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  1. I think you're right, Demona - it's almost certainly better as a skin than a craftable item. Keeping my fingers crossed that it shows up in a monthly skin at some point!
  2. Ugh! You guys with your...with your thoughtful and adorable EVERYTHING How many tackle boxes is that? 100? I love it.
  3. Potion: Enjoy those blues and I look forward to your final verdict on which one you prefer best! Erhid: Claymaker sent! And just in case you haven't used transmutation liquid before, ol' Auntie Sid says "Always remember: A-B-C!" Always take the entire amphora into your inventory! Don't split the liquid between containers or it will need to be re-blessed Be sure to double-click on the liquid in the amphora to activate it Right-Click on the tile and select 'Alchemy -> Transmutate' and enjoy your new resource tile! And once again, I think all current orders have been fulfilled. Happy Wurming everyone!
  4. I have to say I've been looking forward to helping with this ever since you pitched the idea to me Vooch. And even more so once I realized I'd been following the New Festival Cove blog on and off for years! Please add to the prize pool three 'Marvelous Dye Kits' - each containing five pottery jars of various dyes, a metal brush, and a jar of lye to encourage experimentation, all wrapped up in a handsome small chest. And as a self proclaimed Spooky Person™ thanks for scheduling this near, but not on Halloween
  5. A high end jewelry item, requires 0.5kg of gold/silver/electrum (and maybe moon metals), and 10 diamonds (bonus points for ruby/opal/sapphire/emerald tiaras for different visual looks). This suggestion is half serious, half in jest (because the alliance just spent the evening talking about who was the biggest drama queen). Personally, I just wanna be a pretty pretty princess sometimes.
  6. These have both been updated!
  7. Here at Auntie Sid's Transmutation Hut, we pride ourselves on quick turnaround - and we're finally caught up on the Tar->Dirt orders, enjoy! "Keep the souvenir amphora absolutely free!" I was never sure if anyone ever noticed, but it's nice to know that that at least one person has enjoyed the small surprise. ETA: Given that orders for some of the less common transmutation liquids come in from time to time, I've updated the shop with prices for all seven flavors. I appreciate everyone that wants to add a little patch of Tundra to their lives.
  8. Sent with my regards! May it add mystery to whatever you choose to apply it to! Two Claymakers have been sent! 4x Tar to Dirt should be sent tomorrow night - I've had an unexpected surge of folks looking to remove tar and need to collect a few more raw materials to make it happen. And of course this happens during harvest season! In the meantime, thank you for your patience. Auntie Sid is back from a long Wurmless weekend in the mountains and believes she's all caught up on all public and private imbue requests, dye orders, and transmutations - save for those pesky Tar->Dirt requests which will be filled soon.
  9. Sent! Along with the 2kg of pure white dye we discussed. Enjoy!
  10. Sent! Please enjoy those beautiful colors.
  11. Phew! It's been a crazy couple of weeks out here in the real world, but I believe that we're all caught up with current orders at this time (except your latest request, Goldfinch :P) That being said, my notes are a little haphazard and if I've accidentally overlooked your request, just let me know and I'll get right on it. Thanks, y'all!
  12. Gone fishin'

    “The fish is my friend too...I have never seen or heard of such a fish. But I must kill him. I am glad we do not have to try to kill the stars. Imagine if each day a wurmian must try to kill Valrei, he thought. Valrei runs away. But imagine if a man each day should have to try to kill Sol? We were born lucky; he thought." -- Ernest Hemingwurm, "The Aged Man and the Sea"
  13. Thank you to all of the nearly 290 (!) players that made their way to Pristine earlier today to dance with Little Gobby Lynne - and thank you to all of you for your patience as I learned how to do this for the very first time. And a very special thanks to @Stanleefor all the observations, advice, and help prior to and the day of the event. We couldn't have done it without you. The day started with no more than a few exhausted family members asleep on the dance floor. But Little Gobby Lynne was thrilled that so very many people showed up for her dance party! Somehow, many of her family members also showed up for the event - some of the goblin guests even on horseback! The dance itself was amazing and over all too soon - I didn't have time to capture a single moment before poor Little Gobby Lynne collapsed from exhaustion herself. And I promise you no strange rituals were performed afterwords. Nothing untoward happened at the end of the day and strange powers were absolutely not invoked in a dark mine. This was a family event.
  14. Thanks to everyone for their patience - preparing for the Goblin Dance Party means that I've been a little more behind in orders than I like. At this point, I believe that I'm all caught up with outstanding orders. If for some reason I've missed you (and it's entirely possible with how busy the last few days have been) just let me know and I'll set you right as soon as possible. Sent! Enjoy that beautiful deep blue color (and thanks for the update on not needing the green)! Sent! Remember to 1) Take the amphora into your inventory 2) Double click on the liquid to activate it (don't move it to a new container!) and 3) Right click on the tile to transform and select 'Alchemy -> Transmute'. May that new tar tile serve you well for many months to come! As someone that has squeezed many a lemon in her time, I appreciate this building! Not only does the marble showcase the color well, but it has a wonderful 8-bit retro vibe - I feel like there's a quest waiting inside.