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  2. The One year challenge

    Lorewood Still heavily under construction
  3. WTS Starter PvP/General Account

    pc 30e
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  5. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    can you explain what is starty endx endy in your last picture? Eject
  6. post your funny vids here
  7. This would be awesome, the most players are hunting on carts. Eject
  8. WTS 4 Gold

    I'll buy some
  9. Useless metal lump fragments from archaeology

    It's a bug. It was apparently fixed, but seems to be broken again. I have a couple dozen of them sitting around..
  10. WTB potion of minings

    Send offer looking to get a 100 imbue on my pick so buying a bunch.
  11. Useless metal lump fragments from archaeology

    You have to continue identifying them until they turn into a tool, weapon, or lump.
  12. I've been doing a bunch of archaeological digging lately, but from the past couple chests I've dug up from completing village reports, I've gotten ql1 archaeology fragments that identify out into ql 1 metal lump fragments who's listed material is simply "metal". These also don't seem to be able to be put together like any other fragments, hence being essentially useless. I'm going to assume this unintended behavior, as I've never encountered any other arch fragments that won't fit together.
  13. WTB Vyn Priest

    I'm looking for a Vyn Priest with 50+ challenging and faith, prefer meditating path of love able to cast enchanted grass. Thanks!
  14. Remove /who from PvP servers

    +1 if anything add it to a kingdom rank with a cool down or something.
  15. Bump for a great group of guys and gals, they'll help you always with anything. We can show you da way
  16. Remove /who from PvP servers

    Please do not make it purely based on sound. Some of us cannot hear at all.
  17. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Hello, I would like to talk to you about a possible package deal for a weapon and some armor, shoot me a tell in game (same name as here) or pm me here, which ever is easier.. Thanks
  18. sold, please close

    sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite
  19. New player information

    I belive some signs are needed on location as people keep asking if there isn't one (portal).
  20. New player information

    Theres a portal at Havens landing that lets them transfer to any server. I would consider it pretty similar, albeit maybe a note that if they wish to stay on indy they may
  21. Please Close

    out of stock for the moment. Please close
  22. WTS rares and other stuff

    1.5s for the LMS? If so CoD to Kawdzo
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