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  1. Yep definitely seems server side. The person I linked to last time said they contacted admins and they'll check it out soon. You're probably on the same server but you can also contact them if it doesn't get fixed. Hope they can sort it out!
  2. I got the text from a different person, they're complaining about the same issue. This is definitely server side. Players who downloaded the packs before this issue existed will continue to see it but new players won't until it's fixed. Hope you all get it working!
  3. No problem! Was worth a shot! Similar issue going on in this thread: If you get the same message as @RPIII"unexpected end of file" or something, and you happen to both be playing on the same server, then I'm heavily leaning on it being a server-side issue as I said in my last comment on that thread. Can you confirm about that message in your F1 console?
  4. Okay. Do you know if it works for anyone else, or everyone else on the server? Never seen that message before, but it sounds like the file got corrupted on the server. Can you ask an admin to check it out, maybe redownload it? If you boot up and press F1 then right click on the window there should be a "Copy entire tab" option. Don't know if you can DM it to me on this forum. If not, just paste it into a DM on discord. My tag is Tyoda#5412
  5. Here's one on adding in a new item:
  6. Try wiping all the weird long name .jars from your packs folder. (leave the ones with normal names like graphics.jar, sound.jar ... )
  7. you mean patcher.sh fails? what does it say when you run it?
  8. Hi! I made the tiniest mod ever so this is easy to implement on your server. Bye!
  9. Ah yeah I guess once you have it it's just easier to use that. Thanks for the answer!
  10. What the heck. This is an insane content dump! Good job! May I ask why the chess game requires a client patch? Seems doable server-side.
  11. Hmm that's curious since I have not made any actual changes to it and I'm using the original but hey, if it works, it works!
  12. @NightbreedWorks fine for us. It's likely some mod early loads some classes and that's what makes it crash.
  13. The files in batta's link are used by the server, not the clients. You don't have to do anything with them. If you have indeed correctly installed everything (put everything in the WurmLauncher folder, ran patcher.bat), and it still doesn't show up, then it's most likely a server-side issue, with serverpacks being misconfigured on their part. Are there any other custom/modded models that you can see? If you send me the last "page" of the console (F1) right after you log in to the server, I might be able to tell you more.
  14. [Released] Piggy Bank

    New version: https://github.com/Tyoda/PiggyBank/releases/tag/1.2 Small improvements to how the items behave
  15. The mod does appear to have a pack file with models. If you have the newest version of the client modlauncher installed it should have a model.