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  1. Our 50-Member Celebration Giveaway has just ended and 5 lucky winners won awesome tools. We hope for a continued, bright future for our alliance!
  2. [Orders or Ready] Bulks items

    Moved to Merchant Ads.
  3. [Orders or Ready] Bulks items

    Since you can't deliver by ship it would probably be useful to provide coordinates to where you are located so people know whether they can get wagoner delivery or not, and so they know where to pick up from.
  4. A Wurmian Gone Horror

    As many of you know, I've had to leave Wurm and other gaming related things for a long time due to illness but I'm at a point now where i think I can continue with both Wurm and video making - perhaps even combine them? Anyway, I'd be super glad to anyone who'd check out my videos!
  5. Random rares for sell

    If you can match my listed prices, please CoD to Yldrania. 10C 1 sand 1 gold lump 42 ql 20C 1 string 81 ql 3 marble bricks
  6. I'd like to sell the following: - Supreme Unfinished Kiln - Supreme Unfinished Forge - Supreme Oven - Rare Smelter Both supremes can be finished on request. Can be bought individually or as a set. Delivery is free to any coastal location. Feel free to PM offers.
  7. Supreme Caravel NO-RESERVE AUCTION!

    Moved to Auctions. Good luck!
  8. WTS Rare/Sup Misc, Moon Metals

    I'll take the supreme marble brick, rare log and rare gold lumps please. 30C for the brick and 10C each for the log and lumps? CoD to Yldrania if ok.
  9. UCLG Marketplace

    Bump! Filling orders, taking orders, making stuff. Let me know if you need something!
  10. Tables, Lamps

    I put a metal torch on my table and it looks awesome.
  11. He's looking for materials to make his own fantastic item, not for previously fantastic ones.
  12. Is it safe to move yet?

    As a trader who constantly crosses servers with tons of stuff, including animals in crates, bulk, regular items, etc, I can say that I've not experienced a bug server crossing in a long time. It is as safe as can be.
  13. WTB Bulk Concrete [Indy]

    Got 1000 in stock, can make more if requested. If you're still looking please pass a PM!