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  1. Oh God I should have tried to save that horse
  2. Not sure who you are, but I know you're here
  3. Already a thing, I have a seryll and glimmersteel one
  4. As a blacklighter, the health of the horse on discovery is not a high concern
  5. I'd love this, especially if you could buy 1 per account that spawns on your deed when it dies similar to how a merchant has a fixed location
  6. Weird, I keep getting ads about hot ones being in my area edit: Nvm definately not the same thing
  7. Ah Bostons old deed, now I wanna support it even more lol
  8. I'm on SFI, so my help is limited. I'm decent with sketchup and deedplanning software if you need help there Can also help out with material procurement
  9. Please drop chords to their deed, I'll drop some coins in that as well.
  10. As someone who frequently pays well over the outdated "value" of items, I gotta shoot all of you down, you need a dose of reality and I do apologize for wording it so harshly SFI's economy is already dead So many of you are so removed from reality I often think you only sell what you have and have never bought anything Buying basic materials like weapons and building material, I've gone through periods of advertising in trade chat for days without anyone messaging me. I've tried buying on forums which can end in waiting days, weeks, and in one case months, to recieve an order at "value". Which is no fault of those merchants mind you, they're overworked. The second I offer to buy those same materials at twice the value on trade? I get 4-5 people messaging me instantly to sell Thats just common goods Labor, you guys undersell yourselves so much I always pay well over what people charge. I had an entire boat canal dug through my deed and the total charged cost was like 5s, it took three people well over a week. So no, I forced them to take more than they asked and ended up spending around 1g on the entire project Rare items you will see people search for months on end to find, some I've been waiting on for over year to even get a chance on. But guess what, you guys are blaming the wrong people. I don't want to pay that much for items and work, but I have to if I want to get them this century It's supply and demand, the prices are high because we have high demand and low supply in nearly everything. Yet so many vendors sell themselves short to keep to prices that were good 10 years ago. Don't get me started on sorcery items, by all means any other game would have a player riot over how rare they are for the uselessness of them and the lack of player base I do believe one solution is opening SFI and NFI to each other, cause guess what, NFI needs high level players to even out their economy, and SFI desperately needs low level players to even out there's. Again I apologize for the harshness, but it frustrates me when someone spends an entire day making something like a rowboat and sells themselves short and goes "eh, 1c". It also frustrates me that items I could have gotten dirt cheap 5 years ago, cost an arm and a leg now