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  1. Tortoises

    Responding to a veeerrrry old post, but yes - I have been breeding tortoises on Pristine. Honestly, Hellhorses are about 10x easier to breed, and yet my dream is to breed tortoises. If only I could pull a cart with them!
  2. Improvements to Discard

    +1 - would be a nice quality of life boost. 3 and 4 can potentially be risky, but even just 1 and 2 would be lovely.
  3. Yellow potions to transmutation liquids?

    -1 Yellow potions are just goofy gag items. I'd rather see them go away entirely than be so easily converted to an valuable item that currently takes a fair amount of time and effort to create. One can always toss them in the trash heap if one never cares to use them.
  4. WTS Cheap tools, rares, shoulder pads, etc.

    Please C.O.D. the following items to Sidereal Cedarwood grooming brush, ql 12.98 (CoC 79) Unenchanted oakenwood mallet Steel Hatchet, ql 5.46 (C65) Thanks!
  5. Auntie Sid's Compleat Wurm Almanac 1070 - only 1s25c! Each almanac contains the finest assessment of all 20 plants currently extant within the world. From the tasty Apple to the sturdy Walnut, entries for all plants are contained therein - including the elusive lingonberry. All entries are guaranteed to be of 65ql or higher - and although the earliest entries for Oleandar and Lavender have already accumulated some wear, each Compleat Wurm Almanac is guaranteed to last through 1074 when kept in your inventory. Have you ever wished that you had an accurate accounting for all 20 plants in your own almanac but are lacking in either access or time to study all possible varietals? Consider Auntie Sid's Compleat Wurm Almanac as the singular item missing in your endeavors. With the pine tree harvest finally underway, each almanac is up to date with the latest information for all plant life. Ring in the year 1071 with a fine copy of Auntie Sid's Compleat Wurm Almanac and improve your harvesting experience immediately. The 1070 print run consists of three (3) copies of Auntie Sid's Compleat Wurm Almanac. Each copy is available to the discerning buyer for the small price of 1s25c. Orders received will be shipped C.O.D. to your nearest mailbox via the Wiha Express, arriving in less than 20s once our fulfillment department has processed your order. Available at the finest forums near you until the print run has been claimed!
  6. Bring back Vynora Missions

    Lorewise, can a case be made for Vynora turning away from JK such that her missions would not create an imbalance on the PvP side?
  7. Need help with highway

    I can come help a bit if you're on tonight, Smackeddown. I've had to correct enough of my own highway work to be able to help.
  8. After transmuting a submerged shore clay tile ~3/4 of the way to complete, I dropped dirt in the area to raise the tile above sea level while waiting to acquire additional active transmutation fluid. It appears that changing the slope of a partially transmuted tile reverts it to an entirely untransmuted tile. Not sure if this is working as intended or merely undiscovered prior to now.
  9. Valrei International. 034

    I cannot begin to tell you how happy this makes me.
  10. Build a Blossom! Pristine Starter deed competition

    Good to know! I agree that it makes the most sense to have the beds be free if they empty out once maximum sleep bonus is reached.
  11. Build a Blossom! Pristine Starter deed competition

    Late entry before things close up! I've always envisioned Blossom as a sleepy little town. To that end, I wanted to create a rustic feeling that hints at what's possible in the game, but leave the truly spectacular stuff outside Blossom for the thrill of exploration. Overview: There'd be much more tree cover than what's shown - it's been removed for visibility, and most grass tiles without a tree would be a flower tile. When entering from the tutorial, Blossom is listed as "Blossom (flowers for everyone)" and I really want that to be the theme of the town. The entire area has been lifted up by 30-50 dirts to smooth out that steep entry from the south. I love landshaping and trying to keep the land feeling as natural as possible, minimizing huge flat spaces or flatraising. I also wanted to pull the coastline in to the deed area to make it feel a little more natural. I tried to keep the materials understated - I think some of the newer textures look a little clashy, but I tried to represent a few different styles without having the town become an exhaustive catalog of all possible wall types. Ideally, I'd like to reshape the perimeter as well - breaking down the dirt platforms into more natural hills and seeding them with various trees and bushes as if they were the town's orchards - without good height data, I didn't want to try and mock that up in Deedplanner (which is an excellent tool, but a little fussy to do landshaping with). Now that you know a little about the design philosophy, let's go on a tour! (And here's the Pastebin link if you'd like to take it for a spin in Deedplanner yourself!) New players currently enter on this tile, and I want the first thing they see to be the path down to the ocean and that amazing view out to the bay and a little shrine/gazebo. As the player turns around to the left, they'll see the "Mayor's house", with a small vineyard out back, a garage for the official cart, and a paddock for an animal or two. Turning further left, one sees the Inn - Deed planner doesn't have a model for the cupboard or the bartender, but in the back of the inn, the bartender would be behind the 'bar' (cupboards turned around) for serving food and drink to new players. Interior detail of one of the rooms - ideally the beds would be set to rent for 10i and usable, but I have no idea what happens if a player logs out in a bed and never logs back in. Maybe that adds flavor! Up behind the inn is a little graveyard for the town. Continuing to turn left, the 'commons house' is up on the hillside - beds here are 1i. Interior of the commons house Storage warehouse for the town inside are barrels, crates, amphora racks, and BSBs to feel like the repository of town goods: And the workshop with forges, smelter and carts - ideally usable by the public: On the edge of the deed are two gatehouses are intended to suggest to players that leave the area that dangerous beasties are afoot and the town guards can no longer help them. And there you have it - a rustic, nature-oriented Blossom to serve as an understated counterpoint to the more amazing structures that players build outside the town. Blossom should be more of an appetizer for what's to come as new players enter the game and explore the area. I wish I had a little more time - Deedplanner is great for buildings, but decorating interiors is a little more of a challenge.
  12. The Screenshots Thread

    Storm over Meerhaven:
  13. Patch Notes 18/MAY/17

    I'm loving the almanac addition so far but simply must say: That made me laugh out loud. Well played, devs.
  14. Deedplanner 2.9.2 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Having some unexpected issues with 2.6.4 - any attempt to move from 2d to 3d hangs the Deed Planner application. Details: - using the latest java (1.8.0_101) on Win7 - First attempt: export from wurm -> import into 2.6.4 -> correct base height -> save as 2.6.4 -> re-open in 2.6.4 -> view in 3d hangs - Second attempt: Exported from wurm into an older version (2.4.1) first to correct the base height, saved as a 2.4.1 .MAP file, reopened in 2.6.4, saved from 2.6.4, and then re-opened in 2.6.4 -> view in 3d hangs Essentially the same exact error message as steingrimur experiences: a null pointer exception with all the attendant stack trace. 2.4.1 works just fine, but I'd certanily love to be able to use the latest features.