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  1. Estate Sale

    If I may, you can CoD any rare materials you got up for sale at my usual prices if you agree with them: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/162554-wts-a-lot-of-rares-free-delivery/
  2. Wanted! Deathcrawler minions

    Never minding any sort of reward, I have a few of them around my place on Ele. Deathcrawlers that is, not sea serpents, although a sea serpent seems to be slithering around the north-western outer shores of Xan as of late.
  3. WTB Shoulder Pads

    I'm looking for some nice sets for my alts. 2 Dragon Shoulder Pads 2 Stylish Shoulder Pads (RIGHT & LEFT) 2 Human Skull Shoulder Pads
  4. Rares and supremes clearout

    Since it's potery I'm gonna pass on that one. Thanks though
  5. Rares and supremes clearout

    What is the price for the wool hat and the planter?
  6. Glowy red eyes are HOT! Love your avatar :) Here's to hoping for mirrors so your in game char can be less hairy and more glowy 😊

  7. WTS A Lot Of Rares (Free Delivery)

  8. Ost-in-Edhil - The Elven Fortress on Xanadu

    As the one who had to live with her through her 5 days of rage getting up the mountaintop, let me answer that for her: Day 1: 50 Deaths Day 2: 50 Deaths - nowhere near the mountaintop Day 3: 50 Deaths - 8 hours of playing, 8 hours of dying, 8 hours of torturing Yldrania Day 4: A sh*tload of deaths - 5 hours of playing, then ragequitting after dying just a few tiles away from the top Day 5: Some deaths - 17 hours of playing - Climbing up without any gear but a deed stake in a long, 13 hour single setting endeavour Why? - you may ask Because I challenged her to play Wurm and her response was: if I manage to climb on this mountain I will stick around. Now: AJBlack = Wurm Addict Mission Accomplished
  9. Animal Husbandry

    Animal mortality is random, but usually animals die of old age. Animals can die at any age, hens at Aged, the rest at Old or Venerable. Some mods in WU change the mortality rates, so if you have recently installed any mods and not configured them properly, you may have accidentally increased the mortality rate on the server you play on. If you're not the host, check with the owner of the server if this continues to happen. Even in perfect care, animals do die - it only becomes a problem when cared for animals start dying very quickly because that would be a bug (but again something that could be influenced by false mod configurations). If you are the server owner, or your server owner needs help with anything, PM me any time for support
  10. Animals Not Turning "Fat"

    So is the feeding thing also just an observation or an actual bug?
  11. Sold

    PM sent in our pre-existing thread
  12. No-Use Inventory Group

    +1 Can't count how many times I've wanted something like this.
  13. WTS A Lot Of Rares (Free Delivery)

  14. wts rare sailboat

    Just as a remark, for newer players it may be helpful if you corrected that word haha
  15. Forum update complete

    God in heaven Hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven. Bring us today our old forum back And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who updated it; And lead us not in the direction of Facebook But delete for us this evil. Amen. (P.S. As a Christian this is not intended as a mockery for the prayer but damn... I really want the old forum back. Change is rough....)