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  1. Of course from *code* view on things it does make sense. While from *game* position, it doesn't. Still a bug if you can place one heavy thing, but not the other.
  2. Push works, pull works, place: [19:05:30] You are carrying too much to pick up the huge tub. This doesn't make sense, given we can place FSBs and BSBs full of stuff
  3. Yes seems to be only in quiver slot. Thank you.
  4. so let's make it more lackluster and more bland by adding more meaningless constraints to it P.s. Farming is fine, only thing it needs is AoE tending, but then again, it can live just fine without AoE tending.
  5. I think that small bugs are the most important ones from at least one perspective: game's reputation. If small bugs plague everyone, and seem easy enough to fix, it puts a negative thought into the head of the player. Example would be this one: I'm trilingual and talk to different people in different languages. For years, I have been loosing messages every now and then cause I've typed too long of a sentence. It seemed insignificant, because there are bigger fish to fry. Right now, this kind of thing would be in my opinion very important for an average steam player. Please, tell and report all the silly small bugs you've deemed are unimportant to report.
  6. The very least IMO this bug deserves is an error message in respective Chat tab telling that message is too big. But this is an undesireable thing.
  7. Non-ascii messages are broken in game in a horrid way. There is a character limit on every chat message. Suppose one sends ASCII message, then Client limits its message by 200 characters (this is arbitrary number, I didn't actually test what the limit is, but you cant' send messages longer then this limit in one go). Suppose one sends non-ASCII message consisting of cyrillyc or kanji or whatever else. Client would accept number of characters up to 200, while server would reject the message (seems that serverside limit is byte-based not character-based), resulting in non-sent non-delivered message and no error displayed. Please, fix either client side so it would limit the amount of multibyte characters one could send properly, or fix the server side to increase the byte-per-message limits. I think that this one is rather important with Steam release, as game has huge potential in traditionally grindy Korean/Japanese/Chinese market. Thank you.
  8. There are 3 types of kingdoms, so to which one would vynora contribute and why would this kingdom win scenarios at double rate?
  9. Not sure why this needs explanation, but I'm not complaining, I'm offering a solution to being upset with changes that are, in fact, pretty darn decent.
  10. So, the problem of market being `overflown` with bulk goods is kind of not a problem, considering that people (seemingly) don't do that, isn't it? Of course I do have a problem with that silly argument, because it isn't even an argument. More variety over different bonuses is good, and instead of current meta of "always vynora for crafter", you'd have to either choose it lorewise, or weight out different options. I fail to see how is it "forcing people to play Mag if they do smithing".
  11. Saying that it takes 4 months to get 20 99 skills with this change implies that currently 20x 99 skills would take, hmmmm, 4 month and 10% of 4 months, which happens to be 12 days. I hardly believe you can reach single skill to 99 over course of 4 months, assuming sleep times and what not.
  12. Yes, but who would stop people from creating a new non-prem alt every 7 days
  13. hello min maxer, you should consider stopping being a minmaxer