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  1. Duce was always awesome. He was so dedicated to the Wurm team and of the few times I'd spoken to him (either when I was on the team or when he was GM'ing in-game) he was always helpful and often spot-on when he did divulge his thoughts and opinions on things. He wasn't just respected, it was easy to see why he was respected. A big loss to the Wurm community, it wouldn't be where it is today without him.
  2. Yay for more clothing! Pleasepleaseplease let us buy hand mirrors from traders now that they can't be traded in backpacks. Would be nice to make changes to character appearance - I don't think it's at all game breaking either to e.g. change hair or some facial features for a defined cost in silver.
  3. I thought in the News it said it was a moon? Am I both unable to read and multiply by two?
  4. I once did a measurement for Seris and got exactly half of that (28) which is suspiscious. Did I miss a two somewhere? (this is good though, because I probably did, and that validates your result ) Congratulations on your work! Had I not been lazy I would've done this a year ago (hence why I only produced a single dodgy measurement for Seris :p) Curious that Unstable changes things. I really hope we get a better astronomical system someday, stuff like a proper skybox of stars. There should be a galaxy visible since it's medieval times and Wurm will have very little light pollution. Planets would be cool too... and yeah interestingly it does seem like Haven orbits Sol, every time I look for it it's right next to Sol.
  5. Not normally a big fan of acoustic music but this is really nice. She makes so many different sounds with the guitar but keeps it really musical and has such a nice voice :3
  6. This post reminds me of one of my first lectures of uni earlier this year. One of our lecturers on quantum physics must be in his mid to late 60s, and a room of around 200 people all gasped when he casually pulled up a program he wrote to demonstrate something graphically (at far beyond the level almost everyone in room had ever done before. There was lots of code and many complicated things going on and he was all "yeah I wrote this last night.") In 2nd semester he taught us our first programming module. Ageism :') It makes me wonder how much of older people generally being bad at technology is actually to do with age making you less able to learn things, and how much of it is just people being unconfident/unwilling to learn new things even when they're perfectly capable of it.
  7. Dragon's Fang looking spooky. View from my deed in SW Inde
  8. I've played since October 2011 (coming up on 5 years now) and I think my best memories were still of starting out as a nublet. Everything was so simple, but so hard; trying to survive with 1.0 FS... I have many fond memories of luring mobs away from my noobhut and of the many, many long walks from Esert (Exo starter deed, where I respawned at many, many times) all the way back to the north of the server where I lived. Oh yeah, and because I settled in the fog, I didn't notice that I had made my new hut about 40-50 tiles from the Red Dragon... he normally was polite and didn't cause any issues, but he came down from his little mountain once and attacked a local deed. I hid in a mine for over an hour. I feel like I've met so many people along the way. It's sad to see many of them not play anymore, but I'm still in touch with a few people who incidentally are really good friends. Doing stuff on the staff team was also kinda like a "Wurm expansion pack" as well... A few obligatory screenies from my last just under 5 years of wonderful memories of this game:
  9. +1. See no reason at all to not have them on traders, it does seem odd. Could even have two hand mirrors; one (much cheaper) would only let you change hair, whereas the other would let you go full plastic surgery on your char.
  10. Afaik it will eventually become a global contest with even more countries involved. That means more songs and an even crazier event, which would be cool :3 just so long as we don't have to listen to all 200+ jury votes get announced one by one...
  11. *is too busy munching on cheese to even read the topic*
  12. Most of the time I've found people to be really nice and helpful in Wurm. The hardest part about nice MMOs is, as in the OP, when people eventually do part ways and you never talk to someone again. It's a weird cycle of becoming good friends with people one month but never seeing them again the next.
  13. Would be kewl if there were more developed ways to support inns. Back when I was a nublet there were a couple of inns I knew of around Exodus, I used to use them to help with exploring which was fun I think Tich mentioned that eventually permissions will be put in place so you can actually rent individual rooms, opposed to just beds, which would be awesome.
  14. I created a Venn diagram to accurately describe what everyone here is thinking and feeling.