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  1. WurmNode

    Thank you, uploaded a fresh skill dump and gained a extra 2 million stp from religion \o/
  2. WurmNode

    Hello Drogos, i see that Religion skill is still a header, but not a skill?
  3. Sure, I'll mail it when I'm back on deed o7
  4. [12:00:54] You can not mail that far. NFI?
  5. Thank you, sending now =).
  6. Set = 1.8g Sold Set = 28s Sold Set = 28s Sold Set = 28s Sold Set = 24s Sold 28s for Saddle Blank Supreme Shoe - 40s
  7. 50s for the set.
  8. 20s, I have shelter for homeless or abused rares she can stay at
  9. Yeah, I think this is serious. I can't let the shiny go poof! 11s.
  10. Still waiting...