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  1. I have sent my three priests to sermons, first was my then only priest alt, a Nahjo priest. He visited two sermon circles, one in south Xanadu, and when that dissolved, another one in west Pristine. A year later, when the player gods were abandoned, I had my Vynora and Fo priest alts, they attended a cycle in west Xanadu. These sermon sessions, lasting for weeks, were very pleasant examples of inter player cooperation, starting by the hosts of the sermons, helpers from the neighbourhood bringing food, and the attending priests themselves. Up to ten different accounts cooperated there, helping one another, for several weeks. I simply do not understand the hatred against alts. Nobody is forced to use them. But I cannot imagine how the functions alts fulfill at the moment, can ever be replaced by single accounts.
  2. My impression is that you haven't understood the concept, not only of Wurm, but of MMOs (and a couple of single user games too) altogether. Or have strong prejudice against alt usage because of PvP issues, once more trying to spoil and make miserable PvE for PvP self centredness. Different from many other games, Wurm is a "classless" game. You do not have to choose at the beginning whether you want to be a melee fighter, often more specialized in the roles of paladin, mercenary, soldier, light and ranged combat fighter such as ranger, assassin, marksman etc., cleric (priest, druid etc.), magician (elemental, necromancer, conjurer) and so on. Most class based games offer up to ten choices which role to choose, and it cannot be changed. Instead, many offer the opportunity to play different roles on the same account (which is frequently more expensive than one or even more Wurm accounts) albeit usually not at the same time (some might allow or tolerate that as well). I only know one other classless game, Ryzom, there may be more. R<zom, btw., was and is a game with strong roleplay where much alt usage was due to roleplay purposes. Whatever the concept, you can never do everything at a time in any MMO. And nice as it is to do things together, it can always be a burden in case you depend on. RL takes precedence for every (reasonable) computer games player, and that can be job, classroom, friends ringing at the door, phone call, computer crash, network or mains failure, whatever. Everyone playing MMOs experienced abortion of cooperative activities like boss runs, raids etc. due to such causes. Routine work would be awfully delayed when always waiting for one another. When on large projects, such as canals, large mines, large building, the question is not whether one can do all things an alt can. I cannot do priest things, and do not strive to. My priests are kind of roleplay in addition to their abilities. And I need my mag priest for strongwall, also he is helpful for leveling floors and ceilings. I fail to see any way to have that concentrated on my "main" character. Should it be able to strongwall, or to mine/level at double pace? That is ridiculous.
  3. The tunnel is perfect for knarr since years.
  4. Avoid over 20 depth as at maximum (which is 27 from water table in tunnels) you cannot mine ceilings anymore, cannot reinforce/pave the floor etc. For caravels, 15 is minimum requirement, and 20 is just fine. Else, great you are working on.
  5. You know, count me in, and it is not very honest or strangely ignorant that you did not recognize my opinion. Btw., if there are a few people at Desertion (granted I was at Igni last time but that shouldn't be a problem) to fight a rift, tell me. I may come over, though my armour and weapon are not exciting. And btw, especially younger players in PvE love rifts. Main reason is that they are nearly the only joint combat experience in Wurm PvE. Understandably, they are not equally exciting for highly experienced players with high FS and fight related skills, and elite weaponry and armour. This is rubbish. On your home server, you may let you summon to the rift, whack a few dogs and wabbits, recall or home portal etc., and be done. Takes 5-10 minutes. On other servers, it may take bit longer, but 4 hours is not required for the goal. You may pick servers with easily accessible rifts (I loved Pristine), and may get your goal under 2 hours (even under 1) depending on your server and location there. Also, you may choose to park your character ahead of the rift, get back and forth with friends, use the allowed shared logins, etc.
  6. To some extent I understand those who do not like rifts, and feel uncomfortable with the 100 rifts goal. Anyway, that is no reason to spread false arguments. The argument "I do not like time gated actions" is certainly understandable. But I fail to see it more valuable than e.g. "I do not like to cook 400+ different recipes" (which was the case for me, I am not extremely enthusiastic about cookings), which does not last shorter or be considerably less effort than doing 100 rifts. In fact, it was the last goal for me before the master, and granted, in the end, I found some fun with it, and friends helped me with written recipes. The fishing (both goals) was not easy either, but I liked it in the end. For a non miner, I imagine that the 25 metal veins to be killed is not a bit easier than 100 rifts. A false argument is that 100 rifts cannot be reasonably done in 2 years or less, or that travel times are prohibitive. If it is about the goal only, 20 rift points or so, and being on server when the rift closes, do suffice. Time spent may be counted in minutes. There are 40 rifts per server and year, and it is well possible to let oneself summon to at least half of them, or more, during a year, do the few hits necessary, and recall, home portal, or get summoned back. And not much harder for "foreign" servers: sailing out with a priest over the server border, get summoned, get the points, get summoned back, wait for rift to terminate, sail home, time may be half an hour to an hour. Doing that twice a month spells half of the rifts during the year. Not even mentioned the possibility of trusted friends taking the character over to a rift one cannot attend due to work duties etc. I am aware that I cannot bring those who hate rifts to like them as I do. But I fail to see rifts worse than e.g. 70 prayer.
  7. Nat Sub: Thanks a lot, understood. Care to include it in the guide? (just asking) Great idea, shall try it.
  8. Every time I leave my boat mine and come back, the ships moored within are garbled. I use to moor them as below (looking from east side. left is south, right is north, ahead is west): When coming back, it looks like this or similar (sometimes, the bow of the first knarr is heading even further west): The effect is widely client and openGL version independent (my notebooks use the nouveau driver with mesadri openGL similar to that Macs are using, the PCs the proprietary Nvidia driver with beautiful sky and without weather). It is not a really serious issue, technically all working fine. But it is nasty and frustrating though.
  9. My question simply is: What the damn have my alts done to you? Do you really believe I would frantically join any group activity (beyond what I am already doing) if you would deny me my alts? Why do you want and feel entitled to dictate my playstyle in a sandbox game? No alts would mean to me: No more priesting experience. If there would not have been alts, also no sermoning experience (which was pleasant group cooperation for every single of my three alts). It would also spell no or much less possibilities to summon around the server. And even with a network of friends and allies, it would often mean to postpone activities, delay or even drop projects because waiting for somebody in place everytime would make them unpleasant if not impossible. Playing with alts is deeply interwoven with the core game mechanics of Wurm as they have developped over years. The only way to get rid of alts would be shutting down Wurm.
  10. I would call that no bug, rather a side effect of intended behaviour. "Build ten houses" spells "completing ten houses". Once an outer wall of any building is gone, it is going back to unfinished. Creating the missing wall completes the unfinished building. The choice to accomplish that goal by destroying one wall of an existing house may be a wierd one but not illegitimate, no less than demolishing the whole house and rebuilding, or starting another house somewhere else. In fact, the software does not seem to distinguish between those three cases, and hard to see a reason why it should.
  11. Any hints for alchemy/natural substances, or did I miss it? My approach is combining low ql animal parts, mixing with herbs etc. To my knowledge, power of the cover determines difficulty, yet I do not know how it scales with skill level. CoCing animal parts might help (is that true?), and it could be useful to combine a coc'd one with one left in a crate/bsb off deed so that there always remains an unprocessible rest (that true too?).
  12. This is not an immediate call for workers, just a longer term project proposal. The tunnel and canal connecting Lake Selkie and Hammer Lake has had veins left in the water passage as long as I am playing in Wurm. It would be nice anyway to have an unimpeded passage. Recently, there are 21 veins in the way. Due to the mountainous area above, few if any may be removed using erupt. But it should be feasible to mine them all out over time.
  13. It seems that there are some topics most agree, some many agree, and some which are not openly outspoken 1. There seems to be widespread agreement that public slaying events are desirable (the usual ranting suspects considering them a clown show aside). Private and Public Slayings But it is not clear how many public slayings are desirable. I want to come back to the count of uniques. As OR explained (thanks to him and Sarahbee for clarifications), the spawn mechanics allow for 2 (plus some random bit ) uniques on average to spawn on any server per month. The weekly server reboot, and some extra reboots due to technical disturbances and hotfixes may increase that somewhat. This is corroborated by the figures given below and further inspection of Niarja. The highest slayings count I found so far was in 10/2020 with 4 legendaries (dragons/drakes) killed on Xanadu (Interestingly, none was starving). But most figures vary between 1 and 2, seldom 3 per month and server. According to Niarja, 35 uniques have been slain in Q1/21 on South Freedom, and 4 on Chaos. There have been 6 public slayings among them during that period. This might indicate too few public slayings. But really, and how much too few? A public slaying on weekends twice a month is likely to let such events be something special. If all uniques in that period would have been slain publicly, that would have spelled 3 slayings every week. That might lead to much declining numbers of participants, and likely loss of interest in such events. It would then be frustrating for organizers whose effort would remain same but be awarded by less attention. In the end, too many public slayings might do more harm than good. Scale and Hide Moreover, with the loot (hide/scale) distribution staying same, a drastic increase of public slayings would lead to increased shortage of hide and scale. Much of the scattered bits never are redistributed and concentrated so that they may serve for the creation of armour pieces much less full sets. Rather much thereof is rather hoarded, be it in the hope to get more some day, or just as a trophy. Not few of it perishes with players leaving forever. SFI/NFI Situation All that said, it is necessary to point at the different situation in SFI and NFI. On the north south cluster, a solid base stock of drake and scale sets as well as raw hide and scale exists. The mean price may be indicated by Jaz' offers of 50s/kg hide, and 70s/kg for scale. Of course, those prices may be exceeded or undercut given market, and buyer/seller situations. But certainly, it is possible to get a set when willing to pay for. And assuming 1 set per drake/dragon slaying on average, and 50-60% of the material yielded going into crafting (be it directly, or over the market) , there is a yearly new supply of some 40-60 new armour sets, most probably offsetting the inevitable loss by players leaving without circulating that stuff. The situation on NFI differs much. From the launch until end of Q1/21, 21 dragons and hatchlings have been slain altogether, 6 of them in public, 9 dragon/drake slayings. 3 public, in Q1 2021. The number of sets resulting therefrom is neglectible compared with the number of players (still about 60% of Wurm players active on NFI). Dragon/drake sets may be the most rare and prestigious item in all of NFI, and virtually inaccessible for nearly everybody. There are no easy solutions. Creating NFI bandaids may cause a server split which will be utterly hard to fix in the future. A possibility would be a series of GM staged events with public slayings along with dramatically increased amount of scale or hide for everyone ("helicopter" scale/hide). That way, a healthier distribution of these assets could be achieved whithout splitting the clusters, and not preventing a future merge. The latter will of course remove the tense situation to a wide extent (though prolly resulting in skyrocketing prices for the then former SFI). All that has to be planned carefully. 2. There seems to be alt least some consensus that legendary fights should be made harder, not the kind of public executions public slayings are now. Just drastically raising health and/or deadliness of legendaries will certainly make fights more challenging and interesting, but also cause problems for all just stumbling over them. Such changes have to be considered with care. Another possibility would be making strength of the creatures scale with the number of attackers (if that is reasonably possible to be coded), probably adding special attacks for the creature, possibly "extra lives" (having to be brought down to health 0 multiply before dying, the multiplicator scaling with the number of fighters). tl;dr : Think what you are wishing for.