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  2. question: Is there a way to deactivate the double click for attack? I fear a bit for my animals, being used to click at everything for examine, and double click easily happens.
  3. Very good question, its why i asked mine is a lot of the time in game we are told deed it or lose it and if the game allows it its fine, which isn't in the spirit of the game and why I am happy that in the cases that's needed GMs can and will override games systems like the example about when a GM allowed a highway to be removed because it damaged someone's field.
  4. Badvoc there is a huge difference between putting a highway (or anything else) on an empty steppe and destroying some other players fields. No decent road builder will destroy something other player built (unless clear signs or abandonment are visible) without asking them first, it is obvious that if you do something like that you will bring an angry response upon yourself. Same goes to reroutes into orchards or rare plant fields, destroying tundra etc. there should be always a gain and loss calculation. @RetrogradeCould you clarify what does that mean "known to be disruptive"? Are there any other criteria of disruptive road work besides destroying other people field, orchards and structures (which seems to be covered by a non griefing rule)? On one side it is obviously mean, but on the other we are being told "deed it or lose it" - it is something that also could use some more clarification as these two seem to be two contradicting interpretations, as there are many conflicts all over the Wurm based on it, especially when it comes to trees and fields (so called "perimeter wars"). Sorry for all these questions, but I was told by other road builders, from several locations, that if I want to do it I should be prepared to for constant complaints to GMs, which kinda ruins a pleasure of doing that and is stressful (which is also a reason why I made this thread, as I am soon going to Xanadu to participate in a huge highway project). Maybe some more detailed guidelines would save up staff time and us stressful situations.
  5. Thanks for that guys i think that covers it, So if I have that right if someone comes to local from a distance , changes things that the locals aren't keen on game systems / highway rules wouldn't be the end all of it, the team would look on the it on a case by case and decide what's best, not just on the fact someone could do this. Like I said I would guess in 99/100 of times people are happy for improvements. The problem I see with that is when it all breaks down and you have two sets of active people, surely the locals would have a little more of a say depending on how close to said deeds and how many of the locals were against the planned improvement. one persons improvement might be another persons destruction, without a guideline you could easly get problems that gets out of hand very quickly and with the new servers coming I was interested in this being made a little more clear. For example if a new highway starts to run towards an area the locals don't want destroyed takes moments to drop a shack down and stop that progress, this isnt the way to solve problems like this and why i asked the question, as sometimes the deed it or lose it or I can so I will isn't quite in the spirit of the game. So if the highway rule isnt the be all and end all and that the GM's can and will take a look at it on a case by case is perfect and if found the road improvement was not in the best interests of the locals the GM's would at least take a look and help people sort out the problems. ty for taking the time to reply to my question.
  6. Hi all, it's time for one last stream event before the new servers take over everyone's attention! The event will be of course taking place at the Factional Fight Brother's Puzzle Labyrinth on Xanadu just north of Vrock's Landing at G-14, (I'll post some screenshots of the location below) This is a great opportunity for any player who has never never had the chance to acquire one of the coolest and most unique items in the game - the Goblin King's Crystal Ball! Or simply just a good excuse for players to come along on alts to gather more in a social setting. You will be accompanying myself and all other attending players in a chaotic race to the center of the labyrinth boradcast live on Twitch. However not just that there will be also a Wurm Fashion show! Where players will be putting on their Wednesday Best to show off their creative and asethic sides with a top prize of 10s to the winner, and 5s for the runner up and 5s to the crowd favourite! So tune into BloodyDrongo on Twitch Wednesday 22nd at 7pm AEST for all the madness. Location:
  7. The GM team try to work as mediators in these situations, if there are disputes they will review the situation as a team. If someone is known to be disruptive, or not even within their local, then they are going to take different action to a dispute within people in local. The best advice I can give is if you are doing something that is off your deed, and others are upset by it, don't do it.
  8. I seem to recall some issue where if you had an alt that had loaded a map ( can't recall if from same or different server) that would cause issues for other chars on your account. Only really affected those who were running multiple characters. Is everyone seeing the red X also people who regularly run multiple characters? (*edit: I just tested this on Riviera; logging in 2 characters, one sees the map and the other sees a big red X...) Also for whatever it is worth, BDew's walkthrough on server maps: 1) You need to change the map name on the server, this can't be done in the settings GUI so you will need SqliteBrowser or some other sqlite tool. Open wurmlogin.db, SERVERS table, set MAPNAME field to whatever. 2) Create a file named mappings.txt, put in it: "map.whatever = whatever.png" (whatever is what you set in step 1) 3) Save your map as whatever.png with 920x620 pixels size 4) Create a zip file with mapping.txt and whatever.png, rename it to whatever.jar, make sure you actually remove the zip extension (so you don't end up with 5) Put zip file in mods/serverpacks folder 6) Edit, set serverPort to a reachable port, publicServerAdress to your ip, serverPacks=whatever.jar (from previous step) 6.5) If you are behind a router, make sure to forward the port to your server. 7) Restart server, watch log for serverpacks mod complaining, if it does - you ###### up one of the previous steps Login to the server with serverpacks client-side mod enabled, check the log - if you did everything correctly - it will tell you that the pack was downloaded 9) If the pack was downloaded but the map doesn't show up try restarting the client. Often the download finishes too late to replace the textures so it will take effect only on next login
  9. Of course. There would be no highways on Wurm if only deed owners (most times of the day absent and often not caring for infrastructure) could decide about the course of a highway. Happens. The best way is communicating with each other. Noone and everyone has the chair. As the environment outside deeds (with some limitations for perimeters) is free to be terraformed, this also extends to highway building. In case of conflicts the concerned parties have to negotiate and find a solution, maybe with GM mediation. There are no special rights for locals and deed owners other than those resulting from deed or structure ownership. But in case of a mediation, each side has to explain their motives. And of course, the motives of locals to preserve their environs are legitimate and obvious. Somebody from afar would have to offer good reasons why one or the other road routing would be necessary or preferable. A highway, legitimately connecting deeds or routes, can indeed not easily be removed altogether, only rerouted.
  10. Ty for your reply and I hope this is what the GM's would also advise. As with current rules once a highway has been built you cant remove it again. Which makes it difficult to revert a change in local which you didn't want. I look forward to an official response.
  11. GM decisions aren't set in stone, most likely depends on what's best for everyone ages ago a member of my alliance on indy didn't want a highway going through their deed at that time, someone made a dirt bridge right next to their deed for a highway (and ripped up a rice farm for it), gm said it was okay for the highway to be removed with no replacement as they didn't want a highway there in the first place, so my money is on local populace > road builder
  12. thank you for your reply, but that wasn't my question, I am asking a GM the question above in my post for when there's a disagreement between road builders and local people. I would like to wait for an official response. Sorry thats right you said you were upset in GL freedom about being upset not here, again sorry for not making that clear. If the answer is "game system" whats to stop the local people reverting all and any changes that have been made by the road builders, which would end up with tit for tat silliness. How would a road builder feel if the next time they visit one of there roads and local put it back to the way it was? A complete waste of time and effort by all parties. This is the reason why I am asking for this part to be made more clear. Would the locals have more say what is happening around there area or would the highway builder who claims its within the rules what they are doing but against the spirit of the game, having this made a little more clear can help solve toxic behaver before it gets out of hand. I understand its a big difference between working on your own local roads, but surely its different when a road builder travels 100s and 100's of tiles away from there own deed to build roads, which maybe the locals aren't keen on.
  13. On a second thought it doesn't make sense before steam client release.
  14. Today
  15. I never said my highway work upset anyone, there was one discussion about waystones on GL where some people were upset because they were afraid I might be removing pickup waystones (which I don't do). If a GM ordered you to revert the route you revert the route or appeal to a higher GM, simple.
  16. So once again your trying to force your view on someone else, by trying to close down a valid question. Rather than me making a second post on the subject I am very interested in the views of the GM's in this matter and it fits perfect with the subject on this thread. I am sorry if my use of an example you have taken as a person attack as thats not what I intended, I have removed it. All i did was use a real example of something that has happened, which ended up with a GM asking for there to be reverted some road changes that were made, no where have I said something of a mistruth. Its not off topic, my question is with regards the highway system, the spirit of the game and common sense, I am interested in the views of the GM's as sometimes rules aren't black and white, what can be done doesn't mean it should be done. So as is its your right to report my post may I remind you its also against the rules for a person to take it on themselves to act as a moderator, or to decide what questions are valid or not, that is the reason we have GM and Chat / forum mods. Also once posted here people do have the right to get involved in the discussion and while your question was answered to some degree I find a question I had was not and i am very interested in the views of the GM's. So I ask if you would refrain for trying to turn this it a personal debate and allow a GM to answer my question as this is something important for me and I am interested in understanding how the game rules and spirit of them should be enforced, as you yourself should understand its better to avoid misunderstandings then to try and clear them up after the fact. Should A person who lives 300 / 400 tiles away from the highway have more say over that highway than someone who's deed is 20-30 tiles away, its quite an interesting thought, of course 9 /10 these problems don't arise as the locals are either happy with improvements or help with a new highways, but what happens when the locals and highway builder don't see eye to eye? I feel this is an important question. If a mod would like me to make a completely new post to get my question answered I am happy to do so, but as i feel it fits in well with the topic in hand would very much like this aspect made more clear, I see no reason why the question needs to be avoided. So I ask again :- would have right of way to Decide on the highway, the person who wanted to change said highway or the local deed owners who wanted to keep the highway the same?
  17. i just popped on, this is what in game map looks like for me.
  18. Post reported to forum moderators. To remind you: Which you do, and this lie has short legs, because game mechanics will not allow planting or destroying highway markers on or next to a deed without planting and destroying items permissions (and once the markers are placed, also paving is restricted), plus highway markers bear the signature of a person who planted them, so it is very easy to find an author of a re-routing. Not to mention where I live all neighbouring deeds, are my allies, or are inactive (with one exception, where the deed mayor is not an ally but helped me with completion of my work without granting the permissions). Any player has a right to decide if there will be a highway, a bridge or a building on an undeeded land. I have terraforming and paving rights to multiple deeds and several of our alliance members perform the road work here (which is easily recognized by custom paving patterns). You posted an off-topic personal attack disseminating false information about other player, in an important, rule-setting thread for the sole purpose of getting angry reactions. Since the questions were answered and rules were established, so there is nothing more to add, I would like to ask a forum moderator to close this thread and remove redundant posting (including this post).
  19. No offense to the person who suggested those names but I am glad they will not be the actual names of the servers. At least hopefully.
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  21. Ahhh... I sense a kindred spirit. I too dislike alts, they're not something I'll ever use, but your hardcoreness far outstrips my own; I can never be separated from my pickaxe. As for my plans... looking around a bit before temporarily settling in a half-decent spot, where I can make some tools, prepare for journeys, and generally get used to Wurm Online having only ever played Wurm Unlimited. And THEN the real work begins... exploring the vast untamed wilderness, trying to avoid getting eaten by sheep, looking for a bit of nice land to call my own/a nice deed to join and figuring out what I want to do besides mining.
  22. If only PvE had kingdoms, then I'd be able to support this. -1 from me on the grounds that there is already too much PvP gated content.
  23. Ok so this seems to break the Trade and Freedom tabs... Neither of them showed up when things started being posted there. Not 100% sure what I did that made them appear (undocked) all of a sudden (think I pressed enter). I then docked them to the window with the other tabs. When somebody posted again to the trade chat, it would seem that the trade window undocked, but without any tab (its not showing the "Trade" at top of the window), so i can move it around but cannot dock it again.... So all in all, while I can dock the local window to the event one, it seems to seriously confuse the trade and freedom (I'm guessing global chat too - I just don't have that one open) windows....
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