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  1. One of my ideas was bandit camps, so such a camp at appropriate level could spawn NPCs that would attack players deeds, if on deed is character with skills above a certain skill level, I suggest 40 or 50, but it depends on how much more difficult game you want. An attack can only take place when a player from a given deed is online and for free accounts that can be reset after death it would be a real threat. But game would be completely free to play, because it would only be up to the player how much he wanted to risk.
  2. If character is very close to wall, you can see other mine tunnels near by.
  3. New maps attract new players, because discovering new areas is interesting, and traveling along roads created by other players does not make sense.
  4. You missed part of idea "Make PvE harder, add more threats so that players would die more often. "
  5. Wait I thought a large text appears in the center of screen that reminds player week before premium expires??? Additionally, you can add a status that would inform player what type of account is currently valid for him. I think I had a similar situation and I didn't die, character just logged out during combat and mobs that were fighting with me were also alive. edit: Additionally there may be a mechanism to reward premium players in such a way that a character, even after premium expires, does not reset their character to level 1. For each year of paying premium, player will receive +10 level, to which they will be reset. So after 10 years you will not lose anything, because protection is up to 100 skill level. After 9 years of paying premium, if your character dies as a free account, your skills will drop to the minimum level of 90. After 8 years, minimum 80 skill level... etc.
  6. Permadeath is an interesting concept, but I think a skill reset to level 1 will be enough in this case. Everyone is biased, so I would suggest experimenting and adding a third type of account - free with no restrictions, but with the disadvantage of resetting skills to level 1 when character dies. Advertise Wurm as a game that allows the player to reach max level even on a free account and we will see which type of free account will be more popular. Very gladly, but after update with improvements for PvP I suggested
  7. The free account currently has a max skill level of 20, so what's the problem? 20 levels from zero can be acquired fairly quickly and the character would not be deleted so your deed would still be yours. In Diablo 2, players had the opportunity to play characters who could only die once and many decided to take such a risk, because for them it was a challenge to get as high as possible, and this fact alone encouraged them to play such a game. Why would it be any different in Wurm? Only some encouragement would be useful, for example, for those who cannot afford premium, if they are not on deed they could get more often inspiration that drops silver and there will be many willing to risk losing skills for silver
  8. This is a great idea. Thanks to this, the game will give the same possibilities for free characters, but when the character dies, their skills are reset to level 1. Hundreds of gamers who are willing to risk will come to Wurm, when they reach a higher skill level, the risk will be so great for them that they will rather pay than lose skills.
  9. Remove skill cap and other limits on free accounts, but make free characters mortal, that means if they die even once, it's over, player has to start from level 1. Make PvE harder, add more threats so that players would die more often.
  10. I know how it works, over a year ago I started leveling WC, but saw what ql logs are selling by some advanced players and it discouraged me from leveling this skill further. Playing one character, I had no chance with someone who played with few alts and one alt only cut trees all the time, and others did other jobs. If quality of the trees were a limitation, even very experienced players would not be able to sell high quality logs too quickly, because the game would restrict such a player and the fact that he had a higher skill level would give him nothing. We would both sell logs of the same quality.
  11. Devs can always add DLC with new races and maps. Only characters of a given new race can start game on a new map, but anyone can swim to it on PvE servers. Simple and would probably pay off.
  12. I would add a little experiment for goblins and trolls. The goblins could be both an ordinary character and a sorcerer who could cast spells. And trolls could get several times faster skill gain for all skills x5 or even more, but if your character dies it's game over and you start over. Humans can also be divided into several races with different buildings and items. For example, people of the East would be closer to Mongols, that is, a nomadic way of life. Most of the tools would be wood, bone and leather as the basic materials for armor or tents/buildings. In the south, clay buildings, a lot of sand, the main way to travel is camel riding. Lots of clay containers, more copper and bronze items. North is the current design. The West is the Incas/Aztecs and their stone cities with completely new textures. Each race would have its own weapon and armor design. Also a unique crafting branch, so that trade makes sense and that no one can be self-sufficient. Well, unless someone was playing several characters at the same time.
  13. You just cut dozens or hundreds of trees... with the current mechanism you will get as many logs in quality you need as you want, because every tree is 100ql. Keep repeating it to yourself if it makes you feel better
  14. I like the idea of different races, but not necessarily goblins that turn into trolls. I would prefer 3 separate races: humans, goblins and trolls each with different skill buffs. Trolls and goblins buildings can be built just like humans but with different textures and maybe they should require different materials. Trolls couldn't use vehicles like carts or wagons, but they could carry trees or heavier items in backpacks or over their shoulder. As for metal armor, I like the Lord of the Rings trolls, maybe they weren't very intelligent, but in Wurm they could have a bit more abilities and forge their own armor and weapons. A one-handed metal troll weapon would be a two-handed weapon for a human, but for goblin it would be too large to be used. Trolls would be slow but very strong, human in the middle and goblins might have great attack speed, but their hits would be weak. If we had any larger animals like rhinoceros or mammoths, trolls could use them as mounts with a big saddle and big saddle bags to recompense the lack of carts and wagons. Goblins should be able to tame/breed wolves in such a way that they become non-aggressive to them all the time and use them as mounts. They could use carts and boats, but not wagon or ships.
  15. And? You have almost unlimited supply of 100ql trees, so you can get as many 100ql logs as you want each day. So after adding this idea Devs could make leveling WC easier, and maybe also improve the chance of achieving max ql of logs if ql of tree would limit you? I was thinking of something similar for metal veins. At the beginning of map, each vein should have a ql cap e.g. 30. With each subsequent Wurm year this cap would be increased by some value e.g. +10, thus Devs could determine the exact date when players can access mid and late game content and in the case of both average and advanced players it would be exactly same day. A similar global/map quality cap could be for dirt, sand, clay, tar, stone shards... --- I once wrote that new maps should appear more often and you all criticized me, so if the content on map is to be for years, there should be a limit to the speed of map development, so that getting 100 ql materials requires more time, but for everyone equally. Right now limitation is mainly for average player, while no-life with few alt accounts can get few types of 100 ql materials in a month.