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  1. Toolbelt fix did not fix the lag initially worked fine, now I see same feature acting just the same with ~1sec delay when it switches the focus to selected other item, the green outline of the activated item on toolbelt lags inventory bottom part shows the item activates as the toolbeltslot is activated, but the toolbelt green outline lags like it was lagging before this patch
  2. it's not about the maintenance.. this was reported to be unnecessary year/+ ago, if you do not own a deed as mayor and you log out in bed ondeed - you get a timer... this is for pvp for w/e reason; on pve - this is completely useless to the player ptsd for near 99fs from a random roadkill troll seems a bit too much 'for realism', same thing happens with hellhorses, etc.. anything that glances off your armor or you dodge, whichever of the two - extends logout timer
  3. Doubt it.. beds work only indoors.. even if you plan arched 1x1 shack with a bed.. this is probably not a thing for epic portals.. so, logic? wogic? It was reported years ago... and last staff reply was.. "it's do be discussed in the team" and there was no other reply to that..
  4. seen it.. it's really rare.. finding good ql rare pelt is lottery... at best.... that alone needs to be reworked so here and there pelt could be rare/supreme/fantastic.. it's not like you're going to create items with it and benefit too much.. it's another improving tool, at that.. and that's non-improveable/maintainable item..
  5. so far got 11 maps... after ~20k+ digging, 10k+ mining, near 10k farming, probably over that, after some time you just do what you do and ignore the content if it's not interesting to do it, it either happens or it doesn't.. along with rarity window bind and the issues coming from it.. unless you are bot and time your actions.. it's unlikely to get good payday compared to 'neo'-setup with alts and spamming actions every x seconds... happy "gaming", time your actions.. be pro... --edit the other thing.. most maps are ridiculous ql.. all rare for me only 3 are above 29ql - 37, 51, 58, other 8 were ql2/6/11/16/20.. the so far located and looted can be seen here not a single supreme or high ql so far.. FeelsBadMan
  6. Randomly as you ride home a troll jumps you from the woods, and you get PTSD into 4+ minutes of restless sleep? This is a logout timer in bed? Who benefits from this? What "good" could possibly come from such feature on pve and ondeed? How does 90+ fs character get crippled on movement by rat slap and no serious damage to the player? How does random fight put ptsd condition lasting few minutes? cheers p.s. no actual fight took place in this story, no trolls were harmed.. ...nor players.. kind of #wogic #big
  7. who's talking about maps he's linking an article and I spin the "every rule.. have an exception.." context... context... read, troll later
  8. what if that reward never comes or you end up having worst rng and spend more time, burnout and retention is a thing you cant put a spinner bottle and kill half of your population by chance, sure.. if you're lazy, that's a job well done.. but else.. there's plenty of ways to keep things interesting and handle the unpleasant situations
  9. that's gardening action, it's not foraging/botanizing, intended.. you might have accidentally done the cooking.. cook or prepare rare meal or something like that.. I imagines.. bulk cooking of some sort will quickly kill it.. a lot of players hate grinding and bulk grind, can only wish them happy panfilling for that one --edit on 2nd thought... this might be good to be included into the goal.. as harvesting planters, unless it's intentional to have limit of only 3 options bound to seasons for harvesting *who knows*
  10. [17:18:14] <Singrin> Someone told me he used 1050 (wurm player ) and had to buy a 3060 rtz to slay the dragon