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  1. I've built a runnable jar with eclipse. But if anything goes wrong dont ask me! Im not proficient in java, i just built a runnable jar from jonnehs source code. It generates the map just fine, but i dont know how to access other functions like regional ores.
  2. Thank you so much! Also i dont think any idea on this is bad since i have 0 ideas there is still the source code of jonnehs generator on github, maybe i can compile it I wasnt even aware there was a modding discord! I need to sign up at once! Maybe it loops all back to CountZero, but he hasnt been active for long... so well see. Thanks again i really appreciate it!
  3. Hello Fellow wurmians! I want to create a custom map for my server and i saw some maps from CountZero that had custom ore placement. How can I do that? I tried several generators but none offer this option. Can i somehow export the file to a image editing tool and add ores on my own? Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated! Have a nice day!
  4. Thank you so much! That was the solution! Topic can be Closed!
  5. Hello People! Today i come to you because i encountered a very weird problem. I have the discord relay mod installed for about a year and it never broke anything. Now when i try to start my server the discord relay mod boots up fine finds the channels, complains about the categories not being channels, and then the server freezes. If i disable the mod, server boots up just fine. Anybody else got the same problem, or have any tips? I already tried everthing i can do on the discord side, giving the bot admin privileges and all. It would be a big loss too loose that connectivity. Sincerely, Arathok
  6. Forgive me for this potential dumb question. New Serveradmin here. Where would i put the .json files? plain in the servers root directory? Or into the server.jar? Instructions unclear *genital* stuck in ceiling fan.
  7. not that im aware of. You'd hat to rewrite the base game. Awakening (Server) released some of their custom made mods, which also offers plagues which kills of creatures if there is more than 50 of the same type in a certain area, guaranteeing an even spread over the whole server, maybe that will help?
  8. Anybody got a version that works with
  9. You could download the db browser for sql-lite open the wurmitems.db and delete the wand there. But only mess with the databases if you are confident. You can destroy your game world otherwise
  10. Hmm okay that works... so is same kingdom pvp even possible? like one player attacking another player of the same kingdom?
  11. Hey guys, i turn to you with another problem: I have enabled the new highway system on my server and wanted to place a waystone. Now it says [00:16:46] Can only plant if the waystone has been blessed. I dont recall needing to bless my waystones before, is this normal? or is it a mod? i cant think of any mod i have installed that alters highways... I placed waystones without blessing before on another server... I'm a bit confused now.
  12. right, in that case thats impossible though, since the owner is not playing anymore- i know i could do it with gm tools, but this is also interesting from a pvp point of view.
  13. Hello! I've got a server setup as pvp, home kingdom mol rehan, and non epic. Recently someone wanted to start a deed but there was a building that belonged to another player (who is inactive). There was no option to bash the walls and destroy structure needed permission. I have a code of honor for me and my gms to never delete any structures whatsoever because we want everything to be developed by the players and done with their own hands. Is there any way / setting that allows me bashing (not destroy the entire house like in management settings, i mean wall by wall, like if you would attack it) other players structures WITHOUT PERMISSIONS if theyre not part of a deed? Many thanks in advance and have a nice day! Arathok