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  1. I agree that it is better to have an extra tool made from unused alloys/metals but I am just saying hellscorp corpse would be the easy and simple solution. Besides, Hellscorps are pretty tough and aren't very thankful when you kill them. They should be more thankful.
  2. Topic title is the suggestion. I think it would be great to have it off by default and as an option in general. It would be great for newbies and people who keep pressing it by accident.
  3. It would just reduce deeds from being 1000000 points positive to 999999 points positive.
  4. Hell Scorp corpses in wagon heating whatever put into them would be the simplest solution lmao
  5. Secure meditation rugs so people can put them on path locations without worrying about them getting picked up.
  6. +1 Can even use some mostly unused metals/alloys to make and imp those. Game needs to have all of its materials very relevant.
  7. Boat Consumables only for PvE that increases ship's default speed could help. There are so many unused content in the game that could be used as ingredient for consumables like that.
  8. I suggest adding a craftable Seal which produces Twin Seals each time it is crafted. If one of the twins is applied to a storage unit of any kind and the other seal is mailed to another player on the server and applied to a storage unit of the same kind, the 2nd applied seal would cause the applied storage unit to draw materials from the 1st seal's unit. This would encourage more bulk making, bulk trading and more building, terraforming projects.
  9. Yeah, setting it 1/2/3/4/5 minutes before freeze on profile seems like the best option
  10. The only problem I see with this is that I would be conditioned to wait the rest out if I've come back to it after let's say 3 minutes of inactivity, in order to be eligible for the sleep bonus refund.
  11. Newbie only starter server with no deeding allowed and ability to leave to go to server choice portal after reaching certain characteristics. No GL-Chat access until they leave the newbie server. Only blue/passive monsters in the server. Very simple starter town with only few useful npcs and no buildings. High skill players or large buildings aren't allowed to stay. It is meant to be mostly empty space with small houses where newbies mess around and experience the sandbox nature of the game.
  12. Defiance has the potential to become THE PvP server for all clusters past and future. Don't miss out on this opportunity Defiancians!
  13. I thought you just directly get the characteristics based on your weapon subskill. Like if my polearm (parent skill) skill was 30, my body strength was 30, my halberd (subskill) skill was 90; I wouldn't be getting good ticks. Is that incorrect?