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  1. just would like you to know  as this player psalamon  has continued to harass me even after quitting the game, as no one was going to stop his greifing my property  and being a general ass.  as much as i loved the game,  toads like him made it uncomfortable to play  and so  i took my expendable income to where the GMS actually stop folks from being bothered. i have since blocked it as far as i was able to  and would like something done for players still suffering its idiocies.

  2. Seems like an amazing server.... I might actually check that out despite not really being into WU O.o
  3. SOLD: 2 Rare Forges 2 Rare Ovens Rare Floor Loom Rare Spinning Wheel
  4. I think of Wurm every time I wander around in nature, especially if I'm with horses or my dog. Or when I see cabins far off in the mountain alone in the middle of nowhere.
  5. Rest in peace, lovely companion
  6. Don't get too close to it, I dare you! It's a Retrograde Demon in disguise. You don't wanna mess with those, oh no!
  7. There is no need for more servers, but there also isn't a need for less. I think we have the optimal amount at the moment so -1 from me. Servers should be empty enough for people to roam freely and build the deeds they want without being pushed against other peoples' deeds.
  8. We could take you in on Cele if you'd like!
  9. Supreme Mortar & Pestle Addy Ring & Bracelet 2x Rare Plate Gauntlet (Steel) Rare Pottery Bowl Rare Pie Dish Rare Spatula Rare Measuring Jug Rare Clay Shaper Rare Forges x6 Rare Ovens x6 Rare Stills x3 Rare Fine Med Rug Rare Floor Loom Rare Spinning Wheel Supreme Open Helm, iron, 89QL, dyed black, damage reduction rune Brown Bear Helm 80+QL Rare Cavalier Helmet Mask of Rebirth Soft Cap PM or comment with offers and character to CoD to. Delivery of Forges and Ovens is free to coastal PvE. SOLD: 2 Rare Forges 2 Rare Ovens Rare Floor Loom Rare Spinning Wheel
  10. Perhaps what we need isn't a list of items that are decorations, but a list of items that you feel should be added as decorations. Some of these items, such as knives that you have mentioned, obviously also have uses as a tool, thus perhaps there is a need for something like a "decorative knife" that you can place and that won't take damage while knives you can cut food with will decay like other tools. Valentine's Pottery has a unique decay system, you can water it to remove it, which makes sense to me, but I guess it's not for everyone. However, these ones haven't taken any damage on my deed in ages. Books... yes. Big issue. They are only used for decoration, and the pages decay away and all your effort is gone. Makes you just not want to do it. So if we're going to have a suggestion thread to add items as decorations, so far from what you've said I understand we should have decorative place sets, valentine's potteries and books + pages. Perhaps we can come up with a more extensive list and think about ways to make items that can double as deco and tool possible as a decoration without opening up options to exploit them as tools at the same time. As for the topic placement, it's perfectly fine in suggestions. The title doesn't show it but if you read the content of the post it becomes clear.
  11. Looking to sell a rare 83 QL saddle. PM or comment with offers.
  12. Huge +1. What Jax said sounds good to me, either that or an automated return to creation QL upon the change.
  13. Moved to Merchant Ads for adding new items