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  2. General sentiment when grinding. Can relate.
  3. Because people who are currently playing Epic won't exactly be thrilled with someone requesting major changes to their server. What I'm asking for is a drastic overhaul to how more or less the entire game works, and that doesn't exactly jive with how players who are established (and who have existing skills that would need to be reset) would feel about something like that. You can already see the pushback on the very first suggestion of this thread by people who have nothing to do with PvP and are absolutely not the intended demographic for this suggestion; adding "we're gon' take your skills, Epic players!" to the equation might help with removing non-PvP players from the mix, but it kicks a very different hornet's nest.
  4. Going with the idea of six month server thing, I like the idea of permadeath, but have that it boots people off that die more than a certain number of times. Or that certain enemies like Rift monsters will have the ability to permanently kill you, kicking you out of Jackal for the remainder of the match. Dunno, just to make it more challenging, more risky, but also give it an element of danger.
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  6. Will be scarce over the weekend, but can try to attend. Thank you once again for a public slaying.
  7. Was more referring to those talking about a PvP offshoot, but yeah, it stands for everything. Before lumping people into being "freedomers" (which doesn't help your cause) why not suggest ideas for the elevation rework rather than a third server?
  8. I'm not quite sure where this is coming from. You are aware that this suggestion was meant for something completely separate from Jackal, hence Jackal not being mentioned beyond "hey, this is a different experience like this other server!" right @Retrograde? I thought that I'd made that point abundantly clear. In other words, this. Another Freedomer who couldn't be bothered to read the entire post, I see.
  9. Cod five of them to elvenwing please
  10. leave my threads alone pls
  11. Retro's love hat fund.
  12. where does the 5 silver that i dropped into a wishing well go to now
  13. One good thing out of this is that Jpeg is in no jeopardy of being dethroned and will continue to hold his position as Wurm's #1 menace, and Spongle still remains wurm's #2 menace. Tamat and Zethreal are making great strides in the dark realm creeping up these charts. Onward and upward with the great work. Honorable mentions to Grifo, Wucian, Darwin, Madnath.
  14. yeah id say you are using an old version, tested with 6 chars on lan and each joined as a citizen and not mayor. Did it with the Deed that is default log in that has no mayor (pvp), did it for player made deed, did it for GM deed where gm was mayor and also wasn't mayor and worked every time, new char was made citizen each time.
  15. QoL suggestion! give us cheat codes so we dont have to play the game without mindless grinding and exploring. Boat spawn i could somehow understand althought there is tents, but not the others. The game itself is meant to be an adventure that takes time and with a risk involved that you might not see your stuff anymore. Map sometimes would be nice where you can see yourself moving.. but then again it kills few other crucial parts of the game.
  16. 1. Tent 2. Karma "summon corpse" 3. Summon Soul 4. Team chat
  17. hmm thought i fixed that already
  18. -1 to all of it. If those are QoL changes, then why not suggest automated crafting, helper NPCs and removal of skill system?
  19. Switched my Shares

    If you're onions, I wanna be bell peppers.
  20. Well, I am not quite sure what to make of this. Having worked in IT for as long as I have I have seen a lot of vulture capitalists... errr, venture capitalists... scoop up companies and really screw them up. I have also seen them grab struggling companies promising them the sun, moon, and stars, and then not even delivering a worm (see what I did there??). RARELY, if ever, have I seen them be a positive. Yet I know Wurm is in a major decline. The simple truth is, Rolf appears burned out. It happens. I 100% understand him taking what he can, and leaving the headache on someone else's doorstep. In trying to be objective, I looked up the financials. ONE employee. ONE. It *appears* to be not much more than a shell company. The second quarter financials aren't even listed. However, a quick glance at the stock chart isn't too bad. I didn't go into extensive charting (is it overbought/oversold? What about the moving average convergence/divergence?) I am really curious as to the huge spike and drop in July... that is a bit of a red flag from what is essentially a penny stock.. I'll hold my breath and hope that there is a lot more than what I can find from a quick Google. And if it is the demise of Wurm, well... we've been preparing for that for quite awhile anyway. I'll still play and enjoy my time, no matter how long that is (but only pay for 2 months sub at a time.. )
  21. On Jackal. While riding my large cart disappears. Or after disembarking.. poof... it's gone. Relog brings it back.
  22. I think that most things have a "secure" option now but some things are missing this, for example gnomes, yule deer, yule goats, pottery Valentine flowers, pottery flowerpots, normal planter pots, rugs, dragon skulls etc. Could we please get the option to secure these items as well, similar to the Christmas snowmen we got as a present? Also, please allow other containers like backpacks and crates and perhaps racks with crates in them, to be locked. Thanks.
  23. `To maintain objectivity in journalism, journalists should present the facts whether or not they like or agree with those facts. Objective reporting is meant to portray issues and events in a neutral and unbiased manner, regardless of the writers opinion or personal beliefs.` (a quote) and imho.. `But they don't own anything else that's even remotely like wurm` - Objective `acting more like a journalist than anything else. Defending the Wurm community` - Subjective, even if we're represented properly, we are being, represented, as subjects.. this is not journalism, it's politics and the questions posed by said `journalist` are engineered by our collective, subjective, fears. Journalists don't defend they report. `What interest do you have in the gaming industry or the communities that support it?` is an objective question ` Are u removing all the cheap ass keys from the market to sell at a higher price thereby benefiting the game?` is a supposition but still objective because it's strategy that relates to an.. objective. `Do you intend to milk us for all we're worth till we die a sad death?` is subjective ` My guess is that the keys come from the humble bundle and reselling humble bundle keys is clearly forbidden` i don't want to patronize anyone by explaining that one. Journalism is a discipline, you can't be objective then eloquently apply subjective suggestions into it. unless you work for FOX or CNN, obviously.
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