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  1. * unsure if I'll be able to come with new timing, overlaps with travels / vacation, will see..
  2. I think compensating for missing to post on 1st April makes it still irrelevant suggestion.. one thing is already in the game sadly.. this bullsh... "Animals should be both easy to kill and challenging." - You can be really high on FS and really suck at fighting a simple mob you'd normally kill in 1-3 hits at 70 or lower skill depending on your gear and rng; RNG with instantly focused creatures is bullsh.. Wurm's not your local minecraft server you'd reset next week, or a rust server.. etc.. you get the idea... if you make everything simple and fast etc to do... you'll have another game, people will come, do all in a month and peace out, never to be seen again #imo, old economy rmt elements etc.. made it unique, now it's a lot simpler subscription sandbox This one is hilarious ... I've had memory leak crashes from particle system when I have world render off.. rendering things on screen or not does nothing for your performance(unless we talk about shadows and how it chews frames) IMO you're suggesting a WU mod setup, correct me if I'm wrong
  3. try different browser.. adblock or something of the sort is messing the content you see, the one you have quoted above I can see for example
  4. brewing tea... for beverages is easy if you don't mind "panfilling" and how tea is requiring 2x more actions to drag water to temporary measuring jug.. than to pottery bowl/cauldron/etc.. making this in thousands.. does make it fast, but requires SO MUCH WORK...... pros: costs less sleep bonus at the cost of more sleep bonus.. coc fruit press and juicing fruits/pressing seeds to oils you can get same results, with simpler setup if you don't mind spending more sb and pressing 'create' like a madman in crafting window, occasionally.. emptying the press and hoarding barrels of juice/oils both methods benefit from using sleep bonus and affinity meal, past that.. only the fruit press can use coc/botd enchant.
  5. Since.. priest summons are far from ideal.. as they solve a problem, but also create another...(you summon a character, but no mount; also you can not return where you came from unless you or friend/etc owns one to summon you back): - You might want to add priest anchors, priests with location and when they are available or just around the times rifts happen.. so people could be summoned near shore to find their boat, or be summoned closer to their deed etc - other gap to fill is offering mounts free/for a fee, offers like this could be useful -- is there's market for food/tent sellers/etc.. anything of that kind?
  6. CHAMPION! offtopic but, wut game is that? "Asking for a friend" Visual does make me want these... makes it cool for some attic ideas in wurm
  7. You're thinking of RUST, this is WO, you can just make 1 or 4 wallsdoors depending on what it is.. opening or stairs.. and lock the doors above, solution is there.. unless your idea is to additionally.. implement a 'hatch' for wurm... who's hoarding the screenshots of medieval trapdoors?
  8. That's decay "problem", not a reason to have lockpicking for items which aren't yours on freedom. 'derp landmarks' are a thing.. signs left after a public or private slaying.. remaining for years on roads to be seen by locals, these are just not that common to post about or bug gms to remove them as only other way is to spend ah hour/+ with high ql knife/axe and bash it. If I receive spam for a locked empty bsb I planted somewhere.. I'll seriously consider moving to WU or another game... rather not receive wurm spam. Not a fan of looting, if somebody wants somebody other's toys - chaos and epic awaits, get in.
  9. 1 word TOO *********ing OP as ********* so -1, #no (missing to explain how the numbers you suggest are high.. but if you check what gives such bonuses.. and to give that much for just sitting... you want to turn the game into "Sitting Online", it just makes it so you'd like and beg devs next to be able to farm while sitting because you're missing so much compared to other players constantly dipping into all these bonuses) Lets just keep it to 2-3-5-10% less used stamina and/or faster recovery of such, slower hunter tick you will be using less energy sitting; Based on type of chair(complexity) effects could be slower or higher.. and for all vehicles.. it could be flat mid-range setting cart/boat/wagon ** also 50% or less of that bonus to PoPs as they are already dipping deep into the stamina well --edit in addition... sitting/sleeping could(should) be regaining fatigue faster than normal
  10. Nice :D

    form a team and build towers on mountain tops, hire @Votipto draw you a map from the s(cr)een/shots/
  11. um... errr.. wut structures have 2 options... manage all doors from structure permissions, OR each door individually..... <<<<< use the 2nd option you're not using currently.. it's already implemented...