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  2. Release C2013/2014 - "The Good Old Days" Xanadu (Day 0) - The Peak of the Mountain and the world below Xanadu - After the Server Borders Opened Xanadu - 7 Years Later... As for a quote... "Grow a forest, and then set giant wolves on anyone who cuts down a tree!"
  3. Let me sate that curiosity for you. I used this dye making method to make myself l what I called my personal "lifetime supply of dye". I know of other people who used it but I'm not here to out people who don't want to get outed. It was a process more tedious than panfilling and took quite a lot of time. I've been publically open with this multiple times on many different medias, including the factional fights live stream. Here's a vod where I show off my "lifetime supply of dye" as well as explain in chat how it was done a while ago: GM's confiscated my dye. AMA
  4. Thank you everyone for your screenshots, videos and comments so far! Keep 'em coming! The older footage the better! It's the really old stuff that's hard to find now.
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  6. Mission Structure Song Sanctum 470,507 Also the Mission Structures Demon Spear and Jump Needle are slightly off. Demon Spear should be 523,532 and Jump Needle should be 544,532
  7. I was recently out hunting and came across this problem with my tamed branded hell horse. a mob killed my hell horse and I was unable to pick up the horse after many attempts to access his pull down menu and I had to submit a ticket. I had a saddle and horseshoes on the horse. I even tried to tunnel into the mountain tile that I thought he was on and got the message A corpse of old tearpepper on the surface disturbs your operation. So I am certain that the horse was up on the surface and not glitched into the mountain. A GM responded very quickly and was able to give me back my horses body.
  8. Thats fine give the same item... If you login during the time period (1 week around new years) you get the item. If you miss it then you can go hunting for same item or others can hunt also.
  9. I will say, while there may be a good few around spawns, that's not the only places they show up. Found 4 chests on remote mountains months after they were spawned. Perhaps give one of the items as a login reward, and the rest must be hunted for?
  10. Excellent cant wait for the start and to see how many people show up ty for the map notation the deed is correctly hooked to the highway as well.
  11. I agree as well - New Year boxes for all who log in would be wonderful - like another Christmas present
  12. If it's working as the devs intended it, then it's not a bug. You can't "imo" intended behavior in to a bug with opinions. I don't know what's intended behavior, but if how it currently works is intended, then this post belongs in suggestions, not server bugs.
  13. That may have something to do with it. The slopes as I enter my mines over here, the ones I use to glitch horses topside, are sloped. So. Come to Cornersville on Indy, I'll show you which mine opening to duplicate the glitch at.
  14. Greetings my friend Maybe best reason to leave the Forge lol thx for the Event and i agree with ya we as a small community need this kind of events to stay more together. Ce ya tomorrow...greetings Achillis
  15. Stop hiding the boxes around spawns! It encourages people to hoard them all and sell them. Just give them to everyone who logs on the few days after new years! This discourages new players who find out about it after hand. People are usually active around the holidays so they usually don't have time to run around all the starter towns (inb4: "I've found the boxes months after new years still laying around starter towns" Yes, good for you I'm talking about active servers) If you want to do easter egg hunts save it for easter! Edit per comments: Would be good to give everyone who logged in and also scatter a couple of same item around if people still like the hunt (which not everyone has time for but are still paying premium players)
  16. +1 to OP's suggestion. The hardcores will harvest asap anyway, so they'll still have an advantage, which is fine. This change would make farming not a punishing skill for more casual players (or players whose ocd would tell them to wait until all crops are harvestable to sync the replant).
  17. Personally I see rare and supreme as one thing and fantastic as it's own thing not related to rare/supreme. Supreme is already a functionally better version of a rare while still being a bit realistic. Making fantastics be the same but a bit more rare would not really add anything to the game, imo. However, having a rarity level as absurdly rare as fantastic currently is adds this sense that there are some unique items out in the world, which is cool. A lot of people will never own a fantastic item, which is what makes it cool. The only fantastic item i own is a 1c coin and i expect that to be the only fantastic item I'll ever own. They're not functionality overpowered as items anyway, so they're fine the way they are. -1
  18. There's no such thing as a private mine if it's not on deed. If it's not on a deed then it's not yours, and cannot therefore be private. If you want to own/rent it, then you need to deed it. Also, in the event that a player is able to deed an area to remove reinforcements, then said reinforcements ought to be only "reasonably difficult" to remove without deeding the area (given they are so easy to place). Having said that, I'm in two minds about all this. What I do know is: Adding/removing reinforcements should not be used simply to troll players, or to interfere with public routes such as tunnels and canals. On Epic (and I guess Freedom at least to some extent) if I build an underground offdeed (primarily so that there is no raidable token), and put a 9k strength steel mine door on it, which I tend to do quite a lot, then I would not like to see a situation where it was easier for raiders to get through the walls (reinforcements) than the door. This would defeat the purpose of the door. At the same time I wouldn't want to see a situation where reinforcements are necessarily harder to make as public works already take enough effort. It is a tricky one, no doubt about it, but like I said before, the fact that reinforcements are so easy to place yet so difficult to remove does seem somewhat imbalanced as things stand.
  19. [17:54:15] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. I cannot find this pickaxe. I send better for the same cost. Thank you. I will be glad to see again)
  20. I disabled Survival Mod's temperature damage on the server, was using an updated version made by Coldie (if I'm not mistaken). As I understand it from the new settings, -5.0f would be snow storm, so the higher the value, the hotter. I used one of the values mentioned that was above 0, but still too low. "#float value 0.1f 0.9f 1.9f and so on, negative for serious snow storms, -5.0f difficultySetting=0.1f" Even without armor, away from fire and without walking on anything hot and without having fed on hot food, close to sea level (100 slopes), the character was "boiling". I don't know if it's a bug or a misunderstanding of the configuration. And it bothered me a lot that the temperature didn't show up on the screen.
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