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  2. Some information about dragon breeding. Dragon breeding is already on our wish-list. If a change involves exploring and interacting with complex code it will take longer. I'd guess that the dragon breeding code would be in that category. The unicorn breeding to new saturated colours challenge will be Tam's introduction to the breeding code in general, and I'd guess that dragon breeding would come later than that, given their added complexity of red/blue and uniques nature. We do not use any other code than our own, which gets integrated into the server in a very safe way, and in the order Tam chooses. There are some players, including myself who would like some baby dragons about the server. They are cute, and blue highlighted. They will be able to be tamed, and be cared for. Via code exploration in the future, they might attain a much greater age than they already have. When they eventually die, they would be a source of dragon skin armour if the player wanted to farm them. Some players may have enclosures of blue creatures, or they roam freely, or swim (or if they are a dragon, fly) around camps. The non-attacking creatures can bring enjoyment by just being there. Frenetia only attracts a few players who like a peaceful environment. If there is growth, and we hope there will be, it will still consist of players who like blue highlighted creatures. Just like all the other blue highlighted creatures, bred dragons will not be able to be attacked. Best wishes from Pam.
  3. We will add this to the wish-list. However, before it is implemented the code will need to be investigated as to how to manage the trader behaviour of potentially sending the Kingdom bankrupt. There has to be plenty of coinage available to allow the increased drop rates and activities that drop coins.
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  5. Attempting to use the keybind for discard on rockshards that are on the ground results in the following message: [18:03:03] You need to carry the item in order to sell it. it should not reference selling when discarding.
  6. I don't mean to be that person....oh who am I kidding, I'm totally being that person. Any chance of a new round of map dumps in the not too distant future? Pretty please?
  7. Yesterday
  8. Ah, the "big sister" approach.
  9. Yeah I changed my temperature to 0 and set creature count up to 40k, still doesn't change the name or spawn anything when I push it. Not sure what's going on.
  10. A N G E R Y

    Wow, one I can ride a horse to!
  11. Tea Time 2

    I'd like to point out that I never claimed in the original Tea Time post, that banning a player was bad management. I was just there to tell a story and the viewer could decide for themselves how they felt. Both of these Tea Times have been stories I am telling for people to read and take from them what lessons they feel they get from them. Will this end up being a cautionary tale at Tea Time 20 of not to tell stories? Possibly. I feel that will be a sad day if that happens. But this is how I am feeling right now.
  12. Tea Time 2

    Probably the forum rules, given that it tried to claim that banning a player was bad management. And now this one is challenging said moderation. But hey, let's see how this one turns out
  13. Its a shame the other tea time was lost, but i can't help and wonder who it must have crossed.
  14. Complete set 65/66 rare + 1 non rare Starting bid 20s 1s minimum increments No reserve No buyout
  15. Libilas time to shine! Rare Lib fragment 39/66 complete Starting bid 20s 1s minimum increments No reserve No buyout
  16. If we don't reach 7 people this weekend I will force my two brothers to get involved, so that's a Sunday evening midnight deadline if you want to get involved.
  17. Agreed... let's just hope it leads to better games (/looks sketchily at BF2042)
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