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  1. Retrograde wanted me to let him know when I done stuff like this so that why I do post here easy for him to keep track and when retrograde sees it I'm sure he looks at the likes they get and lets the deves know he's the man between us and the dev's. He tells us what they are up to and them what we are doing. so here is another screenshot. I'd say there needs to be some sort of new system where you make canopy drapes and a option to remove and replace canopy's. Then a new market item for CC to market online purchase of canopy's that can only be bought threw online store. and a few that can be made and sold in game.
  2. Added 7 new wagons this morning Texture pack will take another 6 mins to upload by this post time. Just download the texture pack as usual and open your graphics.jar with winzip or winrar then drag the contents of my jar/zip into your graphics.jar it will place the files where they need to be placed just make sure you select add and replace and that's it. Made it very simple to do.
  3. It's a screen shot thread. I don't play WO any more. So why would I do suggestions. If they like what I and others do on WU then they might add them for you. Like the wagon people asked for it for years only after I did one in max did we shortly see wagons. Then there was my walls textures in max then soon after we got some new stucco walls and some new wall types. Then there was the asking for years for crates for animals fo shipping but only shortly after I threw a video on these forums with a quick snap of a animal crate did you see it coming. Don't knock us WU players we have been helping send ideas to CC and have got some wheels turning.
  4. New Furniture is live enjoy will do more later but there was 135 new items added on this patch. Now your home want look so dull and lame.
  5. Next set that will be going in no need to dye to get these matching colors. Plus book shelves books don't get dyed they stay there natural colors. Might put these into night some time what I have done already and take a break for a bit.
  6. I post here for retrograde its screen shots nothing more. And speaking of screen shots here is another one.
  7. New low dresser with color and new longer marble table for them bigger dinner halls. still working on stuff this new stuff will be on a big update in a week or 2
  8. New low dresser with color and new longer marble table for them bigger dinner halls.
  9. Just added in my old table model i made way back and added 4 textures to it to match the new furniture chairs
  10. Retrograde hope you seeing this stuff. Next addition to furniture many different wood grains and color forgot to add the tables
  11. Next spoiler on the furniture package coming. It's coming alomg great will be soon on Foreverlands
  12. Sharing some ideas from my server Foreverlands with WO and CC we need more decorations and color. To many rooms with multi story and mass cities not enough decorations and color to make rooms stand out. I'm working on a bunch right now maybe be live in few weeks on my server.
  13. Soon coming plus more maybe a week or 3 out before it's all ready. Need more items for decorating tons of rooms and this is a new start so every room don't look the same as the next.
  14. now if only we could first aid ourselves while riding in a cart or eat...without the "you are too far away from tile" stuff is bs.. get rid of that dated mechanic scheme..? I've not modded this on my server but we can first aid and eat while on a cart if i rem could on WO as well, did they change it?