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  1. COD to NightBlood Huge axe, iron, 71ql, 75nimb, 60LT, 99coc, 68ms - 9s
  2. Would be nice have a 30% price cut on premium time and a 20% cut on silver sales for Christmas week starting Dec 21 threw Jan 1 to cover new years.
  3. NightBlood Huge axe, silver, 70ql, 76nimb, 62LT, 86coc, 68ms - 9s ok
  4. NightBlood Huge axe, silver, 70ql, 76nimb, 62LT, 86coc, 68ms - 9s
  5. Night Blood Market Place This deed is dedicated to Candence as a Market Place over 2 years upkeep has been added at this time. It is still under Construction but it is open for merchant placing. New stalls being added daily. Connected to Wayfer system now.
  6. My 3rd deed is up Night Blood Docks 2153, 2973
  7. As a WU modder in the past An a look at code that both games share I found a major issue with 1 line of code in the spawn code. There is 1 animal that is allowed to spawn and has a cap of it's own. The Calf. The calf should be removed from the spawn code. Calf has a % to spawn which at a certain age it will age to bull or cow. Lets say cow is capped at 3% and bull 3% ok cow and bull reach cap so should be no more till they die off. Wrong the calf is spawning and as they age they cause a over cap of cow's and bulls an as the calf ages and changes it can never cap so over time the bull and cow increase so much it takes % away from all the other mobs from the main cap of all creatures. Please for the love of god Delete that line of code in the zone file. SpawnTanle.class= grassGround.addEncounter(calf, 1); Remove this it will help an enbalance.
  8. Need correction plz on 2 deeds. Night Blood Clay Pit = 2236, 2966 Night Blood Forest = 2098, 2959
  9. Night Blood Forest 2479, 2882 Night Blood Clay Pit 2484, 2967 My deeds
  10. What some are talking about I believe is this
  11. @ Cuddles There is a lot more to it than adding a new model you exported or downloaded then changing a name in a settings file. Models have there own info with in them that need to be correct or it will never work. You need to start a thread and ask the art team if they can explain it to you how it is actually done a step guide. Not being a Dic but not my job to explain how you do it. A hint try using something like notepad++ on the model then you will start to see why you have a white texture. The model needs to know where the texture is simple: example: When you export a model there is code in the model telling it where to find the texture on your PC. Then when you slide model in a folder inside wurms folders and the texture you want. The model is still going to look for it else where until it is changed inside the model its self.
  12. The issue with RMT Player A who grinds making items and sells for RWM gets this money from other players. Player B,C,D,E,F buy there coin from CC on the Store this money goes in to development money cause CC recives the money. Player G,H,I,J,K buy there coin from other players for RWMT Player L,M,N,O who are selling silver gets money CC gets 0 funds. These sellers sell coin cheaper than CC so they sell more often than CC. Once money enters game it no longer funds CC for development. When you use coin in game to pay for your monthly sub or deed upkeep it does not fund CC for development. The only coin that funds CC development is coin bought from online store or subs bought from the online store. Nothing else funds WO development. WO doesn't have DLC so no money there. There is no item cash shop so no money there. Only income is from sub's and coin sales. This is the main reason RMT for players needs to go. It hurts the development. This is another over due change that has been needed. Additional changes that need to be done for CC to help funding is rethinking one of the changes they done with WU. WU is the best way to earn development money for WO by making furniture sets and stuff that I was doing on Foreverlands. This was one of the main reasons I never gave my stuff to mods. I wanted CC to see that WU was it's own entity which the stuff I did would work for WU as DLC a fund they could do on the side to fund WO so nothing had to make since or match a theme of WO. As far As I know I'm the only one who ever made new models and put them in WU. Other people could only change textures. I added 2 new oval rugs, short dresser, picture frames, curtains, bed, table, barrel, and a new counter and top shelf, animal trophy head plaques, and was getting ready to add full stuffed animal trophys with the taxidermy skill I added in. No one else as far as I've seen is able to so this is a fund CC could keep doing to WU to make additional funds for WO. On one hand I hear changes are so CC can make money on other we love development money is not important. All I can say is I'll never go hunting with you guys cause you shoot your self in the foot to much and I like my feet just the way they are. I might have stepped away from WU an never shared my stuff but someone with my abilities will come in time and share there abilities with WU. Steam is a DLC candy Land just ask all the developers who do DLC.