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Found 13 results

  1. Hello all! I was looking for any information anyone would be so kind as to share in how to actually change a model in Wurm Unlimited. First I made a simple convex top cubed (For easily identifying the top) in blender and exported it to dae. I then changed mapping inside graphics.jar and changed the = models/Statuettes/vynStatuette.dae instead of = models/Statuettes/vynStatuette.wom i then deleted the vynStatuette.wom in graphics.jar->models->Statuettes and added vynStatuette.dae No matter if I used Max or Blender to create the dae file, the model is always rotated on its side, on the x axis making the top of the model point in the z axis direction (Depending on its Yaw rotation, same as rotating object using move/rotate command in game). Blender and Max both use a Z up axis. Even if I rotate the model on its side then export to dae, the model is still rotated on its side in game. I've tried every different export option in blender for the dae file, which are both, matrix or rotTransLoc and I've tried each of these options with the models top facing Zup or rotated so the top faces Yup and the model is still laying on its side in game. I've checked every attempted model in Unity just to see what they looked like there. In the assets window images, all models were pictures on their side but when dragged and dropped onto scene, some of them were right side up, some were rotated on their side and all of them had greater or less then zero values in the x rotation property EXCEPT the 3d Studio max model. On that one, all the xyz rotation properties were zero and the axis gizmo showed Yup, Zdepth and Xleft/right. I thought for sure the Max dae model would work based on what Unity was showing me, but when imported to Wurm-U, it was still rotated on its side. Another avenue I tried was using Autodesks FBX converter to import dae models to fbx then back to dae. This didn't change anything either. All models whether rotated in max or blender showed with the top up inside the converter viewer, but any models converted were also laying on their side in Wurm-u. If anyone has successfully changed a default model for a custom made model and is willing to share their steps/tools used, my love for you will be eternal and everlasting!
  2. Since I've been playing wurm initially, the ground infront of me has always looked like this ( ), the entire time I walk the two tiles infront of me look like the intended texture and then everything else is a buggy mess. After messing around with all of the graphics options I figured that it was just normal and everyone had to deal with it. Then I watched a few youtube videos on wurm while playing, and realized that it's not intentional. I went back into my settings, and remembered that I'd turned off GLSL shading because it made my character model bug out ( ). When I turned GLSL shading back on, however, the ground infront of me problem was fixed ( but now my character was a buggy mess. Is this something that can be fixed or just a problem that I'll have to endure without GLSL shading? PS. Sorry if this was in the wrong place, but I figure this has to do with the texturing of a model so I put it here.
  3. Per the Wiki for Chain Barding: Steel, silver, seryll, glimmersteel, and adamantine barding do not show visually on a horse, but still offers protection and reduces speed. At least in the case of steel, this is no longer true. Model is in-game and visible. Can't vouch for the other types. See image below. Normal iron chain barding (left), Steel chain barding (right). A bluish color. If a better picture (against a stone wall perhaps like the others on the page) is needed for Wiki, PM me and I'll do one. Thx. --Mirax
  4. Hello again mod forums! Back again with a problem facing the offline server I run for my fiancee and I. She is horribly arachnafobic, and while I've already implemented the "arachnaphobia" mod that came with one of the packs I downloaded, it only replaces regular spiders and lava spiders. Since playing and leaving our base area, we've seen a huge influx of fog spiders just about everywhere, and they're even freakier than the regular spiders. I was wondering if anyone could forge a mod for me that would also replace fog spiders. Thanks!
  5. Where are the converter/importer/exporter for .wom 3d model files? how can we mod the assets now?
  6. I've a suggestion for implementing lanterns in trees. This would require light sources to be positioned relative to the local co-ordinates of the tree models. If this is possible, it would also be possible to attach light sources to parts of other moving models, such as boat masts (as suggested by ElvenElder here: Lights could also be attached to swinging shop signs, or a new swinging lantern made if and when our good artist friends have time. Torches could be held in the hands of players too, as well as magic light sources, candles on miners hats, you name it. Just an idea, please add your ideas for local-co-ordinate and model relative light sources. Thanks!
  7. hey so i think its time to update this picture with the new models if someone can provide clean pictures of the each of the new towers i can edit them together couldnt update it directly with a jpg file so so this is the new one in use on the guard tower page
  8. When it came time for new horse models the community was given a voice in the matter. We were shown a group of different horses and we, as a community, decided upon which horse type to be used in the game. This was a very practical method that left the vast majority pleased, or at least not considering jumping off a cliff. Now we have the new ship models. It would seem just the opposite of the new horse models has happened. Here, the vast majority is very displeased with what has been given. The reason for the complete difference in results is plain for all to see. In the first instance the community was given a voice in what they would see and use in their day to day WURMian lives. In the second instance no choice nor voice in the matter was offered. The new ship models were simply placed in the game, like it or not. Would it be so difficult to give us a voice in what we are to see in game every day as was done with the new horse models? Thus the proposal. Offer the WURM community a voice in the matter of new models entered into the game while realizing the talents of the model makers as the limiting factor. This would produce the positive results of the horse models and avoid the negative results of the ship models. All hail Sarcaticous. Hail.
  9. The question mark bag is a beloved model that is slowly vanishing from Wurm... Save the Question Mark bag! Beat up a gfx team member! Kidding aside, this would make a great hat, hota statue, or whatever.
  10. It would be nice to have the model of the armor on the racks be the model of the armor stored inside. This would be great for displays at your market.
  11. I have a suggestion for creators. I think many people will agree with me that chairs we have now are not exactly fitting into the style of the game. They are too modern. Thats why I have a solution :-) they should change and get new looks more or less like those down here Stool might loook like this Normal chair like this and armchair like this:
  12. Currently it looks a bit wierd to see a naked guy running about, before the visible armour updates, this wasnt really that noticeable, everyone looked the same, but its really obvious now, would be really cool to have some sort of a graphic for oakshelled people, maybe some kind of a wood schemed plate-look, or something a bit spikier like a wooden drake look. Don't think this would really affect PvP at all either, you can already tell who the dude with oakshell is coz often he's running around obviously not wearing armour anyway
  13. hi. there should be a different model for each stage of building the fence model. Now there are only 2 fence models. Being built and finished. maybe 4 different or something so that for each material you attach to it. The model changes to more complete And as Aetherwalker just suggested "have different models for different stages of ql, e.g. rickety fence 1-20ql, fence 20-40ql, solid fence 40-60ql, sturdy fence 60-80ql, masterful fence 80+ql " It would really be awesome to be able to show others that your fence is better than theirs. lol. that's probably mean, but it would show like. be carefull my fences are awesome. then it could take longer time for them to decay.