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  1. It was mentioned on June 7th, just there were so many changes that day it would've been easy to miss:
  2. Wurm now has a few graphics profiles that override the custom settings - to use custom settings, you first need to set "Graphics profile" under the "Graphics" tab to custom.
  3. Google link to what en passant is for anyone who isn't sure 100 points to whoever gets the reference, hehe
  4. This is the community map for Deliverance, which is the original "Yaga map" as he's the maintainer (+ Substr who built the web part). It has all of the features of the Albia map but with different layers (tunnels, highways, guard towers, etc) being both searchable and toggleable. Also, I was wrong above in the thread - the Yaga maps do also support place names for lakes and roads.
  5. @Beanbagsailed by in a knarr (in the bottom left) at just the right time to take this screenshot:
  6. The affinity beverages I ordered came really quickly and work really well. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for some cooking affinities!
  7. First off in the thread, I have to say Skyefox and Hughmongus have done an incredible job of keeping the map up to date for all these years. And I do love the tradition we have on Indy of using the same style of map since the original hand drawn one in the days before mapdumps. The road detailing especially is really useful for navigation. Also, all of the mountain/sea names add a lot of character to the map and reference the server's old history, and I don't think that Yaga maps support place names. However, it would also be nice to have the topographic details of the map dumps & the search functionality of the Yaga maps. The best case scenario might be to somehow have an extra layer on the Yaga map platform that shows the old coloured style of map too. A stopgap/alternative could be to simply overlay the existing Albia map details onto the topographic map. I tried this (very quickly) below, it only took 5 minutes in Photoshop - and could be automated quite easily with a Python script: (direct link for download of full version)
  8. Wurm worked for me first time when using the launcher (not Steam), maybe try that? This looks suspicious, maybe you need to install glfw (Open GL graphics library) with sudo apt-get install libglfw3 although that's a complete guess at a fix...
  9. Just to show some numbers - you'd expect to get a map for one in every 5 rare rolls. But the probability of not getting any at all after 5 rolls is 0.8^5 = 33% (still quite high!). The probability of not getting any after 10 rare rolls is 0.8^10 = 11% (unlucky but still very possible.) So you can get quite unlucky and not get one for a while, although you will eventually. Of course, it would still be good to hear on this thread that someone has gotten a map via foraging/botanizing to check it is indeed working.
  10. I'd also highly recommend looking into the timers feature of WurmAssistant. It will look at your logs and tell you when you can meditate again and gain skill. It's super useful, I've found it essential to help with getting to 76 meditation (and counting):
  11. 8s. I want the best cactus in Wurm.