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  1. Heya! Grats, I'll log in, in a little bit and CoD the fragments to ya. Thanks!
  2. Three things every bug report should include: # A title dictating what the bug you are reporting is ✔️ # What happened: Well... you can see from the image below my hair is flying freely # What you expected to happen: Well... I'd like my hair to be contained in my helmet # Steps to reproduce: I'd assume probably just have an open helm with the Winged Helm skin applied and you too can have free flying hair! Might want to take a look at what is causing this skin glitch :P, thank you!
  3. That's right, all the fragments are there, all you have to do is combine for the rare version of this statue, your signature will be on it as well! Starting bid: 15s Increment (minimum):1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 10 Minutes Private Bids: No Happy Bidding! Good Luck!
  4. Guard Tower: Sedoypapa 770 Located in this general spot:,2345 (Might not be perfect, but it's close)
  5. RED HQ AD

    Big Announcement, Big Bump. Hopefully this goes smooth
  6. You'll be left with 1 extra piece, that was unintentional on my part, but you just go ahead and keep that extra frag if you win! Anyway with that out of the way, when you combine this, you'll get a rare mountain lion statue with your signature on it. Good luck! Starting bid: 10s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 10 Minutes Private Bids: No Happy Bidding!
  7. I'm happy about that mission window cleanup, thanks!
  8. I'm excited for this one! Yes, many thanks for making it public!
  9. Rare Guard Statue 92/93 already attached! All you have to do is attach the final piece and not only will the statue be rare, but it'll have your signature! Optionally, I have 91 restoration, so if you'd like me to finish it, I'm more than happy to come to your location to finish it. Starting bid: 12s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No. Buyout: 35s Sniper Protection: 10 minutes Private Bids: No Good Luck, Happy Bidding!
  10. Appears the highway I was doing starting from my deed at Red HQ to the east coast has been added to the map (which is awesome), but I am updating that I finished connection (had to wait on an inactive deed to fall to finish it) -- From: 3676,1988 To: 3749,1988 Also extended my road west as well: From: 3178,1989 To: 3053,1989 Andddd extended the road south (includes a bridge over the water): From: 3180,2320 To: 3180,2593 Thank you
  11. closed

    rare long bow (willow) 71ql = 8s Can you Cod that to me? Redheart thank you
  12. RED HQ AD

    Updated post, currently holding off on buying treasure maps, I was flooded today, and I gotta catch up on the ones I got Ps ty to everyone who sent me maps