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  2. sorry I am mentally ill, i dont know why people expect me to act anything other than bat shyt crazy
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  4. BUMP. PM me reasonable offers.
  5. Thanks for the trade!
  6. when i spawned in zombies as part of a mission trigger, they came in as this really weird animation - not the default libila zombie animation but basically all white or all back with like part of their brain exposed. That's the default zombie value under mission trigger effect -> spawn -> zombie. any ideas how to fix?
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  8. More reason to separate them? Make the choice of living on chaos matter. Warriors thrive there but without any way to trade with freedom you will want those non-warrior classes to be on deed again as it was intended. Playing in the thick of it all, instead of safely in the time-share we call freedom.
  9. Another year has passed away. Lets hope we get awesome WU mods in 2k18 Merry christmas to all.
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  11. Time to chime in again: Remove Chaos from Freedom, and all issues are solved. Sorry I know people hate this idea, but it really does solve most issues without much work. The reason I bring this option up, it prevents all future abuse. After re-reading the thread, to avoid issues of Freedomer's wanting to buy PMK items, why not make them [pmk items on freedom] Cash Shop items for the devs, and the PMK's get % silver sales just shooting options to help, devs, pmks and future abuse issues.
  12. wts 55s for 50e+pp fees. Friends and family. Thank you
  13. Your deed and your alt deed are probably in an alliance? Then on both deeds you have to check "allow actions on allied deeds" (and make sure "Attack non-citizens" is also checked); that will let you do things on your alt's deed and your alt do things on your deed.
  14. Somebody should stream and announce it like in esports streams
  15. While i do agree with the general thought im starting to get the impression you think 90% of trade is dominated by pvp...........
  16. I cant have this on because it gives a error with the hhtpserver. Anyway hot to remove the hhttpserver thing?
  17. Bump!!!
  18. I dunno last time we hung out in Sarnath it looked like Kix was the one that needed stitches Glad you are enjoying it in the kingdom though Eva. You joined us only recently but you are part of the family now already <3
  19. Expect a couple of LoA teams to sign up this sounds like so much fun!
  20. Awesome idea. Always wanted such a server where we can practice our pvp skills.
  21. Awesome. I'll get on soon and make it on deed.
  22. Well you won't need them. I dropped cats eyes all the way up to the closest highway near us. So we're both connected. You just need to drop a waystone on deed and link yourself up.
  23. +1 to the purpose but -1 to the idea to fix it in the OP. Imo, Iron plate should simply get damaged a lot faster and have MUCH lower glance rates in everything but piercing. I always believed that chain armor smithing should be a skill to make yourself and pets chain armor. If chain is never supposed to match up to plate (I know its better in slashes but not that much better) on people, then chain should just branch off to put more armor on pets. I mean... who doesnt want a bear wearing 90ql chain armor.
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