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  1. Updates 5 & 6 are available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel
  2. Sunrise in one direction... Jackal rising in the other... loving the views from the Villa. More pics on the FB page
  3. In this episode our plan is to make our way to Ebonhold (which i continually pronounce wrong) We make our way through some amazing deeds but stumble into troll land, where some trolls lurk unseen to the Scout (thank the wurms for the spotters in twitch chat) Shout out to Reckert, Leonx, Thorandriel and all the peeps at Defiance Hill Farms, Aerith and Talios for letting us come and visit. EP9 available on our Twitch and YouTube channel
  4. Outstanding, thanks for making that trip.
  5. Starting out from Gondamon we head North passing thru Khir Darum, enter a massive underground cavern and are invited to the rather tranquil Kirden Heights. Pressing onward to the Heavenly Sky Sect we cross west and follow the coastline and decided to climb a slight cliff to take in the coastline view.... oh dear. Shout out to Nicholai for the food parcel - we sent you some mail apols for the 1 cooper charge but we hope you like it and to Bakit for the tour of Kirden Heights, lovely place! EP5 available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel Pictures are on our Thallspring FB page.
  6. Hello, Sure It's a combination of the below Altus albums Excursion 1,2,3 , The Time Collection parts 1 and 2, The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow, Sleep Theory Vols 1-3, Komorebi , Trailhead, Innerspace,Winter Embrace 3, The Wanderer Also used are two of the Loneward albums Pure and Moongate All are available to listen too on the Altus web page, links on twitch and you tube channels. Regards JC
  7. Now im getting too distracted by the views and not getting much done....
  8. Scout Two starts his journey back down from towering Dragon Fang. Having heard stories of an old boat bridge we set out to find it. EP18 - By the Wurms 18! , (thats not a reference to the content rating) now available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel Shout out to Redi who we met on our travels.
  9. Join Scout Three for EP3 Shout out to Velvetsun, Bunnlose and Miralux for providing some history nuggets and access to their deeds. Available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel