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  1. Cod the spear to Eleraan please.
  2. [20:13:24] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Klaa in less than ten minutes. Added a few missing ones. Ended up with 564 recipes! Thanks!
  3. I got a message from them via pm that they were ready to send over. I confirmed. Not received yet when I logged off for bed. I'll post once received and such. Thanks!
  4. How is purchasing for cash different than marks or silver? Other than doing cash cuts out the middleman. Nothing stopping you from buying silver. Then buying the skin. Same for marks. Since it is traceable there will be people selling for silver.
  5. Might be the NFI vs SFI. I was selling pretty regularly between 2-10 barrels most days. Since the patch, I've made one sell. Might be others selling that are just beating me to it? I've seen only one other selling tho and for the same price. I had a pretty wide gambit of buyers, I chatted with many about what they were skilling. It was surprising how many were working on sub 50 skills in primary skills like blacksmithing or carpentry. One of my heavy repeat buyers was super excited because they got to 50 carpentry really fast and their partner was pushing for 50 blacksmithing. Considering they were buying over the span of a week that's not what I consider fast for a 50 skill. But they were super excited so that was fun. The increased power and duration might be affecting it as well but the amount of sales definitely fell way off.
  6. Based on my experience as a coffee seller. The caffeine changes killed coffee use. We basically stopped using it as well. The bad ratio of sleep bonus used up to skill gains seems to be what scares people off. Was a worse change than I expected because of that one thing.
  7. We recently added 10 empty market stalls to our little dock area. We are not a market per se but are coastal near the server line. Just thought we would let others know if they wanted to place some merchants they were free to do so. Location in the spoiler.
  8. I need a barge I can stand on and mine veins that are surrounded by water. Hopping in and out of a boat to mine is annoying.
  9. Slate flooring in my mine doesn't match my slate bridges even if we pave them over. Slate Bridge railing doesn't line up with Slate fences. Etc. Lots of little things drive me nuts like that.
  10. Um not that I care when/if they merge. But isn't the op a NFI player? Soon thier voice is what counts?
  11. I chat with people when ever I am on, though mostly through contacts I have made trading. When I am playing I see people sailing by my deed or even driving by a few times a week. Someone obviously is coming by as my little merchant makes pretty regular sales. I'm not currently in an alliance, and sadly my nearest active neighbor is a few hundred tiles away. For interaction like you are wanting I think you could find it on SFI decently if you choose an occupied area. Not sure about NFI to be honest. If you are ever on Indy. Swing by and we can have a chat over a drink!
  12. WTB 10k Slate bricks paying 20s WTB 30k Dirt paying 21s Delivered or Wagoneer on Indy. Location in the spoiler. Contact me here or in game, Eleraan.
  13. I see caffeine with the restless debuff as being what sleep bonus was meant to be. A skill boost usable only about 5 hours a week. No missions or powders to extend it. The changes to caffeine power and bean weight means coffee will be even cheaper. My only issues with the changes are the having to log off. Just make it tick down on or offline. Make sure you can't exploit the buffs with server crossing. Don't limit any skills. It works on anything sleep bonus works on. The way this will play out is simple. Those who now use sleep bonus will use caffeine. Those that don't now use thier sleep bonus won't later just because of caffeine unless it is made more obvious as a feature. As others have said "casuals" don't normally use forums. Part of this is also lack of knowledge of the system. Half my coffee buyers are repeat buyers. The rest are people who are just trying it out. I've basically got a explanation of how to use coffee to copy paste now as most don't know how to "use" coffee. And ask if I can explain it. Maybe for new players they get a jar of it as starter with an explanation. As with most wurm features, ignorance is keeping it out of the hands of whom the devs seem to want to use it. Just my 2 coppers.