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Found 19 results

  1. It's the screenshots thread! Post your best screenshots for everyone to enjoy, of any and all kinds. How to add images to your post: Upload your image to an image hosting site (I use Imgur, which is free - but there are many options) Get a direct URL to your image, which should end in an image extension (such as .jpg or .png). To do this on Imgur, click "copy link" on your image and add ".jpg" to the end of the link. (e.g. the direct link for this image is On the Wurm forums, click "Insert image from URL" in the bottom right to add your image to your post!
  2. A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from lavenderwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 24.1615, Dam: 0.0. Starting bid: 30s Increment (minimum): 1s Private Bids: Accepted Buyout: 1,5g
  3. Basically making cheese gain ql akin to wine. Granted the process can differ depending on the type of milk used and end result desired, for example introducing molds or prepared cultures. Time period can range from a few days to years. Then there's hard and soft cheeses... Only works when not inside of a food bin or crate. Perhaps even require the cheese to be wrapped in wax (bees!) or cheese paper (papyrus?) before it will "ripen".
  4. Hello everyone, Location: Xanadu J11 Deed Ethereal Dynasty Pick up/wagoner/mail (cod) On sell: Sprouts/seedlings : various kind – 1 or 2c each Plant & herbs Food Metal Rock & Bricks Divers Leave a message or pm me.
  5. Sale of 30x full sealed cedar 45kg barrels of 100ql Sheep milk, for sale as 1 lot Buyer to pick up from Southport U18 Deli at a time to be arranged, or barrels can be mailed at 10c extra per barrel. PM offers please, or message in game [SOLD early 08/11/17 please CLOSE]
  6. There are a truly staggering number of cheeses out there, let's add them to Wurm! Each quadrant (NW, SW, NE, SE) of each server gets a random special cheese (ie Gouda, Parmesan, Cheddar) assigned to it for each regular cheese (cheese, feta, buffalo) . Using a Cheese Box, a player can convert up to 100 cheese at a time into the special cheese for the area in a manner similar to fermenting. Cheese Box: Small nails + 6 planks. Holds 100 cheese. Once filled with the regular cheese, the cheese box is sealed using a cloth square and the box becomes a Sealed Cheese Box (aging). After a period of time, you can open it up and get your delicious new cheese.
  7. Bison, as they stand have no use beyond meat and beasts of burden. My suggestion is that they should be milk-able in order to make cheese and whatever plans there are for the dairy-making skill. This could give them a great use beyond their leathers and meat or decorations in steppe and a believable use too. Don't you want to be eating delicious buffalo cheese and butters?
  8. WTB rare or supreme cheese drill (best oakenwood) - no enchant, ql doesnt matter PM offer with price! DONE!
  9. Hey, Two things with cheese. I got an issue trying to make cheese (feta or normal). I am using a cheese drill, pinewood. The crafting window does not display an option to make cheese or feta cheese (so I have to single click to make cheeses): Also, as a side note: I seem to be getting very very high QL cheese compared to what I used to get b4 the update. I used to get a wide spread of cheese QLs. from very low up to (rarely) ~70s. My Dairy food making is 28, cooking is 20, the cheese drill, pinewood I am using is 37 QL, from 40 QL cedarwood buckets. Now, after the update (this is my 2nd batch of cheese, both (I got 2 total so far) are very high QL like this), I get this: Thanks your time :-) Teeebomb PS: I did look for this /these issues listed on forums, but did not find it anywhere. So, I opened this new thread. PPS: Just noticed that my cheese drill, pinewood (QL 37) is not taking any damage at all from usage since the cooking update. Not sure if it took damage from use b4 the update though.
  10. Deliverable to any coastal area on freedom isles. (although it may take me a while to get there.) willing to trade for gems @ 1ql=1c (rounded up. 10.1ql = 11c) 150+ support beams 4c/beam(incomplete) 5c/beam(complete) * reserved (partially complete with separate ribbon, or completed while you wait, at location) 30 concrete 1c/each 1kg 100ql iron lump 10c (OBO) 7kg 98ql iron lump 50c 1kg 96ql iron lump 5c 30 30ql cheese 50i/each (OBO) 20 30ql sprouts 50i/each (no oak, thorn, or cedar) 10 30ql flowers 50i/each (orange-red, purple, yellow, white) 19 20ql woad 50i/each 12 40ql woad 1c/each 1 60ql woad 2c
  11. Gathered bison & sheep milk this morning (after the update), and immediately dusted off my oakenwood cheese drill to make cheese. When using the cheese drill on today's sheep milk, upon failure the sheep milk was reduced by 0.5kg. Successful feta cheese creation resulted in sheep milk weight reduction of 0.6kg. When using the cheese drill on today's bison milk, upon failure the bison milk takes at least 0.01 damage (no reduction in weight). Successful buffalo cheese creation resulted in bison milk weight reduction of 0.6kg. This inconsistency seems like it is likely a glitch, rather than an intended functionality; I'm guessing the buffalo cheese creation process is bugged. FYI: - Both types of milk were contained within their own cedarwood small bucket, though I doubt that had any bearing on the outcome (mentioning it to aid in bug reproduction). - The buffalo milk took damage on buffalo cheese creation failure regardless of the creation method used (Crafting Window vs menu driven "activate cheese drill -> RtClick buffalo milk -> Create -> Food -> Buffalo cheese").
  12. Can only use an empty bucket to milk sheep, no option to milk with 1 milk in the bucket, have to carry a small barrel to move the buckets milk to in order to milk the next animal. Can only craft Buffalo Cheese from sheep milk.
  13. Should be cheese... and tortilla chips if we ever get flatbreads added.
  14. rare cheese drill ,Oakenwood QL 70 Startbid : 1 S Bit increment: 50 c Reserve none Snipe protection 1 hour Item will be coded to the Winner for free Happy Biddings
  15. Firstly this idea involves altering the gathering of milk slightly, namely by capping it at a player's milking skill. Why? Because milk QL will matter. Another item change is for cheese. Cheese will no longer decay, instead it will become a food equivalent of wine, increasing with QL as it ages if kept in a container. If it has a decay tick on the ground it takes damage. This is to offset the QL hit cheese will take with low QL milk. Milk, when drank instead of water, fills hunger up a bit as well (QL/20% per 1 weight) without impacting nutrition. So 100QL milk will give 5% hunger per 1 weight drank (bare in mind it cannot be drank if you are not thirsty). QL20 milk would give a 1% hunger bonus per 1 weight (just to show the free player threshold). Milk, when served hot, gives a special buff "sleepy" that decreases skillgain by 20% for its duration, however it if active when a player uses a bed it gives a (QL/5)% bonus to sleep bonus earned. If mixed with strawberries gives strawberry milk (20 beverages to make would be nice). Strawberry milk gives a different buff when drank (refreshed) that prevents thirst for a time based on QL. It still fills hunger on top of this buff. This might not be a bad buff to add to other drinks (the more complex the drink and higher the QL, the longer the buff).
  16. Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a lot of dirt - probably around about 100k tops. Will be happy to buy from numerous sellers since it's unlikely that anyone has that much around (but if you do...) I'll come and pick up dirt myself. Coastal locations for picking it up are very necessary. Will travel to anywhere on Freedom. Won't do big journeys for small quantities unless I'm already over there. The best deals will win! This is your chance to sell loads of dirt at once. PM offers.
  17. I believe cheese should be age-able in ql akin to how wine functions. Let alone different cheese recipes, perhaps even let the aged cheese even be a separate cheese type from the current. EDIT: Cut the cheese and pour the wine
  18. So the problem I'm having is that when I make a sandwich I have 0.40 KG of cheese left, but when I put the cheese in the fsb. it disappears. and so, I have wasted quite a bit of cheese :\ Also, it would be nice if sandwiches weighed more, I mean, the bread weighs 0.70 and you use 0.10 KG of cheese, but it only weighs 0.18 So, please make the sandwich bigger.
  19. Hey Ya'll. Selling cheese. Any QL and amount. Will update current stock later. Il also make custom orders if there is no stock. Delivery to any server can be negociated. You can use this to post and offer ************** Amount: Ql: Offer: Delivery Location: Delivery Offer: ************** Br. Shang.