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  1. If you could pick your villager, who would it be?

    I'll pick @Retrograde. He's been an amazing friend throughout any tough times
  2. Xanadu Rift

    Moved to Xanadu.
  3. WTS Slime of Uttacha 80s per charge

    Please keep the post on topic about the sale.
  4. Awesome to say we cracked the 70 deed mark!
  5. Mycellium tile on Freedom

    I agree with anything but the last line. It should be that people who aren't the mayor can keep the tiles on deed, as deity switches occur for a lot of different reasons - even if it's just to build a colossus, for example.
  6. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    I only have good experiences with GM's. The same person patiently resetting my passwords over and over again because I forget about them, immediate support for being stuck, experimenting with me to reproduce bugs, turning me into things in the end or leaving small presents. All things handled with a professional but very friendly sense. Sometimes the waiting time on a ticket can be a bit long but that's just about the only thing that could be improved in my honest opinion.
  7. Reach 70 Prayer - WTF?

    Keep this thread on track if you want for it to remain open. Discussions about topics like this are perfectly fine, that's what this board is there for, but do not use somebody's legitimate question to bully them or people who are in agreement or disagreement with them. Keep it civil, and on topic. Everyone has the right to ask questions, and everyone has the right to give their opinion, but keep it worded in an appropriate way and leave personal insults and issues out of it.
  8. can close

    This is a sales thread. Please keep the posts relevant to the sales thread and respectful towards the OP as well as the other members of the community.
  9. Deutsches Xanadu Deed

    Bitte eine englische Uebersetzung mit dazu setzen! Please add an English translation with your text
  10. Sorcery Titles

  11. If it didn't have a red outline and you're on Path of Insanity it could also have been a projection of a dragon.... they do that, just appear in front of you.