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  1. I'd like for server messages, GM/CM messages and other important alerts to end up in a separate tab.
  2. Wurm Merch

    What they need to do is bring back Wurm thongs (with the logo they own the rights to, obviously)
  3. He pointed out that the GMs shouldn't be wasting their time dealing with something that should be handled by the mechanics, on a serverside level. Something which I wholeheartedly agree with. Developer work and Game Master work are two different sides of working on the game, and shouldn't be confused with one another. Do some of the GMs also work with the programming? Yes, but not in the capacity of GM. They don't log into their GM account to solve bugs in the code. And they shouldn't have to use GM powers to handle something that should be handled by the server itself, based on dev code. You wouldn't call up the customer service at Microsoft to ask them to log in to your computer at 3am every night to handle the Windows updates for you (or at least I hope you wouldn't). It's the same with asking GMs to handle the unique spawns: It's something they shouldn't do. It would be a waste of their time, even if they could technically do it. Since you're promoting the right for everyone to express their opinions: Why are you trying to belittle the opinions of others by calling them virtue signalling? Also: Gross.
  4. Uniques respawn and everyone is free to hunt them and host fights however they want, as long as they're not being dongs about it. Most of us are in agreement about that part, since it’s explicitly stated in the rules. There are, however, several areas where people have wildly differing opinions on the matter: And you can't force people to act like how you want them to. Maybe stating your opinions will change someone’s mind – But a change in the game mechanics is most likely the only thing that will really cause a change. It's very easy for people to just go "Oh but what I am doing is according to the rules, that means no one has the right to be upset with me or call me 'greedy'". It's an easy way of just generalizing ALL problems related to uniques. It also muddles the discussion by way of trivializing the problem and instead making it seem like a personal attack. But let's be less general about the workings of unique handling and actually look at some scenarios from a less biased point of view. Obviously no one is immune to bias, but I’ll at least try to bring some nuance to it. Internal are the arguments that might come from within a group that found and/or penned a hypothetical unique. External is how it affects players outside of that group. Scenario 1 – Private slaying with no outsiders Internal: It’s a good way of having fun with your friends. Local won’t become full of people, and both the FPS and the loot awarded will reflect this. Everyone in the group will get a chance at a loot roll (depending of course on the distribution politics of the group). They’re the ones that searched for and penned the unique, so it makes sense they’d be the ones to share the loot. External: It excludes people: Both from the fight and from the chance at the loot roll. But more than anything it excludes people from the blood and scale/hide pool that everyone is included in for being in local. Main issues with Scenario 1: A dozen or so slayings of this kind won’t really affect anyone – It’s not like anyone’s entitled to kill a dragon, and they will respawn. The problem is that once people start doing the private slayings they oftentimes keep doing them, and become increasingly good at finding and penning the uniques. Everyone technically has equal opportunity to hunt them down, but in reality the difficulty of finding them increases with each private slaying. The more data the private hunters collect the less likely the general public is of figuring that stuff out. And let’s be real here: The potions the blood make are some of the most useful items in the game, and cornering the market would be insanely profitable. Scenario 2 – Public slaying, Private loot rolls Internal: Everyone in the group will get a chance at a loot roll (depending of course on the distribution politics of the group). They’re the ones that searched for and penned the unique, so it makes sense they’d be the ones to share the loot. It’s a fun event that will benefit everyone attending, and bring people together. External: It excludes people from the loot roll, but includes them in the blood and scale/hide pool. Gives people an opportunity to be part of a community event, and see a unique up close. Main issues with Scenario 2: Everyone will be awarded scale/hide when it drops – But usually of a really low weight, since the number of people attending affects this. For people who are trying to gather enough to create armour this will make it a really slow process. The External group will also be very aware of the fact that they are not included in the loot roll for the valuable items the unique drops, and some will resent the Internal group for it. This can, over time, turn into a really toxic relationship where the External group feels like they’re being given the leftovers. Whereas the Internal group might feel like they put a disproportionate amount of effort into hunting, and paying for the slaying deeds, only to be yelled at for it. Scenario 3 – Public slaying, Public loot rolls Internal: It’s a fun event that will benefit everyone attending, and bring people together. Everyone has the same chance at winning a loot roll as the External group has. External: Everyone is included in the blood and scale/hide pool, as well as the loot roll. Gives people an opportunity to be part of a community event, and see a unique up close. Main issues with Scenario 3: The Internal group typically goes through a lot of work to put the slaying together (hours of searching and penning, deed maintenance on the slaying site etc.). And yet they are at times met with toxicity and hostility from the External group, because of how Scenario 3 has the same issues with the scale/hide weight as Scenario 2. Another point of contention is that everyone’s chance at winning a loot roll is lowered for every participant, which makes some players feel slighted. This sometimes causes heated debates on who should and shouldn’t be included in the loot roll. There are for example those who insist that in order to get a roll you should hit the unique once, have 70fs, have played for a certain amount of time and so on. It can be stressful to host a public event for something so valuable, and not everyone would be able to take the wrath of the community. This in turn means that far from everyone would be willing to host a public slaying: It’s easier to take crap for your actions when you’re being greedy than when you’re trying to be helpful. The toxicity can therefore actively drive people away from hosting a public slaying. ________________________________________________ And just to make it clear: No one is entitled to be part of a slaying. You’re no more entitled to a dragon that someone found than you are to a ql99 hammer they made. Would it be in the spirit of a community centered MMO to let others join in on both the fun and the profitable parts of it? Absolutely, and ideally we as players should be able to work together in order to have fun. But that still doesn’t mean that anyone is obligated to host public slayings for your benefit. Those that host public slayings choose to do so because that’s how they are as people, not because it’s something they’re meant to do. There are lots of reasons why players choose to host private slayings. BUT – Let’s not pretend like greed isn’t a main motivator behind making slayings and/or loot rolls private. No one likes being called greedy, but all of us are guilty of it from time to time (some more often than others, and to a larger extent). We shouldn’t ignore all the obvious problems involved in the unique loot just because a certain word makes us uncomfortable. Fact of the matter is that the current system drives some players to really bad behaviours (sniping finds, steamrolling an event and taking it over, breaking into enclosures, fake rolling the loot, making a killing from selling “tickets” to attend, straight up cheating to find uniques, etc. etc.). And by always focusing on the “I’m not greedy!” part it takes the discussion away from the problems that need discussing, and shuts down any constructive criticism or reflection. ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Can we control how the people whose methods we dislike act around uniques? No, no we cannot. Are there perhaps steps we can take to lessen their impact on the situation overall? Yes: A great deal of them have already been listed in the thread. Could the unique system be reworked on the mechanical side of things so that it works in a way that isn’t a constant source of stress and spiteful behaviours? It definitely can, and I’d like to think that there’s a chance it will be.
  5. Definite +1 from me. Us players are really good at changing the terrain ourselves (for better or for worse). We don't need the rifts to do it for us!
  6. Things we collect

    I'm mostly just collecting dust
  7. Though she be but little, she is fierce!
  8. I basically know nothing about this, but now I'm really curious: How are they unbalanced? If you have the time, could you explain it like you'd explain it to someone who's never played on Chaos (because I've never played on Chaos)?
  9. Personally I appreciate that they're adding more variety to the available decorations in the game
  10. -1 no, I don't even like it on trees. The blessed period where tree collision was temporarily removed still lingers in my heart
  11. I need this for displaying my various wonderful items, and the terrible ones. I want people to see the terrible ones, please! I'm assuming the volume capacity wouldn't be the same as in an LMC, so maybe not as many silvers/marks as for those? Although... If they DID have the same capacity and just allowed us to keep cramming items onto the shelves that would be hilarious...
  12. I'm betting this is because stationary bots can't always determine whether they've exhausted a resource or not, so they pay in fatigue for looking silly.
  13. This thread gives me flashbacks to one of the biggest lagfests in Wurm's history, so for the love of Fo: Don't increase the frequency of this.