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  1. Not to be a pest, but is there a specific day and time for the update? I ask only because I have a promise to keep to light a candle at the gravestone of every tower guard who ever gave their life defending our deed so that their souls can escape Jackal as it closes. I can't bear the thought of leaving them alone on the Home of the Damned forever.
  2. Reasons why I continue to play Wurm Online: Looking forward to chatting with folks that have become familiar friends over the years Being able to set my own goals without feeling obligated to participate in 'end game content' Having 3+ years worth of projects to work on, even after playing for 7 years Trying to figure out how to pay it forward for every player that has ever shown me a kindness A relaxing game experience that neither depends on my slowly deteriorating reflexes nor requires my absolute, constant attention Impalongs, and all of the additional player-created events that never cease to surprise me Recent additions like Jackal that result in cooperating with players that I've only ever known as names from the forums Every server that I haven't found the time to visit and explore even after all these years Feeling very connected to the patch of land that has been my deed for this long: the random visitors, the years long shaping of the land, and (surprisingly) the sunsets Loss aversion to WU servers that claim "We'll be here forever!" but vanish once the owners discover how much work goes into curating a well-run server Cheaper than an actual vacation home by several orders of magnitude The bittersweet experience of discovering and exploring a deed that has disbanded - a reminder of our own mortality in all things The fact that multiple players have left this mortal realm in the last 13 years that have been remembered within the game itself (Tich, Oracle, et al.) That WO is an extremely niche game, and frankly there simply isn't anything else like it - even after all this time
  3. Wait, so the fact that the crafting window shows the hand as being 50.0ql has no real basis? I always wondered why water was 100ql and hands were only 50ql, given how problematic that would be for high level pottery work.
  4. Fully agree. Nearly every time I've ever used Get Info has been by accidentally being off a few pixels in the menu. As Armyskin points out, it's very frustrating to accidentally use up this 1xday skill at a time when it isn't useful.
  5. Several folks have made excellent suggestions and I'll echo some of them while offering my own experiences over the last several years. Find other players you enjoy being around: Looking forward to seeing certain people online is always a reason to log in. Are there toxic players in your alliance? Does alliance chat just feel endlessly tedious? Consider finding or forming a smaller alliance of people whose company you truly enjoy. They're out there and they are wonderful. Grind skills only when you're in the mood: You may log in one night planning on spending your entire 5h sleep bonus working on Weaponsmithing, but after an hour you're just dreading every mouse click. Stop. Do something else around the deed that needs doing. Explore a part of the server you haven't been to in a while. Redo that one part of your mine you've been meaning to get to. Stock up on raw materials for your next project - can you ever have too many iron ribbons? Or just log off for the night. It's OK, Wurm isn't going anywhere. Eliminate as many 'chores' as possible: As Crimsonearth points out, logging in only to deal with things that absolutely need to be done before it's too late is no fun. If you hate the thought of dealing with the upkeep on a Thing, consider letting go of that Thing. Yes, breeding five-speed sheep at one point may have sounded like fun - but it's OK to give up that hobby once it becomes a chore. (NB: I am still trying to breed five-speed tortoises for reasons even I am beginning to question...) Ignore the haters: Certain individuals seem to participate in Wurm only to tell everyone else how much they hate playing the game. That's on them, not you. It's OK to enjoy the parts that you find enjoyable, even if that thing doesn't increase a single skill ever. I met someone recently that just travels from server to server to meet new people and found that wonderfully refreshing. When the thought of just logging in feels like work, it's time to take a break: When Wurm starts to feel like a second job, it's probably time to play something else for a change. Shortest break I've ever taken was a week. Longest was two and a half years. Maybe you won't ever log in again, and that's OK too. But at some point when you find yourself missing the sunsets, the bird calls, or the shape of a mountain range near your deed - you'll know it's time to log back in at least for a little while. And maybe you'll discover that you suddenly have so very much to do again. Wurm is a story that you gradually tell yourself over the years: Sometimes you have a million projects you're itching to get to, sometimes it feels like there's nothing else to do. Only you can reveal the story of your character's life in this world. I wish you all the best in discovering how that story unfolds.
  6. I'm not sure if this addresses your concern, Baloo - but our last rift on Pristine spawned on top of Tundra, the opening of the rift did not convert the tundra tiles to dirt. Grass tiles within the tundra area did convert to dirt, but the tundra itself was unaffected.
  7. Still hoping to be able to whitewash some rendered walls and fences, Tom Sawyer style. All in good time.
  8. Continuing the detective work from Some skills seem to not see a transfer from Jackal Thanks for checking. For comparison, I did see some cases where small-ish skill changes on Jackal did show up as transfers to Freedom. Examples: Foraging: 19.16 on Jackal 47.396 on Freedom (+0.238) Although looking more closely, it looks like all the skills that "didn't" transfer are under 16 on Jackal. Another example that didn't see a transfer to Freedom: Stone Cutting: 15.53 on Jackal 45.13 on Freedom (+0.00) I don't have many jackal skills between 16 and 19, so I can't quite tell where the cutoff might be? But then this data point undermines that theory: Ship Building: 21.60 on Jackal 15.06 on Freedom (+0.00) So it seems like it might be more complex than a simple cutoff. For troubleshooting: relogging this morning did not appear to transfer the remaining low-ish skills I don't believe I used a lodestone during the previous skill transfer windows (but am not 100% sure) getting a small tick on Jackal Foraging (19.16) but not getting a small tick with Jackal Shipbuilding (21.60) To be sure, any of the low-ish skills that didn't transfer wouldn't take very long to compensate for on Freedom, so I'm not terribly concerned at the end of the day.
  9. Relevant question: do beehives work only in a 2D plane? Or would they pollinate a 3D voxel sphere? Just trying to figure out how many hives the vertical farm will need....
  10. Everything else seems to have transferred OK except for 0 transfer for the following skills: Taunt - no skill transfer seen on Freedom, current skills are: 9.94 on Jackal 7.74 on Freedom Small Wooden Shield - no skill transfer seen on Freedom, current skills are: 12.76 on Jackal 11.07 on Freedom Medium Wooden Shield - no skill transfer seen on Freedom, current skills are: 14.36 on Jackal 6.55 on Freedom Others may exist, but these are three that I've noticed so far.
  11. Lodestones on Jackal offer 'Redeem Rift Points' and 'Redeem Jackal Points' only if the player has no active item. If the player has any item active, these two options are not listed. This behavior may be working as designed, but seems unusual so I wanted to at least mention it.
  12. Wurm has always been a pure sandbox, and Impalongs have always been the pinnacle of player-generated creations. The most recent one at Friendship Bay that @VirusMDhosted was particularly memorable for me for several reasons. 1) GMs popping in to create a ruckus in the arena with absurd mobs. Every evening felt like what I'd always imagined an Enkounter might be like. 2) The entirely ridiculous and silly fish slap fights that @Goldfinch officiated. 3) Inventing for the first time the insanity that was Human Lawn Darts. 4) Getting a chance to steal the heart of @Amathand return it to Meerhaven for experimentation Every Impalong is a chance to make new friends, contribute to a larger group effort, and leave our deeds to see the wider world for a bit. They require an immense amount of preparation and planning and I am grateful for each and every one of them.
  13. Eir

    Does anyone happen to have a fundraising link to help with this effort?