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  2. Selling three sleeping powder
  3. yeah, that's a concern. I wasn't looking for a free way to move the token, and your solutions seem reasonable to me. In this particular instance I moved the token to a more centralized location, renamed it and adjusted the borders a bit. Because of a mixup on the naming I ended up having to pay the 5 silver to rename it after it was founded (note to self: update the settlement page on the wiki to reflect that an all CAPS word would be normalized to Caps, and that periods are not allowed). But, I'm happy now with the placement and Wurm took some silver out of circulation and put it in their pocket, which works for me.
  4. Hiya Seri I'll chat to you in-game and bring over some mats if you don't mind
  5. There are technical hurdles that increase the cost of this feature (to get an idea of these, start with a list of all the reasons people want to move their token, in other words, all the things that can't share a tile with the token). And then there's the problem of abuse. If you allow a player to move the token, and you also allow them to adjust the borders with Resize... there's nothing to stop them alternating between the actions and walking their deed right across the map... at zero cost. How to address that? Treat it like renaming the deed: it costs 5s and the token location is locked for six months. Treat it like highways / KOS. Have a deed setting allowing the mayor to either move the token or adjust the borders. There would need to be a cooldown on changing this setting. Charge the player based on the distance moved, perhaps 25c per tile. (I'm basing this post on the assumption that the proposal is to move the token within the existing deed such that the borders don't change and the new token location remains legal, i.e. not less than five tiles from any border.)
  6. In the original post: Look, I get why some wouldn't want the work @Skatynaand yeah, I could do the work faster myself, however I only have so many hours in the day to play, and would rather build things than make the bricks and mortar so I offer this to those who just want some coin for mindless work. Maybe they want to earn premium time as they return to the game, maybe they're newbs who just want a safe space to make some coin, build up some skills and characteristics, and learn a bit more about the game while doing so. On SFI, the standard rate of pay is 1 silver / 1 K actions. This isn't something I've set arbitrarily, it's an accepted rate of pay by the majority of the community. If a player wants to mine the rock and make their own bricks they can sell those bricks for 2s/K, however they'd have to feed themselves, find or build a bed to sleep in and make a building to put the bed in, then find a buyer for the bricks and arrange transportation, etc. I offer a building with a bed, food when hungry, I'd even lend a horse if they want to go explore. I've had several people come here and work over the last couple of years, I might not be advertising for this if they were still playing on a regular, or hadn't moved on to other things in Wurm. Also, since I just made a bit of coin recently, I thought I'd open up this offer to more people in the hopes of moving this project along a little faster.
  7. My suggestion was If the player is "fighting back", they're not "initiating combat", so the call for help would not be sent out.
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  9. Starting Bid: 10S Increment: 1S Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes Private Bids: No
  10. ...if you almost burned your real-life house down by putting backpacks in your oven.
  11. Goblin Leader Fight

    Goblin Leader Slaying Goblin Leader has returned to Melody to bring us all some fun. Nothing Fancy, No Hassle, No Rules, No Cares... Turn up, HAVE FUN and show respect to EVERYONE is all I ask.... Location is i20, Meldoy, right on the shore....
  12. If you move your mailbox to the center of your property. If you are mowing your grass and suddenly start wondering what the slope of the ditch-line is. If you always respond to strangers by waving and saying, "Hello, How are you?" If you have a boat on the roof of your house. Your belt holding up your pants has 10 pouches on it. You bob your head when you walk. Or, you don't bob your head when you walk. You try to change your looks by staring at a hand mirror. You keep spiders for pets. You check the local paper for Imp-a-long announcements. You are reading this list...
  13. When driving down the highway, you have to pull into a gas station, run in and buy one of those compasses that sticks to the windshield...... Because the UI didn't look quite right.
  14. I edited the post today to add a sniper protection
  15. This is why people pay others to do it instead of doing it themselves. It doesn't benefit them and there are other things they'd rather do with their time, like using the bulk mats. Just like any other job, you're paid for your time, not necessarily so you get skill or enjoyment out of your labor. He didn't post a job for a brick layer, he posted for someone to make bulk mats with his base materials. The compensation is absolutely fair on SFI where people have thousands of mats already lying around and high skills. That said, Dale, what types of bricks do you need cut? I want to hang at home but happy to help you out. I'll even eat my own pizza
  16. Not sure why you are being contrary - man doesn't want to make all the bricks and mortar himself, willing to pay others to do it. Either he gets folks, or not. Instead of trolling and making crap and drama, do some research and see if the offer really is fair and honest (it is), if the person isn't being honest (he is), or if there really is any sort of injustice involved that needs to be addressed (don't think there is), just mind your own business. And, good solid health benefits there Dale. Ever consider tossing in a bed to earn SB?
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