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  1. 0.o That is in my opinion the best looking helm in the game >.< Good luck with your sale! Should be worth a fortune.
  2. When I saw the title I expected almost a quest system. Guard tells you a troll has been causing issues to the west. Track it down for a reward. Tracking system gives you some clues, tracking actually has a use! You find and kill the mob. Get some food item, maybe a treasure map fragment. Some minor reward not coin. Adds a more active mercenary game play. Maybe even a deedless wandering monster hunter. Would never happen but add a mercenary rank. The missions get harder, go farther. Eventually add a very small chance to spawn a unique for you to track down. Ie will only spawn when you track to it. Allows a more open and active way to get unique kills that can be easily organized without big drama/pinning. I know it won't ever happen but sounds fun.
  3. Being up front, I have not actually gone to the test server but here are my understanding of how holy sites work and my concerns. Holy sites are best utilized by going to them and hanging out. You want the pulse and the use to get the special items. But you can't utilize much of the benefits at the holy site. Increase improvements etc while crafting. It isn't like a bunch of public forges pop up around the Mag site. Might be cool if primordial forges popped up. Magma that smelted/heated metal and a obsidian anvil for public use or something to encourage actually doing stuff at the holy site. On top of this the travel time on many servers will make it blatantly not worth it depending on the duration of the buffs. Because of this most "mains" might show up to grab a buff, vyn particularly, but then wander off. What I expect is to see a bunch of alts sat afk around the holy sites soaking up the benefits. Personally I would prefer getting rid of the pulse, change the benefits to long term buffs. 24 hours or such, again I have not hopped in to test so if it is this forgive me. Greatly buff the special action and make it a 24 hour cooldown. This way you can have a daily pilgrimage to a holy site. Keep the bonus to faith/sermons so priest have a reason to stick around and maintain a site. As for balance. My personal opinion is Vyn is way way stronger than the others, mag might be decent depending on the new metal benefit but since all meteorites can give it meh. Fo is kinda a joke. Most of the benefit requires trees or animals around it. Unless fruit trees and animals spawn around it in mass meh. More complexity to food would matter more if anything but pizza mattered in actual practice. While Lib sounds kinda strong on paper with the fancy mind stealer it is so random and probably minor I expect it to basically be a vastly inferior version of Vyn. Flesh pods sound cool but based on pet ai I've seen will most likely be utterly useless, will potentially be a fun party trick tho. Totally equal to the vyn benefits >.> TL/DR Make holy sites some how useable by actual players or make them more of a pilgrimage location where you travel to for a long duration buff. Otherwise it sounds like they will just become a gathering spot for alts. Just my personal opinion, could be totally wrong. Don't mind my old man ramblings back to making my moonshine. hic
  4. 0/ I have a spear I want to see about getting a 100+ coc, and 90+ nim/MS on. Would that be possible? >.> 100+ on the nim and MS would be awesome too if possible. If this can be done just let me know and I'll send my spear over to you! If not let me know please. Thanks!!
  5. Server down

    seems back up. I guess a short roll back.
  6. Reddit of all places. I was always looking for a game like Wurm. Would find reddit posts with others looking for the same. Wurm kept popping up. But when I'd look into it the age plus graphics made it look dated. Assumed it was dead etc. After dozens of times writing it off I was so out if options I figured I'd give it a go. Here I am.
  7. Companion to Strongwall. Reinforces cave floors. Please and thanks!
  8. https://independence.yaga.host/#1510,3395 Guard Tower Tryphon 330
  9. https://independence.yaga.host/#1861,2406 Guard Tower Zorako 82
  10. Ore Veins

    Another soul lost to the dark. Now it is time for another sacrifice. Who shall it be?
  11. https://independence.yaga.host/#1622,2290 Guard tower Howitzer 138
  12. https://independence.yaga.host/#1667,2261 Guard Tower Popemobile 674
  13. Brothers and Sisters of the spear. Our time is now! No longer shall we stand unprotected, unable to defend our brethren. It is time to take up our shields. Raise them high. Defend our lines as true Spartans! Got the topic added to the new suggestion forum. Please go upvote and show then the unbreakable solidarity of the phalanx! https://suggestions.wurmonline.com/b/suggestions/spear-and-shield/