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  1. I do share them on Foreverlands anyone can come play on my server Foreverlands.
  2. I still think they need to expand the animal color system to include bulls, cows, calfs, wolfs, bears etc... and make new skins. Then I think wurm is missing some of the common stuff that should be re done just like the cooking system was done. Example Domestic Animals Animal Trainning Breeding Grooming Wild Animals fight training and domestic animal training skills Animal training = walking animals and riding animals to build up leg strength the more you do it the better the animals strength gets swimming the more a animal does it they get a little faster swimming with a player on there back teach animal how to walk different, run, trot with a style like show horses do. it is just basically a new animation/trait missing animals would be the mule, fox, tiger, male lion. there is stuff like animal washing use bucket water and lye soap, this could help prevent disease.
  3. I have 8 drapes for the window that was just the zebra. I matched the drapes with the furniture styles. Thats just my first version but I have more versions just not finished. Like hanging box above rather than a rod etc... There many ways I can go with this stuff. But rem i didn't bake any shadows so they do get a little bright.
  4. switching code from one language to another don't take years or even months where do you'll get this info? We have language converters for years now only thing you end up is changing some code syntax from the conversion. New engines like unreal is bad for wurm cause of the way the company wants x amount of your profit. Unity how ever is a better engine cause they don't ask for all that and is more indy friendly than unreal. Unity can do every thing unreal can do and if you ever used both engines to experiment with you would know this. Wurm would benefit if it went to unity and it wouldn't take years to do only a few weeks to convert and get it up and running again and no you really wouldn't have to restart the servers over either. Not to mention unity uses c# which is the next object program language. A ton of developers in triple A titles have been switching out of C++ and to C#. C# is just like java and the syntax is similar so wouldn't be a huge adjustment for a team of java developers to switch too. Unity would be the choice to go. Wurm would benefit so much to switch to unity engine simply cause it is a real complete engine that don't need to be built unlike the wurm java engine still has to be built to do some of the most simple task. This topic tho is like beating a dead horse they will never switch so please don't hold your breath hoping. Note unity has so much software and systems pre built that can be bought it isn't funny. here is a clip on a system i bought and have full control over and can use in my own game production and don't have to pay royalties. This is just 1 program they don't have to write but just learn how to use in the unity engine and it only cost me 60 dollars us. this isn't but a tip of the ice burg here, there is so much software available on the asset store. Like I said don't hold your breath but please watch all the videos on unistorm them guys made some very nice software for a game.
  5. The best I can do for you is give you a link to where I safley store the original dae files but it want have anything new in it that has been after the wom conversion.
  6. I'm not sure how to use it my self I still have copies of all the original dae models which max supports. I'm still learning as well but it be nice to get some info from Saroman on how to use that system. I know they was going to make a wom converter for us and that might be what that is but we didn't get instructions on how to use it. I tinkered with it but never got it to work on my part.
  7. you need a wom converter. Try looking into the sdk folder in the graphics.jar
  8. Something new I'm working on interesting. This picture sets it off better.
  9. Server updated again high iron fence and gate back in. Hate ide's when they say theres no errors and it compiles and there are glitchs in the code.
  10. had a hickup this morning server not kicking now high fence temp removed till i trace down the hickup with them enjoy.
  11. Fixed in game map in model pack Added back in high iron fence gates and fence in archways
  12. New video talking about Foreverlands lots of info in this long video.
  13. There is another thing i wish to know and tha'ts how to properly export animal models so i can add few extra bones to some for adding in duel horse back riding. As of right now only like 4 mobs have this where you can add passengers only after taming them tho, but would be cool to add in passenger on the normal horse but with out knowing how to properly add the bone then export it out i'm on hold cause even tho i can add the code in so it can be done looks off when the second passenger is standing like way back in the day.
  14. Call me optimistic about things but here is how things could roll out over time. Remember I look deep into things. new spell locate hidden doors is added = cheat in my book So lets add the ability to set traps on these doors.....OK sounds good now we add disarm trap skill now we add cheat spell disarm trap door Now this sounds good but in pve you wouldn't want this trap stuff and a argument would form. Yet I'm not a pvp fan at all but I would actually want this in pve cause if you want to snoop on my deed then you deserve to get smacked and possibly killed for sticking your nose in places you are not wanted, an it can go deeper but I do love the hidden door and would even go as to trap door floors and secret floor doors on pve that if opened you get a rope that drops down to climb up. The ability to make new great things in dungeons and mazes make it worth wild to actually make so there is some real challenge to get threw things created like this. Got ideas share what you can think of that would make this idea great and needed to ad fun and adventure to WO.
  15. These would be great on mazes as well and the option to not give info on said wall when hovering over it other wise secret door is not so secret when you hover over it and it says door.