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  1. How many do you imagine farm ql100 trees all day long? How many actually are at all able to cut ql99 or 100 at ridiculous rates.. 1 log per tree if rng gives top ql felled.. Do you read what people type or you get straight to trolling for laughs? There's actual problem where people with high skill get completely rickrolled by woodcutting skill and gather trash ql logs FAR BELOW their skill, skilling up high actually penalize you, and there was a nert to woodcutting runes and imbue effects at high ql - so you need high skill to get high ql logs.. you get the idea... two things working against you.. You have no idea how things work... You don't even know... What you wrote there is a meme.
  2. DONT WORRY DUDE.. WE GOT THIS NERF COVERED you have no idea how bad woodcutting is.. at 99woodcutting I get completely ridiculed when I try to cut a tree with 99 skill and runed rare hatchet ql95(lazy to imp higher), it's pointless anyway (mods, not trolling, there are several bug reports on woodcutting and ql of chopped logs and reroll mechanic for rolls over 100..)
  3. Somebody should fix the math with /5, rather than making people to grind to 101 for 100 point utilization.
  4. imagine starbucks expansion, coffee with 1000 spice varieties to it... (ugh.. #TeamCleanBlack)
  5. that is op on pvp.. but on pve is a pure joke and nerf to waste points on any of the lul output and such traits that aren't just affecting shearing/milking kind of... more rng.. more not directly useful things.. stuff gets really weird to get good results.. we have no way to pick what we try to breed for.. if we want speed or draft horse or a mix of that... and if skill and w/e rng.. does a good or bad roll to get exactly what we want or not or have it somewhat tweaked for the better or worse..
  6. As 95ah can confirm, with obviously a lot smaller number of bred creatures on pve, that actual skill to points is unreachable.. it's just never possible, at best I've reached 90point creatures, and that is far from common result, doesn't matter if I breed some mediocre 50-60 point or legacy 100+ point creature.
  7. There's variety of LOL stuff around rarity system... and the way it's currently used to print such and rewarding players is impossible to use in a sentence..
  8. All you need is OS, java and video card capable to run the game.. from there it's hardware.. cpu/ram/video for performance and fast disk to preload the ton of things wurm loves to cache when you switch locals. MINT is one of the lightweight options as linux os. Needless to say.. some epic hardware struggles to run wurm properly at times, or does good job but makes you wonder why it barely does just that. It's down to .. trying different hardware specs and seeing fps.. to decide what might work well for you. no magic formula..
  9. That is perfectly ok... impalongs aren't great for skill-grinds, you go there with different purpose in mind. I improve items with woa tools at impalongs. 30% skillgain for ~6days, you can burn all fatigue in ~2-3 days, then burn on fumes What I wonder is if.. small suggestion focus somewhat includes the one to fix affinity food management, removing existing buffs, resetting and taking first-bite buff timer, and having nibble option rather than maniacally pumping escape button like a savage when eating to get affinity buffs; also wonder what happens with the bug report from obi and gorski that code ruins rarity windows when we right click or do some other kind of server sync action(this probably needs to happen if/when rarity system is reviewed and made to be actually engaging rather than bott spamming creation to print money as it is currently); additionally could be nice to get a woodcutting buff.. as getting only 1x ql100 log per tree if rng allows the player to get a good felled tree is just sad and completely unrewarding end-game, the 100+ rolls just return junk log qls and whole grind for high skill turns into a penalty. Unsure how much that applies for mining, but guessing it's the same and 100+ rolls harm the resource gathering(judging by mining iron with supreme runed 97ql pickaxe and getting avrg ql90.50 with 99.86 mining skill.. sure there should be some "salt", rng or whatever but.. if the tool and skill are high.. so should be the results.