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  1. Coins on MOI are fairly frequent for the following activities: Killing Creatures Selling to Token Burying Foraging Botanizing Mind that "Selling to Token" does not mean the irons you get (1 iron + 1 iron per ql/10) for the items sold, where a fresh, not decayed corpse like other ql100 stuff is the highest with 11 irons, but comes with MOI like in the other cases. My experience and impression is that foraging and botanizing are the most prolific because they constantly produce MOI-able actions.
  2. I am not sure about. I would not be against a religious advisor, or better, a NPC priest of every creed who offers entering a faith the first time. And might let off some babble about religions when asked. On the other hand, I recall my great adventure when I travelled for conversion as free to play, running from Vrocks Landing over (then) Mottistone Trade Post 2718, 3763 and (then) Carpentaria (somewhere between that place and Greymead in K15 or K16), where I slept in the inn, then next RL day along the whole Hellhound Trail to Greaymead and the fortress, and from there to Maes Knoll temple 4176, 2521 where sermons were held. After the conversion, Kindrashae picked me up at MK harbour (west side of New MK Tunnel now) with her sailboat, and took me back to (then) Sojourn harbour 3085, 2505, from where I walked back to Vrock Landing. After that I started to build my rowboat ;). I would not want to miss that adventure, and am bit skeptical about dumbing down too much. Today, people can be summoned to places where priests are available, granted, harder for Libila conversion aspirants. I frequently summoned players to my deed, and gave them a horse, in one case a rowboat, for their way back. Also, conversion. or even priesting aspirants may look for unique slayings, and ask for a lift to them if they cannot do that themselves. The way of travelling to Chaos for an altar of the three or bone altar has been mentioned already though it might not be the most popular one. There are so many ways to skin a goblin .. In summary, replacing all remaining player interaction and travelling incentives by automatisms. Therefore no wholehearted plus.
  3. -100 April 1st is some months ahead.
  4. Absolutely. Also I would like permissions on buoys to allow others, eg allies, friends etc. than the owner/planter to move, snuff and light them. And the idiotic decay of blessed buoys should be removed. Why are waterways less protected than highways or paved/reinforced tiles with lamps?
  5. It would be good if the "sinking" state (<10ql or >90 dmg or so) would show up in the "Manage Ships" window, like high damage is shown on item lists.
  6. Curious if this bug is known, and if anyone so far took notice of this message. I reported the same bug (less frequent than now) months back already. It is crippling much crafting, sorting and similar activities. So far it does not even appear to be accepted as a bug.
  7. This bug occurred spuriously since autumn 22, after some OpenGL update iirc. It happens on my linux notebook with OpenSuse (then Leap 15.2, now Tumbleweed) with the Nouveau driver. It became more frequent and happens nearly always, recently. When different windows are open, and they are overlapping one another, one of the windows, either the lower or the upper (mostly the lower) is not accessible. Clicking on it does not shuffle it up, items in the window cannot be addressed. This is worked around by minimizing the accessible window as far as this is possible (the _ and x not invisible), after that the inaccessible window becomes active again, sometimes even both after maximizing the other window again. This is extremely nasty in time critical situation in particular when one has first to mess with the broken client before addressing an ingame situation. Technical data of the box:
  8. Spacy made a lot of suggestions, many good ones, some redundant (he seems not to care reading others' contributions), namely that about ceilings. The suggestion to nerf the knarr is bad and stupid. Typical for someone from Cele without a heart for Xanadu. And it is ridiculous assuming to be hated for a lousy suggestion. But there is no positive effect in doing that, just causing grief for lot of players, and turrning communication ways unusable depending on the scale of the nerf. If not destroying the knarr, this "balancing" would be useless (destroying means e.g. rendering knarr unable to carry a wagon and 4 creature cages). It would be good to give the cog more load, similar to the corbita, which has higher capacity than a knarr. Other boat types, ok, though there were suggestion (sheffie iirc) i liked better.
  9. Thanks, good idea. I moved years old screenies. Let us see. I started an strace during the crash, btw. but found no hints that the OS complained. Must have been java. Edit: ls | wc -l told about 1165 entries in directory. Might have been too much. Crash reason was a SIGSEGV, so seems that client heap was failing. Edit2: With 379 files in directory (2021 to now) no crash so far. Appears to have been the cause or triggering condition (in an ideal world, the client should not crash, but refuse screenie or at least terminate with an error message pointing to the problem ).
  10. As described in subject. hs_err_pid8323.log below https://magentacloud.de/s/e5k9q4XqZxXJHYK
  11. Fully agree. At least in PvE the insane 3 minutes timer should be shortened. This has, btw., been suggested several times.
  12. Thanks, jaytoo. Just to say, I regret a bit that Wulfmaer dislikes rifts, he was very active scouting in the past I was grateful for (and I sincerely wish him to complete the last 15 rifts for the journal). As to me, I never hid that I love rifts, so does a not so small number especially of younger players. I understand Chris, in a way I loved the old rifts too, but admittedly I am happy e.g. for horse slaughter gone, the "new" (jackal arrival) warmaster (before he was terribly boring). Also, the add mechanic of the old rifts was terrible, single players running into the crowd, followed by maxadd mobs, often dragging them into the fighters, or into not penned hitches. I am happy that you are doing so much, and listen to our rants. All the best for you and your work.
  13. Make battering rams and catapults loadable in PvE. They are construction (demolition) tools in PvE, not weapons. Edit: Prevent plotting course to Chaos for ships carrying these items.