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  1. Enchanted Rare Silver Longsword

  2. Hey neighbor! I'd love to come over and help out. I'll supply the remaining 264 logs if they're still outstanding. Please put Sidereal down for: carpentry, blacksmithing, masonry, and leatherworking. NS is currently 85 and I'll be doing a deep dive on it soon - hope to have it to 90 by the event, so if I can help with blood mixing, I will! Although she's not up to snuff for casting quite yet, Ana will be in tow for helping with sermons.
  3. Valrei International. 082

    Hallelujah and the saints be praised!
  4. I believe this spell was available to cast as recently as last week, yet now I don't see it in either the spell casting dropdown or the list of spells available at an altar. Can't seem to find anything in the release notes to confirm it?
  5. Horse speed vs. horse color - an experiment

    That's a great question - let me test that and get back to you! And to Alyeska's points, let me restate the thesis more precisely now that the experiment has lead me in a more specific direction: "Ebony horses in Wurm Online do not have a sixth speed trait that other, non-Ebony horses do not have." This claim can absolutely be tested empirically. The WU code that indicates a 2.5% speed increase would be easily visible at the base speed of a horse (19.45 km/h vs 19.94 km/h). Setting aside the question of using more speed boosts more often and just focusing on the 'extra speed trait', I see one of five options possible (there may be more, so if I'm missing them please weigh in): The trait is applied to the base speed of the horse. The trait is an additional speed boost on top of the three existing speed-related boosts in a five-speed horse. The trait is intended to exist and does not manifest and is, in essence, a bug. The difference between Ebony and non-Ebony horses existed at one time, but does not currently exist. No sixth speed trait exists. The data does not support #1 - Ebony and non-Ebony horses all have a base speed of 19.45 km/h given the methodology used in the test The data does not support #2 - no Ebony horse has a speed higher than 28.10 km/h after hours of testing using the methodology above, nor do any of the 12 individual gear speeds indicate anything faster than a regular five-speed horse. #3 may be possible, and if so should be brought to the attention of the developers - but I have yet to see anyone support the claim that this was an official announcement. #4 is possible, and if someone can demonstrate an Ebony horse moving faster than the top speed of any other five-speed horse while using the methodology listed, I'd be eager to see that data. As it is, the only conclusion that I can reach at this time with this data in hand is #5 - no sixth speed trait exists for Ebony horses in Wurm Online. (And we can ignore the statistical analysis in the first tab for now, I'm only referring to the second tab, which is the more interesting data). As Brash_Endeavors stated so well earlier: I didn't want it to be true. For Vynora's sake, I also breed horses for sale! And if we've been wrong all along about this conjecture, how many others have we been wrong about? Wouldn't it be great not overpaying for a feature that isn't there? So in the spirit of scientific inquiry, I encourage everyone to present evidence or design an experiment that would call this issue back into question. I'm honestly not here to pick internet fights, I'm here to do science. Edited to add: Sorry to inform you, @Baramor- it appears the top speed of a groomed horse and an ungroomed horse are identical - this is exactly why confirmation bias is such a pernicious confound!
  6. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    I must have been thinking of these early threads: My First Day on Pristine Pristine Community Map Project I did manage to find a few screenshots of the southern coast back when it was untouched. Will add those later.
  7. The Flip Side: What do you LOVE about Wurm?

    The subtle joys of Wurm are the things that fill my heart. They're the things that keep me coming back again and again. To name a few: Atmospheric modeling: the wind and the rain drive the motion of the clouds and it feels more realistic than other games I've played. Sometimes I'll find that I'd planned on mining underground only to have the dawn arrive with a bright cool sky and no wind. Who wants to be underground on a beautiful day like that? And I'll wind up changing my plans for the evening just based on the weather? Yes. The ambient sounds - the croak of the frogs on the shore, the wind across the steppes and the chimes at night, the birdsong in the morning, the sound of a gale wind through the trees. The heavens - the fact that we have a planetary system, stars that rotate around us. Some nights I just love looking up at the night sky before I turn in myself. I will never be able to own a second home, and Wurm becomes that second home for me. I still have years of plans for the old deed, and yet when it sometimes feels like too much work... Getting out of the house and taking a long ride about the island. Sometimes even packing a tent and food for a much longer adventure. Finding parts of the island that one still has never laid eyes on even after all these years. And finally: Sunsets. I must have seen this sunset hundreds of times from the balcony of the smithy. It never gets old. It's what brought me back after a long absence and part of what keeps me here.
  8. Horse speed vs. horse color - an experiment

    Brash_Endeavors - an apology is not necessary but accepted just the same and you are the bigger Wurmian than I for making it. Your clarity of thought in hindsight is a credit to your talents. I'll continue to pursue this line of inquiry until something more concrete shakes out and keep y'all posted.
  9. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    Phew! Also - I swear I found some old screenshots of those first hours of Pristine of a bunch of naked settlers in Blossom, but I can't seem to find them at the moment. I'll keep digging!
  10. Horse speed vs. horse color - an experiment

    What I have found after 20 hours of riding a horse under controlled conditions and staring at the speed is: The maximum speed of an ebony horse and the maximum speed of a non-ebony horse on a flat surface under those conditions listed in the methodology are identical: ~28.10 km/h, plus or minus a few hundredths due to the way speed is recalculated after turning. For a five speed horse, there appear to be exactly twelve 'gears' for the speed of the horse after the base speed. There is no difference in any of those gear speeds between an ebony horse and a non-ebony horse. I do not find even a minor difference - not 2km, not 1km, not even 0.2km - under any of these circumstances. I can only conclude that there is no appreciable difference in speed between the two in Wurm Online at this point in time. I continue to look and cannot find anything to suggest that Ebony horses are different in any way - no official announcement, no forum post, no patch notes seem to support the idea that Ebony horses were intended to be faster. If someone can find the smoking gun, I'd love to see it for my own sake. And although I've looked at the WU code that does indicate a difference in speed, I cannot reproduce that in WO at this point in time. More interesting I think is that what I'd hoped to prove via statistics (granted, a sample set of n=4 is pretty slim pickings) has instead opened up a new line of inquiry that I hope to be able to pursue.
  11. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    And hopefully I'm not too late - I finally managed to find my old logs from 12-12-2012 - I've extracted all the deeds that were founded in that first four hours after Pristine opened on 2012-12-12 @ 2000 for the sake of the archive and a trip down memory lane for some: As for personal reminiscing: I woke up the next day to seven new neighbors that had all been saved by the spirit templar. Intending to focus on animal breeding and leatherworking, I began collecting wild horses and settling in. In early 2013, I went on vacation for two weeks only to come back and find all my horses had starved to death. It broke my heart so badly, I couldn't bear to log in again. Meerhaven puttered on until December of that year when the upkeep finally gave out. Fast forward to 2015 and the announcement of Wurm Unlimited. Feeling nostalgic for the sunsets on that coast, I promised myself I'd log in one last time to see who now lived on the old land - long enough to see one last sunset. Then I'd head off to look for new adventures somewhere in WU. I logged in and was promptly eaten by a hellhound. The old deed had gone wild - I could see the marks of whoever settled there and disbanded in the interim. The only thing left to do was to replant the old deed marker and start rebuilding.
  12. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    Ahh! I remember Zip getting struck by lightning. It's been so long that I'd mis-remembered it as having happened that very first night.
  13. Horse speed vs. horse color - an experiment

    For folks following this thread, I've updated my reserved post with the proposed science of Quantum Equine Dynamics. Although the WU code indicates Ebony horses receive a minor speed boost, the additional data suggests that there is no equivalent Ebony-specific speed boost in Wurm Online. The suggestions are appreciated, MrGARY and McGarnicle. If you can provide me with a zero-trait Ebony horse and a zero-trait non-Ebony horse, I'll be glad to perform the experiment. At the moment, I believe the evidence is quite compelling as it stands. The detailed velocity data required some time to parse and build a theory around. I'm off to see if I have a 1-speed trait horse in stock that I can test my prediction with. Update: Miraculously, I did have an old horse with a single speed trait - Lightning Movement. After four laps around southern bay, I've seen precisely four speeds which bears out the prediction. Granted, they were not the speeds I expected - rather than half/normal/double, they were more of a low/medium/high range of speeds - which means the internal mechanics of how much speed each speed boost supplies a little murkier.
  14. Horse speed vs. horse color - an experiment

    Interesting! Given that WU is approximately equal to WO and based on the data, I'll have to revise my hypothesis to "Horse color has no appreciable effect on overall horse speed." Given that the fastest run was 168s with a Blood Bay and the slowest run was 204s with a Grey, any net effect that might provide is going to be completely swamped by the randomness of speed boost activation.
  15. Horse speed vs. horse color - an experiment

    As near as I can tell, this post may have been the start of the rumor, which may have been caused by speculation regarding this post. However, Meerhaven Pastures does not consider Dr. I Heard That to be an authoritative source. Do you happen to have a source for this? The new colors were released in February 2016 and neither the release announcement nor the patch notes from that year indicate anything to that effect. This would be a more difficult analysis to do. Not to get my horse too far ahead of my cart (ha!), but I saw multiple speed bonuses kicking in multiple times over the run used in the experiment, which should mean the course was of sufficient length. The second part of the analysis will hopefully demonstrate that. The working theory is that there are five different speed bonuses - each of different sizes - that turn on and off randomly. <---- Please note that this is pure speculation at the moment. Turns out it was more complicated. See post #2.