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  1. yeah, virtual desktop is just a curved monitor strapped to your face. if you relax, it's very, very cool when you try it with WO but.. it is in no way native or truly immersive. turn your head, the scene doesn't respond, you're just looking at another part of the heauge curved screen. worth checking out, definately fun but.. it isn't the experience. There is of course VorpX which does.. help many non-vr games feel almost like native vr but i've never bought it and can't speak for it. it certainly doesn't have an injection template for wurm. To my knowledge this is the first mention of VR since way before the move to steam. You'll have to forgive the fandom, it is a good dream but as emoo re-iterated.. it shouldn't be the priority.
  2. That was it, then u pitch in with your smarm. this thread is a bloody merry go round. I'm sorry for not repeating myself, over and over and over and over and over again. Others have also, iterated and re-iterated the need for better development before we do VR. I only sought to explain that we don't need to use vr controllers to publish a great vr version of wurm. am i to repeat that every single page? or would you like to be ever so slightly mindful of the folks that aired your opinion already? maybe you could click like and support them. no, no lets pretend this is page one. ok.. YAY, thanks for mentioning vr for the first time in ages, it's nice that it's not been forgotten but maybe the client needs fixing first. shall i do that again.. on the next page.. ok. ile check back tomorrow. `maybe you should have read up, others have mentioned your point and already responded to it. ` see what happens when i remove `i` is that betterrr? have a lollipop.
  3. yes, i already responded to that as well. even quoted a friend that i agree with who agrees with you. im not chasing my tail for you, these things have already been paid homage. struth. and around we go. If you really care, skim the previous pages. echo echo page 4; Page 5; you're welcome, nugget.
  4. you probably should have read up others have mentioned your point and i already responded to it
  5. there's nothing wrong with using a keyboard and mouse in vr. i do it often. I tried WO through Guy Godins virtual desktop a few times .. not so good for grinding but epic, for smelling the coffee and exploring. . with keyboard and mouse. I dearly hope if and when we get VR, these control mechanisms aren't disabled. As for improved improve.. there's a far better one available from inniria that Snidor has tweaked to perfection. just an fyi If we need a modded experience for WO VR then maybe a VR server might work but i don't believe we do. Sorry for talking about virtual reality again i know there's greater issues to address.
  6. I read that as one screenshot per category, felt quite guilty for providing 2 I personally, don't mind how long it takes. You do amazing work DN, this is no exception. Don't rush. It's quite difficult to be an objective organiser when it comes to art. The collage will be somewhat of a jigsaw puzzle.
  7. a quote from a friend that i agree with. no name dropping, veteran player. I mentioned the stuttering issue. Is a game like this even capable of doing VR without some serious debugging. Fair point. it's just really nice to see the Virtual Reality intention mentioned for the first time in years. Maybe it is unrealistic, maybe once that is realised through practise, the spaghetti code, endless bugs and leaks will get worked on and Vr will be delayed by years. it's just nice to see the intention. I guess code clubs pragmatism will be tested, sooner or later. (later)
  8. *shrug* you can't possibly mean me, i've been waiting for VR wurm since Budda first expressed interest and im perfectly happy with WU and DU (although the render distance is somewhat annoying in the former) I apologise for not commenting on the rest of the original post, i simply had nothing else to say, there's alot of us here, best keep it short. Your post followed mine im bound to feel like you were referring to me, a little tact please. As for those that u WERE referring to, give them a break, VR is big.. it's not been mentioned for a very long time. It deserves the limelight even if it momentarily outshines more important topics.
  9. I stared at that for a full 30 seconds. When you do, there are many free marketing avenues. The VR gaming media are very keen when it comes to shouting out what's available. An entirely new playerbase. Course with that comes judgement. spreading the word is one thing but what's the word. Buggy or smooth.
  10. i don't browse the forums as often as i once did so have only just caught up. if there's been any nastiness from people that know what's been going on please.. take the time to consider what's actually real and be humbled by it. show some compassion.
  11. bump