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  2. Hi, for your reading pleasure: Good luck, don't feed the crocs, and have fun!
  3. only to vynora followers i think. does it work for nahjo if nahjos cast?
  4. This would also make some runes like seryll ones more usable as 2nd runes since the effects arent good enough to give up dmg red or speed - things like enchant decay or ql loss from repair. I also think the effects should not stack so if 2 runes give speed only first counts, but the other effect from 2nd rune works
  5. +1 Show a float in the water where you are fishing.
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  7. great account, seems like a good price too. GL with the sale :-)
  8. [02:54:30] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks!
  9. I would very much like something to be done about false player counts - Mythmoor for example shows an almost constant 100+, which is often 3x the actual player count, as can be seen logging in or on the wurm unlimited servers site For one, it makes me sad that the shown player count isn't the actual amount (But that's Wurm for you, not the game for most), but more importantly it's false and misleading. As for server list saturation, currently the list when sorted by playercount has like 13 or 14 or so servers showing before scrolling. Almost half of those are a Login Server, PvE Server, PvP server If all clusters show the same playercounts, can't something be done to make it so only the login server shows, or maybe they are all grouped into a drop down list or somesuch? Just wondered what other people thought.
  10. 2.5s for the Supreme Chain Gauntlet? Gavias
  11. skillers

    Pickaxe C85 to Arakiel please.
  12. normal bracelets can be worn last i knew, they work for the goals but they take the sleeve spot
  13. Yesterday
  14. +1 As long as it is actually a usable weapon (the majority of weapons in wurm are unused...)
  15. 15s start on each 30s buyout on each 1h snipe
  16. get that chequered box on every wall i add to my crafting window to continue
  17. 11s
  18. What is the next big thing going on for Xanadu? Anyone have any new ideas for a Fall or Spring event to start doing? Personally I would like to start seeing groups go out together to do missions, People who are trying to get up Karma, or people who need their Village Perks increased. I also would like to know if there are any Community building events going on? I recently got Carp up to 50 so I'd like to put it to good use... Please Comment Ideas, Thoughts, Plans, Dreams, or Aspirations... Thank you P.S. Troll King.. Are we going to hunt him down?
  19. Hello. This may be a long shot, but what the heck... I have crates and crates and crates of unwanted dirt, when what I really want are barrels and barrels and barrels of maple sap or maple syrup. If you find yourself in the opposite position, let's TRADE! My dirt collection is around the 10k mark. Looking at prices on the forums, I think two large crates of dirt (600 dirt) for a full 45kg barrel of sap or syrup seems like it might be a fair swap, but I'm open to negotiation. I'm happy to travel to your coastal location to execute the swap.
  20. off deed animals have a higher risk of miscarriage but other than that pulling wagons and carts wont increase the risk. Stay on deed and the horse should be fine
  21. How about showing a fishing line extended somewhere to the side if fishing on boat, and to the tile when fishing on tile? doesnt have to be hoverable or such just eye-candy thing, would make for better screens
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