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  1. More skulls!

    yeah i know, but that was a different thread
  2. Suggestion: Docks

  3. Suggestion: Docks

    at the top of a google <wurm suggestions dock>; at the cost of effort spent;
  4. More skulls!

    This is an apparently random suggestion that may or might not get bumped in the fullness of time. to my finite knowledge..aside from unique skulls the only skull models we have are goblin skulls. We already have the human skull model, could we at least make guards produce them upon butchering? Or even just from butchering our own corpses. That said, suggestion: more skull models from butchering.
  5. no bids - returned to Bloodydrongo's streamteam for re-issue (better it gets used than ignored) Start bid: 10s min increment: 1s 1hour snipe protection Buyout: Offers (modeled here by my alt, the blue is the animated sheen)
  6. UCLG Marketplace

    No but really. $1000 deserves a definition surely.
  7. 4 year prem gift

  8. Valrei International. 062

    it's worth at this point, mentioning the preview client and Java 10
  9. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    possible repeat the goose-necked blues rock guru jazz aint no contention
  10. bump
  11. how do i do main photo

    Accepted file types gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png ยท Max file size 0.07MB 70kb either resample (resize) the image you are trying to use or increase the compression when you save it. personally i use irfanview for simple work. feel free to download it and send me a pm if more assistance is required.
  12. Mirrors on Traders

  13. Render Distance Increase

    bump here's a confusing thing (preview client. not that it matters. this occurs on the active client as well.) ; Not only has the draw distance not been increased in 5 years, it hasn't been fixed, in 5 years. could we please attend this problem if close-ups are being refined? I started this thread to request an increase in the draw distance but, there's no point addressing that if the draw distance as it stands, is broken.