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  2. Ah, that is a shame. Thanks for the response though.
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  4. You actually say that wrong. Most modders fix everythign what code club broke all over the years.
  5. 1 Rare Mask of the Enlightened Fragment + 9 plain Mask of the Enlightened Fragments to finish it! (high ql - forgot to take pic!) Looks like an attractive Owl Face when finished - see below! Picture from Wiki Get your very own rare mask you can put together yourself A very personal gift for yourself or a friend. This mask will glow when completed - I will provide instructions! *If you wish, I can combine all but the last fragment leaving you just one to attach! - just ask!* Fragments can be mailed COD or pickup available at Southport U18, Deliveran´╗┐ce. Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions! All the parts you need to create your rare mask - Have fun! Buyout: 10s No sniper protection Start Bid: 3s <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No Reserve.
  6. I wanna buy rare lumps and ores! Lead, tin, zinc, iron, copper and lead is accepted. I will pay 10c each! Just COD to Rgr and I will pick up as soon as I get online! (If it has much dmg, please pm me and we will see if I can use em)
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  8. check your latency.. (start > run > resmon > find in any of the tabs.. "wurm launcher's process", check the box for it > go to network and look at latency number; it's useful to know your 'normal' value when you're sure to be not lagging.. to be able to compare with it another indicator.. is if right clicking(action menu) does show some loading on the menu... pretty easy to spot you're probably not in the best shape to go out hunting 1v20 mobs and such..
  9. STOCK UPDATED (in red) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +3000 >>> Wemp - QL: 99,99 - Quantity: 5k - Price: 2,5s Strawberries - QL: 99,99 - Quantity: 1k - Price: 0,5s Lettuces - QL: 99,99 - Quantity: 0,5k - Price: 0,25s Cabbages - QL: 99,99 - Quantity: 0,5k - Price: 0,25s Cucumbers - QL: 99,99 - Quantity: 0,5k - Price: 0,25s Onions - QL: 99,99 - Quantity: 1k - Price: 0,5s Corn - QL: 99,99 - Quantity: 0,5k - Price: 0,25s Garlics - QL: 99,99 - Quantity: 1k - Price: 0,5s ADDED >>> Potatoes - QL: 99,99 - Quantity: 2k - Price: 1s ADDED >>> Wheat - QL: 99,99 - Quantity: 2k - Price: 1s ADDED >>> Pumpkins - QL: 99,99 - Quantity: 3,5k - Price: 1,75s Barley - QL: 99,97 - Quantity: 0,5k - Price: 0,25s Oat - QL: 99,75 - Quantity: 0,5k - Price: 0,25s Rye - QL: 99,60 - Quantity: 2k - Price: 1s +6000 >>> Sugar Beets - QL: 99,97 - Quantity: 16k - Price: 8s ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. No issues for me on Xanadu, check tracepath, perhaps we have a case of bad routing.
  11. It is back to P13 for the next rift. As with last time access is up the slope through the willow trees, if you look at the isologic map a fine graded line is visible at least part of the way. As usual see Niarja for the rift time. A view of the rift area from the top of the slope.
  12. Strange arrivals at Thallspring! Yes tis true the gods bring down glowing rocks!
  13. Browsing through some screenies from my adventures. This one, from south Exodus, near the settlement of Black Pearl, came up. Its from 2017.
  14. Yes more lag than usual for me also!
  15. I get very huge lag and ping playing wurm today... takes 4ever to refresh while doing actions and doors open 30 secs later or so.. What the hell is going on? I initially thought its my own network provider, but since i have 2 different ones i switched to the other one and its the same.
  16. My little rock Finally got around to climb out on the look out point
  17. At first sight your paint skills looked like a dragon. The head in the upper right corner.
  18. Planting in Cave

    doubt that statement
  19. Decoration

    The server Requim has a mod/code whatever that allows for making curtains, different bedding etc.. I would love to see a mod for Furniture or add to the tailoring mod.
  20. Planting in Cave

    I wish i knew how to build mods, What i would love to see is a mod that allows us to make planter boxes for growing crops in mines. Yes WO has implemented it but they took the idea from ARK/Conan
  21. Yes, you need to set a mapping for every file in your pack.
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