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    I have serious information about upcoming features to Wurm Online so read carefully! Have you built a fireplace yet? I suspect everyone can make a campfire with some ease and soon that will take on new importance. During an upcoming update we will have both ‘Weather’ and ‘Climate’ in Wurm Online. Summer will bring heat and a warmer general climate. Occasionally this warmer climate will induce weather phenomena like wind storms, and lightning storms, and even hail. Most of the warm season will still be rather calm and enjoyable. Even in good weather there will be occasional light rains and other phenomena that may impede your travel or work actions. There will also be regional differences in climate based on the terrain and foliage. Hot areas like deserts will require lighter clothing and precautions to avoid dying of heat related illness. Interior areas like structures and caves will allow you to escape a lot of the heat from being outdoors, but not all of it. New clothing options will make it easier to switch between good weather and inclimate weather clothing at wardrobes. Going out into hot weather with metal armor on will not be a good idea as your stamina and water will drain fast and your temperature will rise until you either become ill with hyperthermic conditions, or pass out and possibly die from heat exposure. Winter climate will of course bring the opposite of heat and will also bring rare blizzards, and ice storms as part of the new weather system being implemented. Interior locations will shelter you from such inclimate weather and the freezing cold to a large degree, but again, not completely. Terrain and elevation will have a direct affect on how cold each region will be. High elevations such as mountains will suffer stronger winds, and much colder temperatures. Interiors will require heating, which is where the aforementioned fireplaces come into play. New cold weather clothing options such as bear, wolf, and deer skin clothing will be added to make outdoor work and travel in Winter more agreeable. Fireplace quality will determine the amount of heat put out and range the heat can reach. In multilevel structures and even in caves, a fireplace or other heat source should be able to reach up to a 2nd story average in height at 30ql and a 1 tile radius per 20ql. Respective climate variations in each season will cause your clothing to be less or more effective just as wind will cause outdoor heat sources such as campfires to be less effective or even impossible to light or keep lit. Sleeping in a bed will protect you from freezing conditions even in unheated structures. Torches, lanterns, ovens, forges, and even coal piles will work as heat sources, though to a limited amount except for lava tiles which will keep you warm and toasty. Summertime will be brutal for smiths as their tools of the trade will increase their exposure to dangerous levels of heat. Even those cooking food will be affected in summer heat but to a much lesser degree if using an oven. Combating the effects of this additional heat will mainly require maintaining good hydration and wearing the newly craftable smiths protective aprons, or chefs aprons. Reducing the effect of heat related impairments to action times will require good hydration and shelter from the sun and heat. Even tree shade will help and man made roofs and covers, and hats will also help to slow heat build up while you perform actions. Temperatures will be indicated on your stamina bar to help you quickly decide how to adjust to the climate. Conditions in sparsely forested areas and widely open areas will often be more severe than thicker forested areas. Low lying regions will also experience less wind and moderate temperatures. Upper elevations on mountains will be more challenging to survive, but with shelter not impossible. Even new players will be able to survive with just campfires and will have a protective aura to reduce the effects of weather events and climate conditions for their first 24 hours of active playtime. Including new clothing, wardrobe, and armor stand mechanics, we will also be getting some new structure types including shades, canopies, and snow shelters. New containers for ice harvesting and also hot liquid containers made of stone and metal and small heat retaining vessels for travel will also be added, and foods already in game can be heated for additional winter warmth. Foods and liquids used while cool or cold will also assist against heat related impairments, as your action times will increase the warmer or more uncomfortable you become. Only if you become too hot will you not be able to start and finish an action and you will be able to tell by your stamina bar if you are getting too hot. Remember to keep a check on the color of your stamina bar if you find you are taking too long to perform an action as it will show you your condition or comfort level. Ultimately, the more comfortable you are, the more efficient you are at performing actions. Many things including clothing and armor, tool condition, terrain, location, shade, and more will affect your overall comfort level. Carts and wagons will be getting new features as well. A number of new containers will be craftable for attaching to the sides of carts and wagons. Now you will be able store some water, food, food resources and seasonings, and even animal feed based on how you customize your vehicle. You will be able to access your customized cart and wagon containers from the sides as the containers will not be in the main inventory of the vehicle. Of course you will also be able to manage container permissions with the main vehicle permissions. Using wagons for shade and shelter from rain, snow, and sun will be possible with an extendable canopy you can attach to your wagons, and you can then move the shade over your work area to keep the more extreme weather elements from interfering with your action times as much. Food will remain basically the same except for the benefits gained by eating heated or cooled food respective of the climate conditions. If you eat hot food in hot summer conditions you could make yourself sick if you are already too hot, and eating cold food in cold winter conditions can cause you to pass out if already dangerously cold. Neither of these situations should cause you to die as while you are passed out your body will regain enough stamina and temperature difference to give you a chance to revive and save yourself. Do not underestimate the power of basic normal water in a waterskin as it can provide enough warmth or cooling to keep you out of the danger zones of the temperature ranges for your body. The new climate models will add a new level of realism to Wurm Online and we have enjoyed testing them for hours on end. Hopefully you will have a lot of new fun as you learn how to cope with all the new weather systems and the seasonal climate changes that will affect your actions both negatively and positively. Everyone should be prepared with at least a fireplace or other temporary heat source and a light set of cloth clothing to be able to work and play in the new system that will be implemented soon. To wrap this information up I would like to reiterate just how serious these coming updates are as they will add a whole new level of realism to the environment. Rest assured, this will be a blast as we have had all kinds of incredible adventures and accidents during the testing phase. Eventually the developers would like to turn their attention to streams and ponds, but they will be including a new type of water source within caves that you can tap into on a new special rock tile. Another new feature that is going to be fun is the new ‘Falconry’ skill which will allow you to train several soon to be added raptors to the game for hunting and collecting items like shot arrows and much more. Since snowboarding and skiing were not typical of our intended age the developers have included something a bit closer to the right time period that should also be a lot of fun. Unfortunately for you I will not spoil the surprise! Remember, the single twenty gold coin we hid a few years back still has not been found! Everyone keep looking, and as always have fun! Thank you, Wurm Online Team
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    I would like to give credit where credit's due to Fineal for going above and beyond what would be expected from a fellow Wurmian. Not too long ago, I sold an account to @Finealhere in the forums. As usual, I cleaned everything from the account as expected, and transfered the account. It was a very cordial and smooth transaction. However, not long after, I noticed that I had not transfered my large magical chest. Normally this wouldn't be an issue. Most Wurmians would be more than happy to just sail over and swap ownership, helping you out with a common mistake. In this case, however, the character is a member of an enemy PMK, and my chest was on Chaos, inside a Crusader deed at the capital deed area. Now by this time, I can't think of a Wurmian who would be willing to help. Most if not all people would tell you there is nothing they can do, and that'd be the end of it. Its understandable that no one would like to put their well beign at risk just for the benefit of an enemy player. Not Fineal, however. Not only did Fineal accept to help me, but he waited for 2 days near The Shroud, waiting for me to log in (we had opposing schedules) and then climbed over a cliff to get to my deed. He patiently waited and showed understanding, simply to help someone whom he owed nothing to. He made the trip, overcame every obstacle and got me my chest back. In the end, he refused compensation for his troubles, and even thanked me for allowing him to give me a hand. Once again Wurm University members have shown exemplary behavior, strong character and amazing consideration for other players of Chaos. Fineal easily stepped forward to assist someone else at his own peril. This is a commendable act and an example of what members of our rich community would do for each other. We might kill each other in the battlefield, catapult our deeds and steal our loot, but at the end of the day, we can safely say that we can hang our hats and have a beer together. Thank you Fineal, for your time and dedication, and thank you Wurm University for having some of the finest members Chaos has to offer. Stay classy.
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    Magranon's Run - Jakerivers Hi Everyone! I'm back with more news, after surviving on Emoos stream, defeating a silly noob who dared to pick a fight with me, and have all the latest of what's been going on in the dev halls (at least what I'm allowed to share) So let's go! But first... Patch Notes Mac compatibility Now some mac users have been experiencing a lot of issues with the client on mac, and we're pleased to announce with the latest client update the issues should now be resolved. As previously mentioned, settings will not work correctly when launched from ingame, but will work via the launcher, so use that! A better solution is in the works but may take a little longer to come, so stay tuned. A new dev on the block Last news we mentioned increasing our focus on addressing some of the long standing bugs within the game, and our plans to ramp up addressing bugs. While we slay a significant amount with each update, all games seek to remove as many as they can, and we're no different here. As part of this, Someone who may be recognised from the forums, Darklords has joined the dev team! Darklords will be working on us in addressing bugs and testing of larger features, he's been a long time player of both Epic and Chaos and we look forward to working with him, so give him a round of applause! (Or condolences) Visual improvements One major thing in the works is the addition of specular and normal mapping to textures. To those of you unfamiliar with these terms (as I was, Saroman nearly went mad explaining it to me) I'll touch on them both: Normal maps: Normal mapping is a layer placed over an existing model, that simulates more lumps and bumps, allowing for rendering of shadows and light without actually requiring complex lighting calculations or more heavily detailed models, this means models and textures will look less flat without causing major performance penalties. Specular maps: Specular mapping is a way of dictating how a model or texture "shines" on certain parts, e.g. Making that golden part of a model shine without the stone part shining too. both of these will add quite a significant change to just how a lot of things look and feel. Their introduction will take some time, as they require creating a normal and specular map for every texture, so they will be coming out in batches over a period of time, and we'll be sure to let you all know when they do! Shades of green, and red, and yellow, and blue Last news had a riddle, which many of you all had guesses at, and some got it right! This week, I get to show off the new creature condition colours returning! Now I know what you're all thinking, creature colours looked like they'd been playing around in my workshop, and all left drenched in dye (or blown out of a nostril), but fear not! Saroman has been again hard at work (along with Samool too) and is in the process of giving these fine creatures makeovers, check it out! The lovely little cave bug models in this picture also have the normal and specular mapping, as you can see their shells look very different (and not just because of the colour!) Wurm streaming and content creation! We (I) are (am) currently in the works of introducing a program to support those who take their time and showcase just what they get up to in wurm, be it streaming or youtube, we want to support those who make wurm more fun to watch and play, so we'll be working on helping you all through various means, including promotion through our social media and the possibility of partnering up with us for some streams! Of course there will be some requirements and expectations from streamers, but stay tuned for that coming out soon! Now there's more in the works, and soon we'll be able to share it, along with a semi firm release date and perhaps even public testing (now what could that be?) Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Hey folks! Whenever I get really passionate about an MMO, I usually whip up a fansite for it in one form or another. Most times the main goal is to simply save all my screenies and stories in one place for my own personal pleasure, so I can later go back and reminisce of the good old times. The stories and screenshots section of my UO website is a great example of that. Oh how very dear those old stories are to me now! Anyhow, seeing as I've been playing Wurm for nearly 5 years now, it was HIGH TIME I finally make a fansite for Wurm as well. I've got a section there now for my Wurm videos, but more importantly, the world famous Wurm Items list has been permanently moved over from Google docs to this site. So if you want to browse through all the bits and bobs that the game has in 3d form, that you could potentially decorate your deeds with, head on over and take in the splendour of all those lovely items the Wurm devs have created. I used Wurm Unlimited to take screenshots of most things I could spawn into the world. Sorry for the "old skool" style of the site, but it's all hand coded with mostly old skool HTML tags. Never got very deep into the CSS stuff, let alone other goodies like Java etc. http://www.andrea.net/wurm/
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    On 31 March, 2018, the Independence community lost one of its long time players, Zorako. Zorako was a very good man, and a good friend. He was helpful to many on Indy - newbies and vets alike. He was giving of his time, his knowledge, and his friendship. In-game, Zorako lived in central Indy, near Freedom Market, on a deed called Yoitsu Meadow. In real life, Zorako lived in Nebraska, and was a veteran of the Vietnam War and the U.S Navy. We will miss you, friend Zorako. Rest in peace.
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    Greetings, Wurmians! Easter is fast upon us and I’m sure everyone has plenty of plans for devouring large quantities of chocolate as well as chasing down rabbits. So I’ll be fairly quick with this as we’ll be taking the Easter weekend off, but there’s still plenty to cover. So let’s jump right in, shall we? Easter! The Easter Bunny has been hard at work over the past year revamping his Easter eggs, and now you get to taste them! Instead of needing to decay, foraged eggs can now be opened by right-clicking and will contain the following: a piece of yummy chocolate, one sleep powder, and either a gem, a star gem, or an archaeology statue fragment. These will only apply to the one foraged egg per premium player. The eggs dropped by the Easter Bunny around spawn towns will operate as they have in previous years. Preview Client Our client developer, Samool, has been hard at work preparing the preview client for live release. We are nearing that time, so it’s very important for everyone to test it to ensure that it works smoothly before its live release, much like the release of the 4.0 client. The link to the preview client can be found here: http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient_preview.jnlp And as always, if you do encounter any issues, please report them in this forum section: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/27-client-bugs/ A Riddle Sometimes red, sometimes green For a long while, I have not been seen Angry to raging, lurking to slow Sometimes I could even grow Occasionally yellow, sometimes blue Soon I'll return to a lair near you What am I? Spring Fashion Winner The music has played, the champagne has been drunk, and the models have done their little turn on the catwalk--yeah, on the catwalk. I’d like to thank all the participants for entering. (And I’m pleased to see some of my own products featured!) Because of the quality responses we received, we weren’t able to choose just one winner. So we have arranged two runner-up prizes of one month’s premium each. And the winners are… drumroll please! In first place, Rufous Beard Troll with this gorgeous green scale with orange accessories! The two runners up are: Xallo with his 2018 spring farmer chic Renate with her beautiful blue foresters hat and shirt ensemble. Congratulations to the lucky winners, if you could PM me at some point and I’ll arrange the rewards! WU Beta As many of you may know, the Wurm Unlimited 1.6 beta is now available! It contains many long-desired features from Wurm Online and is currently in testing with the modders. We have no set date for its live release currently, but expect it to be sometime next week. Blossom Redesign Designed by Joelle and brought to life by the citizens of Pristine (Evening, Kasumi, Tilda, virusmd and almostsolitude along with MANY others (sorry)), the deed formerly known as Blossom (it’s still called Blossom, but it used to be called Blossom, too) is finally complete with a brand-new design. It’s a beautiful use of the new pavement types to create flowers on the hills, and features a fully functional mine along with a public smithy! One building has even been dedicated to the glory that is my beard--thanks, girls. Be sure to drop in and check it out on Pristine next time you’re in the area. With this design out of the way, we’ll begin looking at which starter deed could benefit from a community revamp next. Which deed would you like to see done? Community Content One of our resident extremely talented Wurmians, Malena, whom many may know from her series of recreating the world of Ultima Online in Wurm Unlimited has launched her very own fan site! It’s an amazing collection of her experiences, her work on the project, and is now home to the incredibly useful, updated item list. For those of you who don’t know what the item list is, Malena has taken the time to collect an image of every item in Wurm and has displayed them in an easy-to-use guide, giving players a great way to peruse the catalogue before decorating. It’s an amazing labour of love, and I’m so thrilled at how it’s turned out, as Malena surely is too! Check it out here: Well that’s it for this week! On behalf of the Wurm team, I’d like to wish you all a safe and happy Easter. May the Easter Bunny be kind to you all. And as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm Team
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    I have been provided information in this Dagobert situation that has given me cause to lock the avatar out of the game until I hear directly from the real Stormcrow.
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    Instead of splitting dev time between Epic/Chaos and putting in updates where nobody is currently playing. Shift attention over to Chaos. Nobody wants to play that lame map on ele now, the only group [JK] on Elevation is looking to farm hota. There will be no serious conquest or pvp over on epic. A lot of players have jumped ship and are now gearing their efforts towards chaos, the server which is considered the option with the more life time attached to it. But I think now is the most vital time for devs to support because the people who moved from Epic to Chaos by Disbanding their kingdoms/deeds on epic will not hesitate to do the same for chaos and just leave the game. They're putting their eggs into this basket, don't let them break. this is march alone: The new settlements The Kingdom of Rome will soon be disbanded from Epic. I think another thread is needed to highlight what changes can be done for Chaos, if you should seperate from freedom and whatever else comes with that. I'd personally like to see the whole mission system come over to chaos. But yes, just wanted to highlight where the pvp population will be at waiting before you focus on the cluster with 6 players.
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    I'd like to note that im willing to hedge 13 years of a stellar reputation on this post, but i don't think this post comes as a surprise to pretty much anyone. Recently, Necroe was given access to a chaos specific account that was shared between few people. It's name was Dagobert. Necroe took the liberty of cleaning high value items off the account (such as a summer hat) and selling them through his friends (Missmandy was selling the summer hat for him). We don't know the extent of everything stolen yet, and aren't 100% certain if the account has been stolen yet, there is currently a pending investigation going on with that. His friends may not be aware that they are actually selling stolen items. Summer hat in question no signature, 95ql 1.5 damage at time of purchase, rare. Image showing that Dagobert did not infact give anyone permission to take and sell his belongings (facebook convo with dago, blue = xallo, grey = dago) sorry for poor crop, keeping RL names out to anyone that isn't staff This hat was taken off of the Dagobert account, given to Missmandy to sell, sold to someone in TC, and when it was delivered, Wargasm was on the boat. Shortly after the sale, this was being posted [23:49:28] <Necroedarkslayer> (Cel) WTB looking for a couple drake sets shoot me an offer for what you have (do not need caps) And we can only assume that was to "launder" the money... unfortunately... Prior to this, Necroe also took the liberty of cleaning out old JKC players belongings and stole those as well, such as Goathill's belongings. Those may have already been sold, or kept, we aren't really sure. When Necroe was confronted over this after Xallo spoke with Dagobert over Facebook (Dago had no idea, and this prompted an investigation with Enki), Necroe had the audacity to accuse Xallo of the theft of both Dagobert's belongings and his other accounts, Stormcrows. sorry for the poor crop, trying to keep RL names and photos out of this to everyone that isn't staff. Necroe also had the audacity to accuse Kingen of the theft of Goathill's scale, when Kingen had no access to it, not too long after had discovered most of Goathill's belongings on Necroe after we killed him trying to cross the border. I was half tempted to post old chaos drama (that do actually involve theft, as there is proof that he broke into peoples houses and stole his own alliance mates stuff there too..), as this individual is an unreliable, pathological liar, already known to catfish people by faking illnesses and stealing other peoples facebook profile pictures, but we will let that slide outside of one video for people interested in stuff that may not affect them here. Notable timestamps from third party conversation: 2:14 - Goathills scale set (Apparently this was returned to him) 24:45 - Necroe blames Xallo for theft So, buyer beware, if you buy from Necroedarkslayer, or anyone he associates with (Missmandy, Wargasm, etc.) you may be purchasing stolen goods, and the players that are selling it may be unaware that the goods are in fact stolen, so that is something to be aware of. I also apologize for the jumble, this post will be cleaned up a bit and more added to it as i have like huge word essays in PM's from -several- involved parties, and if it was all posted here we would probably never get done reading it. It's just a shame that a previous staff member acts a thief, something i despise, but i would simply highly recommend to avoid purchasing anything from this individual especially while its being looked into via staff. As far as i know, he plays on Necroedarkslayer, and his forum name is @necroe Edit: Necroe has been giving out the hashes to accounts that do not belong to him. He also may have stolen from Greyhound and, we already knew he was responsible for clearing out houses in Kyara that didn't belong to him, stealing their stuff, and taking it to freedom.
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    Sucks when people abuse trust and use underhanded methods to gain access to stuff they shouldn't or use what access they do have for personal gain. Best of luck getting things rectified.
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    An epic shrine monument is outside his deed:
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    this just looks pretty for some reason if just it was a tiny bit darker it be perfect
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    Throwback, but, no, it isn't. @necroe It's this guy. Figured id post his facebook as someone brought your post up in discord recently. Feel free to peruse and see all the images you used trying to catfish people, just like the hundreds of euros you stole off inactive players accounts you had access to. Name and Shame inc, long time coming, asswipe.
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    A spicy chicken? Thank you retro and wurm team And good job on the website @Malena ! And boo to the people trying to stink up yet another thread.... and then wondering why no one wants to play with them on their precious PVP servers. You are the reason why you can't have nice things.
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    A Riddle Sometimes red, sometimes green For a long while, I have not been seen Angry to raging, lurking to slow Sometimes I could even grow Occasionally yellow, sometimes blue Soon I'll return to a lair near you What am I? The support chaos deserves
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    Thank you to all who helped with the Blossom project, couldn't have done it without you! It turned out amazingly!
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    update... Stormcrow threw some words at me and I threw a few back. The ones that stuck confirmed most of the information that Necroe had provided me, and after seeing Stormcrows conversations with several parties the Dagobert issue is now resolved as far as I am concerned. Yes I know, that issue was only one small part of this and people are still dealing with the fallout of theft accusations made against them during Necroe's activities that for the most part appear to be untrue, such as those that were made against Kingen, Xallo, Alyeska, and a few others during the mess leading up to this thread. This is more of a social PVP issue than moderation so I do not intend to get involved in all of that soap opera. People make their own reputations, and yours speaks volumes giving you the social collateral to show that any accusations made in this matter were probably false. /Enki (Head Game Master)
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    I understand why Bury All was added to the game, for getting rid of butchered parts like meat, hides, glands, etc; but please remove the ability to bury horse gear with the corpse. It's unlikely that anyone would intentionally bury their good gear and it's irretrievable when they do so accidentally.
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    Give them a phobia of deeds, and make them slow enough to easily run away from so that newer players aren't screwed, but make them more difficult than trolls with skill gain appropriate for it. Perhaps adding a version of valrei mobs, or something entirely different. Could even be a reskin (blue!) of trolls, if creating something new, or importing and tweaking existing mobs requires too much time.
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    None of this surprises me. Not his first run at being a questionable character. He was abusive in rage tempers to me on many occasions on and off staff. A reason for me quitting the first time, and leaving JKC. Chronic liar with countless stories in delusions of grandeur. I suspected a cause for much of this behavior, and likely still going on needing all that coin to fund. Just being associated by kingdom or as subordinate staff member caused me problems yet had to endure. Often I want to believe in the best of people yet some persist in showing otherwise, leaving me to feel foolish and disappointed.
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    Since we can now dye our armour it would very cool if we could dye the masks to match our armour, I bet that would help the sales of them as well.
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    Worth noting that he was fired from staff when it became apparent what kind of person he is. So it's not like staff is condoning this sort of thing, just that Necro is good at hiding his true nature.
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    There's not a whole lot to show atm. The last year has seen a lot of other things take precedence over me spending as much time as I would like on the UI (though that is slowly changing now), so the majority of changes have been either backend changes to support the new UI, planning how we want things to change, or implementing the early versions of some of those things. Early versions are just that, early. I'd much rather not show off things that look terrible (even if they function fine) and they're still likely to change before their final version. Like Retrograde said, some of the plans and things we've been working on have already made it out to the live client, as they were things we recognised as not needing to wait for the new UI - and there will likely be more of those things before we finish too. When we have something that I'm happy to show (and Saroman has had his pass at making it look not terrible), rest assured that it will be shared. Edit: Having said that though, I am interested in any ideas people bring up in this thread - so please do continue in this thread with things you find silly or unintuitive that we could address with the new UI (or even things we could change with the current client).
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    Wurm's UI and general usability is a relic of the stone age of online games. However, many times, when someone suggests QOL improvements such as context-sensitive hotkeys or automatic tool activation, it gets shot down by a million "-1" from veteran players who offer no explanation other than it "makes Wurm too easy." Of course, they are confusing QOL with difficulty, but it seems not many people understand that. Having to activate a seed or satchel every time you want to sow a field is not difficult, it's carpal tunnel-inducing nonsense that doesn't need to exist. Why do I have to have separate hotkeys for CUT_DOWN and CHOP_UP? Why do I have to lead a horse before mounting it if I have permission to do both and have a rope in my inventory? "Because it would make Wurm too easy." My point is the problem isn't just the existence of a legacy system or limited development resources, it's that players often actively resist such improvements.
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    @Enki What determines GM involvement? I don't have an opinion on this or other cases, but I just wonder if it wouldn't be wiser to let the consequences be the consequences... or update the rules to indicate Code Club's willingness to rectify these types of situations. If I tell a kid he cannot have any candy from the checkout aisle, but then just buy him whatever he grabs, my making a rule does more harm than good. All the kid really learns is that my rules don't really mean a whole lot. If I buy him the candy, but not his sister, it's even worse. Now he's learned that he in particular doesn't need to worry about the rules, but the rules will still apply to others. What's even worse than that, is that now if I later want to actually make the rule count, I'm going to get tantrum after tantrum from the kid. (Extinction Burst) Simplest solution? Ban the sharing of accounts and passwords. If someone makes the mistake of sharing a password and gets bit... they can name and shame, but the lesson is pretty simple... do not share your passwords. End of story, isn't it? This particular case is somewhat peculiar in that the actually aggrieved party couldn't seem to care less, and @Xalloeven apologizes for even bringing it up. How did @necroeactually get the password? Is this a case of hacking? Who gave him the password? Is that the aggrieved party? Would that person be reprimanded for sharing a password to an account that wasn't his/hers to share? Seems more complicated than "we don't like this guy, and here's a chance to get him in trouble." That's petty player stuff that GM's might want to stay above of, imho, for what little that may be worth.
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    priests can create a finished sword, but they cannot assemble a sword display. they can put one sword on and then it's suddenly blasphemy to add the shield and other sword it doesn't really make sense, both are "simple" creation, and not imping. hell, we used to have a chance to create unfinished items, which let priests actually craft. they could create an unfinished sword, which "finished" by actually imping it. unfinished items were removed to make it easier on noobs but that actually allowed priests a chance at grinding crafting skills to an extent just let priests assemble items. not imping, not building houses and fences. it even makes more sense from a "lore" standpoint. take missions, priests are the most devout followers of the god, but they get punished if they wanted build monuments for the very same god? I can't see how it would promote everyone being a priest or be like removing priest restrictions. it would just be generally a good qol update and promote the health of the game
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    None of this makes any sense at all. The Ui changes are more than just what happens when you right click, and will include a large amount of long requested quality of life additions and improvements. A few things have already been added: The ability to drag into containers, as it eliminates half the windows needed open The ability to simply activate the next tool in the toolbelt, operating like the quickbars of other games (which is essentially what the toolbelt currently is, a player made quickbar) As LaRue says, there's a big difference between difficulty, and intuitive. and that's a big part of what the UI overhaul will focus on too, not necessarily making things easier, but making them more understandable and straight forward. Wurm is never going to be "run around pressing one button and the game will work out what you want to do with what tool", but it can and will be moved to a more intuitive system that as someone long ago put it "feels like windows explorer the mmo"
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    +1 Putting more hours of work and dollars into the development of Epic has proven to be not only pointless, but detrimental to the development of the game. Do what WORKS , Chaos works. There's 70 people online on weekends. Keep that up, give them a reason to keep being there.
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    Server is live! Discord: https://discord.gg/kHTCMrY Twitter: https://twitter.com/WU_Conquest2 Conquest 2 is a pvp server with the emphasis on territorial conquest. 3x skill gain and 3x action speeds with epic settings. The team: Talor - Developer Awardis - Arch-GM Ausimus - Map Maker The main island is full of strategic resource points. These automatically produce bulk materials, armour and weapons. Help your kingdom control these locations by building fortifications, or raid deeds to deny access to the enemy. Six dungeons are home to mobs and loot chests that respawn over time. The dungeons take 1-2 hours to fully repopulate, so you can raid them multiple times a day as a source of money and special bonus items. Or you could wait for other players and ambush them. Two trade islands spawn crates of trade goods. Load these into a knarr or larger vessel and transport them to the other trade island. Players can earn a lot of money as merchants, or as pirates preying upon these ships. Trade in star gems at the Athanor Mechanism to be rewarded with a random item enchantment. Map Server configuration: Characteristics start at 24, fight skill at 21 Spellmod (removes priest restrictions, unlimited prayers per day, faith gain every 20 minutes) Better Digging (dig straight to cart, etc.) Starter gear (start with 50ql leather and weapon) Modify gestation time (faster horse breeding) CreatureMod (adds a bunch of new mobs) Cropmod (disable weeds) Server Tweaks (Immortal traders, food affinities same for all players, more frequent unique spawns, no fatigue, action to check bank balance on body) Fire Burn Time Put Things On Tables Fog spiders replaced by fog goblin potioneers No key to the heavens No karma teleport Can build guard towers closer to enemy territory (60 tiles) Timers Fixes Serverpacks HTTP Server Servermap
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    So, here is something special that happend today.
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    I've never had any problems with Necroe and I have always considered him a friend. But when this thread came to surface I realized, maybe I've just been a pawn in his game. He told me some of Dagobert's stuff had gone missing, and turned suspicions towards Xallo or Alyeska. I don't know if this happened at the same time as the summerhat. So he might not be lying here, the investigation will tell. Logging started 2017-10-23 [20:05:42] <Necroedarkslayer> I noticed some of dagos ###### was gone a while back but at the time i couldnt get ahold of dago though then so wasnt sure [20:06:05] <Necroedarkslayer> But from the looks someone took off with dagos two small magic chests and his moon metal stash [20:06:31] <Sharkin> aww [20:06:32] <Necroedarkslayer> Xallo and aly to my knowledge were the only two with access that i know of [20:06:56] <Necroedarkslayer> May have been another person or two that i didnt know of but im pretty sure it was only them As mentioned in this thread, Necroe is accused of bashing houses in Kyara to steal items. In this conversation he called me to a meeting with some other people in discord, blaming Kingen for these actions. He never mentions Kingen in these logs but that's what happened. Logging started 2017-11-10 [14:46:54] <Necroedarkslayer> Sharkin [14:47:08] <Necroedarkslayer> You possibly available to talk by chance? [14:47:16] <Sharkin> yeah [14:47:24] <Necroedarkslayer> on some voice chat preferably? [14:47:30] <Sharkin> yeah sure [14:47:38] <Necroedarkslayer> JK teamspeak? [14:47:39] <Sharkin> what's JKs discord link? [14:47:46] <Sharkin> don't have teamspeak anymore [14:47:53] <Necroedarkslayer> okay hold on [14:48:31] <Necroedarkslayer> JK discord is gonna be tricky because this is about someone and Id rather not make this known until i talk with some people first and he may or may not jump in channel [14:48:36] <Necroedarkslayer> but we can do it there i guess My best wurm friend Greyhound had his high value items stolen along with his Bag of keeping. I understand now that there's a chance Necroe is behind this as well. Logging started 2017-10-23 [20:03:18] <Necroedarkslayer> hey sharkin [20:03:25] <Sharkin> yo [20:04:04] <Necroedarkslayer> Greyhound changed his pass? [20:04:29] <Necroedarkslayer> From the looks of things clerk may be missing money off it as well [20:04:52] <Necroedarkslayer> He didnt change that one do you think you could ask him to change it and get the new hash to me and smacked? [20:04:53] <Sharkin> yeah, since Xallo went to crusaders [20:05:08] <Necroedarkslayer> good, nothing missing i hope? It sure was! I'm not really into this name and shame thing, but it's some of my oldest friends that has been screwed over here. Players have the right to know and be cautious, therefor I share this just to warn the community and help the investigation. I really hope it wasn't you who took advantage of Greyhound's generosity. If you did, please return the items. I'd forgive you.
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    I logged into my freedom deed, looked at the projects I have and was like "dang I should finish those".
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    little interior decorating after a recent mission.
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    Please either increase the capacity of a picnic basket's food compartment to 20kg + or allow us to slice off parts of meals to fit the tiny capacity. There is already the tech for either solution, the only negative I see to increasing the capacity is the weight/movement penalty, is there another game breaking reason for it being so small when meals can be 20kg now? If there is, then add the measuring cup functionality to knives too and let us take parts of the meals we need when we travel across server lines to help friends for the day. You could even make the picnic basket into a meal slicer, activate basket, target meal and it slices off a chunk that fits and inserts into basket. If you can't already, make is so you can carry multiple meals within in the same picnic basket.
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    Words can not describe the pain I felt when Gumbo told me Saturday night. In the five years I have known Zorako, he was always courteous, always a gentleman, always willing to help out folks, always a kind word for the neubies who wandered past his deed on their initial explorations of Indy. He was an Ally, a friend and a fellow Veteran. My thanks to the GM's and Dev's for acting on Finndar's suggest that the Sacrarium of Despair just west of Zorako's deed on FM East Highway be renamed Zorako's Remembrance, so that there an in game memorial to this great and selfless resident of Indy. We will all miss him, may he Rest In Peace, for he will always be with us, in our hearts. Hughmongus Co-Administrator - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Eau de Troll We now take a break from our regularly scheduled Wurming to bring you this special announcement. Ladies, it doesn't matter what island you live on. If you're anything like me, after a hard day of farming, veggie chopping, brick making, as well as the occasional deep mining expedition, you're just not feeling as feminine as you'd like. Bathing in the lake only adds more of a foul odour, and Fo forbid you come across a patch of octopus ink while taking a lap around the pond. And have you ever tried cleaning up at one of those public fountains you find on the street? A lady can't even shine up her steel breast plate without someone making a rude comment. Believe me, it's not just the Cats Eyes that are peering at you out there. Well today, I'd like to tell you about an easy to use product I found on a merchant at some ancient market, atop a very tall mountain, somewhere, someplace. It's called "Eau de Troll". When the sage in charge informed me of it's magical properties, I simply didn't believe him. So he splashed a few drops upon my arm and it's smelled wonderfully fantastic. Almost instantaneously I could feel a surge of energy run through my veins. After equipping my knife, I was some how able to chop veggies at double the rate! Well I stocked up with every pottery jar of the stuff he had and couldn't be happier. Now, when I go out after a hard days work, I'm irresistible.
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    Will have another look at this - the way it decides the one person to get most of the rank gain and affinity is a bit weird and I don't like it (this is how its always been, not a new thing).
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    Epic structure changes: All epic structures are now able to be improved. All epic structures can be moved and rotated by their owners. All epic structures cannot be moved and block deeds if they are involved in an active mission Epic structures will not block deeds and will be removed from the pool of possible targets if on deed on all servers. Bugfix: Tile item count will be checked for items dropping on creation and being unloaded in order to prevent piles of more than 100 items.
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    Be vewy vewy quiet I'm huntin' wabbits !
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    They don't want the game to be more noob friendly. They want it to stay as noob friendly as it is, at least that's all that you can infer from opposing this suggestion. Trolls and hell hounds can be a real pest for noobs straying off the road and away from treaded ground, but with some luck and agility you can outrun these, too. And while on the road, guards will always sufficiently have your back. I don't know if as much applies for Valrei mobs, if those were to be brought to freedom, which would be bonafide death traps. So...just make them passive and let the devs go nuts. A bit immersion breaking perhaps, but instead of just "harder mobs" I'd like to see some sort of miniboss mobs that wait for challengers, may need a very skilled fighter or at least a few people and preparation, but have a chance for some spicier loot, even if just a small one. And boss fights usually have to be sought after by the player to start. If it isn't going to be passive Valrei mobs because that's too silly for those who experience the "real deal" over at Chaos and Epic, we can surely think of some other mobs that may justify dropping some other loot? There could be rock golems of different types, for instance, whose corpses can be mined for whatever material they're made of, acting as a vein with a few hits, but with 100QL as a cap (As all corpses are 100QL, strangely enough). Golems would be reasonably tough, make sense to be generally peaceful until provoked, would certainly stand out from other mobs as challenging nonetheless. And Treants to do the same for wood? (treant corpse = 100QL felled tree worth maybe 2-3 logs max) They may even get mad at players chopping wood nearby, but that should issue a warning as a popup. I'm jus going a bit wild with my imagination here, I'm not sure what niche those mobs would provide with that loot, just trying to strike a middle ground between giving them somewhat desirable loot without jumping the shark, it all depends on how rare these mbos would be, too.
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    Tfw macros don't give a ###### about bad interfaces because you can just program them around it but everyone uses it as an excuse to keep garbage interfaces in the game and de-rail forum threads. Do you honestly think that, for example, natural substances needing to right click mix everything to skill makes it impossible to bot?
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    I have been begging, pleading, pouting for purple dragons/drakes. To no avail. I even stomped my feet, held my breath. Took a 9 month vacation. On to the next step. Who do I send beer, pizza, cookies, or cash to?
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    I think we're all glossing over the fact that I, Grand Prince of JK, single-handedly won the Hunt of the Ancients last night. Astride my mighty steed I rode valiantly into the savage wilderness, with naught but the axe in my hand and steel in my heart. Neither troll nor scorpion nor endless searching could stay me from my righteous glory as the gods themselves proclaimed me the greatest warrior of all that were awake at 5 AM. A monument was erected to my greatness, forever immortalizing my deeds in statue form. My children's children's children shall gaze upon the dragon statue and know that within their veins courses the blood of a legend. I mean, we don't have to focus on that. Your topic's good too. I guess. Whatever.
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    Bugfix: Fixed active item glowing bright white when observed by another player. Bugfix: Addressed some client stuttering and freezing occurrences. Bugfix: Brass, lead, tin and zinc chain horse bardings now show on the horse PREVIEW CLIENT ONLY New keys to bind to: SCROLLUP – Moving scroll wheel up. SCROLLDOWN – Moving mouse scroll wheel down. New actions to bind: ACTIVATE_TOOL_NEXT – Activates the next tool to the right in the toolbelt. ACTIVATE_TOOL_PREVIOUS – Activates the next tool to the left in the toolbelt. Both actions will cycle through the toolbelt when reading the respective end (next 1-9 back to 1, previous 9-1 back to 9). Holding ALT while scrolling will now cause mouse scrolling to ignore UI elements. NOTE: If the current live client is launched these actions and keys will be removed from the player configuration and will need rebinding upon launching the preview client again.