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  2. Piles for days

    I didn't create this so unsure as to how it was done but a single pile of 464 logs outside (no damage despite other piles in the area being damaged from someones clearcutting project)
  3. Halloween & Rift Items

    Pumpkin shoulders 50c each Hats 2s each Skull masks regular 2s each Skull mask gold 3s Mask of the ravager 3s Trolls masks 2s each Mask of the returner 2s each Elaborate shoulder 50c Seryll bracelet 3s
  4. Pregnant horses behaving weird

    That's kind of interesting. If they are "a few years old" I wonder if the two glitched ones could have been born within a day or two of mine. Maybe there was some sort of weird bug introduced, caught a few days later, patched, and now only involves mares with a certain birthday (give or take a day) do you happen to have notes/docs of when their exact birthdates are, and if the "okay" horses are from outside those dates? I have no idea now when Silverpie was born, just 2015 or earlier. Sometime in 2011-2012-??, Rolf was tinkering a lot with Horse breeding code...
  5. Tich's Hat - Fishing Hat

    Definitely +1
  6. Tich's Hat - Fishing Hat

    Idears: (don;t let me vote cuz I would probably vote for the green one)
  7. Today
  8. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Large selection of pre-cast items. Received order so quickly! Shatter insurance, discounts and the option to pay with labor or materials. Great value!
  9. WTS Wand of the sea

    It creates an island as shown above. My deed is on one.
  10. Tich's Hat - Fishing Hat

    Made from straw/thatch .. +1
  11. Lib is cheating!

    At least in the topic of mine you quoted, the mission item -didn't- change during the scenario from the old name to the new name (probably because we didn't collect one of the new ones). I wonder if Lib only needs 5 to win (would be normal victory condition), or if the ones she hung on to mean she now needs 6 to win.
  12. Lib is cheating! also
  13. Tich's Hat - Fishing Hat

  14. Yesterday
  15. Lib is cheating!

    Not that it matters. But.... Lib didn't relinquish the "Rotten somethings" from winning the last Valrei scenario, and they have now converted to "Holy Jewels", bumping the total number of mission items in play from 10 to 12. I think she also retained a source token, for some reason.
  16. I will add it in the next release. Thanks for the feedback
  17. So I was thinking we could use a fishing hat. It should have 5-6 small pockets on it, to store lots of spare fish hooks and fishing line.
  18. Wet, damp, moist - dirt

    Fingers crossed!
  19. Wet, damp, moist - dirt

    wait for the waves
  20. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    yup, 40-50ql should do the trick nicely
  21. Source Spring- Source saved now gone!

    I have actually done this it's now locked behind high walls and a gate I am the only one able to access it. I surely do not exempt myself from blame here I had a gut feeling I should surround it and lock it down but did not want to offend any of our friends in here so, I figured I would let it stand that it won't be touched since it's on the deed. Lesson learned. This post was just to get the word out there for sure lock up the source and I am collecting it now as well Thank you kindly for the suggestions.
  22. Wet, damp, moist - dirt

    sounds like it's possible and we eventually might see it in a client update

    To Ronia
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