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  1. In my pursuit to have 1 silver in Iron coins in my inventory, I noticed that when you exceed 1000 items in the inventory random items start disappearing from the inventory list, however they are still present. For instance just now, I had over 1000 coins in my inventory, upon relogging about 5-7 coins had gone missing and my pottery amphora wasn't showing up. After dropping about 10 coins they reappeared on a relog.
  2. Hello, I would like to Purchase the following Sorcery Items, Red Tome Slime Of Uttacha Smoke From Sol Blood Of The Angels Scroll Of Binding Feel free to pm me ingame or on the forums IGN: Sirjadyn Thanks.
  3. So I accidently dueled my alt instead of Sparring him, I noticed that on the death I lost Skills in addition to Characteristics. Before hand I did fight a Bear, he only glanced me and did not actually hurt me. This happened on Deliverance. From my understanding any PVP death is only meant to make me lose Characteristics & Fight Skill, not normal skills. The skills I lost: Coal-Making Archery Hatchet Cooking Prospecting
  4. Close

    Looking to buy a Scale set on SFI with NFI Silver, Send me a message on here or in-game.
  5. Close

    Taking Raw Scale as well, still looking.
  6. Close

    Still looking for a Scale Set, Color, QL, Enchants don't matter.
  7. He doesn't play the game clearly, he's never even made it that far.
  8. Like most have said it's clear you haven't put in enough time in the game for you to actually understand it through and through(Proven by the fact that you claimed you are at end game hunting level with the server you're playing on barely a year old). I only started playing 3 or so years ago, half of that time I spent probably not even playing, I've always paid for my premium as that's my choice. I'm not a Vet of this game by any stretch, yet I've been able to get multiple skills to 90+ and have sold my ability to imp/create Tools/Armor/Shields in the past and up even in the last month. People have their go to smiths but at the end of the day if they aren't on and you post something in trade selling your skills it's pretty easy to get clientele. If I put in the time to get my skills to X number, I should not be limited by the amount of Tools/Weapons/Armor sets I want to make, the only thing that should limit me is the orders I have or the time I want to put into it. I'd recommend you actually play this game and get a skill to 90 before you claim that everyone that has 90+ skills need to be limited, judging by your previous suggestions it appears you've played even less then I first thought you have. But hey, you'll probably look over this like you've looked over anyone that has a reasonable explanation on your posts.
  9. Close

    Still looking for a Set.
  10. I don't get what your magical issue with this race for resources is. I've never seen or heard someone make up so much ###### to win their posts over. This games had thousands of players and yet somehow you're the only person with this problem and you refuse to even listen to a word anyone is saying. Instead of acting like a tard go play the game, you might actually learn something about it, as clearly you know nothing about wurm judging by your posts.