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  1. Hi Simyaci - I noticed you have bought oil of weaponsmithing before - any chance you want to also buy mine (ql 96)? Let me know - thanks!


  2. Magic isnt real either, except it is, in wurm. Sickle could have had low dmg like a carving knife or butchering knife but instead it has high damage, and is a weapon in wurm online universe.
  3. Nowadays sickle is not a very popular weapon because two handers (hugeaxe mainly) are much more preferred for pve and those who want to go with one hander and shield go for longsword. In pvp, because of its -2cr nerf, saying it is unpopular would be an understatement. Making sickle a pierce weapon would bring a pierce only weapon to the one hander family, give people more one handed options against armor types and more importantly, from the looks of it, it cant cut anything that wears armor. When I was a newbie and got a sickle, I looked at it and thought it could pierce. Cutting something with it never crossed my mind. Please make it a piercing weapon. I believe that will be enough to make it a considerable choice
  4. Shatter is of no concern when you are spamming regular items to sell. It is more beneficial to sell dozens of 80-90 chanted items, few 90 plus and 1 100 plus than try to push 1 item to 100 and sell it. Shatter starts to become an issue when you are enchanting a very valuable item for yourself or for when someone else. Shatter makes enchanting for someone else stressful knowing you might shatter the valauble item at any moment, no matter how high your channel is. You are in no way obliged to compensate for the shattered item but it is still embarrassing and unpleasant. I dont think developers will ever remove shatter, but I do hope they add working ways to prevent shatter on all items.
  5. -1 I like my wagon fast in pve. You want to balance them for pvp, make it so that oakshell can be still cast on normal horse but not hell horse. Overpowered pvp deıty smeagaın has oakshell as if the other pvp spells and passives weren't enough.
  6. Why not just make it an alltime passive dmg increase? Btw it was sad that they nerfed crit damage to nerf truestrike.. It is similar to nerfing armour base reductions to nerf sotg. Glad that didnt happen
  7. Shatter is terrifying. We need something to at least protect the valuable items from shattering. Metallic liquid doesnt work and it only was supposed to work on weapons. Weapons arent the only valuable items.
  8. Not saying this is exactly the same situation but if you see a cheap item on a merchant, think twice before buying it people, you might be called a thief. In fact, dont buy any items from merchants at all because it might not be the intended price. Let storage npcs be storage npcs. There is no trust or special permissions involved (no village, alliance or personal) between Zilbar and Tuga and Tuga is clearly not claiming that to be the case. He got into the deed, he bought an item from the merchant. The merchants are not meant to be infinite storage units, but you can use them. Just choose all your items and make it maximum gold before putting it, problem solved. You make a mistake, you lose something from that mistake, you publicly shame another person to get your item back that way, making that person pay for your mistake, how convenient. I guess it would be relevant to mention that Zilbar is getting a lot of messages from many people. They are trying to harass him into giving the item back, making statements about his real life based on his ingame action, trying to get his father involved etc. etc. Of course the noble thing to do would be returning the item or not buying it in the first place and informing the person but does not doing the noble thing to do give the other people the right to shame, harrass and do everything in order to get back what is lost? When something like this (setting wrong permissions, wrong price on merchant etc.) happens, does it always become a huge issue like this and does the person get harrassed to no end like Zilbar is? In a game where so many people enjoy being opportunists about many aspects of the game, it just makes no sense to me that when someone buys an item very very cheap from a merchant (4s), people feel like they have the right to harrass that person to no end, able to involve everything as necessary to the end goal. Obviously there are people in this game who are going around deeds looking for disbanding deeds, keeping track of their progress and looking for openings as well, so keep your things secure and put your merchant prices properly and keep paying your upkeeps regularly people. It is going to help more than going after one person fanatically like this.
  9. Name and Shame

    To me personally the most important part is whether the account was lent or given. How is an account any different than a really valuable item, especially in a game where they are sold all the time? You could say you are emotionally attached to an account but you could also say the same for a deed or a pickaxe. When you lend your pickaxe (lets say fantastic pickaxe) to someone, you have %100 expectation that it is returned to you later and the other person is supposed to be %100 aware he is supposed to return it to you later. Sure it could be considered stupid to lend your fantastic pickaxe but most things in this game is based on trust. Even if you asked another person to ask for your fantastic pickaxe in your stead, the person who borrowed it should still give the fantastic pickaxe he borrowed. If you ask.... lets say 10 people to get your borrowed pickaxe for you without you ever contacting the person who borrowed it, you should still be able to get your pickaxe back and the person who borrowed your pickaxe should be able to tell everyone what a joy it is to borrow anything from you on the forums (while probably not going to get much support and is mostly going to be laughed at since it is okay for people to drag your image through the mud because people usually dont expect it to be done to them) or anywhere else. If someone doesnt return something they borrowed, it is only natural that nobody should trust that person with anything. When you give your pickaxe as a gift to someone, then you dont expect to ever have it returned and the person who received doesnt think you expect to have it returned either. That is why it is a gift. When you receive that pickaxe, put some nice runes on it, slap a 100 imbue on it, get it imped to 99ql etc. you do all these while you are certain that the pickaxe now belongs to you. If I started contacting all the people who I gave a gift to and asked for all the gifts back, I dont know if every person would give the gifts back but I do know that every person would think much less of me to say the least and know that none of them would be obliged in any way to return the gift. Do we ever go and say "Oh this -beep- faced piece of -beep- didnt return the pickaxe his friend gave him as a gift a year ago!"? Now if I wanted something back which I gave as a gift to someone and instead of contacting the person, I told everyone about it, ask people to contact the person in my stead, got the GMs involved and when that failed I went on the forums and name and shamed the person saying I gave it as a gift but I want it back now, I guess I wouldnt get much support. The most positive comments would be from those who just laugh at me. But what if I did all that but instead said the person borrowed it from me..... that turns everything around for me doesnt it? Now if I let the person borrow the pickaxe, contact the person personally on anywhere I could.... stating that I wanted my pickaxe back on my messages, got no response, tried to have other people to contact him to no avail, got GMs involved and failed, started a name and shame topic, I would at least post a picture of my message/messages to the person with the date, state in my first post that it was borrowed and not given back and the person who borrowed is not responding me anywhere and geting other players and then GMs involved didnt help either. When you think it is better to write things like "my characters were stolen", "I was a trusted member and a champion" than actually writing the conversations that took place (if you dont have any documentation of them, then at least as much as you can remember) while you gave the accounts, the ways you tried to contact the person who borrowed and what you wrote, that it was borrowed... it doesnt look good. It doesnt look good when you dont oppose the things the other person says to defend himself either.
  10. Got my chainsmithing, body strength and blacksmithing 5h affinities. thanks!
  11. This is now in the game LoL I was too late to comment