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  1. Botched playtime accounting

    I had this on support ticket but the GM cannot help here. The situation: I started premium time using the ingame offer of 1 month for 2 silver in January 21, 2016. Subsequently, and uninterruptedly, I ordered a 12 months period for 80€ online which ran out February 16 (including the 3 days granted at christmas) 2019. Since January, my /playtime wrongly shows 11 month premium playtime since December 13, 2017, the day I first logged in in Wurm Online with this account, and does not move anymore. I consider that bug severe, and a violation in terms of civil law of the European Community. Code Club states with some legitimacy that playtime cannot be transferred between character accounts: "Please make sure you are logged in with the proper account (..). We cannot transfer premium time due to the instant and longterm reward systems." But that implies that the "instant and longterm reward systems" are part of the service contract between CC and the customer. I am aware that Rolf botched the user database years ago. But that should be repaired in the meantime. And a company should be able to keep track of customer payments and the services arising from.
  2. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    I can confirm that all ticket work I had to do with was handled with highest professionality and friendliness. Now if it comes to inter customer quarrels, and rule violations, that is the hardest and most unpleasant part of any administrative work, and I can confirm that from decades in second and third level system administration, where we could drop the most unpleasant cases to HR department and management. The ingame admins do not have that choice. So they have to get their hands dirty when sorting the crap players cause. It cannot be expected that they make everybody happy. In the case of the PvP exploit, from my observation, the case was handled in a prudent and reluctant way. When the exploit was detected, it was right to stuff the holes, even by indiscriminate measures like raid ban and player bans. The proven perpetrator eventually received a severe disciplinary, the rest was relieved and compensated their lost prem time, though there is no obligation to do so. So I feel the complaints about inedaquate and childish. Moreover I do not trust in the maiden innocence of all of those cleared from ban and suspicion. Rather the case was handled under in dubio pro reo (innocent until proven guilty) auspices which is of course correct. But it does not mean that all cleared players were indeed unaware of the abuse and not complicit. So they may have good reason to stay silent.
  3. server down?

    freedom cluster has been shut down for hotfix as it seems.
  4. server down?

    The second crash since the restart
  5. I diagnosed the effects on lamps and buoys in the canal tunnels after last restarts. In effect, all buoys on deeded ground were unlit, those on non deeded ground, no matter whether in the tunnel canal, or the lake, remained unaffected. In the tunnel, there were also lamps just dropped into the water when lit (as planting on water tiles, no matter how tiny or shallow the water part is, is not possible). Of those, only a few lamps were affected, which were close, no more than 2 or 3 tiles away, from a buoy which went unlit. Other lamps, no matter whether planted or not, on water tiles or not, remained unaffected.
  6. New PC and Wurm Performance

    Kelody, he has 16GB RAM.
  7. New PC and Wurm Performance

    Buy more RAM. Otherwise ok.
  8. Vynora Priest Needed

    Have a look at Maes Knoll: Inside this link is a map how to get there. I am sure they have a vyn priest. Best with a boat from Lake Selkie, former Sojourn deed harbour area.
  9. Havens market deed

    Would be nice if Sila could take a grown up attitude towards past conflicts when they affect an all community project. I do not know what your quarrels were and honestly, don't want to know. But it should be possible that the permissions for work on the canal would be granted.
  10. I have blessed and unblessed lighting in tunnels of me and alliance/alt deeds and off deed. All blessed lamps and buoys off deed are working fine over server restarts, so do the non blessed and non planted lamps just dropped lit on water tiles (those ones requiring continuous refill to stay lit ofc). The problems as described all occur on deed in tunnels, so far observed mainly in canals, but a few occurences on dry cave ground as well. Mainly buoys are affected, blessed and planted ones (I have no unblessed buoys in use). It seemed to me that less lit objects were affected after last restart. And yes, Feb 12 was the very first time I noticed. Yet, I crafted, got blessed, and planted the first buoys not long before. So I cannot say whether it was the first occurrence on the server.
  11. Today I sailed that tunnel to Hammer Lake. In March 2018, Snowtech had requested the rename of that tunnel/canal : Well, 2 tiles wide, sometimes more yes, though the ceilings are all low, but nearly the whole of the southern side is not reinforced. In result, there are, beside a large number of resource veins on both lanes, but mostly the southern one, also tens of rock tiles, obviously caveins. The tunnel is still passable, but most probably not for long time. This tunnel is the longest on Xanadu, as far as I see, probably in whole Wurm. It is at best half ready and about to fall in derelict.
  12. I disagree that this is a bug. Rather it may be a request for improvement. And shriveled in British English (in American English anyway) is as legitimate an orthographical form as shrivelled. Granted it would be nicer if the model of grapes on shriveled trees would either not exist or look .. well shriveled (or shrivelled). But that would rather be an extension to a nice feature. I welcome a lot that one can easily see now where one has already harvested, great thing, thanks.
  13. Fair game play hits a new low

    well, dragons can, players can't. That means, a 5x5 deed is surrounded by a 21x21 area where nobody than the dragon can pierce the walls, except the deed owners by resizing.
  14. Good work, fast reaction on community feedback, thank you.
  15. Xanadu Community Map

    I politely disagree here. Indeed, there was a removal just immediately on disbanding in one case, and one neither demanded nor justified, of Vrock's Market and Inn deed, an existing and longer standing deed. This demonstrates how harmful and disturbing overzealous update of the map is. Of course, every deed should be added when the owner demands it, and equally be removed, even if the deed is still active. And when a deed is gone, a new founder in the neighbourhood also may have legitimate interests in having the disbanded deed to vanish fast. But removal without request should still be done in a more conservative way. Many large old deeds served and serve as a landmark, an orientation point. I fail to see the damage when somebody arrives at a place where he or she thought there were a deed but must realize that there is none. That could even happen when the deed was disbanded short before. I would even welcome much, as far as the community map software allows for, if the historical maps from former years would show the deeds of their time.