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  1. New post with my new elemental style heart necklace / photo effect play.... I really enjoy doing photo edits and sharing them, thanks for looking P.S. Colors on the heart represent the elements (red=fire / green=earth / dark blue=water / light blue=ice / pinkpurple heart=air)
  2. Just wanted to shares these two pieces of jewelry I created tonight, I'm so proud of them and I wanted to share the moment with you all (Left Picture) shows me with the mushroom one on. I didnt get a pic of the one with the hearts one yet but im sure I will eventually, thanks for looking!
  3. this event was amazing thank everyone again for the awesome experience for my third impalong ❤️ !!!!! I look forward to more
  4. I would like to write my thoughts and awesome experience at The Friend-A-Long on pristine! I really enjoyed and had such a wonderful time there, It was my third impalong I have been to so far, and I really loved it. I enjoyed seeing my friends and fellow wurmians there as well and meeting new ones, Thank you to the organizers and people in charge and to everyone who was there you all made it a blast . I look forward to attending again and to going to many more. Thanks so much!! ❤️ -Jacalina-(NFI Melody) , Jacqulina-(SFI Alt)
  5. Hello all! I have finally finished all the elemental pieces in the dragon eye series I have been working on and wanted to share each piece in this thread and ask "Which one is your favorite?". Thanks for looking! "Fire" "Ice" "Water" "Earth" "Air"
  6. Screenshots from Impalong, my friend tested his dominating skills on a troll while we were adventuring a bit, it made friends with the donkey very quickly (Impalong at Valmoore Cadance) 6.20.2022
  7. This is so awesome, and thanks again for featuring my Frogspider!
  8. Lina lina, oh so clean uhh, where the goblin at?

    1. Jaclyn


      idk I hope my frogspider didn't eat one >:P jk