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    You have heard the tale, the legend, of... a unique, you forget which, on Release, hosted at Bruce's Flying Circus N13, servertime Sun Jan 15 21:00:00 CET 2023 The time quickly approaches, you aren't even on Release yet. But you know well that if you set off now, you'll get there an hour early. Click the options that mark your choice Do you Jump in the boat and set off - now! or wait 30 minutes. There's still plenty of time. God I hope this works first try, I can't find a Preview function.
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    Hi all, I’m aware of the stories circulating about the removals of Shydow, Shrimpiie, and SugarFoxx from the Wurm Team. While they all have nuggets of truth, they also miss the critical reason these individuals were removed from the team. Shrimpiie and Shydow worked together to cover up a situation that involved Shydow’s significant other, SugarFoxx. Information was not only withheld, but these individuals participated in the active investigation while withholding information. In this case, players were punished while a staff member was shielded. That is inexcusable and a violation of our trust in the GM team. As for personal vendettas, that is unlikely and speculative at best. Enki, Pomona, and I were informed about the covering up of evidence some time ago, but we needed proof. That proof came in December after a long period of discussion. The three of us then discussed the way forward with this information. In the end, removal was the only resolution given the broken trust. Trust not only within the GM team or the volunteer team as a whole but trust within the community. To close, I wish them the best in their endeavors, both in and out of Wurm. Any retaliation or further discourse from this incident will be moderated accordingly. I wish to put this behind us and move on. - Keenan
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    I can't speak for all others, but feel like I am surely speaking for many of us, and I'm hoping others will chime in here. Thank you for everything you've always been for this community. For all the care you've taken over the years to help those in need of valuable information and guidance. For always communicating with clarity and patience, even when some of us can be dense and slow to pick up 😆. For always being a willing friend. For doing what's right even when it stinks sometimes (personally, sorry you had to warn me the one day, i shouldn't have been in GL at that BAC level! lol). And so much more. You're appreciated and a unique and special part of the Wurm world, and you should definitely know this and hear it firsthand. Thank you.
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    Find your new years resolutions mean well but keep falling short? That "get fit" and "stop smoking" becoming every years' resolution? Well look now for something that might help! (no guarantees given, guaranteed) To set an achievable new years resolution, it's recommended to use the S.M.A.R.T. method to create goals that fulfil the resolution! Here's mine as an example, the resolution is to get fit! Specific goals that you can hold yourself to! Mine's going to involve a lot of pedal-biking! Measurable deadlines or actions that let you know when you are succeeding - in my case, I'm measuring minutes, and boy do I need 30 of them daily! Achievable and realistic goals help avoid feelings of defeat and failure, which can send you into never using that gym membership! 30 minutes is achievable, but I'm making sure to forgive myself if I fail, but also to fearlessly examine why I didn't stick to it so I can get back on track Relevant goals ensure that your goal has purpose and reaches your overarching resolution. In this instance, I'm quite sure that the pedal-biking will contribute to getting fit! Timely goals create a realistic deadline you can hold yourself to. How long will it take? In my case this one has no expiry, which perhaps makes it a little poor here! Here's another goal: killing this black dragon hatchling! Specific: Stab it in the face Measurable: Stab it until it is dead Achievable: Sail out early so you don't miss it! It's at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 Release Relevant: Not sure what your overarching goal is, but there's some sweet Armour Smithing blood, dragon meat, dragon skull, dragon hide, its corpse and a rare+ bone going! Timely: /servertime Sun Jan 08 20:00:00 CET 2023 Discord code <t:1673204400:F> THESE TIMERS ARE IN ERROR, IT'S AN HOUR LATER P.S. my explanation of SMART goals is definitely lacking, here's a handy article on it if you want to know more!
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    Aeris for scale I don't know the answer, but let's hack off the other three! Location: Pristine M18, deed What do you call a donkey with three leg https://pristine.yaga.host/#1186,1150 /servertime: Sat Jan 14 21:00:00 CET 2023 Discord time copypaste: <t:1673726400:F>
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    New players are joining Epic for a few days then leaving, a big missed opportunity to get new pvpers. Epic needs to shut down so new players don't have such a bad experience then quit. I also propose shutting all pvp servers. And having one new server accessed via craftable portal from SFI and NFI, with Defiance ruleset minus rare speed horses, +10% boat speed. Your faith and meditation abilities transfer the first time you cross only. No item transfer. PMKs enabled from the start. I believe Chaos accounts are NOT massively higher skilled than the players currently on Defiance. Partly because players are now skilling better from caffeine + food affinities etc and game knowledge. So I don't think this is an argument against a merge but I'm interested in hearing other points of view.
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    To those calling for permabans and throwing out labels of corruption - it is clear you do not have anywhere near the full story. Not only that, you so quickly forget the good work of these staff members and have no idea of the amount of times they went to bat for regular players. Shame on you all.
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    I am happy to discuss my side of the story with anyone interested. You may contact me on the forums or on Discord at any time.
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    The new year is well underway and I know everyone is eager to see our plans for it. We wanted to update everyone with the timelines we are currently working with while we finish up the final details of our Road Map and Holy Sites. I hope everyone has had a great start to the new year so far and here is our planned schedule for things coming up in the next few weeks. Road Map We are currently putting the finishing touches on our roadmap and are planning to have it out early next week. As mentioned this year we want to focus on improving parts of the game that have long needed it. These include things like totally redoing our new player experience, bringing the tutorial into the main game and removing the need for a dedicated tutorial server. This will allow players to learn the game where they plan to build instead of a long tutorial at the start trying to cram as much information in a short period as we can. We also would like to improve upon the process of selecting a server, hopefully giving players more information about which server would interest them the most to start on. This new tutorial will walk you though the basics of Wurm and guide you through building a small house and furnishing it with some basics such as bulk containers and forges/ovens. We have plenty more lined up which we will be going over in more detail next week with our roadmap post. Holy Sites/Goblin Camps We will be reopening public testing for Holy Sites in the coming days with some better mechanics to keep them spawned in this time. Our current tentative release date, should the testing go well, will be around February 9th for Holy Sites with Goblin Camps following it up early in March. We appreciate everyone's patience with us here as we finish up the polishing of these features to make sure they are something people will enjoy on launch. 2023 Map Dumps As with every year we will be releasing our yearly map dumps in February for everyone to see all the amazing progress everyone made in 2022 so stay tuned for those soon. Defiance Player Made Kingdoms (PMK) In PvP News we will be enabling PMKs on Defiance soon along with the Holy Sites update in February. This will come along with some restrictions on them to keep base kingdoms viable and not overrun by the new kingdoms. You will only be able to make/expand PMK influence on the center most strip of land shown below. Any tiles outside of this zone will not allow towers or villages from player kingdoms to be placed. Normal kingdoms may expand into the PMK zone, but once you have founded a PMK you will not be able to expand outside this area. This area provides no other benefits/penalties other than blocking expansion outside it for PMKs. Feedback thread for the PMK changes.
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    It should be more like:
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    The game is worse off for losing three dedicated, talented, and passionate members of a volunteer team. thank you for all your work over these years
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    It's a cute skin but I do have to ask a worrying question and that would be "Aren't all this skins too immersion breaking?" I mean we had that teddy bear skin, the snowman head thing...we have this bucket skin, at this rate any in game immersion will start to go into the pit. It's just a few steps until we start getting "anime fantasy wings" or character "mini skirts". There are hundreds of nice skins we could get based on historical weapons and armours (Winged hussars look great fyi) that don't break immersion. Maybe I am in the minority here but I've seen enough MMO's ruined by this type of immersion breaking, aesthetic murdering approach where we basically remove all sense of cohesive style in favour of some quick $ selling skins. Just my feedback here. In other notes, I am happy to see characters no longer getting deleted. There never was any sense to delete characters who are non prem since no MMO except Wurm did that and it's just against the current of player expectations.
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    Wurm has horrific player retention. On Steam, just 13% of new players complete the tutorial - 87% (!!!) quit before then or skip it. A better measure of staying in the game is joining a village - only 3% of new players join a village, of which some of those will be alts of existing players - so Wurm retains maybe fewer than 3% of people who try the game. Old School Runescape (OSRS) is a good point of comparison, it's an old and relatively intricate MMO a bit like Wurm - 60% of OSRS players complete the tutorial, and 32% complete the "Cook's assistant" quest (i.e. manage at least a few hours of gameplay). 16% complete the much harder Dragon Slayer quest (which requires 10-20 hours of work, easily, and not everyone does it.) Wurm's new player retention is terrible, including when compared to other games. Let's put it another way: More than 97% of people who think this game is worth trying get scared away within the first few hours of gameplay. This is at least 5-10x worse than comparable MMOs like Old School Runescape. Wurm maybe has 1k to 2k premium players right now, but it will not survive long-term without getting new players through the doors by improving new player retention. Not only will new players keep Wurm alive, it's also great for the game in many ways, like: More funds to pay more developers A better in-game economy Larger, more exciting events In summary: As a long-time player, I think improving the new player experience is essential. More new players = Wurm survives (and thrives) for longer, and that benefits everyone. I miss ~10 years ago when Wurm routinely had ~2k players logged on at once, it was so much more exciting.
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    I don't buy it. Consider my trust in the team severely diminished.
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    Some pics of my various deeds, Tulum on Cadence Baldivis on Melody Isle of Three on Harmony Terrae Mortem on Defiance Happy New Year to everyone.
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    Out of respect for those involved, I am going to continue to be silent on what transpired. I still consider this an open investigation, and I've reached out for more information. I will say that I feel this was an unfortunate lapse in judgement that broke trust. A decision made because of a tricky personal situation. I promise to make a more informative post once the investigation has concluded.
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    Server Changelog Bugfix: Liquids in recipes will now check weights correctly Bugfix: Fixed a text error in the list of friends window. Bugfix: Fixed a text error when cancelling placing an item. Bugfix: Fixed an issue that let Rift Scout Camps spawn too close to buildings off deed. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with too many items in one area preventing login in certain cases. Change: Drastically reduced the speed bonus of the rare speed trait on all PvP servers. New: Item Tags – These will allow you to link items in your inventory/containers into chat, showing the same information hovering over it gives. Hold down alt and click an item to link it into a chat The item tags are a static picture of an item taken when linking it, these will not update with the item. Art Changelog Bugfix: Fixed the spyglass in 3rd person view. Bugfix: Fixed the coals glowing on stone forges and ovens. Bugfix: Presses will now show their correct wood colour when placed Bugfix: Huge Bell and Large Bell resonators will now show the correct icon. Bugfix: Fixed erroneous glow on campfires in combination with certain containers while turning those containers visible (baking stone, cake tin, cauldron, coffee pot, pie dish, roasting dish, plate, pottery jar, sauce pan and teapot)
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    Finding friends I think a lot of new players (but by no means all) come to Wurm after a recommendation by a friend, and very often they want to meet up with their friend(s) in those first few hours - but haven't a clue how to contact or find them. They probably have to use a 3rd party communication method to ask their friends how to get together in Wurm. Many end up as lost souls asking CA_Help where their buddy is - and on finding out - next ask how to change servers. The new friendships made in the first few hours, days and weeks of play, often end up being the longest lasting, and very often it's these friendships that keep us playing years later. To many, the Add Friend system is not clear, obvious or intuitive but rather obscure, and again, calls to CA_Help asking how to add a friend are very common from new players. Very often the new player's real word friend is not even online, and friends can not be added while offline. So while the new player may know the friend's name and maybe even the deed name they need to find, they are still left to try to make their way to an unfamiliar location on an unknown server without a guide. Friendly focus. I think the Add Friend and inter-server communications need an overhaul with the new player in mind. Inter server chat should be activated by default - I *think* this is the case currently, but it should be part of the tutorial to send a basic /tell PM and get a response, perhaps using an NPC/AI Agent on Golden Valley which could be messaged like a player and will respond back with helpful information, in a similar way to the way the /help command does now. Add Friend: I would like to see the ability to right click menu > Add Friend, by right clicking on a player name in the PM chat window, in the same way you can Use a name. I think there should be more feedback on the Status of the friend's request - how the friends request is progressing, whether the other person has yet to respond, has accepted, if the request was incorrectly typed (try again) or failed for some other reason (not the fault of the new player). It might be good if the Add Friend system would *not* time out so soon due to inactivity or quit if the other party is offline, but would instead stay active for maybe a week especially when either player is offline. There could be a Status tab for each friend request which pops up for the players next time they log in. It would not show the online/offline status of the other party until the friends request is accepted. I think this might help to reassure the new player that their friends request is being taken seriously, and not just thrown back at them as a fail. On PvE, it might be good if the real world friend could create some sort of beacon that stays active on their deed even when they go offline, so that the new player can portal once directly to that beacon even if the mayor is offline, in a similar way to a karma teleport spell. Just some ideas!
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    This happened before. For a while it was called Rolf's Lunch or Wurmpocalypse. (Not to be confused with the server wipe called Wurmageddon.) It was such a disaster that it became the spark that created Freedom. People play on Freedom, precisely because they don't want this. You have your PvP servers. Stop trying to force it on non PvP'ers. -1
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    The harm is a loss of cohesive aesthetic. The harm can be explained by an example such as this one : What's the harm? People see gimmicky skins , costumes , cutesy stuff that totally ruin what's supposed to be a more realistic fantasy sandbox game and think "Oh...another one of those games. Yeah , pass." The real annoyance I have in this situation is people failing to see that there's a progression to this descent into a "fashion show game". It starts out with innocent stuff like teddy bears, snowmen skins, bucket heads, candy cane skins. then 50 skins later you get female characters sporting oversexualised breastplates with mini skirts and chainmail stockings for a reason. Part of any gaming experience is immersion. If you destroy immersion you kinda kill roughly 50% of the gameplay right there. You don't really feel like a blacksmith doing chores around the deed when you see someone as I described above riding past your forge and you realise you're just in another copy paste MMO that solely exists to sell skins now, gameplay and immersion be damned. This type of outcome doesn't happen overnight, the progression is slow, 1 skin a month, maybe another added with certain events such as halloween or xmas, then suddenly you see people wearing clown suits on high heels bashing trolls with a carnival hammer and it's no longer Wurm, it's just a typical cash grab skin selling korean / asian MMO. I really don't know how to articulate this better...the harm is real even if it's difficult to quantify. You don't need to be an arts major or hold a phd in graphic design to understand that consciously or subconsciously our brain does appreciate aesthetics and how things look and fit together. Do we really need to lose 100-200 players then ask why those players left? Even if on top of that there's no feedback mechanic to ask quitting players why they left, but I am gonna bet my bank account quite a few will be influenced by how wurm looks and "feels".
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    Swooping from afar, A random spawn seeks his prey. Fight or flee, we must!
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    Yesterday I travelled to the gorgeous deed of Montrose to celebrate the birthday of an alliance member! We celebrated the festivities with some Yellow Potion Hide and Seek. I managed to hide in plain sight as a flowerpot for a full thirty minutes... in the starting room 😅 The seeker kept walking right past me! I think he would've found it easier had he stayed away from the rum 🙄 Good times were had by all!
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    I'm a lucky Bear! What a sight!
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    Temple of Anubis, Terra Australis WU server (no longer running)
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    Now that some major changes have taken place, particularly things that get us off deed and exploring the world, as well as never deleting the free alts used for storage, maybe it's time to re-evaluate some features of merchants. First, let's get some value for that and remove the 50 item restriction. They cost us 8 silver from the trader. There is no reasonable reason they shouldn't be able to hold 100 things, even if they are just storage. While we're at it, let's remove the restriction about containers. If I want to sell completed almanacs or books with pages, satchels of sprouts, or sets of armor in a backpack, it's not an unreasonable expectation. Next, let's make markets visually more interesting by allowing us to dress the merchant in something other than the default robes. They're nice, but variety is the spice of life and markets with 10+ merchants can make it difficult to remember which one had that thing you want when you run off to grab more silvers. We can equip horses with different appearing items, perhaps the same should be possible for merchants? Finally, let's bring back writs so that vehicles can be sold. The writ can be made by the owner with paper/papyrus and reed pen with ink/dye much the same way we write cooking recipes or forestry reports. Only one writ could exist on an item at one time, and is a deathkept item. For ownership transfer, the new owner would right click > Take ownership for the vehicle in question. With that cool new linking feature, the specifics of the vehicle including any runes can be listed on the writ to ensure the item is exactly what the new owner is expecting. Any change to a vehicle including improving, repairing, damage, and runes/enchants would cause the writ to become inactive and change its title to "invalid writ".
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    So withholding information and getting players banned and they just get removed from staff and not perma banned? Doesn't sound like much justice to me.
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    The Horse, The Thief, and The Cage It is not intended that a person with lead permissions on a creature can cage the creature and ship it off to another island for the purpose of rebranding and caring for it, effectively taking it from the original owner. This unintended issue will be corrected in a future update, until then, do not cage creatures that are branded or cared for, for the purpose of cross server ownership change. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    Server Changelog New : Stopped deletion of old accounts without premium.Historically, we’ve deleted accounts that have never purchased premium time after 90 days of inactivity. Moving forward, we will not be deleting these accounts. The adverse effects of deletion on our customers have far outweighed the benefits of cleaning up these accounts. The effects of this change will be observed moving forward, and other changes may be made to inactive accounts in the future. New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Staff. Congrats Ehizellbob! New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Foraging. Congrats Muse! New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Botanizing. Congrats Muse! New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Coal-making. Congrats Welmari! Bugfix: Fixed the message for missing blank map in cartography table. Bugfix: You will now be able to copy a map from your locked cartography table. Bugfix: Changed message for overlapping survey areas to make it slightly clearer that only overlapping parts have lower skillgain. Change: Village stamps will now work on mini tokens from archaeology Change: Treasure maps can now cross servers and display which server they came from but will be unable to be opened on any server but the original. Client Changelog Bugfix: Fixed item jitter when placing items in certain situations. Bugfix: Fixed issues with facing direction on surveys when using 3rd person view. Art Changelog Bugfix: Stone slab piles model will no longer look like a box pileJanuary’s Monthly Skin: The Bucket Helm! January’s “Bucket Helm” skin is fashionable and functional, with a solid metal liner for superior protection and blocking out the smells imbibed by it’s previous uses! Available through the month of January in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any Great Helm to give it a unique and fancy look!
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    Unicorns require a significant effort in animal taming to be usable. However, their speed doesn't make them worth riding at present, compared to ordinary horses. I can see a few possible ways to balance this. Make unicorns significantly easier to tame, perhaps allowing people who are "pure" to ride them or tame them easily (purity could be decided based on alignment, or even a stat such as creatures killed). Make unicorns faster than a horse, although not as fast as a hell horse. Hell horses are so annoying that they deserve to be fastest. Make unicorns slightly faster carrying two riders than a horse carrying one. This leaves unicorns with a decent purpose, even if it's just a niche role. Make unicorns significantly tougher in combat, even while tamed, and have them attack the rider's target if possible.
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    With the new updates on wurm focusing on exploration and adventure, it might be time to also release some travel QoL content: 1. Allow tents to be repaired/improved - At the moments tents are a constant pain given their RNG creation and annoying material requirements. 2. Fix tent locking over server borders - A huge bug that has led to some nasty thefts 3. Allow us to use rock shards on a campfire to make it semi-permanent (i.e. not decay away instantly when empty) - A nice aesthetic for people who want to make a camp for a week - especially if there is a texture for each rock shard type. 4. Allow travellers to use a bedroll on a cart to sleep in an unpiloted cart - Sometimes you need to log quickly and it'd be nice to get some SB if its for the night. 5. Same, but for a boat - See above. 6. Grant carts/boats which have been piloted in the past 7 days contents protection (i.e. no decay on the contents), and extend this protection permanently on deeds - Decay while travelling is a huge put off compared to life on a deed. This would help reduce that, and encourage people to get out and about. Also, I constantly find myself needing to get items re-imped that I keep in my cart! 7. Add in some high-tier portable versions of workstations (i.e. folding map table, portable kitchen) that use high level skills to create and improve in return for much lower weight/volume - Travel involves a lot of creating random low QL things in the middle of nowhere, it would be nice if some stations were portable! No-one likes seeing random ovens in the middle of the road! 8. Add in a lower tier tent/bedroll that decays away in a couple of days for travellers who want to rough it (also helps newer players!) - Travel should not just be for the elite, and it's nice to have a backup in a pinch! 9. A special item that, when planted, protects a 3x3 area centered on it from critters entering (effectively giving a single safe tile) as long as a tent and bedroll are placed in that 3x3 area (maybe uses a source gem as fuel (1 gem = 3 days charge that only depleats when deployed). [Fails to function around special locations such as camps and rifts] - Aimed at people who travel often and get mauled by critters when camping (you can never AFK in the wild, a huge issue for the traveller unless you enjoy making random fence pens) 10. If a player is sleeping in a tent (i.e. using a bedroll on the same tile), protect the tent and its contents from decay - Pretty small QoL change aimed at letting people stay away from deeds longer 11. Allow players to use a container on a tile to "set up to catch rain", giving a 1KG of water whenever it rains. Acts as planted for 3 days. - Just a way to get water inland on the go!
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    I'm a "gray Wurmian". I'm one of those who still remembers getting their first computer. Getting home from work, getting things taken care of, kids in bed, and then the familiar sound of the dial up connecting. It was all so new and so much to explore. Email was a big deal. "Do you have an email address?" was often answered with "I don't have a computer". The extent of online gaming was getting on Yahoo! Games to play literati or euchre or cribbage. The first game I remember playing on the computer was something I remember as "trains". That wasnt' the name, but you had to start from scratch and get eggs, then get them to market, to grow and eventually buid trains to move the goods faster. The graphics were about as good as the Oregon Express scene that they showed on The Big Bang Theory. Then somone recommended we try Planetside. I was hooked. A game where you could could actually play and interact with others? YES!! It was slow paced, and it was more about the social aspects than the game itself. It's where I met @Beanbag. Then Planetside was revamped into Planetside2 and it was much faster paced, less about the social than the twitch. I still log in occasionally, but it's so go go go! that a few hours is enough. Beanbag and I kept our friendship going, trying various games together.. then apart. Then one day he said he was playing this incredibly boring game that he kept going back to: Wurm. I was bored, so I figured why not. Logged in, got to his deed, and he put me to work making fences. It was the most boring, frustrating thing I'd done. But they got done and i looked at them and was sooo satisfied. I was hooked. He seldom plays, maybe it's our age difference, but he can't stand the slow paced aspect. He asked me the other day why I still play. I answered him this way: it is the only game where I can log in, do stuff, then go afk for two hours, come back and nothing has changed. It only changes when I change it. I enjoy the social aspect. I'm not a social person, really an introvert (REALLY introverted!) but with Wurm I can interact with others in my comfort zone. I think the one thing I do appreciate, which is good for people who are getting a bit grayer is the nothing is quick or easy. You work for it all. The other day I was fixing up a mine tunnel. I had tried everything. I stepped away and thought about it.. then I figured out the solution. Not quick, not easy, but that feeling of "I got this!" is priceless. And it didnt' rely on reflexes being that of an 18 year old. It required me to THINK.
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    Was chatting with a friend about upcoming holy sites and the topic of mindstealer came up after reading "in exchange for a powerful Mind Stealer-like effect, using the creature template to determine possible skills" in the notes and we kind of laughed and said "so it's going to give absolutely nothing?" In its current state, mind stealer is a mildly interesting enchant, stealing a percentage of the difference between your skill and the mobs skill (roughly 1/1000 of the difference at 100 power), however it has some issues - Mobs have a very small range of skills, the vast majority of mobs have characteristics and weaponless fighting, no weapon skills, no stance skills, they don't even have fighting. The exceptions are trolls which have clubs, rift casters have channelling and the goblin leader who has shortsword/medium metal shield. It obviously doesn't make sense for a pig to give you weapon smithing or whatever, but mobs should have stance skills and the humanoids should have some basic knowledge seeing as they're knowledgeable enough to cook and record recipes (especially with the upcoming goblin camps showing they can use weaponry + probably craft them) - Skills and characteristics have the same % stolen, so IF they even had skills to steal, it's going to be a comically low amount as it's balanced around characteristics. After ~90k kills with 90-105 mindstealer i've gone from 19 to 39 weaponless fighting, and that has mobs with as high as 70 weaponless, and i'm only ever stealing weaponless from every mob but 1 in the game. - Conditions such as champion don't directly change characteristics or skills, so they don't increase mindstealing even though it'd make sense for a champion to be stronger and therefore worth more to mindsteal (and the holy site version seems to agree with champ being worth more and diseased being worth less) - Mobs for the most part have very low characteristics, there isn't a single common mob that has 20+ mind logic and only scorpions have over 20 mind speed sitting at 25, which is ironic considering it's called mindstealer and it's basically impossible to ever steal mind. Most characteristics top out at ~40's for common mobs, and since the skillgain and steal chance are based off the difference between your skill and theirs, they need to be 10+ levels over you to get a decent skill tick (and you'll never get anything if you're above them), so past low 30's mindstealing gains are extremely low. The exception to this is soul strength, which due to taming difficulty using soul strength (and tbh was probably forgotten by rolf when he added mindstealer), has a variety of super high soul strength mobs, with hell horses having 72 and lava fiends having a massive 90 soul strength, and the steal doesn't follow the general curve for skills, you'll get massive ticks such as Soul strength increased by 0.0157 to 75.0202 which is roughly 3 hours of mining worth stolen off a single lava fiend which is a bit absurd I'm not really sure how i'd go about balancing it, but mind stealer should have some value past 30 characteristics, actually steal skills at a reasonable value and have a variety of skills not just weaponless, be modified by mob conditions and probably follow the actual skillgain curve at super high characteristics when fighting also super high characteristic mobs. Right now it's only really useful on a freshly spawned toon or a priest alt killing glue tier hellhorses, diminishes quickly then curves back up quite a bit for pvp-orientated grinders wanting a lot of soul strength. There's no reason not to get it on a weapon since it doesn't block any other casts, but there's also not really a lot of reason to get it either
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    What in the heck is Nirav doing now? Well, I will tell you. I am giving away scale on the last day of my 12 Days of Holiday Give-away. .06 of Blue Dragon Scale is going to the winner of this contest. Here are the contest rules. The reason for all this is I got an archaeology affinity, which just does not happen to me hardly at all - getting affinities - so in celebration, I gave things away in GL for 11 days and this is the 12th and final. You must write a Haiku in this thread. The Haiku must follow the 5/7/5 syllable rule. It must be related to Wurm in some way. It must not go against any of the rules set down by Wurm Online regarding harrassment, bullying, etc. You must have the Haiku written by Midnight Server Time CET on the 19th of January... well the 20th of Jan technically. Midnight when it goes from the 19th to the 20th. To win, you must be SFI. I will not be judging. There is a panel of judges so that my own bias does not determine a winner. This event has ended. The winner will be announced soon. A panel of three judges, none of whom were me, have agreed that Seriphina is the winner of the contest.
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    Thank you all for doing this! These are really good. They are way better than I expected, not because I didn't think we had poets, but because this was just a random fun thing, and I didn't expect the amount of work and thought put into it by all of you. I wish I had scale to give to every one of you BUT - every person who entered, you get a silver for entering. Please send a sprout or other item to Nirav ingame for one silver. The winner will be announced in a few hours. Thank you all. If it is ok with you, these poems will be on a page on the Rockcliff Museum Website for all to see for a long time into the future. If you do NOT want your haiku there, please let me know.
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    Wandering the trees Finding ripe fruit and flowers But where did I park?
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    "Thwack" goes the pickaxe. The lantern suddenly dark-- A miner problem.
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    With measured patience, I will find deliverance, imping my spindles.
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    Old Grumpy Couples horsemarket Finally we want to broadcast our market here as well! It only took us two years to write a post ! Anyways! We are the old grumpy couple, Miralux and Bunnlose. We are running a market from our deed at North Deliverance. Here we got 55 salespens with animals, containing 4 speed horses, 4 drafthorses, draft and output bisons, draft mules and more. We got selfserve pens, but if you cant find the exact dreamanimal you were looking for, you are always welcome to ask us and we'll be happy to help. FIND US: Our location: https://deliverance.yaga.host/#1395,309 To arrive to our deed you got two options: if you come by land its very easy to just plot course to Old grumpy couple, and the highwaysystem will lead you to us. If you arrive with ship, there is a ship tunnel to our underground docks. Entrance for the tunnel is about here: https://deliverance.yaga.host/#1405,178 When you arrive to the docks, you will find a guestdock to the right where some tiles are offdeed, so you can easily unload/load creaturecages if you need. Follow the ledge straight south from guestdock (look for signs), and you will exit the mine and arrive just next to the marketbuildings. There are plenty of sign showing directions on our deed, but should you still be unsure where to go, never be shy to ask in local. Our market is divided in two sections: The upper market contains mostly draft animals. Here you will also find 8 merchants selling various of good. If you are looking for a special treat: check if the animal got a colored banner inside its pen! That would mean it have a rare trait. Additional info is on the keys to the pens. The merchants here currently are: Merchant_Key-Per: holding the keys to the pens Merchant_Animal gear: well, that might be selfexplaining but it sells Saddles and horseshoes with woa casts and other gear for the horses. In case of being sold out? Contact Bunnlose in game Merchant_Grinder: Specializes in high imped leather gear, toolbelts. Also got some tools and goodies. If you look for more items like this, or the merchant being sold out, look for Fossil in game. Merchant_Godofredo: Various items from archeology mainly, like seasonal items, masks, statuettes. Merchant_Berta: Selling masks, statuettes and random rare items Merchant_Supergluemaster: Selling shafts, planks, tenons, pegs in the archwoodcolors. Trying to keep all colors in stock, but in case of being sold out, contact Meitai in game to ask for more. Merchant_Hq tools: Selling rares, supremes, high imped tools thats fully enchanted with enchants atleast at 90+. Stock being updated as we get more goodies. Merchant_Jolly: Selling decorative items The lower market contains all the speedsters, along with some output bisons. Additional info about the animals are to be found at the keys on the merchant. Here you will also find a trader, accompanied by a few other merchants. The merchants here are currently: Merchant_Horses: holding keys to the pens at this level. Merchant_Sally: Selling various of tools and weapons with a minimum of 3 runes and/or enchants. The tools are always iron or steel, and the weapons are iron, steel or silver. The most part of these are being sold for only 20c. Here you can get nice items with higher chance to be imped rare, gather runes, holding enchants longer, shatter resist, gathering runes and so on. The variations are big so here you need to come and look. Adding new items all the time. (Exceptions for material might be made for rare items, though if not the mention materials, prize will also be very low.) BULK: From time to time we got bulk items avilable for purcase. Contact Bunnlose or Miralux if you need any of these Current stock is: Marblebricks (2,5s/k): 4000 in stock Slate bricks (2,5s/k): 2000 in stock Pottery bricks ( 3s/k): - Colossus bricks (2s/k) 2000 in stock Sandstone (2s/k) 2000 in stock Stone bricks (2s/k) - Rounded stonebricks (2s/k) -
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    Blowing my own trumpet again: Marsh house on stilts, and buoys marking a deep water channel.
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    It's a beautiful day to make some marshland by Mooncat Lake!
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    Minikilljoy Memorial Pictures May he rest in peace.
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    ... A NEW DAY IS DAWNING ... Blossom Market had fallen into ruins. The merchants had been replaced with signs saying they moved on, the buildings decayed, and all that was left was overgrown concrete slabs and the unwanted items left behind by transients, vagabonds, and nomads. But the Gods have seen fit to gift us with a new opportunity. Beautifully landscaped gardens of the Gods have sprouted. New buildings to house merchants, craftings areas, and suites with amazing balcony vista views are in the final stages of construction. More details coming very soon!
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    ... and then he landed on Wurm
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    No beans, just a good time. Come early and sermon if you want, place merchants if you want The slaying will begin at noon (that is 12:00pm EST) Recently we lost one of our members. MiniKIllJoy who was a great guy and a valuable member of my team passed away on Christmas Eve. In addition to the planned memorial deed, we will be having a moment of silence to honor his memory before the slaying. So please everyone come, have fun, and remember a great Wurmian who is no longer with us. Details of where (along with a timer) coming soon.... The location is here: https://cadence.yaga.host/#1067,2098 Very near another Forest Giant we hosted a while back. Please remember if YOU find a unique, and you want to have a public slaying call us and we'll help you pen it. We ask for nothing in return. If you want to sell it, we'll make you a good offer on it.
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    We will be opening it up to more stuff being able to be placed on walls in the future but it is not something we can easily enable on old items all together as there is some things models need to properly work with this and each item we add for this will need testing and possible tweaked to support placing them on the things but it is something we would like to work on support for in the future for sure.
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    Not sure how many of you know me but I'm mini's older brother IRL and it's really touching seeing all the warm words here I'll make sure my family gets to see this. Thank you all so much for your support.
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    [13:01:48] The buoy (lit) is too hot to be repaired. What good reason can there be for this? Placed lit buoys along a canal. Off deed. Knowing they would need maintained and repaired regular. But - what possible purpose does it serve to require snuffing them, repairing and then relighting? Seems a HUGE imposition to maintaining projects that benefit the community. Why make it harder than it needs to be? It isn't required for lit lamps. Why add the restriction to buoys?
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    Proudly showing the way to Colossus Lake through the fog
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    For me the bucket helm is at least something that is within the boundaries of the game's setting - teddy bear backpack, candy cane sword and such items should have really been a temporary prank only. Some of the PMK designs like HLL are also off from the setting as the graphics are too fine-detailed and brightly coloured to be in line with the age, setting and general assumed possibilities inworld.