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  1. The spyglass is a small telescope, designed for observing ships at sea. I propose a large telescope that will weigh a lot and can only be placed on a suitable tripod. Observation of a desired location/object in the sky will depend on the appropriate angles configured on the tripod.
  2. Sleep bonus improvement During the RoS I made a mistake, forgot myself and used the altar with not used few hours sleep bonus. Not every player also visits the forum and uses up their bonus before global spell. Therefore, in my opinion, the sleep bonus should be allocated gradually, e.g. 1 hour for each prayer at the altar. Crafting widow UI & improvement chance When creating new items, the percentages do not always update, this can be seen especially well with low skill values when the character levels up quickly. Another thing is the lack of a percentage when adding materials to an unfinished product. I understand that there is a problem with the ql of materials here, but the progress bar is quite big, so maybe there game could display a percentage of chance for the material we are currently adding? A similar solution would be useful when improving any item. The progress bar might show a chance of success. Display items names Alt button function similar to that of Diablo, displays the names of items lying on the ground. Useful if you drop the needle. Decay of items Pottery objects in the real world can last 10,000 years, which is longer than iron objects! Why in the game do they start to decay after a few days? From the materials available in the game, items made of low durable types of wood and iron (rust) should start to decay first. Bronze for example is a more durable material than iron. More clay products Clay cauldron. Clay tablets on which you can write (maybe even draw for example mine tunnels map) and, after burning, keep your notes for a very long time. A player with pottery skill over 50 should be able to carve their clay statue. The model in the game already exists, devs just need to change the texture? Bas-reliefs and statues for indoor and outdoor decoration. Clay house More leather items Gloves and protective leather clothing for blacksmiths, if the character is working at the forge and does not have protective clothing, he may get burned. A leather whip, used while driving a cart or wagon, accelerates animals for 60 seconds, at the expense of increasing hunger. The higher ql of the whip, the greater the acceleration. The toolbelt should also be a container for small tools such as a needle, hammer, leather knife etc. It can store as many items as it has slots. Stamina drain It's kind of funny that you can farm a field in a metal armor. Maybe different actions like farming, mining, forestry, woodcutting etc should cost more stamina if they are done in heavier armor?
  3. Rare chestnut seat (boat) Starting Bid: 1s Increment: 25c Sniper protection: 1 hour I won't fit mailbox.
  4. Exactly. If some mechanism is needed for these less patient players, then being able to ignore the other player for several hours should solve any problem. But it should work in a way that it can be turned on/off by the individual player so as not to centralize the possibility of censorship on any player or any topic.
  5. Dedicated to anyone who believes that they can create a perfect system (set of rules) that will solve every problem. No, you cannot create such a system. The only thing you can and try to do is make excuses to restrict people with whom you disagree.
  6. If there would be auroras that disturb the compass for several nights a year, it would make sense, but if you can determine the direction without a compass, why do we need a compass?
  7. Beavers Beavers should feed on trees close to the water and on player made structures, containers, vehicles and ships. They are not aggressive. Before winter, they build dams in narrow channels. They are afraid of and avoid dogs. Giant ants Spawn looks different than on other animals. A nest appears, which generates 1 ant per hour, the maximum capacity of the nest is 10. They are not aggressive, but if player attack one of them, all ants from the nest will be aggressive to the player. They are size of a sheep. The ants only move within 100 tiles around the nest and collect all edible plants, including crops from the player's fields. They avoid dogs and cannot penetrate fences. After destroying the nest, the queen is spawned. Much bigger and stronger than an ordinary ant, it can fly. Hell piranha They can appear in mine tunnels filled with water. Weak, but with a very fast attack speed. They spawn in group of three. Very aggressive with a large aggro range. Stone golem. Not aggressive, slow, but with a lot of health and a large damage reduction. Golems sleep in rock tiles, but if a miner starts to extract the tile in which the golem sleeps, it becomes aggressive. Drop is a variety of rocks, e.g. marble, slate, etc., and the golem's brain, which is a kilogram of molten metal. Improved Lava Spider Upon dying, his body explodes and releases a burning substance in a 3x3 area dealing damage to everyone within range. Improved Scorpion Sometimes the scorpion can deal a special hit that poisons the player. Poison does no extra damage and no poison status appears for the first hour after player was poisoned. Poisoning produces an effect similar to the meditation path of Insanity, when the player sees creatures that do not exist, and can only be cured by eating special herbs. More trolls Troll with a flint spear which has a bonus against riders. Troll with one-handed flint axe and wooden shield. Shaman troll with a few spells (basically Fo priest that is using healing spells, Oakshell, Purge, Bearpaws). When defeated drops a bone necklace or herb bag that cannot normally be found in the game. These herbs treat poisoning after a scorpion stings.
  8. No! We can't hunt termites, but yes for animals that would destroy wooden vehicles and structures...
  9. Improved rafts and floating trees The felled trees should be able to float and maybe we should even be able to sit on them and swim using oars. We should also be able to use the oars to swim on the raft. One animal should fit on the raft, but apart from that and the player, there should be no room for another cargo. Sleds Some time ago I suggested sleds and the fact that dogs and sheeps have speed traits would complement this idea. We could create a team of dogs or sheeps hitched to sleds and would have a speed bonus on a snow. https://i.imgur.com/cPCfJTT.mp4 Flying mounts Today I noticed that one of the horses hitched to the wagon is hovering over ground (bug), so got this idea that if we have unicorns, we may have mounts that will fly short distances (few tiles) or at least it will be able to climb very steep mountain slopes like a player (but faster), and that won't stop on a steeper slope like a horse. For example pegasus, griffins and chimeras (as hell equivalent of flying mount). They can be sterile, or if they could reproduce, the only way to keep them on deed would be to build a real stable with a roof so they wouldn't fly away. Of course, flying would bring new threats, e.g. players in metal armor could often be struck by lightning. Or they would be attacked by new flying mobs that ignore travelers on ground but can be attacked with a bow. Stone blocks Large construction stones of 1 tile in width and length and 3/4 of the height of a tile. Can only be created on the surface by consuming 1 rock tile. Come in few shapes: normal block block with slope (maybe not that steep as on image) stone block with a carved tunnel (yes it is for building aqueducts) If rock tile allows to build a well, we should be able to create the beginning of the aqueduct at this point. The water would not flow freely (no fluid script needed), it would only fill another empty section of the structure (next empty tunnel carved in stone). The end of the aqueduct may be a larger stone tank, made of 4 blocks, each hollow in such a way that when joined, they form a container in shape of half sphere.
  10. I would suggest something completely new... several small maps, the size of Melody, but only available to ship owners (no starting cities) and each available only for a specific season of the year. For example one map opens only during winter (on Cad and Har) and is removed in early or middle spring. You can build anything you want on that map, including deeds, but in the spring the map is blocked and you can't swim to it. All buildings and deeds will be removed, every ship and vehicle will be destroyed, and the player who hasn't left the map by spring is transferred to Cad or Har in torn clothes as a shipwrecked person. The only limitation is that, as a captain, you can go to this island only once in a given year. This way players will be able to hunt, cut down entire forests just for the skill, take away sand and dirt without creating ugly zones on Cad and Har. If you find a metal vein, you can extract it without worrying about the lack of resources nearby and next year there will be a map reset anyway and you can hunt/cut/dig/mine resources like crazy again. Some plants and animals on these seasonal islands may be completely new, trees and herbs from tropical forests, i.e. new colors of wooden products, but they cannot be grown on normal islands and new cooking recipes. Similarly with new animals, for example rhinoceros as a substitute for bison to pull wagons. Their disadvantage is the inability to reproduce outside the seasonal island. But whoever grabs them and transports them to Cad or Har will make good money.
  11. And the fact that such a powerful creature waits in one place to be slaughtered like a sheep is very sad.
  12. +100 One of the biggest surprises in Wurm for me was the fact that players can imprison unique creatures and guarantee themselves a reward. In other games, doing so will ban the player. Dragons and other unique creatures should reside in their sanctuaries, as I described in my suggestion, or wander and attack the player and their deeds. They can destroy guard towers and retreat from the given deed after destroying the tower and there could be some mechanism to ensure that the unique does not attack the same deed twice if not provoked. If players are still able to imprison unique characters, then the fight with them should be solved completely differently. At the moment of being released, a unique creature flies away/runs away from the place of imprisonment at the greater distance the longer it was imprisoned and destroys everything in its path... tents, vehicles, kills abandoned horses etc. If the number of attacking players exceeds a certain limit, the unique should increase the strength of the blows and after dealing 2-3 very strong blows flies away at some distance. Additionally, dragons should sense players who have already killed a dragon and attack them in the first order, so even if someone uses alts, his main will only be protected during the first dragon fight, in the second he will be the main target.
  13. Leather suit to protect blacksmiths... if you don't wear it near working forge, you have a chance of getting fire wounds
  14. Actually, I didn't think about adding a new skill, but it would be interesting and give new possibilities. Of course, for observations there should be a bonus for the height from which we observe stars, i.e. the higher the telescope above sea level, the easier it is to spot smaller stars. But in my opinion, every item should be craftable ... even masks, capes, and shoulder pads only these craftable versions should be poorer. Weapons and shields may also differ visually. This would provide a bit of variety and appeal to the game as a whole.