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  2. From the Creator of the 101 Crates Auctions! ***Please Read: The Auction includes 3 sets of 20 Crates. The three top bids will each receive one set of 20 via Wagoner in Cadence or via Pickup at S12 Cadence. Each set can be claimed at the buyout price at any time (for those in a hurry). *You can only claim more than one set IF you are paying the buyout price on each of the sets purchased. *Each Bid must be a new Amount. For example: Two people can not both bid the minimum amount. Delivery NOT included (But Postage Is!) and Large Crates will be sent via Wagoner on CADENCE shortly after the auction ends. Buyouts are generally handled within 6-10 hours of Buyout. Yes, I have to sleep! You will be contacted to set up a delivery location shortly after it ends. *Choice of Standard Wood Type IF Desired - Walnut, Chestnut, Pine, Cedar, Fir, Birch (Crates are 1 Plank from Complete) ***Reminder: This is per set of 20*** Starting bid: 3 s (14 c +1 c Postage Each) Increment (minimum): 20 c Buyout: 6 s 20 c (30 c +1 c Postage Each) Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  3. Interesting idea. I'd get squashed but might have a go for the lols!
  4. Ordered a 90QL suit - and 3 separate 70QL suits. All delivered in under 18 hours. Impeccable service.
  5. 90ql steel set please... cod to FlairMinamoto. Thanks
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  7. I could build it on an entrance without a door so it seems the check is buggy somewhere and an entrance is not considered as an entrance if there is a door on it.
  8. Low stone walls are exempt of the slope requirement at mine entrances.
  9. based on masonry for stone walls think u need like 88.
  10. Tried to build low stone wall next to a 35 slope mine door - low stone wall is the only type of fence which assumed to not be restricted by usual fence slope limits. The toons used in the test: 1. Masonry 53, Carpentry 72 2. Masonry 60, Carpentry 34 Neither of them can build the wall, error is: "You are not skilled enough to build in such steep slores." Tried both with mallet and trowel. There is a building in front of the mine door and a stone mine door on the opening, these should not interfere. Further tests: Same error on an 51 slope entrance edge which also has a mine door but no house in front of it. No error if the entrance has no door attached, low stone wall properly started as expected. Screenshots in the spoiler.
  11. Honestly, I don't know if this is a good suggestion or not because I don't understand exactly what it is you're suggesting. A second kingdom on Freedom Isles/PvE - why? It's barely a kingdom anyway. I get that the "tiny deed mechanics" are interesting and perhaps worthwhile, but small deeds on Freedom are already very cheap - and a price worth paying at that. What benefits are there from being a "settler" - branding animals perhaps? I'd rather just have a "personal branding" system instead then. As for PvP, if I am even understanding what you're suggesting: Please no. The last thing I want are new players setting up a nice 20ql set of walls in a 5x5 area playing solo, only to log in a few hours later to see their entire creation reduced to piles of copper ore. Wurm PvP is not a solo experience, even for the most dedicated and skilled players. Not to mention how the privileges of a deed can be abused if you have an alt "settle" a 5x5 deed with a minehop at a strategic location. There is already a Freedom Isles kingdom on Chaos if you wish to be unaligned, and Horde of the Summoned is supposed to offer you many of the freedoms of not being in a kingdom at all, including attacking your fellow kingdom members.
  12. Hi skye XD can you put my deed in to map an cordinates is 28x57y, name is Tomorrowland and yes i be a mayor. i try to put picture where you see spot and i marked it to red sircle and arrow and same time can you put my alts deed Tranquility Bay in the map and cordinates is 28x59y and mayor is my alt docshocar. that white dot center to red sircle is my alts deed
  13. Hi i'll take a 80ql set with whatever helm sent to Lemlox ty
  14. Oh, also, [1416.1711] connects to that new extension at [1458,1711]
  15. New highway extension! [1457,1853] [1459,1670] [1472,1659] [1475,1610] [1467,1611] [1465,1545] Thanks Yaga
  16. Hi Rhianna, Thanks for your feedback. I noticed already that there are very many creatures in game. It's quite cluttered and will become even more crowded as new settlements will be founded, reducing the area where creatures spawn even further. I will definately think about a solution for this and implement it.
  17. Next Update: The next update is currently in progress and this post will be updated upon any changes. Status: Work in progress Planned changes: Automatic server Backup. Automatically backup databases every 2 hours and upload them to a cloud storage. Info Tab in game with introduction and server rules Leaderboard Meditation mod (no limit on meditation gains per day, reduction of cooldown between path level ups, no fails to concentrate) Discord integration Completed changes: none, so far ...
  18. Can we please have at least one free guard - at least for first week. already m,y deed is overrun with mobs I have no chance to kill
  19. WOuld be hell to implement and test out to get rid of the bugs and balance everything but this is the type of content that would actually make me want to add more months of subbing. Love it. Also had a similar idea some time ago but was too lazy to post it. It involved a dragonic invasion planned a long time ago by Wurm that would be an event taking place during a period of three months across all servers at once. Players would be forced to construct citadels at pre determined GM location to ward off the invasion. Within the citadel, a unique item called "Godheart" would spawn , said item will have an HP bar attached to it. Wurm desires those items to weaken his enemy gods. Players must defend those items at all costs. Lizard underlings, servants to dragons would be the first wave assaulting the citadel. The next wave would be small drakes, smaller than dragon hatchlings but deadly none the less, similar to drakespirits or eaglespirits. The 3rd wave would be based on a few hatchlings attacking at once + all previously mentioned mobs. The final wave would be a huge champion type dragon that spawned additional mobs throughout the fight. At the end, kills would be monitored and based on kills / construction materials provided / materials donated (such as cotton, food, supplies) / priest support offered, rewards would come in the form of dragon scales, magical unique items, etc. Would finally get some wurm server cooperation to set up defences, plan logistics, have people work together towards a common goal. I'm probably day dreaming but this is the type of content that would band wurmians together and foster cooperation.
  20. Not sure if CPU is your issue, but here's how I reduce mine. When running a group of clients, I use low settings for all, but if traveling, then will choose the driver to use default so I can see further than 20 tiles away. Also, if not needing to see the surrounding environment, I disable world render which saves considerable CPU resources. The following keybinds it to Control + the F1/F2 keys, but you can choose whatever you want: bind ctrl+f1 "setoption no_world_render true" bind ctrl+f2 "setoption no_world_render false" Caveat: Not a big deal, but weird things happen when you enable world render after crossing a server border. Chances are high that your avatar will be in an "alternate reality" world with no mobs, trees or structures, but can freely run around the world and only see grass and pavement (but from other avatar's perspective you're still in the boat), or the client may crash. Just relog. The CPU savings are worth it.
  21. You have a great imagination and you obviously love this game, however I am not so sure if your ideas would be implemented into Wurm. The reason why I say this is because some of your ideas are very (maybe too) personal / prescriptive and quite complex. I would however, agree with your idea that with a game called Wurm, there should have been the opportunity of developers adding a creature named The Wurm as an additional unique rather than merely bait for fishing! I congratulate you on the detail of your proposals and it is always good to read ideas of people wanting Wurm to achieve its full potential.
  22. You can set gravestoneCount=0 in the config file to disable the gravestones from spawning (= no event) but you will still need server packs working to see any of the custom art for items etc.
  23. Sold horses removed Today's additions are: A16: Damienhard, Ebony Black, Young foal, Male, 5 speed pure - 5 silver His mother is the old fat Ironhappy His father is the adolescent fat Piehal B20: Kalilsilver, Ebony Black, Young foal, Female, 5 speed pure - 5 silver Her mother is the aged fat Flearock Her father is the adolescent fat Wildsilver
  24. Retro Dragon!

    I keep forgetting to put up the location: It's at Bruce's Flying Circus, X17 Y31
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