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  1. Released 1.3.1 https://github.com/Tyoda/Iconzz/releases/tag/ - Fix not working on some servers with "complicated" names
  2. Hi! While probably possible, it is not in the scope of this mod. I might try to do it, but I have many projects going right now.
  3. [Released] Piggy Bank

    This mod adds an, allegedly, very cute piggy bank to the game, in which you can deposit your hard earned coins for later retrieval...by force... Read more here
  4. Hi! In case it's still relevant, I think my new mod does what you two wanted here. If not, do tell.
  5. This mod will, in the future, contain many additions to the game. For now it only contains a single module. Sound Timer Module - Fix sounds not playing when the player is completing the action too quickly. Read more: https://forum.wurm-unlimited.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=164
  6. This is a small mod api that adds functionality to easily register any new icon to the game. You probably only need it if a mod instructed you to download it. Read more: https://forum.wurm-unlimited.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=163
  7. Don't know if you can just beam a single window through SSH, but opening a remote desktop is apparently not too difficult: https://www.linode.com/docs/guides/using-vnc-to-operate-a-desktop-on-ubuntu-12-04/
  8. Anyone know if this has been done yet? Would take a whack at it if not.
  9. Released v2.1 https://github.com/Tyoda/ModelMeImpressed/releases/tag/v2.1 Added action Browse to fix an issue where after changing an object's model to for example Tutorial->Object 33 you weren't able to change it back, because it was not possible to select the object anymore. You can now choose Browse on any object to see and remotely reset any other object's custom model. NOTE: If you're updating to this version you have to overwrite the old .properties file with the new one for this update to work.
  10. You could check if they exists in the wurmitems database if you don't know how, easiest is(assuming you're on windows): 1. Download the zip (no installer) version of https://sqlitebrowser.org/dl/ 2 . Unzip it anywhere 3. Run the "DB Browser for SQLite.exe" file 4. Click on "Open Database" 5. Find and open the wurmitems.db file (it's in ServerRootFolder/YourWorld'sName/sqlite/wurmitems.db) 6. Go to the Execute SQL tab (in DB Browser) 7. Paste this in there: SELECT NAME, POSX, POSY FROM ITEMS WHERE NAME="Altar of Three" OR NAME="Huge bone altar"; 8. Hit the execute button (looks like a play button) 9. The names and the position (If they exist) should appear in a table-like structure under where you copied it
  11. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/165231-altar-of-3-and-bone-altar-issues/ Others have had issues with altars as well, but they should always show up if you write *Altar* in Create. You should check if you have End Game Items enabled. In the server GUI it's under Local Server->Advance Server Settings->End Game Items
  12. The banker from the Mthec's NPCs mod would probably be right for you
  13. Hi! Don't know if you did it yourself but I thought it'd be fun so I made this mod! Of course it was a whopping 5 lines of code, so I had to do a little more, so I added every creature from the game to the list and made it configurable. I know it's an old request but maybe it'll be useful for someone at some point!
  14. Title pretty much says it all! Read the github page for more info: https://github.com/Tyoda/Leadables This mod is completely server-side. I did not want to overcomplicate it, but if anyone has a feature request, do tell!
  15. Released v2.0 https://github.com/Tyoda/ModelMeImpressed/releases/tag/v2.0 Added Input text field to Remodel action to change model's name by typing it in Added Random model action to change model to a random one Added Reset model action to remove the Creature's/Item's model change Unless a bug arises or someone has a feature request, this is likely the final version.