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  1. Vacation time guys, I'm updating every second day again starting this weekend! Hang in there!
  2. I'm looking for a building service for my Fo colossus, minus the last brick. Materials provided. Just looking for someone to attach them for me, I WILL ATTACH THE LAST BRICK. Location: O/P 10 Celebration
  3. Can you please confirm when this is complete? I don't want to add it before it's done so people won't be confused. Could you give me exact coordinates for each tower? _______________________________________________________________________________ ALL ABOVE ADDED
  4. Coming with release of the new server: UCLG on Cadence lead by @leander
  5. I would really love it. That way all the years working on our old deeds don't seem so useless cause the entire server is empty.
  6. I don't have green goo but I fell through my mine to the floor lol
  7. Next stream in Video of the last stream:
  8. Could you give me coordinates for the start AND the end of the tunnel please? ALL ABOVE ADDED
  9. Thanks everyone who joined my spontaneous stream this morning! I've never had this many people watching and it was quite an experience! Here's the YouTube upload of last night's stream!