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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    No.. Roads built on such terrain will also get messed up that way.. or places where you level things to make a forest or flat hunting ground or w/e of that sort. Solution? Put a checkbox.. in deed settings... if a deed drops.. it leaves at place of token a monument of some sort.. which can not be taken or moved.. but could be removed by deeding over it, that way if somebody likes the state and shape of the terrain - they could reuse it..; this monument.. could have a range of 1-90 days set by the last deed's owner.. when to terraform the land and flatten the ground where last deed there was formed(coordinates and deed size is in db, kept for archaeology anyway; perimeter size could be taken also into account for lighter flattening of the terrain if needed)... * not exactly polished.. but clears up the core idea.. how to keep things clean after a deed drops and not mess everything up in the world; whether this have soil in a sandbox.. I wouldn't mind it to be a thing
  2. -1 Pointless imo /just my view on this/ Prone to change my mind if I see large amounts of tiles filled with 100x fish stacks, afaik never been a problem.. which makes me think this is pointless to implement.. other than for RP purposes 1st not that many fishermen to make the demand for this; 2nd they usually use the fish they catch or if somebody leaves 1-3 stacks of fish, nobody in the world cares about that.
  3. Last Post Wins

    Steve that's a terrible idea for lowband net users - 38mb gif : /
  4. Probably "best content this year", well even if not right, a straight 10 with these 2x sails and cave farming additions, added points for Retro's post being fixed by Saroman, dam' typos Unsure how to .. huh, idk just hope it's possible to show the full view all the time somehow... as it shows information.. how else to track the 36000 to 1-2-3 seconds of your sleep bonus if you cant see it, pointing over it to expand.. will be weird..
  5. How about freedom affinities to transfer to jackal and help you grind faster, but no jackal affinities to transfer to freedom? That way it makes your freedom cluster affinities more valuable and helps you get skill wherever you go around the cluster.. while you have them.. chaos could help to lose a few. Not to mention chaos shenanigans possible to *cough* a bit and get a few easy rare/wanted ones..
  6. Exactly.. you get it.. I want to leave them alone.. if they can't play with others well.. let them be alone.. and muted so they wont bother people if they don't want to be bothered by.. the small bell sounds.. whoever enjoys them is free to head the sounds. Freedom to hear them.. or Not.. except.. we do not have that last bit..
  7. With all the place this and that here and there... does it make sense to have a customizable GUI with themes... not many games have these.. but I hardly believe old players who have used the game for 2-3-5-10/+ years.. are easily going to just start and get used to a new GUI without an issue. Or have somehow old features hidden and removed in the process or just be placed through more clicks than they need now to trigger the feature. You just wanted to make a boat or create 5-10,000 bricks in an afternoon(gone on.. for 1-3 days like that..), that's how you reached it As for the suggestion to remove it... I strongly disagree, not that it matters.. but usually reaching it = really really really.. unhealthy habit of playing the game.. Instead offer replacement for the fatigue.. in the form of cashshop time, the number of people reaching the fatigue limit is way under 1%... letting them proceed with whatever at some cost makes sense... they'll just wait to recover fatigue or pay. Alternatively also offer certain actions to be free of fatigue, nature-related skills and actions.. maybe first aid.. there was once a report where you could put the fatigue time in the negative numbers doing first aid actions or natural substances... idea is not to do that.. but to either allow some actions to be completely free of fatigue.. or just take half of the time etc.... Allow people to reach it.. and move to another activity.. as they seem to overkill themselves on something already.. do not help them with that. Warframe for example.. keeps bugging you every hour I think.. with a reminder that you've been playing for x hours... without a break. Does this count as a QoL that makes sense to implement?
  8. Finn's not a 'troll account', just have personal opinion about things and sometimes is.. brutally honest about stuff.. lets put that aside, wasn't trolling, also... nvm damm it tamat you made my return :X
  9. Makes sense to have the option. It's existing functionality.. same should be applied to a few other things like small bells.. but currently there's only option to mute emote sounds - as a whole I think. +1
  10. O-K, I ..... tried.. I have to note.. I had some time to kill waiting on something .. but.. once I reached the investment and so on.. it was deadly bore, but still sane opinion.. we get to: I refuse to read further.. Thank you for your time writing that.. I ain't playing such a 'game'; if I play some game it's to have fun or compete, even though there's rarely a reason for that(I've been around and tried a bunch of games, it's all the same, and nobody gives a .. if you're on top or not in the end, what matters is to be having fun and mostly be in the 70-90% to experience it all if you're into that, what these percentages mean could be another thing in a sandbox, it's not just skills, your deed location or view could give you the 100% you want or need, alone(just an example). If there's a massive penalty to simple things.. well.. such games die fast. Maybe eve have it's success transferring resources between players in pvp and it's all good there, but.. I don't ........ like or play eve, right, so.. what's the conclusion here.. player base or preference matters? "Great suggestion", I'll -1 this, also you've put your vision in the wrong section, I wont report it.. but for 10+ years of playing wurm.. learn where to post already. Thank you, I'll try to never ever post pr read in this thread again(lost that much interest).
  11. +1 In the end you deed up a rectangle.. all of it is yours, where the **** the token is makes no difference on pve, as long it's above ground and not in a house(doughnut house probably works). All it changes is.. with every token position change... db have to write the new coords and if it does the calculations for the deed size and position around the token... to reapply the new directions from it.. while keeping the exact same rectangle position and shape.
  12. Lets call Elon and 4chan, probably not that hard to achieve, well.. caves and mountains will be a .... to deal with for small servers.. not to mention indy/xana Oh well.. not possible with all the existing deeds anyway.. let's not.
  13. You can already sail between every map on the same cluster (exception of Jackal of course). Do you mean you want to sail between the Freedom and Epic clusters? You can sail between all servers.. if you do NOT use the 'Plot Course' option.. you'll be using the old method.. there to cross from Pristine/release.. you'd have to reach xanadu, than around it.. and than reach the other border of maps... and chaos.. eventually... Old system was a pain to use, but offered that experience of hour/+ to get from one map to another, the expansion with planned courses when crossing borders did good to players offering a bit of time travel option.. skipping the time spent for sailing around... As scenic the path could be.. it takes time... and you know.. time.. could be spent in so many other ways.. sailing around isn't always the best option. As for crossing to epic, you have the portals to visit any day and to try the pvp and no skill/gear loss, well no item/skill loss from your freedom character.. other than time. You could trade some time to have epic fun if you're into that. Jackal is pretty tamed now I'd guess, probably easy to check it out if you haven't yet. Chaos probably good chance to visit most of the server without seeing another soul.. who knows, it's a gamble.