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  1. 1. 90QL Full Set Rare Plate Armor Set, Steel Dyed Red 24s 2. 94QL Rare Butchering Knife, Iron (BOTD 100 QL Runed) 6s 3. 71QL Rare Almanac, Leather 2.5s 4. 61QL Rare Fruit Press, Oakenwood 3.5s 5. 94QL Rare Hammer, iron (BOTD 99, BS Imbue 20) 7s 6. 53QL Rare Grindstone (CoC 71) 4s 7. 85QL Rare Carving Knife, iron (BOTD 98) 5s 8. 53QL Rare Large Shield, iron (CoC 64, Runed 10% increase to rarity chance on imp) 4.5s 9. 9 QL Rare Shield, Iron (Runed 10% increase to rarity chance on imp) 4.5s 10. 89QL Rare Long Bow, willow (Nimb 87, CoC 92, BT 62) 4s thanks for Stopping in and taking a look
  2. I will pick them up this afternoon when I am home from work. Thank you again as always
  3. All Bronze runes of Libila to Lmonkey please
  4. Cant look at your Niarja. Its private.
  5. Not an auction... but sure Take it @elroth
  6. Ill take all your Crystal vynora steel runes too. CoD to LMonkey please
  7. Ill take that Rare exquisite 99 coc rug for 5s Please COD to Lmonkey
  8. crystal rune of Vynora, steel 11ql - 22c All of your Libila runes listed Please and thank you COD to LMonkey
  9. Please COD all your Maple Syrup to Lmonkey
  10. Closed

    Order promptly filled thanks to @Canis
  11. Closed

    WTB Boar shoulder pads 75QL or better 5s per normal 6.5s for Rare