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  1. This is resolved internally. Fix should go out on next bug update.
  2. I did fix sand but I don't think investigating solid rock makes any sense. Not saying lore holds up in most situations but lore wise there doesn't seem to be a way short of volcanic flows going over a village that fragments could go into rock and excavating them with a trowel or shovel doesn't make sense as those tools can't operate on rock normally. Searching the rock once makes sense to me as you're just seeing if anything is laying on the surface. Beyond that you'd basically be mining to find fragments which wouldn't produce any results because there's no way for stuff to get in there. Obviously the lore is a little moot because you can just toss some dirt on it and suddenly it's got fragments in it, but that's my thoughts on it. Not a bug in my opinion.
  3. Would be nice, unfortunately the technical complexity of adding data to messages we broadcast is very restricting. Never say never but I think the opportunity cost would outweigh the utility.
  4. Crashing when right clicking in the event window and disabling timestamps breaking tags should be fixed today or tomorrow in a hotfix pending testing. Coloring for rare tags being off of standard color, Linux alt click dragging windows, wearable containers don't work for alt clicking, are probably going to be handled by next patch. For the linux issue, currently I think we're just going to put an alternative button combo in the options. I think ctrl + shift + click is not currently being used. @gnomegates@Borstaskor @Xheth @Arno @Finnn I appreciate the bug reports and suggestions.
  5. @Xheth I was not aware we could turn off timestamps. Will handle that soon. The issue should only be local to you or anyone with timestamps off.
  6. I'll take a look at that Xheth
  7. Doing my best to work on that. There is a reward rework in flight to help address it that includes repeatable rewards that are desirable other than metallic liquid.
  8. Priests suffer penalties as accounts, so they excel in other areas this being one of them. That said i'll state again, there are features planned to provide non priests a way to get priest buffs. As for healing nerfs, damage points will encourage people not to ball up which is the primary reason LOF priests are so effective and that will get looked at again after the effect of the point system change is able to be seen on their point gains. MM ql allocation could use a relook, I can dial it down a bit initially. With the new point system we need to see how it shakes out as well so a second pass will need to happen. Damage points handle this. Making the assumption of 88 mobs at this rift and warmaster not killed. New system puts total distributable points over 650, which would let your top performers get up into the 200 range.
  9. I sympathize that getting less points per rift isn't a happy feeling. However the point output is more per hour of effort now, the event is just shorter. Lower level players are seeing more points per rift where higher level players tend to see a little less. So it's difficult to justify alterations. We gave the 20 point bonus for killing the war master as consolation for that, and lowkey pilot of concept of varied kill points. That said and as you implied, changes to that are neither here nor there all the point output will change with the rework of point distribution. We don't want to make an easy way to muster a large point bank before that That's just to leave us more options in balance of shop point values.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, Damage aoe spells give no or very little points today. So some points would technically be a buff. That said giving priests a kill point based on all the aoe targets would be silly. I'm not trying to get into a debate here but tagging is game mechanic abuse. The point system is being used in a manner it was not intended and in a way that gives players an amount of points not relative to their event objective impact. That latter bit being the important part. That doesn't make it against the rules of Wurm or some GM actionable thing. It does however mean the point system needs revised which is the main purpose of me taking on this project. I'm behind the sandbox playstyle idea, but you should get points relative to how much you forward the collective goal, how you do so within those bounds is left up to your creative measures. Making this change actually allows more variation on playstyle as archery and spells will be more viable as actual strategy.
  11. I have no plans to make changes to priests. Balances will be realized in other ways. As for alt abuse balances, those are just ideas, nothing planned at the moment. Would need to see how it shakes out after the point distribution changes. If it's getting abused you might just have to deal with increased difficulty to run multiple accounts.
  12. Tanking hits doesn't require skill when you're good with continuous dying.
  13. Alternate methods to sorta level the field with priest supports are in the pipeline. As you described, in my mind it is acceptable for a player to run multiple accounts so long as it takes sufficient aps and attention to do it. To that end, some mechanics may be added to make it a little more difficult. The active status check isn't needed because they have to target mobs anyway on each account to get any dps done. Other ideas that come to mind are people getting knocked out of carts/off horses occasionally. Ogres may throw players. However that would happen in the balancing pass.