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  1. I've been wurming for years but I never realized that you can see the meteors rain down during the Ritual of the Sun. This is so wonderful.
  2. My prayers have been answered - thank you!
  3. Daash has a powerful thirst and only one thing will stop it - a whole heap of transmutation liquid. Sent! Enjoy those shiny new resource tiles
  4. Four high quality Claymakers shipped to Daash - thank you and may your new clay pit serve Magrathea Inc. well! 55kg of Apple Red shipped to Tidda - may the red of your sails strike fear into the hearts of your enemies!
  5. Nothing like a convenient clay pit close to home. Need to restock some raw materials, but should be able to get this to you later tonight, tomorrow at the latest!
  6. Looking forward to getting one of these just so I can run up and down the coast yelling "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!"
  7. Creating wax sealing kits is a bit of an ordeal. Instead of the current: beeswax + square of cloth to start the item, then a string, then a label, I'd like to propose that a string + label be allowed to create an intermediate item, perhaps 'marking tag' or 'hanging label'. Then by putting a stack of 'unfinished wax sealing kits' in one crafting window and a stack of 'hanging labels' in the other crafting window, players could at least queue up creating a batch of kits instead of the current process.
  8. It can in fact be done - and these updates have been made. Thank you for these reports from the field, SmackedDown! ETA: Cleaning up a few more disbanded deeds while looking through things... Removed Aurora Keep (disbanded Jul 13, 2019) Puli (disbanded Mar 24, 2020) The Asylum (disbanded Nov 10 2020) Luna del Mar (disbanded Jan 10, 2021) Added by request Denali (465, 1840)
  9. Deeds Removed: Fort Zydrate (disbanded by Kaide on Jan 19, 2020) Deeds Added by request: Isle of Innisfree (1386,1797) Delphi (1410, 510)
  10. 10kg of Raider Black shipped to Tidda - 10% discount applied. Enjoy!
  11. Announcing the grand opening of Dyeworks! To celebrate, we're offering 10% off all dye orders for the next 7 days.
  12. The lovely village of Cragside has been added.
  13. Another one in the 100 club, a truly remarkable achievement - congratulations, Neowyn! You've got that special level of obsession that sets you apart. Lots of good suggestions here so far. A few more for the pile: Shields up! Held the Line Turtle Power Indomitable Will Sturdy Heavy Fortress
  14. At least this one came clearly labelled:
  15. ======== Dyeworks ======== Thrilled to announce that the dyeworks is officially open! Splash a little color around the old deed, spruce up the sails of your ship, or just (literally) paint the town red. Standard Shades Our agents scour the South Freedom Isles in order to source the finest small-batch reagents for brewing the brightest colors possible. Custom Colors See an exotic shade that you fancy? Custom colors are cooked up on request and generally range from 20-50c per kg depending on the difficulty of the shade and the quantities needed. Dyes can look very different than expected depending on the surface - so we're happy to test dye a small barrel, small statue, or potter object for you before you commit to a larger purchase. Custom dyes not listed below are also possible! If you can provide us with the RGB target of the color you're looking for, we'll be happy to cook up that special order just for you. Wondering how much dye you'll need for your project? The dye entry on Wurmpedia has you covered, but here are some common requests: kg of dye required to paint Ship Hull Sail Vehicle Frame Sailboat 5.0 1.5 Large Cart 15.0 Rowboat 5.0 n/a Ship transporter 10.0 Cog 36.5 10.9 Small Cart 5.0 Corbita 62.6 18.8 Caravel 220.0 66.0 Knarr 169.6 50.9