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  1. Could be a problem with your resolution setting or.. just old graphics drivers Either way.. reinstall/update your video card drivers, it's probably that.(or try to set another resolution to see if the client starts w/o problems than)
  2. It's clever.. if you can not spend the time to find the email, your matter is not that important to mail about it.
  3. Should be in the folder where you have your client installed, for example: "D:\Games\wurm\console.CHARACTERNAME.log"
  4. Could you post the crash logs. Also.. is there any chance that somebody in your local's making coal piles...(at 1 point I had my 1 client to crash constnatly every 10-20minutes, even with world_no_render true option..(particles were bugging hardcore))
  5. Not really.. it's just another dissapointment, that requires server wipes every week or two.. (same with rust/ark/rok/lif/etc..)
  6. It'a online game after all.. that's one of the reasons you're playing it for - to be social, half of the content are the people around you.
  7. bind a key to call the guards if you havent already... Press F1 to open console, and there type bind g "say Guards!" ,press enter and than F1 to close the console... From there on.. just (double)click on the mob that's chasing you.. or near by.. and press G(it just have to show in the target hud window; Just remember to keep some distance from the mob(so you do not tank it's attacks).. and let the guards fight it.. feel free to join them later if you want. If guards are 'ignoring you', remember that their range is ~20 tiles from the tower.. if you have a mob chasing you.. try to get closer to the tower... than run in circles or something... until they catch up to the mob and aggro it.
  8. Good idea, remove funding so the game gets shut down. Brilliant. xP yup.. insta' rip and boosting WU sales
  9. Best part.. sharing the fix, could help somebody else later
  10. @nicedreamsthat was not nice.. do not kick chaos players.. kill them instead.. All I'm saying is.. you made a new 'friend' of sorts.. just find him on the battlegrounds next time Make lemonade.
  11. I'd stay off pvp until english levels up a few times.. nothing like a few words to exchange with your fallen enemy. Making them smile back at you.. does not have the same effect. Chill dude.. there's a problem, it's going to be fixed.. they are working on it... and it's smarter to have some offline time instead of letting people abuse something and than erasing/bringing old backup.. breaking even more things/trades/etc...
  12. YOLO and never WAALOO 4k AOE It's a personal choice to start with this.. or eventual shifting of interests or playstyle.. as in your case you liked playing with others but got burned.. Get better modding so trolls/abusers and griefers wont make people quit. I've seen smaller mod teams slap people and temp mute or ban people harassing others.. *In your case with the maple forest.... if they had their deed there for a WHILE.. it's questionably.. griefing or targeted at you... and as you called it.. they do pay for the land than... could do with it as they please. Which should never be the case for small 1-tile-huts like we have over source springs for example... or tiny ***** deeds around bigger ones.. where nobody ever plays.. but pisses active players.. crippling their dreams to expand.. waiting for that little one to disband on it's own(usually after year/s). Your mountain little world makes you happy as the land around rarely changes without your knowledge or actions.. Scenery is a plus.. Hunting grounds(with less deeds around.. you'll have more spawns for yourself/if you like that) Only downside.. is if you travel much to trade or somebody have to come up to your place often.. that's not exactly convenient.. Other than that... what fix do you want, I see no problem with your playstyle, it's a result of other interactions.. you've found your solution.
  13. Why not close chaos and xanadu and let everyone else move to other servers instead? Nice joke, back at ya (nobody wants to move, everyone have invested various things where they play.. it's not just the coins or time spent there)
  14. +1 For more of this..., it's not like there aren't ways to collapse a tile if you find something that you do not like on the other side of that tile
  15. As long there aren't many deeded places around you.. some should spawn if there are contitions for that to happen, like having a 'forest/steppe' biome(only guessing they spawn on that 2 type of tiles). As you've read the crazy-creatures thread.. you know that wild animals do not spawn on deeded lands or too close to them... If your island is not too small - you'll eventually get a lucky spawn there(probably). Alternatively you could always make a bridge and bring animals from the main land.