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  1. Make Birch trees useful

    +1 brrrch sap
  2. Troll king slaying

    during the week and EU work hours gg for whoever made it
  3. @JakeRiversthx, no need tho, I'll be fine, it just sucked to lose my 1st bees that way.. slows me a lot Dark - no clue, cant be sure.. I concentrated on improving when I logged in on next day after work, I did a small boat trip and returned in ~30min to continue improving the hives.. that's when I noticed that hives were in just 2 stacks and that's when I saw the 'empty' word in their name... Can't really say for sure that they weren't empty before the boat trip. Definitely took less than 24h to kill 9 queens that way.
  4. Animated shows it better... (link below) Passengers on cart glitch with no textures: // also.. that's not an actual character, it's the clone model(NOT actual character on the screen) My guess... is that this happened at some point when entering/exiting caves. --edit Still haven't restarted client and when I go inside a structure and look at the cart, char(clone) gets normal textures back, when I leave the structure's borders - char(clone) loses textures again.
  5. Winter frozen Lakes

    nope I'm up for tunnel deep mining and creating ice for larders.. or w/e cooking ideas. Why not .. ice sculptures/statues with new texture decaying within.. just like snowmans.. last for 2-3-5-10 years..
  6. Bee hives - die within 24hours loaded in a wagon Had 15 loaded in 2 wagons, 4 noisy, 1 active, rest - empty.. I was improving them to 76ql.. but it got late.. and left them in the wagons overnight.. so I could finish improving them.. and than place them back where they had to be. On the next day I continued improving them.. I think they were fine ~before I left the server for 20-30 min, when I got back and again continued to work on them. noticed that they have formed 2x stacks instead of initial 4 groups and now.. they are all empty.... Hives which had bees had no honey, but they had 3x ql88 sugar in each, afaik bees eat 0.10 per day. Is this intended bee behavior or a bug?
  7. Sailing trough borders bugs player camera, sail boat looks like 'knarr'. but.. with terrible vision.. returning to home server(where player have logged..) fixed it to normal view
  8. I could come imp a few things, could to bs, cas, ws, carp, fc, lw, masonry Cheers o7
  9. Container for Felled Trees

    I'm fine with 53-61~ felled trees in un/runed wagon.. as when I grind wc I fill 3-4 wagons park them next to each other and get my woodcutter party started.. ps. prepare crates.. BSBs still suck compared to crates for log storage
  10. Red Dragon

    thx #+1
  11. Bag-!t --------- Simple... 1 activate a backpack or first element from a stack of backpacks(satchels/small barrels/etc..) containers in inventory ** players will eventually drop the filled ones 2. right click item or a pile to get the option 'bag it' or .. 'collect', 'take'... 3. fill the container with the pointed item/contents of pile which fit in the container[, or in case of stack of containers in inventory working like this.. fill backpack-2 when first one is filled with 100items or have reached the volume limit] WHY ON EARTH DO I ASK FOR THIS NONSENSE???????!?!?@?!?@!?@!$(* Simple.. I'm lazy + I like to farm, and harvest at the same time.. as I also sow.. on the spot.. and I drop harvested crops ON THE GROUND(savage like that, YES). This could solve the right click/keybind/ -> OPEN/take piles as I have to do it currently.. than dragging from pile or inventory to a container(backpack/crate/...) Cheers o7 -------- p.s. What do you think, yay, nay?
  12. I got a fix for this, click 'place' and it acts like 'take'-ing the item, and it's back in your inventory. Had the same to happen to me yesterday~ quick fix: just 'place' the item ps.. had this to happen when I put mine in a wagon.. odd part is now I tested it with a large cart and I can take it without problems. Either walking away from it a few tiles.. or container makes some difference. Either way.. until patched.. if you can't take it, place will fix it. cheers
  13. Expired prem? Relog, your skills will be shown as you were prem... f1-console -> "dump skills", upload your latest skill dump.