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  2. Good points made Steveleeb about being oneself and expressing viewpoints from that unique perspective. Too many people let themselves be molded by others by conforming to their idea of what is acceptable to present. I prefer more those who venture off the beaten path into vistas of ideas that I might not have considered myself or streams of contradictory thought that may make no sense other than to get you to realize that yeah, that's the point. The old brick wall that we smack into will clearly make its point but what about that shiny object on the bending path just before it. Perhaps it was a warning message or just something cleverly placed to stop the momentum of charging forward so blindly. We all have our place here and the differences just make it all the more significant. Easy enough to ignore those we don't find of interest, especially upon these forums. Then again you never know who might appreciate "absurd suggestions" and the mind of the one who thought to make them the center of attention, if only for the moment. Yet of course we will not appreciate everyone so kindly but they too will appeal to someone else who just seems to get their own vantage point and relate to it from the safety of these written words so distant from their rainy sky's or sun shinny days. When the light fades who will remember or even know that they have gone..... =Ayes=
  3. Lunalong 2019

    A huge thankyou to @Dracaafor hosting such and amazing event and for putting together such a beautiful venue for the Fashion Show this year! Had a wonderful time, thanks to the Wurm team for throwing some Prem codes our way to giveaway and @MacOoferfor coming on last min as a judge. And most of all a huge thankyou to all the people who tuned in and participated, wouldn't have happened without you. On of our highlights from the night. l If you'd like to watch the full VOD you can find it here (We arrive at the Lunalong at 1:17:00):
  4. Hey everyone, Got these beauties for sale. Asking 2S per butchering knife. Can attach the bronze rune of Lib for an additional 20c, which will allow you to gather resources at a higher quality level (10%)
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  6. WTB Character

    Hi, after a character that revolves around smithing or carpentry perferably, fighting & taming would be nice. Tomes and meditation at a decent rank is a plus. Send me what you've got forsale and a price!
  7. > dd /dev/human/zethreal /realm/wurm/virtual_entities/zethreal Who said a real life is needed? (Not sure about the target, planned move to AWS might affect the syntax). See you back hopefully real soon4
  8. still 80s up for sale, looking to sell me in sums of 20-30s each
  9. Since these are pretty rare, I was hoping to get a bit more for ‘em, actually. I’ll update OP with the price I had in mind.
  10. So we are starting to see a quick release of all skins from jackal and although they look great there is a common theme amongst them(in my opinion) they look plain they look like the type you would get from a blacksmith or a shop in a rpg and it would be the type of model used in common normal and rare type weapons Like that looks closer to a lumber axe meets mass produced medieval axe then a jackal themed axe would be and this isnt just this axe Look at this perfectly smooth brand new "mastwork" huge axe skin Like yes they look great but they look to standardized like give them more of a jackal theme more chaotic add the feel of jackal too future weapons I am not expecting this kind of weaponry as that wont fit wurm But imagine a goblin skull attached to the hilt of swords and the axe's having a chain with a bunch of skulls hanging from it meanwhile all weapons having dark shaft for the axes(1 of the wood types of jackal), Make the blades less shiny more dark and gritty more scratches on them make them look battle hardened Take this the shortsword as an example Replace the pommel(Tip of the hilt) with a skull make the leather on the hilt darker and more torn looking and its perfect, The blade itself is amazing for the theme a rusty kinda cut up blade that looks like its been used a lot same with the sickle its blade was good too but the hilt once again was just to shiny too new looking And dont even get me started on that "brand new expensive" looking small axe that looks more like it would be a decoration for a clan's leader then a weapon he would actually use Take this for example Get rid of the swirls on the design(as it doesnt fit) and it would make for an excellent warhammer that would stand out and look battle hardened So unless the jackal point shop is a shop where we buy weapons(weapon skins) from the kingdom(even though freedom isles doesnt really have a king per say :P) and the whole point is to have just newer and fancier shinier looking weapons being added and them being applied as skins then i guess this topic isnt worth much But if that isnt your goal and your goal is to give jackal themed weapons please make them darker more battle hardened looking Even if it means we get less skins maybe one or so every odd month its still worth it as we would rather want quality over quantity when it comes to vanity like this Plus if you get a good set of weapon skins going like that it might make the artists around here(and in the future) be more inclined to design their own take on the weapons of wurm after all if the weapons of wurm live up to its own charm and arent all "stock medieval weapons of high quality and earth like" then i think people would do jackal more as well as they want those skins for their weapons Here is a question as well for you would you rather carry around a huge axe that looks like a axe given to an officer in an army or an axe that has seen hundreds of battles has bathe in the blood of every foe it ever came across and served its owner well for many a battle until the owner died of old age and with the axe being left dark and twisted yet still for some reason insanely sharp
  11. Is it just me, or did all the deeds just disappear from the map? And thanks btw for adding that bridge for me
  12. Woud you send them 50c eatch cod??
  13. *sees a reply in a thread from 2009*
  14. A great guy and a troublemaker who let his prem run out as chaos is boring and he cant stop playing starcraft 2 and his name is borderline close to being not allowed(his full name) but he is a great wurm player besides that and he is missed and with all the necroing of posts going on its as if people are trying to summon him back to the game and forums
  15. Who is this person you speak of?
  16. The game guide's section is showing hidden posts havent spotted them anywhere else(just yet still looking)
  17. I know we all miss @necroebut necroing posts form 2009 and others wont bring him back any faster Whats up with all the necroing of posts lately?
  18. So do we get sun lamps with the underground planters? My experience with caves is that is no light there.
  19. I am running 441.12 on a GeForce RTX 2080. Had no crashes for about 2 weeks now (but not playing regularly, so could just be lucky).
  20. You will be sorely missed! Take care, wherever you go, and carry on with your graffiti work, here or there, it will put a smile on someone's face. Ugh, why did you need to have a real life?
  21. This week the Gobbler requires some Banquet utensils: (1)Large dining table (any) (2)Chair (any) (3)Butcher's knife (any) (4)Measuring jug (5)Cheese drill (linden) (6)Baking stone (7)Bread Casserole (8)Healing cover (any herb),(any) Cut off time is Friday 22 November at 9am UTC (Friday 8 pm AEDT). Contact us if you want to have any items scored in the Gobbler's Banquet game. pam-gobbler at This week's total is 8063 Gobbler points. This brings the ongoing total to 13230. Congratulations to the player who has submitted a set of all the 15 wood types for the round tables and the stools. We have decided to award this special achievement with an extra variety score and incorporate a new category into some of the future the lists "Item type (A set of each material, or as many as can be made of partial sets). Olives are harvestable at approx Saturday 3 am UTC (Saturday 2 pm AEDT) Frenetia is a non-combat server.
  22. With the sails furled, we'll have enough room on the boats for the new planters. I say planters on boats! Please?
  23. Been a while since I've been to an impalong so would love to attend this! Put me down for Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cloth Tailoring, Fine Carp, Jewelry Smithing, Leatherworking, Masonry and Plate Armour Smithing
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