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Found 26 results

  1. Hey, I had a question if there was a mod or a way to make the default Kingdom you join a Player made kingdom. Like set the server to run a PMK as a home server, or to Force a Kingdom change Upon Spawn in the Game. Maybe a mission that triggers in a area (say I set the Main Town as the area) they instantly shifts you to a PMK?
  2. I don't know if its just me but wurm buildings would look much better with ceilings. Please let me know if your interested in making this mod. ;-)
  3. I'd like to request some changes/tweaks to the game client. Adv. Graphics: FPS limit Please allow this to go beyond 120. We've had monitors capable of refreshing their output beyond 120 Hz for many years now. This should be at least 240 to suit those (expensive but available) 240Hz capable screens. Adv. Graphics: Max Dynamic Lights (if limit set) This should not be capped at 16. -- In busy regions with lots of lamps 16 isn't enough, and many more could be capable, though removing the limit completely would not be a good option. Please let us change this to a higher number so we can find a better limit for our GPUs.
  4. I would love a merchant / contract that you add 1-100 amount of say bricks to the contract and put it on the merchant and the title says 100 bricks. Then when the player gets to there deed, they can double click the contract, (ask if they want to redeem items) and a pile of the 100 bricks goes to the tile ground the player is standing on. Anyone else interested or understand kind of what I'm getting at? the max items the contract could hold would be 100 since that would create the max pile of items available on a cleared tile.
  5. After preparing for a bit - and still not well enough, I have to admit - I have begun upgrading the highway between Greymead and Whitefay. The initial plan was to plant catseyes all the way to the tunnel, then upgrade the tunnel entrances as well as the floors inside, before continuing planting catseyes again. But as with all plans, this one didn't didn't survive either, the moment I encountered the enemy. Or in my case, an inactive deed with its perimeter over the highway. Since you can't plant catseyes if you don't have the dropping / planting rights at other deeds and thus also not in the perimeter, I decided to leave the catseyes for what they were and instead move on to the tunnel. Which I already knew would be a much greater challenge as just upgrading an old highway to the new system. And it was indeed a challenge. As it turned out, several tiles inside that tunnel had been mined out, meaning that to level the floor I had to use concrete, mine it out or do both. Turned out the latter was the best option, although it also depleted my stock of concrete, meaning at some point I need to return with a new supply to increase some tiles close to the western entrance to a "normal" level. However, with most of the floors mined out at the same level, the inside of the tunnel now looks a lot better. Next stage of the project was to widen the entrance at the East side; simply because it was the one I was close too, wich meant dropping a deed to remove the reinforcements, digging down the road to get to the rockface because the border wasn't flat, widening the entrance and finally followed by dropping all dirt and pave a single tile again to make all look as it should be. Currently I'm mining out the ceilings of the eastern side of the tunnel, to make that look better compared to the flat part which has high ceilings due to the lowered tiles. After that I'm going to rework the current western entrance, or add a new entrance now an old deed blocking that has gone. I'll look at that as soon as I'm up to it. As for the request: Just in case the owners of the deeds along the highway between Greymead and Whitefay (mapgrids I-18/20 and J-20) are reading this; please grant me the permissions to drop / plant items at your deed, so I can continue the construction of the highway. In case you don't want the highway, let me know, so I can bypass your perimeter. Of course, those who want to help are welcome to do so. Since I was unable to plant catseyes at some point when coming from Greymead - for now - starting to plant catseyes from Whitefay towards Greymead is the best option. And finally, some pictures. Tunnel improvement stage I The old eastern entrance The new eastern entrance Thorin
  6. I did a forum search and lots of browsing but haven't seen anything like what I want, so if this is already out there I apologize for the pointless post and would ask that you link me to it. Anyway, I was thinking, you know how by default the map has "Private", "Village", and "Alliance" annotations that you can toggle on and off? Since at least the "Village" and "Alliance" ones are clearly server-side as the info is automatically shared to all members of the village or alliance, I was wondering if it would be possible to make a server-side mod that implements a "World Annotations" on the map. The idea is to have it automatically show all deeds above a certain size(with the minimum size for automatic addition being configurable by the server owner/admin of course), as if they were large enough to be "public knowledge", and have the options for smaller deeds to be added to it or not as the deed owner/mayor chooses(if the server owner/admin configures it to be allowed anyway)? On a PVP server this would obviously be a huge drawback, but on a PVE server it would simply help with navigation without being as "cheat like" as the "Live Map" mod since you would obviously need to first find one of the shown deeds to use them to tell where you are on the map. Sort of like buying or being given an up-to-date map that only displays the larger or more noteworthy towns/cities rather than every single settlement. As an afterthought, my phrasing about it being like "buying" an up to date map made me think, could it maybe be implemented so you need an item in your inventory("Settlement Map" or some such) that you have to purchase from a trader/merchant to view the World Annotations?
  7. Wondered if anyone would be willing to make a mod that changes how quickly coal piles produce charcoal? As I do quite like to play on a local server, I do not have the time to keep the server running at all times, so I have have to make farms grow quickly, add the forestry mod to water trees etc but there is no easy way to get a hold of charcoal - lava spiders and hell hounds are too far between. Thanks in advance.
  8. hi. i have free deeds on my server and need a mod that will disband any deeds where the owner has been inactive for 30 days. this should be fairly simple to create.
  9. Going back many years there was a mechanic implemented to allow enemy kingdoms to ally. This would allow them to fight together as non aggressivses so spells and deed gaurds wouldn't hurt or attack the now ally. A mod to bring this back and allow the forging of alliances between enemy kingdoms. Kings should be the only ones capable of creating alliance.
  10. Hi all, wondered if anyone would ever think about making a Gold 1 map? It's what I played on when I first joined Wurm over 11 years ago, and I'd LOVE to go back and see the world I grew up in (quite literally). Here are some links to the map dumps and player made stuff: (most are broken) Anyone have any thoughts? Personally I wouldn't know how to start really, perhaps it's something I could learn and spend a few hours here and there for a while constructing, but I wondered first if anyone else had the same idea!
  11. I am wondering if it is at all possible that a mod could be made to do particle effects above corpse into the sky X:range from character. So that it would aid in locating some copses fallen in grass. Would be especially handy on deeds where Templars might happen to kill a bunch of things while you are not looking.
  12. The simpler version of this mod: It'd be cool to see a mod that increases the speed of EVERYTHING in the server by X km/h (boats, players, horses, monsters). A more interesting version: Everything gets a speed boost of 5km/h except players, but players get a "Run/Sprint" which increases movement by 10km/h but drains stamina 2-3 times as fast. note: these would be before movement modifiers like weight
  13. IT would be great to add a checkbox to quests to make them global. Like everyone gets the quest, but only the person who performs the action gets the reward. For example, One person triggers a quest, another person gives the item to an NPC to complete the quest. The Quest is marked complete for all, and the timer to repeat disallows anyone else from doing the quest. Something along those lines.
  14. Has anyone looked into re-creating the original maps from Wurm Online. I loved Jenn Kellon as a server, but when i started playing it was already so built up. Id love to have a first crack at building all these awesome places myself.
  15. If I had money I would definitely pay in for this idea. So: The concept is that, like leveling and flattening, the 'tunnel' action would continue indefinitely until one of these events occurred: - There's too much stuff on the ground; you can't keep mining here - You're forbidden from tunneling here (priest restrictions, gm protected tiles, deed shenanigans, whatever) - The wall breaks - The wall sends the message that it cannot be broken for x reason. - You're too hungry/thirsty to perform that action Furthermore, I'd like to add a 'tunnel,' 'tunnel up,' and 'tunnel down' option underground. Basically the same as tunneling aboveground, I'd like the mining action to continue until: - There's too much stuff on the ground - You're forbidden from mining here (priest restrictions, gm protected tiles, deed shenanigans, whatever) - This tile breaks - This tile cannot be broken for x reason (reinforced, side shafts, whatever) - You're too hungry/thirsty to perform that action I would also like a configuration option to prevent using the 'tunnel' action on ore veins. Optionally, there could also be a config option to stop tunneling when you run out of stamina ('You must rest' from the flattening/leveling actions). I would rather not have this active by default though; being out of stamina doesn't stop the default mining action after all. One more thing - I'd prefer that tunneling still give you a chance to dump gems/salt/etc on the ground, the same as mining. Thanks for your consideration! ( Edit: Oh, and of course, as the title says, I want this mod to be server side with ago's modloader.)
  16. Anyone able to make a mod that allows you to see names when you type /who. I know GMs can and see names but players only see a Number. I think allowing players to actually see names would be cool too. Just leave out the "IPs". Maybe even make it so a Server Alert is made when a player Logins or out. Could be in the event tab and have it say something like. [00:00:00] Sprigus has Joined the Server. (or let is be customisable)
  17. There is a item called Gift box that was deactivated in the game. Supposed to be able to right click an item with woodscraps to turn it into a gift box but the feature was removed from online. Anyone can do a Quick Ago's Launcher Mod to activated these b4 the holidays
  18. Anyone able to make a mod that works with Ago's Launcher or that is easy to install, that Will show how many players are on the server in total. For example, Instead of just showing how many are on the Login server like Steam Does, Force it to check how many On all Maps connected to that one server?
  19. I would like a mod to put deed upkeep back to the old values and remove the 1 silver minimum on deed upkeep. So basically, it'll just be "a certain amount of iron per tile in the deed" now, rather than the current "a certain amount per tile or 1 silver, whichever is greater." Let me know if you can help with this... thanks! -Llurendt
  20. Sorry if this has already been requested. I like to travel around with a wagon and setup temporary camping sites. All the crafting items can be loaded in wagons and with tents you have a spawn point the only thing really needed now is a loadable altar. Thanks to anyone that can do this.
  21. Update/redo shaders to support these 2 maps + 2 sided material (option) Is there a way to add support for normal and specular map and option to have 2 sided material with mod? if the game supports these maps, it would not be difficult to gradually update the models, terrain, etc to add these maps. That would be a huge graphical advance, the game would look much better **perhaps with a shader update if possible, a option to have depth of field in game @_@ image for those who do not know what it means Full size image link
  22. Fishing Options

    Wouldn't it be nice if some other setting approrpriate methods of fishing were available... A few different options come to mind, the most primitive of which is one that should be readily available especially for those who choose to go the crude-tool primitive route, Fish-traps. Fish Trap (recipe: Use Reed plant, with Reed plant, for incomplete fish trap, add 8 more reed plant to finish.), Use to set trap in tile that is completely under water, but no more than 20 dirts deep. As long as trap is set up (it decays as normal) allows a "check trap" action that uses the forage skill to possibly get a small shore fish on the same timer. Literally requires no tools at all to make, other than 'something sharp to cut reeds with'. Similar recipes could be added to make a more developed basketweaving skill and set of items, primarily containers, but wicker-style furniture etc. as well. And one I think people have wanted for awhile... at least ever since boats came into play... Nets. Nets would have the advantage of catching multiple fish at once, but taking heavy damage from use and need repaired often. Shore Net (recipe, Use Rope, with cordage rope, for incomplete Shore net, add 8 more rope to finish.) Can be used in the same manner as a fishing pole, but can catch up to 5 small shore fish at a time. Boat Net (recipe, Use Rope, with Mooring Rope, for incomplete Boat Net, add several more rope to finish) Can be used in the same manner as a fishing pole, but only while on a boat using the fishing action targetting the boat, can catch up to 5 medium fish at a time (no lurkers). I know it's a hefty request, and I'm not looking to 'break' fishing, just add in some new Options, that fit the setting and play styles if anyone is up for the idea.
  23. Can it be made with mod? remember this is just a concept/example. Original topic
  24. Hello Wurmians, if possible, can anyone explain me or make/link a video how to create a new item? i m not quiet sure, but it should be possible, but ofc correct me if i m wrong. due to thhe fact that i know java a bit it only has to be a item-creation tutorial, not a java one Thanks and save travels, Simju
  25. So i just pmed warlander and found out recipes are server side, So i got a simple mod request here. ? amount of water + 20kg of dirt = 1kg of clay. Rotab was the first to post the modification, you can find the post here