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  1. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Maybe there should not only be backpacks for lumps but also for frequent item categories e.g. iron/steel sleeves&gloves etc. to avoid 100 item issues. Dont forget leatherworking which is insanely crowded.There a coffin LW4 would make sense. Else: great event, thank you, the always helpful team and the impers.
  2. I haven't seen Aeron for a long while. The stables north of Sacred Promise where he used to breed and sell horses is fallen into derelict. I fear he left the game (and hope he is just taking a break). Same with Committment, mayor of Sacred Promise, though the deed is still up. So just use the horse if the permissions allow it.
  3. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    I would like to book a room (at least a bed) too, if possible. I may do blacksmithing and carpentry, weapon smithing only into the ql50s, and pottery into the. ql60s. Edit: Ingame account is Ekcin .
  4. Glasshollow Public Market and Harbor

    Thanks (though belated), found it. Hadn't seen the keys on the merchant last time I was there, apologies.
  5. Glasshollow Public Market and Harbor

    I rode to Glasshollow today to have a look at the horses. Unfortunately, I did not find the trader selling the keys for the horse pens, and I was not sure where the pens are located. Could you be a bit more specific and show on the community map where the trader and the pens are to be found? The harbour area is large and there are lots of merchants, but none was the right one. Thanks.
  6. Kappa's First Lunar Festival (lunalong)

    I also want to thank Dracaa, Aroma, Leander, Jpopper and all the impers for this great event. It was my first impalong, and indeed the first community event since I started in Wurm last December (funnily, the 2nd community event I could visit was just on the last day of Lunalong, forgive me departing before its end therefore). And indeed, the Lunalong gave me a feeling of holidays from my deed, and its daily routine, meeting great people, gaining more skill during imping, having fun with the events. I am looking forward to next year's Lunalong.
  7. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Well, thanks for the elaborate comment. Yet I think that every relationship would call itself happy about a honeymoon period lasting about 11 months now and not about to wane soon. My main problem with wurm is not slow grind. Rather it is that there are so many threads of experience to learn and to follow, some of them creating chores and being a hindrance to developing others. E.g. when visiting out server activities it is hard for me to follow the chain of harvesting forestry stuff and tending my farm. My main problem rather is to become too much absorbed. Skills are going up, some slowly, some faster, and are in no way a major concern. I understand that people concentrated on the PvP aspect of the game have a ways more urgent need and desire to achieve maximum abilities. I have no short, quick, and easy solution for that. Also, people tightly caught in RL chores, be they in family or profession, indeed have less chance to proceed. That is a problem in most MMOs not oriented on casual players. I do therefore not condemn anybody who tries to cash out that gap. CC intentionally openened that opportunity, and I consider that a better move than leaving it to shady gold farmers from south Asia on a black market like in most other MMOs. It is not ideal, ofc.
  8. POLL - Please Vote

    In fact, I do not think that all silver collected by all means (paying prem, upkeep, contracts etc) are redistributed from the coffers. CC has a leverage here to steer the amount of silver in circulation. Everytime people buy silver for cash in the shop, new silver is emitted indeed. All inter player sales and purchase just redistribute emitted silver. Observing the trade channel one finds that the cash for silver trade is below the official shop pricing of 1.6€ per silver. Mostly 1€/s is offered, sometimes 1US$/s demanded. The pricing seems to be quite unelastic, though, and demands for higher quantities of silver are frequently repeated over a prolongued period so that I assume the buyers eventually give up and turn to the shop. Admittedly this is merely speculative, I have no insights into CC's or the devs' and admins' internals.
  9. What has made you hate Wurm?

    No, he is not right. To me, this perspective sounds utterly arrogant. I have none of these high level capabilities, and I enjoy the game. I enjoyed it when I had to run half a day in search of my corps, when I had to haul a half ready rowing boat over 500 tiles or so to the lake (no hitch), ran Vrock-Glasshollow as a pedestrian, always with a long chain of mobs on my back, or when creating my first knarr at sb level 30 (everybody tried to dissuade me). It is the fun of such progress as well as the deeper understanding of the game, when you fall into a dropshaft (having to struggle out), your mine being blocked by caveins, the slopes of it being messed by too steep slopes to be fixed with tons of concrete, all that. I somewhat understand that in the more competitive PvP section of the game, being a lower level much more spells being the underdog. It is a matter of cameraderie and good leadership to overcome that. If such is lacking, tough luck. Yet buying a high level account in no way spells being capable to use it. To some extent, the outcome may be like a kid put at the steering wheel of a Ferrari (only that derailing will be less deadly). Someone told to be capable to skill up to level 90 in 1-2 mths, congratulations, I could not. But that in no way means having a sufficiently balanced high level character. Yet even if, comparing that to the cost of buying an account for 400 USD someone mentioned (and taking in account the infrastructural requirements for such an endeavour), it would be miserable profit even in Bangla Desh or India. So I do not see a plethora of HLP accounts on the marketplace. Exactly. I am looking forward towards the years coming, and will eventually reach the levels to play "the second game". I very much hope it will be as much fun and thrill as the first.
  10. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Ad 1) Being in the game only for a short time (for 330 days now with 8 months premium) I cannot appraise the amount of account trade. Yet logic tells me that such phenomenon has a limited scope. Given that it takes years to train a top level character there will always be only a small number of them for sale. I now have trained my character to 1 skill level of 85 (carpentry, which is progressing relatively fast), 3 over 70 (mining, digging, and pickaxe), and 16 skills between 50 and below 70 (some close to 70). Considering that the progress curve is logarithmic, it will still take some time to reach the 80s, not to speak of the 90s. And I am quite happy with that. I refused so far to buy equipment, tools, and weaponry, only purchase priest services from time to time. I acknowledge that some people want to shorten that process, even must as they lack the time I can spend for the game. So I do not see account trade a bad thing in itself. After all, this is a sandbox game, everybody free to choose her or his path. I would feel deprived by a radically shortened and "eased" skill progress. Btw, the game is not expensive at all. I get a 1yr subscription for 1 char at 80€, few games beat that. Sure, if I wanted a giant deed, I would have to purchase silver. So far, the ingame silver supply exceeds the upkeep cost for my small deed. Ad 2) I did not experience significant toxicity, only bit of bickering in the chat sometimes by some people. Maybe it is because I do not participate in PvP where communication tends to become venomous in practically all games. That is why usually, while no more than 10 to 20 % of the playerhood participate in PvP in most games, usually up to 75% of the administrative work is required for that branch. But that is human nature, and I do not say in any way that PvP does not have its merits and necessity (and possibly has to be worked on here in Wurm in the future). Ad 3) I am unable to comment on as I lack any knowledge about staff internals and do not want to get involved as a player. Intra staff affairs have to be settled inside staff and supervised by the company management which has to settle conflicts eventually. It is not our business here in the forums, no matter whether you are right or wrong. Finally, what do I hate? Not much to be honest. I sometimes hate the "creation chances" of RNG which have absurd outcomes at times. And I dislike the incomprehensibly slow progress of some branches. Shield bashing is worst of all so far.
  11. WTB Rare&Supreme Saccables/Materials

    Hm just got a rare acorn ql62 back. Sending again?
  12. Kappa's First Lunar Festival (lunalong)

    Which ql should the mats still required have?
  13. WTB Rare&Supreme Saccables/Materials

    Just got some rare acorn back after 14days elapsed. Is buying closed? If so please announce.
  14. Fraggle Rock Canal -- Grand Opening!

    Great work. Now only the Lake Selkie - Lake Vrock connection is missing for a complete south to north inner lakes passage.
  15. I hope she will be back soon. Much more I hope that she is in good health, that would be more important than a few items sent back.