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  1. try updating your java. Java version: 1.8.0_121 old version 1.8.0_161-b12 is the latest java for 64 bit
  2. Foreverlands is closing down RL calls hope people had fun.

    This server has been closed since August 21, 2017 an if more than 3 to 4 people had played at any given time and I charged a monthly fee to cover the cost of not working for a living to supply my family with finacial help maybe i cold have keep it going. It's funny that people can have negative feedback with no knowledge of what it takes to run a server and the time it takes to maintain one and keep it up while adding content. Most of the servers that live longer with tons of mods is because those people don't actually make them mods or maintain them others do. So it is easy to download others work and add to a server and run it with effortless time. A few people mod and run there servers but they might have better financial situation than a lot of us do and more time to maintain there few mods and a server. My server was modded completely by me with no out side mods and when you mod the code as much as I did and was adding in as much as I did it is not easy to hold a 8 to 12 hr job 5 to 7 days a week and maintain a server. Ask your self this would you do as much work as I did and maintain a server when roughly 3 to 4 people played on your server? Would you waste what little time after work you had to maintain all I was doing all while not getting paid to do it for 3 to 4 people? I think the feedback being thrown here is taking a situation and twisting it to try and make there own opinion about WU servers with out 1 bit of background to why it closed. Like I said a while back when I closed this server IF there had been tons of people playing on my server I would have found a different route and keep it going. My server closing can not be compared to other servers that went belly up if was in a whole different situation.
  3. Server Lags

    Does that map you added have a volcano? I haven't been in the code for a while now cause RL priority took over but last time I was in it lava fiends and spiders where coded to spawn on lava tiles and the sad news they where also not immune to the damage when standing on said tile so they would die in 60 secs after spawning and then the system would say this mob has not meet it's limit and span again till eventually you have x amount of corpses in the volcano. Corpses take a good amount of time before despawning yet it only take 60 secs for it to spawn and die.
  4. Looking for new server!

    try here think you might be surprised and like it a lot.
  5. This is the image a used You can see I had to draw in the rest every image I worked on was not a full copy paste like people claimed. As you can see the right side of this image and the expanding left wing had to be drawn in so part of the image is mine and not the original artist. What I claim and the only claim I been claiming is my additions and the idea to drop it on the wagon the way I did. many images I used I had to add to on the wagons there not all copy past.
  6. What is funny is every one here has no common since. I never said I was suing anyone I said legal action. Which legal action covers more than just suing in a court of law. I never even mentioned a court room so it is funny how 1 idiot with no common since comes in twist a word then every other idiot comes in don't read also with no understanding and then we have this huge thread of bull of twisted angry hurt kids. Again I never claimed CC's models as my own what I'm claiming is the idea and the work I put in to change the model not the original model or the images from the net but the idea the time put in to the alteration. What I see here is a bunch of people posting who are burnt to the fact I didn't want to hand them out to everyone. People who have nothing else better to do than to complain. I guess next time I can't use the word Legal action cause it confuses everyone way to much not enough schooling these days I will use "I will tell your parents" that way people can understand things better but then that would confuse you as well. Retrograde close this thread you'll shouldn't have allowed so many burnt players who are angry that I didn't want to give my time to them for free. Cause this is what it is in the end. I spent time doing something and was for my server I ran then I shut it down and allowed 1 server to have jealousy kicked in and others are just plain upset. Once more I find it unpleasing that CC has people who are chat moderators in game and on forums who don't make the company look professional by putting there 2 cent in of angry words. As a representative of a company your words reflect the company's image. and as a member of that company you should be trying to calm the post not throw gasoline on it by stating words I never said. Show me the post where I said lawsuit. The team you choose to represent you CC is not representing you very well.
  7. not yet but on your servers web site part of my pack is for download which at some point they would and could get added to your server. only reason why not yet they don't know how to add them. This is off your site I had a few interested in editing the models in Wurm. I have converted all wagon models and ship models I have to an easy to edit PNG file. They are uploaded to my google drive, link is below. I removed the link here.If you edit any wagons or ships and want to see if we can get them in game please PM me or just put a download link on this thread. Edit not just mine but Jubaroo's work as well is in this pack who owns the server I allowed to use my work.
  8. Google WO tapestry4, tapestry5, and tapestry6 there royalty free images of 16th centry if i recall art work so how does CC copyright them? And I'm sure If i go threw the images I will find more not all art work in WO is artist made from CC yet there copyrighted or at least said copyrighted material in the TOS. There are patterns for the tabards that where not in house cause I can pull the designs off the net yet there copyrighted too. So how can there's be and mine not we both grabed images of the web and like i stated most game artist do this in the industry.
  9. kind of hard when the server you play on you have to download them to your pc in order to see them in game. So when people play on your server they have to download them to see them on your server. I knew you have a word cause I told you no when you asked me to use my stuff.
  10. A lot of game companies use royalty free art work online to skin there models and claim them as there's and copyright them at the same time.
  11. The images online where royalty free so they was not stolen. By the way some of the tapistries in WO are from royalt free images online want links I can dredge them up.
  12. well maybe they should have changed the names of the textures to. 100% unlikely they named the textures the same thing I did cause the images online didn't have a name and if they did I didn't use it I pre named every image.
  13. How can a server stand out to attract people if every server has every thing every other server has? It can't which is why WO has to have things WU can't so people want to play there rather than WU pay once free for life. The same applies to WU servers the competition to attract others to your server.
  14. I don't want to share my work thatrs why I never posted it for others to have. I however did share it with a single server when I was shutting mine down which I play on in my spare time.And I do get credit for my work on the server. Note I did not publish it as a mod to people only 1 guy Reqieum of Wurm.
  15. I'm not saying people can't use the same images I used there royalty free on the web. What My complaint is they didn't do it but claimed so and did not ask me and allowed others to download the work. I had a few interested in editing the models in Wurm. I have converted all wagon models and ship models I have to an easy to edit PNG file. They are uploaded to my google drive, link is below. Is this fair no.