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  1. Doesn't matter how it's implemented.. keybind + point over body icon(C tab) to repair worn gear, right clicking on body -> repair gear, or some other way.. Just can we have it? Gets annoying to repair all 9 armor pieces + weapon(or 2) .. 10-11 actions every once in a while, over and over again.
  2. Suggested Grammar Fixes

    Punctuation vs Grammar issues, lets start there. Note all you've found, I'm sure it will be changed if it's needed in one of next patches.
  3. The Screenshots Thread

    my grapewood wagon is no longer green-ish idk what happened there, keep checking your colors
  4. Witches and Warlocks

    summed up: - another priest buff - for the 5-15% of the existing priest/alt accounts able to start and reach your supposed end-game in hours or days - cooking/alchemy class lock expansion - gm powers faith is too easy to get if you go insane about it.. and just spam sermons one way or another... channeling, as long you have resources nothing hard to get two skills to grind to get you to gm powers? and kill the need to grind alchemy and just slap that powers there for color? It's gg mod for wu, wo material.. 2 much power.
  5. Expanding End-Game

    "we could add lava tiles, enchanted grass and buffs, teleports to all other paths than and bash the walls.." --edit ps. this sadly turns into off topic thread.. might be a better idea to turn the suggestion thread into a 'contest' for content.. and to have just ideas without the noise..
  6. Weekend Subscription

    long post.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ read if you care, skip if you don't, just replying to 3 people referring to me and I'm moving on from here
  7. Crops Never Turn To Weeds

    don't think this will fly.. if this gets accepted I'll have a dragon dog, I'm certain
  8. Wand of Priesting

    You could buy a vanilla vynora priest for coc casts to help your grinding... and after a certain point move to nacho or any of the random alt faiths for woa/botd or w/e.. you need as a main thing. Point imo is to definitely not promote monthly changes, price should be high enough to demotivate such behavior and if somebody wants to pay it often enough.. doubt CC will mind it, I certainly wont.
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    Have anyone summed up all changes after feedbacks and updating it somewhere? curious about changes.. but not that much to read 14+ pages
  10. had mine bugged, normal random one.. just old possession of mine.. was bugged and never lighting up.. eventually called a GM.. after lighting it up 5-10 times.. and fueling it... eventually 'unbugged' Try to light it up and to *fuel it REALLY REALLY REALLY FAST*
  11. Pelts...into storage places. PLEASE?

    Than you have to care for the horse and keep it as storage.. barely a tiny bit better/cheaper/lazier solution than merc/alt HODLer ..still not perfect, name 1 game where you keep your important things on a random mount all the time
  12. Keybind for Raise_Corner

    Can't you 'level' while holding the concrete lump? IMO should be just a level mechanic while holding concrete/or some tool and having the concrete in whatever container on you.
  13. no pots.. cuz 90/+ ql frags.. renders potters out of their jobs, which barely exists even as it is. overall anything non-decorative.. should not at all keep ql anywhere near avrg of fragment's as that could lead to free ql90 tools, weapons, etc.. --edit +1 for adding some more tools/items that are missing, definitely no for wooden beams and wood scraps.. IMO planks are ok.. but boat parts... IMO meh, already have pegs to roll them for rarity chance, rest will just keep stacking in bsbs
  14. Does it really matter having run option in pvp if you get slashed/stabbed/pierces/crushed/... and that puts the crippling slow effect *in-combat* on you? As I see it.. this will just be noob/alt's best friend to speed around at 50 speed, faster than best champ *corn mounts as for affs from moving kindling around .. no thx