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  1. And 9 become 10 A massive thank you all the unseen helpers - yes i didnt do this alone. I would have burned out. But it is done. 10 Giants to watch over my nymph's!
  2. Meanwhile on Harmony, the Fancy Pants Gang get tooled up!
  3. So things take a turn for the worst in this one Chapter 5 available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel Shout out to Sperchieus for removing some trouble lol
  4. And so in the Year 1115 6 became 7
  5. So in this chapter the Fancy pants gang finally get some pants! And with great pants comes great power, which goes to our heads slightly and we almost pay a price...numerous times! Deed work is done and much fun is had. And some things are seen which should not have been seen! Chapter 4 available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel
  6. Sporting my new Cutlass! Thank you Bunn!
  7. So we set sail to take tour of Nadroj's epic descent into Wurm Madness at the very impressive Magranons Rest. Join us as we tour both above and below this epic project. Shout out to Nadroj for the tour and we should also mention Klaa for the most compact room ever seen in Wurm Voyage Eight available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel
  8. Trolls seen moving into a deed and working at a forge!
  9. So the Prince and Friends continue to toil away at being new wurms! Chapter 3 now available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel Beware the Bunny! (and no in not talking about Bunnlose)
  10. Year 1115, a night sky over Calvert.
  11. So just stepping outside is dangerous.... Chapter 2 available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel