To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. Put that on server errors. The educated title is indeed missing, so is the tutorial which cannot be done anymore. Looks like another hasty step by the devs.
  2. Ok looks like it. That item (rift reward) was indeed not impable (nor craftable). Thank you.
  3. No. For that a 20% material loss was introduced, and later the max ql capped to the ql of smelting pots. I have smolten several objects since, and there has not been ql loss until now. Edit: Just tested with a gold necklace ql55 which was smolten without quality loss. So please explain and/or fix.
  4. I have just smolten a ql75 fist bracelet, resulting in a seryll lump with the expected 20% weight loss. But the quality was 68 only, smelting pot ql 85.12, dmg 0. Is that an unannounced ninja nerf or a bug?
  5. Thanks for the info. I always worried whether I would get to sleep correctly when closing the client. Would like to have the timer gone though.
  6. While I agree that the timers are widely rubbish in PvE, two things to consider: 1. I would support upholding the combat timeout under imminent attack, including a mob still pursuing you (which may be from some distance, e.g. in case of a hell hound or wolf). The idea behind is preventing "fleeing offline". But it is absolutely annoying when you just rode through the forest, return to deed, and cant go to sleep because some mob targeted you from afar. I am not sure how to do that, technically, but once a mob is not running towards you anymore or unable to do so due to a gate, a house, whatever, it should not affect logout time. 2. A logout in a tent should always be a full logout, bedroll or not. The only difference should be the sleep bonus. Any login timer that way should be waited online. Also, the logout by F12 etc. should be choosable: either waiting a logout timer synchronously, or risk to be connected and attacked with all possible consequences, be it being dead or relogging amid a pile of corpses of afk victims. 3. Losing connection due to network, box or client crash etc. is the risk of the player. I do not think the potential risks of that should be changed.
  7. The motivation for Freedom players to go to Epic would be the adventure. Not all creatures of Epic exist in Freedom, and as funny public slayings are, there are much away from "real fights". When 70 to >100 slayers gather, the unique has a survival time of minutes. Combat wise it is not really satisfying. On Epic it would be a real hunt, where the unique stands some chance too. Freedomers could act as mercenaries for the local population, personally I would not mind converting back and forth monthly, or even faster once a kingdom would be purged so far. Same with rifts. A real hindrance of motivation, as already pointed out repeatedly, is the one way skill transfer. I would not mind an, albeit reasonable, penalty on skill transfer back to freedom (though I fail to see it being crucial, except for a few skills). But the full block of transfer is an abhorrence for many, I am sure. Epic will not be what it once was. The servers are beautiful and challenging though, and it would be a shame to destroy them.
  8. No. You arrive in newbie stuff. I do not know what your skills are, but just hop through a portal and watch your effective skills.It took me a few hours to get a studded of 50 to 80 ql, and a huge axe of ql75. Crafted a rowboat to sail from Glittershore-Desertion to Elevation within less than 2 hrs. Ok I had made a few tools during earlier visits. But even with mediocre skills you are fairly powerful in crafts on Epic. Only disadvantage is that skillgain does not travel back, not even in reduced amounts.
  9. I don't fully understand that issue. If you have at least a vyn priest at hand who can cast nimbleness, Freedom players can craft a huge axe or staff or whatever and imp it up to 80 and beyond in short time. Same with armour, I would say that 80ql studded should suffice for most purposes, and that I with my modest 65 LW (Freedom) could create in an hour or faster (more exactly that does not need but a set of rivets and the imping time as the noob armor can be turned into studded and is impable then). Only issue to get enough Freedomers over. Maybe some can be convinced. And all would be easier if the devs would provide some skill re-transfer from Epic to Freedom.
  10. There was a change in adapting mob numbers to numbers of participants, but that was after Jackal launch in September, 2019. 10+ sufficiently strong and well equipped participants may close a rift no shorter than 100+ . There will still be a difference if less than 5 rift fighters engage in combat. I fought in a couple of rifts with 1 to 2 others, and that may take 6 hours or more, require to waive warmaster combat, and need tricks like ninja saccing of hearts, at least in the last 2 rounds. The Niarja figures will adapt after the next round of rifts, I assume. There simply no useful metrics existed for previous rifts at the first start, and Niarja data had to be updated accordingly. Niarja is an invaluable service though, and be grateful for - it is volunteer's work, after all.
  11. disease

    Since one of the latest patches, a Fo priest can cure a disease very fast.
  12. I do not follow that, and somewhat, it does not follow. Yes, the core population of the Epic cluster is dramatically down, and still dropping, and closing the cluster, or uniting the home servers to a Chaos cluster or whatever would be a way to shut the chapter. But: Over the years I read again and again pleas for a hunting server. And here we have a number of servers with crowds of wild creatures, not few of outstanding strength and unique powers like valrei monsters. To hunt them can be an adventure not possible on any of the established PvE clusters. So why destroy what exists then cry again for hunting servers? Seems illogical to me. Only thing would be to allow some skill transfer back to the servers participants come from (should also be possible to admit NFI to Epic). It could be a raw measure at the beginning, just taking real gain (not curve), and lowering it by, say a factor of 0.90 to 0.75 * (skillgain), to make up for faster timer. The results could be observed and where necessary, revised. From my observation, the enthusiasm over Jackal dwindled fast once it became clear than skill retransfer did not work. Without some skill gain retransfer expeditions to Epic from Freedom would appear "useless" to many.
  13. What I wonder a bit, are all those speculations about cheating on and in rifts. Personally, I have rarely if ever been the one with most points, and never really strove for. Since the introduction of rift points I have paid bit more attention than before, mainly meaning that I always cared for scoring "phenomenal", meaning more than 61 kills, mostly around or over 100, and in result some >200<300 rift points. Sometimes I reach 120, but not so much more or so often. During rifts, I much more care for the tactical situation, wiping the mobs as fast as possible, removing packs of dogs, or jackals attacking other players from behind, and of course cover my ass and retreat when hurt too hard. And I did cotton firstaid at others several times. But all those "smart tactics", for what? Most outstanding results in points I observed were with priests legitimately healing, LoF and SoL in particular, and sometimes AoE spells (I do not love them tbh, as they ring alarm for enemy AoE, but are ofc legitimate and sometimes useful). Maybe I was ignorant and naive all times but I never saw people cheating with points. May have happend, but so what. Someone running in and out to get hurt and healed is a somewhat bizarre scenario. I do not see it happen, at least not often.