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Found 8 results

  1. For this mod, because I think ccfp is stupid, I made it so my ccfp values are basically always maxed. Required -Ago's server modloader -You need to have the scriptrunner mod installed and setup as explained on github wiki page: Install 1. Copy the javaScript code from the code box. 2. Paste that into any simple text editor. 3. Save the file and I named this, "ccfp-maximizer.js". You could use whatever name you want as long as its unique and it ends with ".js". 4. Put it in the directory, "~Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods\scriptrunner\scripts\onItemTemplatesCreated". If the, "onItemTemplatesCreated" folder doesn't exists, create it. 5. Change the values for carbs, calories, fats or proteins if you want something different. var ItemTemplateFactory =; var Logger =; var logger = Logger.getLogger("com.joedobo27.scriptRunnerMods.ccfp-maximizer"); function onItemTemplatesCreated() { var templates = ItemTemplateFactory.getInstance().getTemplates(); var maxValue =; //*************************************************** // Use maxValue to max and 0 to minimize. var carbs = maxValue; var calories = maxValue; var fats = maxValue; var proteins = maxValue; //*************************************************** for (i = 0; i < templates.length; i++) { templates[i].setNutritionValues(carbs, calories, fats, proteins); }"CCFP simplified, template count: " + templates.length); } Take note that ccfp values are scaled based on a standard unit size of 1-kg. A pumpkin is 32k and a garlic 1.6k because its .05 or 5% of 1kg. I'm not sure what is going on with fish but weights and sizes for them seems constantly strange.
  2. Action Timers Fix Fixes many action timers that ignore the action time multiplier setting Affected actions: All spells, Flatten, Level, Sow, Sacrifice, Pray, Meditation, Alchemy, Destroying, Rummaging, Breeding, Bow and fishing rod stringing/unstringing, Painting and removing paint Download and source code: Treasure Chest Claim Allows players to "claim" random treasure chests, unlocking the chest and rewarding the players with some karma Download and source code: Better Digging Changes dirt from digging/flattening/leveling to drop on the ground instead of going to the inventory of the player. Allows dirt from digging/flattening/leveling/dredging to go into a vehicle being dragged or ridden. If there are crates in it's cargo - it can automatically go into those. Uses dirt from the ground, a vehicle and even crates inside the vehicle when leveling. Allows overriding which actions can be performed from a mount or vehicle. Allows overriding amount of clay dug per action. Almost everything is configurable. Warning: This mod is probably incompatible with the other digging-like-mining mods, and should fully replace their functionality. Having multiple mods of this type will likely lead to crashes, dupes and/or weird ######. Download and source code: Move To Center Adds 2 entries under Move menu that allow moving items to the center or corner of a tile. Download and source code: Movement Tweaks Allows server admins to tweak many things related to movement of players, mounts and vehicles Speeds Weight limits for players Min/Max heights, depths and slopes Wind impact for boats Loading ranges Required skills Global speed modifier for creatures moving on their own (not as mounts or hitched) Animal hitching to boats (somewhat buggy, disabled by default) Extremely configurable - default settings match vanilla but everything is changeable from the config Example config (from my own server) here: Download and source code: Hitching Limits Allows control over what animals can be hitched to carts/wagons Change settings to allow older non-domestic animals to be hitched, including greenish/champions. Change settings to allow weaker animals to be hitched (Want to feel like Cinderella? get a mice rat-powered cart!) Everything is configurable. Default config matches vanilla settings. Example modified config here: Download and source code: No Build Limit Removes skill requirement on planning building from all players, allowing building of (almost) any size. Download and source code: Set Height Adds a new command (usable by GM with power level 5 only) Usage: #setheight <height> [radius] Will set height of tile to specified value (in dirts) Radius is optional, by default will change the tile you stand on; with radius 1 - will do 3x3; with radius 2 - 5x5 and so on. Will happily turn your server into a parking lot, mess up houses, mines, etc. Use with care. Download and source code: HotS Fixes Allows mycelium on PVE server and fixes it's spreading Removes ore-cap on non-freedom PVE/home servers Allows casting of fungus and rite of death by BL priests on PVE servers Disables basshing houses without permission on HotS PVE servers Everything can be toggled from config Download and source code: Fix Guards Fixes villages spawning infinite number of templars due to a database error To use, as a GM go to the village in question and type #fixguards You should see "Done" in event window when it's done, and some guards will either poof or will be assigned to the village correctly, after that no more extra guards should spawn Might cause a small lagspike if you have a lot of creatures on the server, as it checks all of them Download and source code: Bind To All Interfaces Makes the server bind all it's sockets (external, intraserver and RMI if enabled) to all available interfaces, regardless of specified IP. Useful for running the server inside VM's with no public IP, docker containers, etc. If the 2 lines above don't make any sense you probably don't need this mod Download and source code: Installation Install Ago's Server Mod Loader Download zip file Extract zip file to your client folder All mods are open source and are licensed under LGPLv3 Want to support my modding? Consider throwing some money my way!
  3. Features Azbantium Fist enchantment that allows faster surface mining dependant on power Seafloor Mining Rig item to mine underwater Azbantium Pickaxe item alternative to Azbantium Fist (off by default) Remove surface mining restriction altogether (off by default) Don't require all corners to be uncovered (off by default) Detailed configuration Ago's Mod Loader required Information Azbantium Fist (Enchantment) Azbantium Fist works just like Wind of Ages (requires statuette, etc.) but is for the Magranon deity by default. The power directly relates to the chance you have to mine a slope down. Without the enchantment, you have a 25% chance. As the power increases, the chance goes up till you get to 100% at power 100. Seafloor Mining Rig (Item) Seafloor Mining Rig acts like a dredge but is for mining. The ingredients are: 5kg of iron lump 1kg of steel lump Continue: 2kg of lead lump 1 thick rope Azbantium Pickaxe (Item) Similar to a pickaxe, made exactly the same as one, but the ql of the pickaxe also decides the chance of lowering a rock slope. Off by default. Other features You can enable 'alwaysLowerRockSlope' in the configs and any mining will always lower rock slope. Doing so will make AF and Azbantium Pickaxe useless. You can enable 'noNeedToUnconverRock' in the configs and you will no longer need to uncover all rock tiles. This is an experimental feature and is known to convert some surrounding tiles into rock tiles. Enable at your own risk. Remember, this is an alpha, expect big changes and some bugs. Installation: Make sure you have ago's mod loader - Download here Extract contents into the mods folder Enjoy! Download:
  4. This mod aims to give you more option over what and how things go in bulk containers. Tested to work for up to WU I only updated every other release. I use the previous version and and an every other version release to reduce my update effort. * Required: Ago's WurmServerModLauncher. * Releases are here: * Install: Get one of the archive releases and unpack it into the mods folder. The folder path should look something like this: ~Steam\SteamApps\common\Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods Part of this was inspired by: I wanted something similar that didn't use reflection when depositing items in bulk. Configure settings, and I just used the ones I use here. You can change them however. One more possible change I may make is to make it so more food items will go in bulk. To do this I have to make some changes regarding ItemMealData references.
  5. I don't like discovering recipes and wanted them to just be known by default. Here is a simple script runner mod to do this. I also removed all custom naming because I don't like that either. If you want to leave the naming remove the code between the two comments. To use this: 1. Copy the code in the white box inside the spoiler. 2. Paste into a text editor program (notepad, wordpad, notepad++, ....). 3. Save as a something with .js extension. 4. Put that file in the appropriate folder: Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods\scriptrunner\scripts\ onServerStarted.
  6. Here is an example using the script runner mod loader tool to make the fruit press bigger. A press that holds 45kg is much better to use then one that only holds 2kg. This does make the press larger so it will fit in less places ( will usualy only go in containers larger then a small barrel for the default settings supplied). Reflection works so we can access and set private fields like the x,y,z item dimensions. This WILL NOT resize already created items. Nor will items created with it when it's enabled be reverted if it's removed. To use this: 1. Copy the code in the white box. 2. Paste into a text editor program (notepad, wordpad, notepad++, ....). 3. Save as a something with .js extension. 4. Put that file in the appropriate folder: Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods\scriptrunner\scripts\ onItemTemplatesCreated. 5. If you want to change the dimensions just alter the "toSetX/Y/Z" values. Yes, toSetVolume is strange but I couldn't get it to multiply ints and result in a int. Nor was I able to cast a double (what apparently happens when you multiply) into an int. And the reflective setting of the volume field requires an int.
  7. Hello everyone! I couldn't find a setting to change the growth speed of trees, so I decided to try to make a mod of my own for use with Ago's mod loader. It lets you change the chance that a tree will age one step when its tile is polled, and also to modify the odds that a shriveled tree will die when polled. The mod has been tested manually by me, and seems to work as intended. It has however not been tested for any longer periods of time, and it is also the first mod I have ever done, so please be careful before you decide to use it on any established server! I hope the mod can be of use to you, and I welcome any advice or comments you have that may help me further improve it. Mod info can be found below: To Use Make sure you have Ago's mod loader Download the file here: Extract the zip and put the files inside the mods folder in your WurmServerLauncher directory Edit the settings in to your liking Settings The mod has three settings: The first is activateMod. Use it to activate or deactivate the mod. # true: Activate mod # false: Deactivate mod activateMod=true The second is treeAgingChanceMultiplier. Use it to increase or decrease the chance of a tree advancing to the next age stage when its tile is polled. # Multiply chance for tree to age upon polling. # Value = 1.0: No change # Value = 0: Trees will never age # Value >= 225: Trees till always age # Value < 1.0: Decrease the rate at which trees ages # Value > 1.0: Increase the rate at which trees ages treeAgingChanceMultiplier=1 The third is treeDeathOdds. Use it to increase or decrease the chance of a shriveled tree dying (replanting itself). A higher value means a smaller chance of death, the formula is: chance of death = 1/treeDeathOdds. The exception is a treeDeathOdds value of zero, which will result in a zero chance of death. #Set odds (0-127) of a shriveled tree dying upon polling. # Value = 15: No change (1 in 15 chance that tree will die) # Value = 0: Shriveled trees never die # Value = 1: Shriveled trees always die treeDeathOdds=15 Notes It is recommended that both treeAgingChanceMultiplier and treeDeathOdds are modified together. Otherwise you may end up with a forest with unbalanced tree ages. If you for example make trees age faster without also making them more likely to die, you will eventually end up with a forest that has a higher ratio of shriveled trees. Remember that a faster tree growth will automatically result in faster tree spreading, since the check for tree spreading occurs when tree age advances. Odds for tree spread can be changed in the original server settings.
  8. This is an experimental mod, aimed at fixing an issues with steam authentication that causes users to be stuck with a bogus error "Error while authenticating the user with steam." and not being able to login until the server is restarted. This is a server side mod, there is nothing you can do on client side to fix this. This mod: Adds a workaround to one possible cause of this error. See here for more details. Adds additional logging for errors in the login handler, to help debug other potential errors not covered by 1. Adds logging of steam authentication status responses (to see if some errors are actually caused by steam, and not by bugs in wurm code) Download and source code: Installation Install Ago's Server Mod Loader Download zip file Extract zip file to your client folder