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  1. playerbase is getting smaller and smaller on both so maybe its time to consider it
  2. no thanks, i start working on my escape from Xanadu the first week i arrived, as a Exodian i dont want to be forced onto a new Xan look alike server. But i agree that something has to change, the way it is now we getting closer and closer to everyone having they private server . I dont think any would argu that the community atm is to splitted.
  3. They have never said they wont connect sfi and nfi, nothing confirmed yet
  4. why not just make a free period for new players instead? Lets say all new player get 1 month free premium but they need to be locked so they cant be use for sermon etc.
  5. sorry to say this but its proven many times that adding new server doesnt help either, in the long run it just make things worse. we need new content, something more to do then pushing a button every 15sec to get our skills up. Maybe that could make a few more people to a stay but atm most dont have any reason to stay when they built they deed. wurm as it is today wont manage to raise their playerbase.
  6. the only thing i could wish for a new server is to make it a plain hunting/event server, no deed. Dont see the need for more servers other then that, and its time to connect north and south soon, no point to seperate them anymore.
  7. its been a trend going on for few month now, so yes this may be some of the reason but dont think thats the main issue. SFI has just felt completly dead lately, even worst then before the steam release. with the selection and easy access you have to games today, compared to 20 years ago its easier to just find something new. todays players will expect a game like wurm to develop, but thats not happening atm.
  8. first of all, i dont think anyone is serious about server wipe, we all know that could never happen, that people used years building and noone want all that to go to waste, to mutch history. Wurm is an amazing game and i like the slow pace, if i didnt i wouldnt spend time on it. but what we are talking about here is to evolve and hopefully that would lead to more player staying. what have we gotten the last year? checker board and thats it. i know wurm has a small team and its not excpecteing that they spit out updates every week but as far as i can see there is not mutch devolepment going on and even tho i think wurm will stay a float the playerbase will shrink more if nothing happen, a new craftable item the last year just isnt enough.
  9. I dont think raising skill gain 40-50% would help, that could even be worst to the trading part of the game if thats possible. splitted community, almost no new content and general not alot content in the game, And not to mention how mutch to consider when skilling, i mean sometimes you need to hurt yourself to have better skillgain, comon thats just stupid. So my opinion is just to wipe all the servers and create 5-6 new ones, makes the world more livelier, i know this could never happen but 20 ish servers for such a low playerbase its a bit overkill. Most new players ive met and added to my friendlist stop playing after a short while, there just isnt enough to keep them in the game. Im afraid we never will get it but we need something more then just hitting buttons to get our skills up, building is fun for most players but thats not something you can keep doin forever. more world events/reason for players to meet, but by the look of it, all we will get is a new animal, a new item to craft once in awhile. If i started wurm alone and if i hadnt played WU before i would probably quit the first day aswell, so its not hard to see why wurm has problems keeping new players. Wurm will not apeal to many new players if they dont make some changes. Been checking the /who ingame and on the most its 4-500 players on(upto 700 in the weekend) but may very well be 200++ of them thats alts aswell.
  10. Added coc skiller tools Stil working on enchanting, pm us if you need something not listed yet. Also added costum Lib, Vy and Fo enchant. Check out
  11. sorry forgot to type which one, i was looking for steel lumps
  12. Hei, Do you know when 90QL lumps will be in store and whats your price?
  13. Hatchet File Shovel Highest coc available. COD to Stinboi Thanks
  14. Ritual of the sun

    i also have a 100 faith mag priest that looking to do the global cast. send me a pm if you find a server its ready on
  15. Really looking forward to this, i can help with BS, JC, Carp, Fine Carp, Mas, LW, CT and Ropemaking Will also bring my Lib and Fo priest where both can help enchant.