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    Today I had to remove one of our Game Masters for violating our internal code of conduct concerning actions they had taken in the past. I had only recently been made aware of the action committed, and while the action itself was outside of the game and ultimately resulted in nothing as far as I know, the fact that it happened was not something I could support one of our team members doing. I have long held internal guidelines of conduct to which I hold our team members to a higher standard than I do our players. The action that took place I would not have even concerned myself with if it had been a player that committed it. It is public knowledge what happened now, so I can say that the action that was committed was that one of our members who was a brand new Game Master at that time in 2015 was given access to a third party kingdom forum by one of their disgruntled members. Their regular member forums were accessed by him. He did not hack, he did not break any rules, he simply did something that had the potential to gain an advantage over an adversarial party in game. As I said, had this just been normal people I would not have cared one bit. His work with us has been solid in his Game Master responsibilities and I have nothing but good admiration for the energy and effort he has provided us. For now though, he understands his mistake and accepts the consequences. To stop the rumors... NO, he is not banned from Wurm Online. NO, he has not been "fired" He violated no rules, he only committed an out of game act that I could not support and as a consequence I have removed him from his responsibilities. Perhaps down the road he might be willing to return with a better understanding of what I expect of our team members. For the time being other team members are stepping up to help cover all the internal management and duties that he performed for us. /Enki (Head Game Master)
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    Crystal Bay Estates - Finndar Hi Everyone! Patch day has come and gone, and the java update issues have been addressed. We're aware of the horse and cart issues, as well as the water sources, and will be looking at that over the weekend. There's lots to share this week, so let's jump in! But first... Valrei overhaul So we mentioned we'll be sharing some more details about the valrei system and the planned overhauls some time ago, and now it's time to share! So let's jump into it. We have some planned changes for Valrei, the mission system, and Epic in general. These changes are well underway and due in the next few weeks to a month or so. To start off, with the larger number of player gods that have been added to the game over the past few years, it is necessary to look at how those gods impact the Valrei board. Coming with this set of changes will be player gods being removed from the Valrei board once they are changed from demigods into full gods. When a player uses a Key to the Heavens, they will still be added to the Valrei board as a static entity paired to their god, but once their god wins a scenario may become a full god and removed from the board. When this happens the player god will still generate missions for players to complete, but these missions will not directly affect the Valrei board in any way or give scenario points. Scenario rewards are also being changed slightly. Coming with this update will be a requirement for players to be premium in order to be rewarded scenario points as well as karma upon completing a mission. If the player that participated in the mission is non premium, they will only be rewarded karma and sleep bonus, but not scenario points. At the end of a scenario, there will be 3 tiers of rewards The top tier will be available to those with the top 20% of scenario contributors, and contain the highest rewards of a single use tome, or a small chance of a Key to the Heavens or dragon egg for those in the top 5%. After this tier will be a second set of winners for the top 50% of contributors where there will be 3 prizes of a yet to be announced item. The final tier for the full 100% of contributors will have 5 chances for either the above unannounced item, or a moon metal lump. This will only impact the Epic servers, as Freedom does not receive scenario rewards. In addition to the above is a full rework of all mission types, difficulty and rewards. Some existing missions will be removed, some new mission types will be added, and we’ll be going over all mission types to make sure that their difficulty to complete, and reward amounts (of karma, sleep bonus and scenario points) scale properly to the difficulty of the mission. As a larger overall change to this system, the difficulty tiers will be changing from a system of 1-4 to a system of 1-7, where the difficulty of the mission is determined by the number of successful missions in a row for that god as opposed to the number of source items that god is currently holding on Valrei. This means as more missions for a given god are completed, the difficulty and rewards of the mission will increase. This applies both to Epic and Freedom, where an additional bonus on Epic will be increased help for the given god, reducing their move timer more depending on the mission difficulty. Similar to now, some missions will be available in friendly territory, and some will be available in enemy territory only according to the difficulty. As mentioned above, the sleep bonus and karma rewards for participating in a mission will be changing from a flat 1000 karma and 30min sleep bonus per mission, instead scaling with the difficulty of the mission with the very low difficulties giving less than the current defaults, and the higher difficulties giving more than the current defaults. There are also more changes planned for Valrei and Epic in general, but we’re not quite ready to release details of these changes yet. More info about these will come in the near future. All caged up A long requested addition is the ability for creatures to be loaded into vehicles, and I have a very special surprise this week, without further ado... That's right, in a coming up date creatures will be able to be loaded into cages, and onto vehicles! Different creatures will take different volumes, and they will need to be led prior to being loaded (meaning no ships full of spiders!) Upon crossing servers they retain all info about traits. Parentage and cared for status will return upon returning to the original server. Highway testing push we're gearing up our public testing of the new highway system in anticipation of releasing it with the next big update! We'll be looking at how best to organise public testing, but the best thing you can do is jump on the test server and play around with paving the catseyes and building highways! The ongoing discussion thread with the technical gory details can be found here: Wonders of Celebration Iberis (known ingame as Hexd and Mizova) is at it again! This time she's taking her sightseeing tour to Celebration and is looking for your input on what's great to see across the server. If you have a suggestion, or know a landmark she might want to check out, let her know! Community content This weeks community content is a video by qwizat, with a tour of his twin deeds eden and dune. His village is open to all new players, so if you're looking for somewhere to start your journey, contact him! There's a lot coming in the next few updates, and we haven't even begun to tease you all about the new skill coming to Wurm, what is it? You'll just have to wait and see Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Esert Sunset - Joelle Esert Redesign with the Fire & Sand alliance Hi Everyone! Retrograde here with all the news and happenings on the dev and team side of Wurm. There's quite a few exciting things in the works (and some LONG LONG LONG desired) but alas, I cannot tease them just yet, I cannot wait to see them come in, so as soon as I'm given the green light, you'll know all about it! So lets get into this weeks news! Shatterproof potions The shatterproof potions which came with the rifts have been somewhat buggy for a long time, but with the last update they were adjusted and should now work correctly, providing 4-5 protections against cracks when channeling, and 1 protection against a shatter, the full details can be found in the last patch notes, but one bit that was missed was that it can be applied to any item, NOT JUST WEAPONS. So enjoy! A new Lead Chat Moderator I'd like to say a big welcome to our new Lead Chat Moderator, Idony! Idony has stepped into the role after the departure of Shrimpiie and will be working with the Community Assistants and Chat Moderators as they do their work. I look forward to working with her and the CA/CM team in the future Freedom epic mission building Based on feedback about fears of epic mission buildings being deeded and griefing issues stemming from that we'll be making a slight change to how ritual missions generate. Previously, and up until the introduction of this system, ritual missions generate from a total maximum pool of 18 buildings (3 temples, pylons, foundation pillars, spirit gates, shrines, obelisks). These are the ones that are completed as part of a mission requiring it. From the next update, ANY mission building off deed will be eligible for a ritual mission to generate on it, they will no longer need to be built in accordance with a specific mission. Again, this applies only to PvE ritual missions, chaos and epic will require the 18 and block deeding as usual. Unstable client work Unstable works continue, with more focus on improving performance and those crashes, with the memory allowance upped with the recent version. This might have been noticed by some as their client usage went up above 2GB, but this was due to giving the client more breathing room to work, which performed well. Some had some issues however, so we'll continue to look at those. More work with shaders in on the way, with this awesome comparison, can you spot the difference? Upcoming starter deed makeovers This week has seen proposals for two new starter deed makeovers, with blossom on Pristine and Whitefay being looked into. We'll be opening the proposals for Blossom some time this week in the Pristine subforum, and the whitefay one will follow shortly after, I'm keen to see what you all come up with, so get together and work out a proposal! Community content - I'm a star! This week saw the release of the Factional Fight episode starring me! I went through the midsummer event with the brothers and answered all of their questions (well, most of them, I can't tell everyone who my favourite dev is now, can I?) There's also a little teaser about something big upcoming, what do you think it is? I'd like to thank the Factional Fight guys for having me, and for all their work contributing to making Wurm as enjoyable as it is, I know I was hooked on their videos early on in the game, as I'm sure many of you all have been too, so thanks guys, and I'd like to also say Brian totally needs to start the videos with "Hello! How are you?" Right? Right. That's it for this weeks news, We'll be back this time next week with all new info, but until then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Unknown deed - Seriphina Hi Everyone! Another patch down, and all new content for Wurm! This patch did have a hiccup with some clients, but this has been rectified for the most part, if you are having issues with the screen going black when entering a mine in unstable, turning on (or off) FXAA in post processing can help. But first... Patch Notes Unstable work As you may have noticed, work on the unstable client has continued, with the new post processing tab in settings with some new options Bloom - Added feathered glow to light edges FXAA - Anti Aliasing with better performance than existing AA in advanced graphics Vignette - Darkening window border this is of course on top of more performance work, and some big steps in memory management and overall look and feel, it's close to becoming the stable client, so make sure you try it out and get any and all issues back to us to address! Of course, when this goes stable there will be a brief crossover period where the old client is still available, but we'd rather have the unstable one running as smooth as possible first, which requires you! Tree size changes As noted in the patch notes yesterday the size of olive trees and chestnut trees has been reduced considerably, this is a preliminary step towards returning tree collisions. Many wurmians will know the pain of wandering through olive forests and getting eaten by spiders, so this will go a long way towards improving that "experience" while bringing back the immersion of trees blocking paths. Celebration creature tests As mentioned in Buddas devblog we've begun testing new creature movement code using Celebration as a live test run. We're looking for feedback on how animals behave and move around both in pens and the wild. Leave your feedback on this thread, but please do remember to keep it specific to feedback about the movement, off topic discussions and such might be removed. Epic buildings and Freedom This next update will introduce the ability to place a deed over Epic mission structures. This is a Freedom only feature at this point, and deeding over a mission structure will disqualify it from being used in missions. So if you do use any shrines or other mission buildings to protect land, be warned that this will no longer be the case! New wall textures the new wall textures are in the works, with current focus on introducing the following types Tall wall Portcullis fence Parapet High iron fence High iron fence gate Chain link fence These will of course come in the sandstone, slate, rounded stone, marble, rendered, and pottery textures. There may also be more fence types in the works, but they will come at a later date. I hope to have some sneak previews in the coming news, so stay tuned for that! Community Content This weeks community content comes from Zephyr Storm visiting the Mystic Highlands server with an awesome introduction and showcase, I do hope it turns into an ongoing thing, as I really enjoyed this! That's it for this week, I hope you all have a good weekend, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    I was hoping to let this run to the end. Auction is over due to a buyout offer that we simply couldn't turn down. Possibly only one of as many as you could count on one hand have been gained in past years.. The Chaos Troll King, slain by The Crusaders on the Day of Wurm, Year 1067. Butchered by the Wizard Chief Xsamuraizx the Maginificent Holiness. [12:54:54] This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. Start Bid: 350E/3.5g Reserve: Hidden 25E/25s Bid Increments 1 Hour Sniper Protection. Private offers accepted, bids will be posted here with the buyer remaining anonymous.
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    Strongbox, Serenity - Blart Step right up Wurmians! Another week down and more news for you all, let's jump right in! Midsummer madness It's been an awesome week with the midsummer events, many of you got lost, scared, and some even went insane, which is about par for the course of any of our events! I'd like to thank you all for attending and hope you all enjoyed it, it'll run until the end of July and then we'll look at dismantling it, so make sure to attend before then and get your mask! Forum upgrades As many of you will have noticed we had some performance updates with the forums, hopefully eliminating the double posting and extra threads. We also included two factor authentication, which will provide even greater security for accounts on the forum moving forwards. While hopefully the larger issues have been resolved, we'll continue to work on tweaking the forums to ensure they are an enjoyable and easy experience for all (Not including the posts!) WU Beta Wurm Unlimited is here! With all the bridge textures and underground changes, they mark the next major update to the game. The beta will run throughout the week and we'll keep an eye on any issues raised by those running it, before launching the live version, so stay tuned for that! Cave exits Some players asked about the ability to pave cave exits, and while the answer was that it was unlikely, it did get some cogs turning. With a bit (lot) of work, I'm pleased to announce they will be coming soon! There's a bit of work still being done but cave exits will be able to be paved! Cooking rarity and affinities As you all know we ran the in-game poll on cooking affinities, and the results were extremely close. With a difference of less than 1% of the total votes. Being such a close result, we have decided to go with keeping rarity affecting affinity on both cooking systems. This was the slightly favoured result and avoids those who have spent time learning their affinities on rare+ cookers losing that time spent. We appreciate everyone taking the time to share their thoughts on it, and will continue to use in-game polls for important issues such as this in the future. Community content I spend a fair amount of my time on YouTube watching Wurm videos, and the other day I stumbled across one, Riddles explores Wurm online. It's an amusing series that I hope continues, because I certainly enjoyed the first three, catch the first here: That's it from us this week, I hope you all have a great weekend, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Hi... I have been working on this monster highway in Southern Xanadu for over a month now to link to Lormere and I finally finished it last night, it was an insane amount of work but also a lot of fun. It opens up a whole lot of wilderness and is most likely the longest continuous highway built in one go, it's also for certain the longest highway entirely paved in sandstone bricks and slabs, obviously seeing those are new. After 1\3 was done, I decided to border the road with moss instead of sand, I just thought it cool cooler for the forest parts. It's a cool ride, many cool scenic spots, places to hunt and a lot of new places to start new deeds. I plan on building a public Inn behind where the fountain is and also a short secondary road to a nearby desert, for hunting, if someone wants too cook at inn I decided to build this thing because we almost never get new players where we are here down south, it's pure luck when someone gets lost and ends up here, so trying to bring some life to our area. The tunnel part which is 207 tiles long is only 1 tile wide at the moment but I'll be completing it in the coming 2 weeks or so, but one can ride through the mountain as is. I've attached a few screenshots and a map showing where the highway is. I did a large part of the work on my own but I did get some precious help from a few players and i wish to thank them. Crysariana for cutting an insane amount of trees, without whom I'd still be at it Baloo for the help in the tunnel, mining (she hates mining ), strongwall where the tunnel opened up into an old mine and 8 hours of digging in the wilderness. Korsarul for donating 24 crates of dirt. Nacciwa for donating 29 crates of dirt. Snowtech for analyzing and some mining in tunnel. Popy for imping my tools which took some serious beating. And all of them who at times were most likely getting a bit fedup of hearing of my crazy highway over a month + period of time. Hopefully, I didn't forget anyone, let me know if I did.
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    What makes one player more entitled to land that they do not own than another, though? Deed it or lose it. LOVE the mission construction changes. Great job, Dev team!
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    Please for the love of Vynora make it so when you put a log and a saw in the crafting window it defaults to make a plank. Not a yoke. I have more accidental yokes then anyone could ever want. Thanks very much for your time and consideration.
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    This is something many players have been asking: "Why can't I move my settlement token after the deed has been placed?" It looks like a useful and natural feature, especially since the token does not have to be in the geographical center of the settlement anymore, anyway. There can be many reasons for moving the token a few tiles after placing the deed: Fixing an accidental misplacing Redesigning the settlement layout Building new structures or removing old ones etc... Of course, some of the more sophisticated implications of this suggested feature would have to be considered, especially when it comes to PvP problems. And, of course, deed size limitations must be observed (the token cannot be moved closer to the deed border than 6 tiles away). So, after some thought and discussion, here is my suggestion: Give us the ability to move the settlement token within the allowed area, considering deed size limitations. To prevent abuse this feature should come with a cost (5s - 10s) and have a cooldown of 6 months.
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    Wurmian dendrologists have noted that the girth of Olive and Chestnut trees has diminished. (olive and chestnut tree trunks are now thinner by 60%) Cave entrances can now be reinforced, prepared, and paved like other cave floors. Priests that can dig without going faithless can now dredge. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where keys ended up in a bugged state if they were inside a bank or mailbox when the lock was destroyed. Now the keys should be destroyed as well. Bugfix: Fixed a bug that caused cave ceilings to examine as floors and require remove reinforcement permissions when above a reinforced floor. Bugfix: Hota should no longer break if there is a server restart during an active event – remaining pillars should spawn seconds before the shutdown. Bugfix: Fixed the issue causing decayed organic material from being stuck in a your bank taking up a slot until server restart. Bugfix: Fix for some underground bridges causing errors resulting in players rubberbanding as they travel across the bridge. Bugfix: Possible fix for Epic to Xanadu first time teleports so that you end up at the starter town chosen instead of a random starter town. (Fix did not work) Bugfix: Metallic Liquid will now come in a potion bottle when looted and will actually work when ‘smeared’ onto an item. The imbue will start with 100 power, no matter what your actual skill is as long as the action succeeds. Protect against items “cracking” 5 times, lose 20 power from the imbue every time it “forms cracks” Protect against a single shatter. As long as the power of the imbue even exist listed on the item, it will be protected. You can NOT smear another potion to “refill” the lost power, effect must be gone. Client updates 4.0 Client fix: Straightened out reinforced walls next to veins with cave detail set to high. 4.0 Client fix: Wild hive message on screen should now appear again if you do not have it hidden in settings. 4.0 Client fix: Rangefinder numbers are again visible when using a spyglass. 4.0 Client fix: Corona position (glow) for some items was fixed from hovering above to a center position. 4.0 Client fix: Fixed orientation issues of embarked players. 4.0 Client fix: There should be no more ‘lightning’ flashes on animals, people and items. 4.0 Client new: Added a post-process tab in client settings to to add or remove some effects. Bloom FXAA (antialiasing) Vignette Bugfix: Changed the orientation of pavement on bridges to match terrain paving. Bugfix: Fixed the bumpy cave floor pavement as seen with cave detail set to high. Deed planner exporter changes: New wall/fence types and bushes as well as floors are now exported properly Deed borders are exported as DeedPlanner border If deed is coastal, all height values on map will be accurate. Otherwise, lowest point on plan will have height 5 when imported into the DeedPlanner
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    Hi all, I managed to come across the Forest Giant today. With the help of the amazing Whykillme, we finally got it penned up after some time. The kill will be a public one, the loot will be private. FG blood gives wood cutting potions. Time of the kill will be July 22nd at 11 AM EST. Location given in this thread closer to the event. Be sure to show up at least 30 mins. ahead of the scheduled time, as there will be no delays to the start (unless I'm working a hangover, lol). Edit for location: Added a pic of the Forest Giant kill. Everyone can meet up at the south end of Maple Island. Not sure if the boat bridge is entire intact, but there was def. a row boat half way across. I'm sure there will a be a few of you who would like some sort of shuttle service to and from the island. I suggest asking on the Indy Freedom chat channel. See you all there!!
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    This will make ritual missions into a mess. Maybe they should be changed to "go perform a ritual at any foundation pillar", "go perform a ritual at any pylon", etc, so that a set of mission constructions would be available to any deed or alliance that cares to prepare them. edit: this would also require making ritual missions work like normal missions, where all participants get SB instead of only people in range of the monument when the mission is completed
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    Maybe slightly off-topic, but related to the original post in a way: I once played a different online game and was part and later a leader of a guild. In our guild we had a player - a relatively young fellow - who loved playing in a role of a "tank". He wasn't the best tank we had, but he was certainly not the worst and he was visibly improving from week to week... working very hard at getting better. His joy from being part of a large guild and having an increasingly important role was very visible to us all. One day, he simply vanished. We learned quickly that he passed away. It turned out that the player was a very sick person with deteriorating health who was in late stage of his illness. He was bound to a wheelchair and had increasing trouble performing many every day actions... except playing on the computer. The game we played - especially our guild - became very important to him, as it was his only source of entertainment that he could indepenently enjoy. His parents told us later that he often spoke of us and considered our acceptance of him a very important factor in his life. Of course, none of us knew he was sick... We were all nice to him, but none of us formed a close bond with the player, nor stopped to chat at length. While my relationship with him was very friendly, to this day I wish I spent a bit more time making him feel a bit more special. So... Don't forget to love people. They leave so fast...
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    Meet Snot Von Snotsberg. The first of his clan, he's come to Xanadu to stake out a life of his own. Like many newbies before him, videogames have taught him that running out of food on your food bar results in death. However misguided he may be, he certainly does enjoy having stamina. Here he is butchering something the guards brought him. The lucky dog managed to get a piece of meat above QL30 from that wolf! With a carving knife! Go him! After inquiring in CA HELP how to avoid food poisoning (how sweet!) he's informed to use his newbie bowl (which I swear was above QL2) to make a breakfast. And after whittling out that he can't use berries, a campfire is started. [18:50:16] You think this may well work when cooked. [18:50:16] Current difficulty:30. What a wonderfully easy breakfast. Once it's cooked, it's QL1.8, weighing in at .9. So, he eats up. And his food bar climbs from 33, all the way to 35 by the time he's finished eating. Oh. Thankfully, he's saved by the canine meat, which does get him all the way to 77 food. Had he not been so fortunate to butcher such meat, when he was averaging around QL10, he'd have been stuck not getting food as fast as he was draining it. Which is a little terrible. The issue appears to be caused by the food code, which is not easily posted here as it's a good few lines, being handled almost entirely by multipliers; so when it gets fed some small numbers like QL2, without an addition to save it, the foods restore very little. The suggestion is thus: put in a small addition to cushion low QL foods in their restoring of food. CCFP doesn't need it. If QL-scaling is decreased to compensate, be careful that this may unintentionally nerf Opulence, if I'm reading the code right. Alternately, make certain foods (breakfast, cooked meat, raw meat?) better at restoring food, but worse at restoring CCFP.
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    I've had occasion to be helped by Shrimpiie in his capacity as GM. I appreciated it at the time, and I still do. I think it should be emphasized, especially to anyone new to Wurm or thinking of joining, that the GM in question is not being reprimanded for his actions as GM. Reading Enki's description of events, Shrimpiie did not in any way abuse or misuse his position as GM. No player was negatively affected by his being a GM. This is not at all a case of a GM acting poorly as GM. Such has been seen in quite a few games, nightmare scenario all players dread... not the case here. Player acted as a player using a player account. Said account is also volunteered as a GM. This brings the added scrutiny of a staff doing their best to keep everything above board. As Captain of the ship, Enki had to cut loose a man who fell overboard for the sake of the ship. In this case, the man fell overboard not due to a failure in his position on the crew, but as a consequence of a personal decision unrelated to his duties. I believe, if anything, my message to any new players or potential players would be to look at this as evidence of the abundance of caution and value this staff places on any whiff of impropriety. I hope Shrimpiie gets the chance to enjoy the game without the extra responsibilities he volunteered for. While I would normally rip a prawn's spine right out, skewer them, and toss them on a glowing hot grill, I think I'll let this shrimp go right about his business. Now who's up for crabs?
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    So Dreadnaught Dynasty had a top secret meeting.... we found a job for Kix to do during the meeting. He was the slave boy that had to fetch Worldtender and Willieman their drinks!
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    A while ago my account was deleted while crossing into Xanadu. It was quite concerning to get the message saying I needed to create an account when I tried to re-log. I was extremely relieved when Keenan worked his magic and brought me back to life. Out of the blue tonight Retrograde pm'd me to drop off some pretty cool compensation as a way of apologizing for my account disappearing back then. Just want to publicly thank the team for going above and beyond expectations by improving customer service to this level, well done!
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    Added a dragon skull with a red lantern inside it to my little office, I thought it look cool, so here it is
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    Currently only the alliance capital is able to check that they're, well, the alliance capital. So I'll propose a change to this, to allow others in the alliance to quickly check which deed is the capital. Best way to do this I think would be to bold the name of the deed in the deed list under manage settlement - info.
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    As the developer in charge of the epic mission structure change, I'm sitting down and taking note of all your suggestions to improve it even further. I really do like the suggestion of Noizhead that it should only look for a certain type of structure per instance though, and will be adding that clause. The practice of "securing" target items with structures on freedom is not intended, and I will be asking the GM team to consider treating it as unfair game play, with final say on the subject left to Enki. Thank you all for caring!
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    Greetings, fellow Wurmians. I'm afraid I'm the bearer of sad tidings for this post. I believe that one of our fellow gamers, Faith Edgerton, has passed from this life. She was my neighbor on Newspring Island on Xanadu, who owned several deeds, and also played for some time on Celebration. She had many alts, and these are just the few I know of: Rysann, Tenbrie, Serthia, Eidetica, Butrani, Rydetica, and Zassie. For the past 2-3 years she has played very little while battling lung cancer and its subsequent treatment. The last email I received from her was dated 31 April 2017, and was very positive, but I never heard from her again. Towards the middle of May I tried looking for her obituary, and unfortunately found one that matches all of the information I learned from her during our in-game chats and emails. I apologize for waiting so long to make this post, but I guess I wasn't ready to admit it could really be her. Although I didn't know her well, I enjoyed our short chats when she was able to play. She really enjoyed playing Wurm, and all the friends she made here. I would personally like to thank all those who helped with the upkeep of her deeds on Xanadu; your support and generosity was truly inspiring. Here is the link to her memorial page for everyone interested in paying their respects: http://www.bibbveach.com/obituaries/Faith-Edgerton/#!/Obituary Alendhor
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    Since we can make an empty almanac and write on paper was thinking about the addition of just normal empty books that we can write in for notes, stories, treasure hunts, etc. Same concept as almanac, but make the book so we can title it (rename) and then put paper in it to write on. Would give little more worth to paper making skill also. Keep the part were we can make folders and we can use that for chapters. Can go even further and let us put books in a bookcase. How about if you have very high paper making skill (80+) then can copy books.
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    I'll just climb up there and solo it, it's fine.
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    Stop and wave to every new player you meet, because you don't know who may be lonely and dying for someone to talk to. Just over this past week I've befriended two players who confided that they had no one to talk to or keep them company in-game. They were surprised and overjoyed when I waved to them first and then even engaged with them. One is a disabled player, for example. On a server that's fairly populous. Not sure if every MMO out there has this problem. My gut says "no".
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    Shrimp's impalong last winter was a blast. Everyone who came over enjoyed the place, the atmosphere, the fun, the great community spirit. Everyone was treated with respect, everyone was looked after, everyone got a bite of food, a joke, a smile, a cheer up, a bed to sleep, a glorious death in the arena. He worked almost alone (or with his one and only villager) for about half a year, redesigned the entire deed, spent countless hours late in the night, sometimes falling asleep on his keyboard, to make that place as welcoming as possible for everyone who attended the event. That deserves gratitude, at the very least. None of those hosting impalongs over the years did it for personal gain, none got rich from them, none bought a scale set from the awesome sales they had, none could afford to open a bank account in Cayman Islands when the events were over.
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    This Independence Day, for those of you that are American like I am, please read this and take time to think about what I am about to say. It seems that 'traditionally' people go out and buy fireworks and firecrackers for this time of year and enjoy setting them off in their driveways or back yards during the week leading up to and a couple weeks after the 4th of July. I don't want to put a damper on your fun, I used to be the same way growing up. However, before you set off those fireworks/firecrackers in your yard this year, please stop to think of those neighbors that might be combat veterans. Most won't say a word about this, but speaking from personal experience hearing people light explosive things near your house is nerve wracking and will likely send those veterans either into hiding for a few weeks or just simply make their lives hell for those few weeks. I myself am a combat veteran and I dread this 3 week period every year. I understand that everyone wants to enjoy themselves and celebrate the holiday, but if you are willing, please go to a park or something and enjoy yourselves there; maybe have a barbecue as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and enjoy your holiday.
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    I guess that happens when you don't check your basement regularly enough.
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    How about to make half-tile triangle foundation? So that people can add some more curves to their buildings? Also being able to place two such foundations in one tile for more room shapes and roof towers. Another option is to make one-way sloped roofs and a way to pick their direction. So you can make medival style buildings near the wall.
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    These mission structures are a good example of what becomes of importing pvp/epic concepts into the PvE servers, that being trouble and needless restrictions. Missions should be changed and tailored for the PvE/pvp servers individually. Wurmhole made a good suggestion to change the function of these mission structures into merely decorations on the PvE servers and come up with more fitting missions for the PvE servers instead. =Ayes=
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    I think any plans for Epic are probably flogging a dead cluster at this point, the playerbase is generally in the 10-20 range evey single day, and that's the entire cluster, I recently spent a number of hours as the only player on Serenity, ([17:23:22] No other players are online on Serenity (458 totally in Wurm).). The population has passed the point of no return at present, and any efforts to raise the population will indeed have an effect, for a while, but bfore long it'll once more descend to the levels we see now, the new affliction server revived numbers for a time, but those fell off again, the new elevation maps did the same, for a while, yet her we are again. The blame has been placed at many doors, problems with pvp balance, path of insanity, and so on, but adding more content and rebalancing pvp will only delay the inevitable, Epic has stagnated, the home servers are generally deserted most of the time, with one or two players at most on each of them, and a handful on Elevation. Serenity is a ghost town, the few deeds that are left are pretty much deserted apart from maybe a couple of logons per day, it's overrun with uniques and valrei mobs, new players stand almost no chance outside the starter town, the few who have visited of late have logged off never to be seen again, some last more than a week, most last little more than an hour or two, it's pretty accurate to say that Epic died a while ago, it's on life support now, and I honestly don't see any improvement to the quality of the game that will improve the quality of life of new players, because they're almost always cut off from the start, unable to see anyone in local, and frankly unless there's anyone close to the starter towns I can only imagine they assume no one at all is on, I certainly would if I saw local empty, no chat at all and nothing but abandoned and decaying buildings almost everywhere, as far as the client can render. Frankly it's dire, and a little depressing, as a player who was there on day one, and saw how vibrant and lively the server was in it's heyday, to the dead corpse that's slowly decomposing before my eyes.... A merge is not happening, that much has been made abundantly clear, and repeated often enough to simply not even mention it anymore, it's not happening. I'll wait for the changes, see how long the revival lasts, the creature changes I've seen so far are interesting, but the sheer numbers of Valrei creatures all over Serenity make it less fun than it could be, we're not all uber fighters, regardless of the perception that extra skillgain and the effective skill curve make life easier on Epic, it actually doesn't, apart from the early stages, after a while you're actually fighting with effective skill in order to make real skill gains, it's not a rush to 99 in everything, some of it is painfully slow. especially when you're a non-grinder slowcoach like me, who prefers doing stuff rather than sitting in a cave somewher making golves for weeks on end to get 90 tailoring... So yes, a fix would be nice, but I'm losing the will to log on again, even as I spend more time on Epic than my 'day job' on Freedom, but all I'm doing most days is lacklustre damage control...
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    Valrei and combat reworks aren't going to save epic. You're kidding yourself if you think that.
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    @Retrograde"I don't need to proof read your posts anymore, Keenan."
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    A post was made a couple years ago with a similar suggestion. Being able to "equip" your ship with components, rudder, sails, oars, etc with WoA, much like horse shoes. Difference is, these items would be made by cloth tailors, fine carpenters and ship builders, so it would spread a little love to these professions at the same time. Sails (uses cloth tailoring)- Increases speed by .20% per 10 QL, changes the skin of your sails to the respective kingdom/PMK logos. Number of "sails" slots depends on the boat (1 for sailboat, 2 for large boats, 3 for caravels perhaps). WoA enhances this effect. Rudder (uses fine carpentry)- Allows for 1% tighter turn radius per 10 QL. This effect is doubled when the Vynora's Hand spell is casted on it (which requires the item to be 70 QL or higher). WoA does not enhance this effect. Oars (uses shipbuilding)- Increases the speed in low wind speeds by 3% per 10 QL. Further benefits from Wind of Ages casts
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    @Warlanderurged me to write yet once more, He's holding me to an oath I once swore. I promised to write a poem each week, Until I'd receive the mirror I seek. Now @Retrogradealready told me "some time", But figures that asking again is no crime. My sweet golden mirror, I call out to you, Whatever it takes, I will see this through. P.S. With Love for Retro and Warly who put up with me on a daily basis :*
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    Cave bridges are awesome! (C) Iamyourfather from Sklotopolis. http://sklotopolis.freeforums.net/thread/2131/shots-new-cave-bridge?page=1&scrollTo=11787
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    Hell just name your forge Wilson and you will not feel lonely.
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    The whole point of DNPA was to provide new players with some orientation, a little help getting themselves started on servers which can be attacked at almost any time. This, in my opinion, became even more important when new, non premium players joined the server and saw no one in local, due to the anti-spy measures which means non premiums have no idea who's in local at all. This isn't to say that DNPA couldn't or shouldn't have been attacked, it's part of a PvP server, on a PvP cluster, no one is supposed to be completely safe outside Strongbox, nor am I saying that it should have been exempt from draining, as part of the spoils of a PvP raid. I don't blame Rakki for taking advantage of a very low population to pop over and drain a deed or two, it's probably easier to do with no one online to defend... I'm just saddened at the fall of a deed that did so much to try to make new players welcome, teach and inform, help and support, it produced 2 fine CA's and encouraged another to become one as well, all because the ethos of DNPA was that it wasn't about the glory of DNPA, but about the people who made Serenity a large and vibrant community in it's earliest years, it was about helping and encouraging others to play Wurm in a PvP setting. DNPA's decline is Epic's decline, it's a symptom of the issues facing Epic at present, with population so low that today I was the only player on the whole server for three hours, and only 12 on the whole cluster, (The only time I've ever seen the 'no other players are on Serenity' message when using /who). At this point I'm almost ready to give up myself, but I can't, I was one of the first on the server way back when it all began, I'll be one of the last off it if I can help it. I've seen people advise consolidation, banding together to defend at least one well built deed, but frankly, at the moment there's more uniques than players, even if we all lived in one big deed we're all from so many differnig time zones that the same situation could happen again due to low, or zero population. I honestly hope this is rock bottom for Epic, because at the moment it's looking pretty bleak most days, and it'll be a sad day when Jahpeople finally logs off for the last time ...
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    Hmm weird forum bug, can't see all the comments. Anybody else having this issue?
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    Actively promoting and aiding in metagaming activity should never be allowed as part of Wurm, let alone a GM and the lead forum moderator. People such as himself should have better morals. This was a well justified response by Enki, but i think it should be left at that.
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    When I started playing Wurm, more than a few years ago, we collided with trees, we used trees to rest on to regain stamina, tree collision was actually useful, as well as being more immersive. Tree collision vanished during one of my breaks, and it was a complete surprise to me when I tried climbing a mountainside, and went to rest on a handy olive tree, probably one of the best choices at that time... Imagine my surprise, and horror when I slid right through it ... Well, I was told at the time it was temporary, and that one day it would be the case that I'd have to be more careful when running, riding or indeed driving thriough forests once more, there's a reason why older players hate olive forests, they used to be death traps, because players could find themselves trapped in alleys of olives, in mazes of dead ends and impassable ranks of thick, solid olive trees, while the spiders, trolls and other assorted nastiness clipped right through them... But despite dying in olive forests, and searching in vain for my corpse, only to die again, I still miss that realism, it adds to Wurm, to run screaming through the trees, bouncing off trunks as the trolls close in, we can ride right through those ghost trees we have now, it lessens the experience for me, and makes olive forests a mere visual inconvenience, not a terrifyingly creepy area best avoided if possible. We're risking to much molly-coddling without the dangers that our environment should have. My only request, if we're getting tree collisions back, can we please also have mobs subject to the same problems we have? They shouldn't come sneaking, ghostlike through the very trees we cannot pass.
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    Well, it seems this is my 1000th post.... wow, how posts fly To celebrate the occasion, let me tell you a story... Once upon a time, seven long years ago A friend dragged me to a game he wanted to show. I saw the game's name and laughed a lot At that wormy name it's got. I spent a few days with Java at war And getting this game felt quite like a chore. However, the young silly me then found out What dealing with Java was all about: I uninstalled, reinstalled, tweaked here and there, Until finally I managed to smell fresh Wurm air! Oh dear, I just started, am already lost! Well, what a nice game in which I was tossed! I finally learned I had wood to gather, The task was to light fires, rather. Eventually I made it through Cutting, Climbing, then I knew: This game was hell, it closed the chains, I now had Wurmian blood in my veins! I started with cooking, I made stew and meals And started with hunting, head over heels. Of course I died quickly and often at that, But finally managed to slay a wild cat! The awe, the joy, the pride I felt Was really funny for just a pelt. It was the beginning of a beautiful phase, At that time I knew I'd keep my old Wurmian ways. Well, time quickly passed and I lost my game, Forgot where I was, even forgot my char's name! But months went by and Wurm was recalled And again with this game I was quickly enthralled. I started alone and brought some friends But the atmosphere there got quite quickly tense. The curse of a female gamer is real, Too many people at one's heel! As time then went on and I quit once more Warband and Guild Wars just felt like a chore. I knew it was time to return yet again I knew that Wurm called me, it pulled the chain. Once again I came back, was active at last PMK in the works, I was having a blast! Was hired for PRA back then too, Funny enough we didn't have a clue what to do. When things went so well, life struck me hard With illness, with hardship I was bombard' And Wurm again suffered, I left with no word Say bye to Yldrania's Wurm life, the third. Well, just a year later things improved For PRA once again I was approved. I started my Wurm life again in December, That awesome excitement I still remember! I'm back now with projects larger than ever And hope that this time I'll be able to Wurm forever. I'm board mod now, and feel sort of smarter With lessons learned from Retro and Firestarter. The 1000th post seems like an anniversary Let's hope it is precursory For many happy Wurmian years And few disappointments and shed tears. I know it is you guys responsible though, For making my Wurm life this awesome, so I thank all of you for friendship and trade, One thing is certain: You all have my blade! Thanks for an awesome couple of years, Wurmians
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    Keep oaks the way they are. I am assuming the smaller olive and chestnut trees is to prepare for reintroducing tree collisions. Oaks never had an issue since they kill all the trees around them leaving space to walk around. I love my huge oak tree!
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    We've enabled two-factor authentication. Click your profile at the top, then Account Settings. On the left you will see Account Security. When you click, you will need to enter your password and then you will have the option to enable two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator. You will be prompted to scan a QR Code with the authenticator app and input a code from the app to finish the setup. Note: The forums do not always ask for this code on login. It does it in suspicious situations to help safeguard your account.
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    It would be nice to have saddle bags to store items in.
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    With 1.3 there was a bug with repeatedly crossing leading to accounts being stuck and the GV server thinking they didnt exist. all accounts affected were restored within the day, keenan was exceptionally efficient at that. From that the recipe information was lost on each account, this was not able to be recovered, thus the gift as compensation. This does not occur anymore, and only affected a tiny amount of players, I'll be reaching out to those I havent yet over the weekend
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    This is more to drive Nadroj insane. There is no official response here. Rarity tweaks are above my pay grade.