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  1. Patch Notes 21/AUG/17 Bugfix: Fixed a few issues with prying/bashing waystones in deeds and perimeters.
  2. actually the wishbone in the picture is on deed and quick destruction of on-deed bridges is what i was hoping for. but im not the OP so i can't define the intent of this thread. however to my mind, the maker of an off-deed bridge should have rights to destroy it. (the dioptra holder) as for bashing? I've never tried to bash an off-deed bridge and im happy with the slow decay rate.
  3. adding this recently bumped thread to discussion;
  4. The paint bug is back, kinda. The following images have a 1 tile distance differential Amd fx / gtx1060 / 16gb / x64 j&w clientlog;
  5. Blacksteel disbanded itself in March i believe. Haven't seen anyone in deli chat named guruen since you came back off your fishing holiday and promptly disappeared. edit - Hang on no.. i remember, the person u sold it to had his ship in my bay and may not have known it was there, having bought the account.. so i tried to get in touch. after a few months he eventually moved it. since then there was no sound of him and i don't think he ever spoke in kchat nor did anyone that carried that name after him. I think Blacksteel disbanded a few months after he moved his ship but i can't be sure. There was someone i was talking to about his ship, she.. i think it was a she, managed to tell him it was there after i had moaned about abandoned ships in my bay. it may have been wilca or cecci, it might have been neither. i can remember no more This may serve; Woodlands on Xanadu seems to still be there, founded by Guruen in December
  6. bump the following is an old pic, I've upgraded the towers since..the problem is, this `structure` is 60 tiles long and im upgrading it to pottery brick. My large maul is imped and runed and i have 2k pottery bricks with 2k more ordered. I'm ready for the challenge But it'd be a little more wonderful if there was a way of demolishing the sections through the gui.
  7. simple enough.. we can't get our deed-highway links sorted until we finish our revamp efforts and upgrade to the new textures. not only is the paving protected by the links, the fences are too. I'm happy to wait if it's on the roadmap, this is more a request than a suggestion. Could we (shoud we?) upgrade low stone walls and curbs to the new textures? pretty please thank you
  8. bump Plants that grow in sand
  9. i downloaded them individually and i did it 5 times.
  10. i just checked myself a 6th time and the map you are posting as `new` is now new. you updated the link. thank you. please don't let anyone unduly suspect me of madness , you had been using the old one until very recently even if you might not freely admit it. I'm just trying to help. be gracious.
  11. >No longer Valid link updated post-comment, skip to here<
  12. I just tested this link.. it's still using the old dump on the new dumps the pattern i've bevelled is no longer there;
  13. bump
  14. bump