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  1. Its not really worth it, maybe just to finish journal, othe then that its pretty useless. Put your fishing pole down, go hunt for an houre and you set with food for a long time.
  2. Is that screenshot for a new toon? I got 2 month for the price of 1 a year ago, dissapeared after i bought it once
  3. Thats wrong, you get the exact same offer through Wurm Shop. Regarding NFI vs SFI i dont think it matter mutch anymore.
  4. what you looking for is pretty mutch impossible without a rod, if im not mistaking all veins dont even spawn in every area.
  5. a better tutorial has been asked for a long time, and expecially with the steam release, its not something that was bought to the light with Josh vid but been well known a long time. i totally agree with you that something has to be done, i think devs has underestimated how important a god tutorial for a game like this are.
  6. Yes remove chaos(isnt this just a PMK factory anyway?) and Defiance, restart Epic and make that the only PVP server, remove the extra skillgain on Epic and allow skill to be transfered.
  7. Becouse most plays on both sfi and nfi. And new people on nfi didnt now when started, its not just to start a new chars when you have spent hundreds of hours on
  8. Only reason they havent merged it is becouse devs making coins, how many ppl doesnt have double up with premmed chars and deeds? Thats way we still a way away from merging.
  9. Yes people will stand in line to get in, we will need atleast 10 new servers before the update go live
  10. Journal Rework: This is good Treasure Hunt This is for me ruin by another mindless grind, why not make the map obtainable in the camps? atleast i am not gonne or have time to spend unhuman amount of hours trying to get a rare roll by smashing my pick in to the wall or digging holes in the ground. Campsites: Can be fun once ot twice, but theres better be some good reason to do them, either some new very usefull items or vaulable variations everytime, if not im afraid this will just be another rift that everybody hates. And i am assuming that both the treasure guards and camp will be easy to solo, so wheres the group activities? we need something els then uniques, thats pretty mutch just available for a small amount of the playerbase all in all, doesnt sound its enough to get me back in the game.
  11. from my experience and the people i talk to, it seems like most people like them including me, not all of them offcourse but i do like that theres some special decoration out there that cant be found on every deed. Give us your best idea, im courius :). Thats the whole point, hopefully they never make them craftable.
  12. And this is bad, its been announced a long time ago and now when we suppose to be close to release, we still got no clue what it really is.
  13. i have the same issues, my meals used to give med 1.5-2h aff timer, all i made recently is 20-30min.
  14. rift is indeed to time consuming and extremly booring so a big yay from me.