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    May you finally not have any more pain and ailments that troubled you for so long Eir! Eir was one of the two main GM's that taught me how to GM here in Wurm. Eir is a big and historical name here. I kept up with her situation regularly and kept in contact with her. When we learned what was happening, Shrimpiie was able to go visit her and give her well wishes from us just a couple days ago. This is very sad news. Thank you for informing us here Dizbot.
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    I wasn't sure where to post this, but as Eir is a big part of wurm as a once GM and player of the game, I thought this might be the best place. . I am sorry to say that Eir's son has posted news that she has sadly passed away today. I'm sure there are still some old-timers around who have either spoken to or became friends with Janice during their time in wurm and would want to know of her passing. She was an amazing woman and a great GM in her time in wurm. She became a good friend to me outside of the game, and I will miss her very much. -Dizzybot
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    a group of us were talking and think it would be fair if paper sheets didn't take damage inside a book/journal/almanac but instead the book takes the damage as that can be repaired/improved. of course if we let the book rot the pages are doomed as is also fair. would also be nice to have a useful bookshelf to more safely keep books in inside our homes. that could stop or at least slow the decay of the books. the reason for all this being that we can write a book, we can make all these nice new useful books, but we can't ever put them down or the pages rot right out of them a little safe-guarding and we'd be more able to place books as decorative items and class things up a little more TL;DR please stop the pages rotting right out of our books, that nice leather bound cover should do its job
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    Serpent in the morning haze:
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    Hmm my favourite impalong?... For me, now, my favourite would have to be any that I don't run myself I can enjoy the banter, cause a little mischief and even get some of my own tools imped without feeling guilty of taking others time up. Yes the impalongs are quite different these days to my own, the perms.. buildings (multi story) were all things we couldnt even imagine having back then. But the one thing that I will always carry in my heart from the times I did host them, and being a guest at the ones in recent years is the fantastic community we have here. The hosts work tirelessly all year preparing for the event, gathering materials, building areas for the workers..they give up so much time for the feeling of helping others. I fully appreciate what it takes to commit to hosting and I applaud all of you that step up and welcome everyone through your doors. From the day the community arrive on that first morning, excitement and anticipation of the fun days ahead to the sad farewells on the very last day.. makes it all worthwhile. I have met some amazing people during my time hosting Impalongs and made some wonderful memories along the way. May the history of Impalongs continue for many years to come and I wish every single person who takes the job on, the best of times and enjoy them all!
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    Secrets revealed: the arcane watcher!
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    DeedPlanner 3 entered closed alpha phase today - getting close to open alpha release!
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    OK, it's a bit crap, but here's a dull, jerky video of my deed on Celebration (with background music).
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    The problem was leading 4 backup horses to a fight, which I agree is stupid and a problem. There is already a CR penalty for leading more than 1. Just for reference this is in CombatHandler.java This is the existing line of code if ((this.creature.isPlayer()) && (opponent.isPlayer())) { <snip> if ((Servers.localServer.PVPSERVER) && (this.creature.getNumberOfFollowers() > 1)) { combatRating -= 10.0F; } There are a ton of ways this could have been fixed in a better way, use the same code above and give them a -50% damage modifier, make it a 50% CR penalty. Or have a hard check and prevent the player doing any damage. "You fail to swing as you are leading too many animals". Limiting leading to 1animal breaks a bunch of stuff, Collecting horses for taming, having to move tames around 1 at a time, you can no longer have a pet and a backup horse in pvp its just all round a huge pain to deal with, All because a small problem was fixed in a very lazy way. its these lazy fixes over and over which has gradually degraded the game over time, please start fixing things the right way instead of these instant lazy fixes that cause more harm than good.
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    Just got back from Jamaica. Me and my daughter out on the water Me, my daughter and an old friend we hadn't seen in 30 yrs at a great eatery called Chill Out Hut. Coconut Rum!!!!!!!! What can I say? lol Daughter in the Luminous Lagoon. Ok, not me but a great pic worthy of posting.
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    So, This game has a population problem. A serious population problem. Lets clear this right now, I do not think it's a mechanical deficit. I think, as it stands, wurm is a perfectly acceptable game that tens of thousands can and would enjoy. The devs are trying very hard to tidy up everything they think is keeping players away, but not addressing a very serious root issue: population flow. If the game had thousands and thousands of unique logins on Golden Valley and there was little change in people playing, I'd recommend a dramatic overhaul posthaste to new player experience. But, as it is, I really do not believe that is the case. I think many of us older players can remember a day when golden valley was a unique land of easy opportunity for a new player to strike out, face some very easy threats, travel a bit, get familiar with the game and experience its community before moving into the bigger the wider world of either freedom or wild. There was hundreds of people playing at any time, even on GV! When Epic was released there was a blast of information trying to drag players back to the game and clearly it brought in a ton of players. As it is the game has been on a steady decline for years and is dangerously close to a point where new players might not be interested in playing because the world theyre stepping in to is so dead. The recent Elevation map reset and item ban, I think, is emblematic of this issue. I am not seeing anyone new from the people who were here 5 or 6 years ago, except more have fallen off due to attrition. My solution is this: Massive advertisement campaign I struggle to see any real engagement on the WO twitter page and I can't really blame anyone as theres not a whole lot to work with. No ad campaigns are being pushed as far as I can tell, no marketing companies are contracted, SEO is very poor! Look at the following: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/wurmonline.com This tells you a fair bit about the site, and it's not very pretty. The primary driver to wurm online is a google search for wurm online, or wurm forums... I know having someone do SEO is costly, but it could be a huge investment. I believe us the players on both freedom and epic would be more than happy to work with developers in creating marketable content with a third party agency to advertise the game. I think we'd all be incredibly happy to see ads for this game in youtube videos, on facebook, in our feeds, we'd like to see sandbox focused youtubers and mmo focused youtubers be given trial accounts with boosted stats just to drive people to the game. I know a guy like bashur was a dark stain on the games history, but a part of me was genuinely excited to know a small sized youtuber had chosen to give this game a shakedown because it would mean more people! More people means: More pvp More trade More experiences More adventures More community And most importantly, more money to fund further development. The game looks great already, certainly enough that anyone interested in what this game offers won't pass because of it! The mechanics are actually over all pretty good, theres a reason I play this game still after... [02:35:43] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Ant, week 4 of the starfall of Silence, 1028. That's 3492 days, 8 hours and 19 minutes ago. The game is fundamentally good, it just needs more eyeballs by all means necessary! I've even seen players offer to run a kickstarter so we can have an ad campaign. All I ask if you take any of this advice, devs, is to please either consider bringing back golden valley, or turning down aggro mobs massively and make monsters regional spawns again so players arent getting dumpstered 10ft outside the starter deeds. We just want to see the game reach previously unforeseen heights and I believe whatever these big changes and releases for all versions of the game coming around the time of frontier releasing are a great time to capitalize on a big movement in development with big movements in advertisement!!
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    Thornwood, Grapewood, Hazelnutwood, Camelliawood, Oleanderwood, Blueberrywood, Lavenderwood, Lingoberrywood, Raspberrywood, Rosewood.
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    Such sad news - again I first met Eir/Qualia many years ago and will always remember the conversation being like this..."Would you like to see a picture of my baby, he sleeps on the shelf" Now I'm never one to judge but dear me.. those first impressions stick! I had the vision of some swaddled little baby son, lay on a shelf with a baby blanket over him. So.. I look at the picture and yikes! There he was in all his glory...Retro the Iguana! Years on Eir would share her daily events of life with Retro. She was a lovely lady and I feel honoured to have been included in her circle of friends. We had some good fun along the way hunny... RIP you fought all the way.
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    QoL Improvements Wurm is a great game but there have been so many things which have been bothering my players or even myself for a long time. Some of these changes are really needed for at least 11 years and most of them are super simple to implement. Deed disband warning on login if one of your alts has a deed and is running low on upkeep. When a fireplace of any kind (oven, forge, campfire,...) is going low on fuel, a warning will be displayed. The help command to call guards should work in all chats and broadcast to local chat automatically. Make items always death protected on PVE servers for at least the first 24 hours of ingame time. Let us equip and unequip horse gear when leading a horse. Make the regeneration of stamina possible on vehicles on any slope at least on PVE. Add a teleport home action which lets new players teleport to all their spawn locations in the first 24 hours. (With a cooldown ofc) Broadcast rough location (eg. in the NW) for abandoned deeds when they are disbanded by upkeep. Looting is fun and could be a nice scavenger hunt thing. Make catseyes easier to create or let us create more than one per creation action. The highway system is still not spread over the whole networks. Make deed info a more readable font for certain sections. Ever tried to read a mayor name without copy paste? Add a support ticket alert for staff members and in the MGMT chat to decrease the answer times. Add an alert for players when their support ticket is updated has been added. The command /alts could show your own alts on the IP and or Email including the last login date. (Cross server support) Backpacks should fit into ovens again. Mailing should be made free in every case. Add bulk sorting like we have it on Wurm Unlimited. It makes life so much easier. Add a new player broadcast to welcome new players. There should be an alert for new questions in CA Help for staff players. The quality of beds should matter for sleep bonus, at 100QL the bed will grant 50% more sleep bonus. The rarity of beds should matter for sleep bonus, each rarity step adds 10% bonus.
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    I'd love to see hedges changed so that when you are planting them, you have three options: plant low, plant medium and plant high. They'd still start out as low like they do now, but it would set the max height during the planting action. This way we could have low or medium flowering hedges like the rose, lavender, oleander and camellia; or even low cedar/maple if we wanted without having to constantly prune for the desired look. May be interesting to have a high lavender hedge as well I love how the new hedges look, but most don't fit with how my deed plan is designed. *edit* would also like to see the medium hedges raised to be in line with gates in height lol
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    Hello everyone! We are aware that not everyone was happy about our recent design change. We were working on improving our kingdom design, but this time we don't want to unexpectedly upload it, we wanted to ask your opinion about it first. We made some major changes to the wagon and tent design but the banners and flag were also changed a little bit. Here's what we came up with: Current design for comparison: Please vote on the poll above if you would like us to change the design, or just leave it as it is. I also wanted to use this opportunity to inform you that there are some wagons and banners on the market which were stolen from us. And no, not stolen in a raid or a pvp battle - that would be fair game. They were made by a person from the enemy kingdom, abusing an alt account. I've met a lot of people that were happy they can support Wurm University in our battles on Chaos, so I think if you want to buy a wagon, you should at least know where your money is going. Because of that, I just want to inform everyone that all the wagons made by a character "Btgringo" or any character other than Aesir are not made by us. Also we don't sell anything on the freedom Trade chat. If you want to support Wurm University, visit our official merchant thread: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/159835-wts-wurm-university-pmk-wagons-tents-flags-banners/ All the PMK gear made by us is not made for personal gain, the money is used to support our kingdom. Thanks for your consideration.
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    for the record, WTF doesn't usually mean want to find!
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    Would have been hilarious if the Willow doppelganger just wizkilled prawn when he did the action instead of the other way around.
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    God ###### damnit your thread title gave me a heart attack
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    I can't think of a single reason why the following DECORATIONS cannot be secured: 1) Tapestries 2) Rugs and Carpets 3) Pavillions 4) Unique Skulls Imagine the possibilities if we could secure these items! It sucks to show up to your public hotel, only to find out some player stole all yours tapestries because they can't make them themselves, or not being able to drop your pavillion anywhere because it will most definetely be stolen. These are all decorations. It can't be too hard to add the ability to secure them! Lets do this!
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    Meanwhile at the impalong: serpent in the morning haze
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    Scenic view over southeast Deliverance, as seen from Substr's viewing tower on top of Dragontooth Peak:
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    Hi Im a dedicated farmer/bulker/kiddo-of-all-trades that needs income to pay for premium and save money. I deliver for free at coast or inland, and usually I do it fast. Can use wagoner too but at the moment cant give large crates for free, so need swap/replacements. Im living at T8, in a deed called Parthenon, south from Newspring. FARMING! (90ql farming goods, low ql gardening goods) Any veggie/grain -> 75c/k Cotton, wemp, reed -> 75c/k Herbs and spices -> 90c/k Anything chopped (medium ql) -> 1,65s/k MEAT! (regular ql) Meat ->50c/k Fillet, diced ->1,4s/k Minced -> 2,3s/k Non-special fish fillets ->50c/k ANIMAL BITS! Any except hearts (fat, eyes, tails, etc) -> 90c/k Hearts -> 90c/100 BULK ITEMS! -Construction Bricks/rounded stone (stone, sandstone, etc) ->1,75s/k Pottery bricks ->3,25s/k Mortar ->1,75s/k Planks ->90c/k Pegs -> 1,75s/k Slabs -> 57,5c/100 Logs (low-med ql) ->50c/k Wood shingles -> 1,75s/k Pottery shingles ->1,75s/k Wooden beam ->1,75s/k -Blacksmithing/metallurgy Any non-manufactured lump (iron, gold, copper) ->90c/k Brass and bronze lumps -> 2,75s/k Small/large nails/rivets -> 90c/k Ribbons -> 3,75s/k Fence bars -> 67,5c/100 Chain link -> 17,5c/100 -Digging Dirt ->40c/k Sand, clay, tar, moss ->90c/k -Paving Catseyes ->1,75s/k -Natural substances Ash (not high ql) ->90c/k Lye (not high ql) ->1,8s/k -Nature Mixed grass ->50c/k Thatch ->1,4s/k Sprouts (no oak or willow) ->90c/100 (oak or willow) ->1,8s/100 Strings of cloth ->1,75s/k Bouquets of flowers ->9c/100 White-dotted flowers ->10c FLETCHING (low-med ql) Hunting/war arrows -> 3,5s/k TURRETS! Acid turret ->1,75s SPECIAL ITEMS! Marble pillar brazier ->1,25s Support beams -> 1s/25 Panfilling (from my deed) ->1,75s/k filled pans (my ingredients) ->90c/k filled pans (with your ingredients) CARPENTRY Food storage bin ->9c Small barrel ->2c Bulk storage bin ->9c Feel free to PM me and Im sure we will make a nice deal
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    At least I died in style
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