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  1. Friday Night at Thallspring Night 5. A trip to see an alliance members place.
  2. Hanging out at the Deed EP5. We do a quick build, keep a watch on the skies for meteors and back out on the boat to see a spot for a potential future project.
  3. Hey peeps rather than make more posts, i'll post any updates / streams here. Hanging out at the Deed, Friday Night at Thallspring, and Scouts are out and about to name a few... So latest one was quite a trip, it being to hot recently i decided to take the sailing boat out again, and blimey did we see some sea life. Hope you enjoy.
  4. Now thats some wurm time you have put in Spolmit. Congrats and here's to another 10.A loud quack chorus from the ducks too.
  5. Agree, it would be good to have deco items. I wonder if it would be possible to have a sub catagory of items that are a deco version only?
  6. Hey fellow North Wurmians. One of our Scouts was out and about *cough lost* and had a jolly jaunt to Overture.... Check out the channel for other adventures and the Scout will be out and about again soon.
  7. I'll keep an eye out Chihuahua.
  8. So took a trip back to a location we saw in part 2 of our coastal trip to do some archaeology.
  9. Our first trip off deed takes us around the coastline of Exodus. Parts 1, 2 and 3 available on my you tube channel.
  10. Hi Gawain, There is a tour video of the deed on the you tube channel and Twitch, it was the first stream i did so it's not the best of vids but it does show some of Thallspring. That one is called Wurm Online Exodus Tour of Thallspring Deed Test Audio
  11. I thought i'd post a bit of an update here. The FB page is still going strong and i'm also now flirting with Twitch and You Tube. Oh and the ducks still torment me!
  12. Blood Sands Arena, and the new Beasts Gate entrance.This is where the runners lead the poor mobs in to fight whoever stands in the Arena. More info on the FB page
  13. After having a pants day this is actually calming....
  14. Aye, i'm not great at RP, but i do enjoy it especially if the stuation or story line grows from the interactions. I'll be sending some scouts out soon to other servers, i hope to have a RP tag on them just to let peeps know that they are open to any RP interactions.