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  1. no -1 no -1 no -1 ty, play the game a bit.. learn how it works.. suggest non nonsense ideas later. pottery is already how you suggest.. clearly pointing you're too new and suggesting things you have no clue about. armor idea is trash, rather go play minecraft than this ###### stinks in thought mode.. imagine it as content.. if you think weaponsmithing is something you can compete with... at 50 skill to make tons of 50ql weapons for new players... believe me.. in few minutes a well skilled player with right tools can make in times more than what you can create at ql50 in hours; skill matters, 'get gud kid'; mainly this idea will make fs grind suck as your gains depend on the damage done.. and with a toothpick.. you do ~nothing.. dragging your grind with month(s)... really unfun content change.. You or any other noob can skill to 70 or 90 in a matter of a week or bit over... with right time spent in the game to grind it.. right enchanted tools and amount of sleep powder, and that's far less than you'd imagine; anyone can do it, if you know how gains scale, ask in ca-help, ask in gl, ask 1-2-3-4-5 skilled players, gather some tips and go for it. We all learn and the so hated 90/+ accounts didn't just get there overnight.. most did spend months to get the skill, only a few actually do the speed grinds in a week or 2-3.. anything besides WS .. you can grind quite fast to 90 #ydoibotheransweringtotheseposts
  2. Either you skipped verifying that you were the last one placing the pans in the oven/fire/forge.. or the old bug from ~year ago that loses ownership(whom to give the skillgains) is back
  3. think you need to build the fence(gate) first, than plan and build the wall-type.. unsure if it just allows you to build them bothways starting with either or there is only 1 order to get it done(not really building often)
  4. lol no -1 depth=-1 actually, 2 word suggestions in 2020 LUL
  5. Some of the ideas on their own "seem ok", but they also dip into several other things making it overpowering or ignoring other content that else other have to deal with. Question is how does average priest main day go? How does non-priest char's day go? Should there be some balance change, and what should be improved for both? As new shipbuilder or carpentry-related grinding I had an issue of not having high ql wood or anyone around me able to supply such, ending up with only market as source or having to grind WC, which I did(it's a game, why not play it, it was part of the 'few' skills my 'class' gets to improve), so now I have 2-3-5ql higher logs, but and I got better in sb or fc, carpentry-whatever skill I was after, BUT now I am also in another trouble need higher ql tools, need better enchants, need higher ql iron, need higher blacksmithing, more enchants, sleep bonus, FATIGUE(probably reached this 2-4 times in 5yrs) plays HUGE role into this all, same for enchants and sleep bonus, also RL time to spend on the waterfall ladder I have to climb. Just as you can not do certain basic things on your own: *a non priest can not mend a pelt or whetstone, plenty of other tools and gear, or some unique items like pottery which can only me mended, not even repaired(30 faith and ability to mend gives you 90 repairing ignoring difficulty of the item - pretty op, as 70 repairing is something you get around 3-4-5th year of grinding improve/repair on various skills naturally), * you want to do some transmutation on your own - well too bad you can not, * you want to get into AH - well too bad you need to wait rng 1-2 weeks IRL if you get a bad trait for a new creature if rng or age doesn't kill the mother in the process, * you want to make a mailbox - it's easy you have 100 fine carpentry - well too bad you can not enchant it and it's useless, * you'd like to make a few strange devices for fun or profit - well you can't they are all not moving, * you want to bless a few buoys or lamps for your shipyard or the highway - you can't, * you'd like to remove ice at rifts or do heals - you can't, * you'd like to utilize wildgrowth or humiddrizzle - you can't, * cheat death with a healing spell - nope - apply some healing cover or cotton and wait xx minutes also pray that high potency mix helps for the 60+ wound, * you'd like to see creatures around you or the villages - go find them because magic wont help you, * you'd like to just know where somebody is on the server - cool go ask them or walk all over it no other way to locate them, * you'd like to buff or debuff something with your 1 or 99fighting - well no luck buddy, * etc ^ some are really silly examples but both 'classes' have their silly mechanics that only WOGIC knows why there is such a barrier forcing some 'social' activities where it all takes some time and people aren't always that welcoming to help somebody in need of that 1 thing you just can not do on your own, which leads to my other line.. why can't we rethink a few more things than just QOL of priests and improve gameplay as whole. After rmt ban few doors were closed, but opened so many windows to improve the gameplay and invite new people in the game. Maybe part of the many that just turn around once they see what they do not want to deal with, could any of that be improved to be turned into more fun gameplay content?
  6. there was a recent change.. killing the north high spawns(spawn + movement in that direction).. it's kind of boring around north nowdays, sad new reality
  7. during the rift the server had a few small lag spikes, and 1 bigger one.. where I moved further back.. waited it out.. nothing was moving or making and sound(and rifts are full of bunny moans and grunts, all kinds of moo sounds - none of that was happening).. thought I'd relog.. which lead to this: for 1.. I did already alt+f4.. and reconnected several times.. until it let me load in the game.. Somebody in GL mentioned that deli have fallen during a rift.. -------------- on 2nd note.. the tip is kind of a lie... 12second timers on leatherworking(for example) aren't improving with higher skill or ql of tools.. that is MISLEADING
  8. like gives you rep, cat doesn't
  9. pay2win rather have it as it is currently .. rng
  10. What you do not say is... if you take the pan in inventory and than back to oven.. you get skill if you drag the pan from inventory to forge/oven/campfire, whoever puts stuff in the pan is irrelevant, what matters is .. who last had the pan in inventory before cooking something in it.
  11. On Things Current

    What bothers me.. is that after putting the game on steam, the "promotion" of the game ends here. Do you plan to report found exploits or just preparing a sleeve aces to use later?