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    Greetings, Wurmians! We apologise for the delay, cheeky little gremlins have been at play (hah, I'm a poet and I didn't even realise) but we’re back with another exciting edition of the Valrei International. This week, we have quite a few announcements, so let’s get started! “What’s Your Favorite Wurm Memory?” Last week, we launched a special Facebook contest inviting people to share their favorite Wurm Online memories. The contest ran for one week, and at the end of it, Joelle and I randomly chose five entries out of 39 total participants! They all had such amusing, touching, and interesting stories to share. Here are the lucky five winners, who each received a key of 30 days premium time: It’s always heartwarming to read players’ experiences with Wurm, and it reminds us that everyone plays this game in their own unique way and that should be celebrated! Be sure to follow the Wurm Online Official Facebook page to receive updates about the game, sneak peeks, and more chances to win in-game prizes! “You have a moment of inspiration…” To continue with the contest hype, we’ve decided to launch a forum-based competition with a special theme: You have a moment of inspiration… Players should submit entries based on what inspires them in Wurm Online. Entries can be as creative as you like--from screenshots to poems to videos and more! It could even be as simple as sharing your own personal story about how Wurm inspires you. The sky’s the limit with this competition, and the prizes involved are something you don’t want to miss out on. Tich’s Statue [16:15:56] In loving memory of our friend and developer, Tich. Next update, the memorial statue for Tich will be released. Tich passed away at the end of October, and we know you all have been eager for this statue to come to the game. The statue will be craftable as marble, with metal types being discoverable via archaeology. Horse Colors (YAY!) Also in the next update, the five new horse colors will appear in the game. Malena did an amazing job with these textures, as I’m sure you’ll all agree, and we are so excited for the variety they will bring. Chicken Colors? Whaaaat? Speaking of variety, this update will also ALSO include new hen and rooster colors! Saroman was so inspired by Malena’s work on horses that he just had to keep the work going with his own project! (And we’re not saying, but we’re just saying, there may be more new textures on the horizon in future: <Saroman> want to do more now, it’s fun haha) RIP Oblivionnreaver, but the joke was worth it! A Shadow Rises A familiar darkness is looming over Freedom, hushed whispers spread across the land about an eerie and chilling fate: Libila is coming... With the priest update, we are looking at bringing the ability to become a follower of Libila to Freedom servers. Because of all of the current restrictions with this religion, we’re planning on using more public testing and taking the transition slowly. Some restrictions will still be in place, such as mycelium, which will not be able to grow on Freedom, and some spells will not be possible just as they are not possible with player gods. The pact is sealed. That said, being a Fo-llower is where it's at yo. Community Content What does it mean? That’s it for this fortnight! The next update will come out on Thursday, with the new creature colors and Tich’s statue. Next time, we’ll have more information about what to expect in the end-of-the-year BIG update. Until then though, it’s smooth sailing! Keep on Wurming! Retrograde and The Wurm Team
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    Why, here at Ever After pastures we take the finest of care of all equines! From our luxury seaside pens with rose hedges, to our indoor rooms for those cold winter months, we always seek the best for our horses and more. Rose hedges provide the perfect balance of protection and views, with the sea visible amidst the thorny branches. Our indoor stables provide enchanted grass as well as large free roaming spaces, avoiding any feelings of being cooped up. Tich would be treated to electrum runes of Fo to keep that youthful look forever, as well as fed the finest organic crops, from her choice of cotton seeds, carrots, cabbage seeds or the always popular enchanted grass. Prior to transportation, Tich would be provided with our patented long distance electrum rune therapy services. Upon arrival at her new home, she would be cared for by one of our premium horse minders and branded with our revolutionary cold branding technique, meaning no pain at all! Her days would be spent protected by our security templar, who will take on all foes, as well as groomed and kept clean of all fleas. Our resident Fo priest will ensure all disease is kept away and any scraggly hoof issues will be cleared up quicker than you can say "are you saccing my scale pants?" We hope you choose Ever After pastures for your new home for your beloved Tich, and look forward to hearing your decision. P.S. This is seriously cool, and it would be an honour to have a Tich named horse to care for.
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    [14:06:12] You are practically standing on the The venerable black dragon! Below ground Announcing a public slaying on November, 17th. Exact location will be announced at a later time: Xanadu, central location, will need road travel, no coast in local of slaying. Drops: Bone drop (if any) will go to organizers to pay for the silvers used for the deed, all other drops will be rolled for amongst slayers as listed on Niarja. Premium players in local will get some drake scale and blood for a potion of carpentry. Enjoy! Edit: initial location info here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/166270-public-slaying-the-venerable-black-dragon/&amp;do=findComment&amp;comment=1697924 Edit2: location here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/166270-public-slaying-the-venerable-black-dragon/&amp;do=findComment&amp;comment=1698116
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    Only one foal born this morning, but he's nonetheless a very special little foal. A black silver! Born to HappyFancy (White) and EbonyBenny (Ebony Black) a son "HappyHill".
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    having more than 1k players online.
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    For me its not what inspired me but who. The answer to this is and was from the very beginning of my wurm life Tich. From the moment I learned to dig and heard of legend of this fabled woman who carved the roads throughout the lands that I walked on, I was in awe. I spent my first year of wurm digging like a crazy person, I couldn't get enough of it at my own place or my brothers so I started to travel far and wide answering the call from anyone who needed help. I'd drop what I was doing to go to anyone who needed help in anything from simply being shown the basics of flatraising or needing help fixing a bump in a road through to large scale projects like a fortress or high wall. Helping to complete the great southern highway with Tich was a huge bump in the inspiration she gave me. When I started Epic it was to be my break from digging and I promised myself that I would do none. Seems that over the years I was there the seeds she planted in my brain lead to a lot of digging roads to help directionally challenged people find their ways places such as JKs bloody long road and the road for MR and JK to find the whitelight on old Elevation, then other roads on new Elevation and Desertion.
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    I'll take it off your hands for 30e, you are free to buy it back for the same price if your situation gets better. PM me with paypal info.
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    New cart colours Left to right Grapewood, Camelliawood, Oleanderwood, Blueberrywood, Lavenderwood, Lingonberrywood, Raspberrywood, Rosewood.
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    So I was thinking we could use a fishing hat. It should have 5-6 small pockets on it, to store lots of spare fish hooks and fishing line.
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    One thing often discussed that turns people away is how slow the grind is for beggining players. Many people are dissuaded from playing the game because of how hard it is to get started. Enter mentoring. Two players link with each other similar to the way priests do. As long as they are within 10 tiles from each other, mentoring remains active. The mentor must have higher than 70 skill in the craft he is mentoring the other player on. The mentee must have less than 50 skill in said craft. As long as those conditions are met, the mentee gets a skill gain bonus. This stacks with other bonuses already available. This system allows for accelerated training for players who are trying to learn a new craft. It also promotes social interaction and allows players to work together side by side and works toward keeping communities together.
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    As for building and terraformation, my huge inspiration were Meteora Monasteries in Greece. Been there and it seems as beautiful as unreal. Some pictures: And deeds pictures:
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    Modifications are alterations made to items by their crafter which are selected during item creation. The crafter chooses a modification to an item to be applied beforehand (by means of the crafting window) which will change the end result by adding a modification as stated below. Certain modifications work or are available for certain items while others are not. All modifications are unlocked once a crafter has become a master in their profession (reaches 90 skill) and can only be applied to items produced with that profession (i.e. a 90 Weaponsmith can’t modify a pickaxe). Modifying an item during creation consumes one source crystal and it cannot be reversed. Once an item is created with a modification, the item will have that modification until consumed, decays or is otherwise destroyed. Modified items cannot be combined with non-modified items, nor can they be combined with items with different modifications. Dropping them in bulk storage (where possible) will remove the modification. Modified items can be further enchanted or runed as normal. Once an item is modified, it will display its trait as a prefix to the item’s name (i.e. Tempered Axe, Iron). List of Modifications: Efficient- Increases use speed by 5% Exceptional- Increases max yield or quality gain by 1 point of ql Fleeting- Increases movement speed of vehicle by 3% Graceful – Reduces total weight of item by 25% Hefty – Increases bash damage. Infused- Increases resulting cast potency on item. Insightful- Extends temporary affinity timer. Medicated- Increases healing potency. Plentiful – Increases yield by 25% Reinforced – Reduces the chance of shatter by 5% Robust- Reduces decay damage by 5% Satisfying- Increases nutrition gain. (Foods) Seeded- Increases seed yield. (Only for crops) Serrated- Increases damage done to armor or shields by 5% Sharp – Increases damage dealt by 3% Stable – Reduces fuel consumption by 10% Sturdy- Reduces item damage taken by 5% Tempered – Increases chance to improve. Training- Increases skill gain by 5%. Well Balanced – Reduces stamina drain when used by 25%.
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    HI, back again. So now we have many things that have been asked for, including the bridges, animal cages, putting things on surfaces, annnnd … new horse colors ALL OF THEM WONDERFUL!!! THANK YOU. My turn now, please my Dev friends, please, go and redo the floral options in Wurm. New and more realistic bushes, no more sticks with a red dot, or upside down pink cones. Maybe a whole new flower garden skill, not necessary, but okay. Seeds for the flowers, window boxes, flower beds with no ugly box, that has more dirt than flowers in it. Flower garden tiles and edges. flowers on walls, flower arches, pinks, purples, reds, blues, .... COLOR MY FRIENDS, COLORS!!!!!! Just go nuts with a floral fantasy!!!!!!!!! As always, thank you for your time.
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    My moment of inspiration came when I attended my first impalong. It is the last one Willow hosted at Festival Cove. With just a few months into wurm I was still a pretty raw newbie. My Son Bonegetter had brought me to the game, held my hand as I was eaten by my first spider and gave me a safe place to land. Xaeo taught me carpentry and Molkus was helping me with hunting at the time. At the impalong i was impressed and in awe of all the hard work players did for each other. Most of all I was impressed by the weaponsmiths,. Zuperman, Gumbo and others rocked it. The sheer volume of imps they did, the time energy and hanging on to sanity all made a deep impact on me, as well as the shortage of ws back then. Because of that impalong and a sadistic friend named Quiglen I did a 90 ws grind on my Original toon "Chiqa" making it a point to go to every impalong I could to help out, using not only her ws but also bs and carpentry, fine carpentry skills wherever they were needed. Through doing this I learned the value of having good skills in all the basics. Old friends I have been gaming with forever like Chulirac, Gumbo, Jashton, PingPong, Silverwolf, Uisge and Tria now remember and shake their heads in laughter as they watch me do it all again. As I work on my second toon "Chiqqa" I am repeating the same grinds, starting with ws. The overwhelming sense of community at that first for me event was an inspiration that has carried me for years. Through all my years of Wurm the friendships gained, time spent together, joint projects and pains have helped me in the rest of my life. Friends here where rocks when my husband suddenly passed away. Wurm was a constant in my life when all else was in upheaval. We talk on the phone, send each other texts and worry about each other when someone disappears for awhile. What a wonderful way to bring people together. Suntan once said " Wurm is not a thing, it is a place" this rings so true for me.
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    I learned about Wurm a year ago, but couldn't seem to get used to the controls so quit before I even finished the tutorial. Last month, I stumbled upon a Youtube video about Wurm ("A Day in the Life" by KatsPurr), and it inspired me to give it another try. I honestly don't think I would have given it another chance otherwise. It has already become my all time favorite and most played video game ever (289 hours in 24 days lol)
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    [19:51:21] The large rat pelt will not fit in the small magical chest. Please give us the option to put pelts into backpacks and small chests.
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    add the ability to choose what to dispel
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    I think for me it's my friends and people who surround me in wurm, their projects and dedication to those and then there is also my own project, which, whenever I look at it I feel in awe of all the work that has been put into it, of how it changed over the years and how it continued on and on even if I wasn't having time for wurm
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    This is not a mod but a bunch of texture files you can use if you wish Its easy to use. I don't know how to use it with creature mod - I have just replaced other textures with my own. Rendered wall in the bottom - wooden version on the top: Oh, and last but not least, the blob! Not that I fear spiders, but IF I did, this games "phobia mode" version of the spiders have been gory and nasty and impossible to spot! Isn't this a lot better? Attack of the rainbow-slimes \o/ In order to use my method, first close your wurm-clients (Steam can be left running). 1. Make sure you have something that can open packed files (winrar, winzip, 7zip or something) 2. Navigate to Steam ---> steamapps ---> common ---> WurmUnlimited---> WurmLauncher ---> packs 3. Right click graphics.jar and choose to use your zip program to open it (I use 7zip and in the right click menu I have to navigate through 7zip ---> open archive) 4. Find where the texture you want to replace is located ( For instance, horses, unicorns and hellhorses are in creatures ---> horse - walls are in structures ---> houses - Tapestries are in furniture) 5. Drop the downloaded and properly re-named texture into the folder where it belongs (a question will pop up, that you want to say yes to). 6. Start your Wurm Unlimited game as usual. It should now load the chosen texture instead of the original game texture when you enter the world. NOTE: Some of my textures need re-naming. If it has a (2) at the end it must be removed. Rename the file name alltogether if you want them to replace another color or version of the item. To download my textures - click the link below and find the correct texture: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19vzyoQLdQW_r2fvGLqzfGKQ2jWUjCabo?usp=sharing A quick list of the current textures to more easily navigate which file you may want to download:
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    It might be more useful on larger servers, but a stage coach service would be cool as a safer option of newer players to move about, or players who just don't feel like riding down the roads for a long period of time to get from one place to another. Have a stage coach contract available same as the wagoner, and can be set up on your deed. The stage should be fast, at least 40 km/h speed, same as you would have with a well geared hell cart. A player would order up the coach at a waystone, once the stage arrives climb on board and away they go. There should be an option for number of passengers, with names and pop up windows to initiate the travel once all are on board. This would be an added feature for the highway system, and I believe that most servers have the infrastructure in place to make this a worth while feature.
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    Made a round of changes which should now be on the test server: Bless and Refresh no longer give "would never help the infidel" error if the target is not hostile. Hostile targets will still give the infidel error. Fireheart cast time increased to 7 seconds from 5 seconds. Shard of Ice cast time increased to 7 seconds from 5 seconds. Fo's combat rating bonus at 70 faith now also applies in tundra. Fo's and his demigods' stamina bonus now applies to tundra. Tosiek now has the spells Bloodthirst and Web Armour. Tosiek no longer has the spell Life Transfer. Smeagain now has the item protection on death passive. Natural favor regeneration has been significantly improved. It now regenerates faster and refills favor every 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds. Damage enchants Flaming Aura, Frostbrand, and Essence Drain no longer have a minimum damage threshold for a wound to be applied. Life Transfer and Essence Drain no longer have a minimum damage threshold for healing to be applied. Restrictions for Libila priests have been lifted: Farming, Harvesting, Sowing, Planting, Gathering. Fixed a bug where converted damage types through salves or the Venom spell would not calculate glance chances properly. Fixed an issue where monsters were attacking priests with the non-aggressive monster passive. Sorry Emoo. I didn't touch on everything I wanted to yet, so this is up next: Scorn of Libila weirdness - not applying healing resistance, not healing wounds properly, etc. Item Protection on death revisited - we'll be changing it to make it no longer stack with resurrection stone. Instead, it will offer 35% chance passively, but a resurrection stone will overwrite that with it's normal 50% chance. BL characters being able to harvest from mycelium trees and similar If anything was reported that is not fixed in these notes or mentioned here, please reply here with a new iteration of the report. I've done my best to go through all of the pages and fix what I've seen but there's just simply too many comments (and words, frankly) for me to catch everything.
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    New: New horse colors added. New: Hens and Roosters can now be white, black or brown. New: Added Statue of Tich – can be crafted with marble shards. Metal versions are available through archaeology. Change: Show death reason on corpse description for Cared For creatures. Change: Added the ability to care for a creature while it is caged. Change: Hell Foals and Unicorn Foals grow faster on pvp servers like normal Foals Change: You should no longer waste a full sap harvest if your bucket is full upon beginning the harvest action. Bugfix: Unicorn foals will no longer lose their name when transitioning to adult. Client bugfix: Fixed glitchy lighting on terrain decorations The post Patch Notes 22/NOV/18 appeared first on Wurm Online.
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    I don't like the built in rails/fence that comes with the bridges today. They look great, but still don't match existing walls and fences. They are tall enough to restrict our views when on foot. People love a good view and in RL, bridges are always a great place to get an amazing view. So, when building a bridge, make it come with a flat surface that does not have the built in rail/fence. Rather it should have a border that is build-able, so we can put chain, iron, stone or whatever fence, as long as it is a solid fence and not like the low rope that you walk through. Think of how colorful bridges will become! I know previous posts have been made for a better matching of the rails to existing fences, but this really opens up all the options. Maybe even one day building houses on bridges? Some pretty amazing structures like that in Europe and would be fun to replicate here.