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  1. Added a wiki entry that explains the ins and outs of the mod without spoilers and gives some setup help.
  2. Are you like me and have a sieve for brains? Are you loosing track of you carts and vehicles and are always looking for them? Look no further! This mod allows you to take an empty piece of paper to create a Writ of ownership for your cart or vehicle. If a priest blesses this writ you can activate it and right click your body in the character window to search the cart. This will damage the writ a bit. Download: Its a server mod, as always!
  3. Welcome Welcome! Hoping you will make some nice mead for the long cold nights!
  4. Thank you very much! Its greatly appreciated! It took a few tries but i think this is the niche i always wanted
  5. @Ayunaor other staff please delete this topic if possible. i made a newer entry
  6. Ashfall is a broken land. A war broke out between two factions the gods had to intervene. For life to persist, the Gods had to destroy almost all the life that was there before. A big volcano erupting blew tons of dust over the world covering it in ash and snow for hundreds of years to put it to sleep. Some survivors got put into stasis by the gods to return later. Survivors began to call the world Ashfall. The Ash being imbued with godly magic turned the surviving people sick. Over time humanity developed a certain resistance against the magic fallout but people were still prone to Ashpest. Their bodies skin heavily reacting to the poisonous waters developing pustules that cause slimey smeary stinky pus to form. After the Flask of vynora was found those poisonous waters turned back into clear rivers. (more Lore can be found here) Settings: TLDR: As close to WO as possible with QOL and not THAT long timers. RP - PVE mixed with PVP. The 4 Starter Kingdoms are PVE-Enforced Zones no player can hurt you there, but beware of the guards. Either sneak around them or become allies with the other kingdom! The Center Area is marked as PVP and can be conquered by your kingdom. (Check out the Livemap to see the zones!) custom map, with regional ores, ressources and regional flora! 1x Skill Gain 1x Fighting Boost 2x Action Timer Deeding costs (twice WO price to disincentivise 1 Person deeds (which are still possible)) Upkeep (twice WO price to disincentivise 1 Person deeds (which are still possible)) No priest restrictions. 5 Prayers per Day Characteristics start at 7 Skills start at 1 NO STARTING GEAR - With the exception of a crude knife and some rock shards...(spawn comes with a free guard tower for protection) bounties 18 hour growth timer. (does not reset on server reboot) Plants need to be Watered to grow (trees still grow but grow faster with watering) Plants and trees can be Fertilized to bear fruit once more. Alchemy to bring spells and enchantments into a bottle! 50,000 mobs – 50% aggressive : endgame mobs do spawn heavily modded: 1 char per player 1 deed founded per SteamId No Voting Rewards - Daily salary of 5 copper if you are active in chat. NO MAP RESET- If the resources run out you can use alchemy to transmute iron or events to get veins Global German and English Channels as well as Help Channel is linked to discord Custom (and wacky - expect kelp on mountains :P) map – 2048×2048 livemap: QOL Settings: Housing: Houses can now be 1.9 times bigger than in vanilla (up to 62 tiles wide on 1x62!) Salary: You will receive a basic Salary of 35 coppers per week. Partaking in public building contracts will reward you some extra cash too! Traders: Every 5 Citizens (and when founding a deed and having atleast 2 citizens) you get a new trader, who will visit your town every week with rotating stock. You have to build a market stall or house for them to arrive! Placing traders otherwise is not allowed, except for buyer and seller merchants. (Other vanilla Trader contracts wont work) You can choose from a seller or a buyer when you reach 40 in any item creating skill and the other trader when reaching 70. This map concept together with mods is the one where we feel like we hit what we wanted 100% A total custom map, with custom ores, and custom flora! Of course the Players can always move or trade ressources, or bushes, or trees or even transform tiles to whats needed. Alchemy plays a heavy role in this duty so, welcome fellow alchemist, you will be needed! The Players have the choice between 4 kingdoms to start, each with their own ressources ( listed below). Tower chaining is required to conquer the kingdom and make use of its ressources and space. The Kingdoms are guard protected PVE-Zones. The central area of the map has all the ressources + Adamantium/Glimmersteel (same % as wo ( so ada = rare and glimmer = extremely rare)). Kingdoms can towerchain into here to claim land and contest for it. So this is the central PVP Zone. The Western Wilds - Domain of Fo: Wilds with dense forests and large amounts of Moss, Grasslands, steppes and peat pits, The humidity allows for jungle-like forest growth. The land is fertile and creatures thrive. The generally good soil supports growth of herbs and flower bushes. Fo's spirit - The symbol of life yet to come - is prevalent in the form of nuts. Trees: Oak, Chestnut, Walnut, Bushes: Hazelnut, Rose, Camilla Resources: Iron, Marble, Zinc, Peat ------------------------------- The Eastern Swamps of Dusk - Domain of Libila: Murky ground with heavy marshes and tarpits. Steppes and deserts as the constantly poisonous waters allow for not much foliage overall which results in less dense but larger spread out forests with resistant tree types . Libilas spirit - the necessary death that follows life as shadow to light - is prevalent in the form of Myzelium which spreads and "corrupts" the lands. Making it easier for the magic life powers to dissolve. Trees: Pine, Birch, Olive, Bushes: Thorn, Blueberry, Oleander, Resources: Iron, Slate, Lead, Tar ---------------------------------- The Southern Shores of Wisdom - Domain of Vynora: Salty sea air doesn't allow for dense tree population. The wet ground has marshy areas but is surprisingly arid but fertile on the main land. Foliage is specialized for Wet climate and nutritious but dry soils. Wet areas support the enrichment of the soil with clay. Vynoras spirit - wisdom and knowledge - come in form of flexible well adapted plants as well as medicinal herbs and silver. Trees: Willow, Linden, Apple, Cherry Bushes: Blue Grapes, Raspberry, Lavender Resources: Iron, Tin, Silver, Clay ---------------------- The Northern Mountains of Want - Domain of Magranon: The mountainous and cold northern regions do not allow for much foliage, so forests are dense but small to defend against cold winds. The climate allows for large tundras and steppes but most of the land is just snowy soil. Magranons spirit which stands for self-improvement and inner fire, the will to change is prevalent in all things. The warmth of molten gold, berries for spirits and maple treas for mead! A Dwarven Paradise. Trees: Fir, Cedar, Maple Bushes: Lingon Berry, White Grapes, Resources: Iron, Copper, Gold, Snow -------------------------- The Melting Pot. - PVP! While the deities are in constant fight for this domain, and balance resides - for the moment - nature gets to grow. The soil as the rock is rich and filled with power. All kinds of plants can grow in this area while all kinds of Ore can be found underground. The magically enriched rock even spouts forth Moon Metals like adamantium and glimmersteel. You will need to contest this area for your Kingdom. You will need to tower chain into it and it is always free for all. Taste your success. While you can. ------------------------------- Already played on Ashfall? Your character is preserved and so are your characteristics. For fairness reasons skills will get a reset however. If you want to start a new char under the same name shoot the GMs a message. Or open a /support ticket. New to Wurm? Dont worry, our helpful community is always eager to show you the ropes! Questions? Shoot straight away! Or Check out the Discord: Release this Saturday at 9:30 PM CEST
  7. Im sorry it was not my intention to misguide. I didn't want to double post, as you can see the first map we played on was 100% PVE This map change is a bit different and i will delete the update post and post it in mixed as a new post. on Southern Shores: I think you misinterpret: Southern shores has clay yes, (but so does mid) but you can smelt iron in a campfire. Players are free to move between the kingdoms because as long there are no guard towers yet and even if developed you can sneak through. they don't really have to fear anything. You can use transforming liquids in the late game to transform tiles to clay. ( me personally will start in the swamp and then get a cartload of clay from the center and bring it back) also any Kingdom has Iron in its Mines. People can't make alts, as we have a one player policy. But: There is many playstyles and people are free to chose what they want to do. If they all wanna start in shores thats fine, but they wont have tar for ships (charcoal piles are SLOW) they dont have the other metals for metal compounds. Each kingdom brings something to the table here. On Eighty percent not being accesible by pve only players: Players are free to move across the map, only the middle part of the map is a pvp zone, the other zones are pve kingdom zones, where of course other players can be attacked by guards, but not by other players and neither can they destroy other player structures. So "technically" its not really pvp either. But i guess thats a definition everone has their one view on. Again, i apologize for mislabeling the server here. It was never my intention to lure anyone into anything they don't like.
  8. That is true, but on the other hand, gold region has no clay nor peat, and it cant form alloys like brass or bronze for compasses or protractors or deco. The map is a blank slate. You can always visit the other regions and get your few lumps of silver gold with a row boat if you don't want to trade. Since tower chaining is required, the kingdoms will have to claim land And thus mining properties. The central area is not pvp enforced, you just have to tower chain into it for a deed plus contesting for land is allowed there. So in the early game you should be save there too. In the map below you can see one can always route around the central pvp area. (The map was not decided on at the time of my first idea posted above)
  9. Ah thank you for asking! The skill requirement is 25 Blacksmithing. Maybe i should make that configurable. If you redownload it now from the github page the minimum skill will be configurable through the config.
  10. New Release: players can now set a target temperature on the fuel storage to keep the furnaces at a chosen temperature level. Item type is now wood so the fuel Storage can be improved with wood type items. Logging was reduced to a minimum. If you need troubleshooting or want to watch what happens with every single fuel storage, you can turn on verboseLogging in the config. If you find any bugs or have any problems feel free to contact me anytime. Otherwise i would consider this the final Version of this mod.
  11. Very true. And agreed i fell in love with RP when I also experienced the magic it can have. Especially when combined with kingdoms and a contended area. Kingdoms can form allies, intrigues, name highways or lands. RP enables players to create a history, and that's the magic.
  12. Hello thank you for the feedback! The server is going to be heavily modded. among them also many QoL mods. At the end of the form is also a discord link where you can put your ideas and mod suggestions. Maybe we will decide about the timers in another google poll. I want the players to be as involved as possible so we can find a good middle grounds for everybody.
  13. Okay cool, thank you again. Deeds are restricted the same way at my current map so i think it can work. There wasn't really much player to player interaction on the current map (4096) because distances even on highways are too long. And i dont really want to use portals for RP reasons. Maybe i will rewrite the highway portals a bit to cost money.
  14. Thank you for that insight! Would you recommend making the map larger like 4096?