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  1. was getting ready to play a Trickster Trick on the Trickey Troll King when suddenly....
  2. Josuha makes sure he is well behind the four troll food ... Ahem *cough* i mean four companions....
  3. YAY on the mend - and on the map.... More on the FB page. Will be back soon peeps - take care out there.
  4. Hiya Bar table with empty shelf unit moved into the table You also get to use the shelf underneath. Probably the top one as well if you stood on a cart... which i didn't... but wished i had lol
  5. You tube is full of them... one of my fav's below...
  6. solitaire..... hmmm....i need to up my game...
  7. me neither... connection refused....
  8. Outstanding Pressie, thank you all Team Wurm. "Go Wurms"!
  9. Cape....? Ignore just read up on it in wiki.... did not know about that one... Wurm is still full of surprises....