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  2. bump pls fix the server. new ppl will only join when older players stop saying: dont play there, there are better servers to join. In the meanwhile its still an awesome map for pvp. And if enough players join, there can be huge 20 vx 20 battles like there were on ele1, which had a similar geographical situation. So pls join.
  3. bump. things like these can empty up a server of players. combined with skills not crossing over to freedom its a double r.i.p.
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  5. You'd probably be better off asking in the slaying thread, since that's likely what the organisers are watching.
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    Btw., if they release in time, that is exceptional even without the pandemia. Most software projects I experienced released in time only because the management declared them ready. I recall the release of one of the largest ERP suites which was released though the general ledger was not running due to bugs. The management trusted that the customers had to learn and to introduce a lot so that could be done after release .. In contrast, WO is running right now.
  7. Constant Crashes

    Another update, I get much(15-20 minutes) better run times if I run in Win7 compatibility. Here's a character log followed by two err logs: hs_err:
  8. So I'm aware there's a command that can be used: #rename <oldname> <newname> <SteamID 64> But for some reason when I try to use this command ingame, I'm given this Event message: [00:54:47] Not all servers are connected (0). Try later. This is an Error. There aren't any other servers.. I don't run cluster. I've tried this command both with the player Online and Offline. And changing the name manually in the database (either I missed a step or something) didn't appear to work as the new name was unable to connect at all and the old name wanted to make a new character. Can anyone help me out here on how I should go about doing this?
  9. Unless Champoin is a new modifier for creatures, I think we have a typo on mouseover.
  10. Someday it will happen. Keep the hope strong!
  11. My favorite sunset from Meerhaven: clear skies, Glengarry in the distance, and the stars just beginning to come out at dusk.
  12. WO Steam Discussion

    That wasn't on the steam store a week or two ago, they just added it recently.
  13. Heya great cartographers! I just saw that my 2 deeds north indy got added to the map. Was just wondering when this addition happened? Also when youre at it - the highway has been updated from x31y6 to x35y7. This includes mainly straigthening of previous highway, but also removal of some old pavement in the area.
  14. Your country: Mexico Your server: Exodus and Xanadu at the same time When you have the issues: Now since yesterday ... 2 days of damn lag What you've observed to happen so far: I'm playing 2 alts at the same time and some alts just unlog with no reason (server conection tell the message) when the other stay online; mortal lag (instead of 6 actions it only gives me 5); unloading is a pain, it could take like 10 seconds to just open a menu ... this is hell
  15. Looking for a iron or steel spear with atleast 95 power COC and atleast 70 power LT; No demise needed PM me offers
  16. exodus most populated server? boi what school you go to
  17. Verizon Fios here as well and Yes the lag is unplayable.
  18. Epic. Seems the same bug, so i duplicated it, sry Seems like ancient bug too
  19. For me, Celebration, again 5-6 years ago was when it happened to me, but I said, "OKay, won't do that again" and I haven't. Dunno if it'd happen again or if it's a one off thing for the OP.
  20. Chaos or Epic or PvE? We already have a bug open for this if it's not PvE
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