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  1. So we start off from Corvaliis to find a way down from the mountain top.... yet end up going up. Many roads are taken, some amazing views are seen and a few oh my gods, pants and shyzas are said. Many thanks to Amantnovi for the company and protection and to Miralucax for the cotton delivery with a twist! Independence is still full of surprises...... EP24 available on our Twitch and YouTube channel.
  2. Scout Two recently travelled that road and made it to the top of that mountain.
  3. So Pristine offically gets a Scout Title... Islands of Death Massive shout out to Bunnlose for the rescue EP5 available on our twitch and YouTube Channel.
  4. I was on Eclipse, but sold my old cd's years ago. Was a blast for its time, i do miss being a Scout and Ranger. Got a selfie with Jabba once!
  5. So.... pondering whats next....
  6. And so Scout Four heads back to where he started, Encore. But we take in some deeds on the way and hit a slight problem at one particular deed. So until we return Cadence , farewell fellow Wurms.
  7. I recently met this crazy dude wearing a t-shirt....
  8. So off we go in EP12 Available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel
  9. Wabbits....,give the excuse to create a toon called Elmer Fudd! As long as we get Ducks tooo!
  10. Scout Two finally meets Aurem (EP23)
  11. So Scout Two gets a present,learns a new dance, sees some amazing sights from a high and nearly scratches up another skull marker! Shout out to Bunnlose for the mail delivery and Aurem for the patients of a saint coming to be our protector, we did finally meet! EP23 available on our Twitch and YouTube Channel
  12. Independence has some stunning views, this one seen by Scout Two (Ep23)