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  1. google the same question... you'll get the answer.. least you can do is.. google the question and add quora(.com).. you'll get probably better answers than what people who do not use vpn to play can give you.. 1 way to solve the issue is to call your isp and let them poke around... see if they could handle the issue somehow routing your traffic to wurm servers... vpn.. means.. while you play.. you wont really want to open too much web pages, youtube(music) or streams.... vpns usually come with speed limitation or also traffic limit(if it's free)
  2. release had .... sacrifice 500 or more .. 2hand sword blades ql30/+ blades are what.. 3-5kg? x 500... gg wurm.. it was something around 2.5k iron lumps... not much but ... ****** that mission #IMO
  3. no for w/e points or w/e.. you mean with that... yes to .. having more tamed pets based on taming skill; * yes to having extra care-for option for PETS....(non mounts, I guess also a NO for bisons.. as they are cart/wagon/transporter-pullers..) * if decision to have this or not is pvp.. **** pvp.. make it pve content.. or scale to pvp.. and force players to grind taming, who cares? All pvpers are forced to either have priest pets or be priests to pvp anyway, 1 more skill can't burst their bubble, right? It will make the skill more useful than.. what it is currently.. only used to tame an HH/unicorn to ride.. rarely for a champ creature to collect... cooler things are gate locked behind priest bars with 'dominate' spell again 'yay'
  4. rip server bunnies.. waiting for the aws balooned hamsters .. free of Hetzner's claws..
  5. What stops any random dev to pick up the torch and make a packet system and accept links to github or other 'file storage' as these aren't exactly code... could be googledrive/onedrive etc.. any cloud storage with public links.... submit content there and manage it on your own... while the packet system only managed downloading these from the lib and un/loading such when starting the game or during playing.. however it's possible to work... modders have the freedom to do all kinds of cool things, just suggest something like that in the right section.. if somebody have the time and knowledge... can make your dreams come true... for jar management
  6. You can buy pretty much any priest at this point... with the soon to be free-faith-transfer... it will be much easier to find one to buy... and just convert it.. keeping the faith if needed.. Just a reminder..
  7. makes sense.. I've been using 'grave' for example .. since 4years ago as a keybind for no_target, pretty sure at least that/and other?/ were mentioned in the keybinds wiki page, whether it was detailed explained which is what key.. not sure ^^, anyway, this is good for for the odd non english standard keyboards probably
  8. Ooooh FINNish words.. nice Aren't these explained on the wiki... I've for example used 'grave' bound to "no_target".. for years....
  9. I'll read the post.. but title gets me to instantly reply with... "grind some ML noob" brb.. reading now.. --edit what what? what do you suggest.. it's not exactly.. killing the benefit of Ml grinds.. so what the ... huh?? NO, keep stuff as they are.. it's STUPID to queue many actions to create or work..... it's a FACT... as every next action scales the time and ****s the QL and damage on your tools... when you just want to do work.... but for skilling.. it does offer it's benefits... sort of.... I'd still rather keep it.. Also... I'd keep the B(crafting window).. - Why? BECAUSE! it's a nice lazy way to craft stuff.... it's stupid to have crafting system like the forest or strangled deep or .... whaever similar games.... have crafting with dropping items in piles... to get a right click to pick 1 of 1-3 options.... THAT'S TOO MUCH INTERACTION.. AND WAY TOO MUCH MICROMANAGEMENT It is not more realistic... if you work on something you work with a tool.. rather than tossing everything in a pile and 'working' with the piled up items...(even though that's kind of how I wurm.. but that's another topic....) -1 to whatever you're suggesting here, crafting window is perfectly fine, ML is stupid to grind but there who have worked for it... have their own perk that is not even that beneficial most of the time.
  10. Maybe not the issue... but .. figure a way to force your video card to act as main vga, as currently the game detects and uses: "OpenGL renderer: Intel(R) HD Graphics" which is... your on-board video?... Difference I find in my log is.. vs your line: "Could not load splash image, using fallback." I'd delete and re-download graphics.jar.. you want wait for other opinion before doing that... up to you.. My tips.. wait for @Brash_Endeavorsloves to share posts with variety of vga issues and their solutions.. Else if you want to try things on your own... figure to fix your video card to act as such... rather than using the on-board video(hope you have better..); also might have to re-download graphics.jar file.. if splash image cant be loaded.. graphics.jar could be with corrupted data and causing issues..
  11. I'd still prefer alliance/deed teleport network of some kind.... rather than traveling anywhere, links the more active points.. and keeps only hotspots that are active and wealthy to build such.. rather than... traveling to any highway deed's waystone; makes doing certain missions a no-brainer Not against this kind of movement.. but... instant friendly porting seems much more useful imo, rather than spending x minutes afk or not.... traveling with the "npc bus"
  12. Not to offend anybody.. but... they look... 'fat' ; great kitty life #wurmianDreamFatlayerChampions --edit This one weights moAr though
  13. hip hip hooray? We do not always party when xana drops.. but sb's too good to not party for...
  14. bull****... for example... in granado espada it was all about teleports... PoE is all about teleports... you just GO TO WHERE THE FUN IS... it's not about the journey, sometimes you just want to be where you can do the thing you want and not waste time on the scenic road