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  1. Given the latest development of this "discussion" I politely ask the forum administration to lock the thread and remove all contributions considered inappropriate (mine included of course if considered so).
  2. Your "experiment" exposes the mindset of a pervert. In reality, where such a situation would occur, you may observe that the older consider to sit closer to the floor and breathe flatly so that the younger and the children have a chance to survive. There have been examples of such conduct. It may be alien to you as you are alien to decent and mentally healthy humans. Edit: This is not meant as an insult. You should seriously consider to get psychological advice and assistance instead of pestering the forums.
  3. It is all rubbish. I saw several streams from cadence revealing that there are indeed wild farm animals of every kind, and of course aggressive mobs. And that was the case even months before with a 3fold population. If it were about players per terrain, Melody should have the same if not slightly worse problem, as they have 1/4 of the terrain, 1/4 of the populace, but 1/3.6 of the settlements, so the situation cannot differ significantly. Argueing with Darnok is waste of time and bandwidth.
  4. I can confirm that there is no shortage of wild horses (and donkey) and sheep on Xanadu either. Discussions with Darnok are completely worthless. He trolls, brags, and lies.
  5. I agree, same in CA help already. Otherwise, +1 for the proposal, as help questions are also asked in GL, especially from NFI.
  6. I agree that the recent communication curfew is disquieting, and likely to frustrate players to the extent that they eventually leave. Btw., I am neither sure about the "conclusions from the survey" nor about the numbers of alts logging in daily. With me, it largely depends whether I log any of my alts, which one, and how long. Many parts of the game I play alone with one character, some with two, and few with all my subbed characters. Most I know with subbed alts act likewise. And I do not consider alts "cheesing" or else in any way wrong. And besides that, it has been the same for years that "population logged in at one time" comprised of "main" and "alt" characters. The maxima during public slayings of course reflects a high share of alts. But I counted 104 slayers with 222 characters in local during last slaying. So even there the "main" to "alt" ration was not significantly over 1:1 if at all.
  7. disintegrate works, but needs quite high channeling, fails often, and is slow (does not remove all at a time as previously)
  8. Actually, while I protested the PvP part, I generally support the idea of not just doing the unification by a technical act like plot course now possible and nothing else. On contrary, the event of unifying north and south should be part of a world wide event or event series finally concluded by a full open up. In this context, a special area where the two sides had to meet, and fight, prolly also terraform, mine, craft, and build their ways through to meet in the end would be a good idea, and your proposal could be part of in the one or other way. As to PvP, I think there should be PvP challenges in HotA etc. style, where the factions had to struggle to win the prize of being the successful pioneers (PvP players forgive, but it is not my job or knowledge to elaborate or suggest in detail). They should occur in distinct areas, and not interfere with PvE challenges. What to do with the areas after the conclusion of unification should be considered. They may remain as a high level hunting and combat area. But in the end, crossing between NFI and SFI should not differ from crossing from Xanadu to Release or from Independence to Deliverance. As Xanadu lacks a southern and northern boat bridge connection, and Independence a northern one, these connections could lead to Cadence, Harmony, and Melody. Most important would be creating a great PR hype about the unification, in all accessible media. Though I have limited hope that CC/GC will be able to achieve that.
  9. In other words, you have not understood a bit of it, and instead of learning and listening your are hemorrhaging half bred (at best) or pointless proposals.
  10. Wurm is Wurm, and you appear to hate every part that makes it special.
  11. Ok, thanks for the data. The opinion uttered is no surprise, while no "free fall" or imminent death anymore, at least "in decline". Of the summer seasons in Wurm I experienced (and judging from yoy population course earlier as documented in some forum posts in the past) this summer is fairly uncommon in terms of population seems not to have shrunk significantly in spring and summer as in the years before. This is also reflected in the weekly login mrtg statistics. Insofar, Wurm participation appears unusually stable for a summer season.
  12. Just another great thankyou to Stanlee and team. Was great fun, and an impressive number of participants.
  13. Yes, a form with three carbon copies and a seal (living seal, of course, but where to get carbon copies in Wurm, maybe milling charcoal and mixing with beeswax, and spreading on papyrus sheets to produce carbon paper?).
  14. Does that mean we are cut off information if we don't enter the Mafia's "social network" cloakas and data theft swamps? Could someone forward if anything of relevance is published there?
  15. forced PvP -1 The idea of a dangerous passage may be more acceptable, or at least sounds interesting. Would, on the other hand, leave passage to high level fighters, or fighter teams.