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  1. Finally. I can get the dragonslayer title. Yay!
  2. Anything that adds to alchemy is good with me. Hopefully the potions can be made like transmutation liquids that just need a priest to bless. Or ground up vessel's gems. Making a market for priest without locking out non priest.
  3. Wouldn't creature cages be counter productive for a qol to exploring? Not like you can carry a creature cage around.
  4. Sawing sound too. Of all the repetitive sounds this one always seems the loudest and most annoying. A slider for then would be great.
  5. Personally I like the 90 title more than any of the others. I'm not a huge fan of the 100 title and never use it. Comes down to personal preference. I highly doubt they will change the titles. Sommelier for life.
  6. Lol in all seriousness are their any large Tar pits? I know of several peat spots. But most are in bad spots... time to start transmutation of new spots!
  7. Branded horses should be able to navigate home using the highway system. Your deed must be on the highway system. Leading a branded horse interact with a way stone. Same travel time as a wagoneer. So not instant but allows one to use teleports or even catch a rise with a friend or something. Should be balanced by the horse being unavailable until it gets back. Encourages the development of a servers highway system. And is something horses can do irl.
  8. Also, if the new Fo fruit can't be used to make flavored gin and special wine I will personally assist mag in burning down all forests. This is all.
  9. So fo provides new unique fruit. Vyn powerful skill gain and affinity gains. Mag unique fragments and metal. Lib.... a combat pet with probably the same poor ai tamed pets use. Unless the pet is crazy strong or the improved mind stealer really strong it seems pretty weak compared to the others. Who get some good long term benefits. Also, as others mentioned how does this work. Only beneficial to those of the religion or can all get the benefits? If the latter is their bonuses to the correct followers? How often can these benefits be claimed? Can I get extra meditation ticks every 10 mins? Hour? 12 hour? Day? Week? Once per site? Same for the gathering or mind stealing? How long can a dedicated server keep a site alive? Will interaction require the character to be premium or will we just be camping alts of the correct faith at these to farm fragments/fruits? We know it will happen just curious to what extent.
  10. https://independence.yaga.host/#1557,3702 Guard Tower Killino 842
  11. https://independence.yaga.host/#1843,3221 Guard Tower Willowgreen 378
  12. https://independence.yaga.host/#1829,2862 Guard Tower Leonardo 858