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  1. This may be the case for a while, that roasted cocoa beans (formerly cocoa beans) are not fitting into bsb anymore. It is not to see what sense it makes other than removing QoL. Looks like a bug. Please correct.
  2. Yes, you have a point here. Could still be possible that such caveins only occur with no living creature on the tile in question though. But granted, popping to surface, dying or despawning might be the better alternative. Generally, I admire the prowess of those inventing tricks to keep a dragon penned, but it is directly counter the intentions of the devs, and might be curbed. Just a note to caveins, stuff is not necessarily destroyed. I mean a summon corpse still works, and I know that e.g. a crate rack on a caved in tile is destroyed, but not the crates inside it. I had such a case. As to your latest answer: I agree.
  3. Hm, maybe some caveins could happen there , e.g. cavein likeliness of sideshaft hollows increasing by an order of magnitude when a dragon is nearby. "The dragon (hatchling) tramples in anger. A cave collapses!"
  4. I thought permanent penning were not possible anymore. And I wholeheartedly agree that penning is fun, especially when playing the bait and hoping to be able to escape in time once the orb is thrown .
  5. Most uniques are private kills is at best remotely a "fact". In NFI public and private are roughly at par. In SFI it would be hard to make all or even most slayings public, would dilute the fun, and exhaust slaying organizers. I recall well that we spot and penned a dragon roughly in the middle of the week, then decided to set the slaying date to the next but one weekend just because preparation was too much effort to be done in a few days. Of course, with a highly experienced team, and perfect infrastructure at a permanent slaying site like Stanlee's, it is somewhat easier. But not all slayings happen there. To give some figures: There are typically 3 slayings per month in SFI at the moment, were even 4 to 5 for a while. That is already at a limit where players think about sailing or not. Number of slayings per month typically ranges around 12. And why "some other content"? We have good armours already, some of them injustly underrated (chain for example). Trivializing the top armour is hardly an achievement, like any dumbing down.
  6. I am definitely against any change of hide and scale frequency or methods prior to the server merge. And then it must be tested, evaluated and balanced before being implemented if at all. Increasing hide and scale drops to serve NFI scarcity will either destroy balance on SFI, or let code diverge further. None of those is acceptable.
  7. Frankly, I am not happy about derailing a thread that way. The only at least remotely on topic issues discussed a bit are the question whether or not trading unique hunting rights should be performed, and when an announcement of a public slaying is binding, further on maybe, whether or not the "owner", more exactly, the organizer of a public slaying may "ban" players from a slaying. These questions rather belong into CA or Town Square forums as they are not suggestions, and have not much to do with penning. They should be discussed without mud slinging and personal attacks. There is a quote attributed to Rabbi Akiba (Aqiva ben Yosef, 50-135 AD): "Everything happening has happened before already" (my translation into English, may be quoted differently). This is the case with the current mudslinging, and accusations that some person or group is "ruling" and "oppressing", monopolizing unique slayings. I recall such accusations 4 years ago against an active and highly experienced player and his group. All kinds of suspicions and accusations, including hacking, and collusion with corrupt devs or GM (that one still missing here) , were raised by enviers or people feeling oppressed or pushed aside. Traces of those forum wars may still be found. Btw. the "banning" issue also flared up in the past, but without arousing much of an outcry. There was a unique hunter organizing a couple of public slayings, nicely done by the way, but stated that a single player he was in kind of feud with by reasons not known to me, must not appear. She never did, and neither of both are actively playing right now. In fact, this can only be seen as a recommendation. The owner of the penning deed may of course ban a player from entering the deed, and participate in loot rolls. Whether this in within the rule framework may be discussed (I think it is though I dislike such practice). Still, get real. No player is imposting as "god", and nobody is revering them as such, and also refrain from "banning". Stop your quarrels which are neither new nor interesting, and get back to mutual respect and reconciliation.
  8. Good points Brozhen, and sorry when I was bit harsh. All this stuff strayed far from unique mechanics and rules topics. What I feel would be needed, would be that the opponents sit together and try to find a way to reconcile. I do not see that there are evil actors on any side, and you should find ways to overcome your conflicts.
  9. As it seems, the "angry Red Dragon affair" on Cadence is more a matter of social conduct rather than of rules or mechanics. It seems to deteriorate into petty quarrels now. I do not know who "the leader" or "the group" everyone is assumed to know is. Out of the Twitter list I only know Sheffie (Sheffy) whom I do not and cannot believe that she is engaged in pettyness, much less in ridiculous alleged threats to ban people from public slayings. And well, if anyone buys slaying rights, so be it, as long as it does not violate rules. Announcing a public slaying, then selling slaying rights, is bad style, no doubt. Blaming the buyer instead of the seller is prolly worse style. The post by "Brozhen" sounds extremely fishy, casting accusations, not telling names or exact circumstances. Throwing a lot of complaints, then resuming that nothing was against the rules. So what? Generally, to me as a bystander, all that sounds similar to marital quarrels (like The War of the Roses), and accordingly boring. Maybe time to close the thread.
  10. I agree that it is a lot of work to get a public slaying running, especially when one does not have the infra so perfectly set up as at Stanlee's place, and the incredible skill and experience of this group. But I must say that it is also a lot of fun, or at least was for me every time. That said, I understand every private slayer, and reject scolding them as greedy or egotist.
  11. Certainly not, but an inevitable consequence of 3 isolated servers with half of the community. Punishing the other half for is not a solution, and further code split would be a disaster. Bad enough that there is some already, hoping it will be fixed, not worsened. That said, a scale set is not cheap in SFI either, 75s per kg scale on average. That means bit more than a third of the price mentioned for a complete set. Fair when taking in account 8 vs 3 servers, and backlog in unique hunting and hoarding materials. It also shows the direction prices would go in case of a merge.
  12. There is not much to minmax in foraging and botanizing. I use to go forward in a 3 tile width, forward, left, right in one direction, leading a horse with 5 satchels in saddle bags, not to get overloaded, and satchels and an empty backpack in inventory for berries (high volume). Affinity food is a must. Just make sure when progressing that you have a large area at hand. Let the land recover for a week at minimum (I use a 4 week turnaround approximately). Search should mainly occur on grass and forest/bushland, at least until your skill has progressed significantly. Even when able to, steppe, tundra etc. do not yield a lot, unless you are looking for special yield (tundra has ways more berries and cotton, for example). Grass should ideally grow wild, that ensures up to 4 finds per tile. Personally, I prefer long timers (don't know if it is the best) and low stamina, even provide for by being thirsty, and switch on climbing often to limit stamina (this is partially due to my stamina of the vibrant light from path of power, may not apply to others). Personally, I hate littering, and hate that foragers/botanizers are hated for. I keep all finds, food goes to fsb, other to bsb, token to sell, or altar to sac. Coin yield is not bad, my best in 30-45min sessions so far was 2s65c . Sometimes nothing, but significantly over 5c on average, covering all my upkeep still making profit.
  13. Yes. I loved public slayings from the first one on I participated in, and most players I know do the same, and not just for blood, a tiny piece of hide or scale, or the chance to win a prize, though all of that is of course fun. I had the pleasure to participate in organizing two public slayings of our alliance, additionally. Yet, I do not see a point in vilifying private slayings. They have their place, and at least in SFI, it would hardly be possible to organize as many public slayings as uniques are spotted. If so, it would rather exhaust the interest in such events, and overburden the organizers.