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  1. I find the drastic difference in model quality between current chest and this model astonishing.
  2. timer sacrifice exploit trader exploit whatever has "xxx exploit" in it always has this results, soon it's public it's getting fixed.
  3. As far as I understand changes, they imply that there is a sweet spot for repairs when repairs would take 2s with or without changes. This means that instead of having to repair every time DMG hits 1, I'll have to wait till DMG is around 8-9 and loose effective ql, or loose ql at much faster rate. Both mean that I don't get to use the tool at max efficiency and have to reimp more often. It's not that big of a Dela but this is a very upsetting change nonetheless.
  4. Upset with repairing changes, as everyone else. Havent' bought any moonmetal stuff, but have created quite a few steel rares for purpose of not repimping them that often. And now thats' a bust. GJ, guys, GJ. :S
  5. Windows in wurm are like, holes, without glass, arent' they?
  6. no, because >3 coins on same tile is "pile of coins".
  7. Limit it by something like 50+ digging or 70+ and its cool to go imo and even that is anti alt measure, so even something like 30 tbh would work - one should't be able to plant 10 alts to level the same spot directly to the ground, unless he gets some experience in digging on all of them first.
  8. Yes, please. No to original suggestion, though.
  9. tbh this describes wurm quite accurately. not "bypass" but sleeppowder, but eh, same thing in the essence.
  10. if you'd take a moment to open a screenshot i've provided.. but nah, it totally would defeat your talking point, so why bother. edit: to be clear, i dont mind paying sub when i play wo (not full year). though to say that there are no f2p mmo's without p2w is just bollocks.
  11. most of those games fit the definition better then some wurm servers do.
  12. I'd argue there isnt anything like wurm at all, but eh