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  1. ADDED, highways will be added during the weekend.
  2. Gonna need some help with that one so it's going to take a little longer but am on it!
  3. Im actually totally digging that haha Grats from me as well!
  4. I think the above pretty much sums it up. While we do have the general "deed it or lose it" stance, there are common courtesies players can at least try to follow - it's simple things and makes everyone's lives easier and nicer in Wurm. What @ChampagneDragon said about roads and tree cutting could happen to many and IMO stuff in the perimeter - at least talk to the owner before you do something so you can see if they're good with it.
  5. The doom of terraforming. Looks like a shrine to a ship.
  6. +1 From me. I definitely would like it as a one-time option.
  7. Thank you guys so much for coming by today. Going to have to do something special for reaching 50 Followers
  8. That helmet rocks! Amazing works!
  9. Join me tonight at 7PM CET for an introduction of my deed on Cele as well as some "returning to the game" vibes from me as I work through coming back to the game and all the tasks that entails. https://www.twitch.tv/alicejblack Friends of "Yldrania" beware! I will be streaming this character so your chats are NOT private XD
  10. I'm looking for a building service for my Fo colossus, minus the last brick. Materials provided. Just looking for someone to attach them for me, I WILL ATTACH THE LAST BRICK. Location: O/P 10 Celebration Disclaimer: You may be caught on stream during your buildtime XD