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  1. WU has the name change ticket. I'd be ok if it was added but only given out by GM name request tickets. If approved by a Lead GM then they could summon the ticket and send it to that player by the in game email system. I will go first Read all my old post why I request a name change. I look forward to a name change ticket. Reason 2: On another note with all the account selling that is allowed I think they need a name change ticket as well and it should be a must that you have to change the name if the account is bought from another player. Why would I want to be tricked by someone who bought a friends account that was a friend of mine in game at one time. Maybe so called friend sold his account didn't let me or others know who is on our list to do stuff on our deeds. Being a friend you trust you don't think of them ever selling a account but I assume it has happened at times. With out a enforcement of name changing upon switching real people that person could take advantage and rob someone out. And what excuse do you think you will get from a GM when you drop a ticket you was robbed? Yes the old you need to be more careful who you allow on your trusted list. This has never happened to me but I figure it has to others. For this second reason maybe there needs to be a system where when you want to sell a character you can make a single npc that sells a character transfer ticket. You can't be logged into said character. A window pops up you add the characters name upon clicking sell a ticket is made and the character can't be logged into until someone clicks claim on the ticket. Upon clicking claim you are presented with a new window that ask for new email address, character name, security question and answer to said question, and a new account password. After clicking send the system updates the data base with the new info. This ticket can be sold on merchants. You can even add a view option that opens a skill list and inventory for viewing so people can see what skills and inventory comes with said character.
  2. I'm for this. When I first started wurm I went to the register page no where back then did it say this account creation would be my ingame name. Every mmo I've ever played makes you create a account then log in game and create name and make character. So on the day I made my character and found it odd when I logged in I had no naming option but I was not concerned I just went out playing. After a few months of grinding skills On a toon which was male cause females didn't exist back then It started to bother me cause I used a female name to register my account which was used in other mmo's like EQ and EQ2 Wow etc.. I need a name change but have been shot down even by asking a gm. I'm still waiting for a name change ticket or a gm to fix this. Sorry restarting a new toon and working 5 years of skills is no option. And thanks for finally adding on the registration page (This will be you in game name). This will prevent others in the future of not making the same mistake I did.
  3. Id suggest we are given the map information so we can update our own maps. Like WU we can update at any time the map. I suggest we have access to the pve maps so we can do it once a month our selves. I'd prefier this over the method used now.
  4. Yes you can keybind spells but for the normal player who don't have special mice and keyboards that can load up on 100+ keybinds it is better to just have a spell bar like modern games rather than a ancient system that turns people away a lot do to the outdated ui we have. An Id rather have a spell bar with dragable spell icons or memorizable spell bar slots than to have to keybind it. The ui needs to be more moderen
  5. On your 2 windows Local etc.. and Event etc.. each has tabs that are un dockable all but on the event tab you can undock the Freinds tab by right clicking and selecting float. I think all tabs need to be this way.
  6. cool didn't know lead was added to that stuff good. Guess I missed few patch notes.
  7. Lead? Lead viens can have up to 10000 clicks yet there useless with only 2 items to my knowledge. Some areas are flooded with these useless viens. Anchers and lumps to make a Larder. Maybe we should add fence bars and ribbons as well as nails and maybe a few other items Like lead wieghts for fishing pole. Or maybe we should have lead viens act like rocksalt viens and have min 51 clicks. Passangers slots added to wagon on the front with the driver. On WU Foreverlands server I did add this and was great with plenty room for 3 people up front. Tabs- Combat, Freedom, Ca, Trade, Gl Freedom need to have the float feature. Pets need there own pet bar. Pet bar is like the Select bar but has follow attack and clear order keys. Pet needs to auto follow player. Priest need a spell bar that has min of 6 spell slots that can have min 6 spells. All furniture needs to be under the wood color system. Decorating a house is so dull with the one color system we are not amish well most are not. Level feature needs to have dig to pile. Animals need to have sounds again with the option to turn that sound off. 50% want it 50% don't so do it make it a option. Need to increase the shop signs to have other stuff like tree orchards etc.. Rose, lavender,camellia,an oleander bushes need non harvest season models top go with the harvest season models. Ending list here I can go on with other stuff but this will do for starters.
  8. Ok why would you'll program spells to cost more than the faith that is required to be able to cast the spell. Hasn't this dumb issue been set long enough in the code that you should finally find the few mins of time to fix it. I mean you can link up with other priest and share a pool but tell me how many people actually do this? So many servers people wide spread across servers now section of map empty with no one ever in local of you. Example: Summon Soul Faith 80 Favor 100 Example: Mind Stealer Faith 50 Favor 100 Example: Tornado Faith 40 Favor 50 Example: Frostbrand Faith 40 Favor 45 Example: Nimbleness Faith 30 Favor 60 Example: Aura of Shared Pain Faith 25 Favor 35 Example: Nolocate Faith 22 Favor 60 Example: Tangleweave Faith 10 Favor 15 Example: Bless Faith 8 Favor 10 Example: Sixth Sense Faith 6 Favor 15 Just switch them around so favor is faith and faith is now favor or lower the favor to less than the actual pool cost. Anyone else think this needs to change finally after 10 years to make more sense? I mean not everyone has neighbors who are priest who can link up pools.
  9. Server just died for me confirm its down?
  10. When buying a video card check API always of the card before buying. There are different Card makers EVGA, MSI, ASUS, XFX stc... and they all don't add the same API's they can make the same card but the API's added is up to the Card maker. EVGA can add OpenCL, OpenGL, and DX12 while MSI might have DX12, OpenGL, and Vulkan And it be the same Video card example Nvidia Geforce 1280 each Card maker will have different API's so shop around. API's is one of the things that cause the cards to rise in price. Thats why you see the same card by same company with 2 to 5 different prices and designs.
  11. Don't see any OpenCL And low ram on card.
  12. Don't see any open CL support other than that which ever one of these cards you own should run it fine with no issues at max settings. API is important. LWJGL is a Java library that enables cross-platform access to popular native APIs such as OpenGL, OpenAL, and OpenCL. LWJGL is what the new addition to the engine and graphic changes. LWJGL Stands for Lightweight Java Game Library OpenGL Stands for Open Graphics library OpenAL Stands for Open Audio Library OpenCL Stands for Open Computing Language Your card dosn't support OpenCL might be the issue with some of the changes made after LWJGL
  13. Go to a pawn shop. To many people buy and then get in a bind pawn pc's and lap tops and never get out of the bind before there product is picked up and pawn shops have it sitting there collecting dust go bargain with them for a upgrade. 4GB Ram Free Ram not used by system or other programs. They never Say it like the above cause they assume you know this already. Example: Win 10 on my pc idle uses 2.7 gb ram out of the 16gb I have installed. So if i had say 4gb ram in my pc and win10 uses 2.7 i have only 1.3 gigs free to run other programs. The reason it ask for 4gb for WU is because if you run your own standalone game the client normally uses around 1.2 to 1.6 gb ram while the standalone server uses around 1.2 to 1.6 based on your settings for the game aka... amount of animals. so total asked for is 2.4 to 3.2gb ram with some play room for the future of development. Video card must support API that game uses. Not all cards support all API's so make sure your card at least supports what ever API the game uses. Example: If you have a game that ask for DX12 and your card is DX11 or lower you have a issue. If your game ask for open GL and your card don't support open GL you will have a problem. If your game ask for Vulkan support and your card does not have Vulkan API and support you going to have a problem. I have a EVGA Geforce Nvidia GTX 760 with 4gb ddr5 ram. Blue Shows my API support on my card. Example: There is a computer you can rent or buy at Arons in the US which is said to be a gaming rig with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 with 4gb ram When my pc went down i rented a pc till i got mine back up and running. The Nvidia card in that rented pc was low grade and my 760 ran circles around it. Games I could almost max out with my 760 I had to lower settings for that 1070 to handle cause just because it says gaming rig or because the card is newer than mine does not mean it has the correct API support on that card or all the features supported by my 760. Power supplies: My rig will not crank up at all with a 700watt PS I can smash the power button all day long nothing not a flicker. Drop a 750Watt Ps in it it will crank does this mean I have the right PS? NO I need min of at least a 1000watt PS to maintain my rig at even the most demanding task I do at times and games with settings i use. If your PS does not have enough power when a Graphics Card calls for power you will exp issues. A PS has to have extra Power on the side specially for Graphic Cards. What takes power in a pc? Each ram stick, CPU, Motherboard, Each HDD, SSD, CD player, Case fan, And yes Video Card. Best way to buy a PS is calculate up how much power is needed for each item at its peak then you will know what PS watts you need. Note if you have a PS that does not have enough power to support your rig at demanding times you will burn out that PS sooner. If a PS has a warranty for 3 years it should last 3 years if it doesn't make it you might be over working it.
  14. after reading your post again this wouldn't allow adding more than 50 in the example it would take more coding in this file but this file is where you need to do all the changes you are wanting to do.
  15. VillageFoundationQuestion file Have a moder altar this file and do something like this in this method. This will for example not allow the default 5 min tiles in any direction and cant go over 50 tiles or what ever you set it to, One of the moders can make a mode with a properties file to set these at what ever with a properties file just need to get a moder to do it for you or you can alter this file your self with something like intelij. //Minimize how much land owned boolean parseVillageFoundationQuestion1() { String key = "back"; String val = this.getAnswer().getProperty(key); if (val != null && val.equals("true")) { this.createIntro(); return false; } else { this.error = ""; this.selectedWest = 5; this.selectedEast = 5; this.selectedNorth = 5; this.selectedSouth = 5; key = "sizeW"; val = this.getAnswer().getProperty(key); if (val != null) { try { this.selectedWest = Integer.parseInt(val); //|| this.selectedWest > 50"added code" if (this.selectedWest < 5 || this.selectedWest > 50) { this.error = "The minimum size is 5 max 50. ";//The minimum size is 5. this.selectedWest = 5; } } catch (NumberFormatException var15) { this.error = this.error + "* Failed to parse the desired size of " + val + " to a valid number. "; } } key = "sizeE"; val = this.getAnswer().getProperty(key); if (val != null) { try { this.selectedEast = Integer.parseInt(val); //|| this.selectedEast > 50"added code" if (this.selectedEast < 5 || this.selectedEast > 50) { this.error = "The minimum size is 5 max 50. ";//The minimum size is 5. this.selectedEast = 5; } } catch (NumberFormatException var14) { this.error = this.error + "* Failed to parse the desired size of " + val + " to a valid number. "; } } key = "sizeN"; val = this.getAnswer().getProperty(key); if (val != null) { try { this.selectedNorth = Integer.parseInt(val); //|| this.selectedNorth > 50"added code" if (this.selectedNorth < 5 || this.selectedNorth > 50) { this.error = "The minimum size is 5 max 50. ";//The minimum size is 5. this.selectedNorth = 5; } } catch (NumberFormatException var13) { this.error = this.error + "Failed to parse the desired size of " + val + " to a valid number. "; } } key = "sizeS"; val = this.getAnswer().getProperty(key); if (val != null) { try { this.selectedSouth = Integer.parseInt(val); //|| this.selectedSouth > 50 "added code" if (this.selectedSouth < 5 || this.selectedSouth > 50) { this.error = "The minimum size is 5 max 50. ";//The minimum size is 5. this.selectedSouth = 5; } } catch (NumberFormatException var12) { this.error = this.error + "Failed to parse the desired size of " + val + " to a valid number. "; } } this.diameterX = this.selectedWest + this.selectedEast + 1; this.diameterY = this.selectedNorth + this.selectedSouth + 1; if ((float)this.diameterX / (float)this.diameterY > 4.0F || (float)this.diameterY / (float)this.diameterX > 4.0F) { this.error = this.error + "The deed would be too stretched. One edge is not allowed to be more than 4 times the length of the other."; } if (this.error.length() < 1) { int xa = Zones.safeTileX(this.tokenx - this.selectedWest); int xe = Zones.safeTileX(this.tokenx + this.selectedEast); int ya = Zones.safeTileY(this.tokeny - this.selectedNorth); int ye = Zones.safeTileY(this.tokeny + this.selectedSouth); for(int x = xa; x <= xe; ++x) { for(int y = ya; y <= ye; ++y) { boolean create = false; if (x == xa) { if (y == ya || y == ye || y % 5 == 0) { create = true; } } else if (x == xe) { if (y == ya || y == ye || y % 5 == 0) { create = true; } } else if ((y == ya || y == ye) && x % 5 == 0) { create = true; } if (create) { try { Item i = ItemFactory.createItem(671, 80.0F, this.getResponder().getName()); i.setPosXYZ((float)((x << 2) + 2), (float)((y << 2) + 2), Zones.calculateHeight((float)((x << 2) + 2), (float)((y << 2) + 2), true) + 5.0F); Zones.getZone(x, y, true).addItem(i); } catch (Exception var11) { logger.log(Level.INFO, var11.getMessage()); } } } } } this.setSize(); if (!this.checkBlockingKingdoms()) { this.error = this.error + "You would be founding too close to enemy kingdom influence."; } if (this.error.length() > 0) { this.createQuestion1(); return false; } else { this.createQuestion2(); return true; } } }