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    Greetings Wurmians! We're back with a fresh new view of what's coming to Wurm, with major visual work being underway! New Skies Ahead Many have commented on rainbows and moons looking a little different, and there's a good reason for it! We're working on the new volumetric lighting system that we have mentioned a few times, along with breathtaking updated day and night skies! As you can see, they're gorgeous! (I hope Gaffer doesn't go mad trying to find constellations) Volumetric Lighting Volumetric lighting is a technique used in 3D computer graphics to add lighting effects to a rendered scene. It allows the viewer to see beams of light shining through the environment; seeing sunbeams streaming through the trees in a forest is an example of volumetric lighting, also known as God rays. And they're coming to Wurm! Part of this work on lighting is adding a lot more atmosphere to the game, improving the feeling of actually being immersed in the beautiful world we have all built here. As you can see, it adds depth to the world, and I can almost feel the warmth on my skin. Oh, wait, that's some actual sunlight creeping through the curtain, let me fix that) More UI Teases That's right! I'm here with more UI teases! This edition focuses on the new tooltips when you mouseover an item. As you do, you'll see it's material, item type, and enchants! Pressing alt while mousing over will display more detailed information. Z-fighters No, not the cartoon ones! Z-fighting is a term when textures flicker, caused by them being on the same level and the client not knowing how to display them correctly. Long-distance viewing has had a few issues with Z-fighting, and we've taken steps to address that for the future too! This fix means more beautiful views when looking out from a mountaintop across the land, and who doesn't love that! Before: After: The Team Expands! Katspurr There are many ways in which you may know Katspurr, A.K.A. Malena in Wurm. Whether it is through her work adding all the new horse textures, her VEN streams, her gorgeous encyclopedia of Wurm items and their visuals, or just her beautiful renditions of suggestion ideas! Katspurr is not just a dedicated Wurmian, she's also a games industry veteran with decades of art development under her belt, and we are THRILLED to say that she is joining the Wurm team! Katspurr has taken on a short term Art Developer role in which she will be handling various duties from new loading screens, those beautiful shots on the Wurm Steam page, and more! Darklords Darklords is a long term PvPer with a lot of experience under his belt in the world of PvP, and he's come a long way since I first met him. Late-night ramblings and testing catapulting changes, to building up the courage to join the dev team and work on bugs and tweaks and now joining as a contracted member of the developer team taking control of the direction of PvP within Wurm as well as other PvE content. Darklords is fiercely dedicated to making sure PvP is as fun as engaging as possible and will be working with you all via PvP discussion threads as he goes. The first thread is up discussing some of the changes that went live last patch, as well as discussing potential future changes too, so go check it out here: He'll also be taking on other aspects of Wurm and will be working on PvE content too. On behalf of everyone at the Wurm Online team, I'd like to welcome Katspurr and Darklords to our ranks and hope they enjoy their time here! LCM Changes This news also includes a few changes on the GM team. Firstly, after a long period as LCM Idony will be stepping down from that role. Idony has put in a considerable amount of work in ensuring that proper guidelines are created and maintained and that players and staff alike are supported. They will be continuing their role as GM, and I am very thankful for that, I'd like to thank Idony for their work as LCM and hope the post LCM madness passes quickly. Astarte Many of you know of Astarte as the GM who rescues you from a situation and promptly turns you into a sheep. Well, Astarte has taken up the now vacant role of LCM and will be working with all of the staff and players to create a welcoming environment leading up to our launch on Steam. Willow What a long history Willow has! Willow has been a community figure in Wurm for such a long time, starting the Impalong traditions, and building the terracotta army in the northeast of Independence. She has been a GM for a considerable amount of time as well, and has also had the role as Assistant Head GM, which she is now retaking! Willow will be assisting Enki on all Head GM matters, helping speed up our workload and ensure that EnkiBoT2020 continues to operate with minimal breakdowns. A big welcome to both of these fantastic and friendly GM's into their new respective positions, I look forward to working with you both! That's it from us this edition, we'll be hard at work getting things ready for the next update at the end of the month, so stay safe, excited for the future, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm Team
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    Wow. > Want to make the game less spell-spam. > Nerf the counter-spell. > ??? This makes literally no sense. If the goal was to make it less spell-spam, buff/improve Tangleweave. Don't nerf it. This change exacerbates the issue you're claiming to want to solve. Now people will be able to spell spam with indifference. Any spell with a cast time below 7 seconds is now unable to be countered. The cooldown change is fine to try. It prevents overwhelming forces from shutting down the effectiveness of priests on the other side. I can get behind that. The favor cost and cast time increase is overkill nerfs. So instead of balancing around people using spells on in-game models you're instead forcing them to open up the character menu and interact with user interfaces during combat instead of targeting players. This is immediately after the new UI changes where you're allowing dragging a 3D item on the ground into a nearby container. The change was made specifically so people could focus on the 3D world and their combat log to fight instead of having to sort through janky menus and sub-menus. It's one thing if it's too strong - tackle that aspect of it. However, this instead just reverts a QoL feature and creates an inconsistency due to the new UI changes. Why can you drag an item to a container in the world, but not cast a spell on a player in the world? That just makes the game less appealing to play. This completely ignores the fact that a moving vehicle with ping/lagg introduced can easily force a character menu shut at random intervals due to client-server desync. This is a direct nerf to anyone who plays on high ping, making it significantly more difficult for them to heal their allies. There's so many things wrong with this change and it would've been better to tackle it in literally any other way. Furthermore, healing resistance being adjusted on PvP is one thing. I was actually totally fine with healing resistance increasing faster on PvP servers since it was originally designed to prevent PvE exploits. However, now you're saying that it will work inconsistently between enchants and spells? Why would that be the case? It should affect everything equally. Life Transfer shouldn't get special treatment over Scorn of Libila or Light of Fo. This is just another asterisk to put on a mechanic in the game which serves no purpose. Clearly nobody thought about how this would affect people who actually enjoyed Venom as an enchant. The whole reason for Venom/poison to have no glance rate was because it feels better and reduces RNG during combat. Even though it was less damage, making sure that nothing could glance your attacks just felt good. No longer would you swing 5 times in a row and get glanced every time. You would hit for less, but hit more often. Now, it would be one thing if there was some problem where Venom was dealing the most damage and thus overpowered. However, that wasn't the case because the other enchants applied a significant damage bonus whereas Venom had none. You traded raw damage per hit for more consistent hits. So instead of keeping Venom feeling good for those who like it you just end up returning the one combat mechanic they were trying to avoid and shove it straight back in their face without warning. Nice. Anyone with a Venom weapon they invested in is probably quite upset, and rightfully so. This change is nonsense and should be reverted outright. Even adjusting Venom to have a 20% damage bonus to counteract would not remedy this change. A unique enchant which changed how combat felt in a positive way was nerfed to obsolete, and it wasn't even the best enchant.
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    Hello friends and wurmians I am here to say to my friends(mostly) and fellow players that time has ended on my wurm life, i have met some wonderful people i will not forget , i have shared some great times and some sad times but the great far outweigh the bad for sure and i would not have had it any other way . Thrown into wurm after discovering it in a game forum i got off a google hit about sandbox games in 2013 i found this gem of a game , naked and screaming from hell hounds and trolls chasing me on release, i managed to be saved by a village and from that moment on i never looked back, my last few years was spent on Pristine and they were one of my greatest i will miss all my friends and my alliance. But my job and the farm my wife and i brought last year (1800+ acres) is very busy , i now have my own real life deed with cows and sheep(we got new lambs yesterday) and felling trees (even tried it with a 2h axe , it nearly killed me how much effort it took) and also lots of other farm activities/jobs . I want to thank all my friends i don't want to throw names out in case i miss someone and it may upset them, i want to thank the staff , we have amazing staff and our in game chat channels monitored is a real treat to see in online pve sandbox, and the help i received when i called a ticket or asked a CA question was second to none i wish wurm , players and all involved a great future and smooth and successful steam release. I was always saddened when players or friends left one day and i never heard from them or worried what happened to them, so my friends you know now i am fine and my wurm time just ran out Hugs , Toey
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    Please return rifts to 3 waves only and stop mobs from teleporting, this has done nothing to "enhance, make more fun, or add to the pleasure" of rifts, but has instead served to annoy, aggravate, and waste the time of 95%+ of the players I have talked with at rifts. For example, the typical rift: wave 1+2 take 15m, wave 3+4 take 90m+. This is HORRIFIC game balance not to mention design. Why should I bother showing up to anything but wave 4 for the journal ach which is what most people attending rifts need. Why are rift mobs so incredibly difficult to hit even with good to great combat skills? What was the reasoning for giving rift mobs 100CR ? When summoners don't teleport away from us at rifts and we can kill them without needing to chase them down at least once or twice, is this a bug or a feature? When will rifts be revisited/fixed/done?
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    Since there are unannounced priest changes again that are pretty significant can we please get another priest transfer ? Good job on letting us know about the changes hours before the old transfer expires..
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    Quit Nerfing Healing D A M M I T. Hard enough to want to go and learn PVP and now you Nerf Healing even more. Knock this crap off whoever is thinking it needs done or your going to drive off one of your long term player. I have had enough of the healing nerf bull crap. Somebody is listening to a very small minority and it needs to Stop and STOP Now. You try this crap or apply this crap on Steam Server and you might as well quit the development now. Keep pissing the community off, were going to find new games. Sounds Like time for me to go play Gloria Victis awhile, they have great combat, maybe you should look and learn from it.
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    --- Hi everyone! To celebrate hitting 2,000 followers on Twitch we are holding a special episode of Wurm Wednesday on the 20th of May, 7pm GMT10+ over on Twitch. This will involve a whole bunch of fun giveaways, the winners of which will be announced on the night! --- The Giveaways will include: 1 Gold total in Ingame currency 3 Premium game keys of 30days 1 Drake Set Rare Tools Enchant Vouchers MORE! How can you enter? There will be 3 type of prizes drawn on the night. Those will be live key word giveaways, points giveaways and the screenshot giveaway! For the live key word giveaways during the stream you will be given "key words" which you'll need to type into the chat which will effectively be your raffle ticket prize to enter that specific prize - there will be multiple of these on the night. All you need to be eligible to enter in these is have a Twitch account and be able to type in the key word when given. For Point giveaways, from now until the draw you will be able to spend accrued "Emu Points" on raffle tickets which are redeemed through Twitch chat at any time (even when the stream is offline!) The idea behind this is to allow people who watch the stream but might not be able to make the night have a chance to win something fun. "Emu Points" are earned through watching the stream, you can enter as many times into each raffle as you like. These entry's will then be put into a numbered spread sheet which I'll then do an ingame /random roll to select a winner for live during the stream. If you're unfamiliar on how you can spend any of your "Emu Points" I've included some pictures below: For the Screenshot giveaway, I'm so excited to get this all done, I wanna get started now. As such I want you to all capture "Wurm made Cozy" in a screenshot and post it in this thread! Then on live on the stream we will choose our favorite screenshot based on the aesthetics, creativity and coziness. The person who manages to capture the essence of Wurm Coziness best will win a rare awl and 10s! (I've got some extra prizes for runners up too) Where can I watch and what will I be watching? You can find the stream in the spoiler link below. We will be going live at 7pm GMT10+ the Wurm Wednesday stream is an independently produced stream on Twitch where we discuss the Wurm Online experience, updates, showcase village builds and share our mutual love for this game. On the night we will be checking out a very special Village build, talking about some of the other wonderful content creators in the community and of course the Giveaways. Please note that Wurm Wednesday is for mature audiences. I hope to see a bunch of you there. This amazing community has formed the bedrock of my streaming audience and I'm looking forward to being able to give back and share some fun times with you all!!!
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    Greetings fellow Wurmians, In my travels i stumbled upon a lost blue dragon, time for us all to get some juicy scale and blood! Lets meet up at "Hammerdown Port N Customs" (or the Pier 50 tiles north if you come by boat) Check out http://wurmonlinemaps.com/xanadu if you come by boat or your local Waystone if you travel by foot/horse. Please be adviced that some travel will still be needed from the meeting point to the location of the dragon, so bringing carts and/horses is adviced. We will leave the meeting point around 19:30 CEST (around the time the above timer ends) Please take into account: I apologize for the short notice, but due to personal life i'm not able to organize this later this week.
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    increasing decay on off deed items for people that haven't logged in for 3 months same as houses, sure whatever increasing any kind of decay or damage otherwise for the sake of muh poor poor economuh is an awful suggestion geared at serving virtual wallets over better gameplay i don't know why this always has to be said. if you want to improve something, find ways to add benefits without ruining something else. add something new to encourage or improve trading, improve merchants, add some kind of in game auction house like runescape's ge, good. making things worse than they are to force trading, terrible.
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    If you haven't yet been to the test server to try out the new volumetric lighting... you're missing out! My heart literally ACHES with how beautiful the game is over there!
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    Put together a pretty little potting bench today
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    I would like to see hellhorse carts get removed from ALL pvp servers.. And before ppl say there is nothing wrong with having hellhorse carts on pvp servers... There is a reason the devs removed that option from the Epic Server restart... Because they get used as a massive safety net in pvp fights... Because they take no nerf to speed even with bardings on the hellhorses.. Which makes this a must for any pvp server to keep people alive..
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    i don't think increasing chores for the sake of the economy is a good idea, that's about all i can say on increasing damage taken. decay is wonky when nobody is in local so thats probably why the chaos boats still exist
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    What was so terribly wrong with Tangleweave? Actually it was the fun counterspell in PVP - the one which gave some great interactive fight option to a priest.
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    Winter wonderland.
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    An eerie Deli night after Rite of Death:
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    Ok, i have to say these priest changes is the direct opposite of what the game need. We need to make ppl be able to live longer in fights, not the other way around, nerf overall damage instead. Please reconsider that change and reverse it asap. This will make pvp even more hit and kill fast. I beg you with all my hart. DO NOT DO IT.
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    If you feel that something in your area is worthy of being preserved for others, do your part in being an altruistic repairman or repairwoman. Examples: I like to repair every guard tower I come across, because a lot of folks benefit from them. Some towers in the deep wilderness haven't been repaired for months and months. One such tower could save the life of a hapless newbie, who'll go on to build guard towers of his own...and so on, and so forth. There's a lovely canal I often use, with a very original design. All of the lamps, candelabras, braziers, statues will vanish in a few months, unless someone repairs them. (If this is already a default for folks, forgive me for assuming that players don't care enough about these things.)
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    Ok so firstly this is a collaboration between 2 people, me and Angie, Angie did the models and they look awesome. It has a new model, so the server will need to run serverpacks mod and the players will also need the client version of serverpacks mod in order to see the model. General idea is that at the moment in order to make big volumes of the same color is difficult but also recreating that exact same color at a later date is almost impossible. So we added a new device called a 'Dye Maker' although it is more of an extractor or separator but either way dye maker is the name i originally gave it and it stuck. Device can be crafted in game by players. The process goes like this. Craft the device which will be on the ground, just like forge, fountain and such. Activate the dye in your inventory and right click the device, click 'Add dye' and this will add your dye to the device, there is an amount that is lost for adding dye (this is set by server admin). Activate any item and you get the action of 'check dye' this will tell you exactly how much dye has been stored in the device. Activate a container that can hold dye in your inventory and right click device, click 'Extract Dye' and then you will get a window pop up asking you to set the values for the dye. Choose your RGB, quality and volume. That is pretty much it, there are very complex calculations as far as how much dye is added to the device. Properties file looks like this ## Item template Id to use for the dye maker device, change if it conflicts with another mod targetid = 5858 ## % amount of liquid lost when adding to device losspercent = 50 ##lowest value of R,G and B for extraction, example: if set to 50 all 3 values must be at least 50. minimumextraction = 50 ## maximum of R+G+B allowed to add to device, any higher cannot be added as is to device maxrgb = 450 The game itself makes it very easy to make white dye which in the game at least is 255 255 255, so making white dye would add large amounts of each RGB, so there is a loss value to counter this which is set by the server admin, default is 50%. Then on the other side of the coin 0 0 0 is pure black and doing volume calculations on 0 would mean adding a tiny bit of dye you could extract thousands of volume of pure black, so there is a minimum value for the R G B extraction, which can be set by admin, default is 50. Which means the lowest RGB values possible to extract are 50, so 50 50 50, this makes a dark brown but not quite black colour. Also a maxrgb value for adding dye, this is R+G+B, so you if set to 450 then you won't be able to add pure white of any ql. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjnBltNOSFjChAaSk_GXtEbXecVP?e=OQCEkZ So there is a group of us working together at the moment in our own time to make more interesting things for wurm, including models. This is just the first released mod and there will no doubt be more to come.
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    I also just want to take a moment and express my deep appreciation for this games amazing community. I've been playing Wurm for over 15yrs now and to have so many people tune in tonight and raise the bar yet again for highlights for my time in this game is truly something special. Thank-you. See you all for Wurm Wednesday at the same time next week!!
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    Ver 0.2 (Thanks to Roarkindrake for proofreading and everyone in this thread for feedback) Feel free to comment if you know something that needs adding! Firstly, life as one of the free folks isn't easy. You're going to have very restricted mobility initially, and likely for a while until you earn enough to premium up (or possibly forever). You'll learn to travel light, live small, and generally develop excellent diplomatic skills! So, what are your restrictions? 1. 20 skill caps (except faith which you can get to 30) 2. 20 stat caps (*) 3. No access to magic (can't priest) 4. Inability to brand (claim) animals 5. 1 "cared for" animal 6. Account deleted after 3 months idle (**) 7. Cannot invite villagers to founded deeds (thanks to Absy for pointing this out) (**) (*) Or highest value up to 30 if you gained more while premium (**) Not the case if you preme up at least once These limit you in a big way in terms of what you can do (for example, you can't build stone houses, large guildings, pilot large carts, ride anything other than a cow, or pilot any boat larger than a rowboat). Your're also not likely to be able to bash, which means you need to plan carefully when building walls and gates. Once it is up, it isn't coming down by your hands! 1. Getting Started - The Skills For Success Alright, you've got your newbie buffs and your newbie items. These are really going to help you set up, and will remain important for along time. There are a few essential skills for free players you might want to consider: 1. Meditation 2. Forage/Botanise 3. First Aid 4. Forestry 5. Gardening 6. Natural Substances 7. Papyrusmaking 8. Fishing So why these skills? Meditation is there to unlock the path of love for you; so you can refresh yourself indefinitely. Should you ever save up enough for premium, you could even learn to enchant tiles (a skill that can make you a bit of cash). Forage/Botanise exists to ensure you're not going to go hungry. Capped at 20, farming doesn't really return enough to keep you alive and fed without a LOT of fields (which you then need to secure in some way), so you are going to have to supplement what you farm. Ocassionally it also grants you coin to use as you see fit which can not hurt. First Aid is going to be something you need often; with your fighting skills capped and your item QL restricted to 23ish tops if you are going solo, you're going to take a lot of damage. Forestry gives you access to sprouts; sprouts are a good way to make a little money early game (people often buy hedge and fruit sprouts in bulk at 1--2c each). Gardening gives you access to flowers; white, blue, greenish and white dotted flowers are easy money for a free player! This will also make it easier for you to plant hedges, which can be used to make easy to maintain hidey holes. Natural Substances is there to give you a reliable ability to make up healing covers, for all that first aid you'll need. It'll also let you make ink for... Papyrusmaking; this will let you write reports on crops to sell to players for almanacs. A fully completed almanac is something players pay reasonably for, and it's always in demand. Finally, fishing, because it's an easy way to spice up your diet. Meat is going to be harder to come by for you early on, so fish can substitute to some degree. These skills are all easy to level quickly, and once you've got them up to 20, you're in a good position to live as one of the free folk. Why isn't SKILL X here? Mostly because, as a free player, they're not going to make you any coins (unless you want to chip 1000 stone bricks for 1 whole silver coin, which I in absolutely no way recommend because it is soul destroyingly dull); however, as a free player, you will probably pick up all skills at 20 eventually; just pick what interests you. 2. Can I Live Without a Deed? Long story short; yes, you can. However, it's a life with a lot of chores since decay hits low quality structures hard! If you do choose to live without a deed, the first recommendation is live near a spawn town, as that way you'll always respawn near home if you die; and trust me, you are going to die a lot as one of the free folk. I also recommend pitching your home within range of a tower, as this gives you free protection. This one is unpopular: keep your home small. You don't need a 3x2 house with all the trimmings; a 1x2 is plenty for your FSB, BSB, chest, racks, oven and Bed. It means you only have 6 walls, 2 floors and 2 roofs to maintain plus your furniture and items. However, you could swap the racks for something else if you made a storage alt (bonus here is that items on them don't decay!). Hedges, hedges hedges. They keep mobs out and they don't ever need repairing. You, essentially, only need to repair your gate. They're not that secure against players, but you don't really have anything worth stealing. Animal storage is going to be a problem; you can either make a barn (small 1x1 or 2x1 structures with grass planted inside) or you can make a large cart and hitch the animals to it (though, if you never prememium, you won't be able to drive these carts)! You're also going to have to maintain whatever storage you use, so be wary and add locks to any container that you use. 3. Basic Home Security Step 1: Lock EVERYTHING A lot of free players make the mistake of failing to lock the door to their home; and this very quickly leads them to log in one day and find everything they own has been looted by a passing new player (or an unscrupulous community member). I say lock everything, because if you are unlucky your door can rot very quickly (within a week if the RNG hates you), and if you are away for that time you could log in to needing to rebuild your door! If you have everything locked in your home, however, you'll still have all your items when you come back. Step 2: Imp EVERYTHING Your home is going to get hit by decay ticks, and this means items will take damage that you need to repair. However, higher quality items decay more slowly, and thus require less repairs. When making furniture/walls/gates/carts/boats, always try and imp them up as high as you can. This is a good way to raise skills quickly, reduce work in the future, and generally live well. Step 3: Carry the ESSENTIALS At some point, things are probably going to go wrong. Maybe you need a break, maybe life hits you with something hard. Either way, you're probably going to be a victim of decay, and if you always log out with the essentials in your inventory (your core tools), you're going to be able to recover quickly. Which takes us onto... 4. Essential Gear As one of the free folk, you may find yourself starting over more than once; or having to deal with security setbacks. Keeping essential gear on you at all times is going to help you do this, as no matter what state your house is in, you're going to be able to recover. I've laid down 3 tiers here. Things to log out with every day, things to log out with when you're not playing for a week, and things to log out with when you're going MIA. (a) Log out with daily Pickaxe, Hatchet, Shovel, Flint and Steel, Saw and Carving Knife. These are the six basic tools of wurm, and with them you can start over. No matter what happens, these tools will get you up on your feet again. Sickle. This is both a tool and a weapon, I always keep one handy and good QL really helps with these. Pottery Bowl. These decay when left out and can't be repaired, best keep it on your inventory unless you live really near to clay and can easily make another. Armourwise: Studded leather is often favoured as the best mix of weight and protection; it's worth keeping a suite of this worn at all times. 2kg of cotton for healing (you're always going to want this). 5 healing covers (only use on medium+ wounds), aim for ones made of lovage and rosemary, or teeth and glands if you have access. (b) Week Off Picking up your anvils (small and large) is probably a good idea here. I'd also say this would be the time to pick up any other craft tools you use often (hammers, spindles, etc) as this will stop them taking large decay hits. Sometimes, depending on your living arrangements, it is also a good idea to keep hold of a few nails (20 or so in a satchel) as this lets you rebuild quickly if a wall has dropped. Remember those key skills I mentioned? Your press might be worth keeping hold of, as would your meditation rug (unless you have already hit the cap). (c) MIA - Long term If you're going for a long period of time, pick up everything not nailed down, imp up what you have to leave behind, and pray. Odds are, your home is going to vanish (hedges may remain!). Also, make sure to log in at least once every couple of weeks if you have never premed; otherwise you will lose everything. 5. Settling Down - Where do I live? The optimal living position for a free player is... a) Near a spawn location b) Near a tower c) Near the coast (preferably near reeds) d) Near clay e) Near a mine with access to iron f) Away from large areas of sand (d) is rather self explanatory, as you're going to need access to clay for ovens and forges. Living near clay is always worthwhile, however, without the ability to pilot large carts, you're going to be dragging your clay back in a small cart, and this will be VERY dangerous and time consuming if you live far from the clay. (a) and (b) we covered earlier. This leaves us with (c), (e), and (f). Why would you want to live near a coast? Well, firstly, it gives you access to safe transport (a rowboat) to reach other coastal deeds. If your rowboat is locked and anchored, it's safe from everything except decay. Once you have imped your rowboat up to 20, you have access to other servers (which in turn opens up impalongs to get your tools REALLY boosted), and it may offer you a way of making a bit of money (ferrying others to events). Why would you prefer to live near reeds? Reeds are a potency 1 healing cover, and can be harvested easily; it essentially gives you one healing component to hand at all times. (e) is often overlooked early on, and people really regret it later since iron is an essential resource for most crafting. Opening up a mine and looking for iron can be time consuming, however, it's better to do it earlier than later. Why avoid large areas of sand? Because sand spawns some REALLY nasty monsters (scorpions, hellhounds), and these are a death sentence for one of the free folk. 6. Leaving The Nest - Going Exploring Visited all the coastal areas you wanted to? Looking to really go explore? First things first, make sure you know where you live! Find the name of the nearest deed to you that is connected to the highway network. Write that name down. It'll let you find your route back home. Next, get yourself a cow; it is your noble escape steed. Lead it around with you when you can, tame it when you log off, and untame it when you log in. If you ever need to run away and are low on stamina, mount your cow and pray. It isn't always going to work, but sometimes you can get near enough to a tower to call for help. Finally, travel light. Put all the things you don't need into storage (preferably an alt to avoid decay...), and make sure you're only carrying the essentials. How much you are carrying impacts your movement. My general list of essentials are: (a) My Tent (b) A pottery bowl for cooking and a Waterskin for water (c) My carving knife and Hatchet for fire starting (d) My Sickle (e) My armour (worn) (f) My backpack (worn) You can find food on your way and cook it up easily enough. Always drink from fountains/water sources and you'll rarely ever go dry (and your cow can be milked with the waterskin in a pinch). 7. Risky Ventures - Making Money (at risk!) As one of the free folks, you're already in a bad position to sell things to other players, and the market is especially bad at the moment. However, there are a few ways you can make a bit of money ingame that require a risk. (a) Finding unguarded source fountains and tapping the source (bring a bucket for small barrel for this one). 1KG of source equates to 1 silver coin. On Xanadu, some are even on highways and a long trip can net a few silver coins if you know the routes. (b) Hunt for flowers. This one involves going deep into woods in uninhabited areas. This one is VERY risky, and you might just want to go out with a sickle alone for this one. However, it will always yield something to sell; you might even get lucky and find a white dotted flower. (c) Looting fallen deeds. If a deed falls, and you know where it is, and you get there first. You can sometimes net yourself a lot of items of decent value. Aim to snag rare items where possible, and light valuables such as event items and gems. (d) Almanac Making. This one isn't too high risk, and can be rather safe if you have planted the needed trees/bushes nearby. A full alamanac can go for around 20c (or 1--2 silver according to some players) at time of writing, and you can make a lot of these and store them on an alt. The hardest plant to record is lingonberry bushes, however, this is just a matter of making a trip to a tundra with a pile of paper, a pot of ink, and a reed pen (see, those reeds have other uses!). (e) Unique Scouting. This one is a really really dangerous one, however it can pay enough for both premium and a deed combined. Unique creatures are often hunted by private groups, and finding one and selling its location can be a very quick way to make some money. However, they're rare (you're going to have to wander around a lot of unexplored places), and when found they are often deadly (they can outrun horses, so cows are stone dead). This is arguably the biggest risk/reward a free player can hope for. 8. The P-word - Paying Premium As a free player, you've no doubt seen the limitations in section 1. Notice those entries with a (*) and (**)? Yep, you can actually unlock a bit more content by going premium once (and skilling hard while it lasts!) Namely, you can raise stats to 30 while premium (and your progress will be kept when it runs out), your account is preserved forever (or until wurm ends), and you're no longer restricted on inviting people to your deeds. Oh, and meditation abilities are also preserved! The magic number is 5 silver (enough to buy 2 weeks of premium), though most people save up to 10 silver before they premium up for the first time (4 weeks gives more time to get things done). Assuming you only have enough to premium up once, you should aim for these goals to make your life (when you return to the status of one of the free folk) better: (a) 21 Body Control Lets you ride horses; this is often the first skill you want to push up. Horses really open up the world of wurm for travel, though you can't easily secure horses while not premium (the best you can do is hitch them to a tent, and those are hard to make while one of the free folk!). This is best levelled using archery, or archaeology. The latter is probably best if you know some good ruins as it takes less preparation time. (b) 21 Body Strength Lets you bash structures, and move furniture up and down stairs. This is really convenient if you live offdeed and want to do some re-modelling. You can also push for 23 body strength (not sure if this is possible in 2 weeks) to unlock loading and unloading (which will make your large carts very useful for storing furniture you want to protect). Also, this stat increases the amount you can carry... Blacksmithing is a good way to level this; but really work it into what you enjoy doing. (c) 21 Mind Logic Lets you pilot large carts, wagons, sailing boats and ship transporters; this will really help you when travelling and a lot of players have lived out of a large cart/wagon/sailing boat over the years. The fastest way to level this is by cooking (ask someone about panloading and they might let you use their food stocks if you panload them first, it's hard work but if you open up your time premium with a panloading session? You'll hit 21 mind logic easily, and may even be able to hit 30 (which lets you queue another action). (d) 30 Meditation This one is the odd one out, but arguably one of the more important ones. Getting meditation to level 30 lets you unlock the level 7 path ability, which is often VERY useful. Path of Love's enchant is a great way to make some extra copper, and 30 meditation will let you use it (once you advance along the path). Levelling this one is hard; you're going to need to meditate 5 times per day (20 mins apart); those are the only ones that will give you skill ticks, and you also have to do it some distance away (about 10 tiles). This one is just something you need to break and do; the ingame timers help remember! There is something you should consider baring in mind, and it relates to how you want to play wurm. If you are just trying the game out, and considering going premium long-term, then you're probably best getting premium as soon as one fo your stats hits 20 (stats are the hardest things to level, and it will save you effort later in the game). However, if you are intending to remaing one of the free folk (maybe you just like the challenge, or you enjoy wurm more as a free player), you're best off getting premium once you have the three stats listed above at 20, and meditation at 20 (with your path at level 6, and the cooldown for the next path advancement done)
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    Cold winter Pristine night saying goodnight to Seris
  24. 9 points
    I wonder if Fo will need to buy favor from the Wurm Online shop next...
  25. 9 points
    RIP this changes hours before the transfer goes away. Would defo switch from FO now but wont be able cause of work, where did theese changes come from btw? I guess i missed the discussion about Tangleweave being op, and Fo priests healing to much. Would be fun if the PvP community actully where involved in any kind of way, or atleast asked about what they think before changing things in the dark.
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    PVP Change: Healing has been changed in the following ways: Cure light/medium/severe are only cast-able on wounds, not the body directly when the caster is riding a vehicle on PvP servers only Heal spells on PvP servers now increase resistance at 150% the normal rate This seems a bit unfair considering the amount of time left on the transfer..? This is a fairly serious combat change.
  27. 9 points
    who asked for the healing and tangleweave changes? where does this all come from?
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    Seen it mentioned numerous times in the past, but it would be nice for new players to be able to hitch one animal to a small cart then lead it. Keeps them on foot, makes early gathering less painful, and simply gives the small cart an actual niche use.
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    That feeling when you finally get everything organized and decorated just right ^ ,^
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    I've just started to build myself a new home in the southern part of Xanadu. So far I'm pleased with how it's turning out and it feels pretty cozy to me.
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    I don't generally chime into these discussions, but would like to put my two bits forward. Instead of fighting the 'alt abuse' issue, I think we could focus more on the intent of the accounts being used. Regardless of the stats/skills of an account, and whether it's an alt or a main account, or any of those 'tags', we could instead focus on the intent an account is being used for. If someone mines their way close to an enemy deed and then strongwalls/reinforces the account into a 1 tile underground location with no more purpose than to watch who moves around in local, I'd say the intent itself is a toxic one and puts a dampener on overall pvp and play of wurm for most other players. Whether that strongwalled in account has 20fs, 40fs, 95fs, or 5fs; really doesn't matter in my mind. The account's sole purpose is to put a dampener on the local populations movements and playstyle. The reduction of this sort of playstyle would likely increase the overall enjoyment of a pvp server for the majority of players on it. Generally if there's an instance of toxic gameplay on freedom, which results in griefing tickets, the wurm team takes all circumstances into view and usually figures out whether there is intent behind the negative gameplay and who/what is going on and takes things from there. I'd say the same mindset should be used on the pvp side; if you're intentionally playing in such a way to disrupt and/or make the gameplay toxic to others, it should be looked at. I know and understand there are very few rules on the pvp server past personal attacks and such in chat, but there's also precedent when things are taken too far, and usually there ends up being a mechanics change or simply an order to stop doing certain things that are decided to be detrimental to overall gameplay and the health of Wurm itself. We want this game to be around for a long time, even the argumentative folk usually speak out because they love Wurm and want it to get better. Why can't we police ourselves when we can usually see something as admittedly bad for the game and just stop doing them? Whether mechanics allow or not? If you look at something and wonder if it should be done, usually it shouldn't...regardless of mechanics. I'd like to extend the idea that it's more fun to play for everyone when it doesn't get nasty and personal on either side. Kill each other, good fight, move on for the next fight.
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    Wherever you ride you will see literally tons of crap fragments left around on the soil. They decay super slow, they very surely make poor server hamsters sweat to do the damage/whatever polling on the servers and they are an eyesore. But. Don't simply raise decay rate on them please; that would make archeology masters' time much harder storing up their valued scraps for later assembly. Rather give the unwanted fragments some use: * we could have new missions requiring saccing considerable amounts of them * we could use them for some miniscule deed bonus increases when sacced * we could even bury a pile of fragments away, maybe giving the chance of dimes like burying corpses * any other crazy ideas I'm too dull to think of.
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    At this point I'm not even considering moving away from venom. Not because it's good, but because I cannot be bothered anymore with sudden changes that just happen. I'm exhausted of this crap.
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    This is a GREAT change for the newbies!
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    I know it's tough in times like these with this pandemic and lockdowns and all the isolation, but I sincerely hope you get help with anger management instead of releasing it on these forums where people are trying to just have normal friendly conversations.
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    Just thought I'd pick the forum brains a little bit and see what everyone thought about damage from use and general decay of items in game. I apologize if this has been gone over a thousand times, but I don't think I've seen anyone discuss how damage/decay can play a role in this. So to set the stage: An abandoned boat, depending on quality, can lay and rot for a year or more before it's finally removed from the game. Obviously, this is a problem for the health of the economy because, as any shipbuilder can tell you, once a player buys a ship, with reasonable care of it, they will never need another one for the remainder of their time in wurm. As this plays out over the long term, shipbuilders produce more boats than new players buy and we end up with an excess of boats at a much higher average quality at that. This excess of supply and lack of demand drives the prices down to a level that hurts existing shipbuilders and discourages new shipbuilders from entering the market. This same vicious cycle occurs with several different markets in wurm. Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring, Animal Husbandry, Farming, and the list goes on. Now, the punchline: The simplest solution I can come up with for this problem that doesn't require a huge overhaul of existing meta and game mechanics is to heavily increase the strength and speed of decay of items as well as damage done to items through use. Not going to give an opinion on how on deed and off deed should play into that. So, examples: Let a boat that's been abandoned off deed completely decay in somewhere between 1 week and 3 months depending on quality. I think abandoned buildings/off deed buildings could be a range of 2 weeks to 6 months depending on quality. I think weapons are in a fine state as far as damage from fighting. Same with shields I feel like tool damage rates need to be increased as well, but I'm not sure if a 2x damage rate may even be too extreme. I also feel like the decay of enchants on tools and weapons is in a good place right now. I'm not interested in ruining good weapons and tools attributes, just wearing down their quality/moving them closer to poofing more quickly. The idea being to make keeping things from disappearing to require more active effort and by extension, allowing items that no longer have someone actively caring for them to disappear much more quickly than they do now. Without getting too lost in the weeds, I think that increased damage and decay could help move items out of the game at a faster rate that could keep up slightly better with the rate at which they enter the game, allowing for a more active and healthy economy. RMT has been a great start in my opinion to recovering the Wurm economy and I think such a change may be a great 2nd step in that direction. So please, blast away with the praise and criticisms
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    Sure, we've all run around with a chair equipped for the fun of it, but what about the more mundane objects that look absurd when equipped in the hand? I'm simply asking for the grasp point to be updated so they look a little less crazy. As an example, here's my priest with her picnic lunch waiting for her ride.
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    I am glad I am not the only one still going crazy over this. 70 Prayer is a ridiculous achievement. Is it doable? Yes. Its pretty doable. Is there a point to it? No. Prayer is absolutely worthless. If it fun? Hell no. It is pretty much forcing you to NOT PLAY your account or however long it takes. I've heard all the arguments, especially the one that says "Its not intended to be done quickly, it should take years to achieve that goal!" Sure bud, My main priest has 25.79 prayer at 100 faith. I've been playing her for... [02:12:39] You entered through the portal to Wurm on Wrath day, week 3 of the starfall of Fires, 1063. That's 1220 days, 23 hours and 13 minutes ago. that's prayer for what? 4 years + of playing? How long is a long term goal for Benediction then? 8 years? 12? You HAVE to grind prayer in order to get Benediction, and that means chaining yourself up to an altar. If you want to have ANY reward whatsoever for your time (like gems) you have to do it on Freedom, unless you're one of the like 3 Epic players left I suppose. So grind on freedom for a few gems, or grind on epic a little faster and get nothing. Those arent options. Fix this darn journal entry already!
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    Just popped to the test server and it really is beautiful
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    I don't think real change will come here; it's an issue with two clearly valid sides. On the one hand, the uniques content could be considered well designed as it provides endgame content that requires hard work from players. You put in the work, you maybe get the reward. On the other hand, it is the only real endgame content of note, and this is bad design as it punishes players who can't, or won't, no-life. It has become a focus of contention because the rewards are so powerful, and certain players are gated from this content by RL. The real solution would be to add different endgame content linked to incremental actions which offers rewards of a similar magnitude.
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    Gud day friends in the Wurm Community, May 10th, 2020 at 13:14 GMT Someone in the past week has Stolen the Marble Braziers Navigation Lights that mark the entrances to the FM Cave Canal. ... and before someone asks.. no they did NOT decay, because myself and others are repairing and maintaining them on a regular basis every month. Heritage Protected Places may NOT be altered without the permission of the GM Team and those Marble Pillar Braziers are a part of that GM protected site. Head GM Enki and The GM Team required that they be installed as part of the granting of Heritage Status many years ago. Why? Because their flame is visible from up to 50 Tiles away at night, helping folks find those Canal Entrances when it is dark. These Marble Pillar Braziers perform a vital Community Service in helping folks find those Cave Canals at night and also by day. So........It would be appreciated if who ever Stole them would do "the right thing" and put them back ASAP. Your petty Theft of these vital Navigation Lights IS causing great inconvenience to ALL and your actions are not in the best interest of the Wurm community. Do the right thing, put them back. Respectfully submitted, Hughmongus Co-Adminsitrator - The Albia Roads Map of Indy Co-Leader - The Albia Consortium
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    Pristine and Release used to be on their own cluster as well and it went quite well. They were connected to the entire Freedom server group when Xanadu was launched so there is precedent in both a disconnected cluster (that had its own organic economy, player-base, and market) and connecting them later. At launch this new server will be disconnected. Connection may happen at some stage but there is no set time-frame. We will simply review the situation as it goes.
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    Nice rainbow and reflection from the crest of a mountain on Serenity. https://imgur.com/a/szrVJc8
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    Okay Retro.... you attempted to explain the changes (albeit poorly), so my questions are as follows: I would like you to elaborate here. What "spell spam" is a problem? Pillars? Healing spells? Direct damage spells like shard of ice? This is an unobtainable goal. You could nerf every single spell into the ground, and dedicated PvP accounts will all just become Magranon priests for the 25% damage buff. This is the reason people go Mag, not for uber powerful spell casts. Who is "we"? What two three people think they know what the entire PvP community wants? I'd seriously like to know what qualifies you to know what changes are needed for PvP, based on a freedom spar in 1v1. Also before the priest overhaul, a boat captain could take his foot off the gas, regain stamina, then continue sailing. The resulting change to your precious sailing update is that boat commanders are SUBSTANTIALLY more vulnerable to all attacks (even archery) because their ability to block attacks with a shield are 99% compromised once they have run out of stamina. Go to the skirmishes thread and watch Ciray's recent video that shows multiple players dying to archery in under 20 seconds on a knarr. Easily circumvented by rotating personnel. This does nothing to solve your issue. So...the answer to spell spam in your mind is to reduce our ability to stop spell spam? Clear as mud, got it. Vynora is, and should be, the epitome of "spell spam". Shard of ice, ice pillar, damage spells.... it's 100% all a Vynora priest can do (that isn't doable by every other priest, that is). Zero PvP utility spells, no healing spells, and coupled with your recent "unification" of spell damage types, Vynora priests bring NOTHING unique to the PvP table. Your PvP changes, as you can see from the responses in this thread thus far, share little sentiment with the members of the PvP community. I place no value whatsoever in your opinion of necessary changes for PvP, or even the game as a whole, and it boils my blood to see sweeping changes made to a system that is FINE the way it is. Stop catering to the needs of your friends and start thinking about the community as a whole.
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    From my testing with a 103 venom weapon, glance rate was around 20%. if i was to use a salved fa/fb weapon instead i'd have 25% glance chance against leather studded leather chain and scale, and 35% glance chance against plate and drake, all the while doing 33% more damage. you've made venom a 100% meme spell and i congratulate you for completely ruining it solely because archaed lost a spar. Literally nobody was using venom in pvp anyway lol You can still use focused will to do the same thing. Mag is now a better healing priest in boat fights then the actual god dam priest dedicated to healing.