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  1. Concerning stunned condition on rift mobs I failed to see any effect so far. In fight with the warmaster, I sent him sprawling to the ground, or repeatedly hit with low rider attack having him spamming AoE spells uninterruptedly. Similarly, casters and summoners used to teleport off directly after having sent sprawling, hit senseless, or stunned. Losing concentration/stamina from cold clouds or back breaker also left all of them unimpressed. In my opinion, those attacks should delay or impair their ability at least to cast damage spells.
  2. I am noticing this bug since today, it was definitely not present when sailing yesterday. Every time when I am steering in northern or southern direction and turning east or west changing from NE to NW or SE to SW or vice versa, I am thrown out of the ship like on crossing server borders: "You leave the <ship name>". Might be a client bug, a new bug it is. Edit: Pointing out this happens everywhere, on the ocean, on lakes, even in tunnels, especially those N/S oriented with bends to the NE/W SE/W. I was thrown out seven times when sailing the Running Bear Lake - Lake Vrock tunnel. Vehicle was a knarr, running speed moderate to low. To add that: The bug appeared after a double server crossing Xanadu->Pristine->Exodus-Xanadu (getting to Lake Vrock from Kappa). It obviously did not happen before the first server crossing and could not be reproduced without. Maybe a relog is a workaround. Edit once more: I could not reproduce the behaviour on my ways to and from Pristine rift (starting on Xanadu). No idea what the cause has been.
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    I fail to see what you are complaining about. You bought WU, maybe at the full price of 25€ or so, maybe not even that. Paid once and forever. You played there, got access to the whole WU world which you still have, with lots of updates from WO as well as from WU server administrators and developers. You even may play on your own server, as a god of your own world, obtaining ideas and mods from all around the WU community. So what the damn are you complaining about? That you do not get further regular and continuous updates from WO for a game you paid only once? Are you serious? As Samool stated, WU has not been abandoned. Even in the past, WU modders voiced dissatisfaction with the way updates were brought to WU, maybe the new ways can show to be even more adequate. Future will show.
  4. Also greetings to the late Swiftgage. I always felt bad about losing one of my four-legged companions, especially those who accompagnied me in battles. I created a little memorial for them at the shore of our lake. Here a recent look from below: May they rest in peace
  5. Xanadu map problems

    While there is a fine community map for Xanadu at https://wurmonlinemaps.com/Xanadu any maintenance for that site appears to have stopped since July 23. There have been lots of update requests in the community map since, none of those having been served. I have pointed out that fact twice in the thread, without reaction. Is there anybody able to access the site and to perform the updates? Or will a new community map be necessary instead?
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    (Samool or Retro pls correct me if I am wrong) You seem to misunderstand. There are no servers on steam, just clients and players' access to games. And for the time being, CC/GC has decided that the newly set up server is exclusively accessible to players using a steam WO client (still to come). If any time in the future the borders between this server and Freedom will be opened, it would be possible for steam users to log on in Freedom, and for classic WO users to sail over to the "steam WO server" and log off and on there. There are games which have only one server with players who sub on the company site and those subbing over steam, so that is not against Valve's policies. RMT though remains a problem, at least under the prospect that Freedom and Epic servers, with their RMT culture, will be accessible from steam. For me, being forced onto steam would be a nono. I hate their lousy interface, forcing to hold worthless 32bit libraries on Linux likely compromising OS stability and resource voracious in addition. I hate their padded cell policy inviting "bringing all your games onto steam" which means that you never get them out and handover all your consumer rights to Valve for free. Nevertheless, hundreds of million people have fallen for steam, so it is reasonable to offer WO over steam. But if ever possible, not me.
  7. WO Steam Discussion

    I consider much of that WU discussion silly. Still I think CC/GC must not leave WU in the cold, and so far I welcome Samool's statement. Yet I think upholding continuity between WU and WO is a good idea not only for trust into the company and its promises, but also both technically and psychologically for both sides. WO profits from WU developments, too, and much of the bickering between WU and WO players is nonsense as well. It would be good if things like contributors' packages in open source developments could be handed out to WU developers in a form both WO team and WU admins could be happy with. As to promises of a company: When the company goes titsup, all promises are vein, no other than mortals can only promise for their lifetime. And if a company is in troubles, also all but binding contractual obligations may become void. But said that it would be good if CC/GC would show their commitment to uphold the ties to the WU community.
  8. Niarja certificate expired. Cannot be accessed over firefox (who scrapped cert exceptions). Opera still possible. Is fixed. Thanks
  9. Yes, thanks a lot, was great.
  10. Thanks a lot for the pleasant and perfectly prepared and executed ( ) event. Someone with better pics?
  11. Thanks for the explanation. I never understood that graph :). It seems to cover all money in bank, shops and traders, probably also that in upkeep funds and the different coffers. The figure is quite impressive as it represents a value of well over 200k USD or Euro. And it shows that the debate over RMT is not just an academic one.
  12. I agree about alt usage. People should stop censoring others' playstyle in a sandbox game if it does no harm to them.
  13. Obviously you do not know that one can retrieve a mine door using a crowbar, or is it that you want to keep up the feud? My impression is that you are not extremely sensitive towards other peoples' feelings. It is not your first conflict by harming public access to mines and ways if I recall correctly. The Samling area is the region of the first starter deed on Independence, if I am informed correctly, and a public tunnel there is certainly very old and probably holds reminiscences for many players. Perhaps you should do a bit more of thinking and informing before acting.
  14. Such merge or delete servers proposals have been made several times, and they are either the product of narrow minded microeconomic thought or just ignoring the nature of Wurm. Even on the less populated servers, hundreds of players have settled, many of them still holding deeds, paying upkeep, subscribing for longer or shorter periods of time, even permanently along with some alts. The deeds often contain years of work and development, have unique features and history. There are years long joint works on large infrastructure projects such as highways through even the most adverse topology, tunnels, bridges, and canals. Though I am fairly short time on Wurm, my deed, mines, and canals already form an environment I would not wish and not bear to lose for some consolidation madness. I would certainly quit in such a case.