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  1. I am not sure whether I understood you right. But "dangerous side shaft" is not about height. Any height, even dropshafts (after a warning which can be ignored and overridden) will adapt at the corners. "Dangerous side shaft" is about diagonals. This often results in that you can mine out such a tile from one side but not from the other. In other cases it needs to collapse the neighbouring tile forming the diagonal gap, then mine out the tile previously warned about, then the collapsed tile. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Mining_warnings @ team: please look into this and possibly move to CA chat in case you agree that this is not a bug.
  2. There isn't to the best of my knowledge, just go to sleep (which means log out) and relog, that should do. The bed needs to be inside some completed house (4 walls). If you have no house with bed yourself, there are inns everywhere mostly with free beds.
  3. Funny, but : Even on the new servers, there will be old wurmians creating accounts. With their skill and knowledge, it will take them days to get to 50 skill, week(s) to get to 70 etc., and be equipped appropriately. And they know everything about penning a unique and slapping it to death. Now mind that even my priestess with her 5.54 FS, a ql51 silver longsword, and ql40 studded (sry I equipped her in a hurry ) caused damage on a dragon during a public slaying, and survived at least one full hit. So uniques are bound to die even there, and even against crowds of noobs, will only be bit bloodier. And ofc experience players will dominate, there even more than here. That said, I disagree to any "making uniques more available to everybody" which I consider dumbing down. I love public slayings (not only, but quite much for the bloods, but even more for the fun of the event). I would be all for every reasonable proposal making public slayings at least bit more frequent, such as rewards/bonuses for the organizer/finder. But that's all in my opinion. I am fine with private slayings though I never was part in one and won't be for some forseeable future.
  4. To shortly describe what is done: The east-west tunnel is 5 lane, 2 road lanes to become a highway once all resource veins in the way are cleared, and 3 (2 and a half) water lanes to be lowered to cog/caravel depth some day. All walls are reinforced. The road has highway fit entrances on both sides. Once all resource veins are cleared about 1100 support beams, 550 catseyes, and accordingly bricks and mortar are needed to make a nice highway which is planned in the future to connect into and over the mountains west of F21. This is what is left to mine out: The south to north (F21 to E21) tunnel is also fully mined out to 3 lanes (to become 3 shipping lanes) now, and fully reinforced. Yet floors have to be lowered by about 40-50 slope on 3x220 tiles ca. to make it passable for ships (is rock floor atm). And there are about 43 resource veins to be mined out (posting a list below, that is a moving target though as we are working on). Everyone wanting to help is welcome. Aske may accommodate helpers in his deed "Bos Harbor" in F21, additionally, we have a workers's shed in the desert area in F21. I have 2 priests in the area who may summon. Some pics: Tunnel Entrance at Bos Harbour in F22 Highway junction and tunnel road entrance at Bos Harbour Tunnel exit to lake at F21 Inside the tunnel Road exit in F21 Workers' shed and road exit in F21 Northern tunnel exit in E21 Inside northern tunnel.
  5. Just speculating: May the "Economics" output extend over several aspects of "King's coffers'" funds, e.g. from killing, burying, for/bot etc.? And curious: Where do I get the "Economics" output?
  6. Thanks a lot for the slaying, went smooth and was excellently organized, especially given the short notice. Some pics:
  7. If I understood that correctly, your problem is a Linux (or Mac?) client issue. If so, the right forum would be "Technical Issues". If I misunderstood, and you are using a Windows client, it might still be the right forum, there (though I do not know a lot about MS Windows and Mac). It would need to specify which PC , operating system, and (if Linux ) which graphical desktop environment (e.g. KDE, Gnome, Xfce) is used.
  8. I am somewhat hesitating considering the consequences and possible problems of such changes. Note that on most servers not only deeds and highways exist, but also a huge network of parish roads, hidden paths, little bridges and all that. In fact, for deed holders and alliances aware of and concerned with their environs this might create new sets of chores, could make ways and trails impassable, turn slopes into deadly cliffs and so on. Not to speak of a likely new source of bugs and side effects. We already have super fast building decay once the creator is gone.
  9. I have that problem with KDE Plasma Desktop too but only for settings not for target and select. It does not occur with XFCE.
  10. Well, checking my records, I found that it took me about 10 weeks from absolute noob state, and 4 weeks from prem, to get to 23.01 body strength. And as an absolute noob I certainly did not take the most efficient way to get there, being occupied with a lot of things like new deed and mine, house and boat building etc. And the player wrote "newer player", not brandnew one. I would have called myself "newer player" even after a year, and had a knarr and a caravel then.
  11. As Gawain has closed his topic, I want to stress that the mechanism of coin pools stays incomprehensible. I have experienced weeks of "no coins in the coffers" three times so far, first in January, 2018, when I was a new player, and selling a lot to the token. The situation persisted for 2-3 weeks, then faded. Next time, not that long, was end of December, 2018, short after Shrimpalong. It ended aroung new year 2019. Though I may be not regularly following the coffers situation, it appeared to me that a short shortage (pun intended) appeared mid 2019, but only a few times during a few days, happening a couple of times per day, being gone and reoccurring later. That one "felt" like a normal buyout of the coffers coming and going. The other ones which had occurred, and now occur again, last the whole day, no matter which daytime. Playing a lot during different times I am well able to tell so, especially as I was always curious about the mechanics. Maybe some smaller occurrences have slipped me, but certainly not these "hardcore shortages". A hypothesis OR once uttered in discord which made sense to me was based on the observation that cash you withdraw from the bank shows differing stages of damage, and may age and decay in the coffers. Now that this money is circulating all time, it may be that it has lifetime cycles as have, e.g., tower guards if not killed by mobs or players. And the spawn of tower guards has once been synchronized due to server hiccups of sort, and creates guard mass deaths by end of lifetime since. It could well be that there were mass emissions of coins at a point in time, causing "mass death" of money from time to time. Under all circumstances, the recent situation is unnatural. I tried to test by adding a few coins to my (lavishly supplied) upkeep fund, but that did not cause any change in the "no coins" situation. Ok, this could well be work as designed that a change in coffers balance is not reflected immediately at every token. But some clarification would be welcome. Note: This is all referring to Xanadu server, though I heard about similar occurrences on some (not all) other servers at those times as well.
  12. I assume that relates to the general dismounting/disembarking bug the devs refuse so far to comment on or to give an ETA for fixing. Generally, it mainly happens when leaving/entering caves and taking sharp turns, or taking sharp turns when riding/driving even outside caves, or when such behaviour happens due to lag or delayed sync to server for other reasons (movement catching up when syncing). It has caused death and inventory loss for scores of players and is utterly nasty. I would highly favor a status message about this bug or complex of bugs.
  13. I agree to some extent if it comes to fences and walls, especially stone walls which have an insanely long decaying time. I am not that sure, though, about buildings. Not only that functional buildings like mob shelters in the wild are sensible (I loved them as a low level explorer and traveller), the beginners's shacks are, too. Here, the different decay of stone vs. wood buildings guaranteees, to some extent, that the landscape is not extremely littered. Too much decay, even to present new users (the decay after 3mths of absence is well and nicely working) would drive away people, and have new users in a hopeless struggle against the demise of their squatter shacks and pens. All has been said about the additional chores created by item decay and attrition. Nothing is more frustration than seeing the possessions and tools crumbling which can be studied on the still insanely exaggerated decay of fishing nets, and clay items. The latter made me deeply hate pottery (though I raised my skill beyond 90), at least until I could store that intermediate product in LMC. Economic interactions in Wurm are at a pre-medieval stage, and will stay so. Trade and division of labour are happening on the borders of settlements and alliances to a limited extent, while the core economy and production is and stays self-sufficient and, beyond that, often based on friendship. alliances, and temporary cooperation, e.g. in common infrastructure works where tools are frequently re-improved for others by the higher skilled crafters, cooks bring food etc. The most important economic resource, as wipeout and Flubb convincingly described, is time, not silver. And lifetime, also disposable time for the game, cannot be saved, amassed, or hoarded, but is distributed unevenly, though.
  14. I agree (did not see that the original post applied to WU indeed). I would support though that, as far as possible, functionalities added after discontinuation of WU support (which I still consider an unlucky move) and not applying to unmodded WU vanilla servers might be marked in Wiki. Still the Wurm sphere widely remains one community and that should be upheld, where not by the company, at least by the players.
  15. I can only tell that since woad became plantable, I am doing it, just activating the woad in inventory, then using either right click or PLANT keybind (same as for all seeds and herbs). Both always worked. Woad is staying alive a few days longer than all the other herbs. The woad also stems from bsb, the first I planted well 18-24 months old, from my first steps in Wurm. I would recomment a support ticket.