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  1. now that's a ###### good suggestion for some event next 1st april or even halloween or w/e... wurm-"lore" inspired content +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +.... make it happen
  2. So Much Death

    still a lot.. Games/Wurm$ grep -h guard\> players/*/logs/_Local.20* |awk '{$1="";print $0}' |sort -u|wc -l 1420 so much death...
  3. +1 for all bigger containers.. above w/e size makes sense... maybe bigger than large chest/raft.. as size/volume...
  4. What bothers me is that neither skill nor trait combinations affect at all the rates to get a rare trait/s, it's complete gambling unrelated to either system.. We still get -5points from promised skill = points utilization, which happens rarely.. it's not even often to achieve skill - 5 = creature trait points. I have 95AH.. and my results until recently were that.. hopefully new ones aren't as bad.. but on freedom pve.. it's going to take a WHILE to get new results.. and we have no clue to what to compare them.. we still don't know what is intended outcome and what's still in the workshop about to be patched next. Hope bisons no longer get speed traits.. but what happens if old ones with such are bred, they just keep transfering? Another good question is... why are horses that have 1-2-3-4 draft traits WORSE than a donkey.. or mule.... aren't the UGLY new fat horse models for draft horses SPECIALIZED BREED for pulling carts/wagons/.. and weight... how are they slower than a skinny stinky donkey.. or mule?
  5. So Much Death

    Games/Wurm/players/Finn/logs$ grep "guard>" _Local*|wc -l 3582
  6. What about breeding timer bugs, not showing full name of parents, not expanding the window to show all information and having to expand/resize it every time, what about keybinds or easier way to track traits, etc.. Can we get a thread with intended behaviors and planned future fixed you guys have listed already to work on? We've had several questions/demands or idk how to call them besides begging for explanation to understand the expected behavior for ah mechanics, but none of these posts were answered or addressed. If indeed there's will to work on polishing this mechanic to be working better can we get something separate where we could give feedback and not spread information and feedback or reports in here and in the other 2 AH findings threads, or bug section?
  7. This one doesn't seem to be fixed at all, works as before? my cap is 7hours, at 5h+, at 6h+ it looks completely full
  8. why is it happening to a horse and not only to normally aggressive creatures it's maybe making sense to happen on a fo priest with a bear or w/e is normally passive at x favor.. but to happen with a horse... it's weird..
  9. just untamed a horse hitched to wagon as I move.. and it instantly unhitched from the wagon as I move.. not a big deal, but it's unexpected behavior
  10. Lead a creature, tame it, once it stops being tamed(or player tame another) the last tamed creature stops being led by the player, without reason for this action. Feedback: Is it possible to make hitched creatures to be possible to tame only by the player owning the vehicle?(currently not at all possible) Involves a lot of actions to interact with cart/wagon horses with gear re/placement if the creatures aren't branded.
  11. what do you win or lose from the mess, beside it bothering you somehow, it's obviously working perfectly fine.. it's an event with spawns that a group of people fight, it's not strict like the dumb blizard raid systems.. that's a bless and a curse, but it works. bigger difficulty and same or worse rewards.. sounds like a nerf no thanks 3. I'd hope to one day see rift gear improveable.. but so far it's junk that is not.. socket system that is wasted and only used on few items that are questionably reasonable to use, unless you're determined to have and use them on few nonmaintainable items, by mending and placing gems until they are completely spent.. only to then smelt them for mm lump. So far the suggestion is ridiculous, it's the usual format of solving non existing problem, with no problem to solve, just replacing something because a random thought have happened and turned into a forum post that suggests mechanic replacement with alien to the native game style into something different and questionably fitting this game universe. without changing the rewards into something epic... there's 0 reason to put more effort into rifts... ppl already hate the vent because of the time sink that it is.. and the low usability for the rewards
  12. I can not say more than a big L O L, too lazy to use 72 font size... just imagine it.. Why... improving and repairing is overrated for rares, sure it is possible.. sure you can abuse the known for current system and do timed actions... sure you can fail to land successful action, sure it's 20% not 50%.. Also sure, I did grind to 99 on 2 skills for example and only 1 in 40 items turned rare, while all had runes for increasing rarity tier and I spend decent time daily grinding.. it's often normal to not get inspiration for 8-12hours straight when smithing, maybe just because of the repairing action "consuming" the rarity window, or the common inspiration on action that fails and damages the item, plenty of wasted opportunities. Either way, current system is pretty abusable and rewards only few that know how it works and abuse it's flaws, same one could still work.. if it's patched for the few odd outcomes and ways it's currently farmed..
  13. just sharing a laugh from today.. if it was the movie.. here's one of the scenes with it..
  14. Fatigue System

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ that aside... what happens with shared characters... 1 big pain to all wurm mechanics and solutions, etc.. are alts... at the moment it's perfectly fine to share 1 character with 2 other people... where this system just fails to do anything good for at least 1 of the 3 people, or bench it just when it was time to shine on the field. If anything... this promotes mobile/energy/daily moves or w/e of the sort game style.. where if you do not have enough time to play the hours you planned to play, you multiaccount to farm dailies or w/e... I do not mean that this will directly turn into extra premiums... maybe, that's an option.. also.. it's a reason to play WU or another game...
  15. This does not fix anything, it makes it slower and more annoying, doesn't add to the mechanics being more fun to deal against or solve something complex and rewarding.. So Why? What's the point of it at all? What exactly is "improved", who needs "player failure"?
  16. no.. ty.. sounds like nonsense you lost me at ~15-20% of the post rather not farm items and waste my life to get a rare item we have a terrible system already, requires the same effort waste hours and hours to get something out of it.. if we need something.. it's clever or better system you're not providing solution to a problem, it's just another boring alternative
  17. I'm curious about the reason for this thread and what are the conclusions and takeaway from the discussion. If it's not too much to ask, others are probably just as curious about it.
  18. Bulk building materials are in need.. normally.. You might only need 1 armor.. if you prefer one or for some reason prefer certain type.. you can change that later on.. like moving from steel plate to iron plate.. if you find finding steel smith hard.. or unnecessarily expensive, etc.. better casts, better rarity, some break tools/armor by accident, misplace, lose them.. or get robbed on pve or pvp by "friends", etc.. Even if it doesn't seem likely.. it's possible to use only 1-2 hammers or go through thousands... depends how you play and through what you 'live' while playing the game. There are plenty of ways to make some coin... depends what you want to/could/ do, forcing new ways without learning the existing.. idk doesn't sound like the best approach, you might be missing easier way to achieve riches compared to what you suggest as time and effort to get same wealth.