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  1. question about red cherries and oleander, they are neither in positive nor negative list. Also ground cumin, and a supreme branch.
  2. +1 for other oils. Maybe with a penalty like worse settling time and faster disturbance. With spyglasses the availability only for premed with more than a year should not be tampered with, so rather a possibility to acquire one for those who have one in Freedom. Otherwise yes, availability of spyglasses would be useful especially on a server like Jackal.
  3. I could say the same about much of the PvP I heard of so far. But indeed, that is only my impression, no more, and say, having transferred an alt to ele or chaos and received a gank does not tell much. As far as ppl have fun I do not jump to such phony judgements. Jackal is a server where many players have much fun. If it is not for you, no problem. But your rant was grossly generalizing and deprecatory.
  4. I am not sure whether the method of rift score count is the same after the change. And even if so, the different mob behaviour may have altered the accounting. I am usually fighting with a rare sickle and a small metal shield, aggressive fighting. Before the change I always scored between 110 and 130 (rarely above or below) everytime I checked the scores (admittedly I did not every time as they do not interest me that much). At the Cele rift where I fought alongside with Sandokhan and others I scored 96 or so, same or slightly above or below Sandokhan (don't recall). But I was quite content with the rift points. Those points are a real achievement compared to the random drops before which I never saw really related to my combat participation. And having tons or left shoulder pads without a match was no fun. Now I can choose between saving points til a metallic liquid, completing some of the shoulderpad sets, purchase a ring or necklace or whatever. Very useful. As far as I can see, everybody is rewarded at least somewhat. Maybe the system has to be fine tuned further. The armour issue will be fixed soon hopefully. Maybe it is plate only or agressive fighting only, but it must be addressed.
  5. To tell some data about armour attrition, which appears to be 15-20x more than before: I have 2 plate sets, one steel, one gold, which I regularly use at rifts. Both have been imped by an alliance armour smith to 82-84, after that I went to a few rifts. The 4 rifts I participated which dropped the first lodestones don't count as the mobs did not deal damage due to a bug. My repair skill is 52.54 . Here the values after 2 Rifts today, Celebration and Xanadu: Steel: plate vambrance 80.15 74.99 plate sabaton 83.12 79.13 plate gauntlet 82.13 79.05 plate leggings 51.95 breast plate 38.61 Gold: plate vambrance 80.48 76.05 plate sabaton 82.47 76.95 plate gauntlet 82.34 79.93 plate leggings 72.12 breast plate 42.43 The higher attrition of the steel parts is mainly due to the fact that I wore the gold plate in Cele, where more fighters were present, thus I took significantly less damage. The attrition is impressive though. The team in Xanadu was small, and everybody got her or his share of the bashing. A single blow to the chest by a champ ogre accounted for over 8 damage on the plate. I had to repair it nearly as often as I healed up. As to the warmaster, the problem is that invul does not go away after the turrets have been slain. That was the case in Celebration and Xanadu while the mechanics seem to have worked as intended on Pristine. One more word: I love the new AI with the smarter and tougher mobs. The warmaster in particular, which had been a boring dumb tall rabbit, is great now with his bag of tricks. So are the summoners with their nasty teleports :). I hope the armor attrition was not intended as it penalizes smaller teams, and thus the most challenging and interesting rift battles.
  6. I widely agree to Legios and wipeout that starting over with skill 1 is a good and exciting experience. I loved to have to rummage for iron stones and branches (rock shards already laying around) for my first crude tools, to make fire without steel and flint etc. for booting up my tool set. I got somewhat frustrated about the pelt situation which could be overcome and sustained though. I widely paused Jackel mainly due to feeling unable to halt my deed maintenance and other projects and tasks on Freedom, and the arrested skill progress due to the pelt situation seeming to be unacceptable under that respect. But overall, player cooperation on Jackal was excellent and pleasant, and I plan to go over later, at least a bit every week. I think it is more an experience either to older players without a large running project at this time, or for relatively fresh ones who want to participate in the new server- The lodestone situation is indeed unpleasant. Couldn't the mats necessary spawn at least partially on both creating a new freedom beacon, and destruction of a rift beacon. It should at least be possible to create a few lodestones additionally to the starter camp.
  7. Yes, noticed that too on cave floor and ceiling. Question is, is it a bug or working as intended.
  8. I can confirm that to happen. The plan is shown, a location to write it to is asked for, and when hitting export the client stops. Having started the client in a terminal, I get the following message after trying to export the village plan: X Error of failed request: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) Major opcode of failed request: 20 (X_GetProperty) Resource id in failed request: 0x5800020 Serial number of failed request: 1746 Current serial number in output stream: 1746 AL lib: (EE) alc_cleanup: 1 device not closed I tried to run WurmClient under strace -i -f to find out more, yet only suspicious thing was an EAGAIN twice on a subprocess short before the termination (trace was 388MB long text barrage). No idea whether it has to do with. The <deedname>.MAP file did exist with 0 bytes length, no data written.
  9. Lodestones on Xanadu

    I want to add that there is a GM made public lodestone in the Vrock Landing starter deed now, 2 tiles northeast of the deed token. I assume other starter deeds have lodestones now, too.
  10. grats as well, great achievement!
  11. It is a good idea to list the available lodestones for Jackal transfer at this time, other than than at the latest rift area. Shydow reported to have erected one in the Newspring start area, behind the Epic portal. Please feel free to enter your ones. I have a private one in the mine of my deed, at G13 NE, position 2763, -2063 . Locals may ask me for access. Unless public lodestones get erected in starter towns soon I may consider a more publicly accessible one in the area. Edit: Of course visitors may ask for using the lodestone as well. There are some beds in my outlook tower on deed, and there are pens for horses.
  12. Pelts!!!

    To add that: I already experienced a "pelt crisis" when I was a fresh player mid december '17 to new year 18. That crisis was, in a way, self made, as I had stubbornly decided not to accept outside help (many offered to mail a pelt) but to develop the character on my own - except the generous newbie equipment on Freedom. Soon I ran into the pelt issues. When you are low on skill levels, your butchering knife if you have any low ql too, practically every butchering will produce anything but a pelt: "You fail to produce a pelt", every time. I killed all dogs between F/G12-14 and H14 I could find, and a couple of cats (no rats there). Finally, after nearly 2 weeks, a mountain lion did the trick, my first pelt. In fact, it did not so much harm me, then. The tools I got up to ql10-15, rarely 20, sufficed all my needs as a basic account player, and there was so much to do and to learn until I finally premmed after 40 days (I was certain to prem after the first week anyway). But imagine I widely had the whole Vrock Landing area for myself, and grace to guard towers and starter city templars, the risk was moderate and death infrequent. Now 120 people with newbie skills and improvised weapons (no ql50 longsword) and armour are hunting the last few rats while themselves prey to the tireless rift beasts. And the key to my success was butchering and filletting endless streams of meat, from dogs, cats, farm animals, wolves, and bears, spiders, and trolls even, mostly killed by tower guards and templars. So my butchering experience had chances to rise. Compare that to Jackal where every player preys on the corpse of a fallen beast. even 20x or 100x skill gain won't help so much. Having practically all my tools, cart, weapon, and armor requiring pelt for imping, I decided to give up.
  13. Pelts!!!

    Well, the problem is to have all tools, weapon, and armor stuck between ql5 and ql18, few around 20, and to be unable to skill up by imping. Jackal was much fun when starting all from scratch, but this blockade is a showstopper and funkiller. Sure, you and villagers, as someone who started bit earlier, and killed most of the pelt bearing creatures around the camp, the problem does not exist for you. I shall stay tuned whether the situation changes.
  14. Pelts!!!

    Time it is, namely the problem. We are running a race against time indeed, as jackal wont stay forever. And with our progress halted, all subsequent fun and thrill is halted too.