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  2. Moonmetal

    3 days auction 1 hour snipe protection 70s start, 90s buyout Free coastal delivery
  3. Installed 15 runes. Thank you very much! I recommend to everyone!
  4. Thanks for your interest. I guess you have not brought food from me and so you do not understand what I am selling which is fine. It's main use is for generating recipes for others so that I can cook any affinity for anyone. It gives 10+ options for each affinity which can be manually chosen based on the most common ingredients you have at hand. Generates 5-10s per week. It is for sale for in-game currency. I'm in no rush to sell as I will just keep using it until an interested buyer comes along.
  5. Problem is there are many ingredient combinations that will produce a meal or pizza that provides the desired affinity.
  6. The last piece to completing my set! please ping me! ~Ssmokes
  7. Today
  8. New Highway From here,1480 to here,1384 to here,1352 to here,1330 to here,1328 Jogs north a little to here,1323 to join up to this road,1324
  9. Thank you all for your participation! Congratulations borel84 !!! CoD to Knailsmoogalith
  10. Thank you all for your participation! Congratulations Smokes !!!
  11. 9s as we enter the last hour. /snipe Please send to Ssmokes, ty
  12. Anyone else not getting Neg traits anymore? I have not had any in weeks of breeding now.
  13. I logged into my alt on Melody. Left the spawn and headed north and found some horses after not even 5 minutes of looking. Not only that but found some other passive creatures as well. The last month I have spent time on Release, Exodus, Pristine, Independence and Xanadu on SFI and have found a ton of wild animals. Both passive and hostile creatures. Maybe you just aren't looking in the right places.
  14. Chaos fashion is on a completely different level
  15. You mean for people like me
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