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    Vynora overlooks the land, full image here Dear Wurmians Things have been a little quiet on the news front, and I'm incredibly sorry, and to make it up to you all, I've gone combing through buddas desk, and aside from all the empty bourbon bottles, I found some really interesting things, so lets see it! Personal goals For a long time now personal goals have been a feature that can be quite frustrating to some, with hard to attain goals vs simply getting lucky with RNG. We outlined our desires to improve this system but also explained that a large danger is how the personal goals system draws the goals, without actually saving them. This meant that any changes to achievements could lead to everyone having their goals re-rolled, causing countless headaches. With a lot of careful work, and repeated testing, we're now able to address this issue, and will be removing some of the more tricky diamond personal goals. If you previously had one of these the system will now generate a new achievement of a equal tier. The following personal goals will be removed: Create fantastic item Conquer the world Rule a kingdom Become a demigod Become an arch mage Become a planeswalker Become a shadowmage Become a magician Mine a fantastic gem In the long term, we are working towards a complete overhaul of the way personal goals work, and will be removing the current system in its entirety. If you wish to receive the winner title and rewards for completing your personal goals, we'd advise working towards that, as the opportunity may be gone later. THINGS! ON TABLES! Long long long desired, (and even appearing as a mod) is the ability to place things on tables and shelves. We've wanted this as both players and devs for a long time now, and we're really proud to be able to unveil it today! It's functionality is directly tied with placing objects, so to put an item on a table, simply right click > place. then as you hover the green outline over the table, it will display on the table. Moving the table around (or even picking it up) will carry the object with it. The list of items that will be able to have items placed on it are the following: square table round table dining table bed bench (stone) bedside table open fireplace canopy bed tripod table high bookshelf low bookshelf round marble table rectangular marble table We'll also be introducing three new items: Empty low shelf Empty high shelf Bar top This feature has huge design impact, and will really open up possibilities about showing off and decorating. We're extremely excited to see it finally come, and hope you are too. Once it's launched, we'll be running a room designing competition, so think about what you'd like to do with your decorations! Introducing the content creation club Valrei Entertainment Network! Last news we had a small competition for suggestions to title our new streamer support program, and there were a ton of great ones, we eventually settled on the Valrei Entertainment Network by CIRAY, as the name. We've had a few applicants and will be reviewing them all over the coming week or so, expect an announcement in relation to it soon! Animal crates A little feature no one really knew about that we haven't told anyone about is animal crates! (just kidding, we don't have amnesia) And we're readying up for some public testing with them over this coming weekend and maybe a little next week. Still just a rat in a cage We'll be looking to check server crossings mostly, as our wonderful tester Alectrys has been hard at work breaking them in every other way. We'll have a thread up in public testing detailing everything we're looking for, so I hope you're keen for them! Now, I know you're all wondering "How long until this comes in?" and I have good news! These features should be in with the next update! As for the hard date on that it's not yet firm, but we are planning for this and more in time for wurms 12th anniversary, so buckle up! There's a lot to get ready for, from building tables, to working out which personal goals you want to achieve, to comforting your animals before moving them to the next server, so you all get busy and make sure to come on to test! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Happy Anniversary! Premium character can investigate on a tile during the week of the anniversary to get a “special fragment”. Find 3 and identify them all before combining to get one of a few different gifts for Wurm’s Anniversary. Chance to get a special fragment is 1/15 upon finding any other fragment. Once combined, players won’t be able to combine another, or find any more special fragments. Finding and combining these special fragments is available only during Wurm’s Anniversary week which will start on the 6th of June and end on the 13th. Changes and Additions: Archaeology changes: Archaeology items can now be found in all metal types: If you investigate and find a metal fragment that is NOT ore or a lump, it’ll get the “metal” material. If the fragment you found would have had the steel material (instead of iron), it’ll get the “alloy” material instead. Any existing iron fragments can be combined with metal fragments (they will be converted to “metal” material when you start the combine action. Same deal with steel and alloy fragments. When you complete an item from fragments of the metal material, the final item will have a chance to become any base metal type (iron, tin, lead, gold, silver, copper, zinc) depending on how well identified the fragments were – heavily weighted towards iron. When you complete an item from fragments of the alloy material, the final item will have a chance to become any alloy metal type (steel, brass, bronze) depending on how well identified the fragments were – heavily weighted towards steel. If alloy fragments are extremely well identified, upon combining they will have a small chance to come out as a moonmetal (seryll, glimmersteel, adamantine) – though steel is more likely again. “metal” material fragments can only be combined with other “metal” fragments, and “alloy” material fragments can only be combined with other “alloy” fragments. New: You can now create an archaeological journal to help record your investigations. ( Special thanks to Wurm Unlimited modder Bdew for some ideas in implementing this!) Add report pages to the journal by activating paper or papyrus sheets and right clicking on the journal – Add report. 22 reports will fit into the journal. Data will be added to your reports as you investigate and gather information. New information will be added to the report as you continue to investigate. Once you’ve found enough information for a single report, you will be able to use that report to help find that deed again whenever you want. Changes: New statues have been added. Rarities and enchants/runes from combined weapons and tool heads will now be transferred to the final item . Fixes: Fixed a bug which allowed investigating to bypass max inventory weight. Paved tiles should properly reset the investigate flag. Item Placement: Items can now be placed on tables and certain objects To place an item, simply right click it from your inventory and select drop > place. You may then move the outlined object onto the table, clicking will place it at that location. The following surfaces can have items placed on them: square table round table dining table bed bench (stone) bedside table open fireplace canopy bed tripod table high bookshelf low bookshelf round marble table rectangular marble table New Decorational Items that items can be placed on have been added too: Empty High Bookshelf Empty Low Bookshelf Bar Table Creature Cages: New Item: Creature Cage – Requires 60 carpentry skill to create and continue. New Item: Creature Transporter – 25 Fine Carpentry to create. Must have 23 body strength to load cage onto vehicle. You cannot load pregnant animals. You cannot load hurt animals. You cannot load a creature with items on it. There are specific models for the following stored creatures: bison, sheep, ram, cow, bull, horse, foal, hell horse. All other stored creatures have an enclosed cage graphic. Max of 4 creature cages per tile. A caged animal will move around and cause damage to the cage. When a cage hits 80 damage, the animal will escape. If an animal escapes a cage while in a boat in water, the animal will end up in the water and begin taking damage if they are not a swimming animal. If agro and not tamed, you will not be able to tame them while swimming. You cannot repair or improve a cage if it is storing an animal. The number of cages that can be carried by a vehicle is as follows: Caravel – 8 Cog – 6 Corbita – 5 Knarr – 4 Sailing boat – 0 Rowing boat – 0 Creature transporter – 4 Wagon – 2 Large cart – 0 Personal goal changes: Changes: Spars on PVE servers will now trigger the ‘defeat another player xxx’ goals. Some of the more difficult personal goals have been rerolled if not completed. (ex. goals involving tomes or pvp only creatures and/or mechanics) Bugfixes: The description for ‘Sysyphos Says Hello’ goal has been changed to correctly reflect the number of repairs needed to 6250 instead of 6000 for repair fences, walls or floors. The ‘pilot a xxx boat’ achievements should trigger properly now, even if you had them bugged before. Try again with this patch update. Destroy a structure by catapulting it goal has been fixed. Lockpick five boats goal has been fixed. Goals/achievements involving fermenting wine will now properly trigger even if the player is offline. Fixed achievement triggers for mining gems. Fixed a number of grammar and capitalization issues with personal goals and achievements. Epic Finalizer (Be the person to complete an Epic mission) now triggers properly. Operation Cleanup (putting items in a trash heap) will now trigger properly even if the destruction happens while you are offline. New: You can now directly open equipped saddlebags/saddlesacks by using keybind OPEN or right clicking the equipped horse or unicorn. New: The creation of books has been added. Change: The recipe for creating an almanac has changed because of the introduction of books. New: Kings robes will show as scale armour with specific colors for now. Client Changes: Windows position and status is now also saved for backpacks, quivers and inventory groups. (previously only for out of inventory containers) Bugfix: Fix for items blocking placement. Bugfix: Lock status is now saved on all windows that remember their positions, both in current session and between sessions. Added keybind for Toggle Backpack and Toggle Quiver. Bug Fixes: PvP Mission Bugfix: More checks to prevent erroneous structure building missions. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which allowed non-intended items/armor to be equipped on non-intended creatures. Bugfix: Another check to be sure new missions spawn correctly after the completion or fail of a previous one. Bugfix: Ritual missions should now end at the 3.5 day mark if under 33% complete. Bugfix: Messaging added to items that cannot be dragged into containers, mailboxes, etc so that you are aware that it’s intended behavior. The post Wurm Online 12th Anniversary Patch Notes 5/JUN/18 appeared first on Wurm Online.
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    Damn.......who is sleeping in my bed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Okay old bed was full, so I made me a new one. HOTS style. how you guys like it?
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    We're going to be launching our community on June 1st and have just launched the forums for that. As a game development company and gaming community, we are starting with a XANADU-WIDE ALLIANCE. Because we are going to Wurm Online as our main game, we are going to be giving away great WO prizes such as Scale Sets, Tomes, Rares, Supremes and more! We will also give away 17 Steam games to anyone - and this as well as some of the WO prizes include everyone, even those not associated with our group. This will happen during a 10-day giveaway period with giveaways every day. You can find the giveaway here: http://forum.uncanny-legion.net/topic/2-uclg-launch-giveaway-week-june-1-10-2018/ The requirements to join each type of giveaway are listed right below the schedule. As a non-associated person, you are able to join Launch, Game and Wurm giveaways. If you're interested in joining in with our Xanadu alliance, please pass me a PM! The official recruitment thread will not be posted here until launch on June 1st but joining is, as approximately 20 deeds have already done, already possible! Good luck!
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    The Troll King has been captured and is scheduled for execution this coming Saturday! Bring you alts for bloods, Location will be announced 24h prior. Location is: T20, Dock at S20, dock location is within local of the Fight, but out of harms way. Follow the 1 wide pottery road up the hill directly to the pen. https://prnt.sc/jpnp2g P/R Loot rules
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    It doesn't matter what they do. If they give something new, people will: Complain that its not good enough / an equivalent item exists (saddlesacks, picnic baskets) Complain in a year that it is too good and how it is unfair for those joining later (BoK, farwalkers) Complain that it was too much effort for an item that doesn't do anything (masks, santa hats) I got another picnic basket and I think it's neat. It's timed nicely and I'll probably end up putting it on a table somewhere with some food and a bottle of champagne.
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    So I was talking in discord today and I came up with this crazy idea that Wurm online does a release on Steam. But the strange thing was the more I thought about it the weirder it was for me that Wurm online wasn't already on Steam even though Wurm Unlimited is. Think about the amount of free advertising the game would get. The constant stream of new players finding the game and wanting to check it out maybe even sticking around and getting addicted like the rest of us. The constant boost to the economy from people wanting mats to build deeds and gear out their toons. You could even sell Prem and silver on the steam store meaning I can finally get rid of my CSGO skins for something useful... lol. I honestly can't think of a bad reason for this. Hell it might even boost the pvp servers so we can stop spamming the forums about dieing pvp servers. Please to whoever it may concern Please release this game on steam. We might see the games player base grow once again!
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    How to buy these items: Contacting one of people at the bottom of this post. Payment Methods: Silver. Euros considered in large orders. CoD only!* ADAMANTINE & GLIMMERSTEEL RUNE CREATION Single Rune Creation: 4s Double Rune Creation (If First Rune Is <10QL): 6s ADAMANTINE & GLIMMERSTEEL RUNE CREATION + ITEM ATTACHMENT† Rune Creation + Attachment Per Item: 5s † Unlimited Runes are Created Until Rune is Attached * Unmailable items can be negotiated on case-by-case basis. PM for details. NON-MOONMETAL RUNE CREATION + ITEM ATTACHMENT We can also create non-moonmetal runes, and attach your runes. Contact for details. Adamantine Jackal Rune Gallery (THEY WORK ON MASKS, WEAPONS, BOWS, WAGONS, FORGES, PYLONS, TOWERS, AND MANY OTHER ITEMS): Contacts : Xallo (Discord, Forums, Ingame) | Mclavin (Discord, Forums) Doctorchaos (Ingame) Jakeii (Discord, Forums) Wulfgar (Ingame) | Rudie (Forums) Glasse (Discord, Ingame) | Egard (Discord, Forums) FYI: All orders will be fulfilled on Freedom by high-leveled Carp/SC/JS/SD characters. Check out our other Merchant Ad: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/148367-the-crusaders-merchant/
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    https://newfestivalcove.com/?p=389 A Troll has killed two (2) local Guards, of the Southeast New Festival Cove Tower Guard Militia, after maintaining a lengthy fight on the mountain. Ultimately, the Troll was killed, after reinforcements arrived. “He (the Troll) had an elevation advantage. I am in shock!”, reported one of the Guards, after witnessing his brother’s death. “We are deeply saddened upon hearing this news, but battle protocol must always be maintained.”, reported Guard Militia Leader, “Vooch”. After reviewing https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Fighting_Skill_Tips , we can examine (post hoc and, in this case, post mortem) why these two Guards died almost at the same time: “Height Advantage. The tank should always get a height advantage over the enemy. There are two levels of height advantage: one is obtained at 20 steep and the second is obtained at 40+ steep. Note: This is the same advantage you get when using mounts, so using both will not give you any more benefits.” Our condolences go out to the family members of the Southeast New Festival Cove Tower Guard, and all those involved.
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    Alright, so I had an idea about the lack of "life" inside of caves, and was thinking along the lines of how players want to be able to grow mushrooms inside of caves now. The idea would be, letting us "pave" cave tiles using dirt, that would let us cultivate them and plant mushrooms on them, and tending and ect. But as for the rest of this idea, would greatly be pushing the "fantasy" envelope for Wurm, as I think it'd be nice to be able to grow 1, maybe 2 types of trees inside of caves... granted normal trees, wouldn't grow in caves, thus this would have to be some sort of fantasy tree that wouldn't exist in real life, or be one of some sort of lore instead, as well as a few bushes of the same nature, and possibly even a type of "grass tile" too would all be grand. These could even be plants that emit low levels of light as well, to add to lighting caves, and can only grow within caves maybe, all spit-balling ideas at this point I know I can't be the only one that finds caves to be too dreary and would love an option to green them up a bit, breath some life in, add a touch of fantasy to it all
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    Hey yall, would like to invite every1 to slay the Kyklops in Pristine. U can make leather working potions with his blood, loot is private. He is located at me deed in Pristine P 8, Darkness Falls on the West Coast. This should start in around:
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    For me, PVP is just dull and annoying, in any game. I don't play games to spat with other players, much less in a personal way, or to have a schedule or instructions from a leader. I'm likely not the only one who wants Wurm to be a refuge, not the time to get angry and frustrated (except at trolls and large crates). I do wish the PVP crowd would stop insisting there's a secret code to make the rest of us like it. Some of us just don't.
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    Lunar Order, on behalf of great UCLG Alliance is looking for new and returning players! Join our community, let's make Xanadu better and stronger than before! What is UCLG Alliance? What is Lunar Order? Lunar Order is inner structure of UCLG Alliance, and we play many different roles to make our Alliance greater. One of our roles, is to run a really unique and specific Academy to find the best, proper and most valuable players to help us reach some of our many goals. Academy, of course is looking mostly for new or returning players to help them out with basics of the game. To give them opportunity, and prepare enviroment to learn everything they might need in Wurm's world. I will share my knowledge and time with new players to show them how a real Wurmian should be like. What's most important, what qualities should valued the most. Another part is creating some Role Play bases for our inner community. Role playing in Wurm often becomes a problem, when people starts to limiting themselves by "chosen roles". In Lunar Order it looks a different. I won't limit anybody to any specific professions. That's not the right way. Instead, Lunar Order has already prepared ranks system for villagers. It doesn't require any specific jobs, roles, tasks or gods know what else- nothing that could limit a player in whatever he likes to do! No, it requires patience, and it takes a good person to get higher in ranks. Of course, if there's ranks system, there are also rewards! But, let's get back to it later... Beside that I'm all in for little Roleplay scenes like council meetings and so on, but only for people interested in such things.. Why Academy is "specific"? First, it mostly stands as military arm of our Alliance to make it's own image. (It's not pvp Academy!). But of course we also want people that prefer living in peacful home and working on their own stuff instead of fighting mobs! And Academy is prepared for such civilians as well, because we all know they're even more important for proper functionality! But another thing is.... this might not be an Academy like many others, because I need best, determined, patient and trustworthy players. I'm not looking for complainers, toxic people or lazy pretentious ones! Many of recruiting deeds might offer you full set of high enchanted tools, building a house with their own mats for you! If you like it, join them. But if you prefer to work on your own, if you want to accomplish many different tasks just to make your dreams come true, then you're most welcome. If you like helping others if you're all about working in community, you're welcome! We will teach you, we will show you, we will share all our knowledge, but rest depends on you! Of course, tools and armors you have provided, don't worry! You're not obligated to do anything here. Even if I ask you for something, or give you a task, you don't have to do so. If you say "no" it's ok! But if you say you do something, and you won't, everyone will remember here. And I'm taking everything into consideration, when you ask me for promotion. So... - No complainers - No pretentious - No toxicity If you're either of those, we'll find out soon enough! What Academy Offer? Being a part of a great Alliance with lots of fantastic people, alliance events, games, rewards, giveaways and many, many more! Alliance forums with Lunar Order section. Plots of land for players 10 plots of 7x5 size 12 plots of 6x6 size Public Farmland/ animal pen 21x11. Public Academy Hall with kitchen, crafting room and sleeping rooms. Mine with different kinds of veins. Tools and Armors, better and better over time. Precious rewards for getting higher in ranks and longer stay. Help to everyone, knowledge and answering any questions! Unique ranks system. Paying jobs- you'll get easy coins for first premium! Some secrets for Order Veterans. How Academy ranks looks like? Lunar Recruit- Player who just joined our Academy. Such player have to rank paths to choose. 1) Lunar Civil Path- Path is supposed for a players who aren't interested in hunting and fighting mobs, but rather prefers to stay and work on their stuff on place and work on deeds. Lunar Peasant Lunar Townsman Lunar Citizen 2) Lunar Knight Path- Path for those who loves to hunt, travel, adventuring and killing beasts. Peacekeepers of Xanadu. Lunar Footman Wolfsguard Lunar Knight Each rank provides selected tools, armors, weapons. What's more, each time you increase your rank, you'll also get a special reward or even payment, proper to your position. People interested in joining, will get more detailed info about stuff provided for each rank on our forum! Join us Today and Conquer Xanadu on our side!
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    Just an update to the goals part: The other 3 tome related goals (mage, magus, diabolist) will also reroll - as well as a few pvp specific ones (HotA, deed draining). Other (currently) incomplete-able ones and bugged ones will be fixed.
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    I'd love to see more diversity in hedge models. For example, rose hedges with rose flowers intertwined or thorn looking visually thorny. Thoughts?
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    So essentially you didn't get what you wanted and you now want it changed?
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    Open World, Full Loot PVP (OWFL) is always a selfish, gank-fest no matter which game you look at that offers it. In my opinion, OWFL does not belong in the MMORPG genre. It should remain in the FPS and FPS hybrid realms. With respect to Wurm, the problem with pvp is that nothing, and I mean nothing, can prevent someone with an attitude or agenda from demolishing months of your invested time and energy building a "safe" haven - which can never be made safe or never be made defensible. And this is a catch-22 because if the devs make deeds safer, the raiders get mad. If they make them less safe, the defenders get mad. Personally, I think pvp should not be about loot. It should be about faction warfare and control, with acquired bonuses as a result of your success. Plus, and I think more importantly, there should be some level of enforced chivalry. When you make pvp all about loot, people are going to get frustrated and quit. Especially since the gear they are wearing likely cost them real-life money. Forget that. I am not paying hundreds of dollars for good gear only to have a couple of gankers with an attitude killing it off me. Who wants that? This brings me to my final point that OWFL breeds toxicity. It is amazing how greedy and brutal human beings can be when they play in a game where anything goes. In that environment, the trend is ALWAYS negative, NEVER positive. The attitudes get pathetic and there is no sense of morality or any such thing. You can feel this attitude of, "I have a right to kill you and take everything you care about, and level your home to the ground. Why? Oh, because its a game, and you are the enemy, and I don't give a hoot." If you read this and think, " Boy, this guy is an idiot," well, that's fine. You probably never will understand what I am trying to describe, so it doesn't matter to me. But probably some of you know what I am talking about and recognize this as a problem. Cooperative, group (kingdom) survival against an equally passionate enemy is what pvp should be about. Not this personal agenda of greed and self-absorption that we see all too often. Remove the game mechanics that foster greed and Wurm pvp might become more interesting to the players. My 2c.
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    Informative Errors Right now in Wurm there is a significant number of systems that do not give proper player feedback which can result in confusion for anyone who doesn't understand the intricacies of how things work. These suggestions are meant to help improve clarity by adjusting error messages to more specifically display why things aren't working. Horse Gear A new player to the game might not understand that horses need to be tamed, charmed, or branded in order to be equipped. They might try something like either of the below after creating their first set of horse gear: Notice the errors? You can't reach that. You are not allowed to do that. Why can't I reach it? Why can't I do that? A new player would be absolutely confused as to what they did wrong here. In many cases, that player would simply go to Wurmpedia and figure it out, but not everyone is that patient or dedicated to resolving issues. My suggestion is to change the messages to give more clarity of what went wrong: You can't take that. The (name of creature) must be your pet or branded to your village. You are not allowed to do that. The (name of creature) must be your pet or branded to your village. Something along those lines would solve this player confusion with extremely minimal effort. Highway System There's a google document describing how the highway system works. I assure you, not everyone has read it. While creating a new highway is somewhat reasonable in terms of understanding how it works, take a look when trying to add on to an existing highway: You don't even get an error. You just can't even plant the objects trying to expand it. Now, an experienced player will know that you need to replace the catseye in the road with a waystone. But a new player will just sit there completely confused about what they're doing wrong. My suggestion is simple: Allow there to be a "plant" option for waystones and catseyes in the road where they wouldn't work. Then, display an error message telling the player why it wont work. For example, trying to place the catseye next to the highway here would result in an error like: You cannot place a catseye here. It would create an intersection, which requires a waystone. If I were to try the waystone, it could tell me something like the following: Waystones must be planted within a deed or replaced on catseyes to create an intersection. It's not perfect, but it sure beats having no idea what went wrong. Enchants & Negating Effects This one is rather simple, and can be described in two lines, copied from my Spellcraft mod description: [21:01:38] The longsword is already enchanted with something that would negate the effect. [21:01:43] The longsword is already enchanted with Blessings of the Dark which would negate the effect of Wind of Ages. "Something that would negate the effect" tells the player nothing about what's going wrong. Someone who doesn't read the wiki would have no idea why their enchant wont apply. Corners Can't Be Modified When trying to flatten or level an area, sometimes this will happen: Some corners can't be modified. Why not? What's stopping it? Which corner is it? The following is more descriptive: The birch tree prevents a corner from being modified. The slate bricks prevents a corner from being modified. Either one of those is more effective than what's being displayed. Overall, clarity in error messages does nothing but good things for the game. It helps people learn what they're doing incorrectly and guides them towards solving the problem instead of leaving them feeling dumb and helpless.
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    I mean, you have to understand that the entire pvp community, the most veteran players are very vocal about this. They have been playing this game for very long and have seen changes come in for the past decade. I'm sorry, but the pvp in this game is destroyed by power creep. It's not because people are "bored" but because there is such a huge difference between the haves and have nots. The have nots get stomped until they quit and the haves keep playing until they run out of people to kill. The higher you set the gear and required stat ceiling the more this divide grows... and EVERY TIME!! Whether its the challenge server, the epic server... people FLOOD back to the game to experience the pvp before it becomes a game of "who has time to grind 16 hours a day and who can only grind 3-4 a day" and the latter part tends to quit because theyre so massively out-powered. Moon metals, meditation, hell horses, functionality of rares on boats... these things have only made it harder to become a pvper. There is noone who has pvped consistently who will say that this is not the case. It feels like content for the sake of content with wanton disregard for the impact it has had. I miss the days where the biggest problems the pvp scene faced were farwalker ammys and GM decisions, the game doesn't draw its fun and uniqueness from the insane amount of ways you can power up your toon, it makes its mark from the insane way you can conquer and wage war with your enemies and affect the lands and kingdoms that occupy it, until such a time as one kingdom has become such a strong position of "haves" and all the "have nots" refuse to play, where at that point it should likely be reset. It has always been that way. I don't think the Dev team has ever intrinsically understood this point, for many years it seems as though the dev team has a very hardcore skew towards their understanding of freedom and lack of understanding of pvp. Either way, pvp seasons would be better than this...
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