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  1. Updated, our numbers has grown but there is still places left,and we have many exciting projects to come.
  2. Still plenty of space for new players. Both if you looking for a long time commitment or short time to boost you skills/learn the game. Contact me or Denully if your interested.
  3. We have just expanded our deed to 77 by 56 and have plenty of space to work on, we have also marked out own privat plots for all new villagers,
  4. Ocean View Village Ocean View Village is recruiting, both experience and new wurmian`s are welcome. Help us shape a brand new village to make a nice and friendly enviroment, Play how you like, all we expect is that you are polite and show your fellow citizen with respect. About us: Ocean View village is founded by Stinboi and Denully, former and long time players of Wurm Unlimited, becouse of lack of new content to WU, we decided to leave our easy life and start fresh on WO. We are both from scandinavia and will be playing in EU timezone. We can offer you a plots in different sizes and also workspace to build up your skills or craft what you need(still under construction) and as a new town we will also have many new exciting town prosject to come. We have our own discord, this is where plans been made, Village info: Founded 19.04.2020 Mayor: Stinboi Vice Mayor: Denully Deed info: Deed size: 77 by 56 Our Village is located in the northwest of Exodus by the sea, the area has greate potential for future construction and a lovley view over the sea. Press here to see the location on the map Facility: Kitchen with a large garden Mine with a smithing area(still under construction but functional) Motel to sleep in until you get your own place or want to build up your skills first. Crafting area(carpentry, Tailoring and Alchemy) Our next plans is Dock, Breeding pens and finishing the smithing area A lot more to come as we progress. Alliance: Ocean View Village recently joined the alliance of Uncanny Legion as the first deed on Exodus, The alliance is now counting 119 villagers spread over 5 servers, you can read more about it HERE, pm me here or in game(same nick) if your interesting. If you are interested in joining our village or have any question, dont hasitat to contact Stinboi or Denully either here or in game(same nick) Are you on another server? we will help to transport you and your stuff if you have anything you would like to bring. This post will be updated as we progress.