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    Hello Wurmians! I’m back again with another sneak peek at the second part of the Exploration Update. Two weeks ago we talked about the addition of cartography, and you can read more about that if you missed it right here: This week, we reveal another portion of the update that may encourage your priests and followers to find special locations around the world of Wurm for benefits depending on the deity they worship. Introducing: Holy Sites! Holy Sites are temporary features that will spawn periodically on each server, providing various special benefits and interactions to nearby players who worship the god associated with the site. Each deity will have two types of Holy Sites that can spawn, and each type can only spawn under certain conditions. These conditions can be anything from proximity to water, to nearby tile types, to altitude, and will always spawn in uninhabited areas away from existing villages and structures. There will be a limit to how many Holy Sites of a certain type can exist at once, and that limit will be higher on larger servers. What do Holy Sites do? Once found and activated by a player through prayer, a Holy Site will provide passive benefits to everyone in its area of influence, such as enhanced passive bonuses from your god, an increase to the quality bonus when improving materials your god favors, and greater Faith gain from prayers and sermons. In addition, an activated Holy Site will periodically pulse with energy, providing a gift or other benefit to all worshipers present. In between these pulse events, every player will also get one chance to perform a special action on the site in order to gather special resources, increase skills, or get other benefits. These resources and benefits will all depend on the type of Holy Site and its associated deity. Holy Sites will have a Power level maintained and increased by the prayers and sermons of the followers and priests taking part in them. They may also be subject to a level of Corruption that can appear randomly, and will increase naturally if not removed by use of the Exorcism skill.. Most benefits of a Holy Site will scale with the Holy Site’s current Power and will be reduced by any Corruption, and high Corruption may result in negative effects for those taking part. When the Holy Site expires, there will be one final pulse event, the Holy Site will disappear, and some server-wide bonuses will occur, such as a large amount of favor to that deity (for charging Rite spells). Holy Sites can also cause creatures to spawn nearby, with the creature type depending on the type of holy site. This may include creature and condition combinations not normally seen, so say hello to champion seals! What kinds of Holy Sites will there be? Please remember that this is only a partial list of the effects of each holy site, and specific effects may be added, removed, or changed as development continues! Wishing Tree (Fo): This large, magical tree that spawns in forests, growing random fruit and other plant-based food items that can be harvested from it. These include new items found nowhere else, which will provide extra complexity to any food made with them. Plants nearby may also be harvested more often, even if they aren’t in season. Sampo (Fo): Inspired by Finnish folklore, the sampo is a mystical device found in the steppes that can provide you with constant food (including long temporary affinities) and source salt. Nearby animals will also frequently have their grooming, milking, and shearing status reset, to take full advantage of nearby creature spawns. Wellspring of Knowledge (Vynora): Found near shorelines, drinking from this fountain will provide you with mystical insight, improving your chances of gaining new affinities and turning items rare through improvement. Sea creatures may be in abundance nearby! Akashic Mirror (Vynora): Spawning on roads and other pavement, gazing into this mysterious device will grant you insight in the form of significant skill gain in various characteristics and a randomly chosen skill, as well as a Meditating skill gain opportunity that does not count against your normal meditation limits. Otherworldly Monolith (Magranon): A strange, black obelisk embedded into the ground, found in deserts and other sandy regions. Rummaging around this artifact will reward you with random high-quality metal lumps, including the possibility for alloys, moon metals (if you’re very lucky!) and a brand-new meteoric metal type. The obelisk will also occasionally attract meteorites to land within the Holy Site, providing more resources to take advantage of. Glowing Fissure (Magranon): A fiery, glowing crack in the ground, found in rocky regions such as mountains. Dig up gems, more uncommon items such as rare bone fragments, and receive ancient item fragments ejected from the fissure, including some not possible through archaeology. Abyssal Circle (Libila): This ominous magic circle will spawn in tundra, and will grant you the opportunity to channel the souls of dead creatures into crystals which may then be used for an effect similar to Mind Stealer but somewhat stronger, drawing on the strength of that creature’s soul to increase one of your skills or characteristics. Pillar of Decay (Libila): Found in sources of peat and tar, this grotesque column of bone and flesh can be pried into with any tool capable of butchery, rewarding you with a small pod of flesh. Use this item on any tile to spawn a temporary tamed simulacrum, a shambling nearly-living humanoid creature loyal only to you (which is good, because it has very sharp claws). Hatching flesh pods on different tile types may result in a creature of varying strength. How will Holy Sites be found? Even knowing the regions where a type of Holy Site might spawn, finding one by exploring the wilds may be challenging. Therefore, players will also be able to receive visions from their god as an uncommon result of praying, preaching, and meditating, taking the form of maps showing the Holy Site, its type, and its immediate vicinity. These maps will function similarly to treasure maps, but with a somewhat different appearance. These maps will be imperfect, sometimes only showing a small area, missing some features, or having other modifiers affecting their usefulness. You will likely need to cooperate with other players and compare maps in order to get a better understanding of where the Holy Site could be. Once a site has been found and activated, its location on the map will be available to all players on that server until it expires. What about PvP servers? Holy Sites will include PvP-specific mechanics to encourage their usefulness as strategic locations to control… or sabotage. White Light deities will provide visions hinting at the locations of Black Light Holy Sites and vice-versa, and you will be able to increase the Corruption of an opposing Holy Site through desecration, even to the point of destroying it entirely. In addition to their usual benefits, a well-maintained Holy Site expiring will also provide PvP-related benefits to the kingdom or deity in question. These details are still being worked on, but may include benefits to the god’s performance in the current Valrei scenario. That’s it for this issue of the Valrei International! We will be back again in two weeks for the final part of “What’s To Come” with the last sneak peek at new features coming with the Exploration Update Part Two. Until then, happy Wurming!
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    This dragon's a member of a choir! So it has two ways it spits fire! Scale and tailoring oil you require? Then it's Bruce's Circus you desire! Slaying will be Sat Sep 24 21:00:00 CEST 2022 servertime, at Bruce's Flying Circus N13 Release This timer should help: Paste this code into Discord to get a time that automatically updates to the time zone of the person viewing the message (someone please tell me if you actually use this) <t:1664046000:F>
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    Seris is dead Blood is fuel Inde will be full Please refer to the Albia Roads Map Of Indy for a bigger map to plan your route better! There Will Be Blood Shed J21/I21 Independence Come get a Ropemaking Blood, Red Scale, ??? Bone, Skull, Meat and the corpse! With a tiny shot at 1 tome charge! Slaying should be Sat Oct 01 21:00:00 CEST 2022 using /servertime Or this timer Or this Discord message: <t:1664650800:F> Once again, please avoid building in the area! We like to leave the area as good, or better, as we found it! Be early! No matter which way you've cut it you've got quite the journey, and I'm not known for delaying. Edit: Almost forgot to say, big thanks to Alectrys for finding and handing over this dragon for public slaying!
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    Come one, come all to Kick A Puppy. A green, scaly puppy. Okay, okay, it's a Sly Green Dragon Hatchling. Last night, we heard another clarion call for help. We came rushing to assist, but all we found was an extra playful and extra bite-y puppy. Well, it bit someone to death, so it's kicking time. DATE: Sunday, 2nd October 2022 TIME: 6 PM CDT / 7 PM EDT / 11 PM GMT LOCATION: "Meowmeowmeow", Harmony K21 https://harmony.yaga.host/#2932,1867 On the Highway System! Set Route to "Meowmeowmeow" Butchered loot will be for finder. Everyone come get your Hide and Blood! Big thank yous: Flintlockkatze @Flintstar who found the scaly green puppy -- or, rather, was assaulted by it while passing by -- and made the decision for a public slay. Oneeyedgod for sacrificing his life (in glory!) for the cause Frog Wizard Federation members who came to help crate the pesky pup in a pen, and are helping organize: Aleck Decaf Syuffeael (and me!) IT WILL BE STREAMED: https://www.twitch.tv/flintlockkatze
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    I thought that black hatchlings were the only dragon that could throw people I thought wrong and for its many crimes (including turning our mine into a massive mess) it must die This fleshy one-eyed dragon must fall Slaying will be Sun Sep 11 21:00:00 CEST 2022 servertime, at Bruce's Flying Circus N13 Release This timer should help: Bonus feature: paste this code into your discord server/pms to get a time that automatically updates to the time zone of the person viewing the message <t:1662922800:f> brought to you by: this made so much more sense in my head
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    Lyon Leblanc's Lavish Limitless Lemon Lair has been located! Leer at his lustrous little lemon lodge, landed near the ledge of a large alp! We shall, in league, liquidate Lyon Leblanc and his lemons into luscious lemonade! A big thank you to Aliko for getting in touch and donating this unique for public consumption! Before I post the location, please do NOT build in the area - this is near someone's deed and we don't want a mess left behind! Thank you! Location: https://exodus.yaga.host/#1320,837 J19/20 Time: Servertime: Sat Sep 17 21:00:00 CEST 2022 For discord: <t:1663441200:F>
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    Hello everyone! Today is a milestone, as we have finally went over 1000 slope! [13:51:23] The border is 1006 slope up. Enjoy a celebratory gif of me and my wonderful assistant, @Fraskesa A massive thank you to everyone who's helped, and in no particular order: Fraskesa Steelmerc Jaz Lordzmielot Xallo Silakka And anyone I may have forgotten throughout this massive project. And don't worry, we're gonna keep going!
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    Took only ten years I been in wurm on and off since 2006. Started again for real early 2012. Started fresh with Moogien same day as Celebration opened Settled same day or day after , the area did not have one single flat tile and rockcliff slopes to water. It is still looking rough and ugly. While working with the deed making flat areas , i met a player riding a hell horse. From that moment i decided to be able tame and ride a Hell horse, 1 or 2 years later about i was there, animal taming 70 and body control 31. Dropped taming for years , then suddenly decided skill it to 90, yet again dropped it a while, and then decided go all way to 100. Now im almost there 1 more tick Title : is decided , need to get it approved if its still free to choose, please no spoilers. also a friend that doesnt like wurm but do play other games, brainstormed the title and the very very few that knows it say it is pretty good. Can not decide if let it be known or not, lol I started count food used for the ticks at a late stage to see actions done. the curve : Edited curve sep 20 added dates for the skillticks
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    The balance of them is something we will be tweaking for sure before launch so thanks for all the feedback so far.
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    I'm out, I'm not bidding against unknown private bidders. Happy Wurming
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    Good morning, guys! Thanks for the heads-up. I just got up (Sunday morning here ) and noticed the issue. Apparently the webspace provider I am using is down at the moment; I cannot even open their service pages. I opened a support ticket with them and I hope they will be able to get it all up and running soon. Sorry for the inconvenience; nothing I can do right now. (To be fair it's the very first time the site is down since I started the map service years ago. So let's be lenient with then - this time )
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    0.05kg lingonberry juice + 0.1kg gold = Transmutation liquid, dirt to marsh 0.05kg lingonberry juice + 0.1kg silver = Transmutation liquid, marsh to dirt Amount needed: half as much as for moss-tundra transmutation The reasoning behind this: Some people like marsh. But it's impossible to create at present. We need an option. Transmutation liquid is an established precedent. It's a well tested, understood, and accepted technique. Marsh can already be transformed into dirt by laying floorboards and removing pavement. Doing it using transmutation should not be much harder.
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    Of course you're saying all this, but it doesn't discount or discredit any worries that people might want to put forward. The fact you're trying to discredit this does nothing but harm potential early feedback that needs to be heard. It's with great pleasure I'd like to remind you of the initial vague Animal Husbandry reveal thread, and how the community figured out how... really not good the system would be, prompting the devs to make a quick and much needed backtrack on one of the proposed mechanics. tl;dr feel free to be hyped about it and think you want to wait before you cast any fears or judgment, that's fine and understandable! But don't also stand on a soapbox and try to discredit the opinions of those who have some fears about some of the stuff coming in. The more I dwell on it, the more I feel like having an area with increased skillgain, affinity chance and rarity window chance is overall a bad idea no matter if every god or one god gets it. Random skillgain in small amounts I can totally understand, and I think that's fine, but offering that boost seems a little bit ropey to me. I'd personally prefer if it was scrapped entirely and both Vyn holy sites offer something different instead. While I do understand that in our already kinda warped lore that Vyn is the goddess of knowledge, skillgain is the backbone of the game and offering even more ways to get big chunks of skill seems a touch bad. Based on wording, the fact they say "significant" skillgain is enough to make me go "hmmm" and question if this is really what we need. Dwell on different aspects of each holy site more and you may realise a lot of the effects are things players already have at their disposal at times. The general feedback from everyone is positive, we all like what these holy sites can offer, we're just concerned on how seemingly powerful the Vynora one has the potential to be. Also, let's not forget that final line you posted yourself is of course based on community feedback also, and you can't have that if all you want is people not talking about the concerns they have
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    I reached 100 Foraging on 11th February this year, and 100 Botanizing on 9th July. I registered both of these with @DemonaNightshade who congratulated me and encouraged me to get back to her as soon as I'd decided upon some titles. She's still waiting... I think I am quite possibly hopeless at deciding upon suitable titles, so I thought ask you for some help! "Please help!" I am particularly interested in titles that work together, either for foraging and botanizing to work together, or to enhance/compliment other titles. But all ideas welcome! Please add your ideas for titles below, and please state whether your title idea is for foraging or botanizing. Note: I will take all ideas into consideration, but be warned I am still likely to pick something completely sad and unhip anyway regardless! Please help as Demona is still waiting patiently! Thanks everyone!
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    He got squished by a meteorite
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    The site is up again!
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    Ah, 2019, a simpler time when rumours of uniques flew openly, and those loose lips didn't even sink ships. Or did they? Back in 2019 and before, those messages were the klaxon horn of action to those involved in uniques. The alarm sounded, and off you went to find the thing! But given the availability of those announcements, well, everyone with an eye to uniques was soon arriving. Oh yeah, you thought it's bad now? Try finding it when every team is there looking too. Quite infamously one player (not calling you out babe) almost single-handedly was netting a crazy amount of uniques on every server using these alerts. Nowadays searching other servers is a dodgy prospect - there's good odds you're going somewhere that doesn't even have a unique and coming home empty handed. This serves to make uniques much more of a surprise that newer players can run across, than something that every unique group will act to lock down as soon as possible. I'd honestly be surprised to be able to do public slayings on other servers following this change - doubtless nowhere near the number of people shocked to discover they've been followed by a dragon trying to take their newbie cart around. In regards to the talk of cheating, even if we take the claims that cheating is rampant at face value, returning to this simply tells the cheaters which server to check, because they'd be faster than legit players. They're going to get more of them with this! Worst of all was that these alerts served to create a time of maximum toxicity. Everyone scurrying for this one goal that isn't going to be shared? You know that's going to concentrate and amplify the toxicity that already exists. The number of disputed uniques would doubtless shoot up, and the GMs really don't want that. tl;dr if I was looking to go private and efficiently secure as many uniques as possible with no regards to toxicity, this is exactly the system I'd want back cancel cultured with facts and logic
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    Recently I have noticed that staffs do not have signatures on them. There's many reasons you'd want a signature on your staff, because the staff is an incredible weapon, and it's very widely used across the playerbase, even by staff. Now that raises a good point, as stuff with the signatures of staff are very saught after! Now how would you feel if you did a random enkounter, and got a staff from Enki, basically the head of staff, and that staff didn't have his signature. The world needs staffs with staff signatures, because a staff staff without the staff signature isn't a staff staff anymore, it's just a staff, and that stuff is surely not as cool as a staff staff. In general all the staff stuff should have staff signature and not just the staff staff, but for now the staff staff for sure needs it as it is star stuff from staff.
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    Archery QoL is horrible. Suggestions: - Get rid of the need to queue every single shot. Make it so that once a mob is targeted, if arrows are present, you shoot until out of arrows or mob dies; like how regular melee combat works. - Get rid of the need to activate bow. just need to hold it in hand; like how regular melee combat works with melee weapons. - Give the list of arrows in the quiver a header, like multiple items in regular inventory get. That way you can drag them all by dragging the header instead of having to shift-click all through list; like how regular inventory items work. - A little less outright arrow loss when collecting arrows after the kill. Just these basic changes would make a lot of common sense and make archery much less punishing and tedious to engage in.
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    It is with great sadness that I (on behalf of our alliance) have to give this news to the community of Wurm, yesterday we lost yet another player who will be missed by so many. Lagston you were not only a player though, you were our friend, our loved one, our cheeky chappie. May you rest in peace and know that we will miss you far more than you will ever know. In the hope that his family gets to see this post in their hours of grief, please drop a line or two just to show how Lagston was such a part of our world.
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    Treasure hunting is most liked by players that go out of deed and do thing, i.e hunting. Having to farm a k tiles so I get a map so I can go treasure hunting isn't what I want and I believe it's the same for other who enjoy exploration. A player that enjoys farming won't be as excited about treasure hunting as a player that likes hunting/exploring. Creating an enjoyable feature but wanting players that aren't into that to enjoy it, maybe they will come out sometime but not like the hunters that enjoy doing that. I have seen players that aren't interested in it having 10+ maps but players that want to do it, like me, have just a couple. It's like, the content is there, I would enjoy it but I can't because I didn't farm 1000 tiles.
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    [10:12:51] Animal taming increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 A 10 years mile stone is planted , im so happy.
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    Allow anyone with sufficient deed perms, or the mayor(if allowing anyone with deed perms is too much) to push boats that are moored, wagons/cart-types-that-are-hitched, around ondeed. Intent here is there is a considerable number of tickets that have to be put in to get us(the GM Team) to come move hitched/moored vehicles to offdeed locations because they are unable to be moved by anyone on the deed. (Before anyone says it, the griefing potential is minimal here, as someone who nefariously blocks off someone's vehicle would be subject to GM intervention on behalf of the owner of said vehicle in the first place).
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    Alas wurmians far and wide Time to dust up those dirty rags, those rust collecting tin suites you call armor, our lands have been invaded by the Dirty, Smelly and Ugly force of the forest. This young whippersnapper is hell bent on pillaging our village crops and livestock's. We have no choice but to send him back to where he came. Give him a proper was before we send him off... oo i almost forgot bring a pair if sandals if you can...... Location: https://harmony.yaga.host/#1181,2374
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    So this was not illegal to slay after getting loose. I understand that. But for Zach to sit here and make up excuses why he killed it.. I just can't bite my tongue. When It got loose and was announced in trade chat I watched Zach SAIL there from another server. (He's on my friend's list). I knew what he was doing, so messaged him and asked if he needed help trapping it. I got crickets. He then waited THREE HOURS to get enough fighters together. Three hours is more than enough time for someone who knows how to pen. Plenty more. You can couch it however you want, you wanted the kill. That is within the rules. Morally? There was a public slay announced, you knew it was Malajane's... You could have just stayed away for the 12 hours until the public slay, but you CHOSE to GO there. /mytwocents.
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    Announcing a kyklops slaying event Everyone is welcome to join in on the slaying of this wayward highwayman. When: Saturday, October 1st - 7pm GMT Where: Melody i15 Find route to The Wayward Highwayman Rewards: Giantslayer title Blood for potions of leatherworking ~ This kyklops was caught committing highway robbery. Fortunately he was apprehended with the efforts of Darkelana, Mizziry, Synjor and myself. Let's put a stop to this wicked thief once and for all.
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    Almost forgot to say, big thanks to Alectrys for finding and handing over this dragon for public slaying!
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    I really like the journal feature in the game. Many modern games are much more quest-based than they were 10+ years ago, and lots of players come into Wurm expecting a similar experience where the game gives you suggestions on how to get started. I think that the journal needs a UI/UX update so it isn't just a plain list of tasks, but in principle it's great: it gives players a set of optional suggestions for things to work towards, in the process exposing them to new features and helping to prevent them from getting stuck and quitting. It has the potential to make Wurm a lot less daunting for new players. However, one thing about the existing journals is that they're either a) the basic training tiers (which act like an extension of the tutorial for certain skills) or b) the crafter/priest tiers (which aim to expose players to a wide range of what's in Wurm). The one exception to this is the treasure hunting journal tier, which is along the lines of what I'd love to see more of: optional journal goals in a separate category that are focused broadly on certain aspects of the game, and give new players a sort of instruction manual for what to do (if they want/need it.) This would help a lot with getting people started, but in a different way to the basic training tiers (which focus on skilling and creating basic items) and the crafter/priest tiers (which expose players to a very broad range of content). So, here are a few ideas on what else could be 'journalised' from the early and mid-game of Wurm to help new players who need an extra helping hand with more advanced aspects of the game. ---------------------- A deed journal: "The Basics of Any Deed" Most players (on PvE) found their own deed, but doing so can be a daunting task. This journal goal would pop up when founding a deed, all with the aim of giving newbies ideas on what to work on next, making deed-creation less intimidating. The goals could be... Found a deed Build a building Place a bed and a chest inside the building Place a BSB on the deed Start a farm on your deed Brand an animal Open a mineshaft Build an oven and a forge Build a well or a fountain on a tile with a water source Join an alliance Reward: upkeep tokens & a title. ---------------------- A hunting/slayer journal: "Gotta Slay Them All" MMO players love completing things, so why not gameify fighting a little bit and encourage new players to go out and hunt a wide range of mobs? Available after killing your first aggressive mob. Equip armour on all of your body parts, a weapon and a shield Train fighting with a fighting dummy Fight with normal, aggressive and defensive stances Slay a goblin Slay a wolf Slay a huge spider Slay a black bear Slay a brown bear Reach 50 fighting (note: this one is intentionally listed before some of the hardest mobs) Slay a lava fiend Slay a lava spider Slay a hell scorpious Slay a troll Reward: title, maybe some experience gain or sp ---------------------- A travel journal: "Journey Around Wurm" This goal rewards players for travelling around. Unlocked after moving at least 10 km. Use a highway system to navigate to a deed Visit every major biome (grass, forest, steppe, tundra, sand/desert) Visit 10 settlements Purchase an item from a merchant Trade with another player Travel to another server Equip a horse or a donkey with horse shoes and a saddle Send an item to another player in a mailbox Visit the north, east, south and west of your server Travel 10 km while riding an animal Climb a hill or a mountain that's at least 300 m tall (3000 dirts) Reward: title, maybe a travel-themed clothing item (hat) of some kind ---------------------- Another travel journal: "The Wonders of the Northern/Southern Freedom Isles" This journal would require a bit more maintenance (and doesn't really work on PvP) but would encourage players to go and visit different deeds that are famous for being amazingly well designed. The devs/GMs would need the power to hand curate these on the fly, and I'd suggest two separate goals (one for NFI, one for SFI). Deed mayors should be asked that they're ok with being on the list. But especially for market deeds, it would do wonders for generating tourism! This goal encourages new and old players alike to visit some of the most impressive deeds in Wurm for inspiration. For instance, on SFI it could be... Where it all began: The Howl on Independence An incredible, quaint market: Little Venice on Release Out of this world terraforming: Magranon's Rest on Exodus etc... Reward: title, unique statue or tapestry Alternatively, this could use some sort of slightly new journal system that adds continuous goals. Every few months a few new deeds would be added that people are recommended to go and visit. ---------------------- So, these are just a few suggestions for ideas that expand the journal system into new territories. This is not an exhaustive list, simply four ideas for areas of the game that a lot of newer players would probably benefit from having more direction with. And, ultimately, they're optional - Wurm is an open-world sandbox and so quests shouldn't ever be the focus. However, these ones give players guided ideas on what to do next, hoping that it helps them get into the game and stick around permanently. Feel free to add any more ideas below (also, side-note: I think that before adding any more goals, the UI for the journal system should be re-vamped into something much more appealing to the eyes than a list of tasks; but that's something for another topic/day...)
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    Branded horses should be able to navigate home using the highway system. Your deed must be on the highway system. Leading a branded horse interact with a way stone. Same travel time as a wagoneer. So not instant but allows one to use teleports or even catch a rise with a friend or something. Should be balanced by the horse being unavailable until it gets back. Encourages the development of a servers highway system. And is something horses can do irl.
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    For the special actions you perform on the holy site itself, you will always be able to perform that action just as often no matter how many other people are there and doing the same. Terraforming, deeding land, and building structures/fences will all be blocked in the vicinity of the site.
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    Neat idea but I really think this might be slanted towards Vyn in a weird way. Are the bonuses limited to the god you follow? As a Mag follower, can I enjoy the Vyn holy site benefits too? If not, I really think Wellsping of Knowledge is too powerful and maybe should even just be given to every site. Instead, give Vyn something else for that specific holy site so we can all get that one nice bonus and enjoy our gods holy sites for the other additional effects and benefits. Love the idea, it's incredible and does add a lot to the world and religion, I just think that needs to be reconsidered. So help us god if a holy site for that pops up with the skill gain and affinity bonus event comes up, Vyn really would be zooming ahead massively. Rare items form an almost backbone for a large part of the economy I care little about, and affinities are really damn good bonuses to your skillgain. Giving that bonus to just one god feels really kinda backwards given we moved away from Vyn followers skillgain being so great a long time ago.
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    Server Changes Change: Crude axe is now updated to use hatchet skill instead of pickaxe. Change: When a player manually returns mail it will now last 2 weeks instead of 1 week before being deleted. Client Changes Bugfix: Statues and other ground objects will glow again when equipped with a glow rune. Bugfix: Items that are both dyed and have a colour rune attached will now display their dyed colour when placed on the ground. Change: Tweaks to creature condition colours on modern renderer. Bugfix: UI client issuesFixed text scaling on friends/support tabs. Added show detailed hover option to options window. Freelook mode will now have a crosshair again. Added option on skill tracker to scale text size to the width. We have also made a few optimizations to hopefully address some of the recent lag issues. September’s Winged Helm Skin! September’s monthly skin is the “Winged Helm”, invented by R. Plimey in 908 after an unfortunate horseback collision with an eagle. Available through the month of September in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to an Open Helm to give it a unique and fancy look.
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    Let us plant a range pole at the end tile, instead of needing a second account to hold it. It is a silly restriction that is even more hurting towards solo Steam-account players who have to use convoluted methods to log in a second account or get someone to come all the way out to where they are to hold it. There is also the niche case where an alternate account of someone doesn't have the stamina to hold the range pole for the length of time required for the main to plan the bridge; despite having a long timer tohold it takes stamina, kind of weird in itself...
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    [15:12:34] You board on the "St Nicholas II" as the captain. Thank you all for helping out in Freedom yesterday. I am on my way home now :") I must say that you have a beautiful island, as an outsider I can see a lot of love went into it. I prefer gettin lost for hours on an island such as Indy instead of having GPS like in other games.
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    With path of love, we can enchant trees and bushes to stop aging- and I would love to see the same with hedges. I like medium hedges for the visibility, but it can be a pain to go through and prune often if you have a lot of them, and the Camellia hedge appearance isn't for me. This allows us to add in variety and strip some of the tedious maintenance.
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    Hi all, I have decided to start a new Youtube channel up for uploading my lets play video's. I just uploaded the Wurm Online let's play - Episode 1 and thought I would share it here in case anyone would like to watch and follow the adventure. Thanks for reading Valiance. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI4JY3eEnhy4bLcoX6diKxA
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    ...this brought to you by me accidentally picking up one of my carefully positioned shelves for the billionth time. I need to stop myself picking up my own stuff far more frequently than I need to stop anyone else doing it. (Also, bolt-on suggestion, please let us secure carpets, beds, fireplaces, fountains, small deco items and all the other stuff which should be securable and weirdly isn't.)
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    I am an avid treasure hunter and as a result I collect a lot of items, especially chess pieces and glass jugs. I would like to suggest two new storage containers for these items in particular, the toy chest and the liquor cabinet. Liquor Cabinet - Holds glass jugs along the same principle as the larder. No need for snowballs. Uses Fine Carpentry to create and improve. Allow jugs when stored inside the cabinet to be seen much like books on a book shelf. Add some new deco ideas for home and taverns. Toy Chest - A smaller version of the bsb, holding 1000 toys. This could also be used for yoyos, chess and checker pieces, puppets, etc... Uses Fine Carpentry to create and improve. Thanks for reading. Feel free to add other suggestions that would improve these two items!
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    We are definitely monitoring the post and collecting feedback to help fine-tune the features. I personally don't have all the answers, and I'm not going to answer things pretending that I do, in case I'm wrong or mistaken These sneak peeks bring a lot of feedback from you guys that can give us things to think about that we may not have thought of and can really help us development wise on this feature and show us what needs to be tweaked or taken into consideration. Then we discuss before giving answers, rather than give ones that may end up not being correct.
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    Ladygodiva found a Kyklops wandering the greatest server ever! Yes, that's right imp talking about Pristine! He has a big stick and likes to throw things and people, come help us get rid of him! Alts welcome for blood, loot is private at request of finder. Thanks to Ladygodiva for sharing with everyone, and thanks to Primordia and Efevee for helping with the pen job. This location is central-ish desert, and is NOT close to the coast for alts, so consider that before traveling! When: Sunday @ Where: Pristine https://pristine.yaga.host/#1158,1128 Loot: Private Why: Pants Why not: Taco's!
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    Edit: I knew I was going to forget a few things that I wanted to mention in this post, but I'm very much ashamed to have forgotten a rising star on our QA team. Majelika! She has been keeping up with the bugs reported by folks on the forums, as well as testing things thoroughly. Please welcome her to the team! And now back to your regularly scheduled post! --- Hello all! I apologize for the delay in posting this. We’ve been very busy behind the scenes, and I wanted to make sure things line up for this post and the posting of the new Valrei International, as they go hand-in-hand. Team Changes To get started, I’d like to congratulate Darklords on his promotion to Lead Developer! He has worked very hard to take over some of the tasks I performed before becoming Product Manager, and his new role will allow me to focus more on other areas that need attention. Jaytoo has also joined the team as a volunteer, as some of you may have already noticed. He brings fresh ideas and skills to the team; we’re thankful to have him! You can already see some of his work in the recent changes made to archaeology, and I’m pleased to say that he has even more ideas in mind. Lag and Crashes We’ve been monitoring Cadence for lag spikes, and we think we know where a few are, but we are still analyzing data and working out the actions we should take to rectify the issues. We’ve been logging and fixing issues where the communication buffer was mishandled on the server side. This would lead to client crashes and make the game unplayable for some. In conjunction with this, we are working on an update to the Wurm Launcher that will support multiple Java Runtime Environments. This will allow us to trial newer Java versions before promoting them. The runtime environment is important as we have evidence showing increased stability while running on newer environments. Exploration, Part 2 Exploration is still rolling forward, and the Valrei International released soon will showcase one of the significant features in this coming update. We plan on showing off a different feature every two weeks. We will try to have these features on the test server within a week or two after teasing, but keep in mind that these features are in active development. The tentative release date for the second half of Exploration is mid-fall. The Future As I mentioned, we are interested in getting back to basics in terms of development for Wurm. While it has been fun and energizing to work on these new features, we need to focus on fixing issues, increasing quality of life, and most importantly, addressing issues that prevent new players from getting into the game. There are also plans for marketing and the reinstatement of newsletters. We will still work on fresh content, but it will have less priority than what was mentioned above. That’s all from me for now, Happy Wurming!
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    Was thinking - ossuaries were pretty common. And, we have LOTS of skills. Why not let us build an ossuary wall? Basically a reskin of the existing wall types. Material would be mortar and skulls instead of bricks.
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    Well, it's been fun. Niarja has been around since...at least 2015? I think a simplified version existed before then, but it's hard to remember now. I played Wurm at a very different time in my life. That's over now - I have no interest in the game, have no idea what's going on, and probably couldn't name a single developer if I tried. Niarja is very cheap to run (free) but there are still responsibilities such as performing security and backend upgrades on a regular basis. I've kept it running for 4-5 years past my "don't care" point, but I'm done now. I'm still very impressed by how many people have enjoyed the tool and talk about it on the forums or in the official Wurm Discord. It's going away, but I'm confident someone will be able to create a new and better version that has all the features I never bothered adding. All aspects of Niarja.com will shut down on October 1st, 2022. If you've used Niarja Skill Compare before, your "Manage Characters" page now contains a link to download all of your skill uploads into a single CSV file. Whatever tool exists in the future should be able to consume that file and get you caught up.
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    Nvm, it has run away and was killed by somebody else, sorry guys. Red dragon slaying https://deliverance.yaga.host/#878,1316 Feel free to come by. Public to kill, blood also public, bone reserved.
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    I have lost my voice due to too much singing recently and therefore can't attend this beautiful music festival that it will be! My doctor said I was addicted to singing and therefore have needed to take some time away from events that will make me overuse my vocal cords. I wish you the best and hope you all will sing, scream and shout for me! (read: I am away and internet + laptop not allowing to run wurm will prevent me from being there to mix bloods)
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    Making sure the previous owner is not having a personal crisis. I would say over half the time a large deed pops unexpectedly, it's because the person has lost a family member, or is taking care of a parent in hospice, or is ill, or has a sick child, or something similarly drastic. I think it is really important to talk to any alliance members or neighbors and find out what was going on. If someone is going through a personal crisis and their deed pops, think about what you would like to have happen if this happened to you. That's what I always do, anyway. We can be kind to each other and still make money in a game. But I think it's important to remember that these are pixels and the people behind them are real.
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    Sol and Jackal total eclipse <3
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    Thank you to everyone who came out and worked to not just fix it, but to make this canal even better. The indomitable spirit of Xanadians is tremendous.
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    The Fire Starter - Taken on a Private Server -
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    Heya, and first of all a big shoutout to Chakron for keeping Niarja up all these years! Beta testing is now finished, and public testing can begin for new features on WurmNode to hopefully let us have access to similar data in the future! * A search bar is added where you can search for deeds or players. * You can now upload dump files to join in on the skill lists and enrich your characters profile page. Only so much have been able to be developed and tested in the short time since the Niarja shutdown was announced, so all features still to be considered as testing. You can post here or pm me on Discord or forums with any questions or suggestions! Hope you all have a lovely Wurmian weekend!