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  1. (animation was off in settngs) Hey! My arms are bugged like this and my character is only gliding around with no walking animation
  2. Yello! 1 skiller 100 coc stone chiesel 1 skiller 100 coc metal brush
  3. Sold

  4. Hiya m8! 1 skiller knife 90 coc would be great.
  5. I can buy another 80 coc Kindling! it decayd off inventory faster then I thought thx!
  6. Hey m8! If you could send skiller hatchet 100 coc Kindling coc 90 1 skiller rake 70 or low coc would be great! ty.
  7. 6500 catfish fileets @ 5 silver // 26 ql Cadence t -13 coast location
  8. Closed

    Gratz will mail it over. You have same ingame name as in forum ?
  9. Closed

    Compared to normal emerald it shines, Could be used in socketed ring or collectable item. Starting bid: 2 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
  10. Gratz Pingster! My ingame name is Kimpaaa aswell, so lets talk later!
  11. You bid on 600 sprouts and you can do any combination.. Like 300 rose + 200 lavander + 100 oleander or 600 of one type, up to you what you would like.