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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Recently I've started a new deed deep in a pine forest. I have some lamps and they are great for adding ambience to the deed at night. However, once they turn off for the day/night cycle, its still very dark in the deed/buildings because of shadows from the trees. Eventually the sun comes up higher and lights the deed nicely, but in the morning or evening when there's lots of shadows from trees, its very dark, and the lamps don't turn on. (Right now I'll have to turn the ones on manually that I want.) I'd like to be able to keep lamps/torches on all the time or even better have more control of the cycle that they follow for turning on and off. Its my understanding that a GM can change a lamp to "Always Lit" and would love to have this option as a player. I'm not looking for no fuel required, I'm happy for it to burn fuel. Just more control so I'm not in the dark during the day. If something like this exists, I'd love to be directed towards it. It sounds like it may have to be server-side rather than client side. Also I'd like to hear what other players do to combat being in the dark, on deed, outside of lantern on/off cycle. Thanks for reading.
  2. as you know.. outside of caves, if you fill and light a planted off deed lamp, it's lit until it runs out of fuel. Within a settlement, they only light at night. (even without a Templar.) Could we make the outdoor off-deed lamps behave in the same way as on-deed? Sure they'll still run out of fuel but they'll last twice as long. I believe we'll be much more likely to manually refill them if they last twice as long. The roads between settlements could be lit up.. at the moment it's simply too much maintenance.
  3. I'm not sure if its CoD or no, but If it isnt, It is in G25 - Exodus, at the deed Plains of Steel. Start bid: 1S Increase: 50C Buyout: 5S Pm me for more informations about delivery! Thx
  4. Alrighty as usual I got some more rares and items to auction off! Will keep em going for a week. Rare Horse Shoe Saddle QL:64 Ql: 72 Enchants: None Enchants: WoA 54 Start Bid: 4s Stard Bid: 1s Buyout: 7s Buyout: Offer Rare Torch Saddle Ql: 50 Ql: 69 Start Bid: 2s Enchants: WoA 80 Buyout: offer Start Bid: 1s Buyout: Offer Rare Frying Pan Ql: 50 Start Bid: 1.5s Buyout: Offer Rare Iron Lantern Ql: 66 Start Bid: 5s Buyout: Offer Rare Leather Pants Snow Lantern Ql: 50 Ql: 99 Start Bid: 2s Start Bid: 2s Buyout: Offer Buyout: Offer
  5. I am located on Deli Server at the Miya deed (15x, 39y). All lamps can be picked up at Miya or we can meet at Puzzle Plaza or Green Dog. Lamps cannot be sent through the mail. Below is the price breakdown by lamp type and quality. I am running a grand opening special of buy 10 lamps get 1 free (the free lamp is the same type and quality of the 10 ordered). Here is a link to what all the different lamps look like, I also have a merchant at Green Dog called Merchant Miya. I would be happy to put your order on there if you would rather. Please PM or post here with your order. Gold Hanging Lamps QL50: 30c QL60: 45c QL70: 60c QL80: 85c Silver Hanging Lamps QL50: 25c QL60: 35c QL70: 50c QL80: 75c Iron Lamps (includes Imperial and Torch) QL50: 10c QL60: 20c QL70: 30c QL80: 50c Copper Hanging Lamps & Small Braziers QL50: 20c QL60: 30c QL70: 40c QL80: 60c Brass Lamps (includes Brass Hanging and Oil Lamps) QL50: 40c QL60: 50c Bronze Hanging Lamps QL50: 40c QL60: 50c
  6. I was thinking, wouldn't it be neat (it may just be me) if there was a way to be a support-fighter without being a champion or priest? Think about how dual-wielding/aggressive stance is kinda your main dps, shield-wielders are tankier and tend to have heavier armour; what about an option to add a torch as a third-choice for off-hand? WL: Inspiring Enchantment - perhaps for Magranon (as it's to lead soldiers into battle) or for Fo (healing) - my thoughts on it are, if it's a Mag enchant, Inspire could be a thing that perhaps gives a small flat FS bonus or resistance of some sort. IE, Dawnbringer (torch). It is enchanted with Inspire. Allies of the wielder in close proximity gain a small fighting skill bonus, as the light seems to shimmer brighter in the darkest of places. Alternatively, what if it was for Fo? Inspire could be a healing enchantment. May not again seem like much, but when every littel bit helps: Fo's Grace (torch). It is enchanted with Inspire. Allies of the wielder in close proximity can feel the soothing aura from this torch slowly mending their wounds over time. Again, this would have to be small so as not to be game-breaking, but. Still, could be a very neat thing. For the BL, perhaps it would be the same as Magranon's, or perhaps give a slight bleed or something similar to the wounds of their enemies. Perhaps instead it could lower the defenses slightly of their enemies - may fit Libila, a tad bit better. Hopeslayer (torch). It is enchanted with Burning Darkness. The flame is green-tinged, and it inspires fear into those that look upon it - those that aren't guided by Libila, in any case. Opinions? ~Auri. (Don't be afraid to shoot me down. What I think is cool is often silly.)