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  1. Have added new entries for the dyeable carpets that were added with today's updates. I'm not on the wurmpedia staff, but would appreciate if someone can add these images as needed Album is here, with dyed and undyed examples for each: And links to the new pages [ Small delicate carpet ], [ Small intricate carpet ], [ Large flower carpet ]
  2. Took a look back through the topic, I'm a little shocked that this one hasn't come up already: Tweaking 'Dig to pile' so that it works consistently. I still can't figure out why sometimes I'll successfully dig to pile and sometimes it will still dig to inventory. Surface mining doesn't have this issue, and it would be nice for 'Dig to pile' to be the same - especially for large terraforming projects.
  3. [ attempts to post coherently but keeps hyperventilating in carpet options ]
  4. Auntie Sid adds a little extra lettering to the shop sign out front Oyez, oyez! Announcing the opening of Auntie Sid's Carpet Bazaar - catalog coming soon! Fine handmade rugs to decorate your homes with any color combination you can dream up!
  5. [15:16:31] Stanlee Winners: Stanlee Flarnus Soluna Chefpeewee Axx norfolkpine Shenjiwurm [15:16:33] <Stanlee> oh wow rigged
  6. Fifty one and a half long wurm years between the invocation of prophecy that Seriphina spoke and the arrival of its truth! Her vigil is concluded, her vision complete!
  7. Oyez, oyez! The Transmutation Hut is pleased to announce a few exciting changes! 🧙‍♀️📯 Imbues are now free of charge! Just cover the mailing cost both ways, and ol' Auntie Sid will shine those tools up nice with quality imbues. You'll still have to provide the blood and/or potions of course! Bulk discounts on transmutations! As with large dye orders, transmutations now have bulk discounts as well: 15 transmutations - 16% off, 30 transmutations - 25% off, 60+ transmutations - 33% off! 📉 I cover COD on all dye orders! As a thank you from ol' Auntie Sid ✨ Dye catalog updated for the new year! I've dropped some unpopular colors to make room for more - with many custom colors commissioned by wurmians just like yourself. From the useful Crab Orange to the bouncy Jazzberry Jam, many new options are now available to everyone! And @Gringo100- we must play at opposite hours because I just haven't been able to get in touch with you. I've gone ahead and mailed you one Claymaker transmutation - but feel free to send it back if you've already taken care of it. Thanks for stopping by the Transmutation Hut!
  8. My understanding of how sealing kits are intended to work: sealing kit is made at a certain QL and takes damage with re-use, eventually crumbling to dust - essentially a re-useable peg with a limited number of uses based on QL. How sealing kits seem to be currently working: sealing kit of any QL is applied to an amphora when sealing kit is removed, the sealing kit inherits the QL of the amphora + a little damage, not the QL the sealing kit had at application sealing kits re-applied to the same amphora continue to take damage sealing kits applied to different amphora inherit the QL of the new amphora and begin taking damage again as if they were new I use a lot of wax seals, so I wasn't sure I was misremembering how they work - but I finally found one that was from over a year ago and it was a higher QL than the amphora that it came from - and about the QL that I try to hit when I create them, so I think something must have changed in the last 12 months or so. Now I'm not sad about infinitely reusable wax seals! But I thought it was worth a mention.
  9. After years of building altars on other servers to to enjoy the benefits of a global rite, someone finally had the kindness to point out that the various deities have ways of praying without the use of an altar and it helped a lot: The only downside is that I have about 20 metal bowls still slowly decaying in the hold of my knarr - just in case. 😅 ETA: It's true that these methods do not help with faith gains for priests that are out and about, and that's an entirely different kettle of fish.
  10. Dyeable carpets and map dumps on the very same day?! I'm weeping tears of dye out of sheer joy! 😭
  11. Flags do this, but @Jaclynhas touched on the windsock idea - what if flags also showed the strength of the wind as well as direction? The crosspiece is at 90° for the strongest gale, and at 30° for a the weakest light breeze, with the various wind speeds moving the crosspiece as needed? 45° for a breeze, 60° for a strong breeze, 75° for a strong wind? Granted there's a lot of variation in each of those categories - the difference between the strongest light breeze and the weakest light breeze is familiar experience to anyone trying to get to a public slaying on time - but I do see 12 potential marking points in the existing flag graphic.... 🤔
  12. The first ever? First ever virtual world would have been Adventureland played on a TRS-80 in 3rd grade in the late 70s. The teacher asked me to type in the actions that the class agreed upon and it was like a switch was flipped in my brain. Eventually everyone else all went out to recess and I stayed inside the entire time to continue exploring that world. First ever MMO would have been HeroMUD in the late 80s - but once Everquest appeared in the early 90s I was utterly hooked, especially since it was a MUD writ large with graphics. Now I have to go lie down and I would ask that all y'all stay off my lawn while I fan myself and recover from having confessed this. 👵