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  1. Light tokens were deliberately excluded from the pool of sacrificable items many years ago. It was discovered that you could actually gain back more favor from them than you spent on making them - Which opens up for a whole world of priestly grind abuse. And even in the cases where you don't get more favor back than you spent it'd still be an abusable feature, since you could basically sacrifice items once (or just wait for enough favor to cast the first set of tokens) and have that work as a perpetuum favor machine.
  2. Both wagons and boats inherit functions etc. from the same parent class, which is a vehicle class. Boats were the first vehicle in Wurm, so a lot of the code was written with no regard for future vehicles.
  3. Congratulations, Seriphina, good job! And congrats again on the affinity, Nirav
  4. Got lost in the woods Trolls are not meant to be friends R.I.P. The End.
  5. Broccoli Hills?

    I want to know about the broccoli
  6. A minimalistic GUI with straight windows and no transparency in functional areas.
  7. I understand your frustration with not getting a response, while you see them actively answering other people's questions. But I don't think it's a case of them ignoring you: I'm more inclined to believe they're trying to lessen the flooding in the chat, by waiting for someone who knows the answer to respond. When people respond to everything in chat it increases the mass of text, making it harder for someone else to see the questions. And if someone else sees that you're getting a reply they might not read further and instead just think "oh ok someone is responding to them". I think this is one of those cases where the expectations don't match up with the reality of the chat. You're not wrong for wanting your questions to be acknowledged, it just doesn't seem to jell with the CA flow. Personally I think that a CA repeatedly answering "Sorry, I don't know the answer to that" would get old really fast, since it would push the questions further into obscurity, making it even harder to read CA Help. "I don't know" is a non-answer, and not responding at all might actually be better in a lot of cases - Even if it has the unfortunate side-effect of making people feel unheard.
  8. I think you, as devs, overestimate how fun rifts are in proportion to the rewards you get for attending them.
  9. This isn't fun, it's butt and hopefully a bug
  10. I did it!

    Congratulations, well done! =D
  11. This happens when you pay upkeep towards your own deed as well. I also noticed that message when paying upkeep, and reflected on how awkwardly phrased it is: I've no idea what it does, but it almost makes it sound as if there's functionality for using upkeep funds for paying upkeep.
  12. Goodbye

    You've done a lot of good for Silent Hill over the years, and we're thankful and grateful for it! Not sure what we would've done without the crazy village weaponsmith that saw to it that our weapons were up to standard. And a lot of random things got a QL upgrade while you were grinding your skills. You've always helped maintain the village and also make sure it was safe. Not to mention the fact that you've helped recruit a lot of new players (I'm sure yours was the first friendly face a lot of new players saw). But more importantly: You've been a great person to be around ❤️ You not only recruited new villagers: You helped them find their footing, while being kind and patient with them. And you've been a good friend and villagemate to the rest of us as well, someone with whom we've shared a lot of good moments. We've had both serious talks and a lot of laughs together. I'd be lying if I said we won't be missing you, but: When someone says good bye, or takes a break from Wurm, it's usually because they'll be better off in some way for it. We want what's best for you, and hope you'll be well and enjoy whatever you get up to!
  13. 1. The database and its tables aren't buggy - They are incorrectly set up and incorrectly handled. A very important distinction: This is not a bug you can swat. It's a deeper seated issue they have to show they've sorted out before a reliable name change should ever be considered. Ingame security is not a matter they should take a gamble on. 2. I'm not against the database issues being sorted out. And nowhere did I even indicate or suggest that. What I'm saying is that I do not Trust this not to become a major security issue in its current state. 3. I have just as big of a right as anyone to state my reasons for not wanting this suggestion to go live. That my main reason against it happens to be that it potentially poses a security risk shouldn't disqualify me from having an opinion. 4. It's important to highlight relevant issues when they pose a threat. When things get consistently overlooked they pose an even bigger threat if incorporated in new functionality. Even if it had been due to a bug (which it is not) it would've been relevant to highlight issues and point out "yo, fix this bug first".