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  1. Moved to the general Village Recruitment Center since you specifically said it can be on any server
  2. I don't think you need to pay for that one... there are plenty of recruiting deeds that are happy to take in new players!
  3. Im interested in that one please reserve it for me till I can see a picture and get the info on how well it protects the head!
  4. Can help you with all of it Just pass me a PM!
  5. Are all armor parts supposed to glow now? Because mine don't either.
  6. If you can do 75C per hat I can give you a boatload of Witch's Hats.
  7. Pinned as the new community map. Thank you for your continued effort.
  8. Please PM me about the rare unfinished archery tower, rare unfinished wagon and supreme bone.
  9. @AJBlack Our alliance, Uncanny Legion, would be more than happy to take you in! AJ here has some space on her deeds if you're still looking.
  10. I'll pick @Retrograde. He's been an amazing friend throughout any tough times
  11. Xanadu Rift

    Moved to Xanadu.