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  1. +1
  2. You wouldn't be giving a newbie HQ tools, it'd be a loan, the benefit of joining a deed as a citizen. As for making your own tools.. I've never made a tool, i played for 2 years before i bought a rare, 1 year before i bought my second enchanted tool. WoA needs skill to activate the augment so no harm there, CoC would aid in skill gain. People that grind their skills up fast from go, throw money at the problem to do so... it'd be nice for those that can't afford to do that, to have access to these things. Recruitment should be encouraged, I wish to +1 this thread because i believe it would make a mayors job easier. Thereby making the average player more likely to recruit. Newbies that want their own rares but can't afford to buy them, will still grind toolmaking, if it's in your face and it isn't yours, you're likely to want your own. The same can be said of enchants. At present i reckon 80-90% of people that join the game, quit before long. that's alot of effort, introducing people to the game, teaching them the ropes, for very little return for Codeclub. Alot of people avoid recruiting newbies because of the hassle, because of the `organisational demands`.. this change would lessen the burden by a fair amount and encourage more players to recruit, teach, guide. simply because they'd have the time to do so instead of keeping track of tools and perms. There's one thorn in this suggestion.. if they logged out on the chained tile and never returned.. how is one to get the tool back? The code would need to bind the tool to a container and force the item out of their inventory when they logged out or got out of range. That's a leap, i agree, we may never see this happen. But i think this is a good suggestion.
  3. This isn't a problem at night because at night, the near-textures match the far-textures.. but during the day.. Strangely the problem doesn't occur when viewed from the east at sea level. or from other angles at different times of the day. Turning off shadows does not affect it The problem occurs at the same LoD distance as the old paint render bug. viewed from north
  4. bump
  5. bump I've instead replaced this with a sandstone iron fence, the height difference isn't such a problem when you can see through most of it. But it clearly needs a low sandstone wall
  6. that's a fake trailer from October 2016 I had a 10 min look for an official trailer but they were all bogus.
  7. bump
  8. decay is accelerated on the foreign building if you overlap it with your perimeter. but be mindful of the fact presented by Jake.
  9. I wish i could help but i've never been busier. Doing my own project and working on Fabled Halls. If anyone is particularly fond of wolfs den canal, please consider assisting with removing the veins, since i paved and `illuminated` it, Mark's done a great job, it deserves to be finished.
  10. this i needed to know recently. ty Im almost sure that levelling used to change the terrain to whatever you were levelling with. (but does no longer, which is why i didn't think to try flatten) I still want to +1 this suggestion