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  1. how about pvp expansion to jackal? ...into another map or..... something like that?
  2. Who's that guy, is it halloween yet, I see a suit costume! Bring back the savage shoe-ys!
  3. ql of creature's heart maybe?
  4. While jackal is temporary joy of heavens.. most have invested a lot of time(read: years) in deeds on smaller servers where they share history, friends, and all they basically know in the game. Even if devs offered a deed export and move to a new server with all your creatures and contents of containers etc ondeed... you'll be moved to a new place, expecting not all to be that welcoming the idea. After or during the 6 months.. you can go to your freedom deed if you have such, closing small servers to move players to temporary world makes no sense, you'll be left home-less at some point...
  5. Still curious about the drugs..... Yet.. I see only potential in the priest 10/100 cast etc.. but........ that kills the skill grind a bit... while.. you can basically.. still grind on hundreds of gear pieces as making and improving gear is passive time killer in wurm for the skill grinders.... priests just get to keep trying to create a legendary by reaching 100 or as close as they could... doesn't change the current 104 goal, just slightly shifts things around, no? Yea.. carebear stuff.. for pve the idea is absolute bore world where nobody wants to login... pvp.. idk how wurm pvpers work or think or .. I do not understand the folks.. even they have given up trying to understand or play with other pvpers... Else we'd have a post or section in forums where people want to start pvp-ing.... it just seems that whole pvp thing was big groups vs smaller groups vs new players.. once new ones stopped playing.. bigger ones ate the others than starved the group and server and whole thing died.... well.. besides a small detail around that story.. seems to be quite the story. Your new world is a slight rng here and there around existing things, not much changed.. other than .. rng rng rng.. cool but.. that alone is just boredom with a ribbon, come up with an actual purpose to fight there.. What is going to keep people to rng their rng in a week, month, year, 5+ ? Current model have survived for 10-15~ There must be a reason... well a few... build around them or start a new That is why jackal have potential..../new world, separated from it all, you can get all sorts of new things there and 'break the game' without breaking the game.. as it resets, how much we do not have confirmation on that one... so far.. but all that have been scratched as possible is now on the board as an option to be seen there.. new portals from jackal to depths of jackal, hearth of hate or w/e.. come up with a catchy name that will hook you/if that's a thing/.. throw all cool things in there.. than laugh at them.. moon metals, dragon bits, rarity, etc.. just make them look like low ql cloth armor.. introduce a brand new crazy set of gear you can get by slaying creatures there. You want death? Introduce strong opponents and means to survive against them.. as you get more confident about your powers.. you're bound to underestimate your opponent or overestimate your powers, whichever the case.. leading to your death.. oh.. yea.. make that pvp lands or portion of it.. where there's something more valuable to gain.. so people have something to fight about.. could be crystals to drain source and power up their gear, or new metals.. Ganking local creatures? sure.. do that.. "the more people you stack on them, the less they get to dodge right", how about enraging them with the higher number of you around them.. making their attacks more fierce instead? Than you have to get gud to kill such.. rather than debuff to gank them for the resource they hold.
  6. Switched my Shares

    3 370 000 Swedish kronor = 348 575.95 U.S. dollars wurm pricetag?
  7. Switched my Shares

    risk management.. part I'm wondering about is that other company is mainly reselling games, doing bets or selling game crates, didn't see any unique title run by them - which doesn't mean a thing.. We'll see what comes next, personally not a biggie to get a rich cashshop, game's kind of pay to win.. when you can buy an account or a set of all possible items with 104 casts on them at ql99+, but without the pvp... who gives a ...... if neighbour have 300 more cows than you do, if you're fine with your 10 or 20? PvE is just as enjoyable, you just get more options to get fancy modifications and QoL. Nobody promised a change, and Rolf's still around somewhere there, not much have changed.
  8. Switched my Shares

    1 what the ... does that even mean? 2. you have the answer, check past 2 months who have been trying to sell all like crazy, known individuals and all the banned people and their friends who hold partially all that's left of the banned people.. ignore the usual gold sellers, you have your names.
  9. According to "skynet" that is a fighter pilot! ( src: )
  10. That will be mostly annoying imo in a micromanagement game like wurm... it already requires a ton of actions to do for simple things, one way to solve your issue is to pull out 1-200 bricks or clay/mortar out and 'hold' them in a pile.. that way you just drag from the pile that's next to you and work with that.. you move from top of the stack and it pulls as much as you can carry, just have to pull a few times to make the pile... once you create a pile.. asap you have stuff in inventory - drag to pile, tiny inconvenience but instant results... piles/cart+rafts/wagon+rafts/BOAT+rafts? no bsb/crate pulls that way, if extra option is needed.. can't say.. I hate building(well I just don't build, not like I actually hate it..)
  11. I reached "permadeath", color me amused, this is dead idea already, been wondering what drugs you're on after reading the title.. if you could just share that?
  12. shroom / zombiehands were the best part, well maybe not the best.. but one GREAT part of it...
  13. That is how it usually works.. it's limited by your inventory space and weight, you can only have up to 100 items in 'inventory', so the more items you have, the less you can transfer at once; also.. the more you carry already - the longer it is going to take to move dirt/sand/bricks/logs/and such... In your settings preset there's a setting for the default number to drag around, it's in first [Game] tab, scroll down on that one: Enable Shift-Drag in GUI [ x ] Default Shift-Drag Value [ 1 ] (could be 10-20-50+) You can just move something from bsb1 to bsb2 and just drag + drop + press enter to confirm the transfer, should move it all... unless I'm forgetting something atm ^^' Pressing SHIFT + ENTER and dragging items from bsbA to bsbB should move the content around with the limitation I mentioned: inventory and weight you could carry. Is there some specific action that requires extra checkboxes and settings? (like crates and such... idk if the old bug with old crates.. leaving deeds lose volume.... and have to 'wash' the contents from 1 crate to another to 'unbug' for offdeed transport)
  14. Usually these are backwards compatible.. meaning, you're probably running some ancient linux build than?
  15. @armyskinsuggests a CLOTH BACKPACK o.0 UNHEARD OF!!! Thoughts?