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  1. Please stop imposing your worldview onto others. Care to read Wittgenstein's PI? Grow up. Some of the terminologies you use may be ok in your particular field of knowledge. Much of your attempts to back up your points are a spit in the face of empirical sciences. Btw. I would not have used the term axiomatic indeed as prejudiced is more appropriate.
  2. The argument about DFM sounds reasonable, but not so much for cocoa being accessible by mass farming, rather for more and more complex DFM recipes. I am not sure how high the minimum ql requirement for cocoa/chocolate for DFM will be. As to rum, this does not even need higher ql cocoa/coconut as the fermented and distilled rum will ripen in the barrel. Therefore the stuff could be bought even from lower level foragers.
  3. Kinda weird how the SFI badmouthers are intruding again and again like missionaries preaching to the stubborn heathens, and not a single new player among them. Already hundreds of players on NFI have been playing for months there, for years still to come.
  4. Good for you, and I wholeheartedly wish you to enjoy. But: If you are so happy, why this badmouthing of an experience you have not made and you are unable to judge about? Are you really that new as you pretend, or just another old Wurmian fearing for his horse business on NRI when too many choose the "old servers" ?
  5. I am hesitating due to the widespread acceptance of the proposal, but -1 anyway. Most items obtainable solely by foraging and botanizing have already been taken away such as woad from botanizing lately. Cocoa is the only food resource which can be obtained by foraging. It would be a major nerf to take it away.
  6. I understand it is for both clusters. In fact, the Southern servers suffered quite a lot from sometimes hourly reboots, outages, mail and travel restrictions due to login server woes, and constant lags. It is debatable which side was hit harder, though I assume the North was. But possibly those with short login windows for recurrent activities on established deeds certainly suffered more painful restrictions than beginners, similarly those in middle of a rift battle or so. We were, with few if any exceptions, always rewarded such courtesies (mind that it is in no way a "right") as a whole community, even if single servers were hit hardest. I hope and am somewhat confident that this good practice will not change.
  7. yes, that is a bug haunting the new UI from start. Should be addressed.
  8. All the rest left to the pro and con points, I am absolutely for hitching bisons to ship transporters, making them less a pain due to their detrimentally low speed.
  9. There is a golden rule in consumer protection advisories: Once phrases like "let's be real" or "trust me" are used, all alarm bells should ring that someone is playing foul. Next set of phrases from the snake oil seller's dictionary: "I am sure". Similar all suggestive phrasings like "you're in the minority" or "billions of you" (what now?). You aren't by chance selling used cars or insurance contracts? As to the last: How old are you? Else: ad 1. me, at times, ad 2. me, at times, and 3. me, except that the game does not suck for me. Well, as to retention, two aspects: First, the game is and will always be a niche game. Many may try it and find that it is not for them (for vulgarity lovers "it sucks" ), and most of those will leave, rightly so, as a game should be fun, and Wurm is not fun for everyone. Second, yes, wie should evaluate why some people leave who might have stayed and enjoyed the game. That is what the original post, and most of the constructive contributions where for.
  10. I approve the proposal. Also, I would like if there were bit less extravagant methods to intentionally lower food bar, maybe an ipecac herb. Either eaten, or as herb tea it should provoque nausea, and loss of food and water level, maybe along with some health and stamina loss.
  11. Exactly. That is all I am saying. I tend to doubt. I am following the market offers on NFI a bit, and they had a steep drop of profit per ql ratio which is still going on. Nowadays, a new player must strive hard to get a place in the economy if at all. Much of the economy is already dominated by old Wurm players and their newly developped crafters and priests. A new player coming to any of the clusters has to learn a lot before "being useful as blacksmith". That includes, but is not limited to mining, digging, woodcutting, carpentry, masonry, and fighting. Certainly I left out a lot. My fresh start on the "old cluster" is not that long ago. I did not feel myself "utterly useless" a single moment, though, admittedly, I would have wished for a bit more company sometimes (sometimes would been happy if certain toxic neighbours would have vanished faster but so what). It took a year until I got connected to a fine alliance in my area. I prolly could have faster without my more hermitic attitude, but I was simply too occupied with my Wurmian learning, adventures, and tasks. As written elsewhere and repeatedly, I think that all economy centered proposals and considerations will either be failing, or game breaking. Economy is a side game in Wurm, and will never be more. Obligatory ads :
  12. Of course it will, and it will not. Mind that Wurm is designed as a survival game. As Tor wrote in https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/180186-what-new-players-seem-to-think-about-the-old-servers/&do=findComment&comment=1820799 Therefore, there will never be an economy market fans are dreaming of. Honestly, I did and do play without much connection to the market most time. Much of my stuff I do not and cannot make myself is given and taken between friends and allies. The rather sparse exchanges I did and do are often between acquaintances, and personally I tend to give huge discounts just for sympathy. Other than that, I hired a priest/ess for some collapses before I had my Nahjo/Magranon priest. Though nothing less than an inactive or casual player, I am a contributor to a "dead" economy. In fact, the economy is alive, but only to the extent it is allowed in a widely self sustaining socioeconomic environment (as it was, btw., in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age the Wurm "society" refers to). It will always be a niche economy. Inside this niche, those fervently interested in trading may find their place, if they are striving hard. But the niche will never be large enough to accommodate a big number of suppliers just because the demand is too small, and will always be unless you break the game.
  13. Lunalong 2020

    Yes bump And that one too Because it is earlier