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  1. i said some interesting things then i spoilt it and deleted everything.
  2. Updated the other thread with this; I just discovered that if you reduce your model loading threads to half the number of cpu cores you have, they're as greatly reduced as if you'd switched to java10. tested on 8 core amd, 8 model loading threads to 4. might be worth trying.
  3. I just discovered that if you reduce your model loading threads to half the number of cpu cores you have, they're as greatly reduced as if you'd switched to java10. tested on 8 core amd, 8 model loading threads to 4. might be worth trying.
  4. oh i don't doubt your motives. I was being purely objective.
  5. : noun. something given voluntarily without payment in return You are correct That said, if a `gift` was developed that included alts, it would be a lesser item because you could make 100 free characters and claim it one hundred times. CC doesn't want the game flooded with bedrolls, that'd ruin the relevance of tents and future stuff.
  6. Oh i thought you'd just stalled the updates until steam was sorted, leaving WU's future dependant upon the success of steam WO. didn't realise it's been relatively abandoned. silly me has been defending codeclub when the topic arose. alright then, i guess that gives me the freedom to choose not to sub. no support means no support, equalibrium being key. Good luck. got 3 years upkeep so i'll be around. *turns his attention to oracle*
  7. please don't forget about wu once the steam move is done and everyone's back to normal shifts. can't grow woad there yet.
  8. At the (wu)sklotopolis impalong with GLSL off, im getting 10-25fps with 4gb on the laptop i mentioned (yours is faster). (low to low to medium settings) Course this is windows home (less clunk) and i've tweaked the hell out of it. As mentioned it's 25-50fps elsewhere. Tried it with linux, ran faster. You do need more than 4gb especially with shared memory systems. I am always aware of what the machine is trying to do and u can tell how much it hungers for more RAM. still, perfectly playable, might even be tolerable for 12 hour sessions when outputted to a bigger screen. Brash offers fair advice but if you are technically minded and know how to discipline windows 10 you can squeeze quite a decent experience out of minimal hardware. This is Radeon R2 (dual core AMD E9000) i cannot speak for Intel HD. the max im getting in this scene is 26fps, the lowest 18.
  9. I play on my 1060gt desktop but my newly aquired laptop has Radeon™ R2 Graphics in a 2.5ghz E-series AMD. Stoneyridge architecture very slow. it's a GPCPU, yours is 200% faster than mine but with the right settings (nothing horribly low) i easily get 21-50fps.. if i turn off GLSL. There was a time when the CPU mattered far more than the GPU, thankfully optimisations over the last year or two have seized the power of 3d processors. Intel integrated graphics, was something i avoided when given the choice... that said i've never personally tried it. disabling GLSL and making sure to select 4 model loading threads (if yours is quad core) will yield the best results.
  10. Thank you no problem. Hopefully WU won't use J8 for the rest of its existence. I'll try importing the JavaFX library from the JDK when i have the energy
  11. getting knocked off my horse and killed by a Lava Fiend, getting eaten by a Crocodile that was hiding (invisible) on the side of a mountain. thanks to odynn fur helping me retrieve my corpse for the latter. The only thing that very nearly made me quit was a veteran player 1 week in but ive mentioned that elsewhere and mystrix has reported a similiar experience. I've nothing particularily useful to add to this thread. I was told how challenging the game is and how few people it appealed to, course that wasn't a problem for the finance model back then. Expectation is the thing, if you're prepared for wurm it's hard to get discouraged.
  12. oh bugger all these years and i failed to scroll down past this because of the save button doh and ty
  13. Playing WU on Sklotopolis presently.
    started a couple of weeks ago. enjoying it.
    charname: Knightshade.
    server: Novus.