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  1. Wurm has always been a pure sandbox, and Impalongs have always been the pinnacle of player-generated creations. The most recent one at Friendship Bay that @VirusMDhosted was particularly memorable for me for several reasons. 1) GMs popping in to create a ruckus in the arena with absurd mobs. Every evening felt like what I'd always imagined an Enkounter might be like. 2) The entirely ridiculous and silly fish slap fights that @Goldfinch officiated. 3) Inventing for the first time the insanity that was Human Lawn Darts. 4) Getting a chance to steal the heart of @Amathand return it to Meerhaven for experimentation Every Impalong is a chance to make new friends, contribute to a larger group effort, and leave our deeds to see the wider world for a bit. They require an immense amount of preparation and planning and I am grateful for each and every one of them.
  2. Eir

    Does anyone happen to have a fundraising link to help with this effort?
  3. The friend-a-long at Friendship bay is winding down. Sometimes cleaning up after the guests brings an unexpected surprise.
  4. Returning to this topic, as I still have rendered fences that I would love to cover with white dye once when this fix is in.
  5. Proseedda may have very well set a new record tonight:
  6. We're nearing the end of the friend-a-long. It's been a fun-filled week and a few of us are a little tired, but looking forward to the big finale!
  7. Ideas are almost always worth exploring - and we did have a calm, productive discussion about it so it's a net win in my book. ?
  8. This would be an undesirable trait in non-hostile animals, and we have enough of those already. This would also reduce a significant perk of being a Fo priest. If one is dead set on breeding hostile animals, following Fo is a solution. And I say this as a non-Fo follower that breeds tortoises and has wished any number of times that I could breed them without them snacking on my face or their potential mate.
  9. Let's tweak the idea a bit, potentially taking a hint from AH: for each month of premium that has been purchased, you can 'care for' a decorative item, capped at a total of 12 items. Granted this doesn't help with set pieces like plates and tableware, but would allow people to preserve the items they care about the most. And maybe one item per month of premium is enough of a gate that the cap could be 24 or even 60? It might help with retention and would also create a mechanism for long-term players to showcase their most prized possessions without fear of them rotting away.
  10. Site of the festivities as viewed from the terrifying Human Lawn Dart tower
  11. Now that initial prem can be 2s, yes. I can imagine a Weaponsmithing affinity would sell for at least 2s to any number of folks given meal affinity prices. Why pay by the hour when you can have it permanently? EDIT: This is why I tried to clarify initially with "The idea as described invites an abuse of the mechanic". Since the original suggestion doesn't make an exception for the default affinity assigned at creation, the suggestion can be abused.
  12. Cue the sound of 1000 non-prem alts being created to farm affinities. The idea as described invites an abuse of the mechanic.
  13. Two weeks to go! Really looking forward to this event, so thank you for organizing this little extravaganza @VirusMD and all you other staff types!
  14. ???? Received. Thank you!