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  1. Interesting but i say let us pay a large toe, i like small feet and i don't want to sell any from amongst my collection +1
  2. i believe every starter town should have a portal to all the other starter towns.. I believe there's one such portal at Haven's Landing but when i offered advice to a newbie at a different starter town, said portal did not exist. +1
  3. We don't have capes and you''re asking for socks? When i was in the RN i was so keen for Mediterranean sun that i over did it. the result was a cape of dead skin flaying against my back as i walked forwards without a top. it felt SO good. +1 but meh
  4. lol i felt your pain last year +1 i don't care anymore, let them gestate. But it should b fixed if it's a quick one.
  5. `To maintain objectivity in journalism, journalists should present the facts whether or not they like or agree with those facts. Objective reporting is meant to portray issues and events in a neutral and unbiased manner, regardless of the writers opinion or personal beliefs.` (a quote) and imho.. `But they don't own anything else that's even remotely like wurm` - Objective `acting more like a journalist than anything else. Defending the Wurm community` - Subjective, even if we're represented properly, we are being, represented, as subjects.. this is not journalism, it's politics and the questions posed by said `journalist` are engineered by our collective, subjective, fears. Journalists don't defend they report. `What interest do you have in the gaming industry or the communities that support it?` is an objective question ` Are u removing all the cheap ass keys from the market to sell at a higher price thereby benefiting the game?` is a supposition but still objective because it's strategy that relates to an.. objective. `Do you intend to milk us for all we're worth till we die a sad death?` is a subjective question ` My guess is that the keys come from the humble bundle and reselling humble bundle keys is clearly forbidden` i don't want to patronize anyone by explaining that one. even when the answers are subjective, the questions need to be objective. Journalism is a discipline, you can't be objective then eloquently apply subjective suggestions into it. unless you work for FOX or CNN, obviously.
  6. yes. an essential planning tool unless you're one of the lucky ones that can visualize like Einstein. truth is, if there ever was a map wipe or the game went down, your creation wouldn't be entirely lost. However, importing from deedplanner.. not sure if it's viable for wurm unlimited but here be the suggestion thread for Wurm Online
  7. If they know alot about marketing, that would serve us very well. don't raise the sub
  8. there are other threads that gravitate around this suggestion but pictures win. +1
  9. don't forget, everyone has the option to film their deed and add it to the thread in the Showtime Theatre, hell i'd do it for you if you asked me. there is no minimum standard, all are welcome.
  10. *huzzah for Hetzer and happenstance*
  11. fantastic mate, well done. loving the patron page, great idea. my first subscription to the site has now been provoked. for skimmers -
  12. within the development of a critical discourse and perspective a question was raised.. at what depth can we pave? one might assume 3x paving. this was never localized tho once flat raising had begun, a depth was met. it might be fixed, it might be 3x. however gleaned fact Dredging is limited to 3x slopes and as so limited depth. (unless creative solutions at play) I humbly suggest that tile border manipulation through the relative dimension geometry that exists with shovels, is applied to dredges. consistency, mean and flow. continuity is velvet. if a shovel can do it above, a dredge should be able to do it below.