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    Over the past days I've been doing a lot of archeology and I'm losing my mind guys. When sorting inventory by "name", things are naturally listed in alphabetical order. However the order of the fragment string causes a huge usability issue: Right now it's "Ordered by Amount" [title of fragment] - [amount] - [material] This means that the very things you are supposed to combine (say in this case copper fragments) need to be hunted from several different sections of the list. I suggest that the order be changed t "Ordered by material type" [title of fragment] - [material] - [amount]
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    I finally found somebody willing to help me with my archaeology! He's not good at writing archaeology reports or reading but he sure does know how to break the rock and dirt off!
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    [03:03:48] Cymmy slain by young Green dragon hatchling, aged Crocodile [03:05:48] Cymmy slain by young Green dragon hatchling, old Hell Hound, mature Crocodile [03:13:50] Cymmy slain by young Green dragon hatchling Independence! Will we stand idly by while our citizens are eaten by dragons? I say not today! Grab a weapon, grab a rake, grab a unicorn, it's payback time! Green hatchling slaying will be a public kill, gives green drake hide and acid potion bloods, bone or tome if it drops will be donated to poor cymmy, who has unfortunately lost three arms and a leg in the accidents . Anything else will be rolled off, you can have your own green dragon hatchling throw cushion. Meeting place is on the north coast, around 16b, there's an arched wooden bridge called Draw bridge, location will be from there with about 15-30 before slaying I might not be there, so get revenge for me too! Edit: After a few tasty meals: Thank you all for attending!
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    They wait - Shmeric Greetings wurmians! It’s been a slow news fortnight as we’ve been busy working on a few big projects, I’m excited to tell you more about them but unfortunately they’re not at that point yet, so this week we’ll touch a bit more on priest stuff as well as some client works. Saroman won’t let me show what he’s been working on sadly, I’m quite grumpy. But first… Priest stuff Priest testing has been opened to the wurm team and we’ve had a bit of discussion about many features. We’ll be working towards opening it for public testing once we’re aware of the major bugs (and fixed them hopefully) and such, then you’ll be able to test to your heart's content! We’ve added a few features to help with testing, such as the ability to set your own faith and favour, as well as spawn statuettes and vesseled gems via the test menu. We’ve also added a feature that outputs spell power for testing purposes, which is really cool and will help with feedback too! We’ll continue to check out helpful suggestions with ideas to do with priests and improvements, so keep up the good work. We expect this to open to public testing either this weekend or next week, we want to make sure we can help as much as we can with scenarios, so we’ll include information on how to grab a GM if needed! Client improvements 10,000 large amphorae in the desert, 10,000 large amphorae in the desert, you take one down, kick it around, still 10,000 large amphorae in the desert. No, this isn't my backyard, this is our client developer, Samool’s testing ground. One improvement to the client will be how it renders multiples of the same object. Currently if you had all 10,000 of these large pottery amphorae there they’d be rendered individually and slow your system to a halt, but here? The game draws the item once, and simply copies it around, meaning amazing performance improvements in areas with a lot of the same objects. Now, if you had 10,000 different objects there’d still be the problem, but we’re continuing to work on extra features to improve performance, make sure you check out the modern renderer and the preview client! Community content This weeks community content is a huge shoutout to Valrei Entertainment Network member, Bloodydrongo, who has hit over 500 followers! We’ll be thinking of a few ways to help him celebrate, so keep an eye out for his news! His love of wurm, discussion, and drinking from a shoe has all found us something to connect with him (except drinking from a shoe, that's on him) Check out his stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/bloodydrongo That’s it for us this week, short and sweet, just like me, right? We’ll be back snappier than a rubber band on a bunny next fortnight with hopefully some more news, including progress on the priest testing and plans for live launch! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    I had way too much fun running around taking screenshots of my most recent projects with high graphics settings: (And a few more can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/E507ZT2 )
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    I've been a Community Assistant since April. During those 6 months, I've learned a lot of very random Wurm Online factoids I didn't know. Many of them are things you already knew. Some of them I already knew but wanted to be able to express more concisely. So I wrote them all down. And just in case it helps anyone, am sharing them here: 1) Chickens not laying eggs: Ensure the chickens are on dirt, grass, or crop tiles. Not on pavement, lawn, or enchanted grass tiles. Leave piles of grain, seeds, vegetables, or cut grass for them to eat. 2) Rare fishing tiles move seasonally: Feb 7, 2018: Bugfix: Rare fishing spots will now correctly move when the season (and thus fish type) changes. https://www.wurmonline.com/2018/02/07/patch-notes-07-feb-18/ 3) Perimeter: Most actions are allowed. No new buildings, bridges, and no trimming the grass to make lawn. 4) Missions: Anyone can participate in missions, including non-premium characters - though some missions may be hard or even impossible to do without premium skill levels. 5) Marble Braziers: QL does not seem to brighten the flames burning in marble braziers. 6) Fences in caves: You can build fences in caves, but only on-deed. Both sides of the tile border must be on-deed 7) White Dye not showing: White dye does not show up properly on items no matter what the quality or your client settings are. This is a known issue. Size v Volume: Volume allows for more of things that would already fit. Size allows for something that wouldn't normally fit. 9) Fresh herbs vs. non-fresh herbs: Fresh herbs and spices are counted as different ingredients in some recipes, resulting in a different affinity. 10) Death tab: The death tab is only activated if the player who died is both premium and has more than 20 Fighting Skill after death. The death tab also only activates from creature kills, not any falling damage or suicides. 11) Rares vs normal tools Versus normal tools, rare tools have a faster action timer, get a QL bonus for gathering, take less damage, and their enchants last longer 12) Bugged item in bsb/fsb/crate: Leftovers from bulk containers can be removed by putting in a piece of the same bugged item inside, then taking it out. 13) Shields: There is no difference among shields for PvE. In PvP, the difference is blocking radius for arrows and stamina usage. For PvP, it is 90 degrees small, 135 medium, 180 large, but if you're facing 45 degrees to the right of the archer, all shields will block. 14) Transferring rarity when imping: You have a 1/100 chance to transfer rarity when imping with the final bits of a rare item - that last imp before the item poofs. 15) Making mortar: Sand QL determines mortar QL. Clay QL determines % chance of success in making the mortar. 16) Breedable Animals: If a creature can be tamed or dominated, you can breed it (with the exception of creatures who lay eggs). 17) Restoration: I believe it was said that higher restoration is linked to getting better material (such as moonmetal items) at high skill. When identifying, you get better skill gain if you identify with the opposite tool called for, but using the correct tool helps you identify faster 18) Blessed lamps: You need around 20 faith to be able to notice that an item is blessed when you examine it. 19) Tar for fuel: 1kg of tar is the same as 8kg of normal wood. 4kg of tar will fully fuel a furnace. 20) Bee stuff: Peat does not fuel a bee smoker Honey does not decay so you don't need to seal barrels of honey A 90 QL bee hive has a radius of 11 tiles, so you want to space out 90 QL bee hives 22 tiles apart 21) Sorcery items: Tomes, Cherries, etc. can be used at any altar - even UNblessed altars - and can even be used with an iron metal bowl. A sorcery staff cannot be improved or repaired. QL of the staff does not matter (similar to statuettes). 22) Cooking Oil: Olive Oil is not considered a cooking oil. Try corn oil if you're looking for an easy-to-make cooking oil. 23) Wild Growth does not work on trellises. 24) Door locks on a building are not over-ridden by deed permissions. Deed permissions only affect fence gates.
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    Changes and Additions: New: Archaeology changes and additions. Wood types have been added to wooden items. New statues have been discovered. Fix for some moonmetal fragments. Tweaked base difficulty for investigating to be a bit easier overall. You can also now get an extra bonus in areas that are considered valuable according to Archaeology, making fragments a bit easier to gain at higher levels in those locations. New: Archaeology caches have been added Once a report is completed enough, the center tile of that deed can then be found via “Get direction” on the report. Using the “Get direction” function on the center tile of that deed will unearth an archaeology cache. Inside the cache will be an assortment of unidentified fragments including a larger percentage of statue fragments and a relic of the former deed. Amount of fragments is determined by archaeology skill and report ql with a minimum of 10. Once unearthed the report will be consumed. Change: Archaeology journal improvements Journals will now hold a number of reports up to the ql of the journal, with a minimum of 22. Placing a piece of paper or papyrus greater than 30ql inside the journal will automatically turn it into a blank report Reports can also now be moved in and out of journals via drag and drop. Tweaked the chances for location info to be recorded in a report to be a bit lower than previously to balance for caches. Some Archaeology statues with solid bases can now have items placed upon them. New: Shoulder pads are now dyeable. Change: Metallic shoulder pads are now able to spawn from rifts as any metal type at a low chance. Change: The Tin Rune of Jackal now correctly uses the spell version of Refresh and cannot be used while moving. Bug fixes: Bugfix: Marble statue of Vynora can now be improved. Bugfix: Fixed a few more mission descriptions with items which were too generic. Bugfix: Recipe list now correctly list lunchbox, tin instead of lunchbox, lead. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with the improper triggering of the Kill a wild sly creature achievement. Bugfix: Potion of butchery imbue now works properly when butchering a corpse. Bugfix: Fixed watcher text when someone unloads a creature from a cage. 05/OCT/18: Potential fix for village caches not showing in some cases The post Patch Notes 04/OCT/18 appeared first on Wurm Online.
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    My collection grows. I have no idea where to put these. Please help me.
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    Libila is waiting for you ...
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    The kyklops that stomped on the grounds of Release will be poked and slapped on this weekend. Everyone is welcome to attend and get a blood for a leatherworking potion. I'll post a map later, too lazy and tired now... Location is O12 on the ingame map.
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    Well... it is nearly 1 year after, and some new works have been done at my place, i am still working on the village area and will soon start to build the housings, then i have a large highway project here. Some new pics Some pics from inside my castle, kitchen in this case dining hall and battleplan room Mining behind my castle for the village area the new entrance for my place Still mining, but also building a bridge, Moria-style And nearly finished: bridge ready, higway started inside my deed at higher floor level and most of the village area already mined out. And... because i'm evil, here's a minimal part of the rock shards bsb's i've filled
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    Hi all. It's a lot of time i play wurm, and since my first toon on Release i had the lingering idea to found a dwarven-like place...only to find that i could not build into caves. Then xanadu came, i made a new toon and made my first, Rauros, a priest. After a lot of time (in wich i played and left the game) i returned and bam! now we can build underground: my wish could become true! I found a suitable site, and started my project... after near a year, it's half done but at least it start to show up as i wanted to. It was hard, but here is the results, i hope you like it, because in some time i may start to build a village and if someone want to share the place with me, i'd be happy to be the King under the Mountain. Just the entrance... a lot of time ago. First buildings: the gatehouse Make it bigger The Castle, inside The Castle first entrance Digging up the dock Private forge Outside Still mining... Underground lake Moria, a city, not a mine
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    [11:57:54] Ship building increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000
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    We get e-mails when our premium expires on characters, but could we please receive warnings for when a non-premium character is about to expire so we can log them back in? Also, could we please get warnings when our deed upkeep hits 30 days, and then again at 7 days? That way we won't lose our deeds if we want to keep them while inactive and may have miscalculated. A system to send emails is already in place, my plea is only to give us a chance to save things we might otherwise lose.
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    This is something we have looked at, it's not as easy as it seems though, as it's the client that handles the material type showing. definitely agree it makes sorting through things easier, so we'll see what can be done!
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    I think that is a wrong statement. Good games require something from the person playing it. The games people keep play is the one require that the player become better and better and not only the in-game character. That is especially important in pvp games and why an old games like counter strike is still played. Risk versus reward needs to be in balance, something that is easy to get has low power and something that is hard to get has high power.
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    Kyklops is penned and going to be slayed this weekend. O10 Right near the coast Blood makes leatherworking potions
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    you could actually shoot a trebuchet high up and run under the projectile and hit yourself but i wouldnt know anything about that... [15:59:06] You hit himself extremely hard in the right shoulder and hurt it.
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    OMG this is amazing, feels like an early Christmas present! Thank you!! *grabs her Indiana Jones hat and disappears into the woods*
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    Just for clarification, this is in EnkiMinutes (TM). Length of which is currently undertermined, ranging somewhere from the time it takes for an apple to fall from 1m to the ground at sea level, to the time between now and the heat death of the universe.
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    I am sure someone will eventually succeed. Besides, I fully expected this to require mixing and matching brains among people. It was always up to those who find the clues to share or not share their findings. I spent well over an hour designing this quest to make sure that really pretty much anyone with the knowledge to install and play Wurm Online had a chance to participate, in fact I may have even spent as much as 68 minutes making sure it was a well balanced long term challenge.
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    Lurkers in the fog, they not as sneak as they think they are...
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    Remove the hammer and the pliers on the forge. Those who want it there can make them and put it there. Those who want something else won't have to deal with the pre-set hammer and pliers.
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    I have been working as a night grocery stocker for the last bit. This is the first time ever I have been been told to leave early. I was told by my foreman that I can clock out; unlock a door and he will come around in a few mins and re-lock it (the store is closed for 5hrs at night). So happily I grabbed my things since normally I work overtime. So clicking my heels I walk to the first set of double doors which are unlocked and they automatically open but the 2nd set were locked. I unlock them and they did not automatically open. Taking from what I know about Wurm all I need to do is back up a few steps, walk forward and they will open... WRONG. I repeat the process for about 30secs moving back farther back and walking forward. I see out of the corner of my eye 2 of my coworkers standing there with their heads tilted confused. They make a sliding glass door motion so I grab the door and slide it open and it WORKED! I turned around, smiled and gave a thumbs up. At least working nights I can make the excuse of we work like dogs all week and that it is 2am and my brain wasn't working XD. o7, Launsel~