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  1. It would be awesome if the firemaking skill gave you a better estimate of how long something is fueled for. Or better yet some sort of fuel box we can add to forges, stills, ovens, etc and can dump my wood scrap into. Just a QOL thing I've pretty much wanted my entire time playing Wurm, limited though it may be.
  2. Kinda late to the party and still reading through things but if you can make it so existing accounts can log into the original servers from the steam launcher why not allow new steam accounts to either start on the "new" progression servers or the option to start playing on the existing servers with out needing a separate launcher. Many will want to play on a fresh start server but others might want to play on an established world. More options are good. And getting an influx to the existing servers and the new one at the same time can't hurt. Just my noobie 2 cents.
  3. Free Booze

    Sweet! Look forward to meeting more of the neighbors. Lol I've had a few sips of the 90+ moonshine. Chug enough of it and you will need a bed. Still working on decorating the tavern, apparently you can't secure things on top of other objects so gotta figure out what I can actually use to decorate or what I am willing to lose >.<
  4. Free Booze

    So, I've started playing again and still have one problem. What to do with all the booze I was making and have begun to make again. I decided to make a little tavern and place some kegs set up for anyone to access and fill them with different booze every day. I've placed beer steins around for you to use and there are beds if you need. There are also some enchanted pens, leading enabled, if you need to park a mount. My deed is located: And here is what the building looks like so you can spot it easily. Most of what I will leave out is fairly low quality 70ish. I do have some 90+ stuff I'm more than happy to break out for those that stop by when I am around. Figured this was as good a way as any to get rid of the silly amount of booze I've built up and a chance to meet some new people. So if you are in the area or passing by feel free to stop by and get sloshed. Look forward to drinking with anyone that stops by!
  5. For my two cents I think it could be fixed helped with more things like the cooking system. Food has become more important, doesn't last forever so constantly needs to be replaced and with the random affinity system "should" use a wider range of ingredients. If they added temporary buff items to tools, weapons, etc that lasted a fixed durability people could keep their 40 silver items and then add a temporary buff of a wide variety. Think the rune system but temporary instead of permanent. This adds a product that constantly gets used up and needs to be replaced. As for improving the new player experience I know a lot of people hate the mail system but when I started playing we made all our in game coin off selling milk via the mail. We came in at just the right time with the cooking update for it to be profitable, something a newbie could do and still be useful. The change to sealed barrels mailing killed that more or less instantly. If we were to start right now I am not sure what we would have done to make our first bit of coin really. Not that any of the others that started with me are still really playing, they all have quit for different reasons. I've brought in more to replace them but they tend to drift off too. Lets see how my most recent recruit does >.< Like most others have said it is too late to put in a removal method of items which would have helped with the problem of over saturation of high end items. So I'd look at new things that can complement existing things that can be used up and need replaced. Personal note I'd let the affinity boost from food and drinks stack so you at least had a use for drinks, no one needs them when you can buy a custom made pizza for cheap. Totally not because I enjoy making beverages.
  6. I'm back around peddling my wares once again.
  7. QL ~15 Grindstone c90 (80c) QL ~15 Sickle c79 (47c) COD Eleraan Please!
  8. That was my priest/miner. Interesting change in pace! Excellent to see unique events like this. Takes me back to the early days of everquest!
  9. Updated stocks Sold out of Marble Bricks Added Support Beams, Tar, Charcoal.
  10. Close pls.

    Rake, iron, 3,26QL, 88CoC COD to Eleraan please. Thanks!
  11. Pickaxe Steel 24 93 COD to Eleraan please. Thanks!
  12. Updated stocks on hand.
  13. QL 12 Meditation rug c86 (63c)QL 6 Meditation rug c85 (60c) Can you COD these to Eleraan please! Thanks.