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  1. Odd question but if you were to get a rarity roll on improving a rare item and it succeeded does it go Supreme or are rarity rolls on already rare+ items just a waste/not possible?
  2. Necro bump as the inability to be a baker er spartan drives me nuts.
  3. Ive had my tunnel cave in right behind blocking me in one time. It can happen but seems rare.
  4. O/ I'm interested in in having my spear improved.
  5. Ya lags been really bad lately. We've been doing a deed rework for the last several months. Doubled our deed size. Tore everything down. Built a half a dozen multi story buildings. Transmuted 50ish newly raised clay tiles to dirt. Terraformed and cleaned up the nearby highway... and now my villagers are talking of moving to one of the smaller servers for less lag in less maybe terms and more planning terms. Bleh lol oh well.
  6. I run 21 stills for normally 6+ hours a day. Get about .005 to .01 in that time normally. Make sure you are the last to put stuff in the still. I need to test but im pretty sure ive gotten cooking/soul ticks from fermenting to undistilled changes if I was online when it happened.
  7. Thanks for the helpful feedback!
  8. Still laggy but a bit back we were having exceptional lag even by Xan status. Haven't seen that since the move but could just be luck so far. Just my two cents.
  9. So a bit about myself just so you know where my nubby suggestion comes from. We started playing about 4 or 5 years back and have mostly been self sufficient as a group. When we premiumed up my affinity was beverages so that kinda became my goal. Many of my suggestions tie into that so just wanted to be up front. Now before I move onto my suggestions I wanted to talk about two things that the devs have previously added that I thought were particularly exceptional ideas and some of the thought process behind it has gone into my own. First the cooking update was great because of the reasons below. It utilized existing items that were under used, all the different farming crops. Added a benefit to warrant a demand, nutrition and affinities. Is a consumed product so there is always a steady demand with out adding a huge continual grind. Cooking is relatively easy and with salting, wrapping, and larders one isn’t greatly inconvenienced. The second addition was how Runes were added. The big thing about the runes is that they added benefits with out over shadowing older buffs, enchantments/imbues. And they are retroactive in the fact that you can apply them to already existing items. My only complaint is there was no way to generate a stable continuous demand for them, no I am not asking for them to decay in any way... that would suck. Ok, so on to my suggestions. One of my oldest thoughts is the idea of using oils to quench/temper during black smithing. It is based in reality but if we were to add them in to replace the existing use of water it would just add more grind with out a real benefit. Smiths don’t want to suddenly have to start squeezing corn. Instead lets add a quenching trough that can be filled with oil. A glowing hot metal item can be quenched to add a buff. Require no skill for this action but tie the buff strength into the quality of the oils. This way you add the convenience of only requiring getting a trough and oil. Similar to how people buy meals all the time for a consumable resource. Imagine if you had to have an eating skill to benefit from the meals cooked by a chef. You can apply a number of basic buffs to an item that is quenched. Slight usage speed, reduced decay, easier time enchanting, less stamina usage etc. The buff doesn’t matter so much as that it is mildly beneficial. Wurm is built on tiny increments of doing things better anyways. As long as the cost/difficulty is balanced with the benefits even slightly there will be a market for it. Different quenches give different benefits. So the various oils all have a use besides just corn or cotton. Have quenching require the trough to have 2x or something the items weight in oil and consumes 25% or something of the items weight when quenched. This will slowly use up the oil but shouldn’t be a huge pita to keep oils around. Since this has been made a fairly easy process using a fairly easy item to come by I recommend not using something like the enchantment decay system which is based off usage. Give it a duration based on the quality of the oil. Low quality oils might last a few days with high quality lasting weeks or even a month. This prevents bulk quenching and storing for later with out just being a huge pita to keep having to do daily. This can be expanded to wooden tools/items by adding in a polishing kit. Cloth with some pottery jars combined to make the kit that can be filled with oil for polishing. We could then expand this to add in alchemy where an alchemist can create better quenches/polishes giving something else to another greatly under utilized skill. This suggestion fills my criteria for something I would like to see implemented. It utilizes an existing resource/skill that I feel is under used. Offers a benefit that would warrant a demand for it. Is a consumed product to generate an ongoing need with out just turning into a huge pita for the average user. Lastly, it doesn’t invalidate previous items as it can be used to enhance that tool made by a friend no longer with us or that Enki signature spear we love. Any feed back would be appreciated. Again, this is a bit of a shameless attempt to add greater use to some of the beverage skill but I do think it would offer greater customization and another stable market for something. So what does everyone think? Valid basis for something new or just another meh suggestion? How could we make it an even better suggestion?
  10. Oops. What I get for doing this via phone. Thanks for moving it. I heartily agree it needs some love. Mixed drinks??? Where is my club soda!
  11. Can't make Pineapple gin or Cucumber Gin >.> Just wanted to make sure all were aware of this grave travesty.
  12. We will take the rift wood and stone aswell as the gems. Cod it all to Eleraan. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for all the help guys! Maybe the lag will get better or atleast to the point we don't want to pull our hair out. If not might be time for a new adventure it seems.
  14. Ya we will finish our deed remodel. We moved once 2 or 3 years ago and simple keep both deeds running til we were good and settled. Maybe the lag will get better by the time we finish our current project >.>