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  1.,621 - Innocents Gate
  2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You know it's shiny, you know you want it. I'll give it to the one that offers the most. It's not casted, but I did imp it to a decent quality, to fit your mapping needs. Congrats in advance to the one that will own this little shining beauty of a tool. Starting bid: 50 s Increment (minimum): 2 s Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted -------------------------------------------
  3.,875 - Hantance 386
  4. As the title suggest, I happened upon this bug while I was mining out some copper ores from meteorites, near a holy site on Melody. I was a bit confused as to why it lets me mine after I reached 100 lumps, but I decided to keep going. No idea how and why I triggered this, however, but it seems to repeat to a nearby lump. Previous actions I did were bringing a 40 lumps pile next to a new meteorite. Then, I proceeded to deplete the now second meteorite, ending up at about 101 lumps. Now I'm mining my third one, with the now total being 125 in one pile in one tile. Some details in this screenshot are more or less irrelevant, but the pile is at the lower right edge of the Pile screen. I will keep mining, see where it stops. Edit: Moving the whole 155 lumps to another tile did not work, so I have moved only 100. I decided to mine another meteor, and it seems to work " "just fine" " (as I now currently have 110 in the new pile). I thought that adding extra items into the 110 pile would work, but it says [11:23:47] The lump doesn't fit. I conclude that it's an issue with the mining products check, instead of actual item placement.
  5. Please disable the view only so we could properly edit
  6.,809 - [18:00:22] You enter Elysium.
  7.,364 - [15:52:11] You enter Oceanview Hill.
  8.,929 - Mystic Cove
  9. Thing is, this kind of worked for me before. I seem to have gotten back all my items. Thank you for the insight BattleWall! Also apologies for potentially wasting admin time
  10. Hello, Silviustrz here, from Melody. I have recently discovered a rather serious bug concerning the mailbox. I'll try to describe the steps of how the bug affected me so far. First of all, I was supposed to receive an item, namely a Potion of Woodcutting, using the non COD method, the 1c per item toll. All said and done, "sense the imps" and I rush to my deed's mailbox. I open the receive/deny screen, check the receive square and then I click send, closing the screen as it usually goes. Since I'm the kind of player that sees the mailbox as just another means of temporary storage, I leave it in there for a while. Coincidentally, this event occurred just 10-20 minutes before this last update (07.03.2023), therefore I log off due to restart/patching and return some time later. However, checking the mailbox, I see that the item is no longer in there. After thorough search (and severe doubt in my eyesight), I conclude that the item was not received. I confront the sender as he told me he did, in fact, send and showed me his logs as proof. I initially don't mind this event, putting it on the fact that maybe somehow the update messed up the send (which is bad in itself but not the point). Anyway, I proceed to use the mailbox again, this time sending/receiving a large metal shield. I decide to test the mailbox, repeating the aforementioned but instead intentionally leaving the shield inside the mailbox. What happened was, upon checking a different mailbox, that the potion of woodcutting suddenly appeared. I pick it up but the shield seems gone. I relog for a few times to find out that the shield still is gone. I proceed to do a ticket and CM Baeowuf instructs me to come here so.. here I am. I may attempt to test this a bit further (but with no valuables this time). I will edit/make another reply. EDIT: I have asked a player to send me something just now. He sent me some clay. The thing is, the shield is still gone this time around, therefore no repetition of the process mentioned above.
  11.,299 - Sheder 138,315 - Unknown 642,430 - Lushi 802,610 - Allakus 50,594 - Soulmuncher 754,568 - Krandle 106,1786 - Reboh 506,1786 - Jezhek 594,1475 - [20:31:23] This is within the village of Shore Enuff.,1378 - [20:40:32] You enter Nighttide.
  12. I have edited the location and the name
  13. Settlement of Twin Peaks is disbanded.,310 - Chunkymonkey 266,269 - Sharyl 202, very close to it [11:11:50] You enter Northon.,315 - [11:18:04] You enter Ryd.,699 - Settlement of Llanfyllin,581 - [12:37:48] You enter Mcdonalds.,597 - Damascuss - 388,606 - [12:43:02] You enter Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
  14. Silviustrz - that's my ign