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  1. Hello is there a chance to get 2k clay to Baconia on Xanadu?

  2. Hello,


    error sur Highway :  "North Highway"


    One coordonnees is wrong [901, 214], good is [901, 1214]





  3. I'm in agreement. Especially for players who used to try to get away from trolls and the like on their carts, this is a very frustrating change.
  4. Moved to Server Bugs.
  5. I'd like to ask everyone to please keep it on topic and refrain from offensive jokes when stating your opinions.
  6. [11:03:25] An old hell horse gives birth to the young Manchild!
  7. As title states, I'm looking for: Black Tome Libram of the Night Smoke from Sol PM if you have any of the above, either here on the forums or on NFI "Alicejblack".
  8. I can't wait to get out of my mines to work with animals again!
  9. Building some racks and stuff to keep the deed in order. View from the top of the Caravel. We have pink lights now WEEH! Plan for the first castle-like house that's planned for underground.
  10. Harbour is extended to its final length at this point now. Now begins the reinforcing! Hard at work with lead vein removal!