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  1. What if you could "tier" or "masterwork" items. Takes a minimum quality item then begin the process to improve it adding some powerful bonus. So say to Masterwork an item you need a base 50ql item. You start the process by using a tool to flag creation of a masterwork, think like making it a clay item for pottery able to be improved but not used. This process resets it back to 1 ql and you start improving which adds bonuses to the item. When completed you can :"stamp" "Sign" "engrave" or what ever the item making it useable but unimprovable. It will eventually break. Now you have our current forever tools but can if you want to make the investment get a powerful tool/weapon/armor that doesn't stay in the game forever. Trading the convience of a forever item for a powerful short time item. Using a base item of specific quality can open a market for mid tier items that masterwork smiths can buy up so they aren't using all their time making base items. Doing something like this could greatly boost the econemy with out affecting the existing items. There is no way to make the current forever items go away. You would need to add something else. In this case most people will want master work if they are min/maxing but it won't effect those that like their forever items and won't screw people out of their memento style items either. Just a thought.
  2. I'm still on either adding in other active ways to raise prayer such as attending sermons, converting, or sacraficing. Or changing it to something I can actually do while playing my character. After hitting 50 skill my gains have gone down using the same set up to about 60% of what I was getting at 49 for the same time frame of spamming prayer with sleep bonus and a pizza. I dread to think what it will be as I continue climbing. Its been about 2 months now and I've only gone from 40 to 51. Burning all my sleep bonus from well sleeping, doing missions, and burning powders. I don't like time gated things like meditation but at least I can do that while still getting to play the game. This grind I've done that I truly hated. It is by far the least fun thing I've done in Wurm to date.
  3. I did calculations once a long time ago on distilling rates. Was xan at the time and stills suffer from lag a ton. Once went 3 days without a drop. But takes about 100 hours to do a barrel. Ql of still doesnt seem effect skill or distill ql that i could find using 20+ stills staggered in ql from 70 to 5ql. Distilled booze was normally around the ql of the input. Never checked to see if ql was skill locked. Burn time is affected by ql but mostly by less than or greater than 70ql on the still. Results in about 30 mins difference. Rare stills burn considerably longer ie a 50ql rare burns as long as a 70 and a 70 rare has maybe 30 mins on a 70 normal. You can get skill ticks from a still... just not often. At 91 skill i can get .01 if i burn 21 stills 8+ hours or atleast enough for the skill tracker to show .01 so .0055 atleast.
  4. Same question. Where did they say anything about changes to the journal?
  5. I prefer more options with less wasted grind. My priest uses a 2h sword because they have like 45 body str and we have a spare Supreme laying around. They had like 3 maul skill before that using a 1h maul. I'd hate to have to grind up a skill to switch to a different weapon. Plus while combat could use some tweaking I would just be happy with the slightly greater choice. Plus we are more likely to get a simple switch like this than a total weapon system overhaul. I'm pessimistic so figure I'd only hope for the slightly less impossible miracle of a change.
  6. I know im being "that guy" but wouldnt even just 24 hrs on the test server had yielded the information needed to make these changes before going live? Please consider using the test servers more. That said halfing the sacrafice timer alone makes this a positive change so ill say good job...mostly.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! There was a change suggested on being able to get price the total favor in an sltar before sacraficing. Now that we will be sacraficing large sums. Up to 600 to cap out all favor it would be a huge qol change. Edited patch notes out answered my question.
  8. I also would like to know what the max overflow pool will be and if we can see it. From the way it was described to actually get the best benefit you will need to stay right near that cap so we are still looking to sacrifice to hit a specific goal just now it might be an invisible pool we are guessing at. Also, what happens to boosting a deed's bonus with over sacing is that something a priest can no longer do? Or do they only do that if they sac over this hidden pool. How long does the pool stick around does it decay? Can I get full favor and full pool and then just use it when I want? You can't draw from it while in combat but how long outside combat before it starts generating? What is the rate at which you get this bonus favor? I don't pvp but what is to stop someone from maxing out their pool then breaking away from an engagement and getting favor back rapidly. Or since we get the instant favor is this a very slow trickle? If it isn't a rapid flow, IE >100 per 30 seconds then it it won't really reduce the need for sacrificing. I'm glad there are some details and it doesn't sound like a huge nerf now and could be useful but hard to tell with out more details. At the very least it doesn't "look" like it makes it worse. I guess we will have to wait and hope it's a net gain and there aren't any other hidden nerfs associated with it. edit: durn typos
  9. Well we do want changes... but I'll hold off to see how they actually handle the sacrifice change before I'll ask for the same treatment.
  10. Strength checks to use a 2h as a 1h sound like a slippery slope. I'd prefer just adding in a 1h spear or allowing the weaker wooden spears to be used 1h.
  11. Not sure why the height check would be that hard to figure compared to the height check to add another floor. Having done some building planning underground it does check to see if there is enough height to add for another floor. Just add in that same check for roof. Unless there is some coding issue I don't see why this would be that big of an issue to add.
  12. +1 Great service. Got me my spear in record time... still hot from the forge!
  13. Fair enough. But isn't that what the test server is for? And no player should have to feel resigned to settle for them making things worse with changes... shouldn't even have to resign themselves to playing like that. That is some Stockholm syndrome sounding comment >.> Blink twice if you are being held against your will!
  14. If they are still making changes with less than a handful of days before a patch is expected to release and haven't even finalized the changes then they shouldn't be trying to put them on the live servers. You are right the test server should be utilized for something like this.
  15. Well they obviously are going to go through with it regardless of what feedback they are going to get at this point. It is too close to the patch date to expect any real changes. Since they are going to go through with it either way but won't give any details that sends up a huge red flag to me. I'm expecting it to end up being a negative change similar to the link "balance" since they want to hold back any details. Even more so since they stated it is based on feedback previously given so they have done or appear to have done a lot of thinking into the change. I was just hoping for a better handling after the way the last several changes have gone over with the community. As for taking anything if they say passive favor regen is completely removed but give you favor regen over time from a pool built from sacrificing would you be ok with that? While not something they mentioned the way the system worked that was a worst case idea that ran through my head reading the old feedback form. Would you not like to know now and give your opinion if it was such an extreme change? They've done almost that bad before with no warning.