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  1. kindly remove Vrock Landing by Glasshollow Market 2720, 2170 - is disbanded
  2. As already said, water is part of the clay/pottery improvement toolset. It would be illogical to create a clay item by water instead of by hand. I am all for improvement of the pottery skill, but not in the proposed way. As proposed several times, gloves (maybe waxed, oiled or so) could serve as tool to ease creation or imping by being enchantable. It should not compromise the possibility to just make some pottery stuff by hand in the wild, e.g. after having created a crude shovel to dig the clay etc. That said, I want to emphasize that I welcome every improvement of the pottery skill. That one is arguably the worst of all skills I have trained up (and I am over level 89 now), the most tedious and frustrating which is why most players do not bother to grind it as there are only 2 items where higher ql makes any sense, namely jar (compass), and smelting pot. Clay items tend to decay absurdely fast, even on deed. Moreover, imping progress is painfully slow, damage by failures and ql loss by repair absurdely high, all ways worse than the not even beloved blacksmithing items needle and horseshoe. Leaving a pottery project unattended for a day means losing the work of 2 days as one is re-imping in circles (always losing ql in repair). Compared with pottery, weapon smithing is a pleasant and relaxing skill though skill gain in pottery is fairly decent.
  3. Cretin may be slightly offensive, yet from his "conversation" in Freedom he indeed appeared somewhat feeble minded and extremely egotist. And ok, one may doubt the usefulness of the death tab, but at least it is somewhat informative and at times entertaining. Moreover, it indeed triggers help sometimes. I had the opportunity to assist a veteran returnee lately in recovering his stuff after death in a highly adverse region, and that was fun. It was not directly triggered by death tab, but its informations helped to understand the situation. And at least me, I would support everyone in my area after death. And yes, a GM was asked for help, and the molester eventually was gone.
  4. I recently detected on an abandoned deed a large stack of crates which were not loadable, but sealed by a wagoner, and being sent from an alt of the former deed mayor to the latter. They were sealed and obviously in the process of being transferred. Those crates can be moved, and bashed (did not try that extensively). The strange thing is that both sender and recipient have not logged in for about a year (and may never return). There is and was also no waystone or wagoner container. In the mail system, a message cannot stack eternally. After 2 weeks it is resent (if not picked up, what happens?). Those sealed crates look unnormal.
  5. This also demonstrates how worthless and dysfunctional KoS on Freedom is. Just having a minimum deed by a makeshift alt near a guard tower and having harrassment of others (be it the KoS'd or in this case the originator himself) nearly free of charge. Best would be to remove KoS on Freedom altogether, or at least restrict it to recently premed mayors at minimum.
  6. Water is already in the process, for watering, so are tools, shaper and spatula. Having water twice would be wierd.
  7. It deals with the rat I tamed lately. Description says But in fact, rats are all bright brown, not black.
  8. Yes, the suggestion of gloves was already around. Pottery has the problem anyway that there are no buffs (potions etc.), that all pottery stuff imps horribly badly and slowly so that it is a non ending source of frustration. Maybe one could introduce "potter's gloves" using e.g. cloth gloves, fat, and wax, which would be bit like rubber gloves, and could be imped and enchanted. They might then be an addition, not a prerequisite when using hand so that one could still create a bowl and a jar in the wild when needed.
  9. The problem with the traitor creatures simply is that the server is too large for hunting down a single, non unique critter. Mind that even uniques are surviving damn long on Xanadu. Even if the location were rather specific, say e.g. "in the D/E 16/17 area", that would be approximately the size of Celebration, Pristine etc. so comparatively not specific at all. And depending on the location it would be doubtful that people not living close would bother to go there, depending on the level of adversity of the terrain. For special places, we would need special places be charted. There was a project to do so, but I fear it is abandoned. But even when known, it will be not so easy to get a larger group of people to do the journey to the spot. Generally, all missions requiring extensive travel are unlikely to complete on Xanadu.
  10. Rift 02-03

    bump, forum admin! please close
  11. There is indeed considerable though stable latency when playing from the Americas, or Asia/Pacific. But if latency/lag is spiking, it is either a server, or a routing problem, and rather rarely, a hoster problem (there were a few in the last months though where Hetzner threw up). Those may happen with AWS as well. Friends in the RSA recently suffered from a damaged sea cable on the African coast. If you have troubles with "long pings", check your routes and packets (with traceroute/tracert.exe or similar, or Wireshark). Fairly often, your ISP in the area is the villain.
  12. You are right. On a smaller server, though, traitor, avatar, and special place missions are well feasible and are done often faster than craft/sac missions. On Xanadu, they are close to impossible due to the size of the continent (edit: and, all the anti-Xan hate rants notwithstanding, that is what I love with our Xanadu). This is no complaint, just stating the facts. I am struggling with the goal as well, but if I want it done hard, I shall travel.
  13. Just recently the topic came up in CA Help that diseases can be a real pain, especially during impalongs and sermon sessions, where closeness to other player characters and creatures cannot be avoided. Recently, there is no way to cure a disease other than filling up and staying filled with food and water and staying clear of others (which both is an impossible mission during 24/7 sermons). The proposal would be to create some medicine which is able to significantly shorten disease time even if unsufficiently fed/watered and close to others, and avoid reinfection at least for some time. The medicine should not be too easy to create, e.g. needing kilograms of herbs and the like, maybe some cooking ingredients as well making a new cooking recipe and serving NS and cooking. Rare herbs could play a substantial role, maybe be a prerequisite for successful creation.
  14. thanks for those updates, I did not follow Valve's policies that closely (and I agree that this all gets bit off topic but is interesting ). Even after the financial crisis, money laundering over the internet was not a topic at all (I managed a couple of AML applications on the servers of one of the big intl financial players at that time so I know what they were looking after ) . And computer games came into the focus only very lately, and mainly in the press. But whenever Valve implemented their features, be it the wallet, or their game libraries, it was and is a smart closed shop. The slashing of practically all regulations for big business in the neoliberal age made them immune against antitrust measures, like all of the big internet corporations.
  15. Contrary to your belief there has been a rebound in PvE participation this year. And atm there is practically PvE only on Wurm. Personally I fail to see that healing with cotton and farmers salve (and LT weapon) were so hard. We closed rifts with 3 people, no priest, and I cannot imagine many harder PvE situations except unique hunts.