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  1. [22:53:58] <Finn> next level wurming.. when you tell a joke in your village(where you live alone..) and one of your alts laughs at it..
  2. Finally got those sleep powder powered imps that delivery packages before I send them Highly recommend!
  3. Looking to get the following 1k mortar 1k planks 1k slate shingles With delivery to x36 y7 Luin on release please!
  4. Thats a good idea, +1 for dynamiting abandoned stone houses
  5. lots of drama for some reason
  6. To the fellow who got me excited thinking a green cherry was up for sale:
  7. Actually have three of them in that pic! You don't have to send any replacements, I actually thought it was funny cause I was picturing me running you out of that particular shade of dye