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  1. Both. Mine has been rare'd with a bone. I color coded my post and added this info.
  2. The last sale of a staff of land was in 2015 so there isn't much of a price range. I've had PC's between 3 and 4 Gold so far but I have no idea how much I'll actually end up selling it for.
  3. Since I'm unable to play at the moment due to internet issues, I am looking to gain some upkeep by selling one of my rarer items... a Rare Staff of Land. (I used a bone to make it rare, so it's a rare item in both ways this can be understood.) https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Staff_of_land Serious offers only please, and if you would via PM so I get a proper notification on my phone
  4. What would you pay for a rare cavalier helm? Please either quote me or send a PM with the answer so I can see it
  5. Since it's frags they can be mailed, right? If you can combine the 39 and mail those and the rare one separately so I can complete it, I''d be interested. Let me know your price!
  6. +1 Please let us talk ingame as well as on Discord lol
  7. Thanks for letting me know! I'll leave it for a few days in case someone got stuck up top and logged out.
  8. I was told about the situation with the rift via Discord by @brattygirland @Madnath. I did, in fact, purchase the deeds on the mountaintop, when I bought out AJBlack last November. However, I have disbanded most of her deeds and these are only still standing because I haven't been able to move everything down yet. I've got all my characters on Celebration where I actually live, once I have everything moved over I'll see if someone else wants these deeds. Either way, I'm responding to let you guys know that as much as I'd like to support you, the time is currently really bad. I moved in the end of February and haven't been able to play much since due to connectivity issues (anyone with any of my chars on their friendslist can check this). Due to the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, the company isn't sending someone to repair the damages and fix the issues, so I'm not able to connect unless I'm super lucky. UPDATE: I have managed to log into the game and unlock the house I was told is blocking people from entering. I have unlocked it for everyone to pass. I don't know how well secured the deeds are permission wise, but I have champion animals on it and Trolls in the house that leads to the rift. So please, LEAVE THEM ALIVE. That's all I ask. Leave my animals alive. If I can be of further help please let me know! If I can assist in any other way, please let me know, but keep in mind that I LIVE ON CELE and I DID NOT BUILD THESE DEEDS, I just bought them with the stuff and chars that came with them, so I dont know the surroundings very well or can give you history or anything because I just don't know, myself. Feel free to PM me here or on Discord (can find me via Wurm Official Discord) if you need anything. EDIT: In response to @Ekcin, I have no problem letting people pass as long as they leave my hostile creatures alone and don't kill them on the way, so all good there. But I appreciate the consideration
  9. Hm I'm unconvinced if that fits with the rest of the mechanics of the game to be honest.
  10. Looking to buy bulk planks depending on the price, with delivery to coastal West Celebration. PM me with offers.
  11. I've got dead bodies of guards on my deed literally every day. Not just one, but like the entire assortment of guards from the tower on my deed.
  12. We greet @denullyas the second alliance manager on our new charter on Exo!
  13. @EvaDalyPersonally, I wasn't too thrilled at first since I designed the things around the design to match them in color and style, but as I've gotten used to them and adjusted the surroundings they've really grown on me. Quite daring and unique, I'd say, and definitely more memorable than before!
  14. Can we please keep the thread on the topic it was intended for and talk about the design rather than why PMK kingdoms are selling their things in the first place? It would be good to make your own thread if you wish to discuss that matter further.