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  1. Possible unique metagaming concern

    tl;dr.. randoms will find the uniques and pm the same teams who did it so far.. and nothing is going to change.. #JustMyExpectation
  2. Instanceable Unique Hunts

    Step UP.. it's logical to strive to improve, it's only natural to work toward something better, since there's no better armor and since that is a MUST and an official goal that's on everybody's todo list now... why is it weird that people are unhappy if few metagame and kill content for greed?
  3. Rune creation ok or.. not?

    Noticed that 1st.. chance is a bit far from 1 in ~3-4, also I do NOT get any bonus for the runes of the deity I follow(vyn)? Seems a bit odd.. even if it's normal to fail 10/+ times in a row. --edit after initial 10-20 fails.. started to give a success every 3-5 tries
  4. Another Release type server

    lol ^ -------- Writing this as a person who joined a bit after xana got implemented.. I started on with the pris/rel servers and havent seen better places.. (literally.. never had to check the other servers)
  5. Latest Raspberry Pi Cluster server?

    If that is the issue probably few things could be reworked for that... maybe you could wire an ssd to it? i/o solved if it's just disk performance thing. I'd not call a cluster of 55$/ea raspberries .. cheap, only bonus to this is the power consumption
  6. Instanceable Unique Hunts

    -1 for host based events.. rather deal with rng and some participation system. Certain few have proven that some hosts should never have the right to have a right. Instanced.. I don't see the point of that, rifts do not need their own instance for example Karma is a b* to farm if you go after it.. rather have either completely other way to charge the start of such event or to have a variety of ways to do it, certainly not crops, too easy to charge if sac favor is the juice.
  7. Simple Fix for Uniques

    As for the OP, I don't think we should leave players to rule these events given the greed and drama around them.. IMO best is to use a 'rift' or w/e "similar" automated way to spawn, kill, loot distribution... preferably.. give nothing to 2silver alts(new players will live just fine skipping 1 reward, can join any other after that; if you pay 8-10s a month that's a + for the game and you're paying just as much as anybody else.. alt or not.. at that point you deserve a piece of the pie~)
  8. Wsa silver sales and safety

    You do realize it's a scam play.. they don't actually have silver...(?) Silver selling have been a thing for years... My understanding is.. that this whole mess comes from scammers who have no silver/gold but pretend to have such, you send them RL money.. they do not send you anything... and we're here reading WSA posts about such cases.
  9. How to kill your own game tutorial

    I just start to love @tamat's love for fishing... lol Some people have lives and do not metagame with alerts of all kinds to rush toward the gold, what is so strange about it? Some people just want to play and have fun, occasionally they would also like to gather for events, and NOT to have a specific few who decide if they should have fun or NOT and how much. What's so weird about it? Seems normal to me. It's only odd that sh.. did not hit the fan earlier, year/s ago to get a change.. also nothing have changed for now, next patch same people will be penning uniques just instead of alts.. randoms will pm them and tell them exact coords.
  10. How to kill your own game tutorial

    That wont in any way change the list of names who do, have, had been farming these in private. I think the reason for the change is to get out of the smelly pile of .. we currently have stepped in..and kept that foot for so long.. could use some washing. Dragon armor currently does not exist unless you're in the small teams who does it in private, there's no market, it's a monopolism sh.. state in which whoever have it .. can do w/e wants with it.. which could never reach the market or offer more than 1 source of the given goods. It's a cool single-player game thing to roll.. but this is an MMO, if you are super happy about your situation, many are not so at all happy about the state of the game. Change's good.. just adapt, was about time. Hopefully.. what gets in next patch wont change anything.. people will still pm same teams to do same thing.
  11. Valrei International. 086

    life. Well.. you seem to like to RP.. or turn your peasant self to a king or w/e.. That's cool, but I don't want to play your reality, you can be king on your server or be one on chaos.. if whoever there is .. likes the crown on your head, all fine by me. But.. I see no reason for your regular self to somehow rule how I or anybody else should experience the game, IMO we all deserve some FUN and some piece of the pie. 5-10 kids having pager-alerts for twitter and using or not alt horde to stalk dragons to steal that said fun from the rest of the population seems like metagaming to me. Not to mention once a game fills with good number of alts... it means it's dead pile of ... I've played a bunch and had some observations to write this, it's not a good advertisement to see hollow chars around. Even with the situation for the past year.... I've been around with a few IRL needed breaks to get more time for other things.. I'm still here.. paying and playing.. even with the ###### that have been going on with uniques for what 2-3years now? I think you'll be fine if at last things go to a bit saner levels. There's frontier, budda promised some challenges, try that, you'll have fighting opportunities there, + you wont have to deal with little hide/scale pieces others never had, things could balance and have everybody happy? Maybe? If you can prem up with real money like the rest and do not depend on the scale/hide to pay your rent and premium status, I see no problem, right? Game goes on, more happy people around, maybe some return after reducing the wogic with uniques, who knows. Sadly.... nothing is going to change.. newbs will call same names to do semi or full private slayings with just 1-5 different names.. but still having same original teams sponge some hide/scale, possibly a charge etc.. Not much improves with this. Already have ads on forums to call groups to kill it for you.. as you're a toddler and groups are best means to handle these atm. I'll wait for next change hopefully.. raid-ish mechanic.. that wont let 2s alts get anything.. but doubt that. I remember another change which supposedly.. increased the amount of hide/scale and tome drops, than a few months of peace and the sh.. hammer dropping with all it's greed power leading to situation 3-4months ago with several posts suggesting a change to uniques. True IT IS the scale and hide , as you see private slayings for dragons and public throw of sand in the eyes to get good reputation back... if you cant get any of the good stuff.. who cares if you travel to get a blood sample of the beast? This WILL happen with the planned change.. if uniques can bash/trash deeded structures and spawn close by.. many deeds are 'villas' on other deeds or people owning them are just not playing as much for one or another reason, they will just return and start with a "WTF!?" exclamation IMO f* no... why? wurm takes serious, SERIOUS amount of time.. chasing or participating even... E strikes back for the f2ps.. if you want to experience the E force, undeed. You also pay to have some control and less annoyance to deal with(decay and disappearing walls, etc) What exactly is fun about having 5-10 people sponge rarest material in the game and preventing other to reach that forcing them to buy from the partypooper teams? Why is it bad if the developers make the game FUN for everybody and not just these 5-10 people? I am wondering why actions werent following after the 5th time same team got the loot, as that's a real sign something's wrong, it's too easy or there's no competition, but reward is just as good.. and probably needs something to change.. Frontier's coming whatever that is.. could offer 10x better armor and weapons for rewards, dragon scraps could be worth 2 iron next month, we have no clue. Rifts ARE.. terrible.. because we spend 1-3hours on them.. to get higher numbers.. instead of getting 10 hearts, running around with 1-2 people to kitte the aggro and rest could rush to sac 10 hearts to close them... People like to slash and bash things + it gives you better jewelry to smelt once rift's gone.. One of biggest downsides is ... travel time it just doubles the time you need for every rift.. BUT we cant have teleporting mechanic as that's too fun.. everybody HAVE TO.. own a priest pet to get summoned somewhere.. and use the pet to get home or back to boat(that alone have made me skip several rift invites) You run around in drake/scale? Judging by your avatar. . you seem to like having better armor, why other shouldn't have easier time and equal chances when fighting? You've gone to public slayings... that rarely is for venerable dragons which offer a BIIIIIIIIIGGGGEEEEERRRR weight reward.. than usual younger dragons. Same pub slayings give you at best 0.03 or 0.01(sometimes less) depending on the penned alts who if not penned would pull more than 1 rare bone from the body.(that's a joke.. but numbers are real), the amount of scale/hide private slayings offer is much bigger... in a few you can make an armor or half.. which is more than what you can get in few years attending to all slayings if they were public.(1 of the reasons.. alts sponge equal amounts, and only cost 2silver to get blood/scale/hide from uniques.. doing nothing just standing in local and that is common practice to get more of these events). You've missed that most pub were hide/scale -less.. just blood calls for reputation not that much to help you in any other way than to shut you for a bit longer. There were 1-2 dragon pub slayings for 1 or another reasons around journal goals(again for rep probably), but that was it, rest was gold gold gold farming. Reworking makes it harder to pen and participate? There's no such thing.. it's all in private and rest is dust in the eye as explained.. Nobody on who can get drake or scale armor - uses plate/chain/leather/ct, there must be a reason for that... and if only way to get it is to buy it from partypoopers, I'll pass and use whatever else I can vs dragons, bunnies and hell whatever spawns. IF that is what the game is offering me.. rather do that than buy from the people who rob the fun moments I could also had. rift-like raid system? The so called strategically placed alts with pends seems awfully "gray area" to me.. logging a ton to check locals and such.. doesn't seem like a normal game mechanic or .. anything I'd like to have. Rather not list the reasons. Get-info is one use every 16hours? how many alts with this do you need to scan the server? / on it's own it's harmless, it gets serious when you buy bunch of alts who aren't even prem but can scan the local*(which is how it's going to be used if left to work.. alts will plague the lands for this) With the price of half copper per ql on gems.. priests are still making it too easy to find. Not to mention the *somehow praying 24/7 priests* for gems which is probably old practice now.. mining/digging have oversupplied the market with HQ gems... for years to come It's a Tich project.. could be reworked, modified but main idea will remain, I don't think will will be removed or changed much. Best you can do is to ridicule the amount of time it takes to make every single item for fishing gear.. and to have a rework making it easier to get the gear's ql and the resources used while fishing.(do some tests, report, wait for brighter future); For example.. spent several hours to make 1 professional fishing rod yesterday.. 'fun times' , of course.. if you're curious - there was no time to use it.. it was too late to care for what I started making it.. there's always today/tomorrow.
  12. Math's fun but what happens isn't, could math help improve the gamer's playing experience than? At least.. if you see one thing.. you expect that... not rounding in mind and deep math wu-dumped formulas and rounding recalculations to get to the truth... If you see 10% chance to make a rune.. you expect 1 in 10 tries to make a rune.. realistically you expect 1 in 20-30 tries.. in reality.. rng could have you trying all day until you run out of rift materials without a rune created(by chance) Recently had a 13% chance for something.. at some point made 3 or 4 in a row with 13% chance creation.. mostly it was uneventful waiting for X seconds between tries and fails as expected.