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Found 8 results

  1. Dear Wurm Unlimited Community, is a server list and tracker for Wurm Unlimited. It is not just a simple server list. The list has lots of features: Browse servers by: rank, countries, versions, uptime, tags .... Complete search features: Find the best server for you using, our search engine with multi-criteria Favorite system: Build your own list with your favorites servers Comment system: Leave comments on servers and discuss directly with their owners Achievement and leaderboard User profile Server status check: All servers are checked every 5 minutes, to guarantee you an up to date list Server statistics: Get detailled charts for your server: players connected, votes, rank and uptime Server notifications: Received notifications when your server goes offline Vote system: Vote every day for your favorite server Dynamic status banners: Show your server status on your website/forum with our nice dynamic banners Support for "private" servers (hidde address) Best regards,
  2. Title says it. Make champing less painful (still painful, but more bearable). DA edit more detailed suggestion: 2018 December 06 [13:00:11] <Deathangel> champions gaining skill ticks for their boosted skills (characteristics, channeling, exorcism) should receive gains at their (skill - 5) until dechamp and receive [x3] when they dechamp until (skill+1) after dechamping. [13:00:49] <Deathangel> for channeling,exorcism tho it would be gains based on (skill-50) since those get a 50+ boost and no [x3] regain after dechamp
  3. Why not Mind,mind logic, mind speed, body control, body, soul depth, soul?
  4. Hi. I'm currently looking into buying an account for myself. ---Here is a list of things i am looking to find in that account : Ok thats a long list of dema
  5. This is based off the fact that there are 2 ring slots and one neck slot, I have not accounted for bracelets as they are not targets for these spells: Essentially a set of new enchants for rings and neckwear, split into 3 groups; body, mind and spirit. These enchants are difficulty 60 (same as regular enchants) and cost 60 favor (same as regular enchants). Body (Mag,Lib,Fo) Empower - Body Strength Balance - Body Control Haste - Body Speed Mind (Mag, Lib, Vyn) Intellect - Mind Logic Wit - Mind Speed Spirit (Vyn, Fo) Faithfulness - Soul Strength Wisdom - Soul Depth They are applied to jewellery items with only 1 such enchant of this type being on a ring (only one stat boosted per ring) and 2 on an amulet (2 stats boosted per amulet). Rings grant a ((Ring QL + Cast Power)/100) bonus to the wearer's stats enchantment. (+2 cap) Amulets/Necklaces grant a ((Amulet/Necklace QL + Cast Power)/50) bonus to the wearer's stats based on the enchantment. (+4/+4 cap) These two combined mean that the total bonus can be up to +8 to one stat, +4 to another with two 100QL rings and a 100QL amulet with 100 power casts, not too game breaking considering the rarity of those casts. When worn by a free player this bonus WILL NOT take them over the 20 cap.
  6. Note, these are NOT Mind Logic/Body Strength/Soul Depth/What have you. The main Body/Mind/Soul characteristics are not being raised. This is on Xanadu and several people in kchat and gchat have reported this issue. # What happened Body/Mind/Soul stats are not being raised at all. I mean 0.00000000000 gains. I've tried mining, digging, and woodcutting. # What you expected to happen Expected my Body/Mind/Soul stats to go up at least once in 200 actions (I don't really have high skills, in the lower 20s range they should be going up pretty fast). No gains whatsoever. # Steps to reproduce Mine, dig, then cut wood. Basically do anything in game since most actions will raise these characteristics. Nogainz.
  7. Strange thing I noticed while hunting. The bow will show completely different stats when placed in inventory or while equipped. Also the fact that one of the damage stats has an E in it is rather... Worrying.
  8. Hi all, Normally I'd post this topic in the Wiki section, but because I'm actually looking for more information, into the general discussion it goes I've been collecting the known information related to armor stats into a single sheet for easier reference. The idea is that it will be placed on the wiki's Armor page replacing (or the additional information added to) the current chart, but there is a large portion of data I'm not able to find. Here's what I have so far: I've intentionally not included the "Base Protection" values from the old comparison chart since I replaced it with the Damage Reduction values (which was what the old column reflected) I'd also like to add the damage types it is strong/weak against (basic overview in the Guide to PVE), filling the missing information on this chart, and if there are any additional notes (ex. Armor X gains an additional bonus/penalty (above the stance's bonus/penalty) when used in Y fighting stance, or Armor Y reduces attack speeds). All information presented here is taken from (or based on) the various guides and item pages already on the wiki, so there is no new information being presented, just collecting it in one spot and trying to expand on it a bit. ::edited to include a correct image of the data sheet::