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    Battlefield 2142 and others.

    Multiplayer origins- Quake II, Duke Nukem 3D, EQ.
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  1. bump and another relevant URL
  2. nice +1
  3. Ready for battle! (minus the axe)
  4. I think getting the in-building floor textures up to speed with the new wall and paving options is a little more urgent. (Marble Brick, Slate Brick and Sandstone brick floors are not possible to build as flooring) still, +1
  5. +1
  6. bump
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  11. A revolution. one of many. this one tho. sweet. in my humble opinion due to its `one of many` status i've surpressed the urge to rave about it in outer circles,. but wow. a humble example: the green is from a rune (that i applied a year ago); edit>trimmed into a spoiler This aforementioned `revolution`, is also great for marketing, for those that care more than i do about such things. great work creative department, a sunshine upon the rain.