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  1. Rift - 15 June 2019

    Rift opens June 16 19:06 UTC
  2. I recognized that phenomenon lately (I have a priest only since short time therefore not so much experience with blessed stuff), and I observed it only in caves off deed. Normally, a blessed lamp planted on paved or reinforced ground will stay lit once filled and lit. But with lamps inside buildings, that is not the case. They are burning empty much slower than unblessed ones (which run out of fuel in 3 days or so), and seem to get unlit irregularly, if I observed correctly. Afterwards, they can simply be refilled and re-lit. It is a bit unpleasant though.
  3. Xanadu Community Map

    Seems that the maintainer is on vacancy, no updates since over 2 weeks.
  4. Do you have +75 WS?

    Fully agree. I have bit over 52 WS now and want to skill it up in an honest fashion. I shall certainly not be able to do than in weeks like OR, but I intend to stay ingame longer than weeks, and love the steady progress. Btw., shield bashing for example is ways harder to grind given the low number of opportunities if you are not so much in fighting, and I love my success there (over 19 now) even more, same with lock picking, catas and the like. Some slow skills are a must.
  5. whats diplomatic way get back stuff

    In cases of ingame scam or suspicion of scam a GM can be informed by a ticket.
  6. The taming dialog is somewhat inconsistent: Taming is straightforward, with the activated object (sometimes learning that the horse is not interested in a glowing copper lump ) right click animal -> tame. But untaming goes through the character window or body in inventory: human shape or body -> manage -> animals -> button "un-tame" -> confirmation box -> yes|no . That is horribly clumsy, and in mob ridden environments, very dangerous for the tamed creature which may be already killed by an attacker before one even comes close to the yes|no choice. On the other hand, caring and uncaring are simply reached by right click animal -> care for . That is a flipflop switch, when the animal is cared for, it simply uncares, without any confirmation dialog. That is dangerous as well, as the choice may be hit unintentionally and go unnoticed, e.g. in the middle of a battle, and the formerly cared for animal may die from age soon. Suggestion would be 1. Integrate untaming into the tame dialog at right click once an animal is tame. The confirmation box should appear then so that only two steps are necessary: rclick animal -> tame -> un-tame y|n 2. Add the confirmation checkbox into care for dialog once a creature is cared for: rclick animal -> care for -> un-care y|n
  7. I cannot say so much about WU, but on WO, catseyed highways are a prerequisite for wagoner transports, and route finding to deeds connected to the highway system. The way to distinguish highways from just parish roads or normal rural roads and ways are the catseyes.
  8. Towing ships

    This has been suggested repeatedly. And I would be all for it. As to your ship, where do you live and where did you lose it? Certainly somebody will pick you up and bring you there, as I doubt a lot that this feature, even if approved one day by the devs, will be implemented soon.
  9. Xanadu Community Map

    Deeds Hideout 3129, -292 (19.4.) and Pirate Bay 2981, -466 (25.4.) are disbanded. So is Weitblick 3162, -357 (19.4.) and Bergen 3184, -456 (3.5.). Data taken from https://discordapp.com/channels/202801255024689153/483214957404487690
  10. Release Rift 06/05/19

    Thanks for info, try to get there in time
  11. Rolf's PvP on PvE Episode:: Stories...

    Intolerance can be an "opinion" as well. And it can hardly be considered tolerant what Gladiator expressed. Rather it was fanatic and extremely narrow minded. And that is exactly what bigot means: A person with a narrow, fanatic mindset, unable to understand or at least be able to sustain and tolerate different views and ways. Definitions different from yours: - One who is narrrowly or intolerantly devoted to his or her opinions and prejudices. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bigot https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bigot That matches perfectly what Gladiator uttered here in the forum. In this case, the narrow-mindedness goes so far that he advocates the destruction of the game infrastructure of the 90% who hold different views and act differently from him. "Because it makes no sense." To him. So it would be good if you would base your defense on better founded arguments. The term was not polemic and well founded on the previous points made. You cannot expect applause when somebody advocates the destruction of your ingame presence. And as usual, after the rant the whining about "insults". Such a crybaby.
  12. Rolf's PvP on PvE Episode:: Stories...

    That is what I consider silly and immature: considering the own ways the one and only possible, which have to be forced on everybody no matter what's the damage from. Fanatics are acting and opining that way. In fact, following your proposal would destroy the game.
  13. Rolf's PvP on PvE Episode:: Stories...

    Ok then it is just silly and immature, granted.
  14. Rolf's PvP on PvE Episode:: Stories...

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
  15. Rolf's PvP on PvE Episode:: Stories...

    Well, I read all this with fascination. Anyway, I beg to differ: "The Rolf, is he all that bad" .. The interesting thing is that while I never heard about that particular story before, it sounds in my ears as a pretty old story. I have experienced, partially met in person, quite a number of online game inventors, designers, and programmers. Strange is that the waste majority of them, often never, seldom, or at least never intensely playing themselves, thought of "their" games as PvP games, with at best a niche for PvE players. And nearly always it turned out that the waste majority of players, at least of those staying over an extended period of time, were PvE players. On the mainstream games I observed the ratio of mainly/only PvE playing people vs mostly/only PvP players used to be around 85-90 vs 15-10, sometimes even more PvE leaned. Only in the beginnings of a game the numbers were more balanced towards the PvP community. There are reasons. First of all, the active PvP community mostly is a highly mobile crowd, always up to new adventures on new games which are offered on the market in abundance. And a problem is that PvP achievements and victories tend to wear out quickly. Moreover, PvP puts heavy strains on participants causing burnout fairly fast especially for active players. I recall sleeplessness and even professional issues when prepared to alarm messages by phone or messenger calling the faction/clan/guild to arms. That is of course stupid, but I experienced not to have been the only one, and that was a cause for me to leave that particular community though it was a lot of fun and thrill. PvE is ways easier to be integrated into real life. Don't know if this problem has been observed here as well. And I nearly always found game implementors trying to support the PvP part by new balancing, new incentives, new features, frequently on cost of the PvE part of the community. So the story, interesting as it is, is not really a new one. We can only hope that the mistakes of yesteryear will not be repeated.