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  1. or that its cheaper to buy premium or silver on the old southeren maps than on steam northeren maps
  2. Why does premium points less for buying silver and more for buying premium time? It cost more to buy 100 silver than it does to buy a year sub. You should give double sub premium points for buying 100s. You should also sell premium points on the store. Id even go to selling packages of random affinities.
  3. Was burning plate armour smithing and noticed amount earned is off by a good bit. When I started plate armour smithing I was at 22.21 it says I earned 9.73 yet I'm only at 30.43 my actual earn is 8.22 that's a 1.73 difference Note there is a 30% bonuse going and i do have SB burning as well. So maybe I'm not getting added to my total what I've actually earned.
  4. "Night Blood Market Place" was disbanded and is now consumed by "Night blood Forest" which is now 127x47 tiles big
  5. Nightblood Retreat 745, 2160