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  1. If I had proper skills this server would have 1000 more players than WO right now
  2. Fishing with fishnet is terrible, what do you mean?
  3. My point is that when choosing a profession, e.g. chain armor smith, you are limited to one armor, which you produce from the same material (iron) and with the same tools from level 1 to 100. In another thread, I wrote various suggestions on how to expand this process on different levels, in this thread I am suggesting what other armors could exist and how to make their production harder (how to delay process of making them so that players cannot create them too early at a high ql level). As for repetitions
  4. I do not agree with this, in my opinion many players would return to game just to see start of each map and would play for as long as they enjoy it, because starting over and discovering new maps gives something interesting and in my opinion this is the core of this game - exploration, not getting higher and higher or collecting animals and clicking one button regardless of whether you select a tile with a field or hover over an item to improve. Ok, you got 3x100, but for some players the repetition needed to level up 1 skill at level of 50-60 is too high and as the steam experiment showed a year ago, there are more players like that than like you. You can explain to yourself that they have to force themselves and like what you like, but you will not convince them to do so, so either Wurm will make some compromises or there will be only 200 players left, which I doubt will be enough to pay for the further development of the game. But what exactly? New map every year? Removal of the ability to repair items? Or Max QL? In my opinion, after removing ability to repair items, or addition of max QL would work incearing demand for everything (tools, weapons and armors). Tools, weapons and armors would become consumable goods and there is still demand for consumable goods in Wurm, even in late game, right? There would also be an increased need to cast spells on items, so everybody would have more work to do, even priests. I agree with what you wrote earlier that the max QL at some point would run out and stop working once people would start making 100ql items.
  5. Ok, but the fact that it takes so much time to get one skill at 100 has the negative effect of having to repeat the same activity a lot of times. And the fact that in the case of armor it is 1 or 2 sets and that's it. All the time you can produce the same thing, with the same materials and the same method, just a little stronger is not very interesting after month or two. Therefore, I suggest adding a little more complexity, but reducing the repetition a bit.
  6. Fact that everyone is running with just one weapon is another example that this game needs some more tactical thinking. But for it to make sense to balance weapons and armor, you need to limit it's use, because why introduce the paper-scissors-rock mechanic, if each player can have all three items in his inventory and the one who has the higher skill or who drags them faster from one window to another always win? Not to mention the fact that PvE lacks the paper-scissors-rock mechanics and if this would be combined with the limitation to the amount of weapons you can arm yourself before combat, it would start to get interesting? You couldn't hunt down every NPC just waving the biggest metal weapon + aggressive style. You would have to adapt the weapon to the type of armor of the opponent, and the fact that you had a limited amount of weapons with you would be an additional difficulty, and you would also need to have the appropriate skills to fight with various types of weapons or you would have to give up hunting some NPCs, which would slightly extend the path to the end game for a PvE hunters.
  7. Just like idea that there is 100ql max and game over? It will also be exhausted eventually, and all you can do is delay reaching that level over time. Although goblin metal would delay this process in such a way that it would expand metal items production line and you would need not only miners but hunters as well, something I wrote about in other threads, so that different production lines, especially production of metal objects should also depend on other branches and seasonal resources. So a system with max 100ql for materials and items is bad? And is not suitable for a game that is going to be played for years? But that's not my idea. My ideas were: - a new map for every year, because I see where limit 100ql goes and here we are 1 year after Melody start and there are items near 100ql OR - my original idea to fix economy was to remove ability to "repair" of items, which would solve the problem once and for all and for each stage of the game. But few people have criticized both ideas, so I have made an alternative that IN MY OPINION is worse than the original idea because it is a compromise, but if this idea is still bad, what would be good then? Don't you see a problem in the fact that skills are a flat list that does not allow you to further develop your skills? When you reach 100 it's over, you can't level any more, you can only produce items from a given branch and pick different skill for leveling up. Whatever I propose, I can only postpone the process of reaching the state where the message "game over you won" should appear. At this point and with this 100 max level limitation the only thing you can do is to expand game with more resources, materials and items so that the player does not bore himself to death repeating the same thing over and over again, but something like that requires a lot of work of graphic designers and programmers, because they will have to invent ever stronger weapons, armor and monsters, and finally game would have to combine different skills, from this flat skill list as I did, by suggesting adding an average requirement of two (or more in future) different skills for skill required for improvement of item, reason for this is only to delay the end of character development and production of strongest armor or weapon. The alternative is to create new maps and force players to start over every year or two, I have no other ideas, if you have better ones, I'll be happy to read them.
  8. According to the wiki "Tactical (in the military context) refers to the lowest level of military strategy, usually consisting of individual combatant or small unit actions." I consider the choice of weaponry before combat and the inability to change it during combat a tactical decision.
  9. And how do you want to create a balance if not by adding inconvenience to solutions that already have big advantages?
  10. I don't know if this would be boring, goblin metal could only be obtained by hunting. There could be stronger NPCs that would drop other types of metals with other properties. I thought about it too, but if I think about adding fertilizer to each tile separately and then using the rake several times, I want to rage quit. But if there was such a field as I described it, and you would only add the fertilizer to entire field containing many tiles of crops in total amount calculated in kg of ferilizer, it would be more interesting and it would reduce the repeatability. But by using 100ql metal/wood you could still make an item that you would use for 10 years. However, it would take longer to reach 100ql than it is now and you would have to get rid of many items along the way. That is your opinion and as it is with opinions, it cannot go beyond your experience and what is according to you correct or wrong.
  11. So I said there are 2 metals that matters and you are saying this is wrong because there 2.5 important metals, not iron and steel, but silver and steel and we must use iron, because there is no other choice, nice Adding goblin metal, which removes negative effects from most of metals and body str requirement for weapons (maybe for armors that could work too?), should encourage use of different armors and weapons. Farming - for example? I don't see a problem for old items and max QL, just after update max ql value will be given to them at some specific level 50 or 60 should do this just fine. As for your expectations, are you sure you are not exaggerating a bit? Are you counting on me to develop a better system than group of Devs who spent 10 years on the project? It's very nice that you have such a good opinion of me, that I'm capable of it, but it's probably too much
  12. I just like balance, fact that some armor offers better defense for balance must also have some disadvantage. When you are on foot it is balanced, but the problem starts when character gets on a horse or a vehicle then balance disappears and armor with better protection is simply better. I have two ideas, in fact, one is to slow down getting on and off the horse, and the other is to slow down the horse and the vehicle, either the turning rate or the speed of movement.
  13. I am playing, but I perceive game's problems differently. I don't think you understand what makes games interesting for average person. It is not a single skill grind at 0.001 per action for month or two, but what player can produce and how many opponents he can face. There are very few NPCs in Wurm, which makes PvE boring very quickly. Crafting is nice at start, but later it turns out that we only have 3-4 weapons that counts and only ONE weapon that is overpowered and that 90% fighters prefers. Instead of several types of metals from which armor and weapon could be made, there are only 2 that matters (iron and steel) for average player. Because remaining metals and alloys have such high negative properties that it is not worth even mining them, if you are not a miner and do not want to have skill at level of 100. I see that you have been playing for quite a long time, so take a moment and cut out everything that is not worth touching in the game, because it is not worth the player's time and everything that the average player will not use, because the max that will reach is 80 skill level for 1-2 skills. What's left? This is what is left July 2020 - 1226 July 2021 - 197 and it's not the 1000 players who must understand that they must like what you like, but the other way around, the veterans must understand that if they want to continue to have Wurm that is worth developing, the game must also attract average players, not only those who play 5 + years. I forgot about wool, it would be nice to have some kind of use for it... Warm cloth armor
  14. I still like the werewolf better, if it was too difficult as a normal NPC it can spawn only when the rift shows up to make things more interesting not only for people who are going in there.