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  1. who says they don't have a tool or view of such... or could.. pull a list with a query.. it would be cool .. and also abused still .. offer people to do things.. etc.. there's a + and - to have it obviously.. it sucks to not have such view for players similar to warframe fan-made sites for alerts/missions/discouts/etc..
  2. why tho... 'taste', etc.. isn't part of wurm mechanics... what's the point to add 1 more additional recipe with it's own side mechanic/s anyway.. what you might want to check is ..
  3. Trait Speed Tests

    M A Y B E traits turn on / off randomly... what's the point of traits if they aren't always there is bugging question... but traits are what you could possibly achieve.. but wont be always making use of .. traits/speeds and such should have another buff.. allowing specific skill to monitor things so players can have actual view and talk about things.. and not just chat about things that are hard to monitor without spending 30+minutes to account all possible rng events/slopes/etc.. "great system" for traits/slopes etc.. but there's no client feedback for the events that happen
  4. I'd rather have patched what we are missing since affinities were made a thing.. and have right click to remove positive buffs or "spell-effects"-like window with all temporary buffs food/drinks/caffeine/spell buffs if you like.. so the player have control over it's own temporary buff-statuses and there's option to remove them to test or properly utilize them. With food/coffee this can easily solve the rebuffing of temp buffs.. (rebuffing 14-20-500hour pizza buff with 2nd bite when you have 1hour left on that buff is providing pathetic results which frustrate you from playing any longer same day, or you 'just have to go border hop' - yea.. go waste 30+minutes of your life to wash buffs on the border, oh also relog.. so you cant see ghost buffs that are but aren't there..) Why metagame when there are issues that can be reported and addressed? And back to the topic.. removing the buffs unlocks functionality.. suddenly you have control to reset buffs and control over caffeine.. you grind on 2x or 1.5.. and you want to 'save' sb and grind longer with some boost.. for w/e reason, now you just remove the buff and buff to w/e rank you like. To prevent that facepalm and anger moments with resetting caffeine to 0... IRL caffeine have build up in human system.. it lasts for long hours, there's a reason you can't just drink few coffees before bed.. effect is strong at first and with time it fades, but not like the mechanic ingame with a magic mop in few seconds. If you build up to 1.8x remain on that one for hour/s, you've set that for a reason.. if you want to lower it.. reset it or have a mechanic that drops a tier... drinking specific tea could possibly do that as mechanic, detox? No need to spam the screen with more flashy messages and colors.. keep the game chill, it's what makes it what it is, and what keeps players poking around for long hours. If you want blinking or sounding alarms.. every time you drink coffee WA can be set to play a sound in x minutes.. so you can better balance when you get reminded to drink 2-3-5minutes before it expires.. in a way this is way better control compared to flashing message that will annoy most people(bees....) Using WA to do this is another flaw with the game.. if specific mechanics require external software to do simple things or workaround not that well implemented mechanics(archaeology reports for example)
  5. With 205 recipes I get ~10seconds hanged process but then the game resumes normally (just do not click, wait for it to resume), what happens if you hold your clicks for 20-30missipis?
  6. wt*/ever that's related to... this actually is a good idea on it's own.. for NS/Alchemy.. for rgb hair color dye or random color bomb costing near same materials.. but also a bit cheaper because of the outcome, still not too cheap to skip making good dye imo post separate suggestion for that with ns/alchemy skills
  7. every action should have a chance for coin imo anything less is pointless if we go that route rather not break it in detail how buffing this or debuffing that mechanic will collapse value
  8. so many fantastics and affinities.. lost.. r.i.p.
  9. Sounds like graphics.jar issue.. more people were to complain about this if listing 500+ recipes was an issue, redownload graphics.jar, can only confirm that this is not at all an issue for ~200 recipes, know a few with near to full recipe list - heard none of them complain about crashes listing anything -> probably the issue is in your client Redownload graphics.jar.. or cause a hang and wait for responsiveness or crash to provide crash log, is it possible that problem is coming from slow harddisk reading etc.. (old pc)?
  10. Client crashes

    [15:25:17] Unable to locate server Can't you just relog and get back in the game? Seems like just loss of connection
  11. [00:16:37] <Tomatoes> *smacks grifo* [00:16:45] <Grifo> i feel offended