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  2. WMADD LatLng(367.313729, 325.25),LatLng(367.313729, 323.1875),LatLng(365.063899, 323.3125),Color(green)=Highway WMADD LatLng(365.813842, 323.25),LatLng(365.938833, 319.875),LatLng(365.188889, 318.75),LatLng(363.376527, 318.8125),LatLng(363.314031, 316.6875),LatLng(362.314107, 315.3125),LatLng(355.12715, 315.0625),LatLng(353.314787, 317.0625),LatLng(353.127302, 320),LatLng(350.564995, 320.0625),LatLng(348.090184, 320.725),LatLng(342.5906, 320.687502),LatLng(342.403114, 335.812502),Color(red)=Paved Road
  3. i like the idea but should be a bit hard to work out finding the treasure chest through puzzles and travel of a few different islands clues should be random some given to a person u have to find and talk to so the old wurmers cant get there first, nice gems n high food pieces, magical weapons n armour pieces, rare spells ,strange swords n axes and clothes never seen before and money silvers .not same stuff as rifts but like the old pirate games (might n magic 6.7.8 goodys) , add pirates at end guarding the stash and we need a few players to get together to get the chest ,
  4. I finished my corbita yesterday and some cages so that i can go hunt in any case. If not on Harmony then on Cadence or Melody.
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  6. 10.92QL grooming brush, oak CoC74 - 1.54 silver Bearclaws
  7. We have a daily restart for our server that has worked fine for a year and a half, but today we get this server log and the server will not start. Does anyone have any idea what this means? boolean)] [01:40:38 AM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.callbacks.Callbacks: Adding callback modPlayerTransfer to class com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Communicator for org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modcomm.intra.playertransfer.ModPlayerTransfer with methods [__cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_2.willItemLeaveServer(int,com.wurmonline.server.items.Item,boolean), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_2.getRemoteItemTemplateId(int), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_2.setTargetServer(int), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_2.resetTargetServer(), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_2.updateServerStatus(com.wurmonline.server.ServerEntry,boolean)] [01:40:38 AM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.callbacks.Callbacks: Adding callback modPlayerTransfer to class com.wurmonline.server.questions.MailSendConfirmQuestion for org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modcomm.intra.playertransfer.ModPlayerTransfer with methods [__cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_3.willItemLeaveServer(int,com.wurmonline.server.items.Item,boolean), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_3.getRemoteItemTemplateId(int), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_3.setTargetServer(int), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_3.resetTargetServer(), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_3.updateServerStatus(com.wurmonline.server.ServerEntry,boolean)] [01:40:38 AM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.callbacks.Callbacks: Adding callback modPlayerTransfer to class com.wurmonline.server.questions.MailSendQuestion for org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modcomm.intra.playertransfer.ModPlayerTransfer with methods [__cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_4.willItemLeaveServer(int,com.wurmonline.server.items.Item,boolean), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_4.getRemoteItemTemplateId(int), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_4.setTargetServer(int), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_4.resetTargetServer(), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_4.updateServerStatus(com.wurmonline.server.ServerEntry,boolean)] [01:40:38 AM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.callbacks.Callbacks: Adding callback modPlayerTransfer to class com.wurmonline.server.questions.PortalQuestion for org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modcomm.intra.playertransfer.ModPlayerTransfer with methods [__cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_5.willItemLeaveServer(int,com.wurmonline.server.items.Item,boolean), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_5.getRemoteItemTemplateId(int), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_5.setTargetServer(int), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_5.resetTargetServer(), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_5.updateServerStatus(com.wurmonline.server.ServerEntry,boolean)] [01:40:38 AM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.callbacks.Callbacks: Adding callback modPlayerTransfer to class com.wurmonline.server.ServerEntry for org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modcomm.intra.playertransfer.ModPlayerTransfer with methods [__cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_6.willItemLeaveServer(int,com.wurmonline.server.items.Item,boolean), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_6.getRemoteItemTemplateId(int), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_6.setTargetServer(int), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_6.resetTargetServer(), __cb_Proxy_modPlayerTransfer_6.updateServerStatus(com.wurmonline.server.ServerEntry,boolean)]
  8. I would like to join my deed in with the Lunar Order alliance i am a vet player mainly focused on bulk goods but also have a jack of all trades master of none thing going on and i have good fighting and dragonslayer title and probably another 20 titles Open to possibly 2 recruits on my deed as well I am a husband and father of an toddler work full time job and currently trying to get licenced in insurance so im pretty busy during the week
  9. +1 The idea of treasure maps has been suggested before and I still absolutely adore the idea!
  10. That sounds good to me! just would like to see more than just my neighbor and i haha
  11. I've been playing for about 2 months now on Harmony. I very much love the game. There was an instance where a big troll came up to me while I was in the woods not very far from the village me and 3 others had made. I ran back to the village barely alive.. called the guards on the troll and 3 of my buddies came out and started hitting the troll with whatever they had, shovels and hatchets mostly. The troll killed 2 guards and almost killed one of us, but we got it! It was exciting! There was danger! It was a ton of fun! A few days after that these horse sized black wolves kept on coming up to the outskirts of our village. We fought them.. it was good fun. That was a month ago. I haven't seen anything spawn near the village. I've never seen a wild bison, hellhorse, bull or horse. I can go afk all day and not worry about being killed by a single mob, which all in all is great for me because I go afk a ton. But, it makes for stale gameplay. No danger, no teaming up to kill monsters..none of it. I have nothing to fight to up my combat skills and it feels like a waste to have used a archery target to get them as high as they are now. Like I the game..but things have gotten super stale.
  12. I have to close 100 rifts, do you want to trade?
  13. Great service, highly recommend
  14. Hi, looking for iron 60ql hatchet and carving knife. 40c each I assume. Please cod to Topedeciffo. Thanks.
  15. Given what that man can do with a google spreadsheet we'll have something working better than Tinder in no time
  16. PS - Hi, I'm Amata. I drink tea, and talk too much. That's just what I do.
  17. Thanks to all y'all for responses so far.... In truth, I put this "suggestion" out there because - more than I want "politics" banned - I really want to "talk about talking about politics" ... If you see what I'm saying. I want to know where everyone stands, what people think, and what sort of conditionals would safeguard the most amount of people for the most amount of play time. @KharnovKrow - yeah, that's kinda about where my head was going. Generally, if conversation is going smoothly in the public channels, seems like topics can come and go without much fuss. I have no problem with that. @Platyna- actually, Yes, Exactly. I would like to have "politics" banned just as much as "religion" is banned. I think Wurmians should be allowed to wish each other a Happy Halloween (my religion, btw), and a Merry Christmas, and Eid, and Rosh Hashanah, and any number of other positive community interactions. I think politics and religion (and sex, for that matter) should be open for mature, intellectual, curious, and supportive discussions. I think that when something political in nature causes enough distress to warrant asking for a moderator, that - like religion - that distress should be taken seriously & the discussion retired.... I spent the evening brainstorming the different chat & forum experiences I've had since joining Wurm, and the ways in which I would categorize them. Here's some of what I thought about; The Good Scenario When contention arises I've seen plenty of Wurm topics have someone say, "oh hey, um, that was kinda mean spirited for reason X" and the ready response is, "oh, sorry about that, moving on..." That's the "Good Scenario" (or the scenario that @RainRaindiscussed above, I believe). Nobody, and certainly not me, is suggesting that there's anything that needs to be "fixed" or changed about this sort of Wurmian interaction. But what is it like when the "Good Scenario" does not progress with mutual accord? In the Land of the Equal, Who Has the Right-of-Way? Players might be discussing something political in nature, and when asked by another in the channel to change topic, essentially "outvote" the request and carry on. Many people including moderators will say to use /ignore to remove the conversation from sight. That's absolutely one possible solution; another equally quick and easy solution is for the uncomfortable conversation to move to PM, or some other private channel (like alliance or team chat). Since all players have equal right to access the public chat channels while playing the game, I am uncertain why it seems that "/ignore" is frequently the solution given preference. That is something I would like for Wurmians to think about a little more. Unfortunately, there is also a "Other Scenario" that plays out - and this is the scenario that I think needs the most amount of consideration. The Other Scenario So far everyone who has responded to this suggestion post have framed their responses on the assumption that there is a discussion about something political going on. Rainrain spoke about discourse as a sign of maturity, as well as the appropriate adult response to an uncomfortable conversation. KharnovKrow brought up discussion in private channels and conversations in public chat. And Platyna considered discussions in relation to censorship. But, especially with current sociopolitical context, sometimes we see on public chat something that is not exactly a discussion, but is also not exactly against the rules. The "Other Scenario" is when one or more people use a public chat channel to make political comments akin to pronouncements, and then wait for reactions to fly. How many of these sorts of comments does it take before it might be trolling? If the comments are made in a general sense and not directed at any specific player, could it still be considered harassment? Using the public chat in this way might not exactly be trolling, or harassment, or spam - and the topic of the running comments is not strictly against the rules - but to me it seems clear that the actions are in bad faith and are not meant to engage the Wurm community in honest discussion. This scenario puts everyone into an ambiguous situation. If a Wurmian finds the comments distressing or uncomfortable - do you call a mod for harassment? For trolling? For the "Play Nice" rule? What happens when one player says they have been perfectly civil, while another player says they have been spoken to disrespectfully? Trolling is defined in the rules as "Inflammatory or off-topic messages intended to provoke other members into a desired emotional response or to otherwise disrupt chat"... does that mean that we expect our moderators to be able to judge intent at a moment's notice? What is the definition of "disruptive" - if one player has become uncomfortable enough to call for a moderator, does that automatically qualify as "disrupting" a player's experience of public chat? Additional instructions for "trolling" honestly make the scenario even more murky - "You may not post with the sole intent of upsetting other players or staff, or to cause unrest." If another player is upset, but the comment was not meant to upset that player specifically - only to be provocative in a general way - is that somehow more acceptable? If a chat comment is knowingly made with the intent of taking a stance on a controversial or sensitive issue, and the IRL political context is already causing unrest - and the comment in chat escalates that sense of unrest instead of diffusing the situation, does that mean the comment could not have honestly been intended for anything other than feeding the known situation of political unrest? And what about harassment? Take everything that was already unclear because maybe this is an issue of trolling - and throw it out the window, because maybe it's actually causing "unwanted distress." TO ANYONE. Does that actually mean that any, single, one player can demonstrate distress at a conversation in a public channel that is continued after requests to change the topic? Do we expect our moderators to be able to correctly identify all the myriad forms of verbal abuse that exist? Who determines what is felt as being berated? If a player feels they have been berated and/or distressed, can a moderator honestly say that they haven't been? Even if unintentional? And if a moderator knows how to make the good intentions of an experience undo the distressing impact of the experience, I have hundreds of dollars spent on medicine and therapy that I would like to give to that mod. Personally, I would love to have no topic off limits, no subject matter that can't be discussed amongst friends. My primary studies focused on world religions and, ohhh boy, I have had to come to terms with the bitter knowledge that my idea of a lovely chit-chat will probably never be a conversation topic open for exploration in social internet spaces. There is no reason why a discussion in public chat channels cannot be about politics IF the participants are acting in good faith, AND honestly want to engage in talking with each other. In fact, I had a conversation like this on my island's Freedom chat just the other day, and it was downright lovely. And I will tell that happily to anyone who asks - I had such a good time with my fellow Wurmians that I very nearly printed out the chat log to frame. /geek But.... sadly, not all times that politics comes up in public chat go like that. And when it comes down to it, I don't agree with Rainrain that the only response we can give to each other is, "just hope for the best."
  18. WMADD LatLng(265.783862, 377)=Mermaid Beach
  19. WMADD LatLng(249.288193, 390)=New Falun
  20. WMADD LatLng(242.366594, 477.4375),LatLng(242.366594, 480.25),LatLng(240.052562, 482.3125),LatLng(240.677976, 483.75),LatLng(245.180957, 485.5),LatLng(245.368582, 488.875),LatLng(244.242836, 490.1875),LatLng(244.242836, 493),LatLng(252.123054, 493.1875),LatLng(257.063825, 498.375),Color(green)=Highway
  21. Looking to buy a Scale set on SFI with NFI Silver, Send me a message on here or in-game.
  22. Auction ended. Winner is McGarnicle. Please pm me on the forums to arrange the pickup.
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