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  1. Comparing Wurm with a government its the biggest fallacy, Wurm its a business, way easier to ditch (as I and many did), and its right now in grasping mode. So hardly they can afford to lose any more players, unless, that'ts the plan.... god, I love me some conspiracy theories... But well, thing its, they better replace the fountain pans with something like Ecrir proposed, and make the game a LOT less hardcore if they want to see any influx of fresh, tasty, delicious meat.
  2. Fountain Pans...still talking about this? I left WO several months ago...Thank you Rolf for WU. Now, you saw the results in the number of subs on your pay monthly to play model. Do not make WO harder, do not piss off the few old players that supported you for so many years, and are in possession of something that make them still pay month by month to access your servers. I don't know, but i feel like Captain Obvious right all seems so just common business sense.
  3. Books

    Big +1 to books. It would be wonderful for my morrowind themed server.
  4. Oil barrel + tower guards. Radius dependent on ql of guard tower
  5. Lol ... I hope you being sarcastic... Right ? everybody, and their aunt know that , we , the pve players play a nerfed game to keep the sacrosant balance in the pvp servers... Everybody kneel to the balance. pfft
  6. They need first and foremost separate coding for pve and pvp servers. Without this the game its not going anywhere and will be stagnant as a very niche game for ever. The excuse thar one of the devs gave its unacceptable , he said that this would be a nightmare to put in practice. Well , guess what ? Thats the nightmare every single company in the world faces , either making hamburgers , socks , and rockets. They have a team of people facing difficulties with only one purpose: Satisfy the damn customer or go bankrupt. Pretty simple, people that play hardcore survival sandboxes already know about Wurm. The rest, the pokemon go generation its not interested at all in such an unforgivable nerfed game to satisfy the very niche population of a very niche game
  7. historically they developed this game totally focused on the pvp group preferences. Till they finally figured the vast majority prefer to play in the pve servers..
  8. +1 for new ones or just changing the stone fence to match, the low stone wall its good as it is
  9. this. And things will improve when 85 % of the team focus its on PVE, and the influence of the PVP community in the development trend its minimal, very minimal as the portion of the pie they represent.
  10. nope, -1, skills are your friend . meditation its like a friend with benefits. it should stay that way.
  11. /stuck

    if ain't broken, don't fix it
  12. they must tangle and make a mess with everything else in there.... not +1 common sense
  13. who cares about PVP impact? PVP in Wurm its dead as good. big +1 as it only makes sense.
  14. +1, I love anything made with marble just passing thru visiting old friends. Good to see Epic and in general the PVP community its dead.