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    It appears this thread has transferred from epic into chaos (hah) so I wanted to touch on a few things before closing it. 1) Epic isn't going anywhere, all items gathered there are still there, if players make the choice to move from epic to freedom they do so knowing that they take no items, tomes, or meditation paths with them, but that if they return to epic all of them are there and waiting. 2) The differences in skilling are not enough to start a major war over! This formula effectively removes the 2x gains per tick (90 on epic is NOT the same as 45 on freedom, the calculation works out how many ticks it takes to get to x on epic, and then applies the freedom skillgain to that many ticks) the 3x bonus is a way of cushioning the blow of the lost skills (which while maybe easier, were still something epic players took pride in!). Also, given the curve allowed players to imp past their skill, many did not push them higher than 70 or so, so not only are they coming from epic having their skills reduced, to get back to what they could work at on freedom will take a lot more than just grinding up to the same number they were on on epic. If someone travels to epic to take advantage of the skill transfer back at a later date, they do so knowing that at any point someone could potentially kill them, or a nogump could eat them. 3) Last but not least, we're all playing the same game, getting bogged down in who is getting the better end of the deal overlooks the fact that many epic players have already been on freedom for a long time, they just can now play on the accounts they themselves spent time working on, and freedomers can travel to epic and explore the servers, take part in valrei scenarios, and fight valrei mobs (there'll also be more coming too, but shhh). Worrying about someone else catching up to your skill, trashing your neighbourhood, or someone getting the better end of the deal (either way) overlooks that you now have new people on BOTH clusters to play with and get to know. So thank you all for your feedback, and if you decide to check out affliction after the update, I'll be around. Retrograde
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    We've taken the last day or so to collect feedback and tweak the formula calculation. The new calculation scales properly up to 99.99999615 (100) and also has a slightly higher skill result from the initial reduction. The first number (0.004456) is changed to 0.004135, and has been updated in the OP and the calculator linked from the OP. Due to the way the curve negatively impacted optimal characteristics gains and hindered meditation these will be copying over to freedom at a 1:1 ratio. We'll also be looking at meditation cooldowns as a whole for both freedom and epic, and see if there's something we can do across both. I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to share your feedback, and I know many of you are either personally impacted by these changes first hand, or feel that these changes may impact you in other ways, and your feedback has been important in making sure we address this as best as possible. It's not an ideal situation, with the curve and other factors throwing a little RNG into the works, but we hope that both Freedomers and Epic players can agree that this is the best solution for both sides.
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    I want to sincerely thank the wurm team for making our epic characters usefull again. I have played 350+ days on my main account and for a long time I thought all of this time played was totally gone since our cluster had an incredibly low playerbase. Many of u know my forum reputation isn't the best around and I'm this never sober retard kid. I have complained a bit over the years about things, like the hardcore nerf of libila, the reset of our lovely elevation, the toxic that playergods were/are and probably much more. But I think it's time for a thanks now, for the first time in years I feel like we are all being treated as equal wurmians. And with all the sweat and work we epic folks put in our accounts, I think this is more then fair. We might have 2x skillgain and this curve thing but we also dealt with horror things like Valrei events that destroyed months of work deeds in a matter of a few mins. Or going out and having 10+ drake spirits spawn on top of us. Times weren't always easy but after all I really enjoyed wurm all these years. And when I finally gave up on epic and came on this totally non skilled account to freedom, this news comes up. I'm sure u make a lot of people happy and make a lot of people come back. We are all wurmians after all and we all deserve to have fun with eachother together, no matter what cluster we picked in our noob days. Happy wurming and thanks again o/!
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    “Look kid, if you keep poking that..that...whatever that thing is, it’s eventually going to wake up and eat you.” - Sir Landon prior to the Samling incident After last weeks news, we've spent the week working on the changes coming to epic, as well as ensuring that the transfer skill adjustments are fair to both sides. We spent an awful lot of time running those calculations (millions!) and seeing the results was pretty cool. This week won't be the huge reveal that we did have planned, as those have taken slightly longer, and we want them in and tested prior to revealing it, but I have some exciting news for you this week anyways! Epic transfer recap To recap the end result, epic accounts will transfer to Freedom with a reduced skillset. Reduced skills will have 3x skillgain until they return to the same level they were on epic however. A player has put together a total skill dump converter, allowing you to see what your epic skills will be after the transfer to freedom, check it out here: http://www.crusades.top/api/LogConvert.html Bulk movement Another thing coming with this update (there's so many things!) is the ability transfer items between bulk containers without constant clicking! Moving from one container to another will trigger a timer, that moves as many as you can carry each second (ignoring 100 item count, just weight limit). This will surely make Shifting contents of bulk storage a breeze (and save those wrist injuries!) Wagoner info As we revealed a few weeks ago, the wagoner will be a Wurm Online exclusive NPC, that handles delivers between players using the highway system on each server. There's a lot of detail to go into with how to use them, so our awesome developer, Tich, has taken the time to write up a handy guide for you all! It's still a work in progress, and could change before release, but we'll make sure to reflect any changes in this document before that! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TRk4AvTP0PFKKJbW-ndB0EvLQTJjRM04qDjee4PYsYI/edit?usp=sharing Community Content This weeks community content is the impalong with the fire and sand alliance! Today is the first day, so get on down there and take part! There's games and competitions, as well loads more to pass the time, I plan on dropping in and watching some people die, and maybe even getting my steel and flint imped, it's getting pitifully low... Check out the full details here, and I hope to see you there! That's it for this week, I'll be back next week with more news and teasers of whats coming in the next major update. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    I'd like to chime in as one of the few... and i do mean FEW people on epic who actually skilled OPTIMALLY.... this means 1 ql coc tools... and using maximillians skill calculator to adjust what i skilled and how i skilled and while my account might mirror some of the hardcore grinders on freedom... i AM a hardcore grinder on epic... and the skills i have took insane amounts of hours... and i've leveled skills on freedom and can honestly say over half this stuff is silly easy on freedom... my friend heard about this and is asking me what skills he should try to level really fast on epic and i looked at the list and said basically nothing... cos every single skill can be done more easily or profitably on freedom. Told him to do stealing. cos thats a lil harder on freedom. Seriously though. so many good comments on here i ran out of my 25 likes. I do feel that stats are pretty nil... and im gonna get ROYALLY screwed no matter what... i stayed on epic 2 years more than i wanted because i felt "trapped" and i was ASSURED by devs... by Gms... i think even keenan and buddah had chimed in MULTIPLE times... in group discussions... on forum posts... in news updates that there would be NO MERGE EVER... i personally asked enki multiple times to swap me over secretly even and he told me no... alas this year i gave up and spend ALL of this year on freedom.... and just finished about 3 months straight mining rock for body stats (about 1 stat per week) which seems fast enough to me... and over 40s on pan filling from robz to boost my mind logic to near 50 and hfc over 90.... and soul stats up there too... spent 2 weeks solid doing taming and all that is gonnaa get wiped away with this merge... not ONLY are my skills on epic gonna get nerfed hard but now im gonna get kicked in the balls and told that ALL this year on freedom was for nothing and that i wasted about 100 silvers to help skill up on freedom... all for nothing... and then body stats... are a joke... my stamina is gonna drop to 39 i think with this formula... and im already at 35 almost on freedom... 27-35 in the last 3 months... so now... 5 years of HARDCORE grinding... PLUS the 10 stamina boost we got for not having stamina on mining or cutting... and im told that in virtually 3-6 months i can achieve the SAME stamina on freedom that it took me 5 years to get? and while i did skill OPTIMALLY unlike most people i did PLENTY of digging for tintagel... for my massive elevation deed.... for Yorkshire... and Khaleesi's... hell.. for just about 20-30 deeds probably... i was digging dirt for dozens of deeds... and i dug THOUSANDS of clay.... for all the building i did... which was the vast majority.. i was the #1 mason on serenity when it came out and went around and built more guard towers than anyone on JK and MR in the first month. its all i did.... on top of this i mined out 1.2 million.... yes... MILLION rock while on serenity. had to watch it all decay cos there was nothing to do with it.... and for ALL that mining and digging i got 10 stamina??? cos they didnt want ppl on tar to get nothing? and then now im getting it nerfed again??? to take it to freedom... and the sweet spot they are talking about... ask led... i'm using his rare 95 ql pick with 90woa for the SPECIFIC PURPOSE of not raising my mining up... so i can bask in stamina gains.... in the time it took me to go 27-35 stamina on freedom... my mining went 52-60 ;( i couldnt stop it anymore than i already had... yes my stamina was going up almost as fast as my mining... but now im gonna have over 90 digging and mining and about 80 woodcutting ;( my sweet spots will have passed and i won't even get much additional stamina.... 99.972 platesmithing on epic... is from 1.5 years of doing nothing but plate... by the time i finished it i realized i could have EASILY gotten 20-30 other skills to 90. i'm actually okay that i get to keep this along with my carpentry.... but the fact i hear freedomers crying about it... sorry... but no... you get to level plate smithing by imping a few dragon pieces with leather... or with charcoal making (easier on freedom) and metallurgy (easier on freedom) to pump out high quality steel to use... which is a lot harder to make on epic.... ive done it on both i already know... It takes me roughly 200 hours to get a crafting skill to 90 on epic and roughly the same to do it on freedom. the difference is that the start is easier on epic... but the ending is easier on freedom... and by ending i mean you dont climb a parabola into the sky in terms of difficulty and challenge on those skill checks... even if epic gets half the skill checks.. they are much worse because of the difficulty. on freedom its like a linear line and its so clearly visible. how hard is freedom? let me explain another few examples.. I tamed a pig... yes a PIG to almost 58 taming on freedom in a week or so... a pig at 30 on epic makes you want to pull out your hair... you need harder and harder creatures and different food types and from 70-76 i fed THOUSANDS and thousands of meat to a hell horse... had to get my ass kicked doing it... the thought i can keep leveling possibly to 70 or 90 even off a stupid pig on freedom... are you serious??? i made 100 of each item on freedom... to grind on... then these were decaying so fast... that i had to imp them to 20 so they wouldnt insta poof.... getting my items... (only 100) to 20 i netted about 40-45 skill in each category... on epic i would have 100-200 items at about 40-50 ql to get the same skill. (ive done it tons of times) my repair is 58 already on freedom i get about 1 point per hour with sleep bonus on... its not even slowing down yet.... i just hit 75 today on epic after 5 years of playing on epic and repairing THOUSANDS of items i was grinding on... i literally had a wagon i made of nothing but leather belts and bags filled with meditation rugs just for repair... i even had over 1500 clay flasks at one point when i was lower... it was INCREDIBLY harder than freedom to level that skill even in a drunken stupor... cos not only do you deal with the difficulty but you deal with action timers being faster... so you need much more stuff to repair which means to decay.... I will admit that on epic you can make items incredibly fast and high ql with few caveats in that realm... but we arent talking about transferring items. we are only talking about skills. I heard someone talk about too much moon metal and dragon armor? again... are you kidding me? chaos has everyone in dragon armor... not epic. Dragons only gave a lot of items out in the first year when you killed them... they were dead FOREVER... it was a one time thing... oh... and you couldnt imp or repair without dragon hide on epic... which meant no... you werent gonna use it normally it was for decoration. Unlike freedom... then when they did start to respawn you were lucky to get .02 or .04 per dragon /drake.... they just increased the drop and ability to imp with metal/leather a year ago... AFTER the population was so dead that we couldnt even kill a dragon... don't believe me? watch niarja.... i think bl just killed 5 the other week from what my friends tell me... but serenity has all their uniques as the other servers are heavily populated as well meaning we don't even have those materials in vast quantities... Moonmetal, over the years we do have a lot... how often do you get something? about every 20 valrei creatures will drop 1kg of it.... these creatures are relatively hard to find as they only spawn with missions being completed and these new changes will have them spawning even less often... not to mention they are kinda deadly but now are spawning randomly on the map instead of all in one place (which made them deadlier) we do have reward metal for hota and there are some camps that give it too i think but its not in a vast quantity as you think. most pvp is still done in regular good ole fashion steel. and if you are with the big pvp groups they usually will supply you with the loot from dead enemies. It is relatively fair for the most part. this being said... each kingdom has their home server to rift on... rifting on ele would be extremely dangerous in high poulation envrionements... but on freedom you have atleast 7 servers you can participate in rifts basically all week every week and have had that ability for almost 2 years? anyone who wants moon metal should already have it. I do have mixed feelings about the one time thing from epic to freedom and a (as much as you want) xfer from freedom to epic... this means that if you want to level up or grind it should be done on freedom and the ONLY grinding you would want to do would be for pvp... this means i will be staying on freedom to continue leveling up skills whereas if i was able to level my skills on either server whenever i could then make items used for pvp and live on a pvp environment as well as travel to freedom whenever i want and not feel trapped... I'd actually prefer to just get rid of the variance in skilling completely. do a 1:1 transfer and then make skilling be exactly the same on either side so no one is "trapped"... this would not only encourage me to possibly stay on epic (adding to the population and helping new people out or gearing the ones who want to pvp) but would encourage others to come over knowing there are people that will grind for them. Most pvpers from what i have seen do not like making their own houses or dirt hills or armor and weapons. Most just want to fight and kill. I also agree there is a huge gap between a new player and a vet in terms of what they can do... riding a hell horse (though i do not like them, ugly things)... is pretty essential in pvp and should be available faster for new people. you would run out of your first 2 months prem without ever being able to ride one. I find that while having some achievable goals for later on in the game when you grind up as rewards... to be fulfilling... but not on pvp... its the opposite on pvp... if it takes you a year to be on par with someone stronger... and knowing that they will have had a whole year more to get even stronger... it is sad. People are already told they cant pvp or come to join on stuff because they dont have 70 fs or dont have 50 weapon skill or shield skill or a body stat number... (which i dont agree with... i think new people should be allowed in every fight and can always help serve a purpose needed, even if its only bait to confuse and take out horses) Most of the pvp changes ive been watching seem pretty fair to me and i like them but there are other issues... Loot... for newer people (especially those that dont like to grind their gear back up).... many dont have the skills to actually re equip themselves... or make a new boat to participate in pvp excursions... some even struggle with just simple food and water and trolls.... when they have items they can go around and look for a fight... hang in groups and have a blast.. ive listened to many groups have a ton of fun going to EMPTY deeds with no one there... they get anxious and weary and feel they might get ambushed... its exciting for new people... but the moment they die and lose their gear... and the more time they feel is vested in that gear... the bigger impact it has on them... the next time they dont want to join a group if they think they might lose their items or boat... they think about how it might take a week or two just to get back to where they are now... the more casual the gamer the worse this is. ive brought up the loot issue many times to many different people and trust me... its not a personal issue... again i have 99.972 platesmithing on epic... i have most of my skills high cos all i do is grind... i make hundreds of plate sets and thousands of arrows and saddles and belts and shields for people.... i have no problem re outfitting myself... this is about NEW people... i've seen too many people quit over the issue of not being allowed to join a group cos they are viewed "dead weight" or they quit cos they can't replace their gear in a timely fashion... or they quit because dragons are running amuck and they can't even find safety in the starter towns... or they are labeled a "spy" and have to put up with inner kingdom drama and being killed on sight because people simply don't know who they are... it is exhausting and frustrating to see dozens of new people to the game... or new people from freedom getting discouraged and i wish there was a way to provide an easier way to comfort these people... even an NPC that would give you 50ql plate if you lost yours (unimpable/sellable/etc) so even naked they can atleast equip plate for pvp and have some basic tools replaced. hammer/chisel yea yea they can scrummage the rock tiles and get branches and make crude... use kindling+woodscrap to make a fire instead of a forge that needs flint n steel... i get it... i do... and i love it... on FREEDOM... but on epic where the goal and focus should be pvp... you shouldnt make it so hard on new people. Our first few weeks on serenity when we got hit by raiders they only looted the first body or two (thats all that would fit in the rowboat/sailboat or be carried bfore making them too heavy... but they made sure to loot everyones flint n steels. it would make people quit ;/ literally. they cant light the forge to reignite and allow them to replace their armor and tools. they couldnt make a fire to cook on... they didnt know that they could make a fire with kindling/woodscrap to begin with as they only used flint and no one told them and wiki was hard to navigate. The tutorial has been chopped down and now you can completely skip it on new characters which sometimes people do thinking its a new game and they don't need to do a tutorial... but then they get discouraged by the learning curve and quit... every argument i have generally is about things we can do to make people come to the game and stay... i'm tired of seeing epic and freedom fight over crap. it just causes more people to quit from the drama or feeling "gyped" if you played with hundreds of thousands of people you wouldn't care what happened to bobs skills or if he got a full transfer or not... he'd just another cog in the wheel. We care so much here because we are so few and we have such competition... anyone who knows me on epic knows i have always provided lodging and food and items for free... taking donations if people want to give them but i've always fully equipped anyone who needed it with the time i had to spare. On freedom those that do know me probably think i waste too much money throwing it all around and having too many deeds.... too many premium alts... spend spend spend... i'm not hurting the economy there at all.... i've not even sold hardly anything... I think i sold the supreme items i bought for 20s from that nira or niru or whatever it was... the gm auction... but besides that i dont make items to sell. I have always played on both epic and freedom. I've been on exodus for over 5 years. celebration over 2 years... xanadu since it opened... still have a fully built deed practically there... i have 2 deeds currently on exodus... 4 deeds on pristine.... making a new deed this month on inde. and this merge the way it stands is already gonna screw me out of an entire year of freedom play.... but its still better than nothing considering without it i would have just lost 5 years of playing on epic because a bunch of strangers that don't interact with me are mad that some stranger they don't know is gonna get skills... but these skills arent created out of thin air... ive probably played MORE than most of you... i've spent on average well take a look for yourself... [22:53:25] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Sleep, week 4 of the starfall of Fires, 1018. That's 2174 days, 17 hours and 18 minutes ago. [22:53:25] You have played 1020 days, 10 hours and 30 minutes. thats almost 47% of my time... thats on average about 11 1/2 hours per day... yes literally HALF my day in wurm... for the last 6 years.... and you think that is somehow unfair that i should come over there with my skills??? most of the people playing on freedom right now havent even been playing 6 years... and most of them don't have over 1000 days IN GAME.... i also have 100 faith priests of vynora/nahjo/fo.... my nahjo was 100 mag before convert... thats on epic.... oh ... AND freedom... yes i spent months doing basically nothign but sermons to get them to 100.... and working channeling up as i can too.... i've had only 3-4 deeds on epic... over 20-30 on freedom... that i personally owned and worked tirelessly to terraform and build for citizens... and i find it pretty insulting when i hear these freedomers talking and not knowing anything about epic. i have more experience on both clusters than most people and if those freedomers want to come to epic i might have to start pvping again for the most part we want people to play and interact... with this change you can sit at home on freedom doing what you do best... but when you want to pvp you take a simple epic portal and pop over to your cities war town and help out or go on a hunt... great for defense... where you dont even have to travel... you just get a whisper... hey come help... yay... excitement! or nah... not tonight... whatever... no sailing all the way to chaos and then saying how do i join a kingdom? who do i talk to? i dont know anyone? you can already be part of a side here and just fight... with little attachment to your items and yet tons of skills to make stuff happen.... i think that part is GREAT.... but to say it shouldnt go the other way is insulting. also. it would indeed encourage the exact same trap for new people that stay on epic or skill on epic later on which is not what we want. you don't really want freedom to come here and then stay here you want them to flow like water back and forth helping with pvp and population but also doing their own thing on their own deeds.... on a side note... my epic portal on exodus decayed away tonight and i had to run to esert and the huge canal south of esert that had kawopij's name all over the bridges... i thought was pretty amazing been atleast a year since i went through there... my first town of farmville can't even be recognized now. its beautiful good work! More advertising this game would also help +1
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    I just realized how positive the many improvements of the past year+ have been and i wanted to say thank you and to be honest i cannot think of a single negative thing to say about the additions. I hope others will add some more and very deserved positive feedback. For me the following are the areas that enriched Wurm so much that i appreciate them nearly every time i am in game: Racks, racks, and storage....every single time one of these was added it made my day. Cooking, love it. love the SB discount for full ccfb, love the skill boost, love the lore, all of it Underground homes, underground bridge, underground fencing, paving, cladding, wide entrances.....it adds so much to what was once just a cave it has immeasurably increased the intricacy of the world New bricks, textures, paving .... again it is difficult to qualify just how awesome these changes were, but they add a level of detail and beauty that did not exist before. I honestly cannot pick a single or even a few things that are favorites without appreciating all the work that went into everything around them, so thank you devs, graphics, and everyone involved in making these things possible and for all the hard work. I looked for other threads like this as there should be others, but the closest i found was about Epic https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/158376-thank-u-wurm-team/
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    In the discord I'm in we where just talking about all the improvements and hard work the devs have put in lately. I was honestly a bit worried when Rolf left as lead designer but these last 2 years has been the most interesting and feature-rich advances I've seen, and I've been here since 2005 basically. My worries where unnecessary and I really am impressed about the patience you guys have with the community who can, at times, sound really negative - myself included. I'm really sorry that we don't show you guys more patience in return when bugs etc happens. It's quite obvious that you have both the game and the customers best in mind, and that you listen to input. I just wanted to say thanks and that I hope you guys have motivation and ideas for years to come!
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    “To get to sleep I keep telling myself there is no such thing as giant spiders. I’d even half believe it myself if not for the one staring at me through the window.” - Lady Bell at the dig site Hi Everyone! A short recap this week as we're busy working with any issues that have arisen from the update. We'll continue to keep an eye out for them as they pop up over the weekend and address them accordingly but first! Patch Notes Skillgain on epic with the change of the skilling system on epic many are reporting lower tick sizes. This is to be expected to a degree as tick frequency has increased, but we'll continue to look over it all and make tweaks as necessary. This is an ongoing thing, and may take a few updates to get to a point where it's where we want it, we'd rather not overshoot and have skillgain far too high, forcing us to reduce it and cause further issues down the line. We'll be looking at it over the weekend with changes coming for it fairly soon Low memory client We're aware of the issues the low memory client is having, and are looking at getting it up and running again. We expect to have this out by some point during the weekend. Epic to freedom transfers Unfortunately we had to delay the epic to freedom transfers, but they will be our next focus, with the launch of that happening within the next few days. Once this has been ensured to work smoothly we';ll be doing an update to make the necessary adjustments to skill and players should be able to cross freely and easily. Wagoner contracts One thing we encountered that we didn't expect is wagoner contracts not appearing on existing traders. We'll be looking at addressing this for existing traders, but in the meantime have reset the traders at start deeds to stock the contracts, so if you want to grab one, head down to your local starter deed and pick it up! We'll be keeping our eyes out for issues to address, so we may need to hotfix at some point over the weekend, depending on any issues we encounter, but will continue to work on ensuring that we can pack as much into them as possible, limiting issues and downtime for you all to enjoy the new features! Until then though, thank you for all your support and patience while we iron out the greenish code bugs from this update, and as always, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    “There are basically two kinds of people in this world. The living people, and the dead people. So what the hell is that?” - Sir Wheatley at the abandoned village of Trese Save the date! Today we are nearing the very end of the wait until the launch of the major update, including the valrei overhaul, epic skill system, transfers, wagoner, and a few more things! What are they? You'll just have to wait and see… On November 2nd That’s right, we’re getting ready for the major launch next week and it is going to be huge, incase you've missed anything coming we have Two new skills - Archaeology and Restoration Really cool wagoners Overhaul of the Valrei system Launching of the new Epic skill system Lots of tweaks, balances and fixes More Additions and Surprises you’ll have to wait and see, K?. That's not all though, there's a ton of minor changes, fixes, and balances coming out with the update too, and we'll be including all of those on the launch of the patch notes. Premium adjustments One thing we'll be introducing with this update is a few new options to premium purchases ingame. First time premium cost Ingame for new players Currently, purchasing premium from the shop or ingame gives the same bonuses, with a referral and 2 silvers cash back for your first time purchase. We’ll be adjusting this system so that if your first purchase of premium is from in-game it will only cost a total of 2 silvers, however you will not receive any of the referral or cash back bonuses. This means that the initial hurdle of earning first time premium is reduced drastically, and while they don't get the referral and 2 silvers, they can earn future coins as a premium player, as opposed to needing to earn 10 silvers as a non premium. Purchasing first time premium from the shop will still give the referral and 2 silvers back, along with the usual sleep powders. Please note - This only applies to your first time purchase, if you purchase your first time premium from a token you cannot get a referral when purchasing from the shop later. 15 day premium option We'll also be introducing an option to purchase 15 days of premium from a token for 5 silver. Meaning if you don't have the full month to play, or cannot find a referral, you can still buy in small increments! We hope these make it a bit more flexible for both starting out and paying your way ingame. Valrei showdown So with the addition of the new valrei system, fights between gods will be a lot more interesting! When gods meet, they will duke it out in a smaller board, and you can review old fights to see how they went! This was taken prior to the removal of the player gods from the board, so ignore nathan, he did not fare well in the fight. Libila is quite the powerhouse, with strong range and spell abilities, though a little weak in melee, the other gods all have their strengths and weaknesses too Community Content This weeks community content is the Summerholt Fall Festival! The NEXA alliance has been hard at work preparing for an awesome festival, with games and competitions, and of course, imping! One competition is already underway (an awesome idea might I add) and may be filled at the time of posting this, but that doesn't mean there's not lots more to do, including a horse race, musical chairs, and more! The event runs from the 10th of November until the 12th and you can check out the full details here: We'll be busy this week as we get it all in order, and we're definitely as excited as you all are (maybe even more so!). I know you're all keen to get your hands on these changes, but until November 2nd, you'll just have to keep on Wurming! Oh, and have a spooky halloween! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Farewell Shift + enter and dragging, i will not miss you
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    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1070AD; In the day of Awakening whispers have spread from the south... the Horde has risen once again. The Horde of the Summoned has returned With the new exciting changes bringing life back to Wurm PvP and more specifically the Epic Cluster, BL has taken on a new form and become active once again. Have any questions? Just PM Cyberhusky / Mondain / Oscarius / Northstar / Sphygmo / Eddiekey or those listed below! We are recruiting on Elevation: Active Elevation Deeds Deed ---------------------- Mayor Carlsborg - Oscarius (CAPITAL) Asgard - Northstar Oblivion - Touchmee W O R T H - Henslayer Ascalon - Erinyesthegreat Please note that "W O R T H" only recruits veteran and active PvP players. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    After defeating two hundred fearsome Unique monsters across the lands of Freedom Ladygodiva takes her rest on the Bicentennial Throne created for her on this special occasion.
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    This update marks a major client change, which unfortunately means the legacy client will no longer connect. We will continue to work with reported issues with the stable client to ensure the smoothest gameplay possible. If you are encountering issues with the stable client please use the low memory client. New: Added Wagoner for bulk deliveries. The wagoner will use the highway system to deliver bulk goods across a server. Players may either hire a public wagoner, or purchase a wagoner contract for 15 silver from a trader For more information, check the wurmpedia entry for Wagoners: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Wagoner New: Archaeology and Restoration Players can now investigate tiles with a trowel to find fragments of items Investigating on old disbanded settlements has a chance to yield unique items Unidentified fragments will need to be identified with the use of a chisel or metal brush Each identify action will reduce the weight of the fragment. Once the fragment weight is equal to the weight of the fragmented item, the fragment will become a fragment of the item. Using the correct tool to identify will increase the amount of weight lost each action Fragments can then be combined with fragments of the same item until the complete item is made. New keybinds: INVESTIGATE, IDENTIFY and COMBINE_FRAGMENTS Premium payment option changes First time premium for new players has been reduced to 2 silvers. Note: This no longer includes the referral and 2 silver cash back and a later purchase through the shop will not include a referral or 2 silver cash back. Premium purchases via the shop for first time premium has not changed and will still give the referral and ingame silver cashback Added a 15 day premium purchase option for 5 silver. New: You can now re-pave a highway tile without having to destroy catseyes and waystones and disrupting the valid highway. NOTE over 20 body strength will be necessary for this Permissions are required to do this on deed and in perimeters. You can also pave bridge parts when they are part of a highway, also can be repaved once paved. New: In addition to renaming the shelves in the Bulk Storage container unit, you can now also rename the shelves of the larder and the large storage unit. New: Mine door graphics have been improved and mine door animation has been added. Placing a mine door will now level the upper border of the mine entrance to the lowest side. If the border is shared with a fence or house it will remain uneven. The top border will need to be flat in order to have opening animation If top border is uneven the new textures will show, but opening animation will not. Mine doors can now be removed with the use of a crowbar. To remove a mine door you must be the owner, or have the manage item permission. New: Bulk-to-bulk transfers Amount transferred is depending on your strength in relation to the weight of the item type you’re transferring. If you can carry 20, you’ll move 20 at a time. If you can carry (the weight of) 2000, you’ll transfer 2000 at a time. Take note that the carry weight respects how much you’re currently carrying in your inventory. The action ‘ticks’ once every second, so it’s not a long wait. Multiple actions of transferring can be queued. The action is triggered by dragging a bulk item from one bulk container to another, you will have the regular bulk item transfer options (default numbers up to 50), MAX, or entering a number in the text field at the top. If you have 500 iron lumps, but only want to transfer 430, enter the number in the text field. Face shots will now take head armour as the armour value. Added iron plate armour Base damage reduction rate of 63% on Freedom and 65% on Epic. Meditation path level up cooldowns have been lowered and the cap has been reduced from 24 days to 18 days Level 1: 12h Level 2: 1 day Level 3: 2 days Level 4: 4.5 days Level 5: 8 days Level 6: 12.5 days Level 7+: 18 days If your Meditation skill is higher than current level x 15 the cooldown timer will be halved (e.g. If you have higher than 45 Meditation, the time between level 3 and 4 will be 2.25 days instead of 4.5 days.) New: Creature movement overhaul has now been introduced to all servers. Bugfix: Dug up artifacts will have the correct number of charges (30) as recharged artifacts. WARNING:This affects all artifacts not in ground, dug up artifacts before this patch will need recharging before the older 4 month time and the charges on the artifact will be reduced to 30 if they have more than 30 charges remaining when they are picked up. Bugfix: Can now eat from nested containers with the proper permissions on the locked container. Bugfix: Fixed issue preventing planting catseyes (and waystones) under bridge entrances. Bugfix: Removed creator tag on a few bulk food items that should not have had tags at all. Bugfix: Inventory groups will no longer be able to destroy floors or take damage from that action. Bugfix: Timers for flattening and leveling tile borders have been corrected. Bugfix: Mining timers should now scale properly starting at 25s at level 1. Bugfix: Dye text will once again be the same tint as the dye color. Epic Only Changes: Players using an Epic Portal from Freedom servers will now transfer across to Epic with their skills. If a player has already been on Epic, only the skills from Freedom that are higher at the time of the transfer will carry across. Skills that are higher on Epic will be unchanged. Higher skills from Freedom will only overwrite the Epic skill if the Epic skill does not currently have the 3x regain rate (i.e. skill has not been recently lost). Changes to base damage reduction rates for armours: Leather from 45% to 60% Studded from 50% to 62.5% Chain from 55% to 62.5% Cloth from 35% to 40% Drake, Scale and Plate no changes (65%, 70%, 65% respectively) Changes to metal type damage reduction bonuses for armours: Glimmersteel and Seryll from 10% to 5% Steel from 2% to 2.5% Changes to movement speed modifiers from wearing armour: Plate armour should be slightly faster when worn now. Lowered the movement speed reduction from all helms. Glimmersteel and Seryll armours now have a 10% movement speed bonus. Adamantine armours now have a 5% movement speed bonus. Changes to damage type damage reduction modifiers on armours (lower % means less effective against that damage type, 100% = no modifier): Leather: 90% vs bite, pierce and acid; 110% vs slash and burn damage; 100% vs others. Studded: 90% vs slash and acid; 105% vs bite; 110% vs pierce and cold; 100% vs others. Chain: 92.5% vs pierce and cold; 107.5% vs bite, crush and burn; 100% vs others Plate: 95% vs crush and burn; 105% vs bite, slash and acid; 100% vs others. Cloth: 80% vs bite, slash and burn; 120% vs crush and cold; 100% vs others. Drake: 95% vs slash and acid; 105% vs crush and cold; 100% vs others. Scale: 95% vs crush and cold; 105% vs pierce and burn; 100% vs others. Changes to how Bloodthirst scales damage at higher powers: Bloodthirst damage bonus has now been reduced to 33% of weapon damage at 10,000 power Bloodthirst power gain no longer slows down after 5,000 against creatures. Locate Soul range has been reduced to 200 tiles. Beyond that range you will receive the message “No such soul found”. Upkeep costs for Spirit guards on Epic servers will now scale according to how many you have, starting at 1 silver per month for the first guard, and increasing by 50 coppers more than the previous guard 1 guard 1 silver upkeep 2 guards 2.5 silver upkeep (1st guard 1 silver, 2nd guard 1.5 silver) 3 guards 4.5 silver upkeep (1st guard 1 silver, 2nd guard 1.5 silver, 3rd guard 2 silver) Oakshell changes: Oakshell now properly slows a mount based on power of cast A cast of under 70 power will give the creature a rare glow, a cast of over 70 will show a supreme glow. Players in mines will only have a 20 tile (radius) local visibility both below and above ground, so no more hiding in mines to spy on a 80 tile above ground local. Travelling through an epic portal will generate sleep bonus on the server you left at the same rate of sleeping in a bed Kingdom influence on Epic servers will now update dynamically when towers are captured or destroyed without needing a restart. Scale and drake armour will no longer drop upon leaving the world. New skillgain system on Epic Servers Actions will now be 2x faster than actions on freedom Skillgain has also been doubled. Skillgain will occur upon completing actions successfully Creation actions will give less skill per action Skillgain will have a bonus if the action difficulty is close to players skill. Player Gods Once a player has ascended to demigod status, they still control a random hex, allied to the god that favours their kingdom and hostile to others. Being defeated in combat will remove them from the board. If their god wins and can promote an ally, the player god will ascend to godhood and become a full god. The player god is then removed from the Valrei board, but still is allowed followers, priests and a spellbook, they will no longer move on the valrei map or give missions. Deity statistics have been changed from Vitality and Strength to: Body Strength, Body Stamina, Body Control, Mind Logic, Mind Speed, Soul Depth, and Soul Strength Deity Fights When gods meet on the same tile they will move into a smaller hex map for the fight. Fights can be viewed and replayed from the valrei map When fighting, gods may perform different actions, and favour those more suited to their stats Ranged attack – Body stamina, Body control Spell regeneration – Mind logic, Mind speed Melee attack – Body strength, Body control Defence (passive) – Body strength, Body stamina Deity spellcasting – Soul strength, Soul depth Sorcery spellcasting – Mind Logic, Soul depth Spell defence (passive) – Mind speed, Soul strength Mission Difficulty Missions will now generate on a difficulty scale, with higher difficulty missions providing more scenario points, sleep bonus, and karma. Current mission difficulty, available sleep bonus and karma can be viewed in the mission details window For each successful mission completed, the difficulty will go up by 1 for the subsequent mission. Failing or not completing a mission will lower the difficulty of the next mission by 2. If a follower of another god sabotages a mission that is possible to sabotage (e.g. cutting down a tree), the mission will be failed and lower the difficulty of the next mission by 2. Mission types are separated by difficulty, with home servers getting easier missions, and enemy servers getting harder missions. Sleep bonus is now divided amongst participants similar to how karma is Successfully completed missions will also provide boosts to deity stats. If a deity wins the scenario they will keep the boosted stats into the next scenario. Mission Changes New mission types Destroy guard tower in enemy territory Sacrifice creatures This will require lowering the creatures health and then using a sacrificial knife on the creature in the corresponding gods domain, Kill tower guards Changed mission types Missions involving creatures to be killed or sacrificed will now spawn those creatures specifically for the mission.. Traitor mission creatures will be marked with a special effect and will also have oakshell. Trees marked for a mission will now have a special effect. Scenario Rewards Rewards from completing scenarios will now be split across three tiers Tier 1 (1 winner): top 20% of contributors – random single use tome. Tier 2 (3 winners): Top 50% of contributors – 3 random tome fragments Tier 3 (5 winners): entire pool of contributors – Seryll lump or random tome fragment If a player has already won a reward, they cannot win again in that scenario reward pool. Tier 1 winners that are also in the top 5% of contributors will have a small chance to win a huge egg or key to the heavens instead of the single use tome. Deity rewards upon a scenario win have been changed slightly to take into account the new skills used in fights, and more balanced rewards.
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    mmm yes all that 0.5 drake hide total per dragon bet everyone cant WAIT to make those drake gloves mm mm unbalancing oh yes
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    Wyvern Mods Download (Google Drive) Wyvern Mods is the source code for basically all of the modifications that currently run on Wyvern Reborn. I've tried to make a full extensive list of what it encompasses in the first post of the server thread, but it doesn't really cover all of it. This is not a single mod by itself. This is source code for a gigantic collection of mods. Some highlights: Titan System - Raid bosses that use special AoE abilities and summon minions. Supply Depots - A depot appears in a random location with a beam of red light marking it's location for all players to see, and can award custom loot to players if they manage to successfully capture it. Chaos & Enchanters Crystals - Custom items that can either greatly enhance or absolutely devastate an item they're used on. Meant as "late-game gambling" for those who don't want to settle for anything less than perfect. Custom Bounty - Bounty that rewards based on a creature strength algorithm instead of a flat amount per creature. Beyond that, you can award players based on damage dealt, participation, or simply edit what drops on the corpse of any given creature. Custom armour & weapons - Knuckles, Warhammers, and Clubs are new weapons. Spectral armour and glimmerscale for an "upgraded" version of drake and scale to make players even more powerful if they're willing to invest in it. Treasure Boxes - A custom item which rewards random treasures. Simple by design, but ultra effective in practice. Great for rewards after unique slayings and other events. So much more... The goal of posting this My goal with releasing this source code is to give a "foundation" of sorts for other modders, allowing them to learn from what I've created so far, as it's pretty easy to see the cause -> effect in the modifications here. Beyond that, I'm hoping some of it is found useful by other server owners in creating their own custom content. You can piggyback your own ideas onto the systems I've created, making your own raid bosses with the Titan system and your own randomly placed "treasure hunting" events with the Supply Depots (perhaps even a public version of rifts!). Make your own custom creatures using mine as a template. Create your own items with fun interactions with my Chaos Crystals and Enchanters Crystals as a starting point. I think with a little bit of tweaking, other modders and server owners should be able to create some extremely interesting new content with what's provided here. The final reason I'm putting this to the public is because I feel as though I don't need to "keep" my content to myself in order to maintain a playerbase. I don't see servers as a competition of who can get the most players. Once people begin playing on a server, they are most likely going to stay there for as long as it has a playerbase. I don't feel it necessary to "entice" players to come to Wyvern Reborn because it has unique custom content. I think the server stability, community, and server setup (2k PvE map and 1k Arena) are more important than that - and those are the factors that will keep people playing. My hope is that other modders and server owners will feel similar, and share some of the content they've created as well. AntiCheat and Miscellaneous Changes If you download the archive, you'll see that AntiCheat is part of WyvernMods. It has two components: Hiding hidden ores from LiveMap and XRay, and countering the advantage of ESP by hiding players, mounts, and lead creatures from local if they do not have vision of them (this component can cause sever lagg on larger servers and is currently a "beta" form of mod). The way this AntiCheat is handled is not counterable by client-side modding. The server culls information before the client receives it, meaning there's no way to adjust your client to counteract the change. I'd like to request anyone who is up for the challenge to split this out of WyvernMods and make a public anti-cheat available. I've been planning to do it myself, but the issues with the ESP counter have prevented me from going forward with it, since it could potentially destabilize a server that isn't aware of how it might affect them. I'm hoping someone can iterate on what I've done and create something truly remarkable that all servers can use to enhance the experience a bit further. Finally, there is a gigantic class called MiscChanges in WyvernMods. This is a collection of basically a year of QoL tweaks. I was planning to merge this into ServerTweaks to make it more enticing, but again, haven't had the time to do so. If anyone would like to split some of MiscChanges into a configurable mod for other server owners, it would probably go much appreciated. Usage on other servers So by now, if you're a server owner, you're probably asking yourself "can I use this on my server, and if so, how much?" - If you're asking about consent from me, I give it fully. You're welcome to use absolutely anything provided here on your server and modify it in whatever way you like. Unconditionally. I don't need to be credited for anything or have any other conditions for use. Just take whatever looks interesting and go crazy. I'm curious to see what you can do with it.
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    +1 to more high end steel armor options -1 to no iron plate, i am against the "boohoo it was hard for me to do this skill so should be hard for everyone" and "meh markets" arguments that stop new items or more availability of high end stuff.
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    I've grinded metallurgy on both clusters and grinded platesmithing on both clusters and this is one of the best parts of the update tbh, I don't care if it devalues anything, especially not when fancy people can imp scale with leather for plate smithing. It just makes the game better for newer/lower skilled players which is good
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    I will hereby officially declare this not gambling on the basis that you pay 1s and always get at least 1s of value back. Even the winner has the option to forgo the knarr if they really wanted to get a sailboat instead. There would have been an issue if you had paid 1s and got something of less value back. This seller is advertising selling very high QL sail boats for 1s, and the buyers will always have the option to get exactly what they paid for originally, with a lucky winner having the option to choose a higher value boat, a knarr. Best of luck with your event, Wiluss! Regards, Jberg (Game Master)
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    Really not going to rage, but I think a few things need to be addressed and discussed, and maybe have something come out from this to improve the 2 new skills. 1st Tens of thousands of useless junk frags, I get why this was put in, to grind the skill on, but I wish a different way was created to grind the skill. Perhaps brushing and chipping away at parts of a token or statue before it can be assembled. Perhaps the finding of junk should scale with your skill level or maybe be removed all together. It is so sad to get a rare roll on something and it turns out to be a rock shard or sword blade, why could it not of been on that armor piece or something else more useful than just a quick meal in the altar. 2nd Decay has been slowed down, which is appreciated as some folks are sitting on tens of thousands of frags they wish to assemble for the skill gain, personally I would love to see a cabinet to hold my favorite parts I am collecting, useful things like statues and tools. (and let me use the space in my lmc for storing the items I normally want to store in the chest) 3rd The only useful spell I have seen on anything would be blood thirst, and only if its on a weapon at that. All the other random spells I have seen are worthless due to being 1 power. The runes were a nice surprise but are so random that more often than not its not what you would want on the item to begin with, perhaps it would be cool if you could 'salvage' that rune off the item and apply it to something else. 4th Perhaps the best feature of the whole skill set is the history of the old deeds you find. I knew Exodus is fairly old and have only been a few years on it myself, but I never imagined the scope of the deeds that have come and gone over the time this server has been opened and every time I find a new deed name I never heard of before I amazed. I wish we had a journal that you could record deed info as you find it and have it saved as pages of a book or something, maybe a new addon for wurm assist is in order. 5th Is there a light at the end of the tunnel, if the most you can hope to find is a mask or statue it may not be enough incentive for a lot to put this much time into the skill, if there is other items out there that are truly amazing and yet to be discovered that could be a carrot to dangle in front of a nose, but as it is now after the first week or so and no one has reported finding anything useful, perhaps it is time to focus back on digging tar or chipping bricks. I have yet to find a mask piece and since the patch went through to change masks from 3 parts to 10 I have not heard of anyone else finding a mask piece, so I suspect the chance of finding these items was reduced at the same time as the amount of parts required was increased, almost like a double nerf. If there is anything else out there worth while finding if the chance is as good as creating a fantastic item or finding a tome on a hatchling, then I would say there is no point to working on these skills other than the novelty of seeing what deed was sitting on whatever hillside you are passing by at the time.
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    First off - thank you devs! - I'm having too much fun with the new skills and have uncovered lots and lots of fragments. Some of them are going to take a long time to find enough to restore the whole thing and the fragments take decay in storage, even on deed. Not sure if it's already being planned or not but some way to store the fragments are going to be essential down the line! Something unique for archaeology, similar to the alchemist cupboard for dyes, themed appropriately (maybe like a display cabinet?) as I know of a number of people who's made dedicated buildings for archaeology already
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    Suggest a new bridge type: The Drawbridge. This bridge would animate to raise or lower with appropriate sound effects. The tile that receives the lowered edge would not be modifiable or destructible (like other bridges). All existing bridge building/mechanics would remain the same, except: When raised, the bridge span is not passable. When lowered, the span is passable. Would be used to provide/restrict access across deed moats. Should be an easy add for such a talented dev team!
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    I'm unearthing this thread because I feel the shield changes in 1.3 made grinding worse. I had to confer with some code wizards to have any hope of figuring out the right shield QL to grind with at my level, and it was thanks only to their calculations that I was able to get to 99 shield skill--previous attempts had only led to frustration and putting off the grind again. I did this by using a shield at what you could charitably describe as "trashcan lid" quality and fighting trolls to the exclusion of anything else--at the end, I even had my horse's ass in their face to give them more CR to nerf my own block rate just a little more. This is because the difficulty of the shield skillcheck relies on the mob you're fighting & its relation to your own fighting prowess, and the size of the gain is based on the strength of the hit you've blocked--in normal circumstances, this means you have to fine-tune your shield QL for trolls and trolls alone, since they are the only mob that hits hard enough for a good gain size, and getting the right QL for trolls means your gain rate with other mobs will be poor. If a design goal of Wurm is to encourage participation in PVP, then PVP-related skills should all be straightforward to grind, and by and large they are: kill lots of tougher mobs for fighting, kill lots of mobs with a good weapon for weapon skill, and shoot lots of things with harder shots for archery. Shield grinding sticks out like a sore thumb, forcing players to fiddle with lower shield QLs and seek out a single mob type. One characteristic that makes a grind good is reliability, and encouraging players to hunt only one kind of creature is yet another way that shield skill is frustrating to raise. As earlier in the thread, I say to look to the weapon skillcheck as an example of what a shield skillcheck should look like: the weapon skillcheck's difficulty scales with your level and doesn't factor in the opponent at all, encouraging you to use a good weapon whether your skill is 1 or 99, while allowing you to get skill at a good rate from any creature. Basing the gain size on the power behind the hit you blocked is a good idea, but the difficulty of the check just has too many variables to make the grind anything but miserable. Make the gain rate reliable, perhaps factor your opponent's CR into the gain size alongside the hit's damage, and shields would finally be straightforward to level up without requiring insane number crunching and knowledge of esoteric game mechanics. post-script: One of the things that made the shield grind bearable was that my character is ridiculous to begin with, and I could fight trolls all day without being in danger. How is a more normal character supposed to grind the skill without hating life?
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    Enki deep in thought as he writes us a sign
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    wait so your skills are being nerfed alongside with your core game mechanics being drastically altered without being allowed a full and proper out?
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    “I cannot change the laws of physics Captain, but give me a good hot forge and a strong hammer and I bet I can bend them.” - Sir Burton while bartering at a market Hi Everyone! We're another week into our 1.6 update with further tweaks, adjustment, calibrations, and any other words you can think of for the ongoing updates aimed at smoothing out any bumps that popped up. We're also looking at more things such as addressing fragment decay rates and other issues raised from both Epic and Freedom players. But First... Patch Notes Transfers Unfortunately with the update last week we had to delay the transfers from epic to freedom. While our initial estimates were some time early this week, with the major hotfixes and issues from the 1.6 patch that was unfortunately delayed. This is our focus at this point and we will have it out as soon as possible. The good news is that it shouldn't require anything more than a restart to update databases, but there's an awful lot of comparisons to do, as this affects every single account that's ever been on epic. We do understand it is frustrating to wait for this, and we want this out asap, just like you, and appreciate your patience. Archaeology Adjustments This update we also made a few adjustments to some Archaeology things, including making actions slightly easier to succeed at high skills by lowering the difficulty. We also adjusted the amount of fragments needed for masks, and feel that 10 is an achievable number either solo or by purchasing pieces, we'll also be looking at other rare item fragment requirements over the next few weeks. Skill feedback With one update to stat gain on epic this week, we launched a feedback thread on the skill system and skillgain/statgain rates. there's a few key things to understand with the new system, but the thread is there for people to share their logs and experiences, ask questions, and allow us to fine tune the system as time goes on. Check out the thread here Mission tweaks and fixes We've also been making tweaks and adjustments to the mission system, addressing bugs as they're raised, and boosting sleep bonus per participant, and ensuring that they scale/balance correctly. If you encounter any issues or bugs with the valrei mission system please report it, so it can be addressed in a subequent update! Leaky roofing begone! This last update introduced a long desired feature, and one of the benefits of the new client, rain occlusion! This means that rain will no longer show indoors! This has been a long frustration for many a wurmian, with leaky roofing leading to poor sleep and all sorts of maladies, but no more. If you are experiencing performance drops or stutters since the last update, disabling GLSL shaders should fix the issue for the short time, with a client update to address the issues, so make sure to turn GLSL shaders back on after that! Community Content Step right up! the Summerholt Fall Festival, hosted by NEXA is on! Show up, take part in the horse races, imping, games, and sermons, and get to know the people who live in north eastern Xanadu as well as travellers from afar! That's it for this week, we'll be working hard on the issues raised and the transfer over the weekend and early into next week, so report any bugs you find, and take part in the feedback threads to let us know what you think! Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    I have wanted saddlebags for years. Now, especially with archaeology, it would be amazing to be able to throw some heavy frags into the pack of your horse that you lead around anyway. Or sprouts, or flowers, or olives, etc, if you're out harvesting things. Please? Pretty please? *throws in a cherry*
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    I am going to modify this a little. I'm working on a fix, rather than have the GM team correct them all by hand. Current issues found thanks to your help: Freedom skills are less than they were. This is the result of skills that were very close between Epic and Freedom. I inadvertently used the new calculated Epic value instead of the Freedom value. I know the cause of this and have a plan to fix everyone affected during a future downtime. You do not need to log support tickets now for this issue. It will be corrected. Stats have been reset after going to Freedom or Epic The important part of this so far is it's just stats that appear to be affected. I do not know the cause yet, so please feel free to submit a ticket for this. If you are certain this has happened to more than just stats, please indicate that on the ticket. Update: So for stats, I'm finding it's first-time transfers doing this. So if you've never been to Epic or Freedom before, it seems to be blanking out your stats. I do not have a fix yet, but please be aware of this. If you've been between both clusters before, you should be fine and not lose any stats. If you still lose stats and you know you've been between clusters, please indicate that in your ticket. I brought a reduced skill back from Freedom to Epic This is another one that I have not found a cause for yet. Please log tickets and make sure to include what servers on their respected clusters you traveled between. Also include the skills you notice are lower. You do not need to include values as I have snapshots of everything and can verify what you had so long as you include the server names. If you notice anything that does not fit these descriptions, please both PM me on the forums and submit a ticket so I can easily find your affected character. Remember: Server and skill names are important. Values can be omitted. You can submit notes against a ticket if you need more space. Lastly you may not get a reply regarding your ticket. I've been assigning them to my Dev account in-game (Rizi) and keeping them open for tracking purposes. I will reply if I need information, but seeing as this is affecting at least a dozen people so far, I do expect to be fixing everyone at the same time. When the patch is ready and released, I will close the tickets. Thank you for your patience. I know this isn't as smooth as I had hoped and I know that it can be disappointing to be hindered by these issues, but I am working on this as quickly as possible.
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    New: Creature movement overhaul has now been introduced to all servers. Sorry I don't complain on forums but I left Cele because of the new creature movement. Now its on every server its a game killer for me it really drives my bonkers having my horses in fences and walls
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    Smeagain priests are hands down the best PvP priests. They get the great PvP mag passives such as 25% damage and res stone. They get the best defensive PvP spells (oakshell for horses, light of fo for group healing, heal for boatfight healing) They get TWO pillar spells to use for offensive group AOE damage. Nothing else comes close and pretty much all PvP priests are smeagain now. We used to think Nathan was OP, and that was the meta for awhile, but wow smeagain spellset is waaaaay more imbalanced than we thought possible. If you want balanced priests in PvP, then I think you have to manually balance the spells rather than leaving them to be randomly generated. Idk how many would agree with this, but I think player gods should be removed from PvP, or perhaps just have their PvP spells removed, leaving their enchants. I've had friends ask if player gods are removed yet, and saying they would only come back if player gods are removed. They really upset the balance in PvP
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    It’s that spooky time of year, and we have treats! (Tricks were also planned, but Enki got a little carried away, and we felt that letting loose a plague of champion Nogumps riding raging worgs with greenish drakespirits behind them was a little too chaotic) This halloween period (from 28th October until the 4th of November) there will be some extra spooky drops from various creatures across the lands of Wurm! The super stylish Pumpkin shoulder pads can be found from almost all mobs, with the difficulty of the mob affecting your chances of receiving it. The menacing troll mask can only be found from trolls. Champions and more difficult mobs increase your chances, and these are limited items only available during this period, so get out there, and get hunting! And most importantly, have a safe and happy Halloween! -The Wurm team
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    Today, I am auctioning a Bulk Storage Bin full of 100.00 QL Iron lumps (15,999 pieces). Auction ended, no bids Starting Bid: 50s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Sniper: Any bids in the last 1h will add 1h to the final time Buyout: 110s
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    +1 good idea add drakespirits and eaglespirits that will fly on deed and kill every single branded horse and player that can't find a doored mine
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    I would advise to reread retrograde's last post in regards to Budda's thread. Here, I'll link it. Also I'll link this specific sentence since I find it the most relevant. " Last but not least, we're all playing the same game, getting bogged down in who is getting the better end of the deal overlooks the fact that many epic players have already been on freedom for a long time, they just can now play on the accounts they themselves spent time working on, and freedomers can travel to epic and explore the servers, take part in valrei scenarios, and fight valrei mobs (there'll also be more coming too, but shhh). Worrying about someone else catching up to your skill, trashing your neighbourhood, or someone getting the better end of the deal (either way) overlooks that you now have new people on BOTH clusters to play with and get to know." - Retrograde
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    PvE benefits from more active players, and I'm pretty sure Chaos could use some fresh blood too. I see a lot of the old epic folks showing up on freedom, on effectively newb accounts, so it'll be great to have more active players. The market isn't much good right now on freedom anyway, so the influx of high skills isn't going to change anything - most of the folks who can afford to buy stuff and actually want to, either have alliance mates who'll do it for nothing or already have friends who will give them mates rates. Stuff like rares will go up slightly, due to vets (who are used to a certain level of bling) restocking their toolchests, and the catfish bulk brick slaves will suddenly have a whole bunch of folks setting up new deeds to supply. Also, just because someone has bigly heyooge skills, doesn't mean they're automatically going to want to set up shop; plenty of high-skilled individuals don't bother selling, because the market game doesn't interest them, and they'd rather not spend their recreation time chained to a forge / alter / grindstationofchoice. And even if I'm completely wrong, and the market on pve completely tanks, well, so what? It's not like if has very far to go from where it is, and it'll hit a new level eventually. And, in my vaulted opinion, the health of epic outweighs making the game a bit harder for the (relatively small) number of players who are ONLY focussed on making as many bucks as possible. Or, if you need something simpler, the capitalists can take one for the team this time.
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    I think most epicners agree that the nerf will happen and we are ok with that, what we are asking for is just to keep the skills that was never even affected by the 2x or curve such as fighting skill/faith/ (meditation being one that we gratefully got to keep). Sure its generous we get a transfer since it was suppoed to be seperate since FOREVER but we wouldnt even ask for a transfer in the first place, but since all freedomers were given one that they werent supposed to get since FOREVER or whatever its just fair we ask for one too. Not all of us were displeased with how epic was before and in the direction they are changing it its only more then fair to give us a chance to get away from it considering we paid premium just like you guys for something very diffrent to what the cluster is going to be now and have been changing for the last years. We keep what we should keep skillwise (things outside curve) and we get nerfed what should be nerfed (skills inside curve) then thats fair to me, or as fair as it can get by logic alone. We never asked for this update, my alliance is torn apart by it, its easy for you guys to want to hit us by the nerf hammer and asking us "peasants" or whatever to be generous for the bread and water u get! but try to understand its not your cluster thats being changed/killed into another one, I was hoping I would see freedomers accepting us and taking care of us instead of this gloom doom speech about economy failing and epic skills taking over the entire world, trying to screw us over by trolling the forum post (even though most epic top accounts arent as high as freedom top acounts) im happy atleast the devs are somewhat on our side and a few freedomers that I saw many hearts to those brave once not listening to the fear and hate speech from the rest of you.
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    Its funny because we have compared things in the past and I have seen people agree that farming took the same time and I have seen WKM even agree that to get 100 HFC on freedom and epic was the same amount of meals cooked, but the discussions are conveniently forgotten as soon as they are over and the choir starts singing the same song every time it comes up again, everyone be damned because some people are more important than others and some people would rather watch others destroyed and quit than accept a fellow wurmian to continue playing the game we all love in the face of dark times.
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    Just let them bring their skills... You want to be able to flood Epic with all your 90+ stats but don't want them to be able to bring their skills to freedom? *2 skill gain or not they are entitled to their skills they have spent to time and money and grinded just like all Freedomers.
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    The sailing boat Event! by Wiluss Here we have 30 unfinished sailing boats (3 keel section each): The boats have numbers from 1 to 30 The rules : You can buy event ticket for just 1s! The event ticket is buying a small sailing boat with posibility of buying a Knarr! 1 person 1 ticket (plz don't try to buy more tickets using another account) There are 30 tickets 1 for each boat. After all boat slot all filled or at 01.11.2017 i will start building boats. After i finish all boats i will imp them till 92QL. If sailboat with you nuber becomes rare/supreme/fantastic you will get a 95/97/99QL Knarr (random wood) +Vynora speed rune and anchor and free delivery coastal. (I keep all rare/sup/fan sails) If boat with your number won't become rare at 92QL you just got a 92QL sailing boats with you number and picked wood type. If somene with rare sail number don't want to get a Knarr as recompense i can make him regular small sailing boat 92ql 92QL sailings bought in this event will be left off deed near Demon Stand obelisk on my island O 25 Exodus you can pick them up or let it root there (no anchor). They will have ownership of person that bought ticket. I will try to keep my rarity deed bonus between 7-10. I am building sailings fast and after building them all i will try to improve minimum 1 boat a day. (this event is long term fun To buy a ticket post here number from 1-30. Ingame owner name and wood type of sailing ( i have them all even Oleander). I will send you an item by mail as payment for ticket and post you name here. (99c+1c CoD and + Number of boat irons) Two person can't take one number. If number is taken you can only pick from numbers left without owner. Ticket are in form of Mallet 10-90QL and you can keep them Any question? pm Wiluss in game Boats Slots: One x before number - boat finished Two x before number - boat at 92QL no rare Three x before number boat rare/sup/fan! TD - Troll Drums Attaching TD - Troll Drums Improving xx 1. Warlock Orangewood Paid xx 2. Dorf Cedar Paid xx 3. Baloo Cedar Paid TD xx 4. Irbiska Cherrywood Paid xx 5. Azraiel Cedarwood Paid TD xx 6. Vomusu Willow Paid TD xx 7. Oblivionnreaver Cherrywood Paid xx 8. Ammar Firwood Paid xx 9. Strav Oleander Paid xx 10. Kasumi Apple Paid xx 11. Theplague Cedar Paid xx12. Subie Applewood Paid TD xx 13. Hailstorm Oleander Paid TD xx 14. Samvimes Cedar Paid xx 15. Xcapi Apple Paid xx 16. Nouname Oleander Paid TD TD xx 17.Votip Willow Paid xx 18.Spyte Willow Paid TD TD xxx Rare 19. Tedzogh Oak Paid TD TD xx 20. Siegfried Oak Paid xx 21. Brainer Cedar Paid TD TD TD xxx Rare 22. Kawopij Cedar Paid TD xx 23. Norwege Cherrywood Paid TD xx 24. Kijan Cedar Paid xx 25. Salbian Cherrywood Paid TD xx 26. Xcaliber Cherry Paid xx 27. Quelon Oak Paid TD xxx Rare 28. Lozi Cherry Paid xx 29. Kgorski Cedar Paid xx 30. Kondris Cedarwood Paid TD TD xx 31. Angelklaine Cherrywood Paid TD Event is ON ! Status of boat for last pending payment player will not be updated till payment is done. If i recive any of tickets mallet back as not recived this player is disqualified and perm ban for any my future events. Boats are build at 55QL Imping Time! All boats are finished Thanks for participating!
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    That's right, I'm planning my own Archeology Office and I'd love to have possibility to storage it, or even display. Also it doesn't make so much sense, that fragments were laying in the ground for years, maybe ages! And then these fragments decays within a week once collected.
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    The Temple of the True Gods
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    I was out in the wilds hunting and thinking about highways and old single wide cobble paths that you find all over the wilderness, paths are useful but a cobble path just seems too industrial. I thought it might be nice to have a new paving option for a single wide type path, not everything needs to be a highway that may fit in more naturally. My artist skills are non-existent so pay no heed to the blobs in my diagrams. What I had in mind is 2 paving styles, the straight path with a corner turn and a diagonal path that can lead off a straight path. The red star indicates where you would need to stand to when paving each type. The paving on the path itself could have a few options, gravel, sand, dirt and maybe a flag stone type. As for the green area, it can be the same as we have now with corner paving, where the 'unpaved' part of the tile adopts the tile texture next to it, where it could be grass, sand, dirt.
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    Hey yall, the Goblin Leader is ready to slay and your all invited to come and land a hit, maybe get the Fearless title if u dont got it yet and get some bloods for mining potions Loot is private. Were gonna do this sunday afternoon in Pristine J 14, in game map. Deed is called Sneaky Goblino straight South on the highway, from the shore deed Clay Harbour. We should be doing this Sunday afternoon for me
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    REMOVE FORCED SHATTER. keep the low skill and low item quality shatters around because those are fair enough, however a priest with 99+ channeling casting on 90+ quality items shouldn't run danger to completely destroy the item just because the WurmNG had a hiccup. introduce spell-specific dispelling with an additional difficulty based on how far down the list it is, so theres still a benefit in enchanting in the "right" order, yet if you messed up the order you didn't literally brick the item, requiring you to recast from the beginning which then has a chance to completely poof the item because forced shatter is fun. those two are very important and having seen the reactions in IRC after the enchant decay rework just about every player that was around agreed with it. one thing i'd love to see is maybe the introduction of cast-scaling for high casts so it works similar to how BT works now, where you can cast repeatedly on the same item and do not need to actually score a higher power cast to improve the power of the cast. of course with a reasonable scaling penalty the higher the cast already is, so you can't cast two 50 power casts and get a 100 power item.
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    Priest overhaul will be coming after the valrei one and will include a rework of passives
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    Manual Roof Building Wurm buildings have come a long way. Years ago, it was as simple as two options. Wood or stone. Now we have many different options. Buildings can become a lot more creative than once before. But this creativity only extends to the walls. The roof of a building is pretty ordinary. Sure, you can choose different materials to make them out of. But the layout of the roof is not up to the builder. The game auto-aligns each roof ridge. I propose a new roof system. Manual roof building. Not only would it be practical, logical, and intuitive - it’d add exponential creativity to the way we build our structures! Here’s how it could work. The roof plan would still happen the same: “Right click floor, plan roof above”. BUT whenever you go to build it with your chosen material you would have “roof type” options. The roof types could include(but are not limited to): “Shed roof” - like the existing roof, but can be built against a flat surface(an existing wall) “Gable shed roof” - like the above, but with diagonal walls on the sides. Can expand infinitely when placed adjacent to other gable shed roofs. “Half gable” - for when you want a gable roof to only be on one tile, rather than 2 side by side. These are just a few ideas for what could happen with roofs in the future. As you can see, there are plenty of interesting combinations you could use these roofs with to make very appealing structures! Lean-tos, sheds, gables, and more could all be possible. Almost any building in the real world could be recreated in wurm with the help of these roofs. To allow for proper alignment, the ability to rotate the roof tiles could be implemented (Perhaps with the help of a fancy tool) so that they line up in the way you intended them to be constructed. We already do that with wall types, why not roof types too? So what do you think, Wurmians? Should roofs have the same freedom that we have with walls? Let’s hear it in the comments below! Thank you Leifar for writing this idea of mine out
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    As a freedomer/Chaos player, I fail to see how anyone coming from Epic is going to hurt anything. More people on freedom means more villagers, more friends to make, more deeds built, more things purchased, more roads made. More activity. People. Unless you are playing the game solo mode, this should be a good thing. Subscription numbers have been falling recently and this is a boost to that. Even old players are coming back. How can this be a bad thing? Whats the reason to be mad? Because someone will have better/more skills than you? A bruised ego? Really? Are you so selfish and self centered that the reason to boycott the revival of a possibly dying game is that someone else put more/less/different effort than you did? Get bent buddy. What will naysayers say now? That the game was alive and well? An entire cluster with 400 or so people active is a healthy population? SquareEnix closed servers when FFXI populations dropped below 1000. Ours doesnt even have that across multiple servers and clusters, with some Freedom servers sporting 30-40 people during peak times. Look at your server of choice. How many empty plots, abandoned deeds and wilderness reclaimed areas do you see? And you are fighting because your ego got bruised? And people wonder why Freedom is full of cancerous people, who fight over silly things such as someone building a farm on your perimeter. I am a Freedomer, and I am glad the Epic guys are coming. And if anyone needs a place to stay, and some starting gear, come to Celebration. My place is yours for as long as you need.
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    Things were getting passionate on epics side, I'm happy we weren't screwed on this part!!!
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    Please add mirrors to traders, or allow us to trade them again. I know there's some fancy new mirrors on Test, but I'd rather just see the ability to buy them for like 1-5s until those are released.
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    FINALLY! Now I can sleep good again after days of nonsense. HYPE!