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  1. I wanted to transport an animal in a cage, first by animal transporter, then by ship. There is an underground landing place in a canal beneath my deed NE of G13. After I leave the mine beneath my deed I cannot unload the cage. Even 2 tiles east of my deed border 720slope above water level I am told [01:19:11] The water is too deep the creature would drown in the cage. So I have no way to get the animal into the ship. A drag and drop between ship and transporter is not possible either.
  2. Fogshore cave canal project @ j 12-13

    While this is a very old thread, I want to add that I tried yesterday to enter Fogshore canal from the west (near House of Gunn deed) with my caravel. I could not approach the canal, it seemed that the boat ran aground, or the flotation depth was insufficient, about 8 to 12 tiles before the canal entry. I think that could be improved with a dredge, but I want to contact the neighbouring deed owners or others in charge of the region before starting any work, especially as I am still much of a noob in terraforming etc. and want to be in contact with experienced players before doing something which might be felt a transgression.
  3. Hello. Maybe this is a stupid question (I am new), but could you show on the map where the settlement is situated?