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  1. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Why should you play Sklotopolis? Regular Community Player Run Events? Check. Organised and open Unique Hunts and Slayings? Check. Grand Player created community projects? Check. Since I started playing back in November I've found that the community is always open and welcoming to any kind of new player, whether they are simply new to Sklotopolis or new to Wurm completely. For the established Wurm veteran or the complete Newbie, Sklotopolis offers something for everyone, mods to the server are made to enhance the gameplay and turn Wurm from a grind into a pleasurable experience for everyone. So take some time, come and visit us and join in. You certainly won't regret it! Melketh - Maestro of Symphonies End Sklotopolis
  2. Oh god, I used to joke with Oracle about Fogspiders all the time... I'm so glad they're real now.
  3. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Long time Independence player. Sklotopolis is highly recommended, very friendly players and staff, prompt to respond if you have a problem, join in conversations in GL chat too. Feels like the game we all wanted Wurm to be. Feels less like a full time job and more like a game again! Everyone should join Sklotopolis!
  4. Please Close.

    The road was not meant to be a straight road, it was not meant to be completely flat either, that goes against everything that was intended when the project was started.
  5. Please Close.

    I assume you meant Thursday the 12th of June?
  6. No, you should not get compensation for a personal Choice.
  7. I'm looking forward to the unexpected, I'm going to be dropping my tools at whichever spawn I find myself at and wandering in a direction until I feel like settling there
  8. Yo

    Brash! Welcome back
  9. To boldly go where no Wurmian has gone before...
  10. How about ###### NO! I'm happy on Independence and I HATE being forced to move, the only reason I left JK Home was because I HAD to.
  11. I can probably roll by with my Mag Priest Jiipee, time is a bit of a mix because of my working hours, but he has a pickaxe and a statuette, so if there is a source of favour, he can Strongwall and/or mine
  12. it was removed when they were testing Xanadu, probably hasn't been put back in yet.
  13. My new pickaxe is awesome, highly recommended! Buy from Xallo now!
  14. Can you CoD the number 1 skiller to Melketh please :-)