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  1. Or they could make it one per account, give everyone a chance
  2. Not sure how many players there was 15 years ago but thats irrelevant. My biggest issue is that it seems that they do what they can to keep the community apart. The playerbase on SFI may be stable but far from healthy considering this is a MMO.
  3. yeah me personal wouldnt mind they dropping a few servers, i have also used hours after hours building up the deed, i would gladly do it again to gather the community more, but in general i dont think there would be any way to do it without it turning in to a disaster. Been regular checking the server status lately for fun and this seems to be the standard, its not good, release has a big increase lately(maybe someoine with many alts doin some work? :)), Xan has a ok amount but then again its a huge server, rest is not doin even ok, exodus and my home is totally in ruin and most ive seen on is 7, mostly checked in prime time where it suppose to be the most players on., would be fun to se a list like this without alts since i believe a large amount is just alts, my guess is atleast 30%. Southern Freedom Isles (SFI) Xanadu: 78 | Independence: 23 | Deliverance: 16 | Exodus: 5 | Celebration: 24 | Pristine: 23 | Release: 39 Total: 208 NFI still doin ok tho. I am sure there is a solution out there, but not sure the devs or the playerbase is interested in some kind of changes. I think this actually is a good idea
  4. And they need to shut down a few of the freedom servers if you ask me. its not a heathy playerbase for 25 servers, consdering 30% are alts.
  5. Agree. One thing is the extreme grind some skills has, but also that it feels useless to do them. Most skills arent needed so its heavy to stand and push a button for 100+hours
  6. Noone said wurm was dying, it can stay on forever, and still has a steady cash flow through the current playerbase.
  7. Atleast its stable, but believe its mostly old players hanging in there. I do believe the biggest reason why wurm has problem to keep new players is lack of content. Wurm has the most in depth crafting system in any games ive played, but theres no content or logic behind most of it. My observation is that new players, that stays for more then a few days quit after they built their home, which is limited due to silver cost. Why do they quit? All thats left is pretty mutch skill grinding you wont get alot of use for. But at the same time this is just the way this game is, but dont think it attract many new players as many in here wish for. Having a player base so spread as it is atm makes most new player consider this a dead game, even tho i do understand why new servers was needed, its not good in the long run. Ive spent hundreds of hours to help new players getting over the rough starts but all tend to vanish after a short time. Crossing every body parts in hope for a good exploration update.
  8. Congratz keenan and for samool, really hope whatever issues you having get solved and wish you the best of luck goin forward. When that is said, you team getting smaller just make my concern grow bigger, not long ago you use 5 month to fix a broken update for one of your core mechanic, something many wurm players has built their playstyle around. So with the limited time you allready seems to have and now loosing another dev doesnt seems like a good match. a few words and some map dumps seems to make people dance again, atleast for awhile but from been a everyday player this made me totally cut off Wurm. Pushing back exploration update to allow it to get tested seems like a good idea, but i rather you mention fixing some of the long time bugs along side with adding some smaller things that has been suggested, my biggest frustration is the boarder crossing that ive lost many hours on. 1. Are you goin to hire a replacement? 2. Will you start taking care of the steam playerbase?(most player joining this days seems to be through steam but none of the devs has ever showed their face on steam making most leave this "dead game" 3. will you merge the playerbase soon? most of the servers has an unhealthy playerbase. 4. can we expect this devolepment updates to be monthly? Even if theres nothing new, just to say hey we still working on XXX helps alot. 5. will there be more of this events with 30% skill bonus? thinking more like having x amount of things to rotate with, so we can have this monthly and not just when you need to say "sorry", would work as a motivation i believe.
  9. yes i read it, i offered an alternative as the original proposal is not possible in any ways. Lets say i make a big deed, and put alot of silver in the upkeep that maybe last for a couple of years and go away for a few months(maybe something in rl happen so i cant log on to even tell that i will be away for awhile), then i come back 3 months later and everything i have worked on for maybe years and all the rl money i might have spent is just taken away from me. It really isnt any workaround for this. its just the risk you need to take if you decide to joine another village and probably the reason that theres so many one mans deed.
  10. Btw could maybe be an idea to give active villagers the options to take over when deed upkeep runs out, set it on "hold" a week and if noone willing to take over, then disband it.
  11. If the villages is unhappy they can go found their own deed, dont let the mayor who paid and probably spent thousend of hours on a deed they own get that taken away from them, just becouse they are taking a breake -1
  12. And down again 1.68% the last 30 days, with so low steam playerbase 4.9% can just be some friends testing out a free game.
  13. Plan B doesnt exist in Wurm, not Demona`s fault but to have a contest ended and hanging in the air for a couple of months is not good, same with updates, where other devs normally use the days after to fix bugs etc, wurm just leave a broken update for months, some for years. im on now to pack everything away and get ready for a longer break(permament if things not getting better) As a paying costumer i just cant accept this anymore.
  14. another good example, sounds like kids that jump from one toy to another and never clean up. isnt that a couple of month since the contest ended? Theres just so little effort from the Wurm team put in to it that im not sure if i should laugh or cry.
  15. biggest problem with wurm is that it seems like most things are half done, they have for years just pushed stuff in to the game with no logic behind it and many things full off bugs, some for years with no fix. Just look at the animal update, most devolepment team would work the days after the release to fix bugs etc, here it just hanging in the air for months, and my feeling says it wont be fixed on next update. another example is Cooking, whats the point with 600+++ recipes when they are totally useless. Also steam release, i mean why didnt they follow that up more? ofcourse so few would stay, but maybe they where just after the short term cashflow, who knows. I could make a 30 pages essey about stuff in wurm that has no use or ligic. VR will be the same, truth is i kinda like the idea of VR, with a good exploration update and better game engine it could be really cool, but we now this will just be another feature that is pushed out so they can write on the page that wurm is supporting VR. Rising World that was mention above was(is) a java based game that is now been coded in to UE4, singel devoleper, so i know its alot and will take time but its not impossible and i believe it would give Wurm a boost. Wurm hasnt so far had any real competitions, but theres a few games under devolepment now that can be, lets see if wurm survive it(with the low cost of Wurm they could probably survive with less players then today, but you know what i mean) For us players, all we can do is to decide to play it or not, for all we know maybe wurm is in a place where the devs is happy, keep the game floating with minimal work/expenses. Also think blaming personal issue is just a excuse and not a real reason, yes i do understand that wurm is driven by volunteer mostly, and im all for that personal life is a priority, expecially if something happens that change it or you couldnt predict, but that this was the case for all the devs and others in the wurm team at the same time, that none of them couldnt even communicate or atleast have som written update on the forum, that i can just not believe.