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    Greetings twentyeighteenians of Wurm! In this new year we have a change coming for those of us who enjoy the PVP side of things. It is no secret that there are those abusing various alternate player avatars for meta-PVP fight skill, and there is also the issue of abuse pertaining to killing alternate player accounts purely for affinities, so called 'affinity farming'. Changes are coming that will counter that activity very soon with the upcoming updates to the game. The new system will introduce measures against extreme abuse as well as create a new way for players to gain affinities both on PvP and PvE servers. These changes are expected to come into the game by the end of January. Until those changes are enacted we will be watching for anyone orchestrating ‘meta-PVP’ slayings for fight skill and affinity farming. Anyone found to be doing this vile ‘meta-PVP’ activity shall be banned! We have never been too thrilled with the ways a few people find to ‘game’ the system such as making deals with people to farm them for their affinities, or using VPN’s or proxies to the same ends. If it is not genuine PVP activity then do not expect us to look on it very fondly. As I said above, anyone working these kinds of ‘meta-PVP’ schemes for fightskill and affinity farming will be immediately banned from Wurm Online. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
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    One year ago today, on 26 Dec 2016, I installed and logged-in to Wurm Online for the first time. I lasted maybe 30-45 minutes before I logged off and said "no thanks". But something made me log back in a little later, and it stuck. Over the past twelve months, I have enjoyed the company of new friends, both on my home server of Independence. and elsewhere. The WO community is strikingly friendly, helpful, resourceful, and skews much older and more mature than other MMORPGs I've played in my lifetime. I have encountered players who play 12 accounts simultaneously and power game to its fullest, and I have encountered folks who spend so much of their time just helping others to achieve their goals. I think this is a very giving community, and for the newbie who sticks it out, there are a lot of great things to be had in Wurm Online. Special thanks to all the people who answer questions all day. Whether they're staff or not, a lot of folks have spent time to help me along the way, patiently answering question after question, explaining concepts, and sometimes re-explaining concepts When I was starting out, people like Archaed and Hannaliese and Mitzie were so generous with their time with me, and I thank them. And for fun, an excerpt from my very first /tell conversation in WO, with @VirusMD: Logging started 2016-12-27 [04:45:57] <Virusmd> i take it your new, what server are you on? [04:46:38] <Finndar> Been playing 6 hours, yes. Independence. [04:46:51] <Virusmd> you got friends there? [04:47:47] <Finndar> New to the game. I don't know anyone. [04:48:32] <Virusmd> you try asking around for someone who operates a deed for newer players? [04:50:26] <Finndar> Dude, I barely know what I'm doing here. There is SO MUCH to learn. Just taking it one step a time right now. [04:51:30] <Virusmd> ok well indy is the oldest server, its the most used/populated generally so there should be alot of ppl there willing to help you out, a good step at this point is a safe place to base from [04:51:41] <Virusmd> use your freedom channel, thats server specific. I offer space to new players, but im on Pristine, its not hard to switch servers thoe [04:51:52] <Virusmd> im sure you noticed how easy is it to die early on [04:52:30] <Virusmd> it is alot to learn, its fairly intuitive once you get the basics down [04:53:33] <Finndar> Death and I - we are well acquainted today *laugh* [04:53:35] <Finndar> THanks.
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    2017 Has been a big year for Wurm, coming off the end of the 1.3 update, we weren't going to rest on our laurels, and had lots of plans and projects in the works, Wide tunnel entrances Before this year, tunnels could only be one tile wide, making those canals and tunnels quite narrow. This change introduced a whole new dynamic, and I've seen some amazing places built around these entrances. this update came early in the year and New wall textures One of the biggest housing updates this game has seen introduced six new wall materials, rounded stone, sandstone, slate, pottery brick, marble brick, and rendered walls. This opened up a lot more options in building, and deeds haven't looked the same since. Coming along slightly later were bridges in the new textures, as well as new floor paving with the materials too! The almanac Ah, the old days of "anyone know what;s in season?" Asked in global chat are no more. With a handy book, players were able to research and know to the exact day which fruits were in harvest and quickly became invaluable to all foresters out there (Mine, a gift from Alikin never leaves my inventory!) This update also saw the introduction of raspberry, blueberry and lingonberry bushes, which finally answers the question about where those berries come from when foraging! (Though the cocoa bean is still a mystery) Wurm cribs, underground edition In June, bridges were taken to the next level with major underground changes allowing bridges to be built in caves! That's not all though, this year saw the ability to clad reinforced walls and pave tiles underground, taking subterranean decorating to new highs (or is that lows?) The new client Long in the works, the unstable client finally launched as the full stable client, and Wurm has never looked better. With improved shading, lighting, options for improved performance and many other effects and changes, this client modernised Wurm in a way that lets us work towards the future in ways we had only hoped to see, and we're only just beginning... The highway system Getting lost got a lot harder with the introduction of the new highway system, stage 1 of the wagoner update. With players connecting deeds all over the server, a vast network began to form. Today you can find your path to any deed connected, regardless of distance (though I sometimes like to go off road for old times sake!) Random Enkounters One of the most fun additions this year has been Enki's random Enkounters, appearing across the Wurm world at random, pestering anyone in local with answers for his crossword puzzles, and rewarding the stunned players with random gifts. It's been a very entertaining addition and I'm keen on seeing more of it in 2018 (One day I might even get a turn!) Racks on racks on racks This year also saw ways to improve storage and inventory, with the small barrel rack, amphora rack, and wine barrel rack coming in 1.3, discussion started to move towards what else could be shoved in a rack. this brought about the crate rack, rack for empty bsbs, and the almighty bulk container unit. Despite storage space necessary in warehouses dropping massively, most wurmians just wound up stocking more in that space, you can never win... 1.6 The biggest update of the year landed early November, with the introduction of the wagoner, using the new highway system to deliver bulk goods and chat incessantly. Archaeology and restoration Adding not one, but two new skills to the game, this update brought in a way to find out more info about old deeds in your area, and find cool new statues and items too. Archaeology allowed players to explore their lands, and find who came before them, and how long they were around for (I've found several deeds founded at the launch of independence) with restoration focusing on piecing the fragments found back together, adding random enchants and runes if lucky! Epic proportions Epic also received major changes with this update, increasing skill-gain and faster actions, as well as skills transferring to freedom and vice versa, this really opened epic up came with the major Valrei overhaul, removing player gods from the board, adding awesome god fights, and rebuilding the mission system from the ground up The dust from 1.6 is still settling, and the new year will doubtless come with some tweaks and adjustments, but these additions have all been massive in their own individual right, adding them all in one update was a huge undertaking, and a lot of fun to see launch. Saddle(bag) up! Finishing up the year is one of the longest running suggestions, saddlebags! And not only that, the awesome saddle sacks as Christmas gifts came in too, meaning you can store things on your horse in style! And more... There's been a huge host of miscellaneous changes, including: blessed lamp functionality on highways. Unicorn gear. Hell horse colours. Siege weapon overhaul. Mining random slopes are now reduced by skills. Shrinking of olive and chestnut trees. Epic structures being freely built on freedom. Competition for three new tapestries (all awesome). Pendulums now find traitors. It's been a big year, and we've got even bigger plans for 2018, with work continuing on animal crates, returning wood textures, and lots lots more. Until then though, have a safe and happy new years, don't drink and drive carts, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Once upon a time, there was a wee 1x1 tile house. And in that house was a small square table. And next to the table was a small stool. And next to that table and stool stood a very rigged-legged young Malena, whose feet ached since she would have loved to rest her feet and sit upon that stool, but could not. And her belly ached too, as she would have loved to set the table and eat some grub. Once in a while, Malena would prey to the gods, whispering under her breath for being able to some day sit at her little table and eat a civilized meal. However the gods were extremely busy, as building worlds is time consuming and tedious work... but once in a while they'd stop to listen to all of those little prayers being murmured by the vast and many mortals. And among those prayers they managed to hear Malena's soft voice as well. And in time, they granted her and all the folk of the land the ability bend their knees and plop their bottoms down on their thrones, benches and chairs. Oh what joy! What rejoicement! And they did hear the wishes to be able to set a table with plates, knives and forks, or to set down a potted flower or vase upon a marble table. They heard. And thus, the gods started devising a plan, but it would take some time and thought. MEANWHILE over in the land of unlimited possibilities, there is a hero of mine, a genius called bdew, who has made 2 new mods for Wurm Unlimited. A more recent one I didn't know about until yesterday... a mod to place items on tables. Yes... ITEMS ON TABLES. I'm so excited about this that I can hardly contain myself. ITEMS ON TABLES!!! The second one is a brand new mod to spawn any creature as a "decoration" and set which state it should be in: standing and alive and animated, dead or butchered. And thanks to these mods, I've been able to create this: Welcome to the Nujel'm Butcher! Our butchers use salt to preserve the freshness of the meat. Our pheasants have been hung for a week, to provide the most succulent meat! For the more adventurous connoisseur, try our pickled bladder, smoked bacon or fermented lard!
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    Hi Everyone! As mentioned earlier, the end of 2017 map dumps are now available. As usual, these dumps will contain the standard isometric view, the topographical, and flat terrain maps . These dumps also now include a new image, a map of the existing highway routes. This only shows connected and linked highways, and will help people identify which networks they can connect. Check out the files to view online or download here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6J_aGQ6URL8UURFN2VadWxtSWs Regards, The Wurm team
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    Welcome one and all to the first Valrei International of 2018! I hope you all had a wonderful new years break, and settling back into the ride that the next year is going to be. Valrei International Changes With the new year we’ll be making some changes with the Valrei International. Firstly, it will be released on Thursdays instead of Fridays, giving us a better timeframe to work in (and not while everyones looking to get out the door) Secondly, we’ll be changing from weekly news to to fortnightly releases of the news. The reason for this change is to better match development releases (usually fortnightly) and allow us to collaborate and fill the new with tons of tasty goodies, as well as a few competitions and giveaways! We'll be trialing the fortnightly news over the coming, uh, fortnights, seeing how it fits in with development and our projects, with some long term projects in the works (such as the new UI, already underway). We may also use an alternating system of community news and events, just enough to keep you all in the loop! Affinities As we all know, (or for those who don't) affinities grant a 10% skill gain bonus to the skill they're attached to. The existing mechanic with affinities is each player starts with one (hidden until premium), but it can be lost through a death to an enemy kingdom player when above 20 fight skill. With the next update, we’ll be changing how affinities are gained and lost, as well as expanding on a more PvE friendly mechanic as well., Firstly, we’ll be introducing the ability to gain new affinities via the use of skills, with a small chance to gain any affinity of a skill you’re using, including characteristics, parent skills, and sub skills. Secondly, gaining affinities via PvP will be changed to take into account the killer’s existing affinities in that skill, where there will be an increasing chance to not gain the affinity lost by the deceased depending on the number of affinities the killer has in that skill. This will mean neither the deceased or the killer will get that affinity. We’ll also be making some changes to how the overkilling mechanics in PvP work, so alt abuse is less prevalent. Firstly with overall kills on a single character being taken into account rather than just the number of kills on that character from a specific other character, and secondly with tweaking how the existing overkilling timers work. We’ll be including more information on these features in the patch notes upon launch, so stay tuned for that. Miscellaneous changes A couple of quality of life updates, long desired are also in the works for the upcoming patch: Sealed containers Coming with the next update sealed containers will be possible to stock on merchants for sale. This has been desired for a while, so I’m sure you’re all keen to see it come in asap! Well that’s a little embarrassing… Nevertheless, I’m for real this time! After a few delays, this change has had the cobwebs dusted off, and cleaned up, and will be coming in the next update! Just to prove I'm serious: This will only be a keybind (dig_to_pile) and won’t affect leveling or flattening, but regardless, I’m just glad it’s finally coming in! More info will be made available about all of these changes in the upcoming patch notes for the next update. Community Content - Wurm base jumping This weeks community content is an old video shared on our Discord server. One of the first things I ever did when I got a flying account was go up to the top and jump off, and I'm positive I'm not the first! This is a really old video, with the green tunic avatars even, I may have to go up there and do an updated jump... That's it from us this week, the new update should be out prior to the next news, so expect those features live then! Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Today marks the end of the rebuilding of Rainbow Bridge, one of our oldest landmarks who went through many owners, changed from landbridge to marble bridge, but kept its rainbow colors. The deed fell a few weeks ago and the buildings Pragmatist designed were slowly rotting away, saddened by the thought new players would never see the village in its previous glory we planned it, keeping track of the layout and prepared the rebuilding. We want to thank our many helpers, some of them donated materials : Toadly, Mrcoolman, Karidwen, Jberg (even Enki through his random enkounters), others also helped by landing a hand (and mats) : Dizzylexia, Velvetsun, Awen, Wilca, Royalt, Odynn and Delightfuldee. But today was also a surprise for someone else, Pragmatist came back on the game after many months and found his deed at a higher QL and with a different token placement than where he left it. Needless to say that we are happy to welcome him back in the game as a villager of Rainbow Bridge once again. from Odynn and myself.
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    Ever wondered what it would look like to set a table in Wurm with all the cutlery and dishes we have? Here ya go, thanks to the taxidermy mod for Wurm Unlimited :).
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    I’ll have you know I grinded to the top skills on Niarja, and I’ve been involved in numerous raids on Jenn-Kellon, and I have over 300 confirmed kill tabs. I am trained in catapult warfare and I’m the top archer in the entire server. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this server, mark my words. You think you can get away with saying that about me on the forums? Think again. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of priests across the server and your location is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm. The storm that wipes out the little thing you call your rez stone. You’re dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my beginner longsword. Not only am I extensively trained in weaponless fighting, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the crusaders and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable deed off the face of the server. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price.
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    We've already stated that this will be looked into, I understand there's frustration in those who are abusing the existing mechanics to extremes though. We're taking a lot of feedback about it all on board and will have a solution that covers many aspects here, affinity farming, alt slaying for both fs and affinities, and affinities in pve. With that said, until this update comes out we will be taking a hard line against anyone slaying alts for affinities or fight skill, up to and including bans.
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    When i started the game was told not kill alts because its against the rules. But time and time again i see people killing alts in chaos and for me it ....well makes me mad. Others do a lot of work to get skill...seems not all of are. Eaven killing for affinity gives u major FS. never done it my self but have seen ppl posting the ticks. So i ask can it be banned? or is it necessary for freedom to get them for marketing purpose? And before u start trolling me just have 1 affinity and will lose it when ....and if someone can kill me. If ppl need affinities because they are too lazy to skill they should not play the game. IF its not against the rules am gonna start too because its major benefit for the one who has them. So again will ask can we all start to get 100 FS? and limitless affinities? Just some intel in the pick whats going on..... https://imgur.com/a/TFVKV
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    You know... there is that old discussion about Wurm winter! Some of you hate the snow season because of its brightness, some don't like its textures, others feel impeded when doing their highly important Wurm jobs. But there are also many others who just love this time of year when the winter sun shines brightly through snow covered trees, making our usually dark forests shine and sparkle with incandescent beams of light! I am one of those: I love Wurm winter with its beautiful snow covered landscapes and forests! Here are some of the awesome pictures I took yesterday - and I would like to encourage you to add more! (I didn't want to spam the general screenshots thread with winter pics, so I created this special place for the beauties of winter.) Feel free to post more pictures celebrating the beauty of Wurm winter!
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    I swear I wrote out a reply.. Okay, so this boils down to two scenarios 1) we announce a change is coming, and people rush to take advantage of this mechanic before it ends 2) we dont announce change is coming, the mechanic is abused, and people are frustrated because of no word from us. We've chosen to go with scenario 1. A change is coming, and a focus is on making affinities more engaging to get than just killing alts, and also reduce the ability to take this mechanic to extremes. with that said, to curb the inevitable rush to take advantage before this change comes in, we'll be coming down hard on anyone doing so, with the full understanding that they do it knowing the change is coming. The WSA will be up shortly, don't worry about that.
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    I don't post in this thread very often (I do pop by to admire your guys screenies though!), so forgive me for spamming so many pics at once. These are from the Ultima Nostalgia project I have going on in Wurm Unlimited, the aim being to recreate Ultima Online as closely as I can. Yesterday I finally completed Dagger Isle and Dungeon Deceit. Here are some pics of those:
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    The box is the best part!
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    Changes and additions: We have adjusted some creatures spawn tile requirements to prevent the over abundance of seal colonies on rocky shores. Rats can now spawn on rock near water and seals may spawn on beaches. We’ll continue to monitor locations of large seal colonies. The ability to dig dirt or resources directly into a pile has been added. The keybind dig_to_pile will allow you to dig dirt and other resources and have them go into a pile at your feet. Once the pile is full, the resources will go into inventory. This is only available via the keybind which can be set in the console or in the keybind tab on the settings page. Hell horses now have new colour names to differentiate them from regular horses. Brown > Cinder Gold > Envious Black > Shadow White > Pestilential Grey > Ash Ebony Black > Molten Piebald Pinto > Nightshade Blood bay > Incandescent Examining a live horse or hell horse will now give it’s colour in the examine message. Title for masonry 100 added – Another Brick In The Wall Sealed containers can now be placed on merchants. Sealed dye containers will now show the RGB in the title. Affinity System Adjustments: Overkilling Changes: (Note: Overkilling is the mechanic that stops any skillgain, affinity gain, rank bonuses etc from killing a player too often) The time limit of 3 hours between kills to trigger overkilling of another player (after having killed them at least 3 times already per player) has been increased to 6 hours. Overall kills on a single player are now tracked, and will count as overkilling if killed more than 3 times by any other player in a short time. When killed in PvP a player will gain a death count and a 3 hour timer will tick down. If killed while that timer is ticking down, another death count will be gained, and the timer will reset to the 3 hour mark and start again. After this timer has ticked down, a death is removed from their count and the timer will reset if any death counts remain. If a player’s death count increases over 3, then any PvP kills against them will count as overkilling until that death count is again below 3. Affinity Changes: When using a skill premium characters will now have a small chance to gain an affinity in that skill upon a successful skill check. On average once every 2 hours, a character will open a 15s window of time where every successful skill check will have a chance to gain an affinity in that skill. (e.g if you are mining during this window, you could gain an affinity in mining, pickaxe, miscellaneous items, body stamina, body strength, soul strength, mind logic, mind, soul, or body) The chance to gain an affinity is 1/500 if you have no affinities in that skill, 1/1000 if you have one affinity, 1/1500 if you have two affinities, 1/2000 if you have 3 affinities and 1/2500 if you have 4 affinities. If an affinity is successfully gained during the 15s window, the window will reset and no more will be able to be gained until the next window on that character. This window will remain open and check every skill tick until an affinity is gained or the 15 seconds is up. We will be monitoring these chances and making changes as necessary. Stealing affinities upon killing a character in PvP has changed: If the dead character only has one affinity total, they will not lose that affinity and the killer will not gain an affinity. If the dead character has more than one affinity, then a random one is lost and may go to the killer. If the dead character has more affinities in that skill than the killer, then the killer will gain that affinity 100% of the time. Otherwise, the chance for the killer to gain the affinity is dependant on the difference between the number of affinities in that skill each player has (before the dead character loses the affinity). If the difference is 0, the chance is 50% for the killer to gain the affinity. Difference of 1 is 25%, difference of 2 is 12.5% and difference of 3 is 6.25%. If an affinity is lost by the dead character and none gained by the killer, then the killer will receive a timed affinity in that skill that will last for a week. Client Changes: Bugfix: Various objects should not re-appear in wrong places after traveling Bugfix: Keybinds set for GRAVE key will now save correctly Bug Fixes: Bugfix: An issue causing continued lag on Elevation since the release of 1.6 has been identified and addressed. We will continue to monitor the server for any instances of extended lag Bugfix: You should no longer be able to drag more than 100 items into the saddlebags or saddle sacks. Bugfix: The 2017 Saddle Sack gifts should no longer decay. Bugfix: A roof on a south or east building border tile should no longer block wall plans. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with keybind for combine fragment not working properly. Bugfix: Fillets of fish and meat should no longer change to generic fish/meat fillets when dragging from one bulk container to another. Bugfix: Weight reduction runes on tool and weapon heads will be ignored so that the items can be used for creation and not return a too little material message. Bugfix: Corrected various text messages. Bugfix: Fixed Valrei scenario mission rewards being awarded incorrectly. Bugfix: You should no longer be able to resize a deed with enemy presence. Bugfix: Removed double taste and drink option on sealed containers with something activated in inventory. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with control-click and dragging containers inside containers. Bugfix: You can now drag items directly into containers inside equipped saddle sacks/bags. Bugfix: Disallowed PvP opportunity attacks on other players on PvE servers, except in spars/duels. Bugfix: Removed double application of bloodthirst for archery on Epic.
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    this is the problem that i see with everyone right now. you mention mining. so what? i have 99.99 mining and 100 digging. so yes, i certainly would have a fair chance of an affinity if i would be using high speed tools. but what about the other 99% of players doing the other 99% of skills? the 15 second window is so short that most players grinding a crafting skill with queued actions and coc only tools already have a longer action timer on their 3rd or so imping action. the same applies to priests. if you look at the priest spell list you will notice that no commonly used spell could be used even once in this window. so youre gambling a 1/7200 chance per second to open the window to get lucky to actually finish your cast within those 15 seconds to have a 1/(500+500*affinities) chance to get an affinity in channeling. you wont get a second chance during this window unless all you ever do is spam light tokens. need to sacc to regain favor for another cast? well youre out of luck. tl;dr: stop looking only at the best cases possible and instead choose proper actions as an indicator. whats the use of a system like this if its only reasonably possible on a handful of actions?
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    Just to clarify, the new system will include a pve friendly way for affinities to be gained, so pve players actually stand to benefit greatly from this, they won't need to go to chaos and kill someone (messy affair, my cloth jacket never got the stains out) The ban is in place until the update goes live, and is aimed at curbing the extreme abuse of the mechanic until then. We'll have some info in the next valrei international hopefully, with details on how it will work for both sides. As for arguing about who took advantage of what, when, where, and how, it's a bit of a silly discussion. Wurm is over 10 years old now (approaching 12 since gold 1 actually, with development starting around 15 years ago!) and there's been huge changes to how things have been skilled in the past, some things have been made easier, some things have been changed to be a little more balanced and not easily abuseable. We're aware there are tons of things that have been windows of opportunity in the past, but it does not justify allowing anything and everything to be abused simply because others may have. it's always tough with something like this because it has been around for a long time, which is why our focus is on improving the way its done, we have no desire to start sifting through the annals of wurm history to find who did what when and ban people for actions considered okay back then, and it's a very clear reason as to why we're announcing the policy now, from this point forward the line is drawn.
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    Instructions unclear, house now stuck inside horse and the horse is inside the saddlebag.
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    You don't know what you're talking about.
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    This will be addressed. Locking this post.
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    For those who haven't seen, Finndar took up a massive project, without any fanfare or self-promotion. I think he deserves a pat on the back. The next time you're in Dragon Fang Pass remember all the work that he put into leveling and reinforcing the entire thing.
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    Would it be possible for the crafting menu to show how much weight of an item is required (if applicable) so that we don't need to run to the wiki for every little thing.
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    As title suggests, please allow uniques to be spotted by Lurker in the Woods casted pendulums to make it easier for non-priests/priests without reveal creatures to find uniques.
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    Nah, it's simple, here's the math and the point of the window of opportunity to gain an affinity..
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    PvE standpoint, mix of my own and others' in no particular order. Why people don't PvP more: - RL responsibilities. Not everyone can jump into the game the second a twitter alarm goes off, which leads to.... - The part about offline raids that hit a deed with scorched earth policy. - ... and the risk of people joining your kingdom to steal everything.... which leads to.. - The mistrust against new players due to the assumption that we have yet another spy alt. - The forums' drama against each other makes the standard PvP toxicity way WAY more visible (maybe it's not half as dominant as one would think, but one would have to join PvP to find out in the first place, but the chances of appealing to the toxic types in the first place are rather large and visible.) - The constant dumping on suggestions that would make PvP "less unique" mixed with "we don't care about shinies but only we should have them to keep some incentive in PvP" paints the whole thing as lackluster unless you're gaming for a $0.10/hr profit. - The constant dumping on suggestions that would make PvP "less unique" mixed with "we don't care about shinies but only we should have them to keep some incentive in PvP" paints the whole PvP community as rather bratty and entitled. - Knowing that figuring out a non-bug advantage over others will just get the feature whined into nerfdom adds to the sense that PvP doesn't have much going for itself and never will due to the constant resistance against innovation. Someone tamed a champ croc, PvP got taming nerfed instead of seeing it evolved into "3 champ crocs or 2 champ crocs and 2 hell hounds?". Lends itself to cookie cutter playstyle. Heck, PvP had people claiming that multi-story buildings would "ruin the game" at one point. - Wurm's PvE selling points VASTLY outnumber the PvP selling points. WoW-clones and first person shooters are generally WAY more attractive to PvP types than games ppl join because they can permanently modify the map and custom build on it. Those games are waaaaay more combat-oriented than Wurm... WAY more. - Sometimes people just wanna chill, hermit or not. - Seems like most of us prefer functional/pretty/open deeds to living in a fortified position. - Using "carebear" as a slur won't make you any friends by and by. - Did I mention that constantly and publicly asking for things that'll "make PvP more unique to provide incentive" is openly telling the world that there's no real reason to PvP? - People who progressed in a legit way suffering the collective punishment resulting from a few abusers. - "A PvE'er wouldn't last 3 seconds in PvP, they don't even know how to fight properly!". Ok then. - "Git gud!!!!" as a reply to requests for QoL improvements on the PvE side. Won't make you any friends either. - I ain't been keeping track... are kingdoms more balanced now? Because one kingdom having a permanent upper hand like it was (is?) at some point doesn't leave much PvP to join in the first place. ........ and last but not least: - The mockery and backlash that PvE players get when explaining why we ain't biting the WOPvP hook. You guys are shoddy telepaths and psychoanalists to say the least =P Go on then, pour some salt on me.... in the name of love!
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    Please for the love of Vynora make it so when you put a log and a saw in the crafting window it defaults to make a plank. Not a yoke. I have more accidental yokes then anyone could ever want. Thanks very much for your time and consideration.
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    Farming affinities from insincere pvp scenarios is not really a way for new players to catch up. What we will be doing is introducing a more engaging way to earn new affinities, while still allowing for affinities to transfer during actual pvp scenarios. You will still gain affinities from killing enemy players
  32. 9 likes
    Hi I know this sounds weird but it would be great if there where some different types and size cat statues for people to make since there are troll, Horse, Dog, People and other types of statues already. Can you please see about adding Feline Statues. Thank you and if anyone else has a suggestion on this just add it. Also if you like this thread bump it up ok. Thanks again.
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    Saturday 20:00 CET we going to kill Kyklops, everyone welcome for bloods, private loot. Location Pristine J10 in local from water west side, ideal parking south of tower there.
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    [10:02:34] <Garfius> [10:02:22] Masonry increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 Right at Xmas i finally hit 100 Mason my wish for Title would be => "Another Brick in the Wall" Thank you
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    Items in saddlebags count as 50% weight Items in saddle sacks count as 40% weight
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    the affinity gain window for skilling needs to change from a timed window to "the next 5 skilling actions". That way people can repair, mine for speed or mine for skill gain and not be unbalanced. Really simple fix. Edit: Thank you for this addition!! The PvE world is smiling today.
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    Small status update, I got my (engineering) thesis printed and framed today, so DeedPlanner and Wurm development will return back to normal soon... Trust me, I'm (almost) an engineer! If all goes well, I should have large update ready before the end of February.
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    Also this, a lot of people do not get the culture surrounding Wurm as a pvp game, it is truly the penultimate of wurm the last being retirement. You are not just making plate or chain to fight some trolls or wolves nearby, you are actively working as one cog in a large machine that is a running kingdom working together to hopefully have these cogs propel the machine forward. You are building a tower for a strategic importance, it has to be done, not just for decoration. You are making that weapon so you can supply a new guy, so he can fight the enemy. You are making bricks not for a stable, or a church, you are making fortifications for a war front. Just thinking about it, makes me want to get back into Wurm PvP again like right now. THIS IS THE EFFECT ACTUALLY OCCURING. It is a drug.
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    I got you a late Christmas present.
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    Update Issued at 2018-01-14 @ 14:29 GMT (UTC) To view or download the Latest Version of Albia Cats Eyes Highway Map of Indy please go to... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VXUlm1dnPAy4mcp7-thzVoPcrJaN4Rv8 Greetings fellow Wurmians, Why a separate map for Cats Eyes Highways? Since mid year of 2017, the Wurmians of Indy have been asking us, "How about adding the new Cats Eyes Highways to the Albia Roads Map of Indy?". After some careful thought and consideration, we concluded that it would "over clutter" the current map. So after some experimenting, we determined the best way to show the Cats Eye Highways would on a map of its own. To keep it simple, we removed Mission Markers, Guard Towers, Mail Boxes, Deed Markers, Tar Markers and faded the current roads network down to 40% of normal, making it a back ground shadow. Then we conducted driving surveys of all the CEH's (Cats Eye Highways) that were made know to us. Similar to the Albia Roads Map, the privacy of Hermits and those who wish to have their villages remain anonymous is being protected. The convention for having your deed added to the Albia Cats Eyes Highways Map of Indy. Even though a mayor may have elected to "Allow Routing", IF their village is not on the Albia Roads Map of Indy, then they will Not be visible on the Cats Eye Highway Map. So all those mayors out there who allowed a highway to pass through their village, but who wish to remain private, your privacy has been respected, and we thank for you community mindedness in allowing a Cats Eye Highway pass through your deed. Initial Release Issued at 2017-12-25 @ 06:00am GMT (UTC) This is a New Map. It will always be a work in progress as the worlds of Wurm are always changing, and we welcome input from the Indy Community. Thus we release this, on the morning of Christmas Day 2017, The Albia Cats Eyes Highway Map of Indy, our Christmas present to the Wurmian community on Independence. To view or download the Latest Version of Albia Cats Eyes Highway Map of Indy please go to... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VXUlm1dnPAy4mcp7-thzVoPcrJaN4Rv8 Just like the Albia Roads Map, we are hosting it on Google Drives, which lets you "zoom in" right there on line, as well as downloading it if you wish to use a picture viewer to enjoy it in Hi-Rez. We ask for your patience as we add to and improve this new map and tweak it to make it better. We hope this makes your travels and adventures safer and more enjoyable. Best wishes! Hughmongus and Skyefox Co-leaders of the Albia Consortium Co-Administrators of the Albia Roads Map of Indy Co-Creators and Co-Administrators of the Albia Cats Eyes Highway Map of Indy
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    what in the hell was the logic behind making some kills not give affinities!? I literally can't figure it out...it's just a nerf without any reasoning why it needed nerfing o.o
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    We all knew they will come one day..Well they are here!!!
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    you dont lose enough stats for it even to be a concern honestly
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    This is Murble. She’s a 10 year old Russian Blue who is still mad at me for getting a dog 4.5 years ago.
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    Valrei, Jackal and Seris in a triple conjunction:
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    What amuses me the most is that you Ebo guys don't see anything wrong with that picture. That putting a character on a different kingdom and killing it repeatedly to farm affinities in such a blatant and absurd manner is completely acceptable and an intended mechanic. You stick characters in a safe cave and repeatedly kill them to circumvent an establish mechanic so you can get rewards you did not earn. Okay, yes. Some people do this as well. Freedomers sell affinities and come to chaos and kill each other for them, or their alts. One here and one there. Even some of the people here on this forum have done this in the past, myself included. And that has been pretty much the norm. For years. At least it was until you guys decided to go full metal jacket on exploiting for your benefit what was a normal game mechanic. If you had killed an alt here and there, people would had complained, but it wouldn't had been a problem, and it would had been left alone. But you took it to the extreme. You had to fill pages upon pages of tabs in a single seating. And then you complain about why the affinity faucet got sealed on you. Typical.
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    laughing at this thread and ebonaura as a whole
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    you can only have 5 affinities max per skill @MaurizioAMhow many converts do these alts have under /converts and trying to justify this as being good for the game with things like pumping money into it is just hilarious
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    Did something for my deed that I've dreamt of doing ever since first starting the game: making a pylon. It was utter HORROR to work on alone, but in the end I finally finished it. Took weeks and weeks and weeks though and needless to say, I didn't get through it without doing other stuff at the same time hehe. Would have died of boredom otherwise. But now seeing it standing proudly and magnificently, it does make it all worth it! Edit: Oh and here's some useful information for anyone planning to make one themselves at some point: Upon starting the pylon and seeing the "unfinished" product, lay it on the ground and you can see a "footprint" of which direction it will be in. This is the time to decide the direction, because after it's completed, you will not be able to rotate it anymore! You WILL be able to push and pull it though! So you don't have to stress about getting the SPOT right, only the DIRECTION. Then, something I didn't know before making it, is that you don't have to waste your high level stone to make stone slabs, save your high level stuff for the stone bricks. You see stone slabs can be IMPROVED! I never knew that before.
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    Today's Random Enkounter is brought to you by the wonderful folks at the spirit postal service. Overworked, underpaid, but still getting the mail delivered on time rain, sleet, or dragon fire, and just waiting for you to go to sleep to get their revenge! Today's Enkounter occurred on Independence, and a very reluctant contestant was in local. After some lengthy discussion I finally convinced her to give it a try. 3 challenges were put forth! Challenge #1 Name two previous Head Game Masters for Wurm Online? With a bit of determination, Alectrys answered correctly naming Oracle and Unforgiven. Challenge #2 Get 33 woodscraps within 4 minutes! With 15 seconds left on the clock she made all 33 wood scraps. Challenge #3 Gently put to sleep all the overworked Krizmaz Elfys. This was a bad one.... the elves could not see reason at all and just kept trying to go after Alectrys because she would not give them any milk and cookies and they thought it was so unfair that only big red got any. Alectrys used her axe to knock them out cold from all the blood loss, and so until next Christmas may they sleep in heavenly slumber back in their graves! For Alectrys's Enkounter items, all of the items from yesterdays refused Enkounter + a very large ice cream scoop and a large glass of brandy. Along with some fancy horseshoes and some delicious holiday pizza!