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  1. Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter to everyone at Wurm!
  2. My deed through the hops trellis, dated 2/10/2021 Do I see the milky way? lol, dated 2/11/2021 Farmin those onions, dated 2/12/2021 guard says I cant leave lol, dated 2/12/2021 what the hell is this hell scorpious doing here? lol, dated 2/12/2021 just a pretty view from the deed, dated 2/14/2021 sheep faces look funny up-close lol, dated 2/17/2021 just a ram in the grass, dated 2/18/2021 fugly profile lol, dated 2/19/2021 the guards were busy lol, dated 3/3/2021 sheep couple, dated 3/4/2021 Interrupted a guard frolicing in my fountain lol, dated 3/4/2021 Farming with the sun behind me, dated 3/7/2021 finished terraforming a field by the deed, dated 3/8/2021 getting ready for a another project a barn/stable connecting to the animal pen, dated 3/9/2021 current project, a barn/stable building next to the animal pen , dated 3/9/2021 can you spot the guard??, dated 3/9/2021
  3. just a cow looking into your soul - 2/18/2021 got a visit from this guy, wonder what he's thinking - 2/19/2021 the sheep look so silly from this perspective - 2/18/2021 while making a kiln, I just turn into a ball of dirt, now I need a shower lol - 2/18/2021 mountain lion says, "stay awa from the meat" lol - 2/17/2021
  4. I Just wanted to wish everyone here a happy and safe Valentine's Day!
  5. Beautiful Shot of some of the surrounding area of my deed. 2/7/2021 Couple of my tower guards helping me fight off a huge anaconda 2/7/2021 as I create a road to a tar pit for easier access, I take a look back at the beautiful scenery 2/9/2021 the light behind me hitting my head almost gives an angelic appearance :). 2/9/2021 had to do a double take on that beautiful view 2/9/2021 updated shot of my deed "Hilltop Abode" 2/9/2021 updated shot of my deed "Hilltop Abode" 2/9/2021 the bulls are a big help in hauling stuff 2/9/2021 ummm what the heck is happening here? sheep calf hybrid? lol 2/9/2021 just a lone guard standing out in a sea of sand 2/9/2021
  6. I have always been a long-time huge fan of Scream/Ghostface, so I figured I would share some artistic shots involving it. Thanks for looking and enjoy! This image was created using artrage, with layers and my own images of my mask/costume and a selfie... Black and white artistic shot, with lighting from laptop shinging off the mask. Created in artrage using layers and my own mask and selfie. just a selfie with a mask lol I really like this image, it turned out with the effects and lighting I created this using artrage, using layers and selfie and my mask, I tried to give the appearance of sensing impending danger. just an up close shot of one my masks. i absolutely love this t shirt, i also have another one (this one glows in the dark) just a shot of my fluorescent masks set. this is the second ghostface ###### I own, (this one doesnt glow in the dark though) I hope you all enjoyed seeing some of my horror collection!
  7. The Scream movies, because I grew up watching it. when I was searching for halloween costumes one time when I was around ten years old , I found the ghostface mask online and I was intrigued from the start. I just loved the way it looked and thought it looked very interesting..I then found out it was used in the movies and wanted to watch them...then my passion grew from there
  8. hi friend :)

  9. This gallery features the many artworks of Jaclyn aka Jacalina. Paintings, drawings, other crafts and photography and various mediums. Please enjoy my work! "Wild Violets" watercolor on 16x20 canvas panel. dated 2014 "P Marquette" Colored pencil on 11x14 paper. dated 9/8/2017 "Giraffe Family" colored pencil on paper. dated 2018-2019 "Elk" colored pencil on paper. dated unknown "Delorean Embroidery Project" white cloth dated 2019-2020 "Come and grab a treat, if you dare" digital artwork done in 2020 "Canada geese Resting on a rock" colored pencil on 18x24 paper. dated 2014 "Spider Surprise" artist ink pen on paper. dated 2014 "Jazzy Trumpet" colored pencils on black paper. date unknown "Giraffe Profile" colored pencil on paper. date unkown "Green Ghostface" digital art. dated 2020 "Ghostface cut throat" digital artwork. dated 2020 "Ghostafce zombie struggle" digital artwork, dated 2020 "ghostface coming ouf of the shadows" digital artwork. dated 2020 "Great Blue Heron flight" colored pencil on paper. dated unknown "Courting Cardinals" colored pencils on paper. Date unknown "Red dragon and glowing yin yang ball" acrylic paints on 18x24 paper. date unknown "glow in the dark skull spider" glow in the dark paints on paper. date unknown "Red Tailed Hawk" photography by Jaclyn. date 2020 "Green Parrot" colored pencil on paper, date unknown. "Abstract Zig Zags" sharpie on graph paper. date unknown "Roadside Farm" acrylic paints on paper, date unknown "Macro Petunia with droplets" colored pencil on paper. Date unknown "Heron with a fish" colored pencil on 8x11 paper. Date unkown "Yellow Pansy" colored pencil on 8x11 paper. dated 2013-2014 "Koi fish" coloed pencil on paper. Date unknown "Monarch on white flowers" colored pencil on 8x11 paper. Dated 2014 "Spider in its web" colored pencil on 18x24 black paper. Dated 2014 "Ghostface" Glows-in-the-dark, colored pencil, sharpie and paints on paper. dated 2016
  10. Ghostface?!!!!!!!!  XD :P😱

  11. Hilltop Abode at 14,H. but im not sure. either 13,H or 14,H lol is there a way I can check to be more certain? ok i looked at the map and it said im at 720, 642 i hope thats right lol
  12. @neopherus im sorry if i didnt put it in the correct place, and thank you so much!!
  13. Just thought I'd share my various artworks of dragons since they are my favorite creature!! This one reacts to blacklights as you can see below I painted this one years ago Just a simple black dragon, stencil style Just a simple blue dragon stencil style Just a simple red dragon stencil style Just a simple yellow dragon stencil style Crappy picture but, I painted this dragon few years ago I call this one Reflection
  14. ok so, other than a wurm lover I'm also a huge horror lover, specifically Scream/Ghostface (im sure some of you are be familiar with it), I grew up watching it and it holds a place in my heart. This is something I digitally painted using a program called ArtRage. I hope you all enjoy! Thanks for looking! The title is "Ghostface Kills 2020"