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  1. Nothing too exciting, 300+ players at attractive public slayings are standard in SFI too. Max was over 500. But a new map is not really what NFI needs, much less a chaos style sailable PvP map. Also new maps would also mean pointless more work for dev, sysadmin, and GM teams. Wurm really has not too few servers. Population on NFI is between same and maybe 20% more compared to SFI, all winter and spring there were more on SFI. At least rapid population decline has stopped on NFI. And as to rifts being zerged, lol. In 2019 I fought a couple of 2 player rifts, and some more 3-4 player rifts. Participation normalized somewhat, gladly, but rifts are far from being overrun.
  2. It would be sensible to wait for the cluster merge, allowing to access both Chaos map and Epic cluster. There is not much use or sense in duplicating every function available in SFI.
  3. The remove target, albeit a nice and relatively recent improvement, does not help you at all when you were targeted while losing sync in lag or being entirely disconnected, and find yourself killed by a rat when relogging. As to archery, it would be sufficient to have the range in which you can target something (same as the distance in which a building description gets readable) which is already a lot, and far outside of any attack range. Automatic loss of target could be a few tiles more. This would already be a wide range. I am not sure about an automatic switch of target to the most recent attacker in all other cases (not mentioned here but in some similar suggestions). This would be sort of auto being taunted. I hate that already when rift beasts do it . A possibility would be that target switches in all cases where for players "you are too far to attack <creature> now" would appear for the attacking mob. And if that is an issue, all for PvE only unless required otherwise.
  4. First thanks for the nice summary. But I would be highly in favour of lingonberry juice. There are waste tundra areas on most servers, and foragers (at least here) harvest as much lingonberries as of the rest of berries. But aside from a few cooking and baking recipes, there is almost no use for lingonberries. I have several large amphoras full of lingonberry juice I pressed because berries are such volume hogs. I would gladly give them away for the price of the amphora, maybe even below. Yes!
  5. Mind you, Finn, he is NFI where rifts are fairly new. I doubt that any rift node is left alone there. It will be in the future of course, but that will take time unless the clusters are merged.
  6. I am not sure whether this rather is a NFI thing with their endless envy and picking on one another. There already is the distribution of some rift mats depending on participation. And yes, the race for rift mats will never be "just", it may reach a saturation point though. We had rifts where the higher sklled woodcutters and miners collected the rift mats only to distribute them to fighters with less xp. And I never saw players coming late only to leech rift mats. It may happen, sure. But I urgently plead to the devs not to overly micromanage that as it will lead to the next round of complaints about the next side effects. It is similar to the "tagging" whining. If the points were attributed based on damage there would be whining about those with higher FS and better weapons collecting more rewards, like now about rift mat harvesters with higher skill. It will never end, and the devs have better to do than programming after that moving target. That said, I consider the extra points on WM a good thing. The rounds reduction is ok so far, but the mob reduction bit over the top. More ogres in round 2 already, please. And possibly extra points like 2 for champ jackals, summoners, casters, 3 for ogre mages, 4 for ogres, and 5 for champ ogres. Otherwise, I appreciate the changes.
  7. I think there is first a technical thing of Wurm mechanic: "tedding" is farming, and the process of scything grass on a farmable grass tile turns it into a farm tile from wet grass to dry hay. Just dropping grass would not achieve that, nor would it work on a sloped grass tile. Harvesting the hay, and cutting the grass, are gardening, not farming. For some reason, harvesting hay with a pitchfork active yields more hay than without. Generally, I find the mechanic ok. Sometimes, when I need amounts of grass, I use the scythe on slopes because it is faster than the same on 20+ grass tiles with a sickle. And the pitchfork (I have a rare one) is just funny.
  8. I like the boost idea, at least as long as it is not balance breaking. Could also imagine a slight speed boost for horses with hay bundles in saddle sacks, either permanently, or when feeding from. Also, the curve from 3 untedded hay (or grass on slope or harvested) to 53 between skill 1..10 and 90+ (it is gardening btw, according to wiki) is too extreme. Beginner yield should start at 10 or even 20 grass/hay. But please no nerfs. They tend to backfire at the wrong places.
  9. To be fair, cutting grass with a sickle yields 1..3 mixed grass depending on tile status (wild grass most), while yield of sickle depends on farming (? gardening?) skill. Newbies may yield from 3 grass up with sickle in 10..12s, but on every grass tile > "cut short". I get 51..53 grass in 45s..1.05min (farming 97.9 gardening 91.1), also starting by medium grass. I once collected mixed grass with my sickle, and it took considerably longer to get a satchel full, often running over up to 100 tiles, which recovered to wild grass within a week. But admittedly, the low yield and long duration is demotivating, on beginner levels in particular. But admittedly, I was not aware how relatively low the yield is at lower levels of farming/gardening/nature (whatever rules scythe yield on grass). It is an additional factor abhorring players from making hay, so thanks for the information. Those dependencies should be researched and documented on wiki as well.
  10. The idea of hay was good (though it is sad that the pitchfork is just a rake and not a weapon in addition ), and starting with hay, its seasonality etc. was interesting and a good addition. But in fact, hay is nearly completely unused. There are 2 kinds of hay to use: hay stack to drop in a pen, and bundles of hay created from bunch of hay plus string of cloth using thatching skill. That one is the interesting one, because stored in saddle bags it allows a horse to feed during overland rides, nice to keep speed. Sadly, the creation is a mess, at least if your thatching is not at master levels. Below a test, creation of 20 hay bundles. Strings of cloth already present, yet creating 20 therefrom in good quality takes some time as well *) Combining 1280 bunches of hay ql 94.03 into 20 bunches: 11 minutes Creating 20 hay bundles from hay bunches ql 94.03 and strings of cloth ql 81.71: 27 minutes "You almost made it .." : 24 "This could very well work .." 12 "Too many problems .." 9 "You fail miserably .." 1 "You realize this was a meaningless effort .." 1 Failures 47 success 20 (creation chance 35%) Thatching skill 26.34 skill gain 0.20 *) in a test, I needed 6 minutes to create 50 strings from 5 kg cotton ql93.08 at tailoring skill 43.22, 22 thereof of ql >80, avg ql 82.64, the rest between ql 26 ..72 avg 57.11 In summary, it takes 45 minutes to create 20 bundles. Even worse is the quality variance: While the quality of the product does not seem to impact nutritional value, it is just frustrating and demotivating. No wonder that most gave up on hay. Hay stacks are easier to create with a pitchfork, where a high ql one gives better creation chance, and is faster with WoA. The utility is that they do not, or extremely slowly, decay in the open. Quality variance seemed to be less gruesome too. But their use above vegs/grass in a pet bowl or trough is not exciting. And they cannot be stored in bulk containers. A way to improve usage would be lowering creation difficulty, and boost creation speed. Also it should be considered to let the hay "self combine" when processed with string of cloth and pitchfork, as the combination takes nearly half as much time as creation, and more than successful creation. Also, hay stacks should be bsb'able, edit: with a volume > cotton bale but < support beam so that storing in crates would make sense.
  11. Yes it worked. I shall sadly miss it. Thanks, Chakron.
  12. Please move to Suggestions, sorry.
  13. It is quite annoying, and frustrating for advancing beginners in addition, that items created from branches, other than those created from logs, have creation ql, i.e. 20% of branch ql, in other words virtually no ql at all. Branches, as far as not used as a blunt weapon, are raw material like logs and lumps. Don't treat them otherwise.
  14. Hm tried, still the same error. But thanks anyway for your efforts