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Found 27 results

  1. Hi there! I recently got back to my Wurm Unlimited locally hosted Single Player Server and finally had the time to implement a few of my own server mods. I will use this thread to give you all access. None of them have reached a full release version, since they haven't been tested for all scenarios, but if you want to try out some new mods, feel free to use them or to give me feedback, if you find a bug. Please be aware, that the mods are all for Steams current official server version and have not been tested with the current (newer) beta branch. Special thanks to Ago and bdew who inspired me, to create those mods! Mod List: Allow Concrete on Dirt Disable Fatigue Hydrator Mounted Actions Pendulum Coordinates Stop Dirt Flowing Tend on Deed ======================================================================================================= Allow Concrete on Dirt (v0.2) Concrete can now raise corners of dirt tiles and packed dirt tiles. The properties file contains a setting to override maximum slope for the raise corners action. Download and Source: ======================================================================================================= Disable Fatigue (v0.1) Fatigue doesn't make sense, when you play alone anyway. This mod removes fatigue from the game. Download and Source: ======================================================================================================= Hydrator (v0.1) The mod disables the dehydration logic of the game. The players will never be thirsty anymore. If the hydration bar should be reduced on login, the player can simply go to a water source (like a lake) and drink. Once refilled, the bar will permanently stay at the maximum lvl. Download and Source: ======================================================================================================= Mounted Actions (v0.1) Allow all simple actions to be done on mounts. ToDo: Write down all actions, which aren't simple. Download and Source: ======================================================================================================= Pendulum Coordinates (v0.1) Are you also annoyed about the rough explenation of the closest water source, when you use your pendulum? Well, I am! That's why this mod will tell you exactly, how many fields to go west/east/north/south. Therefore instead of a useless message like "The pendulum swings rapidly back and forth! You are close to a water source!", the message will be something like: "You must go 3w,2n to reach the water source. The water source is at 103,107, while you are at 100,105." Download and Source: ======================================================================================================= Stop Dirt Flowing (v0.1) If you drop dirt on a corner with a slope >40, it will still raise the corner, instead of flowing down. Download and Source: ======================================================================================================= Tent on Deed (v0.1) Allow tents on friendly deeds. Download and Source: =======================================================================================================
  2. Please could we make pendulums give the type of fish, instead of saying there is a fishing spot nearby? We've already done it with lurker in the woods giving specific champions. It's beyond infuriating spending half an hour searching for a fishing spot, spending another half hour trying to park the stupid boat over it, only to find out it's the wrong one. I've been searching for 4 hours and I've found spots for an octopus, two tuna, two sailfish and a blue shark, but no marlin, which is what I'm searching for. A specific pendulum would make this considerably less nightmarish.
  3. I'd like to buy a Lurker in the Deep pendulum. All reasonable offers considered.
  4. 90.2QL Rare Needle, iron Coc 42 LWImbue 8 3.5s 84QL Rare Awl, Iron Clean 4s 90.2QL Rare Leatherworking Knife CoC82 LWimbue 17 6s 90.2QL Rare Bow(Medium), Willow Nimble74,CoC68,Bowstring QL93 5s 89QL Rare Shortbow Nimble79,Coc72,Bt75,MS47 5s 75QL Spear Bracelet, Seryll 1.5s 25QL Triple Shoulder Pad, Leather 75c 48QL Pendulum, Iron 92LitD 1s 75QL Depleted Socketed Ring, Seryll 1s 48.9QL Oil of the Armorsmith(2dmg) 1s 48QL Supreme Yo-yo, cedarwood(0.39DMG) 1.5s
  5. I have a few seryll pendulums for sale. low Ql. used for grinding channeling on with lurker, a must for any priest. 1.5s per IGN: Alkey
  6. Selling several tools, up to 92ql. You can buy them directly from “Hq tools n more” merchant at Xanadu Hollow Spring Market (I-J/10-11), or I can COD you what you want. Now I sell only stock items, but I will also take orders in the future, both bs and ws. Please note that C.O.D fee's are paid by the customer, pricing is as follows: Within Xanadu +10c to cost Other Servers +20c to cost.
  7. I have a few rare tools for sale. (items will be cod from independence and buyers expense) 12ql - rare stone chisel, iron - 7s12ql - rare trowel, iron - 7s 78ql - rare trowel, iron - 7s 45ql - rare pendulum, iron - 6s Note: Make sure to leave the name you want your item cod too
  8. gold pendulum [10:43:10] Lurker in the Dark has been cast on it, so it will locate enemies. [101] contact me here or on release Xrumx
  9. As Title, please post or pm me with offers!
  10. Looking To Auction a Rare Pendulum 60 ql, made of Iron Starting Bid : 3s min inc. 0.25 s Buyout 6s CoD from Release , winner pays CoD
  11. WTS Pendulums ( Rare Fish Locater / Finder ) Lurker in the Deep (99) Winds Of Ages (72) 50ql 4 Silver Lurker in the Deep (97) Winds Of Ages (73) 50ql 3.5 Silver 63 QL L. Sword (old school) 73FB/82W/67C/SHD ( Self Healers Demise ) 2.5s SOLD
  12. Pendulum, iron (LilDeep-99) Woa 72 49.78QL 4.0 Silver Would take 6.5 silver for Both Pendulum, Iron (LilDeep97 Woa 73 48.20QL 3.5 Silver ^ ^ ^ Cog 5.50 Silver Around 45 QL Near 24H Summerholt on Xan ( Ocean Ready ) Anchor + Key req. 22 Mind Logic --- SOLD Rare Small Anvil 78.05 QL 64 WoA 37 Coc 8 Silver SOLD Fire Works Birchwood 80QL 2 Silver Long Sword 63 QL Ench's = 73 FB / 82 W / 67 C / SHD = Self Healer's Demise 4 Silver I also have various aosp Chain, and leather and plate ranging from 60-99 aosp cast and 60-90 QL at my Merchant @ 24H Look for the Green Dragon Ethereal PM Vortexxx in Game would be the best method or post here requesting CoD and whom to mail to. Thanks.
  13. Lurker in the Deep Pendulum for Auction Details: Quality: 59.99 Damage: 0 Cast: Lurker in the Deep (74) Delivery: Only SW of Xanadu Pickup: Xanadu (R10 - East) Can be send COD Auction: Starting Bid: 1 Silver Increment: 1 Silver Buyout: None No private/PM bids 30 Minutes Snipe Protection Regular Auction Time:
  14. Auctioning a QL92 iron pendulum with 99 Lurker in the Dark and 78 Wind of Ages. Starting bid: 3 silver Minimum increment: 50 copper Buyout: 6 silver Sniper protection: 1 hour -- Timer removed -- The pendulum is mailable (buyer pays for the mailcost). If the buyer would prefer to pick the items up I live in Silent Hill, by Mist Lake (Independence). Located at ~56x, 20y on the Independence community map ( Sold for Buyout, can be closed!
  15. Selling some enchanted items, the buyer pays for the postage (all of them are mailable). If the buyer would prefer to pick the items up I live in Silent Hill, by Mist Lake (Independence). Located at ~56x, 20y on the Independence community map ( Blacksmithing (all the blacksmithing items are iron) QL91 hammers h1) 50 coc | 2 silver h2) 52 coc | 2 silver h3) 52 coc | 2 silver h4) 56 coc | 2 silver h5) 61 coc | 2 silver 10 copper h6) 70 coc | 2 silver 20 copper QL94 hammer h7) 76 coc | 2 silver 70 copper QL6 hatchets ha1) 59 coc | 50 copper ha2) 76 coc | 75 copper ha3) 84 coc | 1 silver QL91 trowel t1) 52 woa | 2 silver QL1-6 pickaxes p1) 63 coc | 60 copper p2) 63 coc | 60 copper p3) 65 coc | 65 copper p4) 69 coc | 65 copper p5) 70 coc | 70 copper p6) 71 coc | 70 copper p7) 79 coc | 75 copper p8) 80 coc | 1 silver p9) 81 coc | 1 silver p10) 82 coc | 1 silver p11) 84 coc | 1 silver 20 copper p12) 86 coc | 1 silver 50 copper p13) 91 coc | 3 silver Jewelry Smithing QL91 pendulums (iron): Lurker in the Woods w1) 64 LitW 99 woa | 2 silver 50 copper (yeah I know, 99 woa on a pendulum) w2) 65 LitW 64 woa | 2 silver w3) 76 LitW 69 woa | 2 silver 20 copper Lurker in the Deep d1) 60 LitD | 1 silver 50 copper d2) 62 LitD | 1 silver 50 copper d3) 71 LitD | 1 silver 60 copper d4) 72 LitD | 1 silver 60 copper d5) 76 LitD | 1 silver 60 copper d6) 76 LitD | 1 silver 60 copper d7) 79 LitD | 1 silver 65 copper d8) 80 LitD | 1 silver 80 copper d9) 83 LitD | 1 silver 80 copper d10) 85 LitD | 1 silver 85 copper Lurker in the Dark da1) 69 LitDa 83 woa | 2 silver 50 copper Rare pendulums, QL91 (nota bene: the rare status currently does nothing for pendulums) r1) 74 LitDa 76 woa | 2 silver 50 copper r2) 92 LitD 84 woa | 3 silver 50 copper r3) 80 LitW 61 woa | 2 silver 50 copper Shieldsmithing QL81 Wooden (oak) s1) 80 coc | 1 silver 30 copper Acronyms Coc, circle of cunning, increases skillgain Woa, wind of ages, increases speed LitD, lurker in the deep, finds special fishing tiles LitDa, lurker in the dark, finds enemies LitW, lurker in the woods, finds champion creatures
  16. I'm looking to buy the following rare items: Leather Knife Spatula: oakenwood prefered, but will settle for other wood-types most likely Clay Shaper: oakenwood prefered, but will settle for other wood-types most likely Mallet: oakenwood prefered, but will settle for other wood-types most likely Awl File Whetstone: 90+ql (less then 5 damage) Scissors Stone Chisel Pendulum: gold one (could settle for silver to, no iron) On all of those, ql doesnt matter (besides the whetstone), prefer with no enchants (to keep the price from going up to much) PM or reply here which one you have and how much you are asking for it. I follow the auctions almost daily so I got a good knowledge of fair pricing on blacksmith/carpentry rare tools. Many thanks in advance.
  17. Hi! Im interested in buying favour gain items for my vynora priest. It doesnt matter what kind of items, im paying in the worth of favour gain. My favour is atm 55 so items that will give me more then that is just a waste (I can still buy them, but for the price of a 55 favour item, hence the waste). Examples of items im looking for; Cordage Rope Yoyo Silver/gold statue Silver/gold bracelet Silver/gold pendulum Silver/gold candelabra Silver/gold necklace Silver/gold ring PM me either here or in-game (if im online that is ) Cheers Edit: I now have my favor items i wanted. Cheers
  18. iron pendulum 57ql, 75 Lurker in the deep - 1.3s long sword 50ql frostband 39 - 0.7s carving knife 50ql 17 coc - 0.5s needle 70ql 69 coc - 1s file 70ql 80 woa - 1.2s shovel 70ql 51 woa - 0.8s - cant be COD! prices negotiable, buyer pays COD (shovel pickup or delivered for a fee)
  19. Note: To talk about the banner at the top created by Rosedragon and too see a wonderful timelapse (recommended to watch) go here:
  20. Wanna find water in a grand way? Wanna it for a lurker cast? Dont hesitate and bid Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Bid Increments: 1s Reserve: NO Sniper Protection: 30 min Free CoD Buyout: 10s
  21. Been saving up too many pelts, time to sell. All Pelts have no damage. Mountain Lion Pelts: 10c- 68.76 11c- 69.08 11c 50i- 69.67 11c 60i- 69.97 18c- 74.02 18c- 74.43 35c- 82.11 50c- 90.43 60c- 66.01 Coc 25 75c- 67.47 Coc 43 90c- 85.23 Coc 16 Wild Cat Pelts: 35c 10i- 82.52 60c- 97.48 1s- 86.31 Coc 39 Dog Pelts: 9c- 68.07 17c- 73.69 17c 50i- 79.59 35c- 82.52 90c- 84.53 Coc 23 Pendulums: Pm me an offer 32.26 Litd 30 43.22 Litw 63 Chain Amour: 3s- 60ql Full suit Can Be mailed COD, Located on The Independance Server, Approx: 55x 20y Pm me with other offers on these items, i may think about it. Pick up/delivery can be arranged. Prices May be too high/low, not sure, just guessed. Will add more items soon.
  22. [Close]

    Up for auction is a 29ql rare iron pendulum! [08:05:04] A pendulum with a fine chain and a well-polished ball. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. Ql: 29.697828, Dam: 0.0. Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increase: 50c Private Bids: No Reserve: No Buyout: No Snipe Protection: 1 hour after end of auction Auction ends: March 13, 2200 EST Seller will pay CoD fee. Can be improved up to 60ql if desired. Happy bidding!
  23. i want to sell a gold pendulum with lurker in the deep, spell power 54 QL 30
  24. I'd like to buy: Pendulum (any ql) with "Lurker in the woods" 85+ cast. and Pendulum (any ql) with "Lurker in the dark" 70+ cast. The higher the casts the more I'll pay relatively. Please post offering for either of these, thank you!