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  1. Known old bug, often reported. The devs seem unwilling or unable to do anything about. Only known remedy at this moment: collapsing all uneven ceiling tiles and mining out again.
  2. invisible window

    I have the issue with KDE Plasma Desktop and the settings window under OpenSuse Leap 15.1 as well on my second notebook (HP zbook G15). It does not happen with Xfce Desktop but only with KDE, and my unextendable settings window is slightly larger, but can also neither be closed nor extended. I had an issue with Xfce though where the Network Manager does not work correctly (applet terminates) so that WiFi selection is not possible with that (using wicked). Edit: Oops read Bartolomeus' post only now. Yes seems to be a race, when closing the rogue window from the panel (that works) it is possible to open the settings window once without changing decorations. Just as a hint.
  3. Fully agree, grateful that you are doing this service for the community. And you are right, it is up to the requester to care for the exact coordinates, and now at least confirm that the assumption about the location is true. The hints have been given.
  4. She forgot the sign. It is most probably 705, -7166 northwest of Newspring, bit northwest of Evening Twilight 768, -7215.
  5. Thanks a lot, that explains. @Alectrys: Kindly mark as resolved/no bug.
  6. @Wulfmaer: I fought in very low team numbers against rifts before the changes following Jackal opening, mainly on Exodus and Pristine, but also once on Xanadu O16, where Nestangol and one other player (sry forgot the name) fought in waves 1 and 2, and Thorin and Kindra joined in the (then last) wave 3. All these battles took 5-6 hours as well, and to close them needed some tricks like leaving a couple of creatures alive (not the warmaster at that time as that one was pretty weak) when saccing hearts. The problem rather is low participation. Less people will take the pains to travel to a rift, even more in the inlands of Xanadu, though this one was not hard to reach at all. Generally, I do not object the scaling of mobs, it looks to some extent matching the number of participants. Again, I want to point out that strikes which should work in a disruptive way against opponents like shield bashing, low rider, back breaker etc. as well as stunning with 2h weapons (mainly blunt weapons) have no effect to their magic like teleporting, casting, esp. normally interruptible spells like AoE etc. A more funny side note is that beasts are now able to spellcast: "A venerable rift beast burns you" . Edit: Note to myself: Bring priest to site next time for summon
  7. I see the advantage of auto travel in two aspects: - First, bridging the otherwise unsurmountable distances between deeds and starter towns for new players. A new player in Wurm is practically under curfew in the area of her or his starter town or village/alliance. There is practically no way to see the world other than suicide teleport (on Xanadu, and, to lesser extent, Independence at least. And on smaller servers, the higher mob population makes things worse). Auto travel should be possible between deeds, too, like sending crates with the wagoner. - Further on, auto traveling might give an opportunity to see the world, not just afk-ing but watching the changing landscape. - There should not be auto riding, in my opinion (not that I see that part of the proposal)
  8. -1 No point in nerfing PoP. The erupt ability of PoP is given at grade 7, med level 30. There is absolutely no point and no reason to invalidate that. PoP medi is linked to mag domain (or none) anyway.
  9. It would require some change for passengers on board of carts (maybe only auto traveling ones), also an upgrade to wagons (at least one additional seat, best at the front), much like that for ships. A logged off player would then stay on board (on the same server of course, but that is not an issue for land vehicles). Ok, would be unattackable then by mobs, but that is the case with ships too when attacked, say, by a sea serpent, or a drake spirit on PvP servers, the logged in crew potentially wiped, the logged off passenger surviving. Not really a problem. would be nasty as it is now for carts, horses, and ships, probably requiring a relog, in worst case, GM help. Yes, +1 for it (I proposed something similar earlier inside a QoL thread and welcome the suggestion very much).
  10. Full Steam Ahead

    Well, the restriction, to my knowledge, is from the Valve padded cell, not from Wurm. You may circumvent it by having several steam accounts, and there is even a circumvention inofficially offered by steam proper, look in this thread here (especially post by Sklo with link to earlier thread by Bdew)
  11. Below is my on deed harbour area in G13 NE, Xanadu. When my knarr is moored in the opposite direction, with the stern to the south (where the sailboat is) I get the error message as cited any time I attempt to unload a creature cage. This seems to be the case mainly (only?) when part of the ship is on the partially submerged tile where the crate rack sits. A large cart in the knarr can be unloaded. Is that a bug or behaviour as expected? How much space is needed to unload creature cages?
  12. I did not want to put this in CA or Town Square, but it is related with the upcoming steam release of Wurm and the future possibility/threat that we all will forcibly land on steam some day. Now, as I understand the "architecture" of the Valve padded cell, I do not see the possibility to create alts once Wurm is launched on steam, other than creating a new account for every single of them. Even that might require hiding the IP address, e.g. over VPN or similar. Am I wrong with these assumptions?
  13. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Lava
  14. When people repair, objects stay. I know about a deed kept up for nearly a year after the mayor left the game. Will you forbid that too? As to ships, one could object that they decay slowly. The problem also is that a moored ship cannot be moved. On the other hand I am fairly grateful that I have not to run around and repair all my ships every few days. Fences in perim are bad enough. Chests, bsb, fsb etc. can be pushed, so can carts and wagons once the hitches are gone. If they are so annoying expose a rock tile, push them on it, and call a PoP level 7 upwards to erupt it. You may even (cautiously) collect the contents if any. No idea if anybody charges something for erupt, maybe 1s for the journey.