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  1. the umm, Original post refers to it as `the beta release` , doesn't promise anywhere that it'll come out of beta. You'd like to know when this release isn't beta anymore. Fable referred to it existing already in its `finished state`. he wasn't deflecting. how can it be finished if it's beta, we ask. The beta version conflicts with some mods tho i've not tried them all, mod makers can easily overlook it because, it's a beta u need to opt into. when is it not gonna be? opt-in beta versions exist as previews before they get added to the default client. This is not the case with WU, it seems, frozen in time.
  2. I too did this but the process did allow me to set a password which works fine in the classic launcher. it's only the steam launcher i can't use because `name isnt registered to steam account`
  3. +1 then there's this; It has a stone column going up it but still needs a supporting wall
  4. Sending pm - will update title when sale is complete Conclusion: Thank you! excellent buyer, no messing about, added to upkeep The upkeep will last approximately 1790 days, 8 hours and 17 minutes more.
  5. WTS for 35 silver Ql: 40.0, Dam: 0.0. Item protects food as well as large chest items. No decay on deed. Free delivery (can be loaded) If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to ask. No expectations.
  6. Congratz Malena! Very happy for you. Good luck Darklords, you have a very challenging task.
  7. do you mean the deed is at the wrong altitude? (submerged) if that is the case, export a new .map .. that's an old export error that has been fixed
  8. worth noting... if you had trouble importing maps larger than 100x100 with the old client (client stalled and failed to load), this has now been resolved with the new standalone client. 200x200 full of content might take 50-100 seconds but it will complete. (there is an export specific written into the code, if an object is further from the token than 101 tiles, it'll fail to load in, that is due to the WO export and not deedplanner)
  9. the run function when encumbered would only double your speed, it wouldn't be running because encumbered enough, you'd still be slower than lightweight walking. we have to call it the same thing (running).. because it's the same function. *rolls eyes* IRL if yer carrying way too much, u can, double your speed.. tho stopping is usually rather laggy. I wouldn't worry about newbs racing across the server, they don't have much stamina, running then stopping and waiting then running then stopping and waiting every 30 secs sounds more exhausting than pressing x and sitting back but would still be tactically invaluable without making the game too easy. If you get clipped, that could disable sprint as it slows down walking. +1
  10. Sklotopolis - PVE

    nothing is permanent and there are many wu servers. what word should i have used? perpetual, enduring, lasting? Permanence is more than just an absolute, it's a feeling. A confidence. a comfort. a potential for investment. I'm keeping this short so as to not steal attention. I'll keep an eye out for a different reply to your post because im too bias and believe sklo is near-perfect. sorry, perfect is an absolute as well, oops another oxymoron. I know what u mean, ghost deeds everywhere. I still believe someone else would be more qualified to counter your argument because i feel used to the system now and wouldn't have replied had you not pulled me up on the objectivity of the P word. Minor mental irritations are all but invisible to me, after 6 years in boot camp, sklo is paradise. <ignore - scroll up>
  11. ah, random WURM quote of the day. sorry i totally ignored that word on account of this forum being a wurm forum. ppl point out the obvious in their titles all the time. so it's random quotes from wurm. ok gotcha
  12. I know WO has woad planters but WU does not. When trying to find out whether woad is a seed, herb, resource or spice i was unable to find it under any of those classifications. eventually i botanised it as a resource The botany page links to this one - so woad should probably be added
  13. Sklotopolis - PVE

    A quick review; This server is arguably, The way it's meant to be played. That statement might ruffle a few feathers but i believe the assessment to be sound. Even with the comparitive freedoms that a WU server offers, be you casual or committed, the game is extensive enough to keep you hooked for years and possibly, allowing you to experience more of the game than you could before. (we can't all afford to pay multiple subs if we want a priest and we can't all afford more than 1 or 2 deeds, on sklo this matters not) 4 deeds per steamid per server (8 max deeds), no priest restrictions other than 1 religion per char.. (your main can also be a priest) I'm discovering more of this game, thanks to the sklo model. aspects i would have remained ignorant of in WO due to my financial limitations. I hesitated with WU for years, the reason i left minecraft was because of map wipes, private servers are not reliable, if i wanted to start over, again and again, i'd still be playing Empyrion. However, it is my opinion that Sklo is one of the most permanent servers in the WU network. I have no fear of loss here. The staff are very supportive and the systems are very evolved. I played WO for over 6 years and I recommend this server. If you have any questions (i have missed alot out), feel free to send me a PM.