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  1. with that you'll see none to near no change overall to all groups, top speeders will constantly cap the speed and start rubberbanding nonstop, mid group with hhs will somewhat start to experience same issues, and normal carts will well.. still breath dust way way behind
  2. So we should prem for 5 silver every few weeks and drop prem because it's pointless to play the game in the down periods? "Yea".. don't think that's how subscription games work, it's how they die .. pushing people away, having no content to experience and offering no reason to play --edit It's not a big online tamagocci, it's casual mmo 'MUD" as some call it, it's pretty chill and slow paced as it is.. further slowing things and putting time blockers gives people reason to rethink why they spend their time not just on loading bar but hours and days of cooldown mechanics - unable to play.. That is not something you want to do or keep doing.
  3. it's what you get with poorly trained staff(volunteer players) and misinterpretation of tos and rules, be old enough... you've seen a few cases with the first problem... ez .. anyone on GV gets a kick to indy as new starting point.. GV remains just balancer or w/e login server and no need to waste actual resources to be playable game server.. problem solved.. or it's instead left to be base for steam lulz and bad rep toilet top voted on steam.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (rest.. not in mood to read the long ones atm)
  4. Sadly it's a thing that needs to be managed.. recently heard a ~big streamer comment about a game.. checks it's stream page and reads out loud the rating from player reviews... lets say. 60-70 and anything below means the game is absolute garbage.. or whatever below that rating it was at the time.. guy was almost vomiting based on just review rating, self explanatory if this should be given attention.
  5. 1 easy confirmation for this is the inspiration animation, shows when render is turned on again, while action have happened during the render being off..
  6. further limits options... terrible idea
  7. normal horse carts barely achieve 20km/h...
  8. this is something I noticed with the weight/speed nerf... and having identical speed on and offroad... disappointing in a different game(fallen earth) with horses and vehicles, there was such boost.. can't remember the exact modifier.. but whenever you weren't just cutting through "somebody's lawn", it was better to use the road for the speed boost
  9. nonsense.. there are threads about this - I think 3.. all shows the same results.. skills vary but all results are pathetic writing this as 95AH skilled
  10. hard to believe that you haven't found at least 20 donkeys.. and few bisons around them, sheep are often common as well. Horses are rare spawns after the donkey plague of summer 2021, spawn slots are mostly wasted on donkeys, but at least now bisons spawn - so you're either not exploring enough or not doing it in non-populated areas, read a bit around forums.. you'll find that creatures evade players and climb on top of mountains... find a corner less visited by players etc.. just migrate to places with less to no player interaction, it's ai problem that needs some more work eventually.
  11. plenty of horses in the water near server borders
  12. unless somebody really wants to start pizza-shop and to make custom solution - there's 0 market for this, there's literally variety of tools available for free or with ads nowdays, maybe the future is to make a website with your own ads instead
  13. there was a bug where creatures could climb up above ground through "reinforced" or "not reinforced mine-wall", you must have witnessed that one