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    Science & nature in their entirety
    Subcat; ancient history, language, music, panpsychism, philosophy, buddhism, creative design, psychology, gaming, internet.
    Favourite TV show : Q.I.
    Great with animals.
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    IT Technical & appliance of software.
    DTP & Web Design (ancient history)

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    Everquest (Bristlebane - Woodwhisper - Druid of Tunare)
    Everquest 2
    Quake 2 ctf (Cyberknight)
    Action Quake2 (Bubba - FSB)
    Elite: Dangerous (Talonclaw)
    Battlefield 2142 and others.

    Multiplayer origins- Duke Nukem 3D, Quake II, EQ
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  1. bump
  2. Fantastic
  3. [20:27:05] <Kristoffersson> Hi i am looking for a Village edit - he struggled for 5 hours and died many times. he tried discord, delightfuldee is now travelling to pick him up. thanks dee
  4. its fine. i would have needed no other settlements on it anyway. glad it's being developed
  5. By the looks of it there's 2 deeds there. do you own both? I live on deli, directly west of the inlet, i used to own the first small island to the west (built the HotS tower) when xan began. no rock tho, deep soil. Due to its location this interests me, I'll have a look when i catch you online. If you play as anyone other than Kyleshandra let me know.
  6. works ok for me. (image should display);
  7. I beg to differ.. and so do the other 5 that clicked like. (i couldn't decide whether to link the comment, paste the comment or throw it in a spoiler. anyway, you can write poetry. beaut is aussie slang and totally allowed )
  8. you just said something that in part, was far more hilarious than it was mean't to be. no one -1'd it a year ago it simply passed by unseen. it's nice that it's reoccurred now, i only shared my thread because it has an additional 8 threads referred to at the bottom of the page. thought it might well support this one.
  9. Following the fall of Wolfs Den, the canal is now fully paved.but be careful, a closeby looters deed has been founded and it is believed that someone is using an auto-KoS bot.a complete innocent was put on KoS for passing by, in local.
  10. yeah i pasted every instance of the suggestion the last time it was suggested.. even so, it didn't prove popular. as usual +1