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  1. See Scout Four in EP4 available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel Our Scout continues onward in the vast land of Cadence. Through thick forests, open clearings to the peaks of mountains our eyes see some spectacular views and we eventually arrive ata deed by the name of Tavernia.
  2. Hiya Feel free to use any of the pictures on the FB page from the photo section , there are quite a few albums. Will start work on my head shots lol
  3. Impressed by the Scouts reports the Mayor allows replacement Scout Packs to be sent out, costs will be deducted from the Scouts Wages. Backpack will contain, water cup, x2 cotton bandages.
  4. With all the coffee the group had consumed the final construction piece for the Knarr became the hot topic and chaos ensued. Shouts of I want Blueberry wood, Rosewood, Thornwood, Oak, Cedar, No No No, Nom Nom Nom... Willow wood, I want Nutwood! NUTS to that! In the all the shouting a tiny voice was starting to be heard. I say... I say... AHEM.... I SAY.... PEEPS ..... OI! WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP!!!!! Ahem... thank you. I just wanted to say has anyone else noticed the strange Sea Beast heading towards us from the sea?
  5. After visiting the afterlife for the third time we return to Silent Hill to continue our journey for EP13. Be prepared for , streamer screams, Tips from Griphyth on swimming and an absolutley stunning deed which mesmerised the Scout.
  6. What on Wurm is that smell?.... sniff sniff.... Is that... is that COFFEE!!!!
  7. Tuffont the Trader finally gets his stocks in the Town Hall. Not quite sure what the stock is though... it smells bad!
  8. Scout Three came across this lamp post design in EP6....we all thought it was pretty cool
  9. Back in the land of the cursed Skulls. Its not all doom and gloom though!
  10. Scout Two continues on in EP12 We seeing some amazing sights.The mountainous paths leading to hideouts, the creative decor of Juniper Hill ,the humble beginnings of Kuma Lagoon and finally to the place called Silent Hill. Taking a mountain path and the wrong direction seals the Scouts Fate. Has the curse of the Skulls come to Independence? Available on our Twitch or YouTube Channel
  11. Scout Four's latest report (EP3) from Cadence available on our Twitch or YouTube Channel. We had two special visitors in chat! Both names begin with a K. Some super views are seen, lamps .. and i mean LAMPS attracted our attention and an impressive cathedral. Shout out to Starmoon.
  12. Thanks!

    Sorry to hear about RL Stuff Samool. Hope things turn out ok. Thank you for all that you have done. Stay Safe.