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  1. Having run across you and your handiwork more than once on Pristine, sincere congratulations! And: an excellent choice of title
  2. I don't mean to be that person....oh who am I kidding, I'm totally being that person. Any chance of a new round of map dumps in the not too distant future? Pretty please?
  3. What a cute little skin! I'm not sure that I actually need ...
  4. The longer I play, the more use I find for all the clever bells and whistles that Wurm Assistant provides (thanks Aldur!) I wanted to start this topic as a way to collect some of the more clever ways WA can be used. Archaeology Alert when an archaeology report is complete and that it's time to look for the cache: look for the phrase 'complete the location details in the report' in the Events log, and play a sound Triggers -> Configure -> Add -> Simple, then: Apply to logs: Event; Log Entry Content: "complete the location details in the report"; and then select an appropriate alert sound from the sound picker Rifts Alert when a caster begins casting Ice Pillar so you can retreat before taking damage: look for the phrase 'begins cooling the air heavily' in the Combat log, and play a sound Triggers -> Configure -> Add -> Simple, then: Apply to logs: Combat; Log Entry Content: "begins cooling the air heavily"; and then select an appropriate alert sound from the sound picker Alert when a caster casts Fireball so you can retreat before taking too much damage: look for the phrase 'casts a fireball spell', and play a sound Triggers -> Configure -> Add -> Simple, then: Apply to logs: Combat; Log Entry Content: "casts a fireball spell; and then select an appropriate alert sound from the sound picker What are some of the clever and interesting tweaks y'all have made to Wurm Assistant to make your wurm life easier?
  5. They're wonderful! And we're swimming in them. Humble petition to allow them to be applied to existing practice dolls so that they have snowman heads instead - or used in the creation of new practice dolls.
  6. The rough tools I've built to determine the results of these sort of mixes suggests that it should have gone to 36kg of 192-192-192. I can see 191-191-191 resulting from the "rounding effect", but 190-190-190 seems at least one notch too many. Unless it's also affected by the third note of the October dye patch: It's vague enough (presumably intentionally) that I don't quite understand how to factor that into my calculations? But this change may also be at play here.
  7. And thank your research and for your post confirming that I'm not hallucinating this! It seems that we have a very similar dyemaking process and experienced this in very similar ways - and it's especially maddening because only a small handful of wurmians make large quantities of dye on a regular basis would even notice this bug because it's just so subtle. The Five Stages of Dye Grief Stage 1 - Denial: Notice a bad batch of dye and think: "Huh, that's odd. I just have been sloppy with my sorting. I'll be more careful next time." Stage 2 - Anger: Being more careful with the dye sorting but not looking closely at every RGB value every single time: "I'm almost positive I was absolutely careful with every single dye unit!? All those materials wasted ARGH!" Stage 3 - Bargaining: Watching every single unit like a hawk: "If I pay really close attention, I'll see that it's not happening and everything will be fine. Wait a minute - that one was absolutely not fine." Stage 4 - Depression: Ask other players if they've noticed anything weird with dye and realize they have no idea what you're talking about and feel like you're losing your mind. Briefly consider never making dye again. Stage 5 - Acceptance: Finally make a forum post to determine that there is either some sort of bug at play or you have in fact lost your mind. I think we've just started a support group, Fraskesa.
  8. This is so useful to know. I had not heard this at all and I thought I was losing my mind! In the meantime, I'll try and gather more data points. At the moment, I have no idea how to reliably reproduce it but if others have noticed it? I'm definitely intrigued.
  9. Of course! Lovely to see you on Pristine today, my dear. I hope these new resource tiles will keep you company. After a deep dye dive, I've returned to the surface with a beautiful shipment of Maroon. I've sent you a DM to coordinate a time when we can bring this dream into reality!
  10. From the Patch notes 21/OCT/21: I'm noticing unusual rounding errors when making 'large' batches of single color dye. My understanding of this update: when making 1kg batches of raw dye and adding them to a collection barrel, the dye in the barrel should eventually become the RGB of the worst quality dye in the barrel. For example: a collection barrel of of 85-90ql red dye should eventually converge to 240/15/15. As the quantity of the dye in the barrel grows, any given 1kg dose of dye moves the RGB value less. And since the lowest ql dye added will always pull the full value down - everything should ultimately converge to 240/15/15 (85ql). I'm noticing that when brewing large batches of dye of a single color and adding 1kg at a time to the collection barrel, the resulting RGB is lower than what should be the lowest bound. At first I thought this might just be me being sloppy and accidentally sorting a lower quality dye into the wrong barrel. But paying closer attention, I'm noticing moments in which this change does not behave as expected. Specifically: I have a barrel with 39kg of 227/28/28 red dye. I add 1kg of fresh 76ql red dye (231/24/24). I do not expect this dye to change the RGB value at all in any direction. I move the 1kg of dye into the collection barrel. I discover I now have 40kg of 226/29/29 red dye. In spite of adding a stronger red to the barrel which should at worst do nothing, The entire RGB of the collection barrel has moved in the wrong direction and become a weaker red.
  11. Also, can we talk about the SEAS OF BLOOD during the Halloween event? I feel like this was a change that many disliked but some loved and I was firmly in the 'love' camp.
  12. This is a tiny quality-of-life improvement that I've grown more and more fond of every time I use it: New: Added the ability to drag and drop equipment onto animals, and an option to quickly unequip animals. I've come to appreciate the combat changes - if only for the fact that it was an enormous UX improvement of what was already there, but generally inscrutable. I know there was a world of garment rending and gnashing of teeth over the AH changes, but I've really enjoyed them. For me personally, it's given new life to AH because I finally have to admit I can't possibly maintain four-speed and four-draft horses across all 13 colors and can finally give up that dream and focus on the colors I like best. Not to mention I can finally breed cattle and sheep for traits I find useful, specificallY: spark + slow metabolism + graceful eater. And the rare traits have been a breath of fresh air - the occasional immortal is nice but my word have you seen how blazingly fast a four-speed horse with the 'unbelievably fast' trait is? Unreal. And best of all - I LOVE ALL MY CHONKY BOIS
  13. Not a worry. For an order of this size, I can add delivery and application at no extra charge.
  14. You better believe it! You have my complete attention and I will get started on this order posthaste. The only question that remains is: are you up for 220kg of Maroon dye?!
  15. Looking to have yourself a peaty little Christmas? You bet! [11:45:37] You can not mail that far. Ut oh, looks like you might be on Chaos you naughty little boy. Just drop a line when you're back on Freedom and I'll put them in the mail right away.