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  1. Since I'd guess you used a nameplate on it as I doubt it was born named Secritariat, it's probably showing under it's birth name? Adz
  2. Froze up like 20 times and after posting it worked, not sure what happened but all good now it seems. Adz
  3. As the title says, logged off to restart for halloween graphics and the game freezes upon log in. Adz Edit: Works now not sure what happened Sorry for the bother
  4. Well saying there is a better enchantment combination is one thing, saying that the poster's current setup is fake and won't work is another. You could have been clearer in your post the first time as to not besmirch someone's reputation on the forums. Adz
  5. Glacial works with all Cold spells and Frostbrand. So nothing fake here. Adz
  6. Great prices and excellent service Thanks Rowina and I'll be back. Adzman
  7. Every time you drink while your drunkeness is above 20 your addiction goes up 10 points. You need to raise that to 10,000. 2g sips is what I got it with. I used 5 measuring jugs set to that because that is how many actions I had at the time. Fill them and drink them as quickly as you can. There is no way to see your current addiction level so it's all about just keep drinking and like I mentioned above there is no pop up saying you got the title so you need to check every so often to see. [09:50:05] After you finish drinking you will start drinking again. [11:20:42] You have just received the title 'Alcoholic'! That's from my log
  8. I just got this title a little over a month ago. It has nothing to do with how long you stay drunk it has to do with drinking while already drunk to raise your addiction level to 10,000. Basically you want a measuring cup set to a small amount and just continuously keep taking sips until you get it. I want to say it took me a few hours to get it. Adzman Edit: Just went back to check logs. It took 1.5 hours of filling measuring cups and drinking. I went about 10 extra minutes because the title message doesn't pop up on screen and you spam past it with all the filling and drinking actions. So start checking your titles window after an hour and a half or so. Also be aware that after you will detox for a while, getting a shake and tremble message for every 1000 points of addiction you lose. During this time I read that if you were repairing something there was a chance of instead getting massive damage on the item. Didn't happen to me but I didn't risk it on anything important either, I just took it easy until it went away.