jewelry in order to be the most efficient. Welcome, jewelry smiths. You're now relevant.
  12. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    The devil is in the extreme details. While you're not getting hit as often with studded due to high glance rates, you're actually taking the equivalent of wearing plate when you do get hit. When you're damaged in drake, you're actually taking 82.3% of the damage you would from studded. This concept applies across the board for dragonscale with the exception of crushing. It's really great that people are spending time thinking about the new possibilities, and I can't imagine it's going to be well understood overnight. The armour system is a complex beast that I've spent countless hours analyzing. All of the numbers that you see here are also assuming identical quality at 100QL. This is unrealistic, and taking into consideration the resources and skills required to improve certain items (moon metal especially), it's not quite as cut and dry as it's made out to be. It'll be a while before the meta truly settles down and people figure out the optimal strategies again. When that happens, we can make further tweaks to spice things up and solve any issues that arise.
  13. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    Chain takes 3/5 of the damage from slashing compared to studded. Studded takes 3/5 of the damage from crushing compared to chain. Plate takes 1/3 of the damage from piercing compared to chain. These are not minor differences. The armours still have unique identities.
  14. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    While studded and chain have the same base damage reduction now, there's a significant advantage to wearing chain: material. You can make chain and plate out of steel or moon metals to increase the DR further than what's presented here. If we were to keep leather and studded at lower DR values they would never be useful. It's also key to note that a 2.5% difference in DR is not "2.5% less damage taken" - these values need to be compared to eachother. 100 damage versus 62.5% DR is 37.5 damage. When it's 65% DR, it's 35 damage. You divide the two and end up with 37.5 / 35 = 1.07, or a 7% damage increase when going from plate to studded. What Retrograde mentions about the damage effectiveness, combined with glance, is exceptionally important now. Here's one of my spreadsheets (which was available from my datamining spreadsheet before i was a developer) that should demonstrate the difference rather clearly: The "Evaluated" section is the key point here, which demonstrates a full evaluation of each armour against all damage types, including the glance rates and damage effectiveness. It's also important to note that chain and plate are iron in this chart. Steel and moon metal materials will change them to potentially be better defensively than drake or dragonscale, but that's when the movement speed penalty kicks in. At the end of the day, every single armour that wasn't drake or scale got a buff. This means every player that doesn't own a set is going to be better off than before.