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  1. >PvtPile WARES SO CHEAP THEY COULD BE MODERN ART MASTERPIECE! ❤️ have good sales buddy
  2. Can't access it right now. Also wasn't able to log in yesterday. Also getting password reset link took like 20 hours. Hopefully all is good. Thanks for a great tool.
  3. Scenario A: Large cavern gets mined. Depending on exact setup, it is entirely possible to have a potential pile of much more than 100 shards per tile. This pile would introduce a ton of constant "drag into inventory, discard, sigh" interactions. Scenario B: Digging bulk clay/mining bulk iron. Materials need sorting into various BSBs. Sorting them is easier when there is actual bulk amount to be sorted, so instead of sorting once every 10 minutes one can sort once every hour. For ScenarioA, a decent alternative would be to introduce some form of auto-discarding of the lowest ql shard in the pile on mining action, if the pile size is 100. May be with some switch for an action? May be at least LEVEL action in caves would have such functionality (cause level is biggest annoyer in my particular case)?
  4. developer time is limited. when a QoL feature which might be labeled as a """bug""" by purists (note three quotation marks, because it is not an abusable (exploitable) bug even - it is a QoL feature which makes life easier) gets discovered, of course it is going to be used in hopes that developers would use their time on something more significant and meaningful. but yes, at this point suggestion probably should be introduced.
  5. well I know that my ex xanadu neighbour is using my runed wagon, which I never transferred to him but gave him all the perms instead. And toon which owns it is non-prem for a year already. So that solution doesn't sound all that good for this case at least.
  6. well, i highly doubt that people who quit would care about destroying their own vehicle. And destroying someone else's vehicle on pve is a no-no. So may be decay should be hastened under some circumstances instead?
  7. putting a vehicle over a lava tile doesn't work anymore?
  8. Personally, I like this bug and would prefer for it to stay. I'd also prefer to see bigger piles for other bulk items. Having to discard a bunch of rock shards or dirts to carry on with mining process is *annoying*. It doesn't serve any visible gameplay purpose. Especially when you mine and level a large area at once, which results in bunch of tiles which have a potential piles of 300+ rock shards per tile. Having bigger pile of bulk resource items like clay also allows for easier sorting into quality-grouped BSBs with ease, compared to having to sort out a smaller pile of only 100 items at a time.
  9. ez. the positive things are long forgotten, because they have played for so long.
  10. Subj. Pls fix. I do understand that its supposed to be help chat, however it is more of a global chat. And lack of moderation leads to undesireable interactions with annoying people. Adding moderation is not realistic due to need of people, removing chat is making game worse, therefore please add ignore functionality. As it stands, it simply doesn't work - ignored people still are readable by person ignoring it.
  11. guard towers are to blame for the latest troll outbreak. bash them all!
  12. yea itd be cool to have more statue variations not coming from archaeology.
  13. 1) Mine up. 2) Use repeat to mine up again. 3) Mine straight 4) Now, repeat is still mine up Bug. edit: in fact it doesn't seem to replace any action.
  14. can you explain in layman's terms what is multiboxing in this context? nevermind, reading through topic clarifies it