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  1. hasnt marble/slate bricks been like 2.5/3s on SFI aswell?
  2. I agree, looks good for 1 floor houses but looks stupid when it stops on 2. Floor. A way to adjust hights would be nice.
  3. Not sure about reviews, to be honest i have read some of them and it seems like most complain is about old mechanic/grind etc and we all know this not gonne change, so it seems for me that this game just wasnt they thing and shouldnt be reviewd by those ppl as you said. However i am supreise that noone of the devs seems to follow the steam page, including the forum. But then again it doesnt seems like we getting mutch respons on this forum either.
  4. so this is from the map posted a year ago or has there been any update from devs? alot can change in a year so as long its been radio silence since then, i dont trust it.
  5. omg how many of this discuissions do we need? 1. Wurm will never attract alot of new players - Becouse its to grindy and not mutch content after that 2. old game mechanic(yes ppl expectations has reachedf the sky, which i understand) 3. world feels deed from the beginning(how many new players havent i met the last year that is a 1 time logger?`well so many that i am supreise every time any1 stay for more then 1 day) - we all knew where this was heading when they decide to release even more servers with steam(good for the devs to grab some extra cash(bad from a player view) but i havent seen any of them reinvested in the game. 4. No communication from the devs - Can we have a roadmap or atleast some indication on what plans you guys have? Or what you working on? Recommend everyone to just copy their post, make it easier to respond on the next topic regarding this thats comming soon.
  6. 1. Economy No thanks 2. Gems Kinda like this, that you could cast on gems and used that to add on items. 3, No thanks, this doesnt sound like Wurm.
  7. Old fat Uzeflea

    well a happy ending is a good ending
  8. Old fat Uzeflea

    I keep an eye out my aswell like you said that horse has history but let me know if you need a new one including lost gear. Gm couldnt say which deed it was on so you could talk to the owner?
  9. i wouldnt mind this but its how Wurm works and i doubt it will change. Best skillgain = doin something useless.
  10. i take a room aswell if any is available.
  11. I know but this really annoy me and should be implemented in the game long time ago if you ask me. That this popp up so often also is a good proof that this is something the players really want and is something that should be easy enough to add(i believe)
  12. title says it all. simply add a drop down menu. Yes i know this has been suggested a few times allready
  13. my mind dont work without coffee in rl, wurm shouldnt be different.
  14. And what excatly do you think should be added to Wurm? i could like some of it but overall LiF was a terrible game in my opinion. And yeah dont think this will ever happen