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  1. love is genius genius is love. Outstanding Malena, well done.
  2. i was told that that, occurs near the end of season but i never tested it. yeah i agree it's glorious when it does that.
  3. It was actually gamma adjustment we needed and didn't get. I personally don't mind the snow anymore, unfortunately WU didn't get the update, fortunately it has a nosnow mod. As for WO, there's about 15 or more snow shovel suggestion threads present on the forums, u can tell snow's been improved because the number is no longer growing.
  4. personally i was a supporter of name changes when character sales were a thing. (mentally, not emotionally.. i never cared about account sales) Buy a 2nd hand car, give it a paint job, make it your own. Course that's naive because people who haven't bought an account would use the facility unless account sales were tied. But now there's less need. Maybe enforce a rule where a forum account must be created to enact a name change (forum name = new name) if it's already taken u can't change it. the previous name, being listed on the users profile. (with a little field next to it that allows the account holder to add a little note). This would be compatible with `make it a one time thing` Course some forum accounts are practically heritage, rationality dictates that a better idea would be to force your existing forum name to be changed with it, instead of creating a new forum account. Unfortunately this isn't possible because i already asked if i could remove the `b` from my forum name. Whichever creative compromise is met, it's alot of bother to setup when CC have so much else on their plate. Sorry i couldn't deliver a tidy idea. Shame we have to protect ourselves from exploitations but such is the nature of order within entropy. This would, be simple, if every in-game account name was the same as that accounts forum name. then all you'd have to do is list the char name changes on their profile page and make the search user function search those fields as well. If you have alts, have them securely registered on the profile page. Even if you gave one of your in game accounts to a family member, there'd be a data trail that users could find. The problem with name changes is that we don't really have the infrastructure to support it fairly. But one could be built.
  5. if you click a location on the map the co-ords for the mouse position are listed in the `selected` box on the left column. simply, click the start of a straight line, paste the co-ord into notepad then, click on the end of the straight line and put that number next to the first one. where the route turns.. start a new line, adding the previous number to it.. click the next end of straight and paste that co-ord next to that number. rinse and repeat. no maths needed. just trying to help If you're unsure of where the turns are compared to above ground, open the console F1 - type <firepillar>, a lava patch (illusion) will appear above ground. feel free to ignore me I guess if it's a cave highway only start/end/intersection needs to be accurate. I'd genuinely love to come over and plot it properly for you but i am currently unsubbed.
  6. Knightshade - knight is mothers maiden name (no security risk in making that public), invented it 30 years ago didn't use it till last year. Woodwhisper - I first got into my spiritual development with Wicca, the name had meaning till i was fool enough to goto Middlesbrough and call myself that on the haxed forums. This is what i used in Everquest 1 and 2. Talonclaw - Just came to me, maybe Farscape helped not sure. an Eve Online dev gave me a little reward for the name about a year after release. Nevynus - Nevyn is a character in a Katherynn Kerr novel. Gaelic word. CyberKnight - my Q2 league name, CTF and AQ2. Stevelee - My first and middle name, lee is from the masculine old english leigh, meaning meadow. (if i was chinese it'd be from Li meaning `plum`) stephen is greek from stephanos. hmm any more.. I used ShadyK on the KISS forums 2 decades ago but i didn't stay long. Thornwind is another one because i used to be angrier than i am now. Qigong i used for my eq2 monk but i didn't invent it.
  7. April 2019 is what we're generally told within the WU community. unfortunately back then micro-freezes were a problem (java gc) additionally it was before all the T&L and distance rendering improvements. (it also fails to render the inside of a mine when you're 8 tiles away from the entrance) I think the fishing update was the last major revamp that WU received, that was december 2018 so it's definately later than 2017 edit; this was a month before they abandoned wu development was `officially ended` quite recently but for all intensive purposes it was April 2019, just took them a while to tell us.
  8. Empyrion and Wurm Online have merged? awesome! any VR yet? (someone hasn't been reading updates)
  9. The greatest fix so far, seems to be setting the min and max heap size as equal numbers. [Runtime] OverrideDefaultJavaPath=false JavaPath= [Memory] InitialHeap=4096m MaxHeapSize=4096m [VMParams] JvmParam0=-XX:+AggressiveOpts JvmParam1=-Xms4096M JvmParam2=-Xmx4096M This seems to prevent the garbage collector from needing to run, the 4GB i've set it is just for experimental purposes, great if you have 16GB and run 3 chars in unison. Change the figure if you need to but keep them the same as each other. The [Memory] section seemed to be ignored so i added the classic arguments as well.
  10. I'm tempted to add as a positive note. the upkeep funds that the new trader system applied to my place, came to the value 40 silver added. it jumped from 905 days to over 1200.. then i vented my bank and made it 1400. Thank you, I'll be 50 before it runs out.
  11. Kickstarter campaign started today, they're already 50k in on a 224k goal.