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  1. Client Crash: Connect stable client (used every day) to test server to get recipe for new crude canoe. Client loads ok. Can move around. Crafting window opens. Clicking 'Toggle crafting recipes' causes crash: Crash reproduced after files verified.
  2. The damage note has been clarified. Thank you.
  3. Are you in need of fuel? If you need let me know your preference tar or peat and I'll send what I can.
  4. Very much looking forward to the event. Happy to provide Carpentry(95), Masonry(87), Fine carp(83), and Bowyery(72).
  5. Thanks very much. Keep us in mind if you come across a HotS camp!
  6. Disbanded Deed - "Point of No Return" 1450,1129
  7. Absolutely. Thanks for catching that. We'll get that added.
  8. The idea of taking a portal from a starter town back to Haven is brilliant. I remember being new and coming up against a problem and not knowing what to do and thinking "Was that in the tutorial? Did I miss it?" Conditions would have to be added to ensure that the portal returned them only to where they came from, to prevent Haven becoming a central travel hub. There is one omission from the current tutorial and that is crafting. I remember leaving the tutorial with no great motivation to open the journal. I think it was quite a while before I did. If between chopping and mining new players were walked through making their first mallet with the tree they just chopped down that would be a good introduction to crafting and imping and when complete they could then be told about the journal and see that their first journal item "Make a mallet" is marked complete - accomplishment! When on their own they will then want to do more journal items...
  9. I would like to speak to the "less than 10% complete the tutorial" concept that is floating around. Recently I had some research to do on new characters so I ended up wandering the tutorial area for an hour or more with a new toon. In the time I was there many toons came through. I would say 8 came through and 6 of them appeared in the initial courtyard and immediately ran to the climb area - climbed up and ran straight through to the end where they disappeared. These were clearly alt toons that were being created by experienced players. The remaining 2 that did hang out for a while actually were following the steps in the tutorial. I could watch them moving back and forth and turning around and learning - I could hear them dig, then chop - I watched them mine.. other words they seemed quite attentive and eager to learn how to do things. Their names stayed in the Tutorial chat window for a good 10-15 minutes while they went through the steps. So in my experience 100% of the new players completed the tutorial. Statistics can be misleading when not taken in context. How many experienced players created a character on steam just to check it out and skipped the tutorial? What did that do to the steam achievement figure? Most of the players I know have at least one alt. Some (like me) have 5. So in most cases 50% actually means 100% completed the tutorial and in my case 20% actually means 100% completed the tutorial. The tutorial is good! And I believe it works really well for those it was intended for - new players. Don't let that 10% stat get you down cause its not representative of whats actually going on.
  10. Corrections: The boat tunnel under Walnut Coffin runs from 1933,1046 to 1969,1066 - it is not east west - it is southeast northwest at a 45 deg angle Deed Lands End - 1124,1024
  11. The Imbue formula section contains general rules that apply to all imbue's. I have added a note that clarifies that. Thanks!!
  12. Thanks for the trap info. Our testing has confirmed your findings and the Wiki has been updated with more details.
  13. Clearer information has been updated on the traps pages. Thank you. I will investigate the hay drying tile slope further...