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  1. Sorry this happen to you but current holder bought this back in 2014, thats 9 years ago, he/she probably did it in good faith, it would be unfair to tae it away, this would have to be dealt with back then. maybe it also be hard to.prove that it was stolen from you. Let it go and move on.
  2. Blessed lamps that are on a paved tile in the cave or i also think highway will stay lit, rest will die if not refueled.
  3. Yeah its about time, allways bothered me. A big +1
  4. according to steam 13.6 % completed the tutorial, its not 100% correct as many old players created characters through steam so its hard to know the exact numbers, im more worried that only 5% slayed a creatures, 3.2% joined a village, 2.4% built a house and 2.8% raised a skill to 20. So the point is, how many of this are old players just jumping into Wurm from steam to check out the new servers when they arrived? quiet a few i guess, doesnt mean completion rate is high for new players tho. for me Wurm can dropp the tutorial and just direct new players to the journal, i think thats more interesting and easier to learn from, not to mention more fun and rewarding.
  5. Helping Ladyy out. Auction is for a rare strange bone. Starting bid: 30 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 47 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  6. its a greate idea but to be honest, not sure how many visitors you would get, location is important and it should atleast be near ocean for easier accesss. My advice is if thats you goin ahead and build it, do it for yourself, not with an expectation that it will be a lively area, probably someone will drop by now and then if you make it known.
  7. +1 i also want this for all the building and that everyone can see it, would be easier to track down owners for off deed buildings blocking expanding the deed.
  8. this can backfire aswell, we had alliance/friends deed fall that wasnt suppose to, announcement made us aware to contact the owner wich manage to redeed becouse of it, so its not just a "bad" thing. this wasnt a high value deeds tho so wouldnt think the owner had cared, but i can see that this has happen with others aswell. Still would love to see a way to check and add deed upkeep when out of game.
  9. Same reason why they have to many freedom servers, they want new players to have a fresh start, good in short terms, really hurt the game in the long run. for the suggestion -1, merge everything or nothing.
  10. -1 i like it how it is today, its easy to see if people are selling or buying with the WTS and WTB,
  11. very true, would be cool to have in game, my respond was an reaction to op suggestion, to make mats,
  12. Anything that will automate the progress will never be implemented in wurm.
  13. I really like the idea of spell scrolls, but it will have a direct effect on prices as it stand now(or maybe not), so it need a solution for that, maybe upper diff by 10-20%? I dont think this would changer uses of gems tho, since its for storing favor. We do need som restriction like exclude healing spells etc
  14. i fail to see why this would be a bad thing asweel. no to altars messing up the world and a big +1 to this suggestion.
  15. this is greate, looking forward to holy site and thanks for making carpets dyable, small changes like this means alot.