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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! Inspired by the final statgain mod by almight Keenan, I decided to make one that worked with agos modloader. The mod allows you to change the difficulty of any skill independently, including characteristics, which is the same as increasing or decreasing skillgain. The mod also allows you to disable a priest penalty to some characteristics. Version 0.6 is out! Download skillmod v 0.6 Changelog: Get the zip file and extract it into your mods folder. Usage: Open the file To disable or enable the 25% priest penalty to some characteristics set: removePriestPenalty=true To change the difficulty of a skill you need to edit its corresponding factor. 1.0 is the default setting (1x modifier) Higher setting makes the difficulty easier and is roughly equivalent to a skill gain factor. The difficulty settings stack with the server skill gain modifier. So with server skill gain modifier of 2x the following config: FILE: Body=10.0 Soul=10.0 Mind=10.0 ... Weapon_smithing=2.0 Meditation=5.0 Gives a skill gain modifier of around: EFFECTS OF SETTINGSBody 10x //Not affected by server skillgain modifer Soul 10x //Not affected by server skillgain modifer Mind 10x //Not affected by server skillgain modifer... Weapon smithing 4x //Affected by server skillgain modifier Meditation 5x //Not affected by server skillgain modifer You may remove skills that you do not want to edit from the properties file. To add a new skill or a skill you previously removed, the first character must be uppercase and any spaces must be replaced by underscores. To change the stat gain modifer (Credit to Webba) # The lower divider is applied to skillgain on all characteristics below 31 # The upper divider is applied to skillgain on all characteristics above 31 # This is a divider so higher number means less skillgain # 5.0 is default for the lower stat divider # 45.0 is default for the upper stat divider lowerStatDivider=5.0 upperStatDivider=45.0 EDIT: Added some clarification to what the mod does and how you set stuff
  2. Ok fixed it. Arkoniks Hitching Post mod. Will hold 3 Animals at a time. 3 logs 5 L nails 3 Horseshoes 3 planks Every thing works but the decay img which I didn't have time to figure it out at this time. Have way to many personal models in my own WU server I'm working on and it wasn't in my priority to do list. Not to mention This is side project cause I'm working on building my own MMO Sandbox. If Ago wants to or someone else wants to add this to the modloader feel free to do so. As it is out of the box it alters the server files and will break other mods. My added code is easy to find in the 4 files. Instructions in the rar file. Added more code to include passengers on wagon. If you want both use the other Vehicles file in the other folder. Edited 11/22/2015 5:35am. I got time tonight before I go to bed to run threw the files again. Fixes no more tent issue placing hitching post. Updated the post can now be dyed picked up placed down Dev mode or not as long has strength to pick it up. Had to alter another behavior class. Enjoy if find a issue just post if I get time I will look into it. Link to mod: Ver 1.1 Video link: IMG Feel Free Rolf to use my model in WO you have my full consent if you want it.