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  1. Supreme Set = 2g Set 1 = 28s Sold Set 2 = 28s Sold Set 3 = 28s Set 4 = 24s Sold
  2. Guess not a bug, but a feature. This post can be closed.
  3. Hello, Shydow suggested i post the logs of my findings. I had a few hours of fatigue left and went to smelt to a ton of things for like 30 minutes, and was shocked when i found my fatigue at 0. Shydow said i should test on a alt. 20 minutes of smelting = 1 hour of fatigue on the alt - who has never touched coffee nor was sleep bonus on. Here are the logs
  4. Congrats tronn, i'll send them off shortly This can be closed, ty.
  5. Can be closed please, delivered and paid for