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  1. The Goblin Leader Slaying event seemed interesting until it happened. Not only do all the common animals in the game behave like training dummies with the difference that they sometimes give back punches, now i know that also unique monsters behave same way. As for the improvement of ordinary animals, I do not know if animals have such a parameter as the optimal range of weapons (the wiki does not mention anything on this topic), but they should have it. For example, wild cats could be at the level of a short sword, and when we fight them with weapons that have a greater range, the animal would adjust its distance to the player every few seconds. Scorpions have quite long stings, so they can have a spear range and when the player tries to kill them with a long sword, they also correct the distance to the opponent and move away to the range that is most favorable for them. Besides, animals should be a bit more intelligent and, for example, try to hit the player from the side or in the back, if it really gives an advantage in a fight. Thanks to this, it would be harder to choose the terrain, which gives the player a bonus. Further, an animal that is weaker in desperation should attack the hand with a weapon or the player's head (at the moment I have the impression that weaker animals attack the legs, although they never run away anyway, so what is the reason for that?). Stronger animals should attack the player's legs to make it harder for him to escape. As for escaping, if the animal loses, it should have a chance (20-30%) to try to escape, which would give some reason to use bows in PvE, because at the moment this weapon is useless, even a deer can be caught in combat by walking close enough. Animals with additional traits should be even smarter. If the player selects the higher terrain so that he has an advantage, the animal should move to the same height as the player to neutralize this advantage. Champions may move on and try to stand in a fight that gives them the advantage in footing. And unique monsters ... the most difficult part of the fight with the goblin leader was the stage where I had to find him and click on him ... 100 players per 1 tile is really stupid. If the player groups in this way, the unique monster should receive a bonus to strength and attack speed, and it is so large for 100 players group, that unique kills anyone with one blow. I already wrote about the titles that at the moment it makes no sense to get the title "slayer" for 1 hit. The title should be for killing or dealing a certain amount of damage, e.g. 5-10%. If you have dealt damage to the monster above the designated level, you have the title when monster is defeated. Thus, out of one event, there would be 10-20 players with the title, not 100. One hit alone should give the player monster blood, those who are just watching should get nothing. The imprisonment of unique monsters on deeds in cave should also be solved differently, but I've already written enough so another time.
  2. Wanted: Goblin Leader

    2h earlier or later would be nice for my time zone
  3. Make it simple and apply to branded animals and on player deed and perimeter.
  4. When we activate the bucket, can we see the icon over an animal that can be milked? When we activate the grooming brush, can we see the icon over the animal that can be groomed? scissors/shearing food/feeding A tile in a mine that has collapsed may have a different texture than a normal rock tile? And it would be nice to know if this tile was up, down or just mined before collapse. Dogs locked in the same pin with other animals should disperse the animals if they step onto same tile. Or the shaft + rope stuck in the tile allows the animal to be tied down into that tile. Or a rope allows the animal to be tied to a wooden fence. Wagons in third person view should become translucent so as not to block vision.
  5. I've made suggestion about economy some time ago. Possible scenarios to solve this are e.g.: - limit the number of improvements for each item, once the limit is reached, the item can only be repaired, but you can not increase ql. - possibility of further improvements or fixes for the item being blocked by item creator (burned like clay items at the ql level where he believes the item is complete).
  6. I am using google translate...
  7. Studded leather should also receive small bonuses depending on what metal the rivets are made of and some of the oil leather bonuses. Either leather from hides from different animals should have different bonuses, just as metals have different properties.
  8. When we activate the grooming brush, can we see icons or some indicator above the animals that needs grooming?
  9. Weapon sets & combat fix In diablo 2, the problem of switching between different sets of weapons was well resolved. In Wurm, something similar would also be useful, so that you can change the weapons you use with one button without having to open the inventory. A bow or shield from an unused set could be placed on the character's back instead of a backpack, then the player would have the choice of either carry more items or a quick weapon switch during combat. Changing weapons during combat by dragging them from the inventory should be removed. Similarly with armor, the fact that I can put a plate on and start fighting, and if my opponent turns out to be too difficult in PvE, I take off my armor and run away faster than an animal is simply a stupid concept. The fact that, for a horse, the type of characters armor is also irrelevant, the existence of 5 types of armor makes no sense other than decoration. The heavier the armor the horse should accelerate slower and his turning radius should be greater (by the way, the fact that the cart has a smaller turning radius than the rider is also quite funny). Maybe even the type of armor should affect the speed of the hits. The player would have the choice of better protection or more damage. Carts and wagons should only be used for transporting items not for combat, there should be chariots designed only for combat, and you cannot transport many items on them (200-300kg should be max and mostly designed to hold different weapons). Dog is man's best friend, or a pelt container? More breeds of dogs, the possibility of breeding and training them. Dogs should be unique pets, unlike other animals that randomly inherit their traits, the player should have more control over the inheritance of canine traits. Several features of dogs may be, for example, tracking, defending the player, warning about the danger. Additional item a leash on which we can lead the dog (as well as a pig that could detect truffles). The dog could assist the player in tracking by providing additional information or increase the tracking range. A properly trained dog should be stronger (maybe even equal to a bear). There are various dangers that the player cannot detect, such as the collapse of a mine tunnel. A dog on a leash might hear a minute or two before the tunnel collapses and start barking. At night, when visibility is limited, the dog could bark if a dangerous animal is within the appropriate range. The range should depend on the dog's training level. Better trained dogs should also be able to track a given species of animals, even hundreds of tiles away. If small and fast animals were added to the game, such as hares or foxes, the dog could hunt them. The player lets the dog off the leash, and dog catches the hare and brings it back alive. Dogs could help player with other animals, eg if we have many animals in one pen, the dog left between them "makes sure" that many animals do not occupy the same tile (building 2x1 pens is stupid). Dog training, each dog should have its own set of stats and skills. From 1.0 to 20.0 for example. The player could train a dog and thus increase his skill level (just like for his character, only faster). The limitation for a dog would be a certain level, e.g. 60 points, so you can only develop 3 skills to the maximum or more than 3 at an average level. Skills/stats could be: tracking, senses (threat detection), fighting (FS), agility (attack speed and slow dog cannot catch up with the hare), endurance (increases health), strength (as characters body strength). During reproduction, the new generation inherits some of their parents' traits or if the parent had a certain trait developed, his offspring can be trained very quickly in this area (bonus skill level gain).
  10. I hope we get fighters look like fighters not kids with skinny hands...
  11. Great, so when do we get token with just free perimeter in game?
  12. The producer of the game is also a seller who will preach what pays him off. The fact that you buy a car, but the seller tells you that you have free wheels changes reality? You pay for both. A car without wheels is useless, and neither are wheels without a car. The fact that you cannot place a free perimeters token in the game proves that my argument is true, but you dismiss the argument and repeated yourself at least 2 times that it isn't.
  13. Sandbox mmo also needs a balanced economy, it doesn't exist at the moment in Wurm. If a new player starts the game today as blacksmith, weaponsmith or armorsmith, for a few weeks he will not find anyone to buy a finished product from him. From the perspective of a player who starts to play a mmo sandbox game where he should be free to do what he wants, but he can't, it is no longer a sandbox. If the game does not need caps, then take off the most burdensome cap in the game ... the action timer. Let's give everyone the ability to create or mine with an action lasting 1 second Can you mine ore 100ql as a new player? Or what maximum ql logs you can produce? This game is one big cap if you haven't noticed. Read carefully what you are quoting.