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  1. Also, the demise of the special attacks in the new UI is a disgrace. So far, I didn't see that bug acknowledged.
  2. Mobs too fast

    It should be inquired whether something has changed on the new servers. My experience was that running out even ordinary mobs on feet in the wilderness or open land is close to impossible, at least as long as it does not deal with scorpions, lava fiends , cats, crabs, or other poor pursuers. Even spiders are following stubbornly, and crocs, trolls, and hellhounds are extremely well hounding over extreme distances. Normal wild horses also have troubles to shrug them off. That changes on roads, much more on highways. As a beginner I used to pull mobs to the spirit templars of Vrock Landing starter town. And I often lost them and had to retry as they lost track on the highway. This is not the case for crocs btw. And I did not see a connection to lag. Lag, at least on Xanadu, seemed to affect mobs and players equally. You were only in disadvantage when you missed the end of a lag spike while the mob acted automatically.
  3. To my knowledge and experience, no and none.
  4. I agree that it would be not easy to do such in a perfectly fair way, but it should not be the concern of the devs, rather a fully player driven initiative. The only involvement of the company would be the opportunity to buy giveaway subscription for silver or cash. The company could (or could decline to do so) give some discount on such expense e.g. in form of marks.
  5. Horse vs Croc

    It is nonsensual to start ideological fights everywhere, Alpengeist. The problems are well known and publicly discussed that Wikipedia is influenced by vested interests of governments an businesses, and that certainly is a problem. But I fail to see that this extends to the presentation of crocodiles or the suchus species in general. Let us stay on topic. Feel free to elaborate if anything in the link presented is wrong or misleading, concerning crocodiles in Wurm.
  6. Sad to see ideological fanaticism and politicization as a comment. Is Rotary Club communist? Is charity communist? Btw. isn't anti-communism one of the most murderous ideologies, from Cavaignac over Himmler to Suharto? Stop that. That is not the point. The point is that people who have real issues with going premium could be given ways to apply for a grant without the need of publicly humiliating themselves. I see the potential for abuse, sure, and that has to be thought through carefully. But also I see a chance that more wealthy players funnel a bit of their silver funds for the public good, and a chance to retain players in the game. If you like to defame that as "socialist/communist", I can't help you.
  7. I want to come back to a post Brash where she wrote I agree that such situations exist for a wide range of reasons, and are even worsening in the current worldwide economic crisis, and we should not easily shrug them off. Yet it is not the business of a business enterprise to make up for the shortcomings of national or world economy without ruining itself fast. What could be done, though, and is already done silently behind the scenes, are player initiatives to support fellow players in need. It would not be a bad idea to found an institution supporting players who want but reasonably cannot afford to go premium. My idea is kind of a charity fund giving out codes for 1 to 3 months premium, with a maximum of 3 month for a single player. This would be funded by donations of players from all servers. There may or may not be rewards for contributing (not sure), e.g. a few marks points. Also, the company might consider supporting the premium stipends by some discount. Sure, 3mth prem per year is less than prem all year, but it would allow to participate to a considerable extent, maybe even get some silver for additional months. In particular, it could help to hold players ingame who want but cannot reasonably continue paying. To avoid abuse (at least to wide extent), one or more "established" player would have to vouch for an applicant. Furthermore, even if somebody is abusing the opportunity, the damage from 3 month "free" premium would be affordable, and abusers could not well hide inside this rather small community. This is just an idea so far, maybe a stupid or naive one, comments please.
  8. They are all using the same data imho. I mostly use https://www.niarja.com/universes/online as I have niarja open anyway even on phone, and https://jenn001.game.wurmonline.com/battles/stats.html as it holds more information than the above.
  9. Always sensible to look at either https://www.niarja.com/universes/online or https://jenn001.game.wurmonline.com/battles/stats.html to check the status of single or all servers.
  10. Recently I found that I do not have upper ground anymore when mounted: This is true even for hell hounds or other small mobs attacking from below obviously. On the other hand, fighting off a wagon or cart displays upper ground.
  11. Ignoring Haseroths' venom eager to see Wurm fail he certainly has a point that the state of the old servers is not really welcoming newcomers. Right this morning I realized a new player complaining about the dead cities in Wurm. Unfortunately, he did that in GL-Freedom, where the most toxic oldtimer chatters love to enjoy themselves, and consequently gave productive advices like "play fortnite", with the consequence that this player gave up and logged out, though at least one advised him to venture out finding a spot to develop his character. Unfortunately, nobody hinted him to Freedom chat with a ways more friendly athmosphere, and it does not seem that anybody tried to contact him (I tried but he was gone then). Maybe the old farts in GL should rethink their habits a bit in these times. Disclaimer: I do not want to badmouth those people, often I enjoy the bit cynical athmosphere, and I experienced a lot of advice, help, and encouragement from GL regulars. The ways ppl are communicating there is often also amusing, and I in no way want to castrate it towards political correctness. But still the regulars should rethink their habits, and show bit more responsibility.
  12. I want to sell this set of runes en bloc for 1s50c: The pricing was and is merely informative, for the original order 2s were accepted, but unfortunately the customer left Wurm unexpectedly before completion. PM or tell me ingame if interested.
  13. A few more updates about the project. Today, I completed reinforcing floors on the tunnel roadway end to end (also up to northern end in the middle). Thanks to Mavodo providing over 170 beams, also of course Aske who laid those (and a few more). This was the meeting of westbound reinforcements laid by me and eastbound ones laid by Aske. Also, I started to catseye towards the T junction of tunnel and northern exit after Aske laid the catseyes from Bos Harbor to the eastern tunnel entrance. At the T junction, I planted a waystone together with a (publicly accessible) wagoner container. Catseyes extend bit further west and up to the northern tunnel entrance. m Below a look at the western end where it goes up to the desert where Aske is working on the highway into the western mountains: I want to announce that I am about to leave the area, leaving the task of creating nice pavements etc to the locals. The workers' shed in the desert with 2 beds, enchanted grass, altars of WL gods, and a mailbox, will stay functional for quite a time. In case of permission issues contact me or Aske.
  14. Yes, that is a direct consequence of the revenge review crusade. And, get me right, I was and still am critical of the WU support discontinuation, not so much because of the "broken promise" (get real, this is a real economy enterprise which has to care for revenue) but because first it is always unwise to piss off customers and second as this removes synergies. At least update packs for modders could and should have been provided IMHO. But that does in no way justify revenge crusades trying to undermine the success of WO on steam. That is just lowly and thuggish behaviour, and does not help WU at all. Short after the launch already, the review balance tilted towards negative ("mixed"), and it was not due to complaints about "free to play" but because of WU and toxic revenge posts. Recently, after thousands of players having been able to experienced the game, the count ("balanced") stands about 380 positive vs. 297 negative. Among the recent negatives there are vicious and quite skilled propaganda pieces like that of "Jenshae", but also relatively balanced ones like from "Nepocrates" who raises some valid points but seems manipulative or at least uninformed (comments deactivated points towards manipulative though). It seems though that the bombers are losing the sabotage game. Well yes, many of the steam people have troubles to read beyond twitter length. At least that renders the review crusade ineffective.
  15. I am sure that priesthood is retained and faith reverted. A member of my alliance changed a priest account to Lib and back to Mag later. I know that account retained priesthood in both cases.