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  1. [21:03:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you!
  2. That one literally just sold a minute before you asked.
  3. Seems just a little bit low for me. Maybe we can negotiate via PM in-game or here.
  4. Some HOTA's sell for 5 Silvers. Send a PM then we can discuss which ones
  5. No, sorry. I do have facebook but no discord.
  6. I've been flooded with items with 90+ damage, even a 99 seedling that was entirely useless to me. I trust senders to warn me about high damages so that I can decide if I want to buy them, and don't check the damage on hundreds of items.
  7. Still the same issue
  8. Rare gems don't have a set price so I discuss those prices individually with the seller!
  9. Got readmitted to the hospital. Picking up today. @NomadikhanIt's safe to send now, since instead of one friend who forgets about it I have all my roommates on this now. Thank you everyone for your loyalty and sending stuff despite things going back and forth.
  10. Just for the record here, yes I do want them but I'll message ingame too.
  11. Bump! don't like the looks of that empty mailbox right there!
  12. Sold one of the Old MR Pavilions.
  13. For a few days now, my supreme corbita has a rare instead of supreme glow. Supreme glow on other boats seem to work fine.