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    I have been receiving a number of complaints from a small number of people concerning our Moderators and Game Masters telling people to report their issue on the forums instead of telling it to a moderator to report it. These people seem to want to think that the Mod team is simply being lazy and not doing their job or just not interested in helping them. The truth is that most of these individuals just like to waste our time with complaints, but I felt it was worthwhile to explain to everyone again why we ask you from time to time to post your non-sensitive issues to the forums. For fact, we of the team are few and you as members of the community are a lot. The Support Ticket system is there for you to contact us with sensitive issues, and if we can render immediate aid we will, but if we see it is not something we can help with due to no reimbursement policies or is a general mechanical situation that we have no power to correct and is non sensitive in nature, then we will ask you to post it on the forums and close out the ticket. This significantly reduces the number of duplicate reports, allowing everyone with legitimate information to participate in a single forum thread instead of many individual tickets for the testing and correction of the issue. It will not always be obvious to you what we can and cannot correct immediately, but when we do ask you to post in the forums it is not out of ‘bias’, ‘laziness’, or ‘uncaring’. After all, you know your issue the best. You know what you did better than we do. You are in a far better position to detail what happened for testing and replication which allows Alectrys, who heads up our Murphy’s Law dept., to follow up with you on the situation for details that we likely would not think to collect so that the developers can correct the situation in a future update. If we spent our available time investigating non-sensitive issues that you already know better than us, so that we could report it instead of you, then we would never get through our work each day. We do this out of respect and desire to help, so please understand that we are not just pushing your issue to the side, it really is important to post such issues to the forum so that the Development team can review the issue and leave the in game support ticket system for ‘sensitive issues’ or problems that we can work to correct immediately. I hope this drills home the significance of why we ask you to post non-sensitive mechanical issues on the forums instead of going through the mod team. Thank you, Enki (Head Game Master)
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    Room with a view Wilczan (Did I do this one before?) HI Everyone! One week since the highway system was introduced, and we've been keeping an eye on feedback and issues raised. We've also got the winners of the tapestry contest and the blossom redesign to announce. It's a winner packed Valrei International today, so let's get started! Tapestry contest winner(s)! This tapestry competition had some AMAZING entries, and the entire dev team was blown away by the amount and quality of entries, so we felt it only fair to expand the competition to three winners! After deliberation, discussion, and perfecting our art critic poses, we have determined the three winners who will see their tapestry ingame (as well as a supreme copy of it upon introduction) Ehizellbob: Mclavin: Evening: On behalf of the dev team I'd like to congratulate all winners, and thank everyone who entered. This competition has proven to be extremely popular, we might have to look at more ways of getting your content into the game... We'll be in contact with the winners to sort out the fine print and will see these images ingame in a future update! Blossom redesign There has been some hot competition for the blossom update, and the top place has been close, but the winner of the redesign contest is Joelle with "Blossom Park"! I'd like to congratulate her and we'll be in touch to organise the start of work. All designs were amazing, and I'm keen to see more entries for future deed design contests! Unstable client With continued work on the unstable client we finally have a date for the switching to stable! Come September 1st we'll be releasing the 4.0 client as the stable version, meaning the current stable one will no longer be the client you receive when you click play. Obviously this means it's really important that you try it now, we'll be leaving reminders in-game to check it out and report any issues you do have. Trying it now means you avoid issues when it launches as the stable client, so please do! Feedback on your feedback Throughout the past week we've been helping with highway questions, and taking your feedback on board. From this we'll be making three changes in the coming updates 1) Planting catseyes is currently at 2 seconds on deed and 10 seconds off deed, this will be changing to 2 seconds on deed and 10 seconds minus .5 seconds for every 10 paving skill. Meaning at 50 skill it will be 7.5 seconds and at 90 skill it will be 5.5 seconds. 2) Many have commented on the brightness of the colours of the waystones, citing them as slightly jarring. The colour of the stone is important as it provides information of links and status, but we'll be looking at dimming the colour somewhat and making it a little more subtle. 3) Blessed lamps on highway tiles will not take decay. Mine door updates. Mine doors are an important part of any deed security, and we've been working on giving them a bit of a makeover, here's the first: You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about That's not all though, coming soon mine doors will have a brand new opening animation: Community Content This weeks community content is a Wurm Online fansite, Xanadu or bust! http://xanaduorbust.tumblr.com/ This player toured deeds on xanadu and sharing his sights along the way, it doesn't look to be up to date, but certainly gives ideas for travelling and exploring! That's it from us this week, I hope you're all mining gold and making sheets in preperation for the new mine door(s)! Next news will be the day of the unstable launch, so make sure to try it out! Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm team.
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    Another awesome picture - Kasumi Greetings Wurmians! We've been hard at work this week with the new big features coming, which aren't yet ready for big reveals, but don't worry, there's still plenty to share! Damaged goods One change coming in the next update is a more visual indicator of damage in your inventory. Items with greater than 0, but under 20 damage will show in a light yellow, with items higher than 20 damage having a darker orange. This option can be disabled in the settings, but should help a lot with reminding you all to repair your tools before you lose them! Tree collisions There's been an ongoing thread (and debate) about the tree collisions. and after the improvements to the width of the blocking trees, we'll be reintroducing them into the game. We've reworked how the collisions work and they've been on test for a while as well as Wurm Unlimited, so we know they function quite smoothly and shouldn't get players stuck like the old ones. Expect this to come into effect next update, so sharpen those hatchets! Corpse permissions A long requested feature is a way to protect items on branded mount corpses. When a creature died any items on it could be looted, but no more! With the next update when a branded creature dies, the corpse can only be interacted with by those people who had ride/lead permissions on that animal prior to it's death .People without permission cannot take, open, butcher, bury or move the corpse. Due to the way the corpses work this will only last until the next reboot, so if you do lose a mount, be sure to collect the gear before the next time the server goes down! Fosters Farm This weeks community content is the return of Emoo and Fosters Brewery, with a timelapse video of the creation of his farm. That's it from us this week, and this is just a fragment of what's in the works, and I look forward to sharing it all with you soon! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm team.
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    I will be posting here in the next few weeks Plenty of funds have been raised, mostly all the imping materials have been acquired as well, really just prize winnings and working out logistics of Impalong helpers and permissions ect.
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    Reflections - Shmeric Another week down, and despite that pesky dev team stealing some of my thunder with releasing unteased works, the latest update is out! Sure, it's old news, but we'll touch on these new containers and a little on the enchant fix too, but first... Patch Notes Bulk Container Unit The bulk container unit is the next level in bsb technology (I did want to name it the bsb 2000). This unit not only has the capacity of 4 bsbs, but also has them as shelves inside, meaning you can store and sort based on any attribute you desire. This functionality does come at a price though, not only does it take 4 finished bulk storage bins to build, it also requires a minimum of 50 fine carpentry. It's also quite difficult to build, so get those parts high quality before you try! Rack for empty bsb The rack for empty bsb's also comes in with this update. With all the new racks and containers, many bsb's are left lying around, unfilled and unloved. We can't help much with the unloved, but we can provide a save place to store them without cluttering up the place (and also improving performance by not having to render them all!). The rack for empty bsbs' is easier to make than its bulk container unit partner, and will happily hold up to 30 bsbs until you need to use them. Enchant decay changes Along with this update comes a few changes to how enchant power decays, and we'll go into them here. Previously, every 5 seconds of an action an enchant had a small chance of lowering by 1, this meant that if you were extremely unlucky, you could lose more than 1 point per action. This new system gives one chance per action, with the length of the timer determining the chance. This change also reduces chances of enchants being lost on actions under 10 seconds, in some cases enchants are up to 30% less likely to go down than before. This of course stacks with enchant power affecting it, with a 100 enchant being half as likely to lose a power, and rarity, with rare being five times less likely, supreme being ten times less likely, and fantastic fifteen times less likely. we'll be tweaking this slightly with leveling actions on dirt, but Enchants don't affect leveling anyways, so don't use your enchanted tools! Tapestry reveal Of course, the fanart tapestries had three very deserving winners, and Saroman has been hard at work adding them into the game. I managed to score a sneak peak, and reveal the ingame versions of these winners, so without further adieu I think they all look fantastic, and have three tapestry stands waiting to build each one, which will you build first? Animal cages I've seen a few requests for an update on animal cages, so I figured I'd touch a little on them to keep you in the loop. They're currently still in the works, with the intricacies of crossing servers and not having them needing to be put back together by Enki and a pot of glue. On the bright side, Enki has developed an eight legged horse that we think could win the Kentucky derby, but there's currently no ETA on their addition to the game (the cages, not the eight legged horses). When we get closer to their release we'll do a complete showcase and go into detail about how it all works. Community Content This weeks community content is the unlucky burglar! The unlucky burglar is a small inn located in celebration, right on the edge of hunting grouns and other ammenities. If you're in the area, or want to visit Celebration and see what it has to offer, make sure to book a room! That's it from us this week, I know you're all busy building those bulk containers and eager to find out more about what the new skill is and what's coming to wurm next. You'll just have to wait and see! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Oh i don't think you want to hear the "truth being told" xD The bulk of my feelings about having known Rolandt as a member of my kingdom and as an enemy in others...is i'm beyond glad that i no longer have to interact with him in this game. His deceitful disgusting attitude is something i think few miss. I don't even know where i would start in listing off nasty ass things hes said to people or done, not to mention that half the things he EVER said were just lies in the name of serving himself.
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    Getting creative with the new wall types, styles, and options! Pottery T Fences with Pottery High Fences with a Pottery Clad Reinforced Wall behind it!
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    I wish, (Wishing hard) that the bsb units would have 6-8 internal shelves. I was using 4 per tile, so this makes it look neater but doesn't really store more per tile in a appealing way. In the words of a famous leader. "Make it so."
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    You cannot copyright other peoples works. Modifying a texture to apply to a wagon does not mean it is not their intellectual property, you would have better luck redoing the artwork yourself.
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    First IM A WINNER WOOOO Thanks to my boy Awardis who inspired me by not playing, still awaiting his come back, hopefully this is it.
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    The Fire and Sand alliance of Exodus, better known to most as the former Empire of Mol Rehan, is happy to announce that we're putting Wurm's first underground impalong next month! The event will take place from Friday 20th of October through Sunday 22nd and if we're all having fun we might carry on a bit through Monday too This is our first attempt at an impalong so we're starting with a weekend, if everyone has fun you can expect more in future and probably longer ones too. The venue is my home of Magranon's Rest where myself and my allies have been working hard to set up for future events over the last couple months. Located at I21 on Exodus within the Iron Mountain. You can arrive by land or sea as i have constructed canals through the desert. What's an Impalong? For any newer players out there who've never experienced such an event, an Impalong is a wurm tradition where many players come together for an extended event to craft together and for each other at no cost to anyone. This means that you can come as a fresh new player and ask people who've been playing the game for 10 years to make you high QL tools and we'll gladly do it as long as we've got the time and the manpower. We will also be arranging events and prizes so we're not all just sitting around chatting and crafting for days on end so maybe you can get something far better than just an improvement to your current gear! You can also expect a large volume of priests there for sermons and casting so come get your gear enchanted too What to expect We have provided an imping hall that is perfectly suited (see pics below) for everyone to work closely together, this means that sermons on the roof of the hall will include everyone crafting below, get those huge faith bonus increases! Our alliance has been working tirelessly to collect and provide thousands of materials to cover anything and everything that players may wish to see made. We aim to be able to provide improvements ranging from 70 to 90QL depending on time and demand and we have the supplies and crafters to do it. Should you wish to attend as a crafter you'll be given any materials you require and may work on whatever you wish to, to whatever QL you want (i'm only putting my own guys up to the challenge of pushing the highest QL they have time for :P). You can also expect to see a lot of high level priests casting high level enchants when possible, though supplies for sacrificing materials will be limited as our focus has been on crafting materials. I'll provide what i can in that regard. Finally we are currently discussing prizes and events to put on over the three days, at the very least a fighting tournament is set to occur and we're open to suggestions from the community if you have any ideas for fun games to put on. Prizes will be provided by donations from anyone willing, i'll personally be putting up an 85QL adamantine carving knife for grabs and some other goodies. Keep an eye out in this thread for updates very soon on events and prizes. I'll be cooking up a whole lotta food and high QL drinks too, because THEN it's a real party! What is expected of you First and foremost it's a community event so show up, have fun and get involved. All are welcome. We're a former pvp kingdom with all the drama that entails. I expect everyone from all sides to play nice or you simply won't be welcome anymore, this includes MR players. Keep KvK on Chaos. Make sure to name your items before dropping them into forges/containers for the crafters to work on them. For enchants please also label which enchantments you want. Getting items casted on is at your own risk, this is a potential shatter zone! Casting priests will be expected to have 80 or higher channeling to save people this most horrifying of pains. Crafters shouldn't need to pick any items up, allowing players to grab them easily when finished, but if necessary for overflow reasons then either the crafter or one of our impalong staff will get it for you if you PM them. Minimum expected improvements from crafters will be 70QL. Yes it's a cave, but please be sparing with personal lighting as it can get very excessive with lots of players. Please exercise a reasonable amount of common sense when bringing in items, if you drop 20 things at once you will not be looked upon favourably. Don't run off and sell this stuff afterwards, we can't stop you but if we hear about it you won't be welcome in future. If you are attending as a crafter it helps me out with planning if you post here, i will update with a list of crafters and what they'll be working on. Finally please feel free to message me on the forums or ingame if you have any thoughts, issues, ideas for events, want to be involved or want to donate a prize. Our Staff These players can be contacted about events or pestered to provide materials you require during the event. I expect to be expanding it as i rope more people into helping over the next couple weeks. Crafters Events Here's some screenshots of the setup as it stands currently. The Mol Rehan Armoury Ground Floor crafting area. Second Floor - Seating, crafting and auction house, @JakeRiversis very excited to try live auctions Top Floor Sermon Circle The Public Barracks - Beautifully decorated by @Tiranille and helper elves . We hope the accommodations will be to your liking! The first four floors look like this Then up top we have some delux suites Some construction in the mines still underway, we may set up our fighting tourney here or outside. Will update as we build If anyone is interested in seeing a more in depth look at the deed and it's construction I've been keeping a long and arduous diary of the project in the Exodus section in a link below. The deed is always open to all players so if anyone wants to come by and take a look around you are most welcome to.
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    Firstly I would like to thank everyone for participating and being patient as we got through what was a considerable list of items. Many thanks especially to those who bid that bit higher than they might otherwise have done for the 'good cause'. I apologise for being a little enthusiastic with our initial pricing but I feel it all went well in the end! I'm delighted to announce that the proceeds of the auctions totaled 8g 46s 82c 02i, or nearly 43% of unrecovered loses. I am in the process of contacting those players to arrange for the delivery of their coins.
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    So, people seem to get a bit disappointed when they complete a temple only to find its a tiny unimpressive question mark bag. My suggestion is this - What better item of worship could we have in wurm!
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    Yes actually (somewhere in the list of 50 other things I want to do). When I get some time to go back onto creature movement in the near future, I have a plan to give creatures a way to path through a single tile in a similar way to how they path through an area. Long story short, for creatures this will act sort of like breaking down a single tile into a grid where the positions of trees and whatever other undesirables will be visible to the creature, and they'll have to plan their movement through the tile using that information. Payoff of this will be creatures that act a bit more realistic, having to smartly path their way around trees and obstacles in the same way a player has to instead of ghosting directly towards their goal as they do currently.
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    Since their is a confusion on who is to blame each day of the week here is the schedule. Sunday: Pingpong Monday: Zenity Tuesday: Tamat Wednesday: Pingpong Thursday: Beastwolf Friday: Pingpong Saturday: Pingpong
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    Wurm has been objectively more fun to explore since it was disabled. Let me summarize the reasons from the "debate" you mention: Pro collision arguments: It was intended to return. It is immersive Buffs roadbuilding Helps you climb by giving you a ledge to regain stamina Anti collisions: It makes exploring forests less fun and more tedious. Goodbye speeding through wurm on horses, hello stopping every 3 tiles to go around trees. People got stuck a lot inside the trees thanks to glitches. This could turn a bad situation into a deadly one. Mobs don't have tree collision. This means new players on foot are in a lot more danger as the mobs catch up much faster with tree collision than without. Regaining stamina with trees was finicky and glitchy. Notice that only one of the pro collision arguments is about a benefit tree collision brings. This is yet another quality of life nerf disguised as "reintroducing" a feature.
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    The original spider... I believe you're reading this, because you might know spider. Some of you might have a bad relation to the highly experienced pvp'er, and some doesn't. In fact most people have heard about him, if they have ever set foot on the lands of Chaos. But, when it all comes down, do you really know, the real personality behind the character, spider? Well, if you are curious about, this post, keep reading! He sucks and his English sucks. That's about all there is to him.
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    Glad you had a good experience with the guy and you enjoyed your holiday. I cannot however say that this post changes any of my total and utter disdain for Rolandt having witnessed his manipulative, self centered, backstabbing and two timing personality both ingame and outside of it. I'm happy that he's been able to put together his family again by the sounds of things which isn't half of what he actually deserves. Rolandt will forever be etched in my mind as one of the most toxic and unpleasant individuals I've ever had to deal with in this game and no number of happy go lucky holiday stories will change that. Normally I am really very chill when it comes to my interactions with people in this game, regardless of what faction they've been a part of. So I aplogise if my post seems very blunt, I just hope that you never come to understand why the name Rolandt brings a bitter taste so so many peoples mouths. Best of luck with your friendship.
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    this is already in the game, my cat is fluffy and is conditioned, non-aggressive and requires no feeding see how he is curled up by the fire, I should maybe move those fireworks though
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    Something has happened that I never thought would happen. I am back (casually at least). Hope some of the old players are still around.
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    Gods Only the four original gods, Fo, Libila, Magranon and Vynora, would exist. There could only be priests and followers of these four. By restricting it to a static four gods, spell lists and abilities can be balanced between them, with each god having unique benefits and spells not found on any other god or player god. Player Gods Player gods would not be removed, but changed into Patron Gods. Patron gods have a very restricted list of spells, but can be worshiped by any follower or priest of any religion. A patron god has no priests. A patron god could be called a Saint, Demon, Spirit, Angle, or other appropriate name. Patron Gods A patron god blesses a player that makes a sacrifice to them. The duration of this blessing is a function of the player’s prayer skill and the Get Price of the sacrifice, a large Get Price can be used to offset a low prayer skill. The blessing can last between 10 minutes to up to 24 hours. A patron god has a single passive ability that priests and follower with Faith of 20 or more gains the benefit of. The patron god also has a very short list of 3 spells that priests gain access to. If the priest did not have access to these spells before, then their spell list is simply expanded temporarily. If the priest already had that spell, then the spell can benefit from a variety of possible benefits such as reduced favor cost, increased effective channeling skill or removed restriction (ie a Vynora priest being able to cast disintegrate on a pve server). Example: Patron Spirit of Caves Passive ability: Increased effective prospecting skill, allowing for more accurate information. Spells: Light Token, Strongwall, Disintegrate Example: Patron Saint of the Harvest Passive ability: Increased harvest quality, like your hands had the rune of quality on them. Spells: Humid Drizzle, Morning Fog, Wild Growth You can only be blessed by a single patron god at a time, with a new patron blessing replacing the old one if it had not yet expired. By making each Patron God tightly themed with a short list of abilities, many can be designed before exhausting or repeating abilities, removing the issues of randomized spell lists. The number of possible themes goes on almost endlessly, Patron gods of caves, houses, blood, darkness, love, hate, roads, mountains, smiths, trolls, etc. The Transition The most fair way to handle this would be to allow all player god priests a choice of following one of the four gods without loss of faith. Any player god altars could either be left in as legacy items or go blank until blessed again.
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    I cant see a designated area for enki to slaughter entertain players, can only assume the entire area is the crime scene arena Kidding aside, that looks amazing, cant wait to attend!
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    The stables and farm are finally done! Imgur album for those who are interested in my insane mountain-top deed construction project:
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    Hi all We are killing a poor Goblin Leader on Pristine, and u are all invited to attend for hit and blood. Loot is private The slay is on Saturday 9pm CET Location will be added later
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    Additions and changes A new rack can be crafted for the storage of empty Bulk Storage Bins. This rack can hold 30 empty bulk storage bins. You now have the ability to build high fences in arched walls. A new storage unit can be crafted which contains 4 bulk storage bins inside which can be filled. These units will require 50 fine carpentry to build. Planting catseyes off deed becomes faster as your paving skill increases. Blessed lamps on highways will no longer decay. We have disabled giving out the Key to the Heavens until the full Epic/Valrei update is complete. Enchant decay on tools when using them has been changed to a more linear system. Previously, every five seconds of an action had a chance to reduce the enchant by 1. With the new system the chance will only occur once per action, and be based on the length of the timer. Bug Fixes Bugfix: Fix for error being thrown when attempting to level a ceiling if the floor below it was not level. Bugfix: Crates in a crate rack on deed with more than 30 days upkeep will not decay. Bugfix: Small chests can no longer be mailed if locked. Bugfix: Fixed some spelling and text errors. Bugfix: War machines should no longer function between world layers. Bugfix: Mask of Rebirth has been removed from the Missions items list. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused cooking tools to not take damage when used. 4.0.8 Client Changes Dyed object colours will now correctly display with GLSL shaders disabled. Client resolution and fullscreen mode can now be changed again while in-game. Water reflections will no longer appear above the water. Distant trees will now have the correct texture in winter. Another issue causing duplicated players and objects has been addressed.
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    I have a cave town... Party at my place!!
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    Stay which way? Dead? Realistically there's no valid, rational or any type of reason not to allow the few remaining epic players which at best will number in the 40 people (and that's an overly optimistic number) to transfer their skills to freedom. One of the reasons Epic is dead is because players Believe Epic is dead. It's a sort of self fulfilling prophecy phenomenon where perceptions create reality. No new players or old players come to Epic because they think it's dead. Many other reasons are involved like unbalanced PvP mechanics, meta armor, high entry barrier to pvp, etc. I'm not gonna talk about those, no point. So let's assess options shall we : 1. Epic eventually is closed and epic players can move to freedom without any skills transferred . This is a terrible idea that will alienate loyal players for a few reasons; a) Many epic players have invested years and a lot of $ into the game as well as Time to grind skills. You think skillgain on epic is 50000 times faster than freedom ? It's not. People have been playing for a long time on epic as well and they do deserve better treatment for their loyalty to the game than just being ignored. b ) It's more a reiteration of the same argument. If you close down epic or keep it in the dark as it is right now and don't allow players to transfer their skills to freedom then you're basically saying to the Epic playerbase " Thank you for investing years into this game, thank you for your work and loyalty to the game but now unfortunately we'll just delete all your hard work, skills and items you've worked towards because we don't want you to play on freedom with decent stats, despite often times enduring shitty moments of losing your gear, your deeds, all your work, etc. If you wanna continue playing, start over from 0 on a freedom server. Enjoy." 2. Epic is not closed and nothing changes, situation remains.....tragic. 3. Epic is closed, and epic players can transfer skills to Freedom. This is a tricky one. You'd have to devise a proper and damn good math equation to figure out how to properly transfer those because you also have to keep the Epic curve in mind where after a certain point, skillgain is similar to freedom. Which creates problems. It's not as simple as "well epic has 50% faster skillgain so we'll simply cut down the skills they got over time taking in mind they should have had them at level similar to freedom over the course of years". It's not simple, there are many factors involved and needs a few good math wiz heads to figure that one out. As for Freedomers porting over skills to Epic, i'm all for it really. What people keep forgetting to mention in these discussions, which are becoming endless , is that EPIC And Freedom are part of the Same Game. We are all wurmians and if Epic is treated poorly , then it also affects the rest of the playerbase even if you don't realise it yet. Figure out a way to properly transfer skills or just transfer them as they are because in the end, people have sacrificed an insane amount of time (and sanity) to get those skills, that gear, those items, to build those beautiful deeds, and so on. For me at least this will be the last MMO i'll ever play, nothing will come close to it in scope and adventures so I'll just say this. Developers and players, please remember this is a game we all love. Remember that it DOES not hurt to mention Epic in a new Valrei International news update once on a while, at least to let us know you aren't just sweeping us under the rug like a bit of dirt no one wants to clean. At least let us know what you're plans are if any, because which each update, like highways and crate racks, we all (as epic players) feel more left out of the game more than anything else.
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    Tall Iron Fences in Arched Walls So with all the new wall options its hard not to spam everything, searching combinations to get a creative product! I've been playing with fences inside arch walls since the functionality was added. It can have some super cool products. Recently, the tall iron fences were added in the new brick styles, and in my experiments I noticed a few... oddities. Tall fences cannot be built inside an arched wall. Adding this functionality would allow Wurmians to create some really neat dungeon scenes, jail cells, and unique barred-windows (similar to the portcullis wall but fancier). Unfortunately, its not possible right now. HOWEVER I noticed in my very recent endeavors underground that it was, in fact, possible. Unlike the surface, the underground doesn't care if your tall fences are in arches. The building (of the fence) must begin in the crafting window (not in the right click drop-down window) by right clicking the tile-border inside the arch and adding it to the crafting window. Which allows me to present you with the picture below: So how cool does that look, right? What problem does this create to make it not viable as a building option? Is it a bug that its possible underground? Or perhaps its a bug that its not possible above ground? Wurm Devs! Please let us be even more creative with our arched walls! Tall iron fences belong in T arches! The proof is in the pudding! (The picture above) ~Lei
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    Use the Logitech Gaming Software / Logitech Profiler to bind wheel turning left/right to a and d and pedal to w. Should be the "keystrokes and commands" option then you select north northeast etc then bind each section to a keybinding. You could also use voice recognition to drive forward when you make engine noises for more immersion.
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    A friend of mine in his first week of wurming decided he needed a chicken coup: Chicken Coop by Ackemi
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    This is very alpha, and since it changes the landscape, I wouldn't recommend using this on a live server yet. Steep dirt slopes will erode over time at a relatively slow pace. This erosion is blocked by trees, pavement, buildings, fences, etc. https://github.com/modsandstuff/erosion/releases/latest
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    Only if when it digs up a rare bone it has the chance to run away and bury it somewhere else
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    Ok then since Smelters will never be allowed to produce high QL Ash (just my pipe dream) I would suggest that the requirement of needing Lye to produce Concrete be removed. Actually I brought this up shortly after the disappointing Concrete creation process was revealed and introduced into the game. Also, Concrete creation should be based upon the Masonry skill, since yea it is in that family and has nothing to do with Alchemy or Natural Substances (Lye does). So for WO standards creating Concrete should only require Mortar and a Rock Shard. Even this is a "compromise" nerf in comparison to *some* WU servers where only Clay and a Rock Shard are required (which I find to be the best solution for a reworked Concrete creation process, although far too offensive for WO standards). There ya have it! Simplify the Concrete creation process within WO. Only Mortar and a Rock Shard should be required. Then y'all can have yer Ash and eat it too. No offense... =Ayes=
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    Spellcraft - Download (Google Drive) One of the hardest and most complicated mods I've ever made, now fully realized and completely customizable. Compatible with Ago's modlauncher and SpellMod (including priest restriction removal). Primary Features Change Maximum Faith - Change faith to be lower than 100 or up into the thousands. This functions properly and breaks no systems in the game. Scaled Prayer Gains - Changes the formula for how prayers are calculated to match the maximum faith set above. Priest Faith Requirement Change - Allow players to become priests at 10 faith. Or 1 faith. Now you can let those spells with faith requirements less than 30 actually mean something. New Favor Regeneration - Now operates 10 times faster. Literally. You gain 1/10th of the previous favor per tick, but it ticks 1 time per second instead of once per 10 seconds. Also wonderful to use with the new maximum faith gains to ensure you don't get spikes of 20+ when below 1 favor (due to how the calculation works). Show Creature Spell Effects - Pretty simple, just shows spell effects on creatures like enchants on items. [23:45:43] Horses like this one have many uses. [23:45:43] He is very well defined. [23:45:43] This creature could use some grooming. [23:45:43] Frantic charge has been cast on it, so it has greater speed. [50] New Damage Modifier - It's really hard to explain why this is here to someone who doesn't code, but basically due to one of my custom spells I had to include it. You can find out more information about how this works here, under the "Damage Modifier" section. I highly recommend it. Improved Enchant Grouping - Improves enchant grouping to be more efficient. I plan to expand this system to allow server owners to create custom enchant groups. You'll finally be able to make that Flaming Aura + Frostbrand sword you've always wanted! Before then, however, this feature allows more detailed explanations as to why certain enchants do not stack. [21:01:38] The longsword is already enchanted with something that would negate the effect. [21:01:43] The longsword is already enchanted with Blessings of the Dark which would negate the effect of Wind of Ages. Rite Changes This gives a lot more control over the deity favor requirements for the Rites that exist in the game. Many of the rites require an MMO amount of prayers which is generally unreasonable for the lower population Wurm Unlimited servers. This also adds custom tweaks to some rites that don't really operate up to the standards I hold them. With many people running Crop Mod, making fields never wither, there is now an option to allow Holy Crop to do a "Mass Genesis" cast, removing a random trait for all bred animals on the map. Rite of Spring now has a customizable cap for the amount of players required in the vicinity. On older, more heavily populated but less dense servers, this should make casting the spell more reasonable. New Spells I have designed and implemented several new custom spells. I may expand on this concept and add more in the future. All spells have completely configurable settings: cast time, favor cost, difficulty, faith requirement, and cooldown. Harden - Enchant able to be cast on most items. It reduces damage taken by the item by up to 30% at 100 power. Phasing - Enchant able to be cast on weapons. It increases the difficulty of blocking attacks from the enchanted weapon. Configurable for how much the difficulty will increase. Summon Soul - Summons a player to the position of the caster. Has a window appear much like Locate Soul for the caster to type the target name into. After that, the target gets a window asking if they want to accept. Upon accepting, the target is teleported to the position of the caster. This spell is quite un-refined and will work to summon enemies to you, if they choose to hit accept. Default Spell Modifications Edit Spell Variables - You can edit all of the settings for existing spells in the game through the properties file. Change the cast time of Strongwall. Change the cost of Genesis. Change the difficulty of Light of Fo. With Spellcraft, you have full control over the base spells in the game. Add and remove spells from deities - You can now add and remove spells from any, or all, deities in the game. Remove the god demise spells from all the deities since they don't work. Add Willowspine to Libila. Give Rebirth to Magranon. The choice is yours, and the control is now in your hands. Support for player gods - The system also supports player deities. You can add and remove spells from player deities in the same way you remove them from non-player deities. Fine-tune that player deity that didn't quite get a good spell list. Included .properties file: Download (Google Drive)
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    The Unlucky Burglar is a public Inn located inside the Village of Port Alora, which can be found at T-13 in Celebration. It has public access and use available to all. Ammenities: - 3 Common Rooms, 3 Standard Rooms, 1 Business Suite and 1 Royal Suite. - Storage provided in each room. - A common dining area with tables and a nice bar to enjoy. - Public stables behind the Inn. (Animal Leading Permissions Enabled). - 99 cast, runed mailbox available on deed. Rooms are provided for a nominal fee starting at 10i for common rooms. However, if advance reservation is requested or at any time upon request, fees will be waived for any stay (pm in the forums and I will separate a room for you with permissions.). Each room can be individually locked and amenities provided to accommodate guests. Building permissions have been set to allow guests to make full use of the facilities, including storage. At the moment some of the rooms are still being prepared, but beds are available for sleep bonus. The Inn is conveniently located steps away from the local steppe hunting grounds and of a major highway. Docks are also available for those arriving by ship. The area is a common hunting grounds area and it is my hope people will visit to hone their skills with the convenience of a private place to rest and recover their sleep bonus. Pics of the location will be provided soon! Pictures as of 09/04/2017 Pardon our dust! We are remodeling!
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    Ok I've not posted this in the idea section as it's not an idea for change or addition in mechanics but more a community event to ponder. now it could be laughed right out the door and we leave it there. yet I've been thinking an untapped aspect to wurm is it's social aspect. and in these meanderings of thought I had pondered the notion of a Xanadu Trail, harkening some US history of the new frontier being settled and what has come to be known as the Oregon Trail. Here is where itchy feet settlers in hopes to start their dreams and homesteading of government given land to settle the "wild west'. I was thinking of an overlay on map of informal route to be traced from one starter deed that wound through each of the starter deeds ending at the last one reached. players, preferably new players would set out on food with one guide (prem player that can command large cart) that has bull mounted large cart , they all build at the start, allowed to lead one cow for milk and cheese. and over a week and half period you traverse this trail setting up campfires, cooking, sharing stories, tenting and bedding down til next leg of the trip. perhaps larges chests are set out with keys given to participants at the onset which will have goodies stashed in it along they way. Upon successful completion a full sent of tools given to the voyagers to then set out with a basic lay of the land and the creatures within it. crafting and hunting can happen at each way point. This wold take a group to host/sponsor this endeavor and guides to take time out of their play to lead. I"m floating this out there as a social event to enhance game experience for new and skilled player alike , a way to explore the map, and to have yet another ongoing group social activity. I'd like to hear opinions and ideas about this in terms of interest create, feasibility, or if it's just a silly idea.
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    We spent several weeks removing all the chestnut trees around our deed on Xanadu because it was in the northern parts and they were a real safety hazard: Then they stopped being a safety hazard and their nuts became an integral part of cooking for those that for some reason happen to like it. But now they're back to being death traps. I don't understand the point of introducing new tree kinds when we won't be able to enjoy them. If people want immersion they can simply walk around the trees, since it's for their own enjoyment and not actually something that we need. Not looking forward to getting stuck in a cart behind trees, but hey: "The collision was always meant to return" brings such comfort. Or not. I'm glad the damage indicator colours can be turned off though: It's a great improvement and very much appreciated that options like that are introduced along with the new features nowadays.
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    People can act quite differently in real life than they would ever in a game. It's nice to see that you had a pleasant experience with him, however, your pleasant experience doesn't change what he did or said to people in game. It's always interesting to peer into the lives of the baddest, loudest, and most annoying characters ingame to see that they too lead a normal life. It's incomprehensible that a person with a family that just does their day to day thing like the normal person could be such a disruptive figure behind the computer screen. It's almost scary what a little bit of anonymity can do to a person.
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    Pretty simple suggestion, just extend the sleep bonus cap for loyal players who want to go on long grinds or stuff. Something like 30 mins per 6 months of premium you have/had up to 1 hour of sleep bonus added to the cap (per year) if you were prem for 12 months in the past, or bought prem for 12 months. It won't imbalance the game, just help grinders (which is pretty much 90% of the wurm population anyway or so? ) and reward those who've been playing and paying for a while now. For example if you've paid for 36 months of prem in the past, your cap for SB would be at 8 hours. Would be nice for people who go on vacations and come back with more sleep bonus to get better skills in their adventures and so forth.
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    Getting tired of seeing carts, wagons, and boats left haphazardly around coastal areas, or even on-deed? For Carts/Wagons: create a new item or type of tile that can be placed by a deed owner. Drivers of carts can right-click it, select "Park", and the cart will be moved into that area nice and neat and straight, similar to what happens when you hitch horses to carts. For Boats: Create an item (Dock Cleat maybe?) that deed owners can place on tile edges next to water. Boat drivers can right-click the cleat and select "Moor", and the boat will park next to the shore nice and neat (not up on the dock or crashed into shoreline). Deed owners can have settings that specify whether citizens, alliance members, and non-citizens can moor boats on-deed without using the cleats, essentially making deeded areas possibly private docks (but totally up to the deed owner). You could even get crazy and assign cleats/spots to specific people - reserved parking!
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    Today's eclipse (Sol and Jackal):
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    Does this mean there's no more 5 second grace period on enchant decay and any action, no matter how short, will roll for enchant decay? If so, this change is a major bad point in the update. I know I'm not the only one who's always meticulously superenchanted and maintained their tools, then bent over backwards to manage timer duration, all in the name of maintaining the enchants I've struggled to put on my items. Pickaxe and hatchet imbues will be even worse off for this.
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    They do look nice together with the T-arches so we'll remove that limitation in one of the coming updates
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    Just me and my beast:
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    Finished the 37 tile "Niflheimr Viaduct" that required 450+ bricks for most of the supports. It connects our deed to the highway from Tenakill to Vrock/Glasshollow.
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    The solution to tree collision is simple....
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    Make weapons glow based on the enchant power for damage/heal based enchantments. Flaming Aura - Orange Glow Bloodthirst - Red Glow Frostbrand - Blue glow Life Transfer - Green glow Rotten Touch - Black Glow Venom - Purple Glow Would be a nice addition, doesn't have to be a strong glow, could even just be a feint color. Would help in combat to see what enchantment you're fighting against. Glow/Color can be based on the strength of the enchantment. Mainly for cosmetic happiness tho https://gyazo.com/20211bea28af1e5325e026fa243ee386