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  2. just happened I drive a cart.. and player character and 2 horses on the cart align on same tile.. a roll triggers to cause this.. NO other creature was anywhere near me at the time - just the 2 horses hitched to the cart.. and it was moving :X
  3. disease

    You scratch yourself. What did you catch now? And again.. just happened.. as I drive my cart.. great rng.. no creatures on the tile.. just the random occurrence of my and the 2 horses aligning to be on same 1 tile as I move.. great rng.. ps. fix this mechanic, it's terrible
  4. Must see places

    Lorewood gardens, well worth the visit. It was very foggy and nighttime while I visited so no screen shots, and Seriphina unfortunately was either not on or not at home. But, very nice!
  5. Before they opened the steam server, they removed real money trading. A lot of players sold of their items before that.
  6. Today
  7. I purchased a steel platemail set from Ssmokes and it is amazing! Delivered quick and easy. Thank you again, Ssmokes!
  8. I think we should all fight it with spears...
  9. I remember Moss, amazing that it still survives. It would be from 2008 and created on either JK or more likely MR home. I'm not familiar with the RMT sellout, what is that?
  10. Well when you are able to log in it's yours @Jberg
  11. Would like to buy a full set of 81ql steel plate. CoD to BarnabyJones please.
  12. too early for saying anything
  13. Despite gameĀ“s age, we have low numbers specially at SFI, and since devs dont seem to care about linking both clusters to bring together the community we need fresh blood to fill our ranks, game feels so empty and dead because of this absurd idea. +1 to any kind of advertisement, i dont care about other games, I care about Wurm.
  14. Ah, a lot of old names there. No need to send the anvil to me, I'm sadly not able to log in at the moment.
  15. Here's the Potter's Bench thus far. This weekend I'm going to add a backboard to span between the two posts at the top. It'll have hooks for tools and gloves and maybe some inspirational message on it too.
  16. You have to realize Wurm Online has been around for 10+ years. Wurm is already known in the MMORPG world. Advertising is designed to tap into lesser known demographics, it would useless aiming into the MMORPG community.
  17. Title says forge, but picture is of an oven, may want to correct. *free bump*
  18. @Castabaalsure can do. Your business is much appreciated. I will be starting the work very soon. Thanks.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Was a fun first time! I will be aiming to go to all the indy ones from now on so hopefully see you all again soon
  21. Hi @Malenaand @Kelody, I think it won't be much work to add that which you ask for. Added to my todo, both ideas. @TeeeBOMByes, you can do that. Note that this will overwrite any new settings, you might have created after hard drive switch. 1. Go to the backup of your old C partition and find: \users\[your-user-name]\AppData\Local\AldursLab (you may need to turn on viewing hidden files, as AppData folder is normally a hidden one) 2. Copy that entire folder to the same location on your new system: C:\users\[your-new-username]\AppData\Local\AldursLab (overwrite everything) Merging settings is possible, but probably easier to set them up anew.
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