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  2. Second gifts are being sent out tonight. Still time to join Week 3!
  3. This is supposed to go on our forums haha xD https://forum.uncanny-legion.net/topic/30-the-icewind-day-2019-wurm-online/
  4. The PvE multi-server alliance Uncanny Legion is hosting their first ever winter event. But of course we couldn't leave anyone out, so here's the part that involves al of you - FREE STUFF! The link to the full post can be found here: https://forum.uncanny-legion.net/topic/30-the-icewind-day-2019-wurm-online/ One must be signed up on our forums, which can obviously be found here: https://forum.uncanny-legion.net/ THE GRAND GIVEAWAY As you can see on the font size, it truly is grand. Anyone, alliance member or not, will be able to get free stuff starting NOW until January 1st (included). The prizes range from rare stuff to enchanted tools, horseshoe sets and more. All you need to do to participate is REPLY TO THIS TOPIC with the words "Uncanny Ice King, Grant Me A Gift!" and you shall receive. You can do this once a week until January 1st, so the maximum amount of presents per person is 4.
  5. I don't see why email transfer should be forbidden... I regularly change emails on my chars.
  6. While I can't find the original announcement which is now.... like... over 2 years old, here are some topics where it came up by staff as confirmed.
  7. There are various options to do this. I build my entire deeds and all my chars based on elves
  8. Here's a first peek at the DeedPlanner file for the memorial. There are some things that are needed for it, so if you'd like to help out please check out this list. any material donations are welcome! https://forum.uncanny-legion.net/topic/15-things-needed-for-2019-memorial/
  9. I like the idea... but I don't see it happening.
  10. I'm looking for a few champ deer, to be delivered to Celebration West Coast, O/P 9/10 Halls of Mandos on the community map. Please PM me with stock and pricing. I am interested in any champ, regardless of traits.
  11. Copy Entire Tab works on chat tabs, but not on windows opened in the game - for example the Settlement Info window. If I open the settlement info and I choose to copy all of it, it still just copies the line I right clicked when selecting the window. This works the same for all windows that open like this and aren't chat, event, skill, etc tabs.
  12. Sold!

    Sad to see you go. You're so close to one of my deeds!