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  1. something on deed makes client crash

    Create new profile, lower all settings to lowest possible, see if you can login with that - start from there and/or provide crash log to devs. Cheers o7
  2. Could we get the option to seal large barrels / huge oil barrels with pegs? Currently that only works with small barrels which isn't really useful when there's a lot to seal, it involves a ton of work to preserve liquids.
  3. Animal deaths

    This is NO bueno!!!
  4. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    last maple season +nature for me..(my 1st), else was stuck with 'soul'
  5. For chaos shenanigans?
  6. Alternative to Dirt "Decaying"

    Crumbles to dust.. as it is doing currently As for the outside of structures.. +1 to reshape the terrain.
  7. Kyklops is in the game, dragon statue kind of.... we're missing the other uniques 'captured in stone'. Seals are so common now I cant say I'd like to see more, cant think of a cool dophin statue atm, but I LIKE the shark/boat idea. To cap this .. something weird.. get a champ wild cat pawing a hellhound to the ground(random moment in a fight) Extra stretch? Add new features for the statues by adding rift materials/gems or casting courier on them.. could be sounds(randomly playing to scare people in local...) / partial glowing light(like hota demon) / etc.. yes/no?
  8. I think there used to be 1 more... these are just the top picks from google.
  9. Oh Poop

    -1 not playing ark
  10. -1 I'll just use the 'get gud kid' reply. Further explained.. If you need 1 type of resource, you can grind to 90 in under a month.. not to mention it's way easier now with runes and new ways to boost gains, or no shortage of highly skilled priests to get a well enchanted item.
  11. If only something could be done about dangerous options being close to .. other used every day… We'd save path abilities, wont drop favorite lantern when trying to light it, etc.. Have anyone compiled a list of similar options before?
  12. [Bug] Found dirt looking like a cat

    Wanted to show there's a problem with slopes and bodies.. I hope it gets fixed.. at some point. Don't care about that 1 pelt roll.
  13. Goblin Leader

    +me D :
  14. So far this is my skill progression

    It's ok. DEPENDS WHAT YOU DO and WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO in wurm. As you seem to LOVE terraforming.. i'd get a coc shovel and dig deep into tar pits until that number starts looking like 90.0*, low ql shovel with a cast and YOU watching to not break it(100% damage) should do the trick in a week-2. Your mining is decent.. both tools with a gathering rune.. should get you to good ql materials. Farming's ok if you dont have a priest or plan to sell soon, AH - get that 70!(you're so close). As you seem to like bows and arrows.. get that 70 for a start. Rest.. keep asking around.. every time you hear something 'bad' about your abilities, pick one.. and work on it if you feel like it. It's a game, keep it fun. o7