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  1. How about craftable modifications to weapons to change the way they look or act?
  2. Dragon bounced to the nether..
  3. errr go open and google for the categories where wurm have signed itself on steam: We have 'free to play', rpg, 'massively multiplayer', indie, go.. google... see on which page you'll find wurm online for these keywords if you do not add game's name in the search, that's how famous the game is(NICHE, remember.. that's 1 reason for the low population), even if you google for sandbox.. chance to find wurm online listed on some website with chart of such games is also low.. game's being famous for being unknown out there. Than again.. look for some free to play rpg games, or new rpg games for this/last/next year.. there are only a few doing this.. you'll eventually land on mmorpg or one of their lists.. if 'sandbox' is your teapot.. well you'll at least see wurm Rest is some effort to fix the vast 'bugged' features that make no sense and fight "wogic" in all kinds of game features, plenty of UI missing elements, plenty of mechanics with wogic parts, mis-matching features and contradictions in mechanics, but that you learn with months/years of playing the game.. or less.. depends how much you play the game and how fast you learn about the invisible walls.
  4. just happened I drive a cart.. and player character and 2 horses on the cart align on same tile.. a roll triggers to cause this.. NO other creature was anywhere near me at the time - just the 2 horses hitched to the cart.. and it was moving :X --edit This is somewhat really common to happen now... I got it 3 times in 1-2 weeks... What is worse is.. it's tied to HUNGER rather than nutrition.. and to cure it .. I need to eat to ~80-90%?????? Than I get in the trouble of being COMPLETELY unable to buff up on any affinity pizzas.. ql90+ food especially multi-ingredient pizzas in that ql range.. fill up hunger bar FAST, because ccfp mechanic and hunger is useless with player being unable to eat once the bar is full.. this just creates another issue. Some will say.. 'use an alt to make yourself puke' - sure... pay 2nd premium to have an alt with 25 weapon skill and tie the 2 characters at all times wherever you travel just so you can fix a bug and circumvent messy mechanics?? This is just some nonsense.. can you provide a solution that doesn't requite people to puke or pay extra premiums, make food useful content.. and fix the common disease triggering effect that happens way too often lately?
  5. disease

    You scratch yourself. What did you catch now? And again.. just happened.. as I drive my cart.. great rng.. no creatures on the tile.. just the random occurrence of my and the 2 horses aligning to be on same 1 tile as I move.. great rng.. ps. fix this mechanic, it's terrible
  6. It's not auto-enabling for me.. odd, is this is somehow partially affecting only some players? Which client is used by those affected? For me it's default windows launcher.
  7. 1st obnoxious blinking map.. where did good quality go.. 2 versions of it left&right.. normal and heatmapped.. will be so much better. 2. map dumps are already good enough for this but they are yearly printed so far.. and that leaves some questions in the time between the dumps, suggested feature will be 'in real time' showing where players have some deed activity, some like to split from the groups and have their own unpopulated corners.. let players explore and find that land.. 1 new settler in a while is 1 thing... having 30 rush and settle around you and creating deed network next to each other will just drive certain players wish to move out of there or the game.
  8. or you can use a dioptra and have your answer with existing mechanics?
  9. disease

    I suspect that you play with low nutrition or hunger bar often.. and maybe you get stacked on 1 tile with several creatures to get the status often. Than again there is another topic on forums about people getting the disease status from just driving a cart/wagon/etc at quite common rate to be annoying, I've recently gotten it while being on a cart and wagon with low and high nutrition.. so this mechanic is a little bit let loose to do random rolls.. even when you move over a tile.. and oddly you align yourself and 2 of the pulling creatures on same tile.. that could get you the status..
  10. Hitch All

    +1 to keybind.. could be hitching post.. and you might want to hitch 2 not 3 on that 1 tile.. leading 4 and hitching 2 with keybind is useful for such case or just adding 1/2/3 more creatures to a wagon/cart with at least 1 or more already hitched on it +1 to hitch all 07
  11. or.. make them non-aggressive until population goes above xx amount of players? (rip server if you consider to defy the dragons with casual sermon party) - this probably lets farming kills on them with small groups.. as they wont attack until provoked.. letting a small group capable of killing them just mow through a group 1 by 1.. with no extras aggroing.. just the one that is provoked attacking back .. which can be handled easily with good enough skills and gear. Evict epic uniques - if they haven't been killed in 3 months IRL, replace warmaster on freedom pve server rifts with 1 random roaming unique bully? Epic doesn't want the bullies.. pve wants some public events.. win:win?
  12. So legitimately nobody deserves to get good score, only healing priests deserve to be on top of rift scoreboards in your eyes? Since the start of rifts.. the faulty system of tagging have been created.. and it's still used.. it was reported to not be good measure, but nobody came up with a better replacement and it was tweaked.. but it's deeply rooted into the rift system rewarding.. Than we got the nerf to priest healing as normally abnormally high result that one can get is ~150-250 points at best maybe... vs 1500/+ on a healing priest.. which is now not the case.. but still easier to reach past maximum possible for non priest accounts. There must be some points for participation and all kinds of it.. but with some measure. This might sound easy.. but the game is far from balanced when it comes to fighting.. you'll see various gear used by the players.. allowing some to output way higher dps/heals or tanking.. giving any of that a bonus just lets same names to show up on top on every rift, which is also not so good(or balanced), right? What do we do than.. just be glad you're not a wurm developer to have to solve the equation.