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  1. Hope you are all ok out there, i've missed my daily Wurm and Deed fix! You all stay safe out there!
  2. The Distillary is open *Burp* oopss More on FB Page
  3. Mine is taken from nights dawn trilogy by PF Hamilton,with a slight spelling mistake which i've kept to this day.First born in the realm of star wars galaxies pre cu and nge.... Eclipse server. And no im not the same Calvert from Eve online lol
  4. The welcoming view of Aberdale House Find out more at FB page
  5. New Stables finally done after some (years).....more on the FB page
  6. Hmmm..... not so much a possession within wurm... but chat logs of old. I tend to reminisce a lot......
  7. I had this playing while Valrei rose up into the sky.... mesmerising.
  8. Oh yes ... this classical masterpiece.....
  9. I stumbled upon this sign in my travels for Post Cards From Exodous. I'm sure i know that name.....
  10. Wurm Work.....
  11. Tranquility House ... Thallspring Exodus.... moi's home
  12. Time for a Boat trip.... Find out more at FB page - Post Cards From Exodus....