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  1. Grooming brush and needle with 86 and 88 CoC sold.
  2. Yep, I'd pay for that as well.
  3. PM or comment offers. On the really low enchants feel free to just comment your interest and a character name to send it to.
  4. I'm looking for 25C each for both acid and frost.
  5. Anyone trolling this thread and/or each other, please keep it down and the thread on topic. This is a valid suggestion and no one needs to be insulted over another person's opinion on it, neither does anyone need to be insulting when sharing their own. The OP has clearly stated in his suggestion that this is meant as an optional feature that does not interfere with anyone's regular routines at all but rather enables people to eat food if it's still too hot to eat. We have a thing in the game that's "too hot to eat" so why not make it possible to blow on it until it has an edible temperature. This latter paragraph, obviously, is my opinion on the suggestion.
  6. I'd support the idea for a rowboat, not so much for a small cart as CreZ has suggested, as it's public knowledge that pulling something heavy is way more difficult than moving it across water. Either way, on the rowboat I think the crate should eliminate the possibility for having passengers on the boat due to lack of space on the boat after loading, which means we'd need error messages if any alts or other players are still on the boat at the time you're trying to load.
  7. That looks so frigging awesome, WOW!
  8. That's the point, it's not giving me an attach option even on using the correct rune. (I checked them all just to be sure, don't get the option on any material)
  9. I was looking to add a glow rune to my archery tower but apparently that doesn't work. Was trying to paint it but that didnt work either, and since adding a glow rune didnt work Im not sure if adding a color rune will work? I\ve tried both Wood and Stone runes for Decent Glow and got no options to rune it. Tried to see how much dye is needed by activating a small bit in my inventory but no paint option appears either. Can anyone tell me whether the color runes at least work or if glow runes SHOULD work and this is a bug, or if I can somehow dye that thing? Thanks in advance.