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  1. Howdy Shrimpiie, I'd seen another impalong coming up and offered them some booze. Seems like it might be a bit too much lol. So since your impalong is coming up shortly after theirs I'd thought I could split the amount I had on hand to give away between the two events. I did a look through my main wine barrel racks and looks like I have 15 barrels of moonshine, 4 barrels of vodka, 9 barrels of whiskey I can spare with out dropping too low. Should all be atleast 90 ql and just a rough guess 20 or 30 barrels of various ales 60 to 70 ql. So splitting that between the two, assuming they or you even want it that is what I have to toss out atm. As with my previous post if you or someone wants to swing by some time and pick em up it is all yours. If not I'll just make some more racks >.<
  2. Lunalong 2019

    I actually see there is another impalong coming up. lol I'm going to offer them half of this booze for there event and half for this. That should be a little more I guess realistic amount for an impalong?
  3. Lunalong 2019

    Thanks for the offer Cecci! I really do prefer to stay home like a hermit. Lol just thought people might enjoy some booze at the event. >.> totally not trying to find ways to get rid of it. Nope that would be crazy.
  4. Lunalong 2019

    Ahh then all my booze is even more worthless. If they don't want it they don't have to pick it up though so no harm in offering it.
  5. Lunalong 2019

    lol that is actually the question I always ask myself when I run down my rows of wine racks. Maybe we can find out how much booze is needed to kill someone in wurm! More serious though, from what I understand one of the very few uses for booze is that it raises the difficulty of imping and thus can improve the skill gains at high skill levels. Since many people come to impalongs to raise their skill while helping others it might be useful for them. Plus I have no idea what the turn out for these kind of events are >.< Can't have have anyone being left out.
  6. Lunalong 2019

    Lol Thanks Cecci. I did a look through my main wine barrel racks and looks like I have 15 barrels of moonshine, 4 barrels of vodka, 9 barrels of whiskey I can spare with out dropping too low. Should all be atleast 90 ql and just a rough guess 20 or 30 barrels of various ales 60 to 70 ql. Might have more but my last batches something went wrong and came out way too low of quality. Ain't letting anyone drink that swill.
  7. Hmm I kinda disliked the costume and the changes to my sheep, the skellies are kinda hard to target to tend. But it isn't that big of a deal. Especially for just a handful of days. I do really like the oak trees and the pigs as the treants. They totally should be normal mobs. While an opt out option would probably be good, I was talking to some friends about trying and getting them in to look like a zombie probably wouldn't be the best thing. But it isn't a big enough deal to not play, or atleast not for me. *shrugs* just my two cents.
  8. Lunalong 2019

    I've never been to an impalong as I hate traveling too far from my deed. That said I always love hearing about them. If you or someone going wants to swing by my deed I'll give ya a bunch of barrels of booze to share around. Just let me know!
  9. Hmm I pull it from my food bin into the cauldron. But i don't recall the wort being low quality. And I pull it from the cauldron into my barrel. I'll watch next batch and see. Rather annoying though as that is 7 barrels of materials wasted. Bleh.
  10. I came back recently and went back to my old brewing. I made a batch of 10 barrels of ale, bitters, pale ale, etc. And 5 or 6 of undistilled booze. The undistilled all turned out fine. The ales though 7 of the 10 are 25-35 quality. I have 80+ beverage skill, used ingredients 88-90 quality, 50 quality barrels etc. Same as I always use. I haven't gotten such low quality stuff in literally years. Did something change? The only low quality item in the entire production was the wood scraps. Don't even think you can easily produce high quality so really hope that isn't what is causing this. Anyone else had issues?
  11. Free Booze

    Howdy! Had a few visitors which has been a great time. I haven't had time to be online as much as I like so if I missed anyone I hope you enjoyed the booze. Still lots of booze for anyone else that wants to stop by. I also have some Bison I am leaving in the open pens (Left hand side) for anyone that wants, they aren't anything too special. That or they go into the stew pot. [13:33:58] It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It looks unusually strong and healthy. [13:36:55] It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has keen senses. [13:38:00] It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. All of them have had Genesis cast on them. I can toss Genesis on any animal you might need it cast on too. Just PM me and I'll set up a pen you can leave them in and I'll cast it on them.
  12. It would be awesome if the firemaking skill gave you a better estimate of how long something is fueled for. Or better yet some sort of fuel box we can add to forges, stills, ovens, etc and can dump my wood scrap into. Just a QOL thing I've pretty much wanted my entire time playing Wurm, limited though it may be.
  13. Kinda late to the party and still reading through things but if you can make it so existing accounts can log into the original servers from the steam launcher why not allow new steam accounts to either start on the "new" progression servers or the option to start playing on the existing servers with out needing a separate launcher. Many will want to play on a fresh start server but others might want to play on an established world. More options are good. And getting an influx to the existing servers and the new one at the same time can't hurt. Just my noobie 2 cents.
  14. Free Booze

    Sweet! Look forward to meeting more of the neighbors. Lol I've had a few sips of the 90+ moonshine. Chug enough of it and you will need a bed. Still working on decorating the tavern, apparently you can't secure things on top of other objects so gotta figure out what I can actually use to decorate or what I am willing to lose >.<
  15. Free Booze

    So, I've started playing again and still have one problem. What to do with all the booze I was making and have begun to make again. I decided to make a little tavern and place some kegs set up for anyone to access and fill them with different booze every day. I've placed beer steins around for you to use and there are beds if you need. There are also some enchanted pens, leading enabled, if you need to park a mount. My deed is located: And here is what the building looks like so you can spot it easily. Most of what I will leave out is fairly low quality 70ish. I do have some 90+ stuff I'm more than happy to break out for those that stop by when I am around. Figured this was as good a way as any to get rid of the silly amount of booze I've built up and a chance to meet some new people. So if you are in the area or passing by feel free to stop by and get sloshed. Look forward to drinking with anyone that stops by!