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  2. Both @Kaz and I had had another player purchase premtime for us for work we were doing on their deed, across the lake from our deed on Idni. The accounts were never fully transferred, both Kaz and I remained logged in during the time it took them to send the premtime. We changed our PWs afterwards. That was almost immediately after the Free-to-play server Golden Valley was merged with the Prem servers and was converted to the Tutorial system we know now. However, my emails were hack between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. It took me awhile to get control of the email accounts back too, but I was able to do so. It is possible that that is how control was lost.
  3. One simple question? Did someone else had access to this account beside you?
  4. As stated before, I did attempt to recover the account back in 2016 when I returned to the game after finally settling down in life. According to GMs, who ever has control of the account now claims it was given to them in 2014, two years after I became inactive... The hardest thing here is trying to prove the existence of a negative. If the transfer was legitimately between me and the new account controller then there should be no issue with showing the communication to me in private, right? There should be NO privacy issue if I was the person who transferred the account.
  5. please send me a pm would like to order more banners
  6. In order to help balance some of the white light vs black light, I would propose the following: Change Essence Drain to instead of giving a 1/3 of the LT heal, have it instead: Give 25% of the LT heal AND give back 5% of the total stamina (on the same decreasing scale as healing has - so for your 10th hit or so you are not getting much back at all).
  7. Special Place (Shrine): Fool Sacrarium 905, 1342
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  9. "great speed" on the way back from indy ros
  10. I bought an account about 9 years ago. If i didn't have the screenshots of the conversations, previous owner could claim the same, 9 years later. Do you think the character i have worked on for almost a decade should be taken off of me because someone claims after all this time that they didn't sell it? Or if they claimed that whoever stole the account, sold it to me, where i have bought it in good faith, not knowing it was stolen? If you made that claim when it happened, i'm sure you would get a lot of support. Now it looks like the (genuine) proof below: Can i haz my old account back? Character name is Oblivionnreaver and i really want that name back. I had things and stuff in real life so i'm only reporting it now. Please return it to me, the rightful (pinkypromise!) owner. <serious part> This case is lost. Accounts transferred back when it was allowed remain in the new owner's hands. Unless it's a fresh case and someone guessed your password, i'm surprised Enki entertained this post with an answer at all. GMs responded to your query via official channels as you say. You know the verdict. Causing drama and potentially damaging the new owner's reputation (who does have the proof that they obtained the account in a legitimate way) is unlikely to make any difference, definitely not in a positive way for anyone involved. </serious part> Your energy would be better used on getting your new character on par with the old one.
  11. I have had a new toon since 2016 when I returned to the game and found that my old toon was stolen. As stated previously, I did attempt to recover the account then, but did not have access to the information on @Kaz's PC, as he relocated from Washington to Tennessee. I was only able to get in contact with Kaz recently, and was able to provide more information to GMs that proves that I am the original owner. As I have been provided no proof of so-called communication about a transfer I supposedly made, due to "privacy", it should be a red flag to anyone following this thread.... after all if I did in fact communication with and transfer the account to the current owner it wouldn't be a breach of ANYONE'S privacy, as I would have already seen the communications. Does that make sense?
  12. Yeah, i agree with OR, I don't see a real problem with the speed of boats in the game. I've got a ~70ql knarr with a speed and size rune, if the winds are too low I don't go sailing. It doesn't matter what direction the gale or strong wind is coming from, I just tack into the wind and I'm hitting >20kmh to ~30kmh. Yeah it takes a long time to get to other places in Xanadu, it should, it's friggin huge. And OP's argument that server hopping is meta and therefore somehow wrong, um not sure what your argument against server hopping is, really. Do you want to do away with server hopping or something? I don't know, seems these arguments are kinda convoluted and haphazard. Sailing, like riding a horse, driving a cart or wagon, etc. shouldn't be instantaneous, it should be tied to ql of the vehicle or traits and gear of the animals being ridden and pulling the vehicle. I've gotten stuck in the middle of a lake (RL) when the wind suddenly died, wasn't terminal as I'm still here, just inconvenient. Just learn to tack (a learnable skill) instead of sailing directly into the wind, and only sail when the wind is strong, easy peasy.
  13. What older logs? Because before this year I had only made one post on the forums... and it was about suggesting we add alternative barding to the game, for mobs like bears... seeing that we can ride them, it's only fitting. I'm a little confused, is making a suggestion that other people agreed with "cringe", or are you just coming in here trying to be funny? This is a forum post from when I was active on my original account... @Raybargyou were in the Royal Oaks Preacher group too on Indi back when I was playing.
  14. [17:30:41] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Brymstone in less than ten minutes. Done. Thank you. I will be glad to see again 😉🍀
  15. Please add ( Morwall ) at, 2606,1080
  16. if you want to get back into Wurm, please don't waste time. Make a new toon now, get to work on it right away and very soon it will have far higher skills than any previous toon you had. I advise everyone to move on from the past, put it behind you and please don't cheat yourself out of the fun and memories you can start making now. See you in game!
  17. [08:34:24] A leather saddle complete with a girth and stirrups. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with some leather. A rare saddle complete saddle sacks from 2017 christmas! Starting Bid : 27s Increment (minimum) : 1s Private Bids : Not accepted Buyout : 50s Sniper Protection : 1 hour
  18. Champion bull, hardened cow, and slow cow have been collected!
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