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  1. I like the idea of different races, but not necessarily goblins that turn into trolls. I would prefer 3 separate races: humans, goblins and trolls each with different skill buffs. Trolls and goblins buildings can be built just like humans but with different textures and maybe they should require different materials. Trolls couldn't use vehicles like carts or wagons, but they could carry trees or heavier items in backpacks or over their shoulder. As for metal armor, I like the Lord of the Rings trolls, maybe they weren't very intelligent, but in Wurm they could have a bit more abilities and forge their own armor and weapons. A one-handed metal troll weapon would be a two-handed weapon for a human, but for goblin it would be too large to be used. Trolls would be slow but very strong, human in the middle and goblins might have great attack speed, but their hits would be weak. If we had any larger animals like rhinoceros or mammoths, trolls could use them as mounts with a big saddle and big saddle bags to recompense the lack of carts and wagons. Goblins should be able to tame/breed wolves in such a way that they become non-aggressive to them all the time and use them as mounts. They could use carts and boats, but not wagon or ships.
  2. And? You have almost unlimited supply of 100ql trees, so you can get as many 100ql logs as you want each day. So after adding this idea Devs could make leveling WC easier, and maybe also improve the chance of achieving max ql of logs if ql of tree would limit you? I was thinking of something similar for metal veins. At the beginning of map, each vein should have a ql cap e.g. 30. With each subsequent Wurm year this cap would be increased by some value e.g. +10, thus Devs could determine the exact date when players can access mid and late game content and in the case of both average and advanced players it would be exactly same day. A similar global/map quality cap could be for dirt, sand, clay, tar, stone shards... --- I once wrote that new maps should appear more often and you all criticized me, so if the content on map is to be for years, there should be a limit to the speed of map development, so that getting 100 ql materials requires more time, but for everyone equally. Right now limitation is mainly for average player, while no-life with few alt accounts can get few types of 100 ql materials in a month.
  3. Not exactly, I complained that players are occupying an area that they don't use/need and that deeds are too expensive compared to value of the resources that can be grown on it. This idea would give them something to focus on, thus freeing up resources (land) that they don't use for anything other than deeding for the sake of capturing. The point is that wood should have greater value. Metal veins are limited, but we can plant trees endlessly and they grow by themselves. The fact that finding veins 100ql is not that simple is one of things that makes metal valuable. Problem with trees is that almost every tree is 100 ql if you have 100 WC, so wood loses its value quickly over longer period of time. With this idea, it would lose value more slowly and on PvP maps it is impossible to log out together with the 100 ql trees, so... There are players who enjoy breeding horses, which takes a long time, so maybe there would be some players who would like to create a tree farm where they grow 100ql trees for several generations and the profit comes after a few months. And to grow a lot of 100 ql trees and cut 100 ql logs, you would need not only a WC and forestry of 100 level, but also time, as some species of trees grow quite slowly, which would keep players busy for weeks and regardless of whether someone is a no-life or an average player, he would have similar chances in this race for late game content.
  4. I like the fact that we can plant many different species of trees and bushes, but I don't like the fact that every tree ql is 100 and logs ql depends only on level of WC skill. In my opinion quality of "wild" trees should be random 1-30 and with a WC skill even at 100, player should not be able to collect logs of higher quality than ql of tree. Player should be able to collect sprout with a quality that is 5-10 higher than quality of tree, if of course he have appropriate level of forestry skill. After tree is planted, it will have ql equal to sprout quality used by player. In this way, it would take some time to grow a forest of 100 ql trees and prices of 100 ql sprouts and wood would be quite high and players planting lots of high ql trees would need quite large deeds.
  5. I find it a bit unreadable for a new player, I remember reading wiki at beginning and trying to understand difference between a settlement token and a deed token, because I had impression that they were two different things/types of ownership. The deed could be broken down into two separate features, one would be a private deed and other would be a village/town. A private deed could only have one owner who manages it, but one character could have multiple deeds. Players use alts to achieve this result anyway, so what's the point of not making this if you don't fight players who are using alts? Current solution is only bothersome for average player, and those more advanced have no problems with it. Private deed could be cheaper, but you can't invite and give permissions to other characters. Players who want to live in community and have rights to some common/shared area must create a village/town. To create a village you need a private deed, which is at least partially located within the village area, which can also be expanded and maintained for silver and new kind of upkeep of items created by players. When in village upkeep of player-created items is filled, players who are part of village can receive a bonus to upkeep of their private deeds. In this way, an active community living close to each other will be rewarded, and remote deeds intended only for reserving specific resources or a good spots will be more expensive to maintain. A village may have the minimum required members (characters) to give a bonus. I would suggest to turn alliance into a kind of county, which also covers a certain area may not have any restrictions/permissions, but player who enters county territory is informed about it. Players who are in the county can also be rewarded with a bonus, at the moment it is probably +1 CR (according to some information I have seen), but maybe for traveling in their county they could get a bonus to movement speed? Leave the kingdom unchanged (omitting suggestion I wrote for PvP and adding diplomatic relations between the kingdoms ).
  6. You don't see problem created by 2x skill gain. In my opinion this is reason why these maps are not very popular today. I didn't play Wurm then, but my guess is that when new Epic map with 2x skill gain was released, it was probably flooded by players, because they were be able to level up faster, so such a map was more attractive, but after 6 months with faster skill gain, almost everyone can become self-sufficient and they can cut off from community and then MMO makes no sense. At least as long as there is a max 100 level skill and ql limit, because if after a few months a new map was released, with a limit of 125 for skills and ql, and players from first map could go there and discover new lands, then 2x skill gain is an element that would attract players all the time. If this reworked Epic had a higher skill and ql limit then I guess many advanced NFI players would see sense to move their characters there, and new players would also see 2x skill gain as something that will enable them to start faster. On the contrary, this element would be for players who lost a lot during war to rebuild themselves. And an easy-to-defeat opponent could not appear, because in war would participate whoever would like to, not those who will be forced into it, as in current PvP.
  7. And? I checked graphs from the links on wurm wiki today, on every Epic server there were less than 5 players. You got it wrong, I want even PvE to be more difficult and force player to take risks I have nothing against PvP and players losing items, so I made a proposal for a guaranteed loss for losers, i.e. a war upkeep that is taken from losing side after war, so it is impossible to hide valuable items on alt and log out. The difference is that in my opinion, a loss is justified if it results from the competition between players, i.e. their skills and tactics, but not their ability to login/their free time. Nope, wrong again. My point is, PvP system you've described doesn't fit in with any sandbox game in my opinion. It goes well with WoW like games.
  8. I've seen a few games where players said it should work this way, but I didn't see any PvP in those games. There is no point in discussing this, because Wurm is an old game where PvP works as you wrote for years and for years most of players runs away from PvP, which is one of the reasons why PvE servers exist, right? Because without PvE maps how many players would be left? Sure you can try same thing 10th time and maybe this time super harsh PvP game for teenagers who can play 24/7 will attract thousands of players... but I doubt it. PvP can work like you said in WoW like games, where loss after losing battle is not severe, but in sandbox games, where you spend hours creating 1 weapon or armor set, not to mention weeks spent building a deed, such a solution does not make sense, because players after first lost raid will stop play.
  9. If war upkeep were to be added to game, the more alts is in kingdom, the more players have to create items each day and store them in the capital or in fortresses, but no one knows what kind of items will be needed and what ql is required, because game should create new and random list every day. As for trade lock... "- embargo - no entry or trade for players from an embargoed kingdom" During war it may be forbidden for NFI players to cross kingdom border. Which would make sense in conjunction with a weekly embargo requirement prior to a declaration of war, so those players who would like to help to defend your kingdom would have a week to sail from NFI to Epic. If someone misses the opportunity then opportunity is lost and they will be able to participate in next war. If you skip a war and spend it on NFI instead on Epic, no problem, because if you won't join war your deed is treated as PvE and no one can attack it. Simple and effective? I understand that there are some unique features on Epic, but "rework" means a big change to me, so I propose something bigger, that in my opinion would encourage players (me for sure) to play on such map/maps and participate in PvP, although probably not in every war, because I doubt I have time for that. Unfortunately, normal PvP in Wurm doesn't allow me to pause war/PvP and because if I'm not active I will lose everything, I don't see reason for even starting deed on PvP map. I mean I can't pause PvP unless I create an army of alts and store everything in them, but for me such a mechanism is just cheating.
  10. The point is that player has to spend 30-60 minutes every day and play so that he can get rares and he is playing game normally, not spamming some extra functionality with alts.
  11. My point is, earlier suggestions complete this one, but they can both exist independently if one of ideas is found to be not worth implementing.
  12. I haven't seen any details about it unfortunately. I hope some news will be revealed soon.
  13. This is because at the moment there are no skills or regular profits related to exploration. I suggested adding a cartography skill and ability to selling maps, which in combination with this idea and selling history of events on map would give some profit to players who like to travel a lot and would encourage players to look for market hubs.
  14. Barber Hair and beard of characters should grow, after all, game takes place over many years. Players could get an NPC barber to change their hairstyles and cut their facial hair for a few copper coins. I know players can buy an item that modifies character's appearance, but a barber shop in a market hub would probably be a more interesting idea and code to change appearance of character already exists. Tavern I found a lot of players building taverns/inns, at moment it's more of a decoration, although maybe beds come in handy, but I think an NPC could be added to them that would sell drinks. Limited merchant that can only sell drinks, but has one more feature. This feature would be a gossip, i.e. information about event of map's history that player does not know because he was for example offline. At the moment, we have access to entire history of the map and after logging in we have an ordered list. But it can be made into a mechanism that encourages exploration of market hubs and conversations with this NPC. Each conversation would add one or more items to history events list. Characters should also be able to exchange information with each other about events that they saw while online or that they met while traveling and talking to NPCs. However, this mechanism would work better if global events did not cover entire island, but only part of it.
  15. I agree that my idea of combining PvP and PvE would work much better if it would be tested on a cluster that is cut off from other islands. But from the point of view of an NFI player, I would like to be able to travel to new islands, explore and expand, creating a new character after a year of playing does not make sense.