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  1. Strange arrivals at Thallspring! Yes tis true the gods bring down glowing rocks!
  2. Uploaded some new pictures in Past Buildings album
  3. Thall Guards - "ard as NUTS!"
  4. Sometimes you just need to stop and look around you.Valrei and Jackal Rising Wurm Year 1089
  5. West Gate is pretty much done, apart from some landscaping and Braziers and some tweaking at the rear of wall.More info on the FB Thallspring page
  6. After SWG went poof and searching the internet for free mmo's... wurm online caught my eye. Installed and off i went , grand adventure .After being killed 12 times by a croc on day 1 and seeing a massive pile of my own bodies in one spot lol it was then i realised i should read up on wurm. Which was great because after the intial feeling of doom of being killed this was replaced by the absolute joy of creating your own 1x1 shed to live in.......good times!
  7. Bump - added some new pics to albums