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  2. Mag priests usually charge 0.50 to 1s for the first tile to collapse, much less for the subsequent ones, and usually 1 to 1.5s for travelling, especially inter server.
  3. Thank you for the event, was over so quick though. Perhaps they should make forest giant stronger.
  4. Just started mining again and starting on skilling up on masonry to build those homes for the village. Keep running into scorpions and spiders. While mining seen first champion spider and he ate my cow! Cow is gone and should get a goat.

  5. hi me only and looking for a better way to make more coin. Working on masonry. Need to get skill up first.
  6. Not sure what they (Mag Priests) would charge to bring down a single tunnel tile. Been roaming around on Indy, i have seen so many good places have been wreckage over the past couple of years that no one want it. So i found this place on Indy, look pretty good, but its a mess with tunnels of network that i would like to collapse. (If i decided to deed it). Been trying to find a fresh start to make my own place, but really hard to find a good spot near the water that has no highways going through. Anyone interesting helping me out here?
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  8. It would be better not so pointedly and onesidedly to advertise the barren world of NFI, at least as long as the merge perspective is not clear.
  9. I guess they better complain that the server is crowded and hard to find a spot rather than going to a server and meeting nobody around to realise its a dead game... however advertising 2 year old server as NEW is a far stretch lmao
  10. This isn't the place to argue about Discord vs forums, or Discord on other games, or Discord generally. Please stop. Pandalet (LFM)
  11. Well, given how close NS was to winning, and how it was in the lead before, I attempted to get a head start. [18:44:00] You have just received the title 'Transmutator'! [18:44:00] Natural substances increased by 0.0163 to 70.0122 Pottery next.
  12. I remember they release the new sailing features for sailboats and i really like that one. Hardly anyone doing any addons or they having issues with it. Seem like to me, they are lacking of dev and staffs doing this parts and no wonder it been painfully slow since i first played online back in August 2019.
  13. When you make a new character and choose a server, Cadence is still being advertised as a new server: This naturally entices most new players into joining Cadence, since it's "new". I realize that Cadence technically is the newest server, however it's also the most populated near/around spawn. This is reflected in the majority of the game's recent negative reviews on steam, which are mostly complaints about how far you have to walk to find a spot that isn't claimed. I think a lot of people want to just find a spot and get started asap (unlike me, who usually spends hours looking for the right spot), and advertising the most crowded server isn't the best solution to this problem imo. I know steam reviews shouldn't really matter to those of us already playing and enjoying this game, however, the truth is that all of us current players are affected by these reviews. I think we'd all like to see more players giving the game a try and enjoying it like we do, and some people who might otherwise try it out might be turned away by all the negativity. I realize the game is already niche to begin with so negative reviews are to be expected, however, as I said, the majority of recent negative reviews are about how hard it is to find a spot, and this could easily be addressed if Cadence stops being advertised as new. Then, players will be more likely to choose a server at random or based off a youtube video instead.
  14. Thank you. Added/Updated.
  15. Hey everyone. First of all, my apologees if I am bumping a super old thread, but I have no idea where else to turn to. I have already contacted Rockybalboa on the forum here, but since the deed was sold I am not even sure which forum account to ask about it now. If anyone knows something, please share. Current situation: The Glasshollow Market deed seems disbanded and a few people already placed small shacks and started to destroy roads. It just breaks my heart to see my favourite market destroyed in such a way. I'd love to make an efford to preserve the place somehow. My funds most definately won't be enough to place a deed large enough for all of it, but a small deed for a start would work, then maybe expanding, maybe with the help of a few other Glasshollow Market fans, would be feasible. If the current house writ owners could send a PM or just post here, and maybe a few others who would be interested to keep the market going, maybe we find a solution together?
  16. 20s Achillis
  17. WTS rare saw 86.50 ql BoTD 101 Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  18. Bump. Can now make/imp Platesmithing items to 70ql. Also have most tools in stock at 90ql with 70, 80 or 90 botd casts.
  19. I have 3 Trading Posts set up right on the water, off-deed, but just across the street from my warehouses. I put the mats in the trading post, set the perms on the building and gates for that person, and they come at their convenience, pick up the mats, drop the coins in the bowl on a table in the building, and be on their way. So far it's worked out pretty well. Neither of us have to be on a timeline and wait around or rush to be there.
  20. that's one big thing about social interaction in the game.. emotes are dated and werent buffed for a long long time.. I can't recall change since 2015~, there's still lack of UI tip for important mechanics.. there's lack for ui activation of some only commands * coffee, unless you know it's a thing.. you have no idea what it is.. sleep bonus.. unless you sleep in bed or do mission etc.. you have no idea how to get it and there's 0 tip while playing like.. bed or ZZz and direct short sentence.. dont forget to.. to get some bonus, etc.. /balances is only a command.. not in ui.. /rift is also only a command, no visual tip where you can use it and where not.. while there's active rift.. or ingame ui explaining the event queued actions outside of crafting window have no que at all, you have no idea how many actions you have queued and how many are left to be executed before it ends(unless you count them start to end..) there's still no proper management for friendlist.. some names are too long and hidden and overflow out of the visible column, it was possible to register a char with 39865282034 symbols.. for some reason..20-30symbol name is plenty normally.. minor update is needed for few actions to be also possible to keybind..(there's at least thread for that.. but game does not often pickup up updates from there..) all this is best to classify into it's own group and start a thread of it's own then ask @Keenan if some of it could end up into mid-end of a roadmap as decorative big qol for basic use to old/new players
  21. summon only works if there's a priest where you want/need to be.. and it's 100 faith, have 100 favor.. willing to summon you.. seems like there are several complications.. add being online or being non-prem when you need it.. list just keeps growing, summon seems unreliable at times, no? the game fails hard to find new players for years.. it's really or should be really interesting why and if something could be slightly changed to get more people in it: two things to note about that.. teleporting is certainly not what hold the game to be niche; there's a lot to be changed and a lot more servers to be opened for new players to join the game.. just 80 online actual unique people on a small server will start to be toxic with each other and compete over resources and terraforming dreams, projects and flat coin grab for trees/dirt-sand for bulk flattening and mortar/rock and metal shards for bricks; the game is simply not planned to keep many people at 1 place with this in mind, if all are pretty active.. there's a lot to annoy a lot of other people that's where temporary exploration/hunting shards.. and possibly gathering resources there is a good way to expand, but that will change the game into home carebear server and instance servers to explore and pillage
  22. How many are with you already? are you going to found a new kingdom?
  23. expected.. wurm stamina and movement, fighting.. weight system.. all harm your life, movement, possible re/actions while exploring - like what you can do at your place or the other side, hunt, gather, "explore"(I really don't get that one, I'm lazy for it); in your case you had free linked network to whole map for everyone to use, comes with some some responsibility what players do after they have the freedom with it, controls should be part or the planning to limit that scenario, I thought of similar thing but with account/name reputation and familiar faces in mind, you'd not toss a cart in friend's yard, and so on, the usual stuff you learn to be part of the game and work well; use what seems to work and polish the stuff that irritate people as mechanics already
  24. This is the promised transcript of the existing highways verified by me during the last couple of days. It consists of all highways, canals and tunnels in the grid fields of M16, N16, N17, O16, O17 and some connections to their neighbor fields. For every line I made a short comment, to make sure the right part of the highway is addressed in case of typos with the numbers. Most roads used for the highways are visible on the recent map dump. If there is a new part of highway road, built after the map dump, I noted it in the commentary. A few parts of the highways I simplified, like skipping small unimportant curves or short connections from highways to certain deeds. All old highways/tunnels/canals on the map in the mentioned grid fields should be removed before applying the new information. O16/O17 canals #1886,2765 to #1980,2765 (Silverfish Canal, western part, O16) #2033,2784 to #2084,2784 (Silverfish Canal, eastern part, O17) O16 highways #1957,2798 to #1957,2646 (from "Garnet Coast" to "Azath") #1957,2735 to #1923,2735 (junction westward to "Harmonica") #1923,2735 to #1923,2843 (southward to an anonymous deed, new road not on map yet) #1957,2740 to #2003,2740 (junction eastward to "Nowhere") #2003,2733 to #2003,2764 (southward to an anonymous deed) #2003,2733 to #2062,2733 (eastward to "Nowhere", entering O17) O17 highways #2048,2734 to #2048,2610 (from "Nowhere" northward, entering N17) #2048,2646 to #1957,2646 (junction westward to "Azath", entering O16) #2100,2610 to #2218,2620 ("Mumindalen" eastward to "Harmony Unified Marina", passing "Lyon Estates" and "Hill Valley") #2194,2620 to #2194,2558 (junction from "Hill Valley" northward, entering N17, partly new road and bridge over OHR canal) #1957,2797 to #1973,2838 (southeast, crossing "Garnet Coast", entering P16 N17 canal #2204,2596 to #2123,2596 (surface canal to "Oak Hill Ranch") N17 highways #2194,2558 to #2187,2551 (short northwestward) #2187,2551 to #2187,2319 (northward to "Independent", entering M17) #2020,2610 to #2100,2610 (southern border of "Oak Hill Ranch") #2069,2610 to #2069,2499 (junction northward into "Oak Hill Ranch") #2069,2499 to #2076,2493 (short northeastward) #2076,2493 to #2076,2459 (northward to junction) #2100,2610 to #2100,2620 (southward N17 to O17) #2020,2535 to #2107,2534 (junction eastward into "Oak Hill Ranch") #2107,2534 to #2107,2512 (short northward) #2107,2512 to #2302,2512 ("Oak Hill Ranch" eastward to Harmony Bay, entering N18) #2020,2610 to #2020,2459 (western border of "Oak Hill Ranch") #2020,2459 to #2340,2459 (eastward to Harmony Bay, entering N18) N16 highways #2020,2587 to #1882,2587 (westward to the beach) #1882,2587 to #1882,2554 (northward along the beach) #1882,2554 to #1890,2546 (short northeastward) #1890,2546 to #1890,2536 (short northward along the beach, anonymous deed) #1950,2467 to #2008,2467 (eastward, passing "Vindobona") #2008,2467 to #2020,2458 (short northeastward, entering N17) #1950,2467 to #1950,2446 (northward) #1950,2446 to #1888,2446 (westward to the beach) #1888,2446 to #1888,2392 (northward to junction, passing west end of boat/pedestrian tunnel) N16 tunnels #1881,2409 to #1997,2409 (boat/pedestrian tunnel) #1913,2392 to #1977,2392 (highway tunnel) M16 highways #1913,2392 to #1742,2392 (from highway tunnel westward, passing "Vanguard", entering M15) #1977,2392 to #2036,2392 (from highway tunnel eastward) #2036,2392 to #2045,2401 (short southeastward) #2045,2401 to #2045,2489 (southward, passing "Zum Steinofen", entering "Oak Hill Ranch and N17)
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