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  1. Wanted: Goblin Leader

    Cool i'll bring a few fighters and a priest
  2. Wanted: Goblin Leader

    This is a public slaying? right?
  3. Hey, I'm looking to buy a 90+ venom cast on a silver staff. I'd also take a 90+ nimble on it but would settle for the venom if you didn't want to tackle 2 90+ casts. PM bubtoo in game to chat about it if you like.
  4. Nelsy put 90+ woa on 4 rare horseshoes for me! Completing the fastest tack on the server at the time. I was expecting 4 90+ casts to take a week but Nelsy finished them in just over a day! This is the 6th 90+ cast i have had done with no shatters.
  5. Hey Nelsy, been trying to catch you online, PM bubtoo in game for a big order
  6. I'll take the rare horseshoe, cod to jaytoo, thanks
  7. Petition to move it to a bit later in the day? West Coast Americans will still be at work at 2pm on a Friday. That said i plan on bringing 2 70+fs warriors and a lib priest who can summon and true hit etc.
  8. This pick will hold enchants for 10% longer with the rune it has attached. Starting the auction around standard cost of the cast. Start bid: 10s Min raise: 1s Snipe protection: 1hr No reserve, hidden bids
  9. Nelsy put 96 coc and 96 woa on my supreme stone chisel in record time! Dealt with my timeline and offered to stream the process for trust transparency! Nelsy comes highly recommended for your high lvl casting needs!
  10. it's under sniper protection still i think
  11. I'll buyout, thanks cod to Bubtoo
  12. Starting bid: 25s Increments: 1s Sniper protection: 1 hour no reserve, no private bids