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  2. I want to give my 2 iron coins here. Im against the idea of making a change to dethrone one group or another, and I think we all agree who are both groups. Both parts provide benefits and disadvantages. If im not wrong, the pro-private slaying allow you to play a new role: the Unique hunter, which must be a lot of fun althought Ive never participated in a private before. Problem is, as they wont say a thing, the rest of the community is deprived from unique resources to also enjoy the game as well. On the other hand, public slaying allowes everybody to be able to participate, hack a couple of attacks at a monster, have some fun before killing it and enjoy the resources, but it forces you to give up all your effort at finding the mob just for the sake of colletivism (and man, do I hate collectivism). Why would I spend a lot of time on horseback searching for an unique, if Im socially alienated towards sharing the rewards of my time and energy? uniques would be left for those lucky enough to find them arbitrarily. Because of this, and given the unnecesary drama in this post, in my humble opinion the best option is to keep the system as it is, but reward both sides. How you do this, so everybody can be happy with the results? First, extra rewards should be given to the person or group of people who found the beast, I dont know what type of reward but could be an achievement, extra resources, maybe new resources, etc. Second, the more people arriving and killing the mob, the more rewards/better quality/maybe a giveaway of something cool like moonmetal, again I dont know. None of us is going to find a middle term because in ths post most people are too focused on charging against the other side, so a middle ground will benefit us all, in a individual and collective levels at the same time.
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    Cya lancelot! Never too old to game...
  4. Bump = stock updated. Still breeding primarily for private orders - pm me in game (Goldfinch) or message here on forum if you want something specific!
  5. Goodbye

    I've never met you in-game, but I have heard about the many kind acts that you have performed in PvE.. I hope that you can come back from time to time as- with respect- I disagree with your last sentence in your reply to Cecci! I am not too shy to say that I am quite a bit older than you and I still love playing Wurm. I only wish I had found it even earlier than I did. Whatever you decide, all the very best to you
  6. I like it, we need ideas for usable things from archeology and a birchbark canoe sounds fun and original. If I may do the addition, I think more vehicles from fragments like a Roman galley which would be as fast as a knarr but maybe with more capacity, or just better than any knarr or caravel. Also, why not a defending Golem, that would stay at your deed and defend it like a guard, but free?
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    Wish you great future experiences until... ...see you again! Well, a lot of active players here a decade or more older than you - I'm afraid without a proper set of shrink sessions this sneaky addiction cannot be fully cured...
  9. Saw: Iron 80Ql 60+ BotD Carving knife: Iron 80Ql 60+ BotD Stone chissel: Iron 80Ql 60+ BotD Small anvil: Iron 80Ql 60+ BotD Large anvil: Iron 80Ql 60+ BotD COD to Mrguffil
  10. Auction has now ended, congratulations Synjor on your newly aquired supreme strange bone fragment
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    Hello Cecci, how are you doing ,? I hope you are all good. I am in my 52nd year, and I think I am a bit too old to be playing an MMO.
  12. You can have one as a pet, but it does not log off with you, and it really wants to kill you while you walk around the server with it.
  13. Goodbye

    Well, I for one, always liked you! I have a few found memories of a champ rat connected to you. Farewell, and see you when you come back, cause we all come back sooner or later... Hugs /C
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    Hello. How are you all doing ? All good I hope, despite all this ###### we're in. Some of you out there will probably remember me . I'm the weapon smith that used to give free imps to all and sundry on their server. Some may even call me a turncoat, a traitor. I first logged into Premium time on 12 December 2012, and, back then, there were only two servers. Independence, and Wild. I joined a village on the former, Silent Hill. I spent many a good evening there, playing alongside Eliasthecrimson, Aeris, Tombat, and Stalk.. I was soon made an Elder by Elias, and took Tris back to see all was still good. When Exodus opened up in 2012 I founded a deed there, my first of 5. . I then went to Chaos and lived there for four years,. I should have gone to Wild first I guess, because I loved the PVP side of Wurm. II also played on Epic, as a member of The Horde. That was for about a year or so. I went back to PVE when Black Legion were no more. I was the only BL in the whole kingdom on that day. I grabbed a sailing boat and headed for Xanadu, where I founded a deed, called Arthur's Seat. I have played with long established players and newbies alike, and I've treated all the same, as intelligent, dignified people. I am saying goodbye, community. It has been a ###### good trip. Take care, each and every one of you. Yours most sincerely, Lancelot. X
  15. Log prices further reduced for 90~99ql logs. Enjoy
  16. Hello, my question is exactly what the title says is there a mod to make everything instant? I have my server setting for action speed multiplier on 100x and I've installed bdew timerfix but some things still take time. crafting for example is there a mod that removes timers from the game?
  17. Greetings Auntie I would like to order : Pure white 10kg, Persimmon (R=216, G=98, B=39) 20kg, Maroon 10kg and 5kg of R=136, G=205, B=250 . 1x Texas Peat , 1x Tar-B-Gone, 1x Claybuster. Please CoD to Soraya and thank you so much!
  18. Congratulations Bluecordmike - items sent:)
  19. NEW Mules - Draft : Carrot, Ruby, Pearl, Billy, Nightshade, Zephyr, Sad. Speed : Jack, Marigold, Cookie, Romeo. NEW Black Silver Draft : Southflash, Jadeflash, Icepick, Ebenpepper and Cloverlars. ( Details can be found in the first post )
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