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  1. "Convert" tile with dirt and sand

    by levelling a tile border with dirt. Maybe I should make a bug report, maybe then it'll get sorted.
  2. "Convert" tile with dirt and sand

    doesn't work, just tried. when i went down the slope to try it on the parrallel tile border, with dirt and no sand in my inventory.. this happened... The bloody rock tile got covered in sand as i raised the tile border. I'm not carrying sand.
  3. Loading rowboats onto larger ships

    a ship can carry a boat, a boat cannot carry a ship. The very distinction between the technical meaning of `ship` and `boat` dictates that our ships should be able to carry boats. If they can't, they're not ships. They're boats.
  4. Deedplanner 2.9.2 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    can't u just save it once you've loaded it and voila, it's a new save file?
  5. Terraforming Balance

    This The demand for concrete (ash) is in such in high demand because.. petraforming requires so bloody much of it. This has been exploited by profiteers (not creators) buying all there is to buy to make an astonishing profit margin. Most of us are happy making what concrete we need because buying it is stupidly expensive due to the high demand. So we buy ash instead, cept there is none to buy. Those of us that need concrete to create, generally aren't busy blacksmiths or financially well-off. Even with recent changes, it's not viable for us to accumulate enough ash for our needs. You'd think this would be good for the market and economy, supply and demand.. unfortunately the demand (cost) is too high, profit margins, too high. due to ash being swallowed up, compromise is also impossible. Mortar and crushed rock, why do we even use Lye? Five stars.
  6. close

    can be closed.
  7. Could we possibly make it so that barred walls stack/merge like portcullis do? even if it's just 2 up?
  8. Feeding Trough

  9. Bump, slate/sandstone
  10. Remove mining safeties