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  1. WTB Rare/Supreme/Fantastic Materials - High Prices

    Still buying. I remember contemplating picking up some logs after I was sent a number of below 24KG logs, so perhaps yours got caught up in that contemplation. I apologize, please resend if you wish for them to be picked up!
  2. What are the chances of a new player

    Moved to Community Assistance. The village recruitment center is for when you're actually looking to join somewhere. While you're still looking for advise, this is the place to be
  3. WTB Lots of Random Stuff!

    Can do, PM if you still need it.
  4. Shrimpiie has lost his nut - help wanted!

    I do not know the real name of the nut, but it has been told to me in confidence, that it has been known under the cover name Turnip Pollenbelle to avoid detection!
  5. Legacy statues!

    Volunteering to enhance the graphics to current standards - no problem. +1 Perhaps, as legacy statues, they can be gained through archeology or something, even.
  6. +1 If you can kill creatures, bury corpses, forage and botanize for rare coins, it would only be logical to get rare coins for rare prayer too. I mean, praying already has a chance to get you iron coins, so why not just make it a bigger, rare coin for rare prayer rolls? It would seem like the most logical option for me. Work with what praying already gives - gems or coins. Maybe random chance of coins or star gems on rare?
  7. Looking for the owner of the deed Dragon's Fang

    I'm not looking to shut people out, I'd build a tavern and make sure people climbing have fences in appropriate distances. Not every inquiry is meant as a negative addition to the game, dear.
  8. Was climbing up there the other day and fell in love, was wondering if I could perhaps buy the deed as there isn't anything being done with it currently. Please get in touch, or if you know the owner, point me to him!
  9. 3 Months - 3 Copies - Grab it, whether you're with us or not! We're celebrating our 3 month anniversary with more than this, but this is for everyone! https://www.steamgifts.com/giveaway/jP468/silence-of-the-sleep
  10. QOL - Meditation

    -1 I find this an unnecessary change and the suggestion itself rather inappropriately presented. (I am hereby referring to this particular phrase.) After hitting 20 meditating you need to wait for a time between each meditation attempt anyway, I don't see the issue with walking to another rug then. In Wurm, some skills have always been harder to grind than others. For me, meditating is fine just the way it is.
  11. Our 50-Member Celebration Giveaway has just ended and 5 lucky winners won awesome tools. We hope for a continued, bright future for our alliance!
  12. [Orders or Ready] Bulks items

    Moved to Merchant Ads.