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  1. What do you look like

    you look alot like Michael Langdon. (the antichrist in the most recent American Horror Story) *grins and hides*
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  6. The Screenshots Thread

    Fo being eaten by Magranon
  7. Word Association!

  8. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    Everquest introduced Epic Questlines aeons ago. horrible buggy mega-quests in the original, much improved over the last 16 years. these questlines relied on class specific content (scripting) the foundation of which iswas already in the game. It wasn't simply a case of `brew 1000 litres of beer`, `kill 10,000 wisps` or `raid crushbone 25 times`, it followed a plot, a very long plot, but it told a story, the reward is something you'd rather keep than sell. Wurm doesn't have classes, not really.. although we do have titles, titles that demonstrate what individual players are interested in. Maybe the forthcoming revamp could be a lore questline that is independently catered depending on a players skill table with an `introduction to wurm` version for those without any skills. here's a quick example of the original druid one in eq just to give you an idea of the continuity of the damn thing. It takes longer than it looks because it is not easy. it could be argued that Wurm lacks the NPC content to invent such a thing but i feel that a little (or a lot) of creative thought could find adequate compromises. Further debate on the future of personal goals probably, deserves its own thread but feel free to add yer 2¢
  9. Wurm is too expensive for devalued currencies!

    so 18 cans of coke is the subscription fee In the uk cans of coke from tescos will cost you 70p 18 cans is £12.60 My subscription costs me £14.42 yours is cheaper. In fact.. if you run £14.42 through the currency converter.. you get 77.48R$ I wish, my sub was only £10.09 but it isn't, yours is. count thy chickens.
  10. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    Hi This is for those of you that find themselves listless in the aftermath of the personal goal rush. Wurm is about freedom and pride in ones own freedom. (achieving things you love doing) i believe that the personal goal has engineered many psyches towards doing what codeclub, wants you to do.. instead of that which keeps you playing. Many people have left because they don't know what to do with themselves to say nothing of internal infractions caused by the panic to `win`. titling the achievement `winner` is in my humble opinion, quite perverse. To win the game you need to find your niche and love it. results in a truer kind of pride than that which others expect of us. That's always been the way.. keeps you playing, free will is an important psycho-motive component. since everyone got obsessed by personal goals, this concept has been somewhat lost, by many. the question `what now..` lasted for very few seconds for most of us, once upon a time. But now im getting more and more reports of the question getting stuck in peoples minds. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a complaint or even, about me.. i saw the danger and walked away till it plays out, i'm still subscribed and i will return without any desire to achieve my, personal goal. If you can relate to this condition or have friends that are battling it.. just try to remember what drove you before this happened maybe have a break, while you do. If you love the game and you excel at what you're good at, in it. Both you and the game wins. well done. And the best of blessings for the years to come.
  11. More skulls!

    yeah i know, but that was a different thread