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  1. Sweet spot for whom? Maybe some research should be done about the way people spend and what drives them.. give them ridiculous amount of dumb cactus skins and watch them throw money at you.. raise prices for stuff which were cheap already and you'll see a few pitchforks. There are plenty of money to be made... add extensions to characters... more spells, more abilities, more skins, more recipes as personal visuals or visual for other while you wear/use something, but not as sold item, this effectively makes a burned skin, it never transfers, it turns into collectible for the character, once bought from Ann or Bob, well it dies with them, to get them to Tom.. well Tom, Zoe and so on.. need to go use the marketplace and buy their own. Sell costumes, make them customizable, so players could change the way they look even if 10-40 on the same server wear literally the same damn thing, the colors will add variance + item or w/e else they have equipped in addition to the armor skin(not applied to actual armor) etc etc etc etc.... Plenty of money are within gcg's grasp, just takes better approach to keep everybody happy. People spend ridiculous amount of money on simple items and services, cashshop could offer cool stuff and sponge a large amount of the money and drive the economy.. as long items are also tradeable.. whoever can buy something could also trade it for a service, etc, not just proxy purchases through silver transfers alone.
  2. yes as stated in the valrei post, it's unknown which value from before or after trader rework, either way difference wont be more than ~5silver 35-40sworth vs old cost 50s.. but you get to sell few items to the trader and cash back instantly when you buy one.. so it wasnt really 50s before anyway
  3. Somebody have to make a character with specific new animation, I can't recall last time we've had any interaction animation added, canoe literally uses sitting animation and boat control limitations, and probably was taken from steam suggestions or nfi player which doesn't play anymore. I can't see canoes to be that needed, if anything I'd be horrified to get on one.. and sail through xanadu borders if that thing decays or takes damage fast, imagine being stuck at xana border..(it's cool there's summon as option and freedom to spam for help of course)๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿค˜
  4. lower healing cover, raise difficulty on eraser stamps and everybody's happy as utility and skilling method
  5. I AM INSPIRED by your post and I will contribute for the cause simple
  6. Original traders bought in bulk were a way to monetize and eventually play for free, given you invest a lot... and SLOWLY regain your investment, a lot of that was "exploited" with the knowledge how they worked to gain silver to spend on player sold items, that was obviously bad... we lost a cool feature in the process... where we had random people selling random trash or not.. to get few coppers, some washed found from abandoned deeds items, gems, source crystals, animal bits.. etc... all that made sense as incentive was coins in return for selling a random item you want to get rid of but gain some "cash" in return, that was cool to trade later for other as item for item.. as traders accepted items vs items as item worth, so if you were to find 80QL plate armor helmet and it was worth 60 copper coins, you could just throw at the trader several cordage ropes, cloth squares, etc.. to get the helmet for free basically, this was cool.. but now it's gone, if something like that could reemerge in some form.. obviously not with coins, but then what could be the incentive to have valuable items dropped into the item pool?
  7. as to alchemy boards, what are the odds to halt the nonsense with pegs and sealing kits; anything sealed, once unsealed - peg vanishes and to re-seal the container another is needed, this is pretty crazy when it comes to coffee as it decays and there's simply no convenient no decay container, unless SMC is considered pocket backpack to carry around at all times; sealing kits lose ql, unsure if there was minimal ql requirement to be useful, still same problem if it's used for actions where the container have to be opened and sealed again "often"; brings a lot of inconvenient annoying micromanagement and creations for items with short lifespan, just look at this and consider the amount of work: pegs are less work, but still logs/shafts/woodscraps/pegs all that takes some container to be laying around to hold spare scraps, far from ideal for normal gameplay that isn't annoying
  8. why is that a problem, you can only use one, even then put debuff to sailors in such and just shoot arrows at them, that's already requirement to keep a bow for pvp --edit if necessary allow only one finished or unfinished to be in inventory, still allows 1 to be in use and another to be in inventory, unless being in such disallows carrying un/finished canoe, whatever is best to balance "the meta"
  9. that's something positive, no longer possible or makes sense to make rowboats and sell them at 1s, poggers, anyone needing 1 time use boat could make such in 5-15minutes.
  10. This is not a fountain pack. This directly cuts into monthly expenses, you directly buffed every big deed's upkeep by 20% with this post, again, monthly upkeep cost was raised with this post.
  11. leaving

    interesting "open season" post rat race
  12. it's old bug effect vanishes with server restart
  13. tracking is a bit hit and miss with the webhooks, event could start right after maintenance, and we could get another restart right after(unlikely), but restarts wipe the webhooks, it's all a matter of timing with these events and sync times to catch the events and store them locally as "history" as next server restart will wipe webhooks official log of events afaik the events happen randomly, aren't meant to be too common as it was noted and we don't need the vision orbs to locate them, you could just find one all the same if you explore the map and hunt or do treasure maps
  14. so much cat hair on the sleeve ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿ˜„
  15. Maybe not marks... but different events and activities will certainly keep players out and doing stuff. Achievements basically reward nothing making sense to farm them, tie achievements to new currency, add random events, do something within 15-20min or 2-3hours for solo/party event. blahblah blah... you get the idea.. find something, do something, get something.. spend something and again get something for the currency, simple things which work.. problem is creation of the events and new marketplace with items to be obtained...
  16. Is twitter not deprecated now or just on life-support? webhooks were meant to replace twitter since elon changed a few things around "for the better". >> Checking >> REL << webhooks >> ============================================================================================== Heavy need For Fo has been completed successfully. A new mission, Enigmatic test of Fo, is now available!: 2023-05-21 21:03:01 Libila's adventure has been completed successfully. A new mission, Libila's quest, is now available!: 2023-05-21 19:36:46 Light gesture in honour of Vynora has been completed successfully. A new mission, Light enigma of Vynora, is now available!: 2023-05-21 12:48:16 Libila's heavy folly for wealth has expired. A new mission, Libila's adventure, is now available!: 2023-05-21 01:46:55 The settlement of Darkhorse Outpost has just been disbanded.: 2023-05-20 22:58:11 C:\>hooks rel downside without automation and backing up feature etc for old messages, these do get wiped every server restart, history is not possible without logging old events somehow; seems to already use this information
  17. seems like a mess.. looking for village with laborer or work.. mixed with villager seeking and impalongs??? markets are already fine to post in trade chat as it is I'd rather have colors and on/off settings for trade channel, instead of new tab with spam and somewhat useful and messy messages
  18. No idea what you mean, trade works ok as intended, it was a total mess when all trade messages were in GL chat, you can probably imagine it's hard to track a conversation within a market chat spam; LFG for what? There's literally nothing to do, besides rifts, and whoever goes to rifts needs freedom and then ends up just using local during the event. You need time to travel to rifts etc.. and additional chats for it seem pointless, maybe a tiny bit it looks bad to use GL to ask for location, then freedom to chat with people for location and path or just chat while you sail.. eventually you end up using the local for warmaster calls or starting new wave and such, there's also barely any or no reason for any of this interaction if you don't feel social to talk with others at all.