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  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YWmvTWE8uxEylqnrNSobAQwY5yRMacAGa8ol_FgNSAg/edit#gid=328130715
  2. Could we possibly get colored titles? Like red for pvp titles, give the rarer titles colors like dark purple. Would even be cool to see animated ones that are shiny for gms
  3. Excited to announce that the trade was successful. I ended up having two people contact me with information that directly led to facilitating the trade. A special thank you the Bumbum and Brattygirl A 1.5g finders fee has been paid out to BumBum as he directly facilitated the trade, being so kind as to set up the trade at his deed and working as a fantastic middle man. As Brattygirls information was identical to Bumbum's I will also being paying her out a 1.5g finders fee as well, I had not expected more than one person providing the same information and won't back down on my word over an oversight on my end. Thank you all