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    Initial PvP changes Starting with the next update, a new change to Locate Soul will be introduced to Chaos. PvP Change: Chaos server now has a maximum Locate Soul range of 500 tiles. This change is specific to Chaos and will not affect Freedom or Epic. Locate Soul’s intended usage is to give a general idea to the caster where their target is. This information can be used to track down a player off deed, identify that reinforcements are unavailable to assist them, and similar. These intentions are pure, and meant to encourage roaming to new places with the opportunity to find opponents in local, then track their location via Locate Soul, pendulums, etc. Locate Soul’s actual usage is to triangulate exact positions of players using multiple reference points, keep tabs on opponents from halfway across the map, and spamming the spell to guarantee reliable information as to whether a target player is online through their Nolocate. These two extremes are the result of a spell that has remained untouched for years. The problems with this paradigm is a meta of priests spamming locates from anywhere on the map and getting reliable intelligence with no cost. Hence the reason for the change. This is step one in a larger shift for Locate Soul and locating players in general. Limiting the range should alleviate some of the problems with the current metagame, but not all. Locate Soul and Nolocate are still undergoing iteration and will have other, more dramatic changes in the near future. This update will also include warrior god priests (Nathan, Smeagain) getting the double disintegration bonus equal to Magranon. The aim of this is to level the playing field for priests of all kingdoms and reduce the frustrating scenarios with RNG and safemines. Background and future works Along with this, in the next update, is a reworking of armour mechanics. This will make armour values easier to adjust in the future. Existing armour values are not being changed, but the background work is intended to make them easier to modify and adjust down the line. After this update, the next focus will be on the long promised priest and spell overhaul. This overhaul will feature a balance pass on all 98 spells available to priests and review of priest restrictions to improve gameplay for solo and PvP priests. There’s more to it than just that, and we’ll be sharing more details over the coming weeks. Once the priest and spell overhaul is live, we’ll begin looking at addressing other concerns within PvP such as tower capping and meditation. We know there’s a long road ahead of us to get PvP where we’d like it to be, and we know it will take time to get there. Our focus now is taking one step at a time, making sure it’s the right step, and then taking another step forward. We’ll continue to use the feature feedback forum for discussion on specific topics to allow for adjusting and improving our current plans if necessary, so please keep it all on topic and constructive.
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    <Fabricant> Keenan does his deeds like he does updates. It's going to take three attempts. - Upon seeing Null Point founded three times. Hi Everyone! Been a huge weekend with the friendalong on pristine, and I hope everyone had a lot of fun attending! The GM's and I got plenty of kills, and enjoyed terrorising you all. Coming off last weeks update there isn't huge a huge amount of new things to discuss, but we'll do a little recap but first.. Patch Notes: Titles and more Last update saw the new titles come in, along with the surprise of double barrel titles, AND village role showing! We hope it generated some excitement to see, and certainly enjoyed watching you all work out which titles corresponded with what skills, as well as showing off your best combination (I'm still a fan of Tim the toolman tailor). It's awesome to see people working together to figure things out (as long as it's not unbalancing to not know) and it was fun for us too, I'm still working towards Sturdy Light Bastion myself! Friendalong Vynora overlooks a foal as white as milk The pristine friendship bay impalong, or friendalong, was on this weekend, and it was fun! I dropped in several times, and managed to score a total of 9 kills! (Sorry elsa and tomatoes). It's fun to see everyone working together and helping each other, and some of the fights were pretty fun! I let pingpong win a fight against me, once I actually tried though we decided to call it a draw before i turned him into pingpong paste. I also received an offering from our Valrei Entertainment Network streamer Fabricant! Priest and spell overhaul Along with a discussion about the PvP changes that went live last update, Sindusk mentioned that he is currently working on the long desired priest overhaul. It's still a major work in progress, but the aim is to touch on almost every facet of priests and each spell individually, as well as how they fit on the whole. It will soon be entering internal testing, where we will focus on balance and mechanics working, before opening to public testing for players to jump in and see how it feels and flows. We'll keep you all updated on how this goes, but in the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on rite spells in this thread here: Modern renderer The new modern renderer is now live, and what a difference it can make! The biggest current one is in lighting, with much improved systems that enable more lights with better performance! It's not all the new renderer brings though, and we'll be working hard on realising our goals with it, changing the visual landscape of Wurm greatly. This, along with saromans work on normal and specular mapping as well as various other projects are a concentrated effort not only in updating our rendering systems, but improving the visual feel of the game as a whole. To enable the modern renderer, in the launcher click on the gear icon, and go to the graphics tab, selecting modern from the rendering options will enable the new renderer upon launching the game. Just popping in As part of our ongoing visual works, Samool has been working on reducing the "pop in effect" of trees and objects. The pop in effect is when an object goes from distance rendering (e.g. the 2D images of trees) to the 3D models, this is quite sudden and makes it painfully obvious what is happening. To help eliminate how jarring it is, we'll be introducing a fade in effect that is less sudden and hopefully makes it a little less in your face: That's it from us this week, I know it's a little light on all the juicy things but I'll be working with the dev team on making sure that there's plenty more to come, so stick around and stay tuned, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team. Oh wait, there IS one more thing: Until next time!
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    This one is simple enough, I think: right now, unique bloods are just called "blood" and it's up to players to keep them sorted. The only way to know what's what is to label them yourself or have a character with higher than 30 natural substances on hand to activate a source salt and lore them for you. I think it'd be better if the bloods had the unique of origin in their name, e.g. forest giant blood would be called "blood of the forest giant" instead of just "blood".
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    [15:59:06] Your title is now Tim the Toolman Tailor.
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    I promised more information about the priest overhaul, so I'll mention a couple things specifically regarding spells (there's many aspects of the overhaul outside of just spell changes): There will be new spells - Completely new spells with new mechanics are being introduced across all deities. Some spells are getting full reworks - For example, Tangleweave now has a completely different purpose and role in the game, despite having a similar effect. Linked enchant favor being reduced - Venom, Mind Stealer, and Life Transfer will require 100 favor after the update, so they can be cast without linking by those who have perfect faith. New spells will follow the same format. Offensive spell rebalance - Offensive spells now scale differently against PvE and PvP targets. This will mean hitting a wolf with Fire Heart and decent channeling should take a proper chunk of their health compared to a Troll. Body Strength to Soul Strength - Spells will use Soul Strength instead of Body Strength for DR calculations in both PvE and PvP. It's nearing completion. Once it enters testing, we'll start opening the floodgates for information, and you'll see everything it has to offer.
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    so how does removing kingdoms from the map encourage more pvp, frustration is just a justification and nothing else I didn't see much raiding on wild so I cannot comment there. Early epic and the first couple years, raiding was pretty simple, we only had the goal of a drain as a "win", and we only destroyed as much as one wall per house. We looted only what was an upgrade, or fancy stuff like gems. If someone died to us we outright told them we aren't interested in camping them or killing them a second time so we wont seek them out but if they attack us obviously we will kill them. We had friendly conversations in local with many enemy. I've even spent time in irc talking to enemy afterwards giving tips and ideas on how to improve their deed or better tactics to defend. Somewhere along the line this slowly turned into every side adding in more and more griefing and looting to the point where we in mr nuked a deed with wrath of magranon in retaliation to make it stop happening to us. The change in raiding ethics along with the sheer boredom of it completely turns me off to it. But ofc it still happened, and often as the main groups of players deeds got stronger, the targets for raids became the easy pickings of noobs/newer/inexperienced players which while people will sit there spiting chips crying how you don't pvp if you say this is bad, it's very bad. It's outright toxic to player retention, and in practically every situation I've seen, its the aggressors claiming it's to encourage them to pvp I don't care how legit intentions are by anyone of any kingdom in this thread or otherwise. If you make it faster to raid legitimately, such as removing war deeds or just simple drains, the fact of the matter is that it flat out will be abused in toxic ways
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    Well, after a myriad of real life events and a couple sporadic attempts at returning in the interim, guess who has had the Wurm claws dug back into them! I can gleefully say that I have time for Wurm again. All of you that remember me, hello and I've missed you all! And to all of you that I've never met, may we meet in the future and have fun together.
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    01:01:26 <@Keenan> [01:00:45] The settlement of Null Point has just been founded by Keenan. 01:01:59 <@Keenan> Budda: I named my deed after your coding style 01:02:23 <@Budda> rude
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    I been compiling a list by cross referencing skills and the titles received in event tab for various accounts. All titles are in order of 50 to 70 to 90 Mind Logic You have just received the title 'Logician'! You have just received the title 'Genius'! You have just received the title 'Smarty Pants'! Mind Speed You have just received the title 'Quick'! Body Strength You have just received the title 'Robust'! You have just received the title 'Strongman'! You have just received the title 'Atlas'! Body Stamina You have just received the title 'Enduring'! You have just received the title 'Perseverent'! Body Control You have just received the title 'Controlled'! You have just received the title 'Disciplined'! Shovel You have just received the title 'Shoveler'! You have just received the title 'Packer'! You have just received the title 'Undertaker'! Hatchet You have just received the title 'Woodsman'! You have just received the title 'Hewer'! You have just received the title 'Tomahawk'! Rake You have just received the title 'Cultivator'! You have just received the title 'Furrower'! You have just received the title 'Harrower'! Longsword You have just received the title 'Long Swordsman'! You have just received the title 'Fighter'! You have just received the title 'Myrmidon'! Médium metal shield You have just received the title 'Sturdy Defender'! You have just received the title 'Sturdy Bastion'! You have just received the title 'Sturdy Bulwark'! Pickaxe You have just received the title 'Rockbreaker'! You have just received the title 'Tunneller'! You have just received the title 'Vein Destroyer'! Small metal shield You have just received the title 'Sturdy Light Defender'! Large metal shield You have just received the title 'Sturdy Heavy Defender'! You have just received the title 'Sturdy Heavy Bastion'! You have just received the title 'Sturdy Heavy Bulwark'! Huge axe You have just received the title 'Huge Axeman'! You have just received the title 'Headsman'! You have just received the title 'Axecutioner'! Hammer You have just received the title 'Tapper'! You have just received the title 'Knocker'! You have just received the title 'Pounder'! Butchering knife You have just received the title 'Dissector'! You have just received the title 'Skinner'! Stone chisel You have just received the title 'Brickmaker'! You have just received the title 'Chipper'! You have just received the title 'One More Brick'! Aggressive fighting You have just received the title 'Feisty'! You have just received the title 'Belligerent'! You have just received the title 'Barbarian'! Defensive fighting You have just received the title 'Defensive'! You have just received the title 'Steadfast'! Normal Fighting You have just received the title 'Infantry'! You have just received the title 'Sergeant'! You have just received the title 'Captain'! Large Maul You have just received the title 'Large Mauler'! You have just received the title 'Siegebreaker'! You have just received the title 'Hand of Magranon'! Médium Maul You have just received the title 'Medium Mauler'! You have just received the title 'Whacker'! You have just received the title 'Cracker'! Small Maul You have just received the title 'Small Mauler'! You have just received the title 'Banger'! You have just received the title 'Masher'! Short bow You have just received the title 'Shortbowman'! You have just received the title 'Bowhunter'! You have just received the title 'Point Blank'! Medium bow You have just received the title 'Bowman'! You have just received the title 'Skirmisher'! You have just received the title 'Ranger'! Longbow You have just received the title 'Longbowman'! You have just received the title 'Marksman'! You have just received the title 'Robin Hood'! Short sword You have just received the title 'Short Swordsman'! You have just received the title 'Gladiator'! You have just received the title 'Assassin'! Large Axe You have just received the title 'Large Axewoman'! You have just received the title 'Battleaxe'! You have just received the title 'Viking'! Sickle You have just received the title 'Pruner'! You have just received the title 'Gatherer'! You have just received the title 'Fully Sickle'! Spear You have just received the title 'Spearman'! You have just received the title 'Hussar'! You have just received the title 'Spartan'! Halberd You have just received the title 'Pikeman'! You have just received the title 'Halberdier'! You have just received the title 'Woman At Arms'! Staff You have just received the title 'Disciple'! You have just received the title 'Monk'! You have just received the title 'Sensei'! Warhammer You have just received the title 'Sledgehammer'! You have just received the title 'Dwarf'! You have just received the title 'Stag King'! Huge Club You have just received the title 'Troll'! You have just received the title 'Forest Giant'! You have just received the title 'Kyklops'! Two Handed sword You have just received the title 'Twohanded Swordsman'! You have just received the title 'Templar'! You have just received the title 'Paladin'! Small Axe You have just received the title 'Small Axeman'! You have just received the title 'Hacker'! You have just received the title 'Ripper'! Shield Bashing You have just received the title 'Basher'! You have just received the title 'Stunner'! Weaponless Fighting Scythe You have just received the title 'Harvester'! You have just received the title 'Reaper'! Logic behind determining what title was for : go into WU and set a skill to 100. You will notice that your titles are awarded in order 50 then 70 then 90 then 100. Using that knowledge and knowing skills of the character you can make out which skill is for what. For example an account with 70+ skill but not 90 received this exactly : [15:14:15] You have just received the title 'Small Mauler'! [15:14:15] You have just received the title 'Sledgehammer'! [15:14:15] You have just received the title 'Dwarf'! [15:14:15] You have just received the title 'Shortbowman'!  then an account with 90 small maul received this : [13:08:33] You have just received the title 'Small Mauler'! [13:08:33] You have just received the title 'Banger'! [13:08:33] You have just received the title 'Masher'! [13:08:33] You have just received the title 'Shortbowman'! cross referencing both you can tell that clearly Sledge hammer is not 70 small maul but instead is 50 warhammer then Dwarf comes after it but before shortbowman. Knowing the account has 70-90 skill it’s obvious Dwarf is the 70 warhammer title. current work in progress will keep updating.
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    Congratulations to noizhead who bid 1g 25s! http://
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    In the beginning I enjoyed raiding then it came to the point where it was too much effort vs reward and more often than not just rage inducing from people who wont listen and do stupid things. Somewhere along the line I decided I was ok with this for the health of the game, yes there are people who very much enjoy the land control aspect but there are also those who enjoy stomping on people for the sake of it and I believe this is not healthy. Everyone wants pvp but if you want to take everything people own, kill all their horses and leave them with not even tools to restock then chances are they aren't going to bother and then you have no one to pvp with. Not everyone will quit after they log in to find they have nothing left but I have seen a lot will and do, some will weather this a few times but come to the same end. Maybe I'm biased because I have always enjoyed open field combat more than raiding but to me it just makes sense, leave people with their homes and horse stocks so that they can keep coming back out if and when they are ready but you cant force people to pvp and you certainly can stop them even thinking of trying if you destroy their homes. The change to allow bashing from inside the mine wasn't really a change, it was in for as long as I can remember (I clearly remember having to do it when the Mongol hota tunnel kept getting walled shut) it was an accidental change from some other fix and got reverted back pretty quickly. I guess the TL;DR for me is, I don't really care that its not fair or too hard, I'd prefer that we retain players and there be people to maybe pvp with if and when the population gets better.
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    Rituals are a mess. They require an incredible number of prayers/sermons to recharge them, they only recharge for the one god, they have arbitrary mechanics that tend to only benefit the one god's worshippers, and generally speaking only Rite of Spring is even worth casting. Half of them were also developed with concepts of territory control and PVP in mind, meaning that ROTS and ROD have very little use on Freedom, other problems aside--Wurm has moved past folks having secured belongings offdeed, and you obviously don't need to be headshotting all online players on Freedom. Rite of Spring is just silly. Like with her follower bonus of +10% to all normal skillgain, as long as Wurm is Wurm you aren't going to beat something like tons of sleep bonus and a fixed boost to mind logic. It's yet another reason why non-priest characters should always be with Vynora. The biggest problem with Ritual of the Sun is that Magranon was a one-trick pony on Freedom, so nobody worships him now that strongwall has proliferated to priests who do more interesting things than collect a euro tax to fix your cave troubles. My circle of friends has been the only people to ever cast ROTS on Exodus, and even with a big computer-stressing pile of Mag-worshipping alts praying day and night all weekend, we couldn't recharge it. Also, you can use a Mag alt to finish altars and blanket an area with Mag domain, gaining the entirety of this ritual's benefit with no further commitment on your part. Holy Crop is so very underwhelming. I'm not really sure why you'd ever bother casting it beyond some sort of perceived prestige from having your name in area history, given its domain requirement. Like ROTS, you can just use an alt to plop down Fo altars and reap all its benefits without so much as a single prayer to help recharge it. I feel it should do something like applying a spell effect to all online followers that gives them increased yield for 24 hours, but even that only benefits farmers and other gatherers. Rite of Death is a joke. Even with a 99-channeling priest casting it with only one link (thanks to the half-favor title), the head wound was not even worth considering as any sort of an offensive/defensive measure, and was primarily used for an online check. I'd just gut the system and reimagine the whole thing at this point. It'd be hard to do worse than "literally nothing", which is what the rituals amount to for almost everyone.
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    I haven't posted here in years. But this is from my new homes on the Sklotopolis server (some projects aren't quite done yet):
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    No vertical bridges, so to connect two rock pillars i had to build support for the bridges. Also had to be high enough to make arched bridge. Short info: - 9 floors of 300 slope each (2700 slope above ground) - took 1329 crates of dirt (398 700 dirt) - 18x18 tiles on the ground level, 2x2 tiles on the top Over 95% of dirt collected by myself. Finally diggy diggy diggy days are over.
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    Hey now, put the pitchforks away. There's no conspiracy here. This was a change done in response to the smelting exploit immediately after the recent issue regarding the QL increase on creation. It was done prior to the July 10th Hotfix which reverted the change. The original idea was to counteract that QL increase with a QL penalty on smelting pots, which would essentially render the QL increase from imbues useless for exploitation at higher qualities. The code was done for it, but there was flaws in execution: it impacts players without imbues and who use smelting pots legitimately in a negative way. Fast forward a bit, the problem has been resolved (the change was reverted), and we've done a bunch of work for the recent patch and that change was left unattended and basically forgotten for the July 26th patch. As of this post this is actually the first time we realize the mistake. We'll be reviewing the change and we'll update you when more information is available. In the meantime, sorry for the miscommunication.
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    One thing though, we took the fight. We defended the deed, I've spent my vacation rocking 30 + hours spamming bricks and mortars. I personally stayed up 48 hours straight making sure we didn't break and we didn't. For you who didn't know the raid took part for six days straight with a max of 8 hours of break to as little as 2 hours break per day An argument that often shows up that people like to paint is that this was easily done , I can assure you that it was not. This took blood , sweat and a lot of long hours for us to pull together. One of many on our discord channel , ofc not everyone is like me , but don't say it was easy defending this. ADDITION : Many more people in Panda did a simular thing , I was not alone doing this.
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    Well tbh, if all small kingdom have deeds they cant defend cause the bigger group come to push them off. The game already costs a lot of money if ppl keep taking drains on the deeds. so making deeds easy to raid that took the small group of players along time to build not rly fair. only ppl that gonna benefit from easy raiding is the stronger group.
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    [10:18:33] <Finndar> [10:18:30] Your title is now Fearless Community Assistant.
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    Additions: New: Added ability to display compound titles. In the titles menu players may choose to display two titles together. New: Village Name and Village Role will now show on player mouseover. New: Profile options added to customize these additions. Show Other Player Titles – Allows you to show/hide other players [Skill Titles, Meditation Titles and Sorcery Titles] text. Show Other Player Villages – Allows you to show/hide other players “Role of Village” text. Show Own Village Titles – Allows you to show/hide your own “Role of Village” text. This overrides the above option, and will not display even if the viewer wants to see it. New: A PvE death tab has been added and will record player deaths on your server. Deaths will be recorded for players with at least 20 fight skill and 1.5 body stats who are also premium players. You can opt-out of your name appearing in the death tab in your profile. You can opt-out of seeing the death tab in your profile. New: Unequip All has been added to right click body which will unequip all armour. New: You can now add Sub Groups inside Groups in your inventory. New: Get Price now displays a rough amount of favor from sacrificing. New: Unicorn offspring will now have names. New: More titles have been added. New: All trees now have normal maps New: King robes have a unique look Changes: Change: Amount of source salt requires to create potions from bloods has been raised from 0.001 to 0.01. Change: You can no longer erupt a tile next to a cave entrance. Change: Disintegrate bonus now applies to all warrior gods instead of just Magranon. Warrior gods are: Magranon, Smeagain, Nathan. Change: Dragon sorcery drop chance has been increased and tomes that drop from dragons will now be a single charge. Change: Mine a star gem personal goal change listed below: The personal goal Mine an Exquisite gem has been replaced with a new goal Recreate a statue from fragments. If you already completed the Mine an exquisite gem, it will not change. If you happen to mine an exquisite gem before recreating a statue from fragments, you can log out and back in and your personal goal will show Mine an Exquisite gem as completed (green). Change: In order to ensure all unique bloods result in different potions black, red and blue dragon blood will now make new potion types. Existing bloods of these creatures will make the new types as well. Change: Market stalls will now take more damage when bashed. Change: Sea Serpents are no longer on the endangered species list and may be sighted more often. Change: Alcohol strength and drinking changes listed below: Alcohol now gives 100% to 150% effectiveness based on QL. Players can now drink alcohol regardless of thirst level, similar to source. Consuming less than the full 0.2kg will scale the effect of alcohol down to the amount you’ve consumed. Change: Oil of the Weaponsmith will now work for the Weaponsmithing skill instead of just the weaponsmithing sub-skills. Change: Merchants who pack up and leave due to no business transactions for a while will send items which do not fit in backpacks separately. Change: Height checks for accessing containers and objects will only occur inside buildings. (this addresses the items on high slopes and underwater issue) PvP work: PvP Change: Chaos server now has a maximum Locate Soul range of 500 tiles. PvP Bugfix: King regalia material type has been changed and will allow healing. PvP Bugfix: Change Kingdom option on right click body should work as intended. The feature is designed to allow a player to leave a PMK and join the default template kingdom. Note that on Chaos, white light PMKs will join Freedom Isles since template MR and JK were removed. The change kingdom option will not be shown if player is not in a PMK. PvP Bugfix: Kings can no longer expel champions from their player made kingdom. PvP Bugfix: PMKs should now be able to bash their template kingdom towers and vice versa. PvP Bugfix: Fixed an issue which prevented HotA statue material from changing based on number of wins. PvP Bugfix: Player god champions should now be able to bash and destroy pavement. PvP Bugfix: Mycelium now stops CCFP reduction for Libila followers. PvP Bugfix: Artifacts should no longer get lost in floors or roofs when dropped upon logout. PvP Bugfix: HotA statues will now have various colors beyond red for alliances with more than 30 wins. PvP Bugfix: Fix for Scale of Libila untaming when unequipped but not dropped. PvP Bugfix: Fungus Trap now correctly applies a poison wound instead of crush wound. Bug fixes: Bugfix: Fix for soul stealer necklace not having an effect. Bugfix: Examine message for spears has been changed to remove the mention of it being a steel spear and instead will examine as ‘A sturdy spear’. Bugfix: Had a chat with garden gnomes and they’ve agreed be more selective in their activities. (They will steal less items) Bugfix: Merchants no longer accept placed merchant contracts. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused mission rituals to appear on a settlement token menu. Bugfix: You will now receive an error message when a Vynora priest tries to cast Wisdom of Vynora on a Nathan priest instead of just nothing happening. Bugfix: Planting of Banners, Kingdom Banners, Flags and Kingdom Flags is now limited to 4 per tile instead of 1. Bugfix: Fixed inconsistencies with combing items inside a container. Bugfix: Large anvils should now be enchantable again. Bugfix: Fix for some incorrect pluralization of text in missions. Bugfix: Fix for potential max height error with a meditation tile. Bugfix: Fixed a stamina drain issue with digging with an exact 5.0 sec timer. Bugfix: Converts from Nathan and Tosiek to Fo will now ignore alignment and convert properly. Bugfix: Fix passengers of vehicles not being checked for attacks from creatures if a Fo priest is commanding. Bugfix: Actions performed achievement should now trigger properly. Bugfix: Wooden benches now properly change last owner when loaded and unloaded. Bugfix: Another attempt to fix an issue where sometimes you cannot tame another pet once your tamed caged creature leaves the server. Bugfix: Uniques should no longer spawn on deed. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with beds not giving a proper menu and error message for guests of a house with a wall down. Bugfix: Normalized stamina loss from gardening Bugfix: Logs of all woodtypes should now form a pile of logs instead of a toolbox model. Bugfix: Various text, grammar and spelling fixes. Bugfix: The ‘Be premium for 3 months’ personal goal should now trigger properly if you have met the requirements. Bugfix: Crafting window will no longer default to an item in the list. Exceptions listed below. If only one item can be made it will be in the crafting option by default If you have previously had the crafting window open during the same session with that item crafted, it will auto default to that item again Bugfix: Unfinished items must be repaired before being continued. Bugfix: Items placed on top of altars will not get sacrificed with items placed inside altars. Bugfix: Stealthed players are no longer hidden from village and alliance player lists. Bugfix: Daily faith reset is no longer offset by 5 minutes. Bugfix: Items on a destroyed bridge will now drop to the ground below the bridge. Bugfix: A bug with deity death item protection and death protection (skill) has been fixed for player gods. See notes below for deities affected. Prior to this fix, player gods with the “death protector” attribute would have both the item protection and skill protection chance on death, while player gods with “death item protector” obtained no benefit. These attributes now function as they should, and certain player gods may lose their item protection on death. Other player gods will “gain” the item protection on death from this change. Tosiek loses the ability to keep items on death. Nahjo loses the ability to keep items on death. Nathan gains the ability to keep items on death. Paaweelr has no change to abilities. Smeagain has no change to abilities. Gary gains the ability to keep items on death. Bugfix: Toned down the unicorn spawn from the last update a bit. Bugfix: Imbue on items now ignores “must be on ground” conditions. This allows Large Anvils and other ground objects to be imbued, which never worked before. Bugfix: Wagoner contracts can now cross server if they are not planted. Bugfix: Unfinished creature cages will now properly be named “[Empty]” when they are completed. Bugfix: Dirt will no longer be disposed of when dropping it above a mine entrance. Bugfix: Trader placement and citizenship mechanics have been adjusted to occur at the time of placement, rather than the next server restart. Traders will become a citizen of the deed where they are placed immediately, instead of after a server restart. Traders placed in the wild will have no deed associated with them and will not generate upkeep for the deed of the placer. If a deed is placed over a trader in the wild, the trader will immediately become a citizen of that deed. Bugfix: Archaeology statues can now be improved. Bugfix: Wooden left arch, right arch and arch T now display the correct parts quantities remaining in the crafting window and the examine window. Bugfix: When a transported creature dies, it will be removed from all servers so as not to remain on your manage animals list. Client changes: The modern renderer is now an available option: To enable the modern renderer, in the launcher settings (not ingame) go to the graphics tab, and under renderer select Modern, Legacy will be the old renderer. The modern renderer contains a vast amount of changes and improvements, namely: It can display unlimited amount of lights on the screen (addresses light flickering). Trees and grass should no longer slow the client down on older machines. Performance is overall better than the Legacy renderer. Traditional antialiasing setting does not work with it, use the FXAA postprocess option. New (and future) graphics features and changes will often be only available using the new renderer. The post Patch Notes 26/JUL/18 appeared first on Wurm Online.
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    Raiding philosophy is a big reason why raiding deeds is mostly fine the way it currently is. 30 copper isn't the reason raiders visit enemy deeds. Loot, kills, territory contesting and griefing (from least to most important in that order) are the reason people raid deeds. Disbanding a deed allows the capture of towers, forces the enemy to re-cap or bash the tower in order to replace the deed, but like all things PvP it is a numbers game that right now only one kingdom can win. If I were a developer, the last people I would be listening to about why raiding needs to be made easier is the one kingdom that is able to raid pancake any deed at will. You cry about how hard mine doors are to bash, yet you walk right through them. You complain about disintegrate, but I have watched you surface mine into sealed off (reinforced) tunnels in person. You complain about "5 shots per 3 walls" but neglect to mention that treb damage is no longer capped at 20 damage per hit. Your complaints about the difficulty of raiding are purely self serving and without merit.
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    I'm seeing a lot of bull#### here. Namely just ego's being thrown around. "I'm the best and I've been around the longest and because I haven't seen something that means it's never happened." Empire MR literally was one giant raid spree. Raided almost daily for 2 years. We dealt with this kind of #### on a daily basis and we didn't complain about it nearly as much as you folk. And that was LONG before you could damage up to 12 walls with one single Treb shot. Mechanically speaking raiding is currently easier than it's EVER been in the history of the game. 600 slope dirtwalls and trenches have always been possible. Nothing there has changed. But now you have opponents who are skilled enough to use them against you. Not so fun when that happens is it? All things considered Proph your points might come across better if you didn't constantly try and play the "High and Mighty" card, because tbh from my reading here, you're starting to seem more like a general self-interested ###hat, and you really aren't impressing anyone here. Just making a negative impression and giving those who oppose you fuel for fire when you get your ego involved man. Raiding DOES take a long time. And it SHOULD, to keep things like Sparta from happening again. Make raiding too easy, and you have deeds being removed from the map without a trace in as little as 48 hours. This has ALWAYS been the way it has been. Was during EMR's time. Is now. If you want to successfully raid you need to have a strong force on all timezones. Not just one, because one timezone worth of people won't have the time required to make something like this happen. Again that has been the case ever since I started playing Wild nearly 7 years ago now. Nothing has changed, defensively. I agree that repairing things on surface from inside cave layer is a bit odd and broken, shouldn't be done. Shame it was done on Pandas side but, apparently you folks were well aware of it so you should have been expecting it and adapted your tactics to accommodate. Btw the incomplete wall thing you mention in OP had a fix put in for it years ago, can you guess who abused it?
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    Today's Random Enkounter was on Affliction. Inventor was very quick to spot me and would face 6 horrifying ordeals. Ordeal #1 - Name the 'Stealer of Souls'? He was on the right path but didn't quite get there within the allotted time limit of just over about a minute. Ordeal #2 - How many rock shards will fit in 3 large crates if one of the crates holds 11 dirt and another crate holds 7 bricks? Nailed it! (albeit with some careful nudging) Ordeal #3 - How many meters in length is 4 tiles. He got this one easily. Ordeal #4 - Trial by chipmunk! Survive the infestation of half a dozen mutated chipmunks! I had no idea a sickle was good at that.... Ordeal #5 - This is a tough one.... in fact it is so tough only I myself could know the answer. The question is, has anyone successfully found the activation instructions for the Knights of Seris hidden mission? After some careful consideration Inventor answered the question perfectly and got it right! Ordeal #6 - The Menace of The Shire! He must face the dreaded, bare footed Hobbiton menace! 20 Cave Hobbits! 15 Sand Hobbits, 10 Forest Hobbits, 5 Mordorian Hobbits, and one Curious Took. The fighting was fierce as the cave hobbits and sand hobbits tried to eat his toes off, but Inventor quickly dispatched the majority of them only to be challenged by the more powerful Forest Hobbits and the extremely determined Mordorian Hobbits."<Inventor> Nasty Hobbitses" The malnourished deed guard was barely holding against the Forest Hobbits while Inventor tackled the Mordorian Hobbits on his own. Unfortunately, the deed guard could not succeed against the Forrest Hobbit and one of it's relative had to step in and avenge his re-death. It was his Great Aunt Lucy who died tragically in a bakery accident 60 years prior when an oven fell over on her after someone had overloaded it top heavy with too many pound cakes... Poor Lucy.... didn't stand a chance in this afterlife either... Next came the great great great grand uncle twice removed on the first deed guard's pet dog trainer's mother's side of the family. He meant business. His see through cloak was even more see through than the others and his eyes even more gaunt and his skeletal smile even more ...errr.. smiley. Well, he re-died even faster.... sadly.., but that's what he gets for taking on a Mordorian Hobbit! Inventor barely survived the onslaught as the hours passed, but after running around and collecting some of his lost body parts and missing blood he patched himself up...many times, but enough to wear them down and finish them off at which point the most dreaded Shire menace of all appeared... A Curious Took! In spite of all of his clumsiness and usually large hobbit feet, the Curious champion of a Took, fell swiftly to Inventor's axe. I guess its true, they do need their big toes to walk. Inventor won the day, and word shall spread that the Shire has been spared this menace from arriving at its hills one day. For his winnings, Inventor got to keep anything in the Took's pockets. A fireplace... gotta know where your fireplace is at all times! Half a dozen oranges! Three boots! Never know when you will come across a three legged man. A rare meditation rug.... also good for yoga! Supreme pottery flasks! - Travel in style with your vintage wines in handy single serve containers! Supreme pizzas. Nothing is better than a quality pie made with lots of cow and pig products! Unfortunately, since Inventor failed the second most most important challenge of all during this Enkounter, I had to remove the Ring of Power and send it back to the void. Unfortunately, I dropped it somewhere in a fishing pond never to be seen again...
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    I feel the pain of those who are responsible for updating the wiki. For that reason, since the work has been done, I'm going to go through each section listed here and confirm them. I do not promise to confirm future findings in this same manner. However, due to the high amount of effort put into this post to try and organize them specifically for the wiki, I'd feel really bad if they couldn't use it. Here goes (edited the 50/70/90 into each quote): Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed. Note 50 has a female alternative Confirm Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed. Note 50 title has male alternative Confirmed Confirmed (Long Spear) Confirmed. Note that the 90 title has a male alternative. Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed. Note 50 title has female alternative Confirmed Confirmed