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  1. Hello, could you please add: Knightshade - y23 x45 (blue square) thank you
  2. +1
  3. I coulda sworn there was a suggestion thread for this already, i apologise if it's out there. My suggestion - bridges without fences. even if, we're unable to walk off the side of it. Considering that there are no fences that are the height of the bridge fences, this would aid design and continuity, greatly
  4. +1
  5. I would, but it's diagonal. The bridge would have to go out to sea then back to land. no one would bother using it. besides, it doesn't matter, I'm moving to exo
  6. You didn't post a suggestion, this is a suggestion thread. But i did empathise, the north highway from my deed will never see cats eyes because there's 20 clay tiles in the way. (triple that because it's diagonal) my suggestion is make cats eyes plantable on flat clay
  7. It'd be nice to know that the deed is an active one. (played within 6 months), for that, the spectre wouldn't have to move.. no lag, use the same model for them all. so, +½
  8. well.. A GM recently told me that mayor and anyone with bash perms should be able to remove.. a pylon. but it is not possible at the moment. (to address unspoken concerns, it was me that built it) Turns out, it's not for the suggestion thread, it's a bug. so i created a bug report, i have no doubt the other structures will be looked at too. That said, +1
  9. As it sais on the tin, a GM recommended that i report it. Deed holder and role settings are ineffective against Pylons. ty
  10. as much as i love roleplaying emotes during the timer, +1
  11. I'm going to click like but i can't plus one it. too close to 20. adaptation is the fuel of creativity. frustrations aside.
  12. One day, we'll be able to plan roofs from all materials. *throws a penny in the wishing well* +1
  13. lol could not have thought of it myself. +1
  14. not in all cases. i'd have to test (underground) still. yeah -1