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  1. +1 for the ''inbetween'' version.
  2. "Identical?" Old copper needles used to allow you only to create items, but improving with them was impossible.
  3. I always use this when imping, less things to look at that way, just the chat and GUI (My screen is really bright.. and this helps a lot.) Had only one issue with this render and coalpiles in local crashing the client repeatedly every several minutes.
  4. Something like this could make the game more interesting. It does give you a reason to think about your tool/weapon based on your play-style and or current goals. It does make the game more complex, which might attract some of the folks who love to come up with OP combos and tactics in games. I'm not exactly a fan of overcomplicating things, but this might have some future even as just wu mod.
  5. What's the point? There are so many servers and world jumping now. If somebody wants to hunt, could do that at any time. Difficulties exist only on chaos for the fresh visitors. Rifts could drop something new, corrupted... part of the lore.. like the key to valrei... Or a mirror of it, loaded with traps, mobs and bloodthirsty 'friendly' creatures and players... What's allowed to bring home from there? What's at stake to lose once you cross over to the other map?
  6. Praying gives RNG favor. Is there any reason to do anything? Would miners mine if they could just sit in a mine and gather the same amount of ores? Waiting online for favor to recover is slow.... and there are ways to get favor... by performing actions to get to the fun part of having more 'mana'...
  7. Any chance to share a few screens when you are done there?
  8. let me.... join -1 It's going to be annoying to switch clothes/armor for chilling/fighting... This is similar to chain/plate armored players who had to equip armor when they need it, and unequip it to move without slowly dragging on the ground.
  9. +1 for option to reskin existing boats if it's for the wood-type texture; Another option is to be able to reconstruct the boat, and turning it into unfinished one.... with ~40-to-60% of the materials already applied to it... allowing the ex-owner to finish it with other woodtype/texture. I do not like the 1-click destruction.
  10. Realism is cool, but we play games instead for a reason. Accept that some people like some freedom, there are habits and certain needs. Unless players need or could use the produced crops, it's wasting their time. Skill for harvest limits your options to trade 1:1 with other players...
  11. I agree, but instead of liking your post I'll add... that your quote is cropped out of context. They already exchanged a few not so polite lines above that. Making that irrelevant, as they were having a fight already. Either's just misunderstanding between the two. /IMO/ Both knew what they were talking about, but did not spare the time for details. I can't comment if either have a picky character, I do not know them. This could have been solved in a more civilized manner in another private conversation when both weren't so fired up. But instead we got this. Misunderstanding IMO. p.s. zuza you got a few things completely wrong(talking about your last post)
  12. +1 Saves you the trouble to cut down trees to fix a slope by the road or square.
  13. -1 Unnecessary brutality for the woodcutters. It is just annoying to keep distance, watch for player's position, and so on... (every single bit of damage is buffing action timers) What's next, slipping or falling to death in holes or collapsing walls and ceilings while digging and mining? Sunburn deaths from fishing or rng rips as you ride around the map on your horse?..