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  1. I think that a longer stage would be useful. Indefinite would also ruin the development into withered fields, with its chance to harvest one seed for replant. I always liked this feature and experience, and would loathe it being ruined by sheer laziness and neglect. Edit: If that would not be too tedious to implement, I could even imagine a gradual loss of quantity and quality of the harvest. Instead of "You realize you have harvested in perfect time. The harvest is in top quality" maybe 2 days after "perfect time" some yield loss, then yield and ql loss before withered, with according messages, e.g. "You realize that the harvest is becoming overripe. Some seems to be lost", ".. that the harvest is withering. Some is gone, and some lost quality".
  2. I agree to Etherdrifter. Making the game more attractive to f2p players, not only as a short transitional stage, would make sense. The suggestion of the OP is braindead as always and does not deserve comment.
  3. If you don't want it, why do you do it? Madnath has explained quite well how the UI evolved from the original ironwood UI (which by the way was quite aesthetic and widely functional so no reason to badmouth it). Wurm graphics have gone a long way from begin of the millennium. I worked for a while for one of the largest ERP system developers. Their system came from IBM mainframes, and the UI originally consisted of menus in a mainframe text based monitor. When migrating to Unix and also to Windows clients the UI of course changed a lot while much of the underlying multi tier architecture remained the same or underwent gradual changes. It took decades to remove all scars of the past (may not even be complete nowadays yet I lost track). This is within a multi hundred million in not some billion professional software development with ten thousands if not more developers and system administrators. Don't you feel your comment bit arrogant? btw +1 to the proposal.
  4. I am not generally against more fantastic items, not sure how much the chance should be raised. But as long as there are rarity spammers operating with crowds of alts (and demanding that the chance of rare creation should be taken away from basic accounts) I am absolutely opposed to a change only adding fantastic spamming. I would favor a game rule or etiquette forbidding mass creation obviously for rarity (whatever grade) creation by multiple accounts of the same origin, with the threat that attempts to circumvent would result in permaban of all accounts involved. After that, I could be positive towards the proposal.
  5. -1, definitely, and we had the discussion again and again. We already have a way of taking on reinforcements, the disintegrate spell. It needs very high (90+) magranon channeling in PvE. It has changed so that it is a bit easier, but removes only some hits. Previously, the whole tile was gone on success which was about 1 in 20 for high level mag priests, now it is 1 or 2 hits removed every successful cast. This is an emergency option for the hard ones. Actually, things remain the same: In the wild, create a temporary deed, takes 1s41c (+upkeep fund) or so when the deed is disbanded just after removing possibly reinforced 11x11 tiles. If e.g. a 5x30 temp deed is created for 3s96 (+upkeep) one may shift either side >5 by resizing without additional cost. Upkeep will be 1s/month for an area of 30x30 (900 tiles) allowing to remove a lot of reinforced tiles. The only case where this does not work is in perimeter, and over structures of non consenting owners. That is intentional. Practically all proposals to ease reinforcement removal silently aim at the perimeter or private mine of neighbours, and are part ofterritorial disputes, therefore NO. Edit: @Wilczan: Rework in starter town perimeter, in my opinion, should be discussed with GM. Starter towns are GM made and owned, and I am not sure how permissions there could be modified. Technically, the owner could extend or shrink deed size/perimeter size. But as always, the owner has to decide.
  6. The travel is long (8+ grid tiles ca.) but painless, all the way along the coast in open waters. The time is somewhat painful for many in central Europe, 1.30am if the cast happens before October 31, else 0:30 CET. If on weekends it will be less bad.
  7. Rift 21/10/21

    Any location information? The rift seems to be very far from Whitefay, and no idea what the oafish maze is. Coordinates would be welcome. To add that: The rift is in K21, location 6021, 3737. http://xanadu.yaga.host/#6021,3737
  8. It all boils down to end the cluster divide. At the moment, allowing Northerners to Epic would cause an effective merge of bank accounts without a merge of clusters. This would create chaos, bugs, crashes, and absolutely makes no sense. So no half assed "solutions", after cluster merge Epic will be accessible to Northerners no less than SFI.
  9. Thanks for the data, and get well soon.
  10. no burn wounds. a very light bruise on the hand (unrelated). All burns on the feet. And ty for the feedback. Edit: Rethinking, yes, that explains it. I triggered ele immu after stepping on lava. so the burns were there first.
  11. As the subject tells: Stepping onto a lava tile I took damage (burns) though I had triggered elemental immunity. That seems odd to me. Bug or intended?
  12. Fully agree to Madnath. My respect for the work on the idea. The presentation is awesome as well. But no, I fail to see a chance for implementation in Wurm, and would not appreciate it.
  13. Seals can help meditating, but yes why not a ball or so