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  1. Reviving my old Post from Years ago because well, i never got an answer and I still want to know. lol
  2. [21:03:04] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Brendabrenda in less than ten minutes. Enjoy your reward! P.s. Can Close
  3. Auction has ended. Congrats to @Brendabrenda. Please Post your character's name you would like the Rare Leather Sleeve to be COD to.
  4. Last 10 Mins to Bid! Good Luck!
  5. Hello everyone! I am here today to auction off this bad boy.
  6. closed

    Still looking for rare Backpack. No Skin Added.
  7. Whats the max count on this Slaying again? It's been a while
  8. Hi, Does anyone know what Village Deed Mod Sklotopolis uses for making a village. They allow free deeding to a certain size and then when done You can right click to get 2 free guards and there is no Upkeep only New Tile Costs.
  9. Hi, I attempted to move all my Tabs into the Event Tab Section so I could have 1 Area on the HUD with text boxes and when I did i noticed that when you speak in any of the chats it doesn't show any words in those chats. - I then tested with local because it shows text above your head naturally and the same thing happened, only this time the text did show above the head, just not in the Local Chat Tab. - Also when this was done, I was not able to open a Private Message with anyone. Even right clicking Friends List > Open Chat did not open the chat anywhere. Event tab is NOT able to be moved into other Tabs, but moving tabs into event tab causes this ^ - Devorn