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  1. The "Show Village Plan - Export" feature is a valuable tool that could be way more valuable with some attention. Several materials export incorrectly and others don't export at all. Open cave entrances export as Wooden mine door Stone mine doors export as grass Sandstone slab paving exports as grass Sandstone floors do not export at all. The tile material beneath the floor exports in its place Wood plank and Tarred wood plank both export as Wood plank Kelp exports as grass "Nearest corner" paved tiles export as fully paved Wall rotation information is not exported (that I can tell) It would be great to have these and similar issues corrected and also add in object export... Large objects like forges, ovens, fireplaces, LSU's, crate racks, FSB's, BSB's, wagons & carts, moored vessels, pavillions, fountains. etc. It's not game breaking at all... but valuable external tools, i.e. Deed Planner are being limited to incomplete and incorrect data. Thanks for reading...
  2. Reading through this I was thinking "A spell! A spell would solve this!" I was thinking a new 100+ favor spell (requiring linked priests) castable by priests of any faith only from the time a rift beam appears through the closing of the rift, lasting 24 hours after the rift closes and only in a specific zone outside the actual rift area up to 10 tiles away from the outer edge of the rift area. Size would be fixed. Not big enough? Cast again in another place to create another area. The ground texture could be temporarily changed to indicate the "protected zone" which would act just like a fenced area made entirely of locked gates, everyone having permission to pass. No bottlenecks at physical gates. Just reach the special ground texture area. Nothing to wait to decay. Nothing to deface the landscape and no materials needed. Something like this would completely eliminate the need for pens because it would serve ALL the functions that the pens that are made now currently serve.
  3. Wow.. I am surprised to learn we can't do this already. Going to be majorly disappointed when the need arises.
  4. With the future of Niarja uncertain, this would be a huge benefit! Yes please consider doing this. I would like to see a 2 hr message as well - "Travelers are passing by on their way to the Rift"
  5. This is actually a great idea. It is totally period correct. A brief search of the interwebs revealed that Wurm is one the the few without some form of brigandine. With the addition of one new blacksmithing item ... "Brigandine plate" and a requirement to add a certain number of "Brigandine plate" to the basic recipe for studded leather you have it!
  6. I agree with Sheffie 100%. A mid range vessel is exactly what is missing. Draft from 10-15. Cargo equivalent to a Wagon. Something to bridge the slightly too wide gap between the smaller relatively easy practically cargo-less vessels and the long grind large ships. The sailing boat stretched to 150% current size and widened 200% current size would yield a 3x2x2 vessel, known as a "Sixareen", or "Sixern" (From the Old Norse "sexaeringr"). With an occupant capacity of 6 and a size of 3x2x2 it fits very nicely in between the small sailing boat and the Corbita. Suggested recipe: 4x keel sections 1x rudder 6x oars 2x mooring rope 75x pegs 75x tenons 1x stern 75x hull planks 15x tars 6x seats 1x square rig 6x belaying pins 2x thick ropes
  7. Yes that is where it was happening all along... an unlimited dedicated server on another system from the one I wish to run the client on. The goal was to create a server internal on my own network on a dedicated system. No worries though as I got it working finally. I rebuilt the system from bare metal again, installed steam, created a second throw away steam account, installed steamcmd, installed the server app 402370, moved the default world directory to a backup, rsync'ed my old public server world directory to the new system and all is well. My unlimited world is now running on a local system on my lan. Home sweet home... Thanks everyone.
  8. I had my wu server running on an external rack rental type server. All was well. I moved my server to a local system on my lan and the server runs there now. However, when starting the wu client, steam says I can't because I am "already playing Wurm Unlimited Server" and will be disconnected if I continue. Do I need a second steam account to run my server under now just because I moved my server to a local system?
  9. Hi all, my WU server is up and running on a Linode instance. All is working great and I've tested a toon on it for a few days now. I access the server through SSH. Is there no possible way to get the control panel gui to forward through the ssh tunnel? I've tried everything I can think of and have run out of ideas. I have searched everywhere and seems everyone either runs their server locally or manages a remote server by directly editing the sqlite db files. Anyone can point me in the right direction? Thanks....
  10. I hate to complicate things, but maybe some of this might be interesting if not useful. First off, the Longbow in the world of Wurm is not a longbow. It is a recurve bow. Longbows have one curve of consistent radius. (Slice a circle into sections and the pieces make longbow shapes. Recurve bows have 3 bends, 1 central inward and 2 outward at the ends. The 'Bow' or medium, bow is also a recurve. The recurve is a more modern design and is the type used in Olympic competition. In 1969 a version of the recurve design was created which omitted modern conveniences of the recurve like stabilizers, sights and aiming marks and was called the Barebow. This type is the closest comparison to the Wurm 'Bow' or middle/medium bow. The Short bow model in Wurm is the closest to a correct longbow shape, just needs to be taller. So - perhaps Barebow is a name worth considering - certainly would make people curious as to why it's called that, and also it would be great to see a correct model of a longbow in Wurm. Just some random archery trivia for you...
  11. # What happened Dropping dirt/sand under a planted lit buoy causes the light it emits to disconnect from the buoy model. The buoy can then be moved and the light remains in place. Buoy can be lit again but only the buoy model changes - no light emission from the buoy. Restarting client repositions light emission properly. Buoy was planted at tile intersection, on deed. # What you expected to happen Dropping Dirt/Sand under planted buoy should not affect buoy light emission. # Steps to reproduce 1. Plant buoy 2. Light buoy 3. Drop sand/dirt on ground directly beneath buoy. (Visible change to emitted light occurs at this event) 4. Move buoy Sample image:
  12. I was discussing taking screenshots with a friend and I came up with an idea. If I created a console exec txt file which contained the 'toggle gui', 'screenshot' and 'toggle gui' commands in that order, then bound execution of that console exec file to a single key, I could then take screenshots sans gui quickly - 'in the heat of battle" as it were. My friend pointed out that this may be considered a macro and would be illegal! So now must ask... Would that qualify as a macro and therefore be deemed illegal?
  13. Much the same as fence types can be added to arched walls, walls with window openings could have added to them stained glass. A simple pattern for each window opening type with colors chosen by dyes used in the creation phase. Sand melted in a furnace and dropped on a specified surface and allowed to cool to make 'piece of glass'. X many pieces of glass and x lead lumps to make a window pane. Dye optional to make different color stained glass or simply a clear window with a lead pattern holding the panes. Pane then added to wall with window opening. Other options are: Stained glass windows honoring each deity with an image of each, requiring specific dyes corresponding to colors normally associated with the deity. Kingdom specific stained glass windows much the same as kingdom banners also requiring specific dies corresponding to Kingdom Colors.
  14. 100 sheets + 10 tar + 30 ropes + small brazier + 30 hull planks + 5 large nails + 2 ordinary planks + mooring anchor and other accoutrements = ? 1 hot air balloon - piloted like a ship with all the same types of quality limitations for speed (and obtainable altitude) Imagine the screenshots!
  15. [1959, 1029] Walnut Coffin - Deed Highways [2035, 975] [1900,975] [1948, 975] [1916,1005] [1916,1005] [1916, 1125]