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  1. I've finally come to the conclusion that my cooking area is cramped, poorly laid out, and in desperate need of a makeover. And a makeover needs inspiration. For all you chefs out there that love spending time in your wurm kitchens, I encourage you to show us your cooking area and tell us what you love about it! And while I'm not looking to make a panfilling factory, panfillers should feel free to chime in too.
  2. You know, it's interesting that you mention that!
  3. Oh this is it, this is the last straw. "These skeleton puns are not very humerus..." Sigvard! How dare you try and get a leg up on me in the pun department! *thighs heavily*
  4. Would the 'kick' option stop Sigvard's bone crunching noises? Or his witty repartee? Or both? Because I'll confess that while I do love his witty repartee, the bone crunching noises have caused me to relocate my Sigvards away from my crafting areas because I do find the frequency of the crunchy/grindy noise can set my teeth on edge.
  5. I know the precise birdsong you're talking about @Ayunaand it's been maddening as @Goldfinchand I have spent months (possibly years) trying to figure out the ingredients required to recreate it. We've noticed it most frequently in large farm plots, but creating a large farm plot does not seem to be the trigger. Most recently, I noticed this birdsong on a large farm plot and had a sudden hunch - using a pendulum, I was able to determine that there was a water source tile almost exactly where the birdsong was localized. I haven't had a chance to confirm that further via experimentation, but it's the best lead I have to offer. I now wonder if farm tiles and flower tiles count the same toward creating this birdsong around a water source, but at the very least this is a mystery that has also vexed me for quite some time and would love a conclusive answer. I find that specific birdsong absolutely enchanting and would love to know how to recreate it because it is so rare. It stops me in my tracks every time I hear it.
  6. Added - thank you for your continuing explorations!
  7. Well there I was just taking care of some business on deed, listening to the crunch and crackle of bones and feeling very much at home. Until it happened. I was riding by and Sigvard spoke. He said: "Bone-jour!" And I nearly fell off my horse. Not only do these bags of bones speak, but they also think they're comedians. And now I love them even more and am trying to collect all the goofy little things they say. If you spot a new saying, post it here!
  8. That was the very same article that caught my eye as well and put Wurm on my radar. It was only when the Pristine/Release server addition was announced that I decided to jump in - played on Deliverance for two weeks with a future alt to see if it was something that captured my attention and, boy howdy did it capture my attention. Jumped in with both feet the night that Pristine opened and have been here on and off ever since. Absolutely nothing else like it and I feel I could happily Wurm away the hours for at least another decade.
  9. sobs in "yes please" While we're on the subject, I'd love to be able to: to sort the merchant inventory in the manage merchant window to see what was bought and at what price (as@Seriphinamentions - this can be done with spreadsheets, but it's clunky and cumbersome) for a buyer to see the date and time that the merchant was last restocked a built in Shop Sign that the merchant owner can choose the type and also rename - to give the buyer an idea what to expect without having to actually initiate a trade and page through the inventory and yes, agree that I'd love an idea of how 'busy' a merchant is with 'X players have viewed the merchants goods in the last month' I know we've had similar suggestions about mailboxes and logging COD exchanges - but that's much easier to track with a spreadsheet than trying to reconcile an unsorted list of things with my own spreadsheet. Perhaps #2 might be an easy lift with the merchant sending a letter to the owner at midnight server time if and only if any goods were bought that day as a trade receipt. So yes, I'd love to see merchants get a bit of love pls.
  10. Would love exactly this - would even love it if it were downsized appropriately to be in the neighborhood of a cupboard or even a large chest. Sometimes I just have some spoiled meals, some leather scraps, or some pocket lint that needs getting rid of without the space commitment and eyesore of a trash bin inside a building. Plus, it creates the potential for server wide 'Give a hoot, don't pollute!' campaigns and installing public trash bins along highways. I'd love to be able to dump these unsightly and all-too-common piles of meat and fragments in a nearby wastebasket. So yes, this suggestion gets the Auntie Sid Seal of Approval
  11. I've returned from the wilds of the real world (please don't ask about the cryptid) and y'all know what that means! [ The Transmutation Hut is once again open for business and here for all of your imbue, transmutation and dye needs! ]
  12. [ The Transmutation Hut is on a break until Sun Oct 30th - I'll be catching up on any and all orders then. In the meantime- the most popular transmutations can be found at the Transmutation Hut Branch Office at @Kasumi's Driftwood Market at U11 on Pristine while a selection of popular dyes can be found at @Nirav's Rockcliff Museum at K15 on Indy ] Taking a hiatus from the ol' Transmutation Hut so that Auntie Sid can go play Wurm in real life! That's right, I've found myself a proper cabin with no heat, no air conditioning, no electricity and no indoor plumbing and just letting my poor brain unwind from this doozy of a year. I'll try not to do too much terraforming while I'm there - and don't worry, I'll be back soon to brew up all the dyes and transmutations you scamps can handle. Happy wurming, y'all!
  13. Have I mentioned how glad I am that fog is back and how magical it can make everything?
  14. They're each so exciting in their own way, how can you possibly expect us to choose just one?!
  15. Oh my nerves are all aflutter with this new and exiting update! Really looking forward to this update even more now. Will be curious to see the number of faithful steeds lost in the near future - and to see if chain barding will finally have a chance to shine! ETA: And, goodness gracious, does the existence of Goblin Camps imply the potential existence of Troll Camps to ratchet things up even further??