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  1. # A title dictating what the bug you are reporting is - # What happened - I've put off reporting this because I was doing my own testing to see if I could figure out what was causing this. I thought maybe it was from my collection of wagoners, but I dismissed all of them and I'm still having extreme FPS drops which you can see in the video. I was told maybe it could be the lamps on my deed or possibly the massive mine that my husband and I have dug underground (All the graphics from the mine underground as well as the overworld terrain is loading all at once, so maybe that's causing FPS drops?). These FPS drops only occur on my own deed and/or on other large deeds (that seem to have alot of stuff on them). And another note, none of my graphic settings I've changed since I started playing wurm online over a year ago. I have them on the lowest settings, but even if I were to change the settings (which I did in my own testing temporarily), I'm still getting those FPS stutters/drops. Unfortunately, I'm out of ideas, and I have no solutions to offer, but my hopes is if I post about it here someone on the wurm team can investigate? These FPS drops are making the game almost unplayable -- especially considering ticks are important for sleep bonus, organizing my junk properly (I've accidently put low ql items in with higher ql items due to the FPS tick making my game stutter), and this all potentially interferes with other tick related events in game on my end. If there's anything that I can do to help fix this issue or any advice I'm happy to take a listen, as this is making me lose my mind, and even making me so frustrated at times I don't even want to play the game. Thank you. # What you expected to happen - No Frame Drops Please # Steps to reproduce - See video:
  2. Starting bid: 10s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection: 10 minutes Private Bids: Nope Happy Bidding!
  3. Starting bid: 10s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 10 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted Collect all the pieces, and you'll have your own signature when you combine and restore it Happy Bidding!
  4. Woops I forgot about this post, been busy with a new job irl. I'll cod those items over to you, but if you dont' want them feel free to return~ Sorry about the delay!
  5. Bid made by: "Jellyboosmith" for 9s. They don't have a forum acct, but asked to have their IGN posted here for a bid
  6. ah go ahead and send the casket to my alt toon on Harmony, use the IGN: Harmonytoon Just seen you're on Harmony ty Send the arch frags to Redheart !
  7. If you can combine them before you CoD, that'd be great too, forgot to mention, ty!~
  8. Also can COD these to me: Statue of Jackals revenge - 3 Statue of Vynora - 3 Statue of Libila Slate - 2 Statue Of Magranon - 1 Statue of Drake - 1 Statue of Worg - 2 Statue of Hell Horse - 1 Statue of Guard - 2 Thank you, - Redheart
  9. COD this to me: Rare Small dirty casket 15 ql - 1s Thank you, - Redheart
  10. Quick Auction hopefully: Starting bid: 5s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: 20s Sniper Protection: 10 minutes Private Bids: No Happy Bidding
  11. Hiya! Let me know your IGN, and I'll CoD the sword over to you straight away when I'm online tomorrow Grats, and ty!
  12. Not a problem, I do appreciate the update. I placed a large order expecting a bit of a wait time. Thank you again for all the smithing you do and have done for me! @BaeowulfHey!! Thank you for the tools! Just one problem though, so I don't forget putting it here, 3 of the tools weren't 80ql, 2 butchering knives and a sickle. I'm going to just mail them back to you, to be put up to 80ql, just wanted to let you know so you're not wondering why I sent them to you LOL Thank you again!
  13. Red HQ

    Updated frag count and a few other things