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    I'm dreaming of a White Dragon Just like the ones I used to know Where the tree tops glisten And children listen To hear slaying at N13 I said, I'm dreaming of a White Dragon With every Dragon blood of blacksmithing May your days be merry and bright So long as you arrive on time Edit: I was gonna sing this whole post, but turns out i'm tone deaf and mixing in much-needed instruments was gonna be a bit much, but there's a link to my attempt anyway
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    [23:49:32] You have just received the title 'Damage Control'! it's ogre, 100 repair is finally done. no skill tick since I didn't get one to say I reached 100 in skill tab, no idea why not in the time it took me to reach 100 repair, I got 5 affinities in the skill, and even managed to roll the 5th rank affinity roll twice, much to the confusion of staff members (no 6th affinity in repair sadly) I also beat @PandyLynnto 100 skill, so idk that feels neat time for 100 milling next
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    Every response seems to indicate "no worries everything will be fine," yet there appears to be no substance to any of it. How much is "little to no" moon metal? Because in terms of seryll rings, a single 1kg lump provides a lot of seryll rings. Give some actual numbers here instead of a vague, meaningless amount. Beyond that, the statement "little to no" is misleading or false itself since it's impossible for there to be "no" moon metal. The correct statement, if true, is "there is little moonmetal on the northern isles." Yeah? What's this "LOT" going on? Because we haven't heard anything for months and haven't gotten any significant content since it launched on steam half a year ago. If you are working on combat, why are we not hearing anything about it? Where did VI every 2 weeks go, showing off upcoming features? If there's actual work being done, show it in progress. Give updates on what's happening. This whole "oh we can't talk about it because it's not done yet" mindset is absolute garbage and causing people to leave the game thinking it's no longer getting content. Myself included. This feels like a massive deception to get people to pay sub with empty promises. Really? They're "growing very organically?" Do you have some data for that? Everything that's public seems to imply that it's declining very organically, back to the few hundred total players that have been playing the game since the very start. I'd love to see the counter argument for how the game is growing right now. Is there some metric that we cannot see that shows growth? If so, please share. Monthly? The last patch was November 9th and today is December 17th. What this might look to you is that there's other work going on behind the scenes. What this looks like to the players is that nothing is happening for an entire month. It doesn't feel that way. The only significant changes since the start of the Northern Freedom Isles to now has been the pending favor rework (a few days of development), the halloween event (a week or so of development), changes to Defiance such as supply depots and HotA rework (a few weeks of development), and the migration to a new server host (unknown time). If there's multiple paid developers working on the game, what have they been working on? With such a huge influx of players from the Steam launch, why does it feel like development pace has slowed down instead? It's time to drop this nonsense "work behind the scenes and show nothing until it's done" mentality, because the gaming industry has moved far past that. As a result, all the players who tried the game during the Steam launch are moving far past this game. If you're working on something, tell us about it, give us details, and actually settle concerns instead of continuing to provide false promises.
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    To attempt a visual explanation of why people are mad.. Here is the current comparison between the old imbue and previous imbues. People don't have an issue with 1-80. People have an issue with 80+. What you need is a function that works better than the old imbues at early levels, but worse at higher levels. One already exists that could accomplish this goal. The epic curve. This isn't perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than what was put out there. Beyond that, if you had actually taken the months of time to actually consider your options and spent even a single day crunching numbers to figure out the math you wanted, you could have come up with a function to easily match whatever you were actually looking to achieve instead of the released linear progression which is just a slap in the face to everyone. Some examples using the method f(x) = ((x/100)^b)*100 where x is skill and b is a value to determine the strength of the curve. This function is outrageously simple. Divide by 100 to get a value less than 1, power to a variable 0-1 to get a higher value that remains less than 1, then multiply by 100 again. This took mere minutes to think of. To me, the function b = 0.5 is very similar to the progression by the new formula, but offers better results towards the end. Here they are overlayed: Now this isn't perfect, but this at least allows 80QL veins to offer 90QL ores. The results towards the end are roughly doubled and offer about a 50% increase towards 100 instead of the existing 25%. Meanwhile, it doesn't break the game and allow people with 20 skill to mine 60QL ores in the event of a linear function. Its most potent application grants +25QL at early points in the progression. TLDR: The new formula is overly simplistic and does not actually solve the problems properly. Instead, it's an underhanded mega-nerf at those who have invested in imbues in the past and spent their time grinding their skills to make the most use of them. Meanwhile, the people who benefit the most from the new formula are those at early skill levels who, quite frankly, don't have imbues in the first place.
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    This Boxing Day it's time for us to box boxed Boxer to claim Boxer's Boxer. Boxer is boxed at N12, boxed boxing deed is called I Deed It Again, which is also where we'll releasing him from his box to box him. As for when Boxer will be unboxed into the pen box for boxing, refer to this time. Boxer's Boxer will not be the only thing rolled; all of Boxer's boxed goodies that we box outta him will be boxed up and rolled. Be early, or you'll be box outta luck! EDIT: FIXED TIMER
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    Come on down to the Black Hatchling's Bounce House! Come on down to Oops I Did It Again at K15 where, thanks to an assortment of Britney Spears themed stuff, you too can have her songs play in your head over and over even as you try to sleep! Extra bonus since this will probably cause Fabricant to have to play some MIDI Britney Spears songs too! We will be opening the Super Safe Bounce House at around this time: Remember to bring a tent for safety, and for even more safety, get there early! As ever, everything will be rolled! And look, for once I remembered a map!
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    Impromptu Christmas dinner with Bunnbunnnn, Chefpeewee, Drogos, Tuxi, Madnath and the horse version of Madnath. We had some delicious Christmas cake and horse Madnath had some freshly foraged rice.
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    Last time you said they were mostly part-time contracted, as in the game has no active, daily developers that work on the game consistently- nobody is paid fulltime. This much is obvious since different developers seem to focus on very specific things and corners of the game, and the game is updated at a glacial pace- something that wasn't true in the past back when the game had legitimate full-time workers, and constant new updates that usually brought in new content. A pace of one update per month of which the update might not even add new content and be mostly bugfixes is utterly unacceptable. I hate to sound entitled here but there is no way a game that needs so much work to be appealing to the broader audience like wurm is going to get any better from a pace like that- especially on the pvp side of things where critical changes are needed ASAP since the steam launch barely tweaked anything in the inherently flawed pvp setup. Since not everyone else has seen the thread, I want to bring this post to spotlight. Sindusk, an ex-dev of this game, singlehandedly revamped the entirety of the combat system in a pretty interesting and unique way, over the course of less than three weeks. Not everyone knows how combat works, but he completely re-did the flow of how things are calculated, removed CR as a stat (CR is literally the main stat in combat that determines so many things it's basically half of combat itself). A single dedicated developer can do this; and while I don't think it's fair to place the expectations on the dev team- the fact is that since the steam launch, this game has gotten no significant overhauls or upgrades despite several areas of the game desperately needing one, and the announcements for future ones have been vague and scarce of most details- which i can only assume is a result of a system that has not been fully explored, thought out, and much less even started. I don't blame the developers for this because I understand that almost all of you work a real job in addition to your wurm job (dark in particular, brave lad)- this is why my criticism has narrowed itself down from "the devs are bad" to "management is bad because there aren't any dedicated fulltime devs". It's also not easy deciding what to do either, but indecision and refusal to take the game with a solid grip and lead it forward has caused too many issues By this, i'm specifically referring to the hesitation on the dev's side to shut down old servers (and im not even talking about chaos here, but elevation in specific; though something needs to be done about chaos too). That's not to say you guys have been completely blame free of things (nor am i saying the community is either; i wouldn't want to mess with the bundle of idiots that is the pvp community either hahaha, like i said dark is a brave lad). I think as a devs (and you in specific, retro,) your biggest failings are communication. To clarify what I mean, i'll use the links/channeling/sacrifice stuff as example. Links were abruptly and suddenly nerfed after literally decades of them being the go-to method to train channeling. I want to stress that I don't disagree with then nerf; I think it was stupid that you could buy alts to make grinding faster. The problem here is that this method was essentially THE main way for all priests to grind; I refuse to believe the developers didn't know this unless none of them ever have grinded up channeling as a skill to 60/70+. It was the standard practice for SFI, for the entire Epic cluster, and it was the same in NFI. The mistake here was not releasing this change as part of launching the server, as now many people were left with useless alts they no longer needed, and players were punished for not even knowing what they were doing was wrong. However, during this fiasco there was mention of an exploit- and the entire community went crazy because they thought people were bug abusing to hit 90 channeling. Which wasn't the case, at all. The bug was there but few (if any) people were caught using it, and nobody had grinding to any particularly weird outlier of channeling by that time. But all this time, while the forums were raging and discord was active, nobody said a damned word to clarify the situation. Retro is specific literally would post in these threads to clarify OTHER issues, but never make a declaring statement until weeks after the issue had began to die down that there was no conclusive evidence anyone abused the bug to hit extremely high channeling. I can't fathom why this would happen; I had to ping him on discord just to pry the information out of him, and then myself try to clarify the issue to people who were screaming around. Then, the sacrifice change came around - I particularly like this one since I think the sacrifice change idea almost completely came from a suggestion I talked with Ost about on discord (which makes me wonder how often suggestion threads are even looked at compared to people on discord, but w/e). Ost made an attempt to have a good discussion about it all, which I very much appreciate- but I feel like the way this situation ended went poorly. There wasn't much 'discussion' with the devs as much as there was 'telling your concerns to the devs', after which the curtain was called and the devs said "Thanks for your complaints, we'll try to factor them into the change when we release it"- a big thing was that many people didn't want the change at all, and yet no reason for why they would proceed to go along with it was mentioned. This was the correct decision to make given how good the system turned out after the patch for it, but the flaw is mainly the complete lack of communication regarding decisionmaking. As a side complain; I hate how long it took for the changes to be implemented despite the fact that the changes were announced basically the same day the initial rework was released- why did it take so long to make such minor changes? Is it because the devs want to focus on monthly changes rather than spotty smaller ones? Is it because they stumbled into issues? Who knows- just explain!! Also because i'd love to @Madnath- how about that entire fatigue system eh? I could keep going on and on, because I frankly love this game and the amount of issues it has frustrates me to no end- especially those made by the staff because they could be fixed so easily- but i'm petered out. I'm still here months after basically quitting this game because I still deeply wish this game was better (and i think the same goes for everyone else out there who barely logs in but still talks to the community). I can't say 'hope', because at this point I don't have much hope, but damn do I want to be proven wrong. If I had to boil down my suggestions from this word wall, here's the takeway 1. Hire a fulltime, paid developer who manages the game and consistently works on churning out updates. These updates don't need to be massive, they can be QoL too (like come on how hard is this to implement? it'd make such a nice difference and take zero effort). As long as it reminds us that hey, yeah devs are working on this game and breathing life into it. 2. Re-manage your community skills. Organize things better, and try to give a sense of periodic deadlines; Alongside 1, you could change your dev patterns a bit. You could try and release a major patch once per month (major meaning tweaking subsystems, small additions and changes- perfect for 'reworking' old systems that direly need a rework such as combat, meditation and religion). with one or two small patches between (of which can be nothing but bugfixes if people truly want). You could organize a trello to publically track what you're looking at changing and provide insight into how things are going internally. 3. Develop a more solid vision for the game. One of the flaws I think with overall changes in this game is that there is no consistency in what this game should 'feel' like to play in the long run. There's no vision for how pvp should work (instead we just try new iterations constantly of old, broken down systems), and there's not much of a vision for PvE besides trying to establish a sense of community (which is good, but that won't bring in many new players). 3. FOCUS ON THE NEW PLAYER EXPERIENCE. Too much of this game's feedback comes from veterans who are used to broken down systems and bugs as part of their daily wurm gameplay. Create polls asking for feedback, encourage new players to sign up on the forums for small benefits and create more events to encourage new players to interact with both new and old servers, as well as pvp servers. All of the recent events have focused on SFI which feels extremely backwards. And then, AFTER all of all that- after you organize yourselves and focus on fixing the fundamental issues of this game, then begin to reach out, market, and advertise.
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    There are a whole bunch of threads asking for various new decor items and me, personally, I'd love to see them all in game. But, I know there are other priorities right now and making entirely new things takes time and work when there's other work that more urgently needs doing. Middle ground solution: pretty pretty please let us use beeswax to render an item functionally useless but without/with drastically reduced decay when on deed. Converting the item in this way prevents the mechanic being used as an exploit to get around decay on items, but means that we can make better/any use of some of the beautiful models the art team have created for us that never get seen. For example: A couple of bales of waxed wheat can sit in an animal enclosure to make it look more farm-like A waxed fruit pie can adorn a dining table as a centrepiece without vanishing in a couple of days Archaeology finds in nice metals that will never be used can be waxed and put on display in a museum Your very first weapon that you have a sentimental attachment to but will never use again can sit pride of place in your house A fisherman's prized catch can be displayed on a shelf A couple of books can be left by an armchair or on a side table in someone's cosy library A basket (pile) of waxed fruit or vegetables can sit by a farmyard door A marketplace deed can put different items of clothing or jewellery on display on counters and shelves (without needing to go and repair them every month or so) Starter towns and newbie recruiting villages can be decorated in such a way that makes them look vibrant and alive and full of the possibilities of Wurm with examples of some of the systems and items that so rarely get 'seen' - like cooking, fishing, archaeology, even basic tools that you don't know exist til you make them or discover them, and so on and so on. The effort and resources required to wax items should mean that it isn't so overused it creates a clutter problem for the server, it would give additional uses to beehives which are woefully underused, it would present a lot of legitimate new decor options for people who like to decorate without requiring a heavy load (or any load) of work for the art team to create new models and it would finally allow us to make good use of all the hard work already gone into making models of items than never get placed anywhere, in practice, because of decay.
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    Pictures from the shoutbox - Guess who (@votip) End of a year And wow, what a year 2020 has been! With all the disruption going on in the world, Wurm has had its own journey, with the removal of RMT, account trading, and finally, launching on Steam! We've got some things in the works before the year is out, so let's get on with sharing it! Christmas time is giving time! The tradition continues with our Christmas gifts, with the main one being a - wow, almost had me spill it! You’ll have to check what it is come gift-giving time. That said, we know Northern Freedom Isles have missed out on all the previous years so we are including a special gift pack that will contain a random gift from years prior being given to all players on both Northern Isles and Southern Isles! Note: these gifts require the player to be premium to receive. The vintage gift pack is received when the Christmas gift is opened. You can also celebrate the silly season with our special Candy Cane short sword as this months Marks store skin! Hercules in New Haven Rifts in the Northern Isles After Christmas, we'll be introducing Rifts to Northern Freedom Isles! For a full rundown of Rifts, check out this wiki link here: We'll also be using this update to introduce runes, source, and allow imbues to be mixed and imbued on items following their rework: Reworking the imbues and runes. Previously, imbues and runes gave a massive boost to the top end of effective skill, allowing resulting items to be far greater quality than your skill. With this rework, we aim to keep some of that ability to exceed your maximum skill, but the focus is on increasing the minimum quality output, meaning it is far more effective at lower levels, while at higher levels skill is far more rewarding. This will apply to both the Northern Freedom Isles and Southern Freedom Isles. Rifts, Runes and Imbues will return on our patch on 29th December. Fighting Fit One of our first goals on the roadmap was addressing the combat system, and reworking it to make it a little more interactive and rewarding. This work is ongoing, with plans for public testing in January but for now, here's a little teaser. The goal is to encourage attacking undefended areas while actively defending areas being targetted. This will also include an update to auto fight which will handle most of this aspect if you so wish to, albeit a little less effectively. Special attacks are being buffed and reworked to be more rewarding in PvE combat as well as more useful in PvP combat. We are increasing the amount of visual feedback through creature status and in-game effects, aimed at reducing reliance on the combat log. Stay tuned for the new year when we announce public testing, both PvP and PvE! Biting Bugs! Some more news behind the scenes is the addition of Willow as our QA lead! She will be tackling bug reports, patch testing, and other various aspects to do with all things buggy and testing. Feeling Fatigued There's been an ongoing discussion around fatigue, and we know that it is a cause of annoyance for players who hit that wall. We want you to know that we are listening, and while we haven't decided on a full decision, we are discussing possible changes. News from the shoutbox: Somehow I don’t think Libila wants the competition... If you want to contribute your news, comments, or fan art, submit it to our shoutbox here! That’s it from us this week, I hope you all have a safe and happy festive season, keep an eye out for Christmas Critters across the lands, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    There's no secret that the population of the NFI is on a constant and rather step decline, caused mostly by the abysmal retention among new and casual players. And that's mostly because both devs and veteran players are rather disconnect from the realities of the life of a new and casual player. Now, obviously, I don't have the arrogance to pretend that I can speak for all new or casual players, but being a steam summer kid myself, I can definitely talk about the challenges and struggled that I have encountered. F2P trap That's a struggle I haven't encountered personally, because I realized from the very early on that, although money are always tight when you're a high school student working part time, time can be even a scarcer commodity. But I have to say that I saw more than a fair share of people quitting in frustration over this and not only that, but they also gave a bad publicity to the game in the process (check steam reviews and you'll see that this is one of the most common problems). I know that it is possible to earn enough coins to finance your game expenses and I even met a few people that manage to finance large deeds and multiple characters this way. But while it is definitely possible for high skilled and experienced people who know what they're doing and who amass very large play times, it is close to impossible for a new and casual player that is just starting the game. Yet, the game is advertised in such a way that it lets the people think that it is possible, which makes it feel almost like a scam when they realized it really isn't the case. What I'd do instead would be to try to have a much more transparent approach about the F2P limitations and focus on the fact that the game can actually be very cheap to play with premium cost potentially going to less than 6 bucks a month. Really, just be honest about it. Wurm is not F2P game, but a subscription based game, with a F2P demo. In this regards, Wurm is exactly like WoW - it has a unlimited time demo, capped at a relative low level, and it also allows you to pay your subscription with ingame currency via wow tokens. Yet I never ever heard Blizzard advertise WoW as a F2P game, because, honestly it isn't one. Just like Wurm isn't one. Time spent which chores (maintenance) From very early on, I started to categorize all my actions as either projects or chores. And the truth is that while projects are generally fun because they offer you a sense of accomplishment, the chores are boring and tedious and they can generate a lot of frustration. Now, if you're someone playing four, six or even eight hours a day, that is not a huge issue because the chores end up taking a relatively small percentage of your playtime - you spend an hour when you log in tending your fields, grooming your horses, milking your cows, sheering your sheeps, preparing meals and repairing the odd things that took some damage over night then you can move on with your projects (grinding, building, terraforming or whatever). And in the few days when I was able to play over four hours a day it really didn't felt that bad. On the other hand, if you're a casual player playing one, maximum two hours per day, you can easily end up seeing how most of your time is wasted with all these chores and you're left with almost no time for projects, logging out without any sense of progress whatsoever. Sandbox vs themepark I love sandbox games, that gives you the freedom to choose your own patch, but in Wurm's case I really feel that the new players are left in a complete fog. I mean there are quite a few tutorials covering one's first few days in game and the progress during those days seems almost obvious... get access to clay and iron, terraform a little piece of land, make yourself a small house, get an animal or two, find a source of food (foraging or farming) and water, build a cart or maybe a boat, level your skills a bit (and boy early on they do skill fast), reach some nice milestone (being able to lead a cart, ride a horse, load items, etc). As a side note, in regards to previous point in my list, please note that all these fall under the projects category. And I really think that the devs actually did a rather good job streamlining the brand new player's experience, so the first few days in a new player's life are actually quite interesting and rewarding, so I personally doubt that the drop rate during those few days / before subscribing / before deeding is (much) higher than in most other MMOs. But, after that, you pretty much hit a wall. Things stop being intuitive. Skills start growing up much slower once you pass level 30. Milestones (like hitting 30 ML to get an extra action or 30 BS to stop being a leacher on dragon fights) seem to be miles away (pun intended). Chores start to demand a bigger and bigger share of your time. And you generally start having the feel that you're completely lost, that you're moving in circles and that you're making no meaningful progress whatsoever. Theoretically, missions and journal goals should help with this, but they're so random and they lack even the most remote notion of synergy, that they actually don't help at all. If you manage to push through this phase, things eventually start to get better once you move past level 50 in some/most skills, not only because at that point things start to get easier, but also because you manage to better understand how things work out, so you can eventually feel that you're making progresses once again. But the problem is that this phase could last quite a lot when you're a casual player, who's only able too put only one or two hours a day (and I know it, because I'm still there despite almost reaching 20 days of /playtime). And I'm almost willing to bet that most new and/or casual players that quit, quit during this phase (when their main skills are between 30 and 50). And, to be honest, I have to admit that this phase was the one that almost got me too (and I'm not entirely out of the woods yet). Needing a major in WURM to understand it I don't mind the steep learning curve and the fact that one must befriend Wurmpedia from her early days, and I honestly think that it's fair for the people that take the time to optimize their actions and play the min-max game to have the edge over the over players. But when mechanics are so circumvoluted that you have to do completely counterintuitive things, many times not even mentioned in Wurmpedia, but known only by veterans, people using third party tools (like grinder) or, even worse, people that reverse engineered WU code, then I really think that it stops feeling right. Like (and that's a very basic example) I wouldn't mind if people using the right rock type and the right pickaxe ql would get a 10%, 20% or even 50% bonus to their skill gains. But when if you mine marble at 10 skill or iron at 70 skill (just because you need them) you gain (almost) no skill gain, things stop feeling right. Like, honestly, a casual player's approach is pretty much that they should be able to do what they want to do and expect that their skills will eventually (slowly) grow over time. The problem is that in many cases they're effectively put on a halt because they didn't picked the right rock or crops type or because they didn't matched their tool QL with their action difficulty. The community Finally the community. It is marketed as one of the strongest assets of Wurm. And, up to a point, it really is a nice community, much more mature and less toxic than many other communities (not saying there are no bad apples, but they're much more rare than in other places). Yet, while not toxic, it is not very vibrant or helpful either. Actually (and I apologize if this offends any one) it feels like one of the most self centered communities in any of the games that I played, where pretty much everyone (again with a few exceptions) is only focusing on their actions and are hardly interested in what the other people are doing. I had days when I was logged for hours, with 100+ other people on my server, yet complete radio silence on the freedom chat. I had days when I was logged for hours, with 10+ people in my FL online and none of them even messaging me to ask a basic thing like how was my day (and that under the conditions that in a typical day I take care to contact everyone and ask about there whereabouts). In half a year I was never invited to do a group activity (like a group hunt or exploration or whatsoever); the only invitations I ever got was to join or at least visit someone's deed to see what a great job they did (obviously, very few of those people, ever thought on visiting my deed or check what my progress was). In Entropia Universe (which nowadays I only play for a couple of hours per week) on Christmas I sent about 10 gifts and I received abut the same amount; in WURM I also sent about 10 gifts and I received back none. So yeah, my feeling is that the community is far from toxic, but also far from friendly (as least on the public channels - maybe the things are different in the "inner" circles of friends and alliances) and at many times you can feel like you're playing a single player game and you can't stop asking yourself why still play WO and pay a monthly subscription and not stick with WU if you're still playing all by yourself. Later added because of some comments: I am a social player. I founded a rather large local alliance in the early days of Melody, which I only left when I moved out on another area of the map. I tried to found a second alliance (promoting it on forum and server chat). I am always active on my server's chat and I have a fair share of people in my friends list (and even in my discord's list) who I always message and try to talk with. And for most days, I get a reasonable response rate on both server chat and friends PMs. Yet, it hardly happens for things to come from the other people, and I eventually grow tired of trying to make these virtual relations work, when I see that the other people don't put any effort into it. And no, I don't think I have unrealistic expectations or anything, since in most other games that I played, the moment when I was logging in I was having a chain of PMs. I apologize if I offended anyone. It was definitely not my goal. I just wanted to give you the perspective of a new and casual player. I'm neither arrogant or smart enough to say that I have solutions, but I just wanted to let you know what were the problems that I faced, because I got the sense that this is a rather missing feedback. For myself I don't know if I'll be here in the new year or not (still working on my new year resolutions and debating if I should invest more time in Wurm or not), but if I'll quit, it will be for a mix of these reasons...
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    With 99.999 mining and a supreme pick with max imbue and a gathering rune, QL99 tiles are yielding QL99.58 shards. QL98 tiles were maxing out at QL98.91 or so. The practical effects of this change are that QL100 ore no longer exists, and we've gone from the majority of tiles being worthless to almost every single tile being worthless. With imbues and runes like they were, QL75 and higher tiles still had value at the high end because they would yield QL100 ore. With today's update, only the exceedingly rare QL99 ore tiles can yield QL99 ore, resigning everything at QL20-98 to grinding characteristics, grinding the mining skill itself, or mass-produced fodder like iron for ribbons and pans. This also puts all metalworking improving skills in a place where you can't properly grind them to legendary skill. Normal sweetspotting falls off at ~99.99, since you hit a point where QL loss from repair outpaces the miniscule QL gains from improves, but that at least gets you halfway there. With metal going no higher than 99.58, you'll have to swap to slower grinding methods at 99.45 skill. Smithing skills without wooden items to bonk on are going to suck that much more, now. This also means that items like whetstones can't pop out at QL100 anymore. Smiths really got it bad in this update.
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    One can't ignore the surreal challenge and turmoil 2020 has been to each other, family, friends, and humanity across the globe. That said, it is upon us to celebrate the magic and joy of the holiday with even more fervor and intent. Focusing on the beautiful within us to elevate the human experience. May the holidays bring you endless laughter, joy and celebration with those you care about, robust health, and the strength to overcome and live purposefully your best self. May this extend far into the year to follow. With warmth, Bloodscythe
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    Random Religious occasions? Are you serious? This time of year is important to BILLIONS of people, of may different faiths. It is not being forced upon anyone, you are welcome to join in or not. You don't have to have a Christmas tree, but if you want your free gift, then you need one. YOU have the options. I won't even touch on the commercial side of this time of year, as many could make the case that it is more commercial then it is religious. I have a question, can random people who don't agree with something that someone else may believe, just let those people believe in what they wish. It does no harm to you or anyone else. I am so sick of people who don't agree with someone else, wanting to remove those people or the things that are different between them. It is a complete lack of tolerance, which those same people so often preach, but only to show that they are only tolerant of the things that they agree with, not accepting others or the things that they don't agree with. Merry Christmas Everyone!
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    Hear ye, hear ye! As of earlier today, I've refounded the Academy of Enlightenment. A small hint to its predecestor on independence ran by me and Dannyiron from 2009 to 2013 During its 4 years of being around the Academy was home to a several dozen players, many were tought the basics of Wurm in its crude basic form, while some quit, others stuck around becoming long term players of wurm. I have noticed during the past 4 months on Northern Freedom Isles that no such thing as a newb academy exists, or at least that I am fully aware off (correct me if i am wrong). Our goal: Help new players find their way into Wurm and earn their footing, hopefully making them long term players as Wurm notoriously has a steep learning curve and low new player retention percentage. Who am I? Most know me as Elwood from the Southern Freedom Isles, born on Jenn-Kellon home before migrating to independence to join Dannyiron as a elder before eventually moving across the servers throughout the years. I have been a CA myself so I know how important certain aspects are to new players and how to keep their interest in the game. Elder Team: Elwoode Ilyich Quelliz Allies: Genehunt Location: M-16, just off the highway east of Overture How to contact us? Either pm Elwoode ingame, or Elwood2 on the forums, if you cant wait you can head over to our discord server and file in a request and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we are able too. Sponsors: Shout out to Dunsel for providing us with horses! our grattitude cannot be expressed with words! Progression of the deed
  16. 14 points
    We'll be looking at implementing this, provided it doesn't break anything. If there's a better solution for the prayer grind we may adjust, but this is definitely something we'd like to do
  17. 13 points
    Happy New Year, good health and may all of your dreams come true in 2021!
  18. 13 points
    For several years, I have offered new players on Celebration a free weapon of 70ql. This year I'm offering the free weapon of your choice again (to new players living on Celebration) and I'm offering a free set of armor (also 70ql). Post here or look me up in game :). I wish you a great end to the year :).
  19. 13 points
    One more post to say one small thing: One of the things that was said (by you, retro) last time there was a lot of complaining about the lack of communication was that you simply had nothing to communicate. I understand that perspective, but that's not an answer. You aren't just a mouthpiece for the developers to release information- if the community at large is getting antsy about things and you don't know how development progress is going, then it's your imperative to poke a developer to get a gist of where they are in whatever project they have assigned to them. I am specifically referring to the first time Defiance had huge issues with mob spawns (they do again btw, people just gave up on complaining because it takes months to fix). A bunch of us begged for information and got told that you just simply didn't have any information. Then, one of us directly went to a developer and got told it would be fixed in the next patch which was coming in a couple of days. This to me isn't you having a lack of information, it's you not going ahead and trying to get that information to answer complaints with. also, if theres any dev that i think should be modeled after, it's probably darklords. I know the guy works a taxing job and often can't deliver, but he absolutely goes out of his way to try and release the best experience, spends time talking to players about the issues they come across, and himself has experience with the system he's trying to fix. I just think the game demands more than he's able to address with the time he can spare.
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    Outside of wurm I enjoy gardening. I recently ordered a greenhouse and while it's too cold or raining to get that setup, a greenhouse must have racks or benches. I have a two level garage, the upper level has a heated workshop, so perfect for winter woodworking. Using construction brackets for strength and hiding most of it with trim I have built myself a Planter's Rack/Shelf. Stair rails used for posts, I was hoping it makes it look nicer. At this moment it's had wood putty applied to the corners to correct where a few warped board didn't quit fit right and to cover a few counter sunk screws in the side trim. After I'll prime with Killz mold and mildew resistant primer. I'm thinking of painting the posts and trim/edges in white and the inner slats that make the shelves as a dark green. Anyway, undoubtedly a few carpenters around here, so hopefully I don't get judged too harshly (I'm only 64.5 RL Fine Carp SKill). I have crawled on the top and bottom shelves, both hold me with no issue and I'm around 155 pounds. I'd rate it around 200 pound carry weight to be safe, but can't see myself ever loading it down that much. 72in L x 20in W x 35in H This is a running list of images from the project, it'll get updated as I go along. Thanks for reading
  21. 11 points
    In the current game, you have the option to pave a whole tile and it's corners. What if you could hold down control key, and scroll with the mouse to increase, or decrease a grid overlay on that tile, and then pave that sub grid as you like, up to a resolution of 10x10? Releasing the control key would put you back to normal mode, so paving would happen while still holding control down. Material cost would be the same for each paving action independent of its size. This would mean we could make paths and stuff like that without any new graphics needed to be implemented. Just had to share my two cents there on this idea. Edit: For easier implementation, each tile could be a grid of 8x8 "subtiles", when scrolling once, it would be 2x2, scrolling twice, it would be 4x4 and last 8x8. Edit 2: When it comes to graphics, it would not even need to do any scaling, it would just clip out that piece of the tile. This would also result in seamless transitions between them.
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    This is just a game. But real people play it, and what makes this game so incredibly awesome is the people. On these digital lands, we have laughed, cried, run screaming from scary things, gotten lost, rescued each other, killed each other, found dragons and giants, built empires and cabins, forged alliances, built bridges and roads, and woven stories with each other for years. And, like in real life, sometimes something really tragic happens, and we lose players to the death that you can't fix by running to go get your corpse. Those players deserve a place to be remembered. I would like to create that place, but I need your stories and memories. Please pm me with the names of fallen heroes you knew personally, and tell a 5k or less word story about them, so your words can echo across the valleys and oceans, skip like rocks across the lakes, leaving ripples that gently move us all towards moments of remembering those who helped build our world, and are no longer in it. When the page gets built and posted, I will post here and in game to let everyone know where it is. Thank you all. Please pm me with your stories instead of just commenting here so I have them in one place and can get them onto the page.
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    Slaying of the White Woodscrap ..........................Unique............................ Come Along for the Public Slaying of the Unique and sort after creature.... The Woodscrap Elwoode himself found the lurking unique creature with a big supported belief ALL slayings should be made public for the community to enjoy LOCATION: Turn left out of overture and there is a road leading to the location.... looking forward to seeing you all there
  26. 10 points
    can you actually test these things i'm getting blocked by trying to get into my boat from my docks, or on my cart when it's on a slope and kicked off due to the months/years old bugs that never get fixed thanks i'm not sure why you keep adding weird range/distance limitations to embarking on vehicles but it's really annoying, omg someone got on their cart when they were on the floor below oh who ###### cares
  27. 10 points
    So many solutions available to encourage public slayings, many of which have been tried and executed in Wurm Unlimited with success. Yet none of these ideas make their way into Wurm Online. It's a shame, really.
  28. 10 points
    This is my first deed ever "Hilltop Abode" when I used to play wurm before iI never really gave the deed thing a try. But now I own a deed in a beautiful area on Melody and I am enjoying the deed life. I started this deed back in august of this year. Thanks for looking! Below is a collage I made from various progress shots of my deed over the course of a few months. dates are located on bottom right of each picture. *Note* the motto is stunning mountain views
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    The Misty Valleys of Release...
  30. 10 points
    It's that time again! Seems like it has been ages since I antago.. I mean surprised some one with some unexpected fun. Lets see where the Randomizer wants to send me today on the eighty-first of October. (spins the wheel) Ooh, nice... Celebration it is. And it looks like Demonix, Madnath, and Silakka are the targets for this month. They must face 3 random challenges! Challenge #1 A Riddle. A head I have, but no body. I provide a glowing perspective. What am I? Madnath came up with Lamp and is correct! Challenge #2 Waht Starfall are we in? Madnath looked at his wrist sundial and replied with Bear's. Which is correct! Challenge #3 <Madnath> The last time you came here, you dunked a valrei mob on us that we nuked incredibly fast. If you're dropping mobs again.... let's make it a tough one? <Demonix> jeez madnath, just ask him to smite you why dont you <Demonix> DONT YOU GO IN YOUR HOUSE AFTER SAYING THAT! GET BACK HERE! Today's creature them is based on Spielberg's best and most famous works. Round 1 - Wakko! 20 Champion Wakko's entered the field ready to eat everything not nailed down. Madnath was already at half health by the time I finished writing the above sentence. Wakko must have been in need of some more doughnuts because he lacked the energy to finish Madnath off, but I do believe Demonix ended up having to spend a few moments watching their life flash before their eyes. Roud 2 - Yakko! 30 Sly Yakko's entered the fray and .. <Silakka> oh man <Madnath> oh lord <Enki> Let Yacko have a whack <Madnath> this is gonna be rough <Madnath> I wish I kept up shield training now <Silakka> do you regret asking for harder mobs now <Madnath> yes Demonix is the only one close to living while Silakka and Madnath are getting acquainted with death. (It does amuse me watching their health draw down steadily. Gives the scene a nice bit of xmas colors) Dang it! They all survived! Round 3 - Rita and Runt. Well that wasn't very sporting. Runt was of no help to Rita at all. Final Round. Dot was off today so she asked me to find a suitable stand in. The Brain and Pinky were eager to give it a whirl but Pinky only agreed if Pharfignewton could join in. Who was I to argue. <Madnath> oh god NOT NOGUMPS AAAAAAAAA <Silakka> if one of them steals your armor you're gonna instadie lol <Madnath> im about to drop already <Madnath> omfg it took my seryll ring and damaged it <Silakka> rekt The group invited their own private militia (i.e. 1 worg) but with the Brain's leadership the three and their worg were doomed! (so I had hoped) In fact I was very surprised by Pharfignewton's stellar performance! In the middle of the melee I had to leave, much to my dismay, and upon my return I found all three still alive, much to my dismay, and Brain's forces demolished. As Brain and Pinky dusted themselves off and left, I overheard them mention something about planning something for tomorrow night, so I took them off the roster for the next event. Well, it was a valiant effort, Demonix, Madnath, and Silakka won the whole kit and kaboodle. They won a golden statuette of Fo, along with a Raft of Supreme river rafting complete with emergency pumpkin seeds and also a Rare cauldron filled with sea rations! Unfortunately the super rare Shovel of Resurrection was awarded at the Lunalong. With it you can raise the dead and party like its 1099! This has been another Random Enkounter brought to you by the folks at Happy Hills General Mercantile. If you need a plow shear or bolt of cloth delivered quickly, order this month and the folks at Happy Hills General Mercantile will guarantee delivery by next spring or the shipping will not be added to your tab. That's Happy Hills General Mercantile for all your settler needs. Keep an eye on the horizon as the next Random Enkounter will arrive sometime between November fiftieth thru the sixty-first!
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    Those lines of green text are unnecessary when they refer to your own hives on deed. I know where my hives are by now, so it's just adding a bunch of clutter in the event window each time I pass by them. Could it be changed so that text only pops up for wild hives, and domestic hives that are not on a deed? This would make the information more useful, and relieve some clutter from the event window.
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    this plus 5 uniques & a few valrei mobs chasing us all over the map, epic is fun I had to spend a night bugged at the top of the bridges, looking down was terrifying
  34. 9 points
    So just wondering, why did just those two get trampled to mud, but 100ql apples and oats are still a thing. Feels a very politically bribed nerf. There's now a group of people with 5319 crates of 100ql logs and lumps and they will be the sole market suppliers for years to come? I agree that gathering nerf was long time coming, but it should've been like 50% and not down to mud and useless.
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    Chores: When I was a few months into this game, I found myself doing the usual repetitive daily things, tending and replanting crops, grooming horses etc. Most people do - we fall into a routine of repetition. One day, my brother asked me what I was going to do that day, maybe he asked me if I'd like to do something with him or visit somewhere else in Wurm, I don't recall now. I do remember that I responded "I have to do my chores first." My brother gave me some advice, which I've tried to keep in mind since: "If you call it a 'chore', don't do it." he said... "Do something else instead. It's a game." If we do the same thing each day, it needs to be because we personally get something out of repeating our actions. Wurm is such a vast, rich and deep game, it's quite possible to have an unique and surprising experience every day.
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    In many other MMO's, I've loved guestbooks. Seeing as how we have Village message boards, I'm saddened that inn owners do not implement these. Make it public. Add a public bsb or chest with all manner of writing tools. Make your inns feel a tad more alive. Make other travelers feel that others have visited, too. The first one to do this will get a visit from me (just let me know)!
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    Well, the title of this thread is "Merry Christmas". And what do I see? The usual accusations, mud slinging and insults. Really Christmas like. Well done, community! For those of you who think that we should be nice to eachother at least this time of the year Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! Thorin
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    To sum up the reasoning behind this. Imbues are very-lategame pve stuff that is extremely expensive to get to 100 and most players never really cared about them because they costed too much and were far beyond their budget, even in their previously "overpowered" state, now they are going to cost far more, because of total scarcity and everyone "missing" them. So you decide to balance them to be good earlygame and bad in lategame. Yeah, because imbues are totally earlygame stuff. Seriously, who tought of this? Also: We begged you countless times to discuss technical stuff like this with people that actually play the game in a non-casual-player approach, but nope, you did it again. Well done, lol
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    Picture the scene.... You've come back to wurm after a long break. Your deed is gone, everything in it is gone; you friends list is empty, or almost empty; your horses are dead or stolen; your cart is either heavily decayed or gone. You might have a boat lying around, but everything in it rotted away. You've got 20 skill in everything, except stats, and those are capped at 30. You're probably going to die very shortly if you lived somewhere remote, within the first 20 mins of returning usually. Do you stick around? I'm going to guess most people wouldn't; and here I think is a big issue in wurm's design. The re-entry barrier. So, here are a couple of ideas on how to get over this: 1. Give every player a PvE server a free summon corpse good for 1 month after rejoining (granted if a deed you own has dropped after existing for more than 2 months, and if you have been inactive for over a month) and no death penalty during the first 24 hours of logging in after a period of inactivity. 2. 24 hours of free premium time if the account has been inactive for over 2 months 3. Link skillcap to amount of premium paid in the past. +1 to the cap for every 1 month of premium a player has paid. These three ideas are quick and easy fixes for long-term absence. (3) also rewards long term subscribers.
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    Since "rewarding people for grinding super high" and preventing grinding past 75 being wasted effort is the hot topic of the month with the imbue discussion, can we remove this archaic system and instead have <-100 and >100 rolls instead just cap to -100 and 100 instead of rerolling, as these features make grinding any skill that doesn't cap max ql to skill level and deals in <20 difficulty actions, mainly creation skills, past 75 and especially past 90 almost worthless. Skills like metallurgy coalmaking locksmithing etc are hit especially hard by this weird mechanic, grinding from 70 to 99 coalmaking for example only increases your average coal pile ql from 70 to 76 when using 90ql mats, talk about a waste of time lmao
  42. 8 points
    I have dropped grinding coal making when realized that there is absolutely no point to raise it above 80. It is a longer lasting imbalance than imbues and even more a discouraging system.
  43. 8 points
    Pretty much what it says. Have higher faith increase prayer difficulty. The way things currently work is just insane and pointless.
  44. 8 points
    I propose an amendment to the formula presented, based on the following ideas: The old system of imbues was very broken, and vastly rewarded players around 80 skill, offered little to players at low skill, and removed a lot of incentive to grind higher. The new system is intended to give a lot more function to low skill players. The new system is intended to remain rewarding for high skill players. What I see when I look at this imbue line is, however, very little function for high skill players, especially at the extreme high-end. In fact, especially with stone and veins capped at 99QL, some players feel punished for this change, with those at 99+ mining no longer able to mine at their skill level. This is most exemplified when you look at what happens at 100QL gathering - there is no bonus. While this may seem redundant, since gathering caps at QL100, it indicates a formula that has nothing to offer to people at that skill. This means there is a point, where rather than imbues being rewarding for high-skill players (as this patch was advertised), they functionally become near-useless. This formula leaves the low-end intact, while keeping imbues relevant for players at all skill levels, in a way that transforms as you get to high skills, by having a flat value become useful as the scaling portion drops off in usefulness. base QL + ((105-base QL) * ((Imbue power / 100) / 4) (a math.min would be required as this can result in numbers over 100, but I'd be surprised if there wasn't one already) Outlined in this graph available here: Edit: 104 might be better, who doesn't love 104, 104 and us are friends, right?
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    I would not call this an UPdate. feels like a downgrade to me. So there is no Q4 update
  47. 8 points
    i have 100 skill in all 3 gathering skills, completely unaffected by it and i think this is bad still lol
  48. 8 points
    He's rude and naked. I'd prefer him dead. 23rd 7pm EST
  49. 8 points
    This year's gift should act same as decoration items and won't decay on deed. It'll be made improvable with the next update though (on the 29th)
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    do you need a participation trophy for everything? do things because they're fun and its a game, if you need a dev to pat your head and give you a quarter to entice you to make community events thats kinda sad