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  1. This is amazing, thank you for putting it together! I was going to ask if you could add streamers' schedules to the post, but it doesn't look like anyone really has one. So instead, I encourage streamers to post in this topic when they go live! (as well as in GL chat, on Discord, etc... you know the drill 😉)
  2. Do I even play Wurm? I forgot that part of the right click UI shows the keybind and not a chance of continuing... I have no keybind set for continue, so I guess it's to be expected that "null" was displayed. Might look less confusing if nothing was displayed there at all instead of an uncaught null. Sorry for the confusion!
  3. I encountered this bug today with waystones. Despite having 50 paving skill, after creating a waystone from a chisel on stone shards, attaching a shaft or a compass has a "null" probability of success. However, I was able to attach the compass and the shaft to the waystone ok on the first try (so I guess this is just a formatting bug or some issue with what the server sends to the client in this very specific case.) I have an 87% creation chance on making a waystone from stone shards, so it just seems bugged when continuing. Screenshot below: the continue chance attaching a compass to a waystone. Compasses and shafts of any quality had the same "null" continue chance.
  4. COD mask of the enlightened to Docterchese!
  5. -1, I think Wurm is much better when played in groups and a newbie-only world like Golden Valley once was would only isolate new players from more experienced ones who could help them. Also: no deeding allowed would make it really easy to grief new players, which would be really bad. I do think more ways to get new players to enjoy the game should be added, though - such as a better in-game journal system that helps new players after the tutorial.
  6. It may be worth checking, but I suspect it's probably Birdbeback and not Birdybeback (Bird is in the same alliance as me and he doesn't have an account named Birdybeback, afaik; only Birdbeback.)
  7. I think I once saw in lore somewhere from Rolf that the Wurm was supposed to be a massive brown dragon/serpent thing (maybe I mis-remembered, who knows.) It would be really cool if it was added as a boss somehow. However, I'd love to see a rework of unique mobs to make killing them much more fun first. I don't think it's worth the effort to add a new unique unless the experience could somehow be different to the current meta: turn up with 20 70+FS accounts with two handed weapons and... stand there in combat. I'd love it if slaying uniques had much more of a gameplay factor to it and if each mob had different challenges. It would make it more like PvM boss fights in, say, Runescape, with each boss requiring particular strategies to be slain.
  8. Hmm, seems I totally misremembered it from when I last saw it in April 😅 However, watching Josh Strife Hayes' video (I think this is still up to date with the current tutorial), I think my issues with it still were that... 1. Text is in a small window in the top right. It's easy to miss! I wish the popup was a bigger font and somewhere more central. 2. It still maybe gives a little bit more information than is needed, sometimes. I find I'm much more likely to read a single sentence than multiple. E.g., rephrase the multi sentences open your inventory popup to "open your inventory using the icon on the quickbar or by pressing i." Makes it as simple as possible to explain things! 3. It still looks and feels just like text boxes that slowly react to what you've done in the game world. I'd much prefer it if the tutorial UI was more lively and interactive, making it more engaging. Very few accounts even manage to complete the tutorial according to Steam achievements (~10% I think?) and I think the bland presentation surely has something to do with that, making the game already feel boring or dated maybe. Though actually, the tutorial is better than I remembered, so maybe the priority for now should be adding to the in-game journal instead, and improving the new player experience in the first few hours after the tutorial. Honestly, what do I know though, I've played Wurm for 12 years and am way past the point of really remembering what it's like to be a new player. It could be helpful to the devs if they sat down some gaming friends who've never played Wurm before and watched them do the tutorial. Find which things are sticking points, work out what is too difficult/incomprehensible about it that so many players never even finish it.
  9. +1, weapon characteristic gain as it is currently isn't great, especially since characteristic gain is highest when the difficulty is 10-25 below your skill level. So even a pretty well developed account with 40s in characteristics would get minimal/no skill gain when they pass 30 in weapon skill... which is pretty underwhelming as 30 is still very low.
  10. EDIT: take a lot of this post with a grain of salt, I misremembered what's in the current tutorial and it's a lot less texty than I thought (though it could still be better.) It really should be less text heavy and more interactive. Walls of text are not helpful! The tutorial now is much less interactive than I think it was in 2011 when I did it as a newbie, which is bad. I'm not sure I would've kept playing Wurm had I seen the current tutorial with how much text it has. There should be a sequence of small, basic tasks to help people learn the game, with interactivity built in. After a quick in-game explanation of what Wurm is (in 3 sentences or fewer, keep it brief), it would be the player's turn to start learning. For instance, this would be an initial sequence: Press W A S D to move around. Rotate the camera by holding down the left mouse button or by using the arrow keys. Walk through the gate to your left. (this would be indicated by a clear arrow on screen, helping you move to the next task) Right click the tree in front of you and press "examine". Press F3 to open your inventory. Double click the hatchet to "activate" it. Nice! When you activate an item, it will become the tool you use to interact with the Wurm world. Press "F" to cut down the tree in front of you. Mouse over the log it dropped. Pick it up by pressing F or right clicking and selecting "take". Now, walk up the hill to your right. It's too steep to walk up! Press "Z" to enter climbing mode, or the climbing button on your toolbar. etc... Things to notice here are that the instructions are short and clear. A player should only be expected to read huge walls of text once they're really into the game and have played for a few hours already (i.e.: we can indoctrinate them into being Wurmpedia fans later.) Tutorials have an extremely critical job to do: they're the first time a new player sees a new game, but they're also essential to whether or not that player actually learns how to play that game. Basically, I think tutorials are hugely important, and they should be designed to be easy to follow and not put people off by giving too much information. This initial basic skills tutorial should be pretty quick. Then, the next steps would be in the actual game world, helping players discover more about Wurm but while playing the game. The journal should be more eye-catching and should be placed front-and-centre in the new player experience, sort of like a set of quests designed for new players. The game should help newbies start in areas with space they can settle in, directing them towards servers with space and heck, maybe even spawning them in an open space already. It's no fun spending the first hours of your time in Wurm just searching for undeeded land. Finally, once in the game world, players should be strongly signposted towards the game chat, help channels, and the Wurmpedia. There should also be an easy option presented to newbies to allow them to show different-language help channels. Posting in a chat channel for the first time, asking a question in CA Help, etc. should be quests with rewards! Wurm is a really tough game, but it's much easier when you have people you can talk to and get help from - so the game shouldn't shy away from encouraging people to chat and get into the community as soon as possible. I also think some basic tutorial videos could be really cool, +1 to that. If they were well produced and linked to in the game world then I'm sure quite a few people would rather watch them than do the tutorial in-game. I know for me personally, I normally prefer to learn games from YouTube videos over doing a tutorial.
  11. Bumping this topic because every time I have to look at my cursed, misspelt username, it gives me a bit of pain. When I started playing Wurm in 2011, this was the last time I ever used this username anywhere. It's really unfortunate that Wurm is unlike virtually any other MMO in that name changes aren't allowed, and I find it really frustrating that I'm stuck still using this username I made when I was a lot younger (and a lot worse at spelling...) I agree that Wurm's community is special and your name matters, and there should be restrictions on name changes. A lot of good ones have been mentioned in this thread already, but it could be something like: Maximum number of name changes on any account (a limit of one time only could work) Some fee to discourage abuse (hell, I would pay 100€ to change my in-game name on my main) A clear way to tell when an account has had a name change, such as... adding the previous name(s) on mouse over in chat tabs adding an asterisk to renamed accounts in chat tabs (for just the first few months after a change, or longer... or permanently, even) a client option that allows you to display the previous name(s) of any account always, without having to mouse over, for those that want it - such as in brackets next to the name. (would be useful to e.g. GMs or PvPers) No name changes for accounts that have had cautions from the moderation/GM team. (This should be proportionate - minor offences shouldn't be punished with never being able to change your name, just a short ban on doing it.) Some log of name changes, such as a file posted somewhere like the server log, allowing players or 3rd party tools to track name changes externally and transparently; or, even better, a permanent page somewhere hosted officially by Wurm. I really think the above bullet points would go above and beyond to alleviate the concerns people may have with adding name changes. And I'd really love if it could be allowed - even if it's relatively restricted. I think it's very fair to give players the choice about how they're represented and perceived in the game. Especially given that accounts were still traded until relatively recently, meaning many players didn't even pick their username at all; and especially given that it's not that uncommon for someone to outgrow a username they picked many years ago, since people often play Wurm for quite a long time.
  12. I think it has something to do with which tile you have moused over/selected when you queue the action. When I try to dig by mousing over the tile I'm standing on, it always works and digs to a pile; but mousing over a different tile (even 1 tile away) and pressing f or my dig keybind to dig always seems to put the dirt/clay/whatever in my inventory. I think it's probably a bug - there's not really a reason for it to work this way, and it's inconsistent with surface mining and mining floors in caves.
  13. The main one. There are content creator channels that you could post in when you go live so more people hear about it 😃
  14. This was a funny video, love your sense of humour. You should get on the Wurm Discord and post when you go live so we don't miss your future streams!