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  1. 20 seconds in global <Gwion> (Lib) tend, tend, tend the crops gently in the field <Knightshade> happily buzzingly honeybee thoroughly lets increase the yield well it was fun at the time : -p
  2. Category: Wacky & Wild. Knightshade, Deliverance. genuinely wasn't sure which one to put forward. I included the lower pic because of the balancing act involved from using so many different mats. There are a few new worthy designs but they haven't been employed in WO yet. good luck all.
  3. i read that completely wrong. clicking thread
  4. I'm very certain i've been told it in a PM with a certain past staff member. tho I've no desire to look through the log. Of course, i've never given it much credence they've lied before. Im just saying, it's what i was told by, an official.. shortly before or after the steam launch. and there it is I had assumed it depended on the success of, the steam launch and approached this staff member to quiz them. My emotional recollection is pristine on the matter. This supports my mental memory. I was also told by a veteran super-active player (who was told by the same, staff member) that; `They say that there is no plans and there never will be and have been pretty adamant on that fact. i don't know what will happen, but i think in desperation they may change their minds` I'm not gonna drop her name either. (sf) Still, we live in hope, we also live in hope for a WU content/engine update which the official had also told me.. will never, happen. (aside from a few optimisations, keybinds and pulling off the beta tag ) We'll see won't we. You should maybe study your own point of contention a little harder before comitting to discourse, boi.
  5. 8 years in my (deli) upkeep, the memory of codeclub saying they will Never connect the old clusters to the new and a happy new life in WU means, im just a spectator now. But i feel yer pain
  6. Congratulations logging in shortly Mailed, thank you
  7. Hello. Today i am auctioning my Black drake hide set, the proceeds will be added to my deli upkeep. I see that the hide goes for about 50s per kg currently and there is 3.17kg here including a rare finished product. So i will be starting the auction at 1.4g Start Bid - 1.4g Minimum Increase - 10s Buyout - none Snipe Protection - 1 hour For questions concerning the headwear;
  8. Traders A quick question that i hope i can explain properly. In WO, traders often had permenently logged in alts in their local to increase their payout. Obviously i speak of the system before they became what they are now. (aka fishing update era) Did this mechanic transfer to WU? I'm told it didn't by a WO veteran with many more miles on the clock than me and that it doesn't by someone very familiar with the WU codebase. Can anyone else verify?
  9. Sorry forgot to update. Knightshade, Exo disbanded. My deli deed has plenty of upkeep but i had to let exo go loc -,903
  10. Thank you. Arch also, relayed this info in discord. Even if it was provoked by your post, i highly appreciate both of you. I will get on it within the next few days, no rush I hope u both have, a wide enough bubble. Happy christmas.
  11. inserting an invisible character or using spacebar, just resets the page. no result. username Stevelee Cannot login until resolved. Cannot subscribe until resolved.
  12. yeah i agree, i was just joining the dots between the 2 posts. unfortunately, CC don't care about WU. personally i'm happy i have a home on sklo and have never had trouble using the client mods until i activate the beta option. Yer right, leaving this in beta is testament to how little they care but it's a very old insult now i think most of us have gotten over it. we're simply grateful WU exists at all.
  13. the umm, Original post refers to it as `the beta release` , doesn't promise anywhere that it'll come out of beta. You'd like to know when this release isn't beta anymore. Fable referred to it existing already in its `finished state`. he wasn't deflecting. how can it be finished if it's beta, we ask. The beta version conflicts with some mods tho i've not tried them all, mod makers can easily overlook it because, it's a beta u need to opt into. when is it not gonna be? opt-in beta versions exist as previews before they get added to the default client. This is not the case with WU, it seems, frozen in time.
  14. I too did this but the process did allow me to set a password which works fine in the classic launcher. it's only the steam launcher i can't use because `name isnt registered to steam account`