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  1. Sent! With kindest regards from ol' Auntie Sid. Enjoy those lovely colors and that Self Sufficiency Starter Kit of resource tiles.
  2. Lovely! Apologizes for mislabeling the color as 'Raspberry Jam' - fear not, I've updated the back catalog to have the correct 'Jazzberry Jam' for future use. And you know how much I enjoy knowing that somewhere out there the good people of Wurm are busting up clay tiles left and right! Hello and welcome to the Transmutation Hut! I've handed those off to the imps for delivery - I do hope you enjoy these new resource tiles will serve you well for a long time.
  3. Loving the update so far and that cactus is adorable ... even if it makes a few people a bit prickly. I'll be on pins and needles waiting to see what July will bring.
  4. Handed this one off to the imps - enjoy, friend! Given that you'll splash this shade over everything near you, I have to presume that the blue must perfectly match that carapace of yours. Dye them all with this fresh batch of Hooloovoo that's on the way! These are the challenges a Dye Witch cherishes most. "Is this impossible color possible??" The answer is always 'yes' (for the right price.... ) I've sent all four colors - perfectly mixed - along with my regards! Two days left on our anniversary 10% off sale! Don't forget to check out the color catalogue if you're looking for a little inspiration.
  5. And to think that the Transmutation Hut opened to the public one year ago today, my goodness how time flies. How on earth should we mark this occasion?? Oh! I have an idea! OYEZ OYEZ! To celebrate the one year anniversary of opening the Transmutation Hut to the public, all orders are now 10% off through June 10th!
  6. In all my wurming, my cats have managed to murder me twice by walking across the keyboard and hitting autorun while I was away for just a few minutes. On one hand, I love that Death by Unsupervised Autorun is a Very Relatable Wurm Experience. On the other hand, the corpse recoveries are just awful and almost require the use of Locate Corpse.
  7. One should never overlook the usefulness and the sheer utility of the rare potato. Extraordinarily versatile.
  8. Four beautiful bardings sent to Benjames! And two successfully sent to Georgia at long last
  9. Of course! Send 'em on over dearie and I'll freshen them up for you with blue as the accent color.
  10. Sent! Enjoy those lovely colors Also sent! May your wagon team look strong and capable! Looks like you might be elsewhere at the moment - I've sent you a PM to work out the details. Real life got in the way there for a bit - so my apologies for not being able to get to these sent out to y'all sooner. Hopefully they come as a pleasant surprise after a longer than expected wait! I still have a handful of beautiful bardings left at 10c each - first come first serve!
  11. Whoops! Fixed. That was my fault fussing to make sure the labels all landed in the right places - didn't even see that I'd mislabeled the wrong bridge. Thanks for catching that.
  12. Updated! Thanks for getting those bridges back in a serviceable condition.
  13. Shoo you little imps! I've told you a thousand times that wax sealing kits are not snacks! Hm, better grab a broom and get this place swept out - there's work to do. [ Auntie Sid has returned and the Transmutation Hut is once again open for all your dye, imbue, and transmutation needs! ]
  14. [ Attention - the Transmutation Hut will be closed through Saturday, May 21 while Auntie Sid takes a long-overdue vacation ] Well, ol' Auntie Sid is out there traveling in the Real World again and will have to temporarily mothball the Transmutation Hut. I expect to be return to on Sat May 21, so feel free to place orders in the meantime - just know that I won't have a chance to get to them for several days. In the meantime, I've stocked up the Transmutation Hut Branch Office at @Kasumi's Driftwood Market at U11 on Pristine with enough of the most popular transmutation liquids to hopefully tide folks over. See y'all soon!
  15. 3000 marks when purchasing with silver in game 4500 marks when purchasing from the online store And purchasing six months at a time from the online store grants a bonus 3000 marks For more details, see: