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  1. I hope she will be back soon. Much more I hope that she is in good health, that would be more important than a few items sent back.
  2. Once more, 2 rare logs 24kg came back after 2 weeks. Please tell if you stopped buying, there were some other objects still in the queue, and every failed cod costs.
  3. Glasshollow Public Market and Harbor

    Sorry, thanks anyway. I know where the market is. But it is a long way to Glasshollow, so I wanted to know which horses are bred and offered recently
  4. Glasshollow Public Market and Harbor

    Forgive me if it is not on topic here: Where do I find the most recent stock list of your deed (horses in particular)? I saw it once but can't find it now.
  5. The Wurm Economy Problem

    I disagree, at least when it comes to say that the subscription is not cheap. For 80€ you get a 1yr subscription, the first month can be obtained by 2s ingame. Minimum upkeep is 1 silver. And it is possible to stay subscribed without a cent of RL money spent, though this will imply some activity. (as a personal side note, I don't have much money atm, but I cannot say that this game is unfair or exaggerated in its pricing) Even with much activity for building, mining, developing skills etc. it is well possible to make 6-12s every ingame every month, so 1s is not equal 1€ unless you are buying large amounts of silver for RL money. If you are unwilling to spend anything you may accommodate with permanently paying upkeep but being premed only every 2nd or 3rd month, 2 in 3month or similar. No other game offers similar flexibility. That a deed is not property eternally is consistent with the medieval settings. All the kingdom or empire was considered land of the crown, and land property given as a fief to loyal subjects. Granted there is not much roleplay in Wurm, but anyway. I think we all or at least most agree that CC has to make a living and pay the bills. An economical remark: Euro may have been a good idea or not, since its installation it has a net rise of 25% or so (was even 35%) against the USD. Many of the changes can be considered volatility of the USD rather then the €. And it is the currency of the country of CC as well as of the country where the servers are located so no much of a point to charge in other currencies no more stable.
  6. Thanks for feedback, resent it.
  7. Hi, sent you 2 rare logs (24kg) 2 weeks ago, came back today. Not buying anymore?
  8. Glasshollow Public Market and Harbor

    Meldichoir, while I do not want to interfere in your dispute with that player or take sides, right a question: When I come to your market stables and buy a horse, do I have to tame it to get it off your place? Thanks in advance for your response.
  9. I wanted to transport an animal in a cage, first by animal transporter, then by ship. There is an underground landing place in a canal beneath my deed NE of G13. After I leave the mine beneath my deed I cannot unload the cage. Even 2 tiles east of my deed border 720slope above water level I am told [01:19:11] The water is too deep the creature would drown in the cage. So I have no way to get the animal into the ship. A drag and drop between ship and transporter is not possible either.
  10. Fogshore cave canal project @ j 12-13

    While this is a very old thread, I want to add that I tried yesterday to enter Fogshore canal from the west (near House of Gunn deed) with my caravel. I could not approach the canal, it seemed that the boat ran aground, or the flotation depth was insufficient, about 8 to 12 tiles before the canal entry. I think that could be improved with a dredge, but I want to contact the neighbouring deed owners or others in charge of the region before starting any work, especially as I am still much of a noob in terraforming etc. and want to be in contact with experienced players before doing something which might be felt a transgression.
  11. Hello. Maybe this is a stupid question (I am new), but could you show on the map where the settlement is situated?