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  1. So in this episode things start with a calming and relaxing tour, we get dropped off and make our plan and then gets really intresting. This was one to remember. Massive thanks to Fraskea, Sandyclaws,Deri, Nirav and Bunnlose. EP10 available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel
  2. Ah yes... the word feral scares us and dont get me started on Bunnies!
  3. Would be good to have a thread up and running, as there are quite a few wurm streamers these could be picked up by them if they wanted too and a visit organised, esp with time zones coming into the mix. Or if there are any plans to resart the offical wurm stream channel this would also be a good marketing and promotion aspect for Wurm. There is a lot of unseen history just waiting to be seen out there.
  4. So while on Release in Rome Scout Two meets DaemonDan EP9 available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel
  5. Scout Two continues his journey around Release heading South from the deed of Kinghts Rest. Some amazing sights are seen. Shout out to DaemonDan for the Desert rescue and the wagon ride. EP9 available on out Twitch and YouTube Channel.
  6. Main building is now compelete so now turning to interior decor Seating area for the new cafe (Well we cant bury all the dead mobs, might as well serve them up)
  7. I really must stop tinkering with DP this close to completion.... BUT...
  8. A visit to Rockcliff Musuem and Cathedral with some surprises along the way....
  9. Finally sailed over and visited the museum and i have to say it is an awesome experience and highly recommended. Congrats to all for creating and donating to such a place, the amount of history is staggering.
  10. Aye, keep the feedback coming peeps as we are taking this all onboard. My head is still zapped by HOW VAST it is lol
  11. Well this was a bit of an introduction to how vast Xanadu is for Scout Three. We make need to re think things..... EP1 available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel