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  1. At the above pics from Joneya ... WOW! I know it's WU but it's still just WOW. Totally inspired moi!
  2. So moi is in a celebration mood! You can barely make it out but one of those skull cups went rare on creation. Scared the banzingas out of everyone in the house with a massive Wurm WOOT! Me major happy.... family not so much. More info and photo albums on fb page
  3. So i give to thee the wash table...... Currently only available to a certain VIP at Thallspring's Hotel, Olive Suite.... Kats ya cant guess whos suite?... oops....
  4. Sure are some views to take in....
  5. no but one can only hope for the poor ducks.. poor poor ducks... RISE OF THE QUACKERS!!!
  6. Quack, Quack,..... yes my duckies you will be free soon!!!
  7. Just looks right.... More on the FB Page
  8. It is 22:27:33 on day of Sleep in week 4 of the starfall of Silence in the year of 1099.Keeping warm by the fire seeing in the Year 1100.
  9. After 8 years i've finally found a white dotted flower! Such a small achievement BUT MASSIVE FOR MOI!!!!!! lol
  10. Yes Presto you can be in the painting too. I on the other hand took in the view of the faint rainbow and Haven. Presto did not...
  11. Defo for gates. Diagonal would be lovely but im sure thats a coding nightmare?