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  1. Cod the 99 coc needle and 101 Awl Blade to Sirjadyn if they're still available.
  2. I've got a Fo Priest 86 faith, Needs it for Benediction. I also have a 100 faith fo priest that doesn't need it but can assist if needed.
  3. Hey boss, when you get a minute if you could get me: Animal Husbandy-Sirjadyn Prayer/Channeling-Mrjadyn Meditation-Mattwx, I believe you have all these already logged from our messages the other day if not shoot me a pm and I'll find the messages in my chat logs.
  4. Hey, if you could cod a Test meal to Sirjadyn that would be great. I've got a few toons and will put the affinity given in here. Cheers.
  5. I might attend, I shouldn't have anything that week, I can provide PAS,SS,BS,JS. I have 70 Metallurgy as well if you need some alloys feel free to shoot me a message.
  6. 2.5s for the Mallet & 3s for the Ropetool? If so Cod to Sirjadyn
  7. I don't have 20 faith, as I was under the impression it worked the same as Vyn, when I swapped over to Vyn and back before the 10% was out the gate without me having 20 faith, I just assumed it was the same with Fo.
  8. I switched from Vynora to Fo for the +15% bonus to Nature and Subskills as I thought it would apply to Meditation, on swapping faiths I meditated and noticed my tick was actually 10% less than my last Vynora tick done 17 hours before, both med ticks were done at 100 alignment. Vynora provides 10% skill gain to all skills which accounts for the 10% loss on the med ticks, Sleep Bonus was used for both ticks. No where in the patch notes nor on the wiki does it state that Meditation is excluded from the +15% Fo bonus. [04:54:56] Meditating increased by 0.0899 to 56.4009-Med Tick as Vyn [21:09:46] Meditating increased by 0.0818 to 56.4828- Med Tick as Fo. [22:17:33] Meditating increased by 0.0816 to 56.5643-Med Tick as Fo. Patch notes about the Priest rework that have no indication that Meditation was excluded in the +15%.
  9. In my pursuit to have 1 silver in Iron coins in my inventory, I noticed that when you exceed 1000 items in the inventory random items start disappearing from the inventory list, however they are still present. For instance just now, I had over 1000 coins in my inventory, upon relogging about 5-7 coins had gone missing and my pottery amphora wasn't showing up. After dropping about 10 coins they reappeared on a relog.
  10. Hello, I would like to Purchase the following Sorcery Items, Red Tome Slime Of Uttacha Smoke From Sol Blood Of The Angels Scroll Of Binding Feel free to pm me ingame or on the forums IGN: Sirjadyn Thanks.