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  1. +1 Affinity system needs an update.. both drinks and food should be possible to be: - gained - removed - reset timers(having 1-15min left or an hour but you have food with 5h buff.. just get somehow a reset at full 5h instead of fraction by continuous eating/drinking; it's a nobrainer and makes a lot more sense than WAITING... for it to expire to rebuff again) - continue timers(important probably for just new players(lower skill on hfc/beverages) achieving low timers but bidding on raising them trough continuous eating) System should be simple.. not forcing gameplay into hoarding bulk of something to consume to puke and remove buffs, then rebuff, etc.. (keybinds if possible will be great, where it makes sense and action is to be used often) FIX Measuring jugs... let players right click and select exact amount which they could type-in.. to set it, it's needed for a lot of recipes, recipes are strict, let players have this... maybe limit it to 50 or 70 cooking skill to see and use the option, as to .. having Chef title mean something.. While drinks are affected by amount/ql/type and ingredients rule affinity, we can split liquids easily with no penalty; THAT'S NOT THE CASE for food... food requires the player to hold the food to cut a portion, let players cut portions in containers like magic chests/larders/etc.. - in addition let player nibble or w/e.. just eat bare minimum amount of food to buff with food and not continuously eat(for years we select several foods.. click eat and MANIACALLY SPAM PRESSING ESCAPE, we need and do use this daily;
  2. makes sense.. it's hard to find wild horse.. donkeys are now less common but seem to exist.. compared to nearly never seeing a wild horse offdeed.. forces sanbox play into a must to interact with another player to buy/trade/get gifted a regular horse to start playing around the mounts, seems silly
  3. "Directions" seem heavily narrated by player suggestions, implementations take a while, content often goes trough some morphing or adapting(merge of ideas or similar results are implemented but with different approach). Players could go "darnok mode".. maybe not that far, but... get some wild imagination and spark ideas to be adopted as future content. There's always the limitation.. how much could be invested into undeveloped flat 3 line suggestion like: "make scam citizen copy, multiverse world universe, vr ar mobile crypto kitties and dogecoin blockchain backed system"...
  4. What is the problem, if somebody cares to explain... since only small bit of the player base plays on pvp maps.. what does the planned change break or prevent from existing so far gameplay?
  5. "100 Chisel Skill" seems pretty good IMO
  6. enabling a paperclip for when you feel like listening to it... seems better as you are in mood to have it around... compared to jumping through adventure of chained learning session you just skip and try to waste less time with it.. allow some sort of learning tips search.. so somebody could later return to it and search for specific things... maybe keep track of what people search... you'll later be able to focus on generating such content, somewhere along the way.. you'll need a filter for bad words.. mhm... people are adorable and should be considered
  7. tl;dr.. break things into action based(you do woodcutting, get tip/s about related actions or selection of related tips*)... and reuse or rework alert system ... the little system which teaches you at the start about hunger, drowning, stealing, and such... have ON / OFF and easy access to it to re-enable it when you feel like learning stuff; * how to skill up, where to hold such, what are + and - from this and that like bsb/crate storage, decay, sorting and storing broad ql variety with time add new things to it for new mechanics.. or add with time advanced player tips... you have 20 bsbs around.. make the 4x combinations... bonus .. less space etc.. but downside you cant load such in a boat(maybe), etc.. same thing could be released as player generated content... use forums or different system to review suggested/submitted/ templates for tips, you'll lose time reviewing/editing these.. but wont have to spend time generating the content maybe reward participating parties, but limit rewards per person to not be farmable; keep quality not quantity for content, easy to do with tracking who got what, with spreadsheet or w/e.. solution;
  8. similar was the impression left around coffee changes and no idea who's post anymore about meditation.. and requirement to burn 2min full sb.. to get a gain etc.. there were a lot of comments, suggestions etc.. not my job to track any of that, and not all changes get into patchnotes, one of significantly game-breaking changes was tinkering with a fix to decay, which currently does more harm than good ondeed, but nobody notices, nobody cares and that will go for another 4-8months probably when people realize things have decayed; what did or didn't change around meditation and coffee breakup who knows.. you don't see me waving a gm/qa/dev tag do you, don't know why you sarcastically suggest I need to test anything, it's not my job
  9. there was a dev comment somethere, and seemed like it's news to devs that players only turn on sb for last ~3 seconds.. and then turn it off, I was left with impression last patch changing something around meditation changed also this to require 2full minutes, and only work with sb if the sb was turned on before starting the action, can't find the patch notes
  10. logout ptsd removed from the game entirely who needs 10 hours to log out from a game actually asking.. who thinks that is needed