To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. Pretty mutch what he/she said. I would like to have it, but been able to turn it off/on
  2. [08:40:31] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks
  3. +1 This game needs more decoration and this seems like a good start.
  4. Every game you can play for free will be listed as such under the payment options(never seen a game on steam that is listed as subscription, so not sure its possible, even tho i can be mistaken). Tags are set by the players so apparently some think this is free to play. I stand by what i said, this is clear in the description where it even says you cant skills above 20. So everyone that think you can fully play this game for free must have just hit the play button.
  5. The thoughest time in Wurm is no doubt the first days, so we decided to build a open free motel and a puplic crafting area, Living near Esert we have met some new players that seems kinda lost and confused, so we have decided to build a place for new players to stay the first couple of days to get started. As guest at our motel new players will be offered: - Help get started. - free place to sleep(crucial to build up sleep bonus that gives double skill gain) - Puplic crafting area. - Safe place to gather some ressources and craft/build stuff that is handy to have at the start. Time to move on? We will offer all new player to help find their home and transportation of their stuff, no matter if they decide to stay on Exo or move to another server. Motel is open for everyone to stay the night if they are out traveling. Location: J12 on the ingame map, less then 2min walk West from Esert. Follow the highway and you will walk through the deed.
  6. Its clear on the steam page that this game has a subscription model, so shouldnt come as a supreise for anyone if they just read it. Skilling is something i find exciting, its not just based on number of action, i do understand that it can be a bit mutch for new players, i felt the same way before i learned how it works. Wurm is however a game you play over time and its intended that you shouldnt be able to skills everyting in a few month. And the chores you mention, can you maybe cut some of them to save time? Its limited how mutch ressources you need if you not plan to mass skilling in near future. I do think its a big problem with such a splitted community. Not just nfi and sfi but looks like the long term goal is for everyone to have their private server. And yes, many included me is busy with their own things. Most people i believe are more active in the alliance/village chat. I wish for more community events. and i do feel its sad that there are so many solo players deed.
  7. Hey, sorry we dont have any in stock atm
  8. Restocked low and high QL botd enchanted tools
  9. Not a old player(started a few month before steam release) but seen so mutch complaints about the northern cluster, im glad i stayed on the old one.
  10. Since this is just visual i do agree this should be locked behind skills as everything els in wurm. When that is said i also do wish for more craftable christmas decoration.
  11. That page doesnt say anything of what i am asking or is there something im missing? Reason i ask is that i allways thought it where just for extra favor, but just saw the one journal goal was to link to another priest so you could cast more powerfull spells.
  12. Hello, Wil it effect cast power to link two priestes together?
  13. would love some events like this on SFI to, sounds like fun, good luck, i will be there if they decide to merge the servers.