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  1. bump. i know we had it for a short time but i realised that if it was fluid if, you could mousewheel from 1st to 3rd person.. it's a somewhat paradigm shift but would make the game much more `broadly` appealing and the timing would be good.
  2. it's 38.2mb when you change the extension to gif (if using firefox, right click > image info or download it)
  3. I'm not sure you're correct could you present an example? this is my example:
  4. highway route from and to,899 Knightshade needs adding. 1805, 905 to 1805, 956 1805, 956 to 1835, 956 1835, 956 to 1835, 912 1835, 912 to 1808, 884 1808, 884 to 1803, 884 1803, 884 to 1794, 875 1794, 875 to 1723, 875 1723, 875 to 1695, 847 1695, 847 to 1670, 847 was created a couple of years ago so it's visible on the dump. also developed it from 1835, 956 southwards but i'll wait for the next map dump before i figure out the co-ords for that.
  5. windows 10 (hidden) telemetry just popped into my head. most people don't turn it off. i wouldn't worry about 38mb
  6. If you change the extension from mp4 to gif it embeds it properly
  7. I'd keep in mind the potential for texture packs when working on the mod interface, it might encourage the folk that are currently working on such things to keep at it.~ What about mushrooms? If chlorophyll can breathe in mines, could you add mushroom farming to the game? saprophytes don't need light
  8. yeah i played for years without sound on because of the apalling horsehoof effects and small bells It isn't always the same person that rings it but there's always one. strangely never more than one, it's like only one person gets to be THAT annoying at any given gathering. Unfortunately, having sound generally off meant i didn't hear the more immersive sounds of environment. Never got to full screen, remove the gui and `smell the roses`. sound is important. To keep this thread on track im going to paste a picture that might serve it. I assume bells and eating are action sounds i haven't experimented for some time.
  9. necroing posts isn't shunned here. don't feel bad about it. it's especially important when it comes to suggestion threads. You're getting to know the game and the community, it's all good. This is growth. Tho it's super that you're mindful enough to bridle your extroversions and impulses. Don't bridle it too much, i did that and ended up only being sociable when drunk.. which is a mistake because very few people can understand stevespeak in its raw form and it was way too energetic. (nervous energy probably) rarely happens now. My underlying non-concious logic was always, if they like me when im `too much` they're potentially friends for life. People are just getting to know you, if i might be so bold... wipeout wasn't shunning necro posts it was just a friendly inquiry :). sometimes i hate being a natural communicator, oh the anxiety.. I've learnt how much stoic presence there is in this game, widely varied players that don't particularly care to voice their presence or opinions or dreams or ideas on a public forum. you seem to represent many of these natures but you're a communicator. I think it's great, just great. but that's an entirely subjective opinion. obviously. Sorry bout all the details, figured u deserve it Idea's i'd like to happen in wurm that won't? 1 - Actual Rivers 2 - being able to loot ships that are almost rotted, aquatic salvage 3 - 3d mines 4 - being able to play with water as you can do in minecraft 5 - Jetpacks or Flying Carpets (or balloons) 6 - Upkeep discount for deeds that have been up for a long time 7 - VR : this one is doable but takes alot of development.
  10. If you do any actual deed presentations or could make use of footage from other presentations this thread might serve. please feel free to post your individual deed videos on that thread it needs the content I think whatever you film, the musical score is of paramount importance to draw attention in. The videos i've done i didn't add one to, didn't want to distract the viewer or do the work to make it perfect but for the project outcome that you desire, it deserves as much thought as the scenes especially if audio pace change synchronises with the scene. Potentially a hell of alot of work getting it right, good luck with that. Yours is an exciting prospect.
  11. nearbouts 1.5g upkeep between 2 deeds. 2 copper in the bank
  12. it's good that you compete with yourself, it's healthy but to be fair u do write `real poems` Poem: a piece of writing in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by particular attention to diction (sometimes involving rhyme), rhythm, and imagery. and in my opinion they're moer likely to be turned into songs than mine As for dark and light, it's just amplitude at play (energy interactive), with a habitual wavelength. Lifestyle dictates the amplitude, my output was a form of *venting but i made it matter by getting it on paper. *celebrating would be the term to use during its 50% positive. It hyperactively fed the muse, how you achieve it could be done perhaps if you played a musical instrument or maybe did martial arts. or grew a family.. or joined a rock band. i find that, with WO, building architecture in a creative manner keeps muse cultivated so you won't loose your methods, its just a much longer wavelength. good to retire on. excuse the concision i am currently high real poems are ones you can read. i enjoy reading yours. Thanks for noticing, mercurial is the truth of mine. ah yes credit where due;
  13. I shall now start clicking /like on the original post instead of replying with +1 (unless i have an opinion that doesn't plageurise the OP)