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Found 16 results

  1. Made another mod that lets you rename animals with an inscribed paper sheet, so long the animal is branded to the same village as you are AND you care fore it OR tamed it. Many a thanks to Bdew who helped me with making the names stick!
  2. I'm pretty sure I've brought this up before, but can't find it so here goes: Please add the Manage Animals window to the pvp servers. I understand some of the abilities could be abused, so modify it to only allow untaming/uncaring/possibly renaming animals and remove the ability to locate and anything else that seems inappropriate to pvp. But it is crazy that pvpers still have to use /stopcaring to remotely uncare for an animal, and have to tame another animal to untame the animal they just put gear on.
  3. My proposal is simple, Fantastic items are pretty much non-existent. Since these items are so rare, allow finished items to have a one time rename to an independent item. Examples of finished items: Weapons Spindles Armor Tools Statues Wagons/Boats Horse Gear Examples not allowed for rename: Raw Materials, Rock shards etc Weapon heads Tool Parts Ribbons, Nails An example would be: Fantastic Longsword, iron -> Rename -> Goreswing The sword is now Goreswing, on examine it will mention it is a longsword, this item is unique. They are practically artifacts at the point of Fantastic Rarity. Naturally the not allowed for rename would cover more, as would re-nameables.
  4. Currently most people play on their own deeds with all villagers being their own alts. When one alt drops and item, another can pick up just fine, if the right permissions are set. However, when renaming something, only the person that picks up and drops something can rename it. This is particularly a bummer when you have multiple alts all helping to decorate a building with containers, etc. Alt-1 drops a BSB and names it QL 1-9. Later, you decide it needs to be 1-49, because your skills are much higher. Gotta find the right alt to rename it now, or if you traded that alt away and if the BSB was planted, you now have to completely unload it, then get your deed holder alt to pick it up and replace it. If the deed holder is too weak, they can't replant it, so gotta get another alt to do that and manage the naming. This turns into a complete nightmare at times. Need a settlement deed permissions setting to allow renaming of all dropped or planted items by all citizens, or possible a check list of citizens, so you can choose all your alts, but not other villagers you invited to the deed.
  5. I'm sure this is an old topic, but a few quick searches did not surface anything for me, before the forums told me I was doing too many searches. I would gladly put $$$ in the king's coin purse, for an option to do character name changes. I know there are very valid reasons not to, especially around pvp, but there are ways it could be handled. - A name history option when you right click the name from local or any chat windows. Ultimately I'l like this history to have a time limit of maybe 6 months, then fade completely, but if everyone wants a permanent history, I'd be ok with it too. - No name changes allowed if the character/account has warnings or been reported recently. - No name changes if the account has been logged into a pvp server within the last (30, 60, 90?) days. - No name changes if changed in the last (30, 60, 90?) days. As an owner of some accounts that I did not create, I would like to make them more personalized to me and my naming tastes. I know many others would love to do the same. When an account changes owners, the personality or soul of the character makes a complete change. I think we should have the option to rename and complete that change. So King, please take my silver in return for the use of your royal scribes, to make the appropriate changes and give us our new names
  6. Instead of renaming gates using the deed form which gives no indication of which gate you are naming, can we rename the gate at the gate and it be reflected on the deed form?
  7. As the title says. Pretty sure it has been suggested before, but will add anyway. Make it possible to rename the saved toolbelts and skill trackers. Atm we have toolbelt/skill tracker 1-10. Would be much easier if we could rename them. Much easier to change between them isntead of going thru them all.
  8. My alt plants a BSB, then moved on to work on another deed. Then the mayor of the deed with that BSB decides to change the names of all his storage containers - oh wait, not that BSB, because someone else planted it. So, I have to unload the BSB, pick it up, then replant it and spend the next 10 min repositioning it to get it right. Change deed holders and the new mayor is screwed. Why can't a Mayor just rename anything on his deed, without all those miserable steps? I have beds that took hours to place perfectly. I made the mistake of naming them all, for the alts that would use them. Now the original Mayor is 10 hours away and may never get back to make changes. This has to be an easy thing to code, right? Simple like allowing push/pull/turn of metal alters within a certain range of it's creation point? (stealth re-suggestion). Thank you!
  9. as it is now, if you plant a deed over a spot that has a colossus, even the mayor can't push, pull, or rename the colossus. i think if the thing is on your deed you should be able to move it around and change the name as you please
  10. This has to have been mentioned before but here it is. As the title sais, it'd be nice to be able to name your horses, the ones u have for a good while. The breed could still be found through examine. thoughts?
  11. Love if we could rename carts that we own, just as you do Boats. Would be nice to see at a glance what they said rather than examine all the time. Yes I know you can rename. but I would like it to be visable like boats.
  12. Hello, as the title says once again, I'm suggesting that there would be more letters at renaming. Via these letters I mean different languages, and letters like ä,ö and å. This would enable much more interesting names and being able to rename items with your own language. This could affect to tools as well as ships and houses. Now I cannot even put my own name on tools, which would be Lohikäärme in finnish. You will most likely say that it makes finding a lost item more difficult if you cannot say the rename of it, but this would be fixed if you take photo of your tools with the name showing. Of course, you can always rename them. Another thing is the bad language you might write in different languages. This is pretty much the mainly thing why it isn't possible to use other letters yet. Only solution to this might be that players would report these names which are offensive and tell how they are offensive. I do not see this very bad risk though, Wurm has mature community and doing such childish thing will get you nice ban. Dragonmob
  13. Please, Rolf, rename Chaos back to Wild. Also, if we could get Gold Coast converted to the MR PMK, and The Landing to the JK one, that would be awesome.
  14. I will just paste the argument from wikipedia, which redirects corn to maize. Basically, as you will read, the word corn actually means lots of different kinds of plants, and maize is much more specific. "Maize" is precise, "corn" is ambiguous "Maize" is the vernacular word that means only the plant that this article is about, in all regional varieties of English. "Corn" has a confusing variety of meanings that vary by locality. In particular, one common meaning of "corn" is the staple cereal crop of a given locality. 3a. collective singular. The seed of the cereal or farinaceous plants as a produce of agriculture; grain. As a general term the word includes all the cereals, wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, rice, etc., and, with qualification (as black corn, pulse corn), is extended to leguminous plants, as pease, beans, etc., cultivated for food. Locally, the word, when not otherwise qualified, is often understood to denote that kind of cereal which is the leading crop of the district; hence in the greater part of England ‘corn’ is = wheat, in North Britain and Ireland = oats; in the U.S. the word, as short for Indian corn, is restricted to maize (see 5). 5. orig. U.S. Maize or Indian corn, Zea Mays; applied both to the separated seeds, and to the growing or reaped crop. corn on the cob: green maize suitable for boiling or roasting; maize cooked and eaten on the cob. Wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc. are in U.S. called collectively grain. Corn- in combinations, in American usage, must therefore be understood to mean maize, whereas in English usage it may mean any cereal; e.g. a cornfield in England is a field of any cereal that is grown in the country, in U.S. one of maize.—Oxford English Dictionary's definition of "corn"
  15. Seems this was removed. Could we have it back? I have several large carts for different uses and the name would help me choose quickly which one I need. edit: im not reffering just renaming but how it used to show the name with mouse over without right clicking on them
  16. Just a small suggestions but I would love to be able to rename my meals and healing covers. I know the healing covers get renames to state what they are made out of but I would much rather prefer to be able to rename them with what I want to name them as or have them default to being renamed to the effectiveness of the HC (help some, be pretty efficient, etc). And with meals it would nice to be able to rename them with the opulence or just give them silly names or whatnot. Thanks!