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  1. Just stopped by the market today on an impromptu trip around the server, a REALLY good stock, some interesting items, spent a good stack of about 11s and very happy! Will definitely be going back again.
  2. Just made a stealth visit in the dead of night, picked up a couple horses, some shoes and a nice compass from FactionalFight too. Super smooth operation and looking forward to seeing these horses grow!
  3. You are NOT building a bridge at O15, I live there and I WILL undo any work done to disrupt this bay. I'm also expanding my deed to prevent any work being done. There is a highway system being built to the North at the natural crossing point around Vanguard and Fools Fief, we do not need bridges every 10 minutes, it is not a long journey to get there.
  4. Hi there, could I get the following. A 60ql Studded Leather Set A 60ql Bear Helm CoD to Volkmar please?
  5. Received, extremely quick service! Thank you!
  6. Hi there, If possible could I get; trowel, iron: BOTD 90: 60c metal brush, iron: BOTD 90: 60c CoD to Melketh please?
  7. Cheers:D

    It's always good to see you around, Rolf. I hope the new projects go well for you and I look forward to seeing you in-game as a player sometime! Thank you for the 15 years of enjoyment and frustration you've bought to me since I joined Wurm!
  8. I believe I may have experienced the same. It looked almost identical to a multi-minute lag spike in which it hung on finishing an action and attempting to open a context menu was perpetually refreshing. Re-logging fixed things. It's the first time it's happened to me but other people reported being disconnected at about the same time.
  9. Top seller, ordered and delivered within 10 minutes, would definitely buy from again!
  10. As the title, I'd like to buy a 50ql Archaeology Journal with blank reports. I might have coin available or I have Sleep Powder available for trade. Contact Melketh or Volkmar in game. Items Bought.
  11. I've done multiple searches and can't see any note of this being fixed on WU, either through an update or from a mod in the community. I dug up a cache today and found multiple "metal" items, a statuette of a digger fragment, war arrow and hunting arrow fragments and two lump fragments, however all of these items had the material as "metal" instead of a material type. I know this bug was present in WO and marked fixed in April '19. Would this be something that could be fixed with a mod?