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  1. Hey there! Looking for 3x 100QL Logs(any kind) COD to Khelus
  2. Ancient terror flies, Armies March banners held high, The beast watches us. -------------- My dragon inspired Haiku -Khellus
  3. looks like the picture aint workin for me my friend
  4. please COD all Red Dragon Hatchling bloods to Khelus
  5. These Mad Lads have Runed and Max casted my Mailbox within like 2 hours time. AND THEN! They had the AUDACITY to do this to my poor longsword [00:31:47] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [107] Definitely take your business STRAIGHT TO THEM Fast/Efficient/friendly. -Thanks again -Khelus
  6. Howdy, I'm interested in Purchasing an instant mailbox cast and rune at "Fortress Artorias" -M20 Feel free to contact me on the forums here. Or in-game 'Khelus'
  7. You can't. No worries I'm fine traveling to get them
  8. Hey there I am interested in some of the weapon skins. The spiked club skin and the claymore. I am more than happy to pick them up.
  9. Hey there, apologies, must not have picked up the bloods in time. If you could resend them! -Khelus (Blue hatchling blood)
  10. Another Hero joins the gods on Valrei this day. He will be well remembered.