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  1. Afaik a subscription is based on a 30 day system, not the calendar months - So while frustrating not a bug.
  2. Wow Will there be a season pass available?
  3. I'm really sorry for your loss I didn't really know Laggy, but he was friendly and we exchanged hugs whenever we ran past each other in local. It will be strange going past Lagville, a place that was constantly changing: One never knew what to expect when going past it.
  4. This is still happening: 88 damage on a flower pot. Is there a piece of furniture flower pots can be put on where they won't be treated like potted plants?
  5. When your ship gets stuck someplace when you're out sailing you very much still need to drag it
  6. Haha yes please Edit: Alternatively let us drop them in the bank and have it create a sepearate balance that's shown when wanting to add to upkeep
  7. You're of course entitled to your opinion, but your lack of concern doesn't remove that of those who share mine. If rifts are here to stay then I don't think it is a waste of development time to find a long term solution for the server littering they are causing. If rifts had been something that the devs had set a limited timeframe for, like "they'll be gone in 2 months time" then yes - But they're seemingly a permanent feature of the game and will cause a permanent and recurring issue. I also don't think it's fair to promote your own opinion as the only one that's not based on feeling "holier than thou". You act as if the only way to think that is the correct one is your own, which is ironic considering you're trying to get me to back down by suggesting that I'm acting superior to others.
  8. You make a lot of really good points, Lisimba
  9. Personally I ride further away when things go sideways, and never use the pens. But that's a personal preference, and doesn't change the fact that some people do want rift pens. The big thing here is that whether or not a new item is created for it there WILL be rift pens - Because people keep on creating them. Some 50x50 areas contain 7 former rift pens (some maybe more). The choice isn't between Pen or No pen: The choice is between a pen that will go away within a couple of days or a pen that will stick around for a couple of years.
  10. Safety pen: Replacement for "rift pens" I'd like to see the addition of an easily assembled and easily removable "safety pen". I'm going to describe the suggestion as if it's an already existing item, to make it easier to visualize. What is a Safety pen? A safety pen is a temporary structure that doesn't need to be put on flat ground. Upon being finished it is automatically locked and open to the entire server. It's always open to everyone, to prevent the pens from being abused for anything other than a safe space during rifts. What is the purpose of a Safety pen? To allow people a space to take shelter in during an ongoing rift. How big is a Safety pen? The safety pens come in four different sizes: 2x2, 2x3, 3x3 and 3x5. Materials They use 1 shaft, 1 plank and 1 small nails for each fence section. That means that the different pen sizes use 8, 10, 12 and 16 respectively of each material. How are they built? With the use a tool (hammer, mallet, trowel) on a tile, selecting the option "Plan Safety pen". This will allow you to choose the size you want, and then create an outline showing the pen. In order to finish it you build by adding the necessary materials to one of the sections. Instead of building each section individually you build it as a unit - And once you've added all parts to it it will become a finished structure, rather than a set of fence sections. How do you destroy a Safety pen? Once you plan a Safety pen you will get a management option for it in the "Building" menu. From the menu you can choose to demolish it. What happens if it is not destroyed? The Safety pen is designed to last for the duration of a rift, with some leeway for planning and delays; 36 hours after the pen is finished it will disappear. Does the ground need to be flat for a Safety pen? It does not. You can place it on any slope below 40. How does the Safety pen affect the terrain? It doesn't. Once it goes away it will leave the area as it was before. Keeping people safe is one of its main purposes, the other is to provide a pen that does not leave a footprint after the rift is over. Some backstory People make pens at the site of an upcoming rift, in order to be helpful. They want to provide a safe space for other players to go afk or heal up inside. It's a really sweet and kind gesture towards the other rift-goers - In theory. In practice it has a lot of downsides, which for example include: - Often making the terrain of that area unfixable To add to that point it can be mentioned that when a rift opens up it creates rift bumps (patches of lowered and raised terrain), and in unfortunate cases they end up making slopes unridable. In even unluckier cases the leftover rift pens end up in a spot that would need to be fixed. Unluckier still is when more rifts spawn in roughly the same spot and the bumps become even worse. - Making it harder to hunt Sure, you can go around the pens when you are hunting, but sometimes (especially when the terrain overall is bad) you risk backing yourself up against a leftover pen. In some areas there are more than 1 pen, and the eccentric patterns you have to run in to avoid them can become daunting. - Unsightly The pens serve a very limited purpose, and that pen someone made for that specific rift now looks very out of place. And if you live or hunt nearby you better learn to love it, or spend hours bashing it, because it is now a permanent feature. People like to say ”it’s your choice if you want to bash it” and while that is true I don’t think anyone can deny that the servers are becoming progressively uglier with each rift pen added. It’s just not something I think we should consider a necessary feature of a rift. - Getting rift mobs stuck During one rift I attended one of the rift pens in the area actually caught the foot of the Warmaster. He ended up being stuck outside the rift zone, so no one got any credits for killing him. Pretty sure it also ended up actually killing people who were sheltering in the pen. The kind gesture of creating a rift pen ultimately turns into a hassle, and the number of pens increases with every rift (more or less). It would be nice if people could continue creating pens at rifts without it leaving fences behind for years. Disclaimer: This is a suggestion for the PvE servers.
  11. Personal preference, but I don't at all think it's a good idea to encourage people to slather the server in enchanted grass. People already absolutely wreck areas where rifts are held, which includes creating enchanted grass in the middle of deserts.
  12. An Alliance is a good middle ground between a sense of community with people you enjoy chatting with and people being able to have full control over their own Village.