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  1. What is this?

    you have /ignore for personal opinion stuff, if somebody's being a 'thing' to deal with and no mod is there to deal with it - that is another matter; in this case it was troll move nobody judges your decisions, it's a matter of a complete shutdown of any communication in a sub model game for for a few kicks
  2. What is this?

    Which does not mean it can not be misused and used as a troll move on a whim by groups to other paying customers?
  3. What is this?

    You could have a group of people 'synchronizing' from irc/alliance/local event/discord/etc.. any live communication chat to do it, there was no reason for this to happen, and it was done on purpose to provoke something. I'm starting the question.. is such behavior of trolling and abusing mechanics for the lulz tolerated with good?
  4. What is this?

    Obviously it's a synchronized troll move with the such intention, any plans to give people doing that a reason to not troll others with it?
  5. What is this?

    I think it's a trolly move and probably violating several tos lines.. lazy to check right now.. but I'm really curious if there are any plans and measures going to be taken to slap the people who did it as start, and to get a fix for this, as it's obviously easy to abuse on a whim with alts or "alliance" group
  6. What is this?

    [22:26:02] Hi! You have received a one hour automated mute because a lot of people decided to ignore you at the same time. This system is new and under development so please don't take it too seriously. [22:26:02] We understand that it may be frustrating and the reasons may not be that you misbehaved. That this system is used or abused for various reasons is expected at this point as people figure how it works. [22:26:02] Eventually we hope that the novelty of this system should go away and people will start ignoring only when they have good reason to. If we are wrong we will have to remove this feature. What is this ? We now mute people when they talk about wogic in GL-chat? This is not a gl-freedom mute it's a whole game - all chat/pm mute for any text input on anything. It is not a /snipe, this is completely misleading mute message, and without any reason, this is both uncalled and not even showing the right reason for the events happening to a player.
  7. [05:50:37] <Waarokku> i will always be proud of when enki told me the system lost count of how many times ive been muted
  8. Have enchanted ql92 cotton string in inventory, just realized it's with 37% damage.. and I: - haven't used it to continue any item to cause damage to the string; - haven't dropped it in containers to get random tick etc; Somehow this have gained 37% damage on it's own while I've been offline? Any clue what this could be, old bug or known random event that happens?
  9. by the way.. where are we with the math in this skill? just repaired ql44 blade from 11% damage and lost 2ql on it.. with 84.66 repairing skill, and wondering if time and rng somehow do indeed mess things up somehow?
  10. Tabs show somewhat like tips of what you're supposedly tabbed to.. like local/village/alliance/ca-help/gl/freedom/trade There's NO way to select these... they are literally stacked on top of each other, only tab works to switch around.. (Screen1 ca-help, screen2 trade chat..)
  11. Aren't these supposed to be specific timed privilege to have such titles? king/queen.. it's a chaos thing anyway, you're still nobody for the people on epic or freedom, difference is .. maybe some on either side have seen you on chaos at least once, but most haven't.. does it make sense to show meaningless stuff around your name than?
  12. unsure how I got my first pelt either foudn 1 laying around or used tower guards to wreck a mt.lion for me.. I had terrible skill and armor/weapon.. during the times of 10ql gear and no armor, living next to already built guard tower.. provides good amount of hide/pelt/clubs.. and oh gawd damm furs..(most common and least useless material from creatures in wurm)
  13. what exactly is the 'bug', you sent something and you asked the person or your alt .. returned that to you.. sending costs 1c, picking it up if it's returned - costs 1c.. it's maybe as protection to not mail things for no decay/weight/etc. and pick them up in 2 weeks later; you do not pay if you cod to somebody.. but the other person pays at least 1c for the item or more if you set it so; paper and maybe 1-2 other items can be cod'd for 1iron afaik.
  14. I'd go for 96-98ql tools to get better results.. wurm's a game that just sucks to create items.. your skill means 'nothing', rng is too powerful or demand for "insanely" high ql tools is ... just there