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  1. There's not enough in the way of new tactical decisions and no sense of "style" to be gained from the new special moves. The split of offensive/defensive stances was a step in the right direction. However, the special moves are sorely lacking. Combat is already split into 10 second intervals. Every special move should have a maximum cooldown of 10 seconds to allow one use per combat round. Some might even deserve cooldowns that are even lower. Additionally, the effects of the moves (outside of potent ones like stun) should last ~30 seconds to allow for combinations between special moves to optimize your fighting style. Think to turn-based tactic games like Disgaea or Final Fantasy genre, where you would do a form of armor break then attack the opponent. For example: Start with a special move that reduces the target's defense. Then use a special move 10 seconds later that deals increased damage to swiftly slay them. Useful against weaker targets. Start with a special move that reduces the target's CR. Then use a special move that drains their stamina. The stamina drain would hit more reliably against the reduced CR. Useful against tough opponents where you might not win by raw health, but removing their stamina might change the outcome. Upon getting into a dangerous situation, use a special move to reduce the opponent movement speed and break combat. Having 20-50 second cooldowns shared between all special moves means you'll very rarely get the chance to use them tactically. Their effect not lasting long enough also means that you cannot apply a combination of potent effects. Additionally, this was the perfect opportunity to implement tools to mitigate the difference between priest and non-priests in combat. Instead, there is no sign of any moves which interrupt casting, hinder casting, or are limited to non-priests. As of right now only the stunning moves are potent to stop casting, but they are available to priests anyway and are useful beyond simple interrupts. I'd like to see the special moves have shorter cooldowns, longer effects, and thought put into the way that they might combine to create interesting combat situations.
  2. I can't really provide any insight on to how prayer skill gain was changed, but I can definitely provide some context as to how it worked before. Beyond that, I can say with certainty that 70 prayer in 70 hours is completely bogus. A quick math assuming unrealistic values would demonstrate that, using reported skill ticks. Here's one from my own experience previously. 0.0060 skill gained in a ~30.0 second action. This results in a 0.0002 skill per second rate of gain. Of course, this assumes the player remains at 37 prayer for the entirety of the duration and gains skill on every tick (both unrealistic, but let's continue). With 0.0002 skill per second, we multiply by 60 and end up with 0.012 skill per minute. Transposed into hours, we multiply again by 60 and result in 0.72 skill per hour. Finally, multiplying that value by 70, assuming the prayer skill gain remains stable at the rate that 37 prayer skill would provide, results in 50.4 skill after 70 hours. Major disclaimer: All of this is nonsensical and represents a method of skilling that is entirely unrelated to the way skilling actually works. So let's move on to how skilling actually functions. Prayer, previously, would use a skill check to determine your success which had a difficulty between (prayerSkill - 30) and (prayerSkill - 60) at random. If the value fell below 1, it would then default to a skill check with 1 difficulty (since the skill system does not work with difficulty below 1). Additionally, it would use your faith as a bonus value to curve your skill and adjust your skill gain accordingly. We can use the grinder tool to take a look at a few examples, using skill - 45 as an average for the skill checks: 50 Skill, 1 Faith: ~37% skill tick rate 50 Skill, 100 Faith: ~15% skill tick rate 60 Skill, 1 Faith: ~35% skill tick rate 60 Skill, 100 Faith: ~15% skill tick rate So that's tick rate estimates. But how much action time does it take to get there? Well, as it turns out, I worked with a mathematician at one point and devised a formula to closely represent the action timers, assuming no buffs (no vynora, no PoK, etc) to reach any given skill, assuming tick rate was ignored. The formula was as follows, for those mathematically inclined: -difficulty/100*((skill*skill/2+100*skill+10000*ln(100-skill))-(100.5+10000*ln(99))) This would result in a rough estimation of decaseconds (10 second intervals) required to achieve the desired skill. Most skills operate in the ~10 second action timer area, so this decasecond estimation is as close as we can realistically get without spending excessive amounts of work devising a more accurate formula. So at this point you're probably reading this like "Ok Sindusk, weird flex but how about in laymens terms?" To which, I answer: Graph. This uses the above formula to estimate the rough amount of time in raw decaseconds it would take to achieve any given skill level in Prayer (or any 4000 difficulty skill). It would take 103,553 decaseconds, or 1,035,530 seconds of raw, uninterrupted, 100% skill tick rate prayer skill gain to achieve prayer skill 70. This equates to 17,258 minutes, or 287 hours. Factoring in a rough 40% skill tick rate with 1 faith (somewhat unrealistically high, but we'll be optimistic), we're looking at 719 hours of skill gain required to get 70 prayer (without Vynora, PoK, etc). If you have the standard 15% skill tick rate due to having 100 faith, you're instead looking at 1,917 hours of skill gain required to get to 70 prayer (without Vynora, PoK, etc). We're also not factoring in Soul, Soul Strength, Soul Depth, and Religion skills which would have a negative impact on skill tick rate assuming higher values, especially at lower Prayer skill. These modifications are much more slight in nature than the ones discussed, so they can safely be ignored since we're not looking for pinpoint accuracy, just a rough ballpark. I have no idea how this statement was reached, but judging from anecdotal knowledge and backed through the mathematics of what I've shown above, it's very far from accurate. Assuming the rest of the statements are true, and the new skill gain is roughly 3x faster, you're still looking at somewhere between 200 and 700 hours of prayer grind to get 70 prayer before factoring in skill gain bonuses.
  3. Advertising is best done when it comes alongside a "hook" for people to latch onto. For example, launching a new server or a major content update. When you have something new coming out, you advertise to peak interest in it before you sell it to consumers. If there's a partnership with MMORPG to just say "hey come try this game" then it's not going to do much. If there's a partnership where their site will promote an upcoming Wurm Online update with a front page banner ad, then we're in business.
  4. I voted yes because it would be nice to have. However, I also feel like it's not the best solution. A simple heatmap can be misleading. Just because an area is green does not mean it's completely unoccupied. In a similar fashion, just because an area is red does not mean it is packed. Some of the coastlines marked red do not have settlements for hundreds of tiles, such as in the southwest of Harmony. If you're willing to display information regarding where deeds are, you might as well go all the way and provide a live map of the servers. Wurm Unlimited does this already which you can see examples of in Sklotopolis and Otherlands. As you can tell from other responses, people are looking for map dumps - not a heatmap.
  5. To attempt a visual explanation of why people are mad.. Here is the current comparison between the old imbue and previous imbues. People don't have an issue with 1-80. People have an issue with 80+. What you need is a function that works better than the old imbues at early levels, but worse at higher levels. One already exists that could accomplish this goal. The epic curve. This isn't perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than what was put out there. Beyond that, if you had actually taken the months of time to actually consider your options and spent even a single day crunching numbers to figure out the math you wanted, you could have come up with a function to easily match whatever you were actually looking to achieve instead of the released linear progression which is just a slap in the face to everyone. Some examples using the method f(x) = ((x/100)^b)*100 where x is skill and b is a value to determine the strength of the curve. This function is outrageously simple. Divide by 100 to get a value less than 1, power to a variable 0-1 to get a higher value that remains less than 1, then multiply by 100 again. This took mere minutes to think of. To me, the function b = 0.5 is very similar to the progression by the new formula, but offers better results towards the end. Here they are overlayed: Now this isn't perfect, but this at least allows 80QL veins to offer 90QL ores. The results towards the end are roughly doubled and offer about a 50% increase towards 100 instead of the existing 25%. Meanwhile, it doesn't break the game and allow people with 20 skill to mine 60QL ores in the event of a linear function. Its most potent application grants +25QL at early points in the progression. TLDR: The new formula is overly simplistic and does not actually solve the problems properly. Instead, it's an underhanded mega-nerf at those who have invested in imbues in the past and spent their time grinding their skills to make the most use of them. Meanwhile, the people who benefit the most from the new formula are those at early skill levels who, quite frankly, don't have imbues in the first place.
  6. So many solutions available to encourage public slayings, many of which have been tried and executed in Wurm Unlimited with success. Yet none of these ideas make their way into Wurm Online. It's a shame, really.
  7. "We'll be doing more soon" has been the response since the servers launched. It's getting tiresome. On Things Current was made 3 months ago. 14 slayings between NFI and Defiance with a total of 895 total slayers meaning there is 895 bloods out there which are still completely unable to be used. Still pending after 3 months? Still not available. Do you even have a rough idea on how to solve that problem or are they just going to be dumped into the server at some point like missions were? Still not enabled on the new servers, blocking important journal goals from being achieved. A giant slap in the face to those who aim to progress through the journal. Are the servers not developed enough for those... after half a year? The response given was just another attempt to buy more time. "Wait until next year." No, if you have something done, you should be able to show it or talk about it right now.
  8. Every response seems to indicate "no worries everything will be fine," yet there appears to be no substance to any of it. How much is "little to no" moon metal? Because in terms of seryll rings, a single 1kg lump provides a lot of seryll rings. Give some actual numbers here instead of a vague, meaningless amount. Beyond that, the statement "little to no" is misleading or false itself since it's impossible for there to be "no" moon metal. The correct statement, if true, is "there is little moonmetal on the northern isles." Yeah? What's this "LOT" going on? Because we haven't heard anything for months and haven't gotten any significant content since it launched on steam half a year ago. If you are working on combat, why are we not hearing anything about it? Where did VI every 2 weeks go, showing off upcoming features? If there's actual work being done, show it in progress. Give updates on what's happening. This whole "oh we can't talk about it because it's not done yet" mindset is absolute garbage and causing people to leave the game thinking it's no longer getting content. Myself included. This feels like a massive deception to get people to pay sub with empty promises. Really? They're "growing very organically?" Do you have some data for that? Everything that's public seems to imply that it's declining very organically, back to the few hundred total players that have been playing the game since the very start. I'd love to see the counter argument for how the game is growing right now. Is there some metric that we cannot see that shows growth? If so, please share. Monthly? The last patch was November 9th and today is December 17th. What this might look to you is that there's other work going on behind the scenes. What this looks like to the players is that nothing is happening for an entire month. It doesn't feel that way. The only significant changes since the start of the Northern Freedom Isles to now has been the pending favor rework (a few days of development), the halloween event (a week or so of development), changes to Defiance such as supply depots and HotA rework (a few weeks of development), and the migration to a new server host (unknown time). If there's multiple paid developers working on the game, what have they been working on? With such a huge influx of players from the Steam launch, why does it feel like development pace has slowed down instead? It's time to drop this nonsense "work behind the scenes and show nothing until it's done" mentality, because the gaming industry has moved far past that. As a result, all the players who tried the game during the Steam launch are moving far past this game. If you're working on something, tell us about it, give us details, and actually settle concerns instead of continuing to provide false promises.
  9. Exactly. People don't generally use it or realize it exists though. You need to install axles on your horses before the steering wheel activates on a wagon.
  10. Sorry for all unfulfilled orders. I went inactive a few weeks ago. KarlFranz will now pick up the shop at this new thread: This thread can now be closed.
  11. [10:37:06] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  12. [06:29:59] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  13. Sent the following after improvement: Pickaxe Head, iron | 8.95 QL | 79 CoC - 1 silver Shovel, iron | 80.58 QL | 69 WoA - 1 silver, 72 copper Hatchet, iron | 81.17 QL | 76 WoA - 2 silver, 22 copper Pickaxe, iron | 80.14 QL | 71 WoA - 1 silver, 92 copper [06:17:17] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.