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  1. DO NOT do that.. you'll get 1 skill tick.. if you just need quantity.. sure.. but for skill.. you'll get just 1 tick.. it's same ........... when you make wine in bulk.. you get 1 tick per barrel(ADORABLE, for the work and time involved, isn't it?) If you want to make bunch of teas.. just use pottery bowl + oven/(forge if it works for tea), water amount + herb + sugar if needed. What do you mean, cant you store 45kg or less.. in a small barrel and seal that with a PEG? 0 decay...(+ the other ways to seal liquids) --edit Alcohol and lore check lets you cook bigger amounts and tells you for that amount of ingredients, how much water you need or the vice versa.. @Adambeanif you aim to grind beverages skill.. lots and lots of tea bowls.. are about to pass through your screen. Alternative.. CoC enchanted fruitpress + cotton seeds or corn.. squeeze either to get cotton/corn oil, no * clue what you can do with either, lamp-fuel and cooking-ingredient probably, but that's your next best solution to get the skill up.
  2. Computer Citizens

    @tamatwait for the unleashing of the steam horde.. you'll be sick of the griefers in local making shacks to stack and starve pigs and all blue creatures from 4 locals! * if that ever happens.. to pop WO @steam expect bunch of weird oak murderers and so on.. ----------- @Titanius All that rng and scorecharts are easy to gimp when you've been around for 2+ years.. you just learn a thing or two, even if mechanics change.. you could learn the latest meta to optimize work within a week or 2-3.. Wurm's population likes the freedom they have, I think you just have no clue what the community prefers, this have only place in WU as a mod there. I don't think living in spawn town and expanding it.. benefits anyone but maybe a few new players clueless what they want, eventually they'll have issues with other villagers, not everybody's that polite or honest, it's not a secret that people that come and go will vary. I didn't really read spawning silver from the whole creating and maintaining of the town anywhere.. that's dumb.. wurm's economy is linked to irl money quite well.. once that falls .. some of the old whales are going to ditch the game. Plenty of people gimp the market as it is.. plenty also do honest regular trades.. we have a variety.. but there's shortage of new players or need to sink the massive bulk amount of goods that people keep hoarding. Your idea for mega supplier towns is making me LUL not because it's funny/bad/wrong/new/etc.., it exists.. there are numerous markets mainly on xanadu where villagers gather up to work together for own or group's interest.. and create goods to sell as a combined market of goods; mostly that's just 1 person with many alts.. but some places actually have several people to run the business.(which sounds a lot like your idea, but it's player managed) In a way what you suggest exists in the game, but the game is not limited to just that 1 shade or color.., there's a whole rainbow of play styles, you can be a lone wolf or a part of a pack, neither making you weaker on the market if you prepare right, even alone you could stash enough bulk goods to pop on the market with good supply to keep the torch's fire going.
  3. Love in Wurm

    ME just wonder how many people will wind up in a relationship with their alts.. and how sane that all will be irl and ingame to be a ... thing. I'll pass on this, if anything +1 for more emotes to mess around but.. there I draw the line, with cooking and fishing.. it's kind of scary how many awkward things could get into the game if it's expanded in this direction next.
  4. Computer Citizens

    Maintenance-driven... once the interest starts to fade, everything goes to hell... Long term.. eventually that will create an issue with the demand and lower supply of the required goods to maintain existing town.
  5. Tool not losing ql while being repaired

    Try adding 15-20% damage and than repair, if that doesn't drop ql, I pronounce you Hackstier! Could be a ql drop on smaller number after the xx.yyzzzzzzzzzzzzz part.. with the zzzzzzzzz's.
  6. Client crashing (solved)

    solved.. how? removed the start parameters you added?
  7. Tame Bears with Honey

    +1 why not.. I see nothing wrong taming with spider or bear meat (maybe crate/fsb'd to lose the type for the 2nd..) Just for the extra use, rather not tame bears with only honey.
  8. Sinks for non-saccable items

    carts/wagons are somebody's property, you shouldn't be just allowed to mess with that, beds, freedom flags etc.. sure. The common not so unique items offdeed, outside of a structure should decay faster for sure.. One of the things I don't like is.. finding unique-slaying sign.. some random name planted a ~ql60 sign that is "indestructible" and from that moment.. it remains in the game for years to come.. it served for some good 1 evening, after that it's just an unpleasant reminder of that somebody.. forgetting to clean up.
  9. Non-Preme Skill Progression

    Level 20 cap is the 'demo' level, some purely subscription-based games offer f2p playability, which puts you super low in the food chain of the game, where you're hardly able to affect the market in any way and the materials you can gather or produce usually never get close to what you could get for your time playing and farming.. no matter what.. is pointless.. Here the idea have a bit loose leash allowing some freedom...
  10. Cooking affinity QoL

    *Your* thought about this?
  11. Last Post Wins

    Spam's endless.
  12. Invisible monuments?

    Maybe a good idea to spawn a light beam on top of these when there are such missions to make them easier to find? Unless part of the goal for these missions is to know where to look.
  13. Clean option vanishing

    I think it doesn't even matter if you have gotten the first ash or not, it just resets to 'cleaned' and no option to gather ash until you start another fire in it.. it's same for forge/oven, almost sure it's same for kiln/smelters. Additionally.. character movement resets/cancels the action which currently also resets to clean state.