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  1. As Tristanc, Ayes and Nomadikhan have noted - lunch boxes and picnic baskets slow the decay of food, but when lunch boxes and picnic baskets are carried in player inventory, they're still subject to the inventory penalty and decay faster. Keep them in saddle bags, vehicles, or buildings and it will be weeks before you see decay on the food items.
  2. Gnomegates has led a master class on the subject! A few additional observations: - Hell horses are hands down the fastest solution, but fretting about when a hell horse will 'age out' can be stressful for some folks. - 16 quality horseshoes with good WOA casts can be a bit spendy to purchase if you can't make them yourself. - Bison get a bonus pulling wagons - a team of bison with the cart-speed attributes will pull at 18km/h on flat ground when their speed bonuses are active - which is frequently. Unfortunately, horseshoes are not an option for them. - Wild bison used to be more plentiful, but the meta has changed in the last year and sadly they're almost impossible to find in the wild at the moment. - Bison also die off more quickly and do not benefit from the spark/longevity trait the same way that horses do. - If you have the luxury, a team of horses/bison that are cared for and have the cart speed traits means never having to fuss with your wagon team ever again.
  3. Meadhalla!

    Just over three days left, I'm so excited I could just fall off my horse. I have just a few questions for our esteemed host: 1) How many entries are we allowed to the pun contest? Seems like it might be pretty cheesy for someone to show up with twenty puns. 2) Will we need to label our cheese in any way? 3) Who does your hair? 4) What is your favorite real life cheese and why is it baby swiss?
  4. You have my complete attention with regards to this matter. Looking forward to seeing what the tweaks will be! Also excited to see what shape this takes. And - gods above has it been fifteen years already?! That has to put WO into a very special category of MMOs to have operated that long - particularly for such a small but devoted community.
  5. Meadhalla!

  6. Happy Saint Valentine's Day! Everyone is allowed to eat nothing but chocolate all day. Sorry, I don't make the rules - that's just how it is.
  7. I dare say I wish I could continue to collect, but the old ranch is already bursting at the seams - so silver it will be. Happy to know that one of the old beasties will be well cared for in a good home! I'll DM you to work out details of the pickup.
  8. Discovered wandering the wilds of Pristine during the holidays, these bison are comically larger than their usual counterparts. However please note: All are 'Aged' or 'Old' at the moment - none in the 'Venerable' category All are male with zero traits (standard for novelty creatures) If hooked up to a cart or wagon, they temporarily lose their large size (sadly) If hooked up to a hitching post they permanently lose their large size Asking 1s per - but will also trade for Snow Lantern, Yule Goat, or Yule Reindeer, or best offer. Will deliver for free on Pristine - easy pickup on the South coast for sophisticated collectors on other islands. Remaining stock: - Aged Beefy Wraps - Aged Beefy Wraps - Aged Beefy Wraps - Aged Beefy Wraps - Aged Beefy Wraps - Aged Beefy Wraps - Old Beefy Wraps
  9. For the record - I love good RP in MMOs, but it has always felt a little clunky no matter the game: people type at different speeds, real time chat RP becomes hard to follow with more than 3-4 players, etc. My RP moments in WO have been few and far between, but they've always been enormously memorable. For example, the very first time I hired a Mag priest to help rework my mine layout by collapsing the entrance, we managed to turn the event into a small horror story. In this scene, Anacrusis (my alt) is deep in the mine, I'm welcoming the priest Argustin to the deed and showing him to the mine entrance (logs lightly edited for brevity, color added to keep the characters straight). Poor Argustin was concerned enough that we had to confirm via PM that this was all for show. Mentally, I'm almost always in character - even if most of my communication in game is OOC. I'll toss out a hook here and there to see if anyone picks up, and I'll dial it up if someone bites. For me, the tricky thing with WO is that it can be challenging to find good RP 'hooks' to create a scene - it must be something more than: "What ho, the crops need tending. I shall rake them." - one hour passes - "Ah the crops look better now!" Impalongs have a long and celebrated history - has anyone ever attempted an RP-along? Coordinating across time zones might be difficult, but I'd happily sail to another server to participate in a Harvest Festival when the leaves are turning in the fall or a proper Merchant Fair where merchants bring and display their wares. Players have always love to build marketplaces, but they're just so inefficient compared to forum posting and mailboxes. With a little forum planning, it could be fun to work out who will bring what to the Fair and we could haggle or barter at the site. I'd be willing to bet any number of folks would love to build a fairground or similar RP-focused deed. Of all the leading suggestions - I like best the option of having an RP chat tab with the same range a Local that can be turned on and off. Sometimes, I want to put my head down and focus on completing a task, and other times I'm open to RP. I'm not sure we need additional emotes/animations - /em does a lot of heavy lifting in RP and it's darn near impossible to have enough preprogrammed emotes to do everything. These are all great questions, Malena - thank you for getting this discussion started!
  10. Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots in the archive, but I sold a 5s white horse named 'Roman' to @Joelleback in 2018. She was building a collection of horses with a single name at the time, so she might be a great resource for this registry.
  11. Of all the things that have taken my breath away, seeing my first Wurmrise from the starting area on Jackal was certainly one of them.
  12. How it started: How it's going: But seriously - thanks again Stanlee and gang for a well run and memorable slaying - especially waiting to start the event until the boat that was glitched at the server boundary could make it.
  13. As always, thank you for the exciting slaying. 240 players in local at peak(!), a terrifying lag spike just as combat began, and it was a bit touch and go when Boxer's relatives showed up. Glad everyone got out safely!
  14. These are all great and none of them are the answers I expected. Keep 'em coming!