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  1. Permanent penning is possible with maintenance
  2. There are a lot of things going on here but I"d like to address this comment specifically. Just so we're clear on this, the ask within the group was 10s each. In a world where golds publicly change hands weekly in the auction house I don't think a group of people coming together with small amounts of coins is "Cornering the Market". There are dozens of alliances and even singular players with superior buying power. I would encourage people to simply say publicly that they have an interest in buying uniques and if the seller has heard of them they might get a seat at the table.
  3. Ah ok I'm a bit confused. Without a report I think the only part that shouldn't be happening is the "You write that down in your report" message. But I see that in one of Aelha's second message. The rest is fine without a report but it should also be saying "If you had an archaeology journal with a blank report in it you could record your findings." Is that what you've been seeing? @Cecci
  4. If you have a second arch journal with blank reports it would use those i'm pretty sure. Assuming that's not the case, this is a guess, but If reports in your journal are not from the server you're on there might be some deed id overlap which would trigger for the wrong report if you happen to be on a dead deed with the same id as one of the reports in your journal.
  5. Devs: The correct logic for searching for fish is there in the sendFishFound method. It will show failed to make sense when nothing is near and you pass a minor SD check. but it's never called unless fish are found. This is a bug because the current system is really confusing to users and there is dead code in the sendFishFound method. @FearilThe implementation is not the best and someone just copy pasted data from the lurker in the woods wiki which is wrong for LiTD. The range is (cast / 10) * material bonus so you're looking at like 12 tiles here maxed out. Fishing spots are not 1 tile so there is some play in that range, i think up to 5 tiles. The implementer just reused old messages but changed their meaning so here's a guide. The pendulum does not move: You are in a cave. Searching does not work in caves. You fail to make sense: There are no fishing spots in your search range. The way the code is written there is no way to fail to search so it's 100% no spots are near. When there is a spot near: You feel there is something there but cannot determine what: You failed a soul depth check, just keep trying near here to eventually get the fish data. It does use your pendulum ql so higher ql helps this. Its difficulty is based on the square root of your distance from spots center (if i'm reading this right) and you have to score over 75 on it to succeed. This is very hard so you may have to try a lot. and finally the full success message that tells you what kind of fish are in the spot and direction.
  6. sorry i wasn't paying attention, my ign is bubtoo