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  1. How to kill your own game tutorial

    this is bold, i apologize for myself. the sun is overcoming my meds. the number of times over the last 6 years that i've heard people say the game is dying. you're dying, he's dying, I'm dying, we're all dying! anyone that thinks the game won't last another 3 years should abandon ship and be done with it. I'm of the feeling that it'll last over 10. everything changes but through adaptation it can stay afloat. To my knowledge no java game looks at good as wurm without ENB shaders and custom texture packs. it's a marvel. *required for full affect: compatibility>VBO set to core ah yes, the good old days. I miss everquest before daybreak got their hands on it. now it's just an over-engineered money pit. as long as wurm's sub never goes up it has my full support.. when i can afford it. Total respect for the greatness that once was but every human has genius flowing within them, most often untapped. I don't know how to assess the staff we have (other than retro), however I do know and would put money on.. it's not the end of the rainbow.
  2. Licensed to kill

    what is wrong with you next time i say to someone `some people just wanna see the world burn` .. i'll think of you. Sounds great hex, had to read it twice to get my head around it. Creative thought, that's what we need.
  3. personal merchants

  4. How to kill your own game tutorial

    i see how that would be frustrating. the pvp potential of Wurm, only available in WO, which fuels a furious debate concerning what needs fixing. thanks for the insight.
  5. How to kill your own game tutorial

    I see.. So the rule of the thumb is WU favours PvE over PvP. (by popular demand) even so.. there must be a few PvP WU servers. maybe a couple of really good ones. The presence of such a thing would serve to provide insight for WO developers as maybe their PvE counterparts have. (ultimately improving pvp in wo)
  6. How to kill your own game tutorial

    ` Nope, it's the right way the game should be played. Think about it, PVE makes absolutely no sense. It has no purpose, no meaning. No risk, no strategy, no challange ->> no game. ` ` Thank you for dropping by though, always nice to hear your melodramatic nonsensical self ` well now you're just projecting. you'll find a mirror serves greater purpose than a forum. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- as for the content of this thread, im seeing alot of over-thinking and a fair amount of over-fearing. I cannot speak for pvp, i'm a creative and have yet to try it. as far as the newbie issue is concerned, ca-help i find is very helpful, we don't tell them how to play, just how the dots are joined. the game is far less daunting than it used to be. `have fun` is always the last word. That made me genuinely giggle, thank you. if all u wanna do is PvP i'd understand the appeal of WU because it's free and it doesn't matter if the server goes belly up. however, if you want to create beautiful things and you want them to remain, un-threatened by server funding or lack thereof, official servers have a permanence that can't be guaranteed anywhere else. I'm not saying we're sane.. i'm saying that insanity isn't the reason we pay to play. still, you do make WU seem very attractive, i hope what you've written sells more copies. a percentage of those buyers will migrate to WO because they'll yearn for something more permanent. (i apologize to any WU servers that might outlive codeclub, such a thing is possible but imo, highly unlikely) If you just wanna muck about destroying things and you're not happy with the way WO is operating, I'm not sure why you're wrestling with it. if i was you i'd migrate to WU and be done with it.
  7. Make name change Possible.

    I'd only be repeating what others had already said. Vote counts, my explanation wouldn't count because it's already been written. that said... my empathy has been provoked. I can understand the desire to make the account your own but it'd be a system that's too easy to abuse. (this is why we can't have nice thingsā„¢) If the buying of accounts came with the option for staff to allow you a name change, that'd be a fix but we can't hope to expect it and tbh, people would find a way of exploiting that by paying themselves and simply changing their registered email address if one is even needed. If you can conceive of an applicable system that can't be exploited, pray tell. as for reputation being a good reason for a -1, i believe it's a good reason.. it isn't the only reason. it's hard to imagine what lines the exploitative cross if you yourself are not exploitative. (cultivation and exploitation are not the same thing) reputation is not the only reason. sometimes reputation is bollocks and speaks more about the gossipers than the subject. all the same, I believe name changes are a bad idea and i accept that this is a subjective view.
  8. How to reset account

    you can also make a new character with a different name but i understand why you might not want to do that. if u tell sirene your character name she'll mail you what you need. if you require anything else send me a pm on the forum I'll have a dig around, i have coffins full of lq stuff i don't need. Any free to play characters (chars you have never subbed) that don't login within 3 months get automatically deleted but i don't believe there is a way to manually delete a char.
  9. Deliverance historical maps

    ooh look at that, east coast. Vulcan Retreat used to be called New Ultimarus, years later i renamed Indigus (my deed, around the corner), to Trinsic. how canny Not entirely sure why i chose to honour ultima when i renamed the deed, the impulse was almost fleeting. my processing was mostly spent on deciding which town to name it after.
  10. Stuffed Animals & Creatures

    it's only a shame because when you create a new thread instead of adding momentum to an already existing thread. all the previous +1's get ignored in favour of a new sheet. Retro has collated requests into a single thread before (missing keybinds) but it is a burden that he can't be expected to do everytime a clone is created. I want your words to have power but everytime someone creates yet another thread for a common idea, your efforts get ignored unless the subject matter gets lucky. best thing to do is google (or other) <wurm suggestions ********> don't worry too much about the mindfulness, you're not the only one, after years, i've had to stop caring, happens too often.. but occasionally i see very popular ideas re-created and i have to step in, to honour the 10,000 words that came before it.
  11. New skill/proffession "Mortician"

  12. Stuffed Animals & Creatures

    shame you made all that effort, in a month someone else will post the suggestion, ignoring yours.. as you've ignored these.
  13. There's no `need` to add cats eyes to any highway but it's more than just a fad. Adding cats eyes to a highway is extra effort and often that effort means that the highway in question is made properly. although not the rule of the thumb..highways with cats eyes on them tend to be `finished` to a higher standard than highways without.
  14. diagonal highway can be 1 tile wide with half tiles filling the side gaps. simply place cats eyes up the middle of it
  15. Lapis Lazuli