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  1. Can I just use my wagoneer's campfire please.
  2. As I have been improving some tools again I am reminded of how bad tempering is. Oils should definitely be allowed to be used for tempering. Not to completely replace water of course just to be another option where we could use the actual quality of the oil as the tool skill instead of the neutered quality of water. Tempering sucks.
  3. Bricks purchased, still need support beams.
  4. Need 200 support beams and 3k Slate bricks. Delivered to 44x 7y on the Indy community map, Shadowhold Harbor. Or wagoneer. Let me know here or in game, Eleraan.
  5. [10:55:57] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Reflektionz in less than ten minutes. Congratulations Reflekted! Sorry for the delay in sending it out! Thread can be closed.
  6. 5 hours until end of auction bump!
  7. Starting bid: 5s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Auctioning off this Unfired Clay Supreme Roasting Dish. Can still be improved by the skilled potter of your choice!
  8. Our AH person isn't playing ATM. Could put you up on our deed on Indy. Have to check but only have 60 or 70 animals I think. So might find someone with more. If not let me know.
  9. For my 2 cents. Drinking coffee should not effect water. Drink at full and give no water at empty. First sip gives max power, size of "sip" based on strength and maybe ql. So low quality works fine but you just need more. Like drinking watered down coffee. Double duration across all ql levels as a qol as well maybe. After first sip takes more to maintain the power and duration. Similar to heal resist add a debuff that only counts down after caffeine wears off. Maybe a 5 hour? This let's people with limited play time get a good burst with out needing to be a skilled brewer right or needing tons of coffee if buying. Those who want to maintain it longer can do so but it is more resource intensive. IE your "hardcore" can maintain the buff all day just at a cost. Remove caffeine from tea the diff in power is too big making tea useless as is. Drinking tea removes caffeine buff so you can start your debuff countdown decaying right away. Maybe speeds up the debuff decay? To give tea more of a use add a soothing buff that when not debuffed from caffeine helps restore fatigue at a slightly higher rate. Not only helps with caffeine but a bandaid for fatigue in general
  10. Any of my Indy neighbors that want their coffee beans roasted, ground, and brewed just come by today. I'll do it all for free today since I plan on being home and on all day. Beverage skill is 96, have produced 90+ Coffee from 50ish beans. We are Shadowhold Harbor on the highway. 44y 6x on the community map. Have fun Wurming!
  11. You can combine ground coffee to produce more per container. 9 is the max without alot of waste. Not amazing but beats cooking rice for wine.
  12. Press on the coco liquor.
  13. Think grinding roasted coco beans.
  14. As the title says. Message me here or in game, Eleraan. Thanks!