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  1. Check 1: The bed is inside a building. Beds outside buildings can not be used. Check 2: Check the building's settings and make sure you are allowed to enter (sounds stupid but it's bugged things out before for me xD) Check 3: Ownership of the bed - make sure you're the owner, if not use your alt to check permissions for your character. Possible Solution: When something equal happened for me, I pushed the bed outside of the building it was in, and then pushed it back in (I didn't have the strength to load, so I'm not sure if you can't just carry it out that way xD). Once I had done this, permissions had reset and I could use it as before. If none of this applies, I'm afraid you'll have to quit wurm..... (lol just kidding, pass me a PM and I'll come by your place to check out the situation if you can't figure this out, or maybe someone else knows. In either case, the very best of luck )
  2. Hey guys, I'm going to be on vacation a little sooner than anticipated, so I'll be on vacation starting today lasting for two weeks until the end of August. In the beginning of September all my businesses are going to be back to normal, but in the meanwhile if you need to get in touch with me please do so via the forums. I will be online as much as possible because, you know, Wurmdiction, but I can't be super focused on any orders or anything during this time, so work on orders that are currently in place will be put on hold till after I'm back, and only deliveries for things that are in stock or being completed anyway will be delivered. I'll give all customers involved in this delay a notice and a discount Thank you for your patience everyone!
  3. #Week1 Stock Update: This is the stuff we have added to our stock as of today. Rare Unfinished Pavilion Rare Fruit Press Rare Corbita Supreme Unfinished Epic Portal Supreme Still Supreme Unfinished Wine Barrel Rack Supreme Unfinished Open Fireplace Small Sailing Boat - 6 in Stock ▲ Pottery Bricks -- IN STOCK: 600 -- Price: 1S / 300
  4. I have a collection of Greenish Black Bears down at Newspring Island.
  5. Delivered and paid. Can be closed.
  6. This weekend's auction is a Supreme Floor Loom. It is currently UNFINISHED, but we can finish and imp it on request. The floor loom will be delivered for free to any coastal PvE location. Starting bid: 10S Min. Increments: 50C Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Buyout: 25S
  7. I think we've all been there hahaha In the meanwhile I'm the opposite. I'd rather take 10 times as long for the same job and get more skillgain. I guess the way you play Wurm does change from time to time.
  8. 20S worth of stuff sent to me in the last few days. Thank you so much guys! <3
  9. Thinking that may be a little confusing to some people xD At least as far as I know it should likely say Fruit Press?