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  1. Resolved, thank you for the fast response.
  2. Unsure how, but since the performance update my character went from having black hair to all white, including beard. I have screenshots if required.
  3. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    We have been cleaning some of the area around South 33X of old deed roads and we are straightening out the Great South Mountain Road. We are not finished taking it to the water but the main ramp is done.
  4. Valrei International 013

    Caption: "Fetch my gauntlet peasant!"
  5. I have a meal that never finishes cooking and I think it has to do with the cheese never getting up to temperature. It is this meal, I am unsure what it makes.
  6. palm trees in sand

    We need palms and coconuts, then we can make rum and coconut.
  7. Nautical Compass

    Any naval tools are a +1 from me.
  8. Since events need to be marked in some meaningful way and in real life we have the Gregorian calendar with B.C and A.D Anno Domini should we have our own? Like B.U Before Unlimited and A.U? Few games have an extensive calendar and time system like Wurm and part of the charm at least for me is the lore behind events that are marked in the wiki and even the days that I entered the portal. What is everyones opinion on how or if time should be preserved?
  9. The Inde Projects

    Are we building 4 bridges around Storms End?
  10. WTA black drake set with web armor

    Does it have a signature?
  11. Yellowfinger casts Rite of Spring.

    A strange anti social thing to do in a social game. I assume he does it for the outrage and gets off on it somehow, just ignore.
  12. Your opinion of "Challenge"

    I will wait to see how it pans out, but as others have stated, Epic 2.0. I was hoping the secret was a purge day for people on freedom.
  13. Start issuing warnings in forums

    If you want to be nanny and warn people about the danger their bulging wallet is in, that is your right. However, if the people doing the transaction tell you to stay out of their business, that is their right as well.
  14. Rid Deli of Dirt Once And For All

    Look, I already heard I have to dig 85,000 dirt. Lets not show off on Inde and lets take Deli to rock, it is the only sensible thing to do.