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  1. I think we should petition for them to end up with Bruce Almighty
  2. Congrats Well done! Ein zwei guy? haha no but really, good look with figuring out a title!
  3. How fun! Thanks for hosting the competition, and of course for the third place. Big congratulations to Vorticella and Gianna, those were some very compelling reads!
  4. I don't mean to be disrespectful, especially since you're mourning her, but that's not a very good idea. The new fishing system is basically untouchable already because it's based on Tich's design, and no one wants to change the vision of a dead person that meant a lot to them. So we'd end up with a deity that would be even more resistant to tweaks and updates than the current ones. On top of that turning her into a goddess would mean that either they'd have to make her "too imperfect" to work with people's memory of her or "too perfect" in a way where she'd replace all the other gods in terms of usability. And trust me: You don't want the memory of her to be associated with a constant source of frustration.
  5. You've done a really great job with all the Halloween fun, it's all very nice!
  6. Mist lake...

    It might be pirates!
  7. Mist lake...

    Hello there, I'm one of the residents of Silent Hill. Welcome to the neighbourhood! Some of us are away on a hunting trip, but it's still nice to make your acquintance
  8. I accidentally imped one rare and after that it turned invisible from certain angles and distances, so if that's still a factor I'd say their bugginess far outweighs their usefulness. If not I guess it could be useful.
  9. I think my entry might've become a bit too lengthy... Or actually, scrap and resmelt that, I'm okay with how lengthy it turned out!
  10. Thank you, both for the quick response and for looking into the remote deed management
  11. Since this thread went live I haven't spoken with anyone who thought these changes were bad or in any way unreasonable, the only thing people have been a bit pensive about is this: I appreciate the increased managability that the new Deed permission system allows for since it was introduced a while back, I really do, but the GUI for it is both unintuitive and slow to interact with. It becomes especially daunting if you need to add (or remove) someone to (or from) multiple houses. It's so much easier for deeds with multiple occupants to have a central management character that always sits on the deed, ready to log in whenever a setting for a role isn't working as intended. This type of character is especially useful for whenever people are hunting or participating in rifts on another server and can't access the settings on their home deed. I'm assuming that shared deed management accounts will no longer be possible to have?
  12. The message of this story is interesting, should be turned into a movie
  13. Some of you may know him as a friend and some of you might know him as a seasoned Wurm veteran who's seemingly always been around. Others yet might know him as one of the the crazy guys with tons of 90+ skills, or maybe as the guy who used to sell great tools and weapons. And if you've ever been in an alliance with him you'll know him as the guy who is always willing to help his alliance members out (even if it means sitting with you in a boat along the coast for an hour while you continuously fail to catch a single fish). The person I'm talking about is Vroomfondel / Handsomestranger, and I wish I were creating this thread about him during happier circumstances. Even if you don't know him I'd like to tell you a little about him, because he is a great guy who's currently in need of help. For those of you who know him it may come as no surprise that he spent a lot of his time caring for his mother, which he's done for the past 8 years. She was a proud person but unable to live on her own due to her health issues, so Handsome moved in with her in order to be able to better care for her. When he wasn't taking care of her or playing Wurm he spent a lot of time taking care of their home, which includes creating and maintaining a wonderful garden which I've always loved seeing pictures of. This last year his mother's health unfortunately took a turn for the worse, and a few days ago she passed away. I've never met neither him nor her in real life, but the news of her passing was still very sad. I apologize to anyone who know him that hasn't yet had the opportunity to hear about it directly from him, but as it stands right now he is unfortunately about to lose both the home and the garden he's worked so hard on. Due to the crushing debt his mother's medical bills has left him with he needs to take immediate action if he's to be able to keep his home. For Vroomfondel/Handsomestranger the Wurm community has always provided him with enough friendship and social interaction, so he's never had any real use for social media. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but as of now he's in great need of a bigger network so if you are able to it would be great if you could share the link to his fundraiser with as many as possible. And if you are able to contribute towards his goal that would of course be an enormous help! There is a link to the Gofundme page he's created, and it has some additional information, so please message me if you want it. You can also find it on the Gofundme website if you search for James Paris.
  14. I feel for you, and I 100% understand what you must be feeling right now (unfortunately). Not trying to steal attention away from your misfortune here, but I'm going to share a little story about a similar situation to showcase more of the toxic player mentality that actively drives players away: During the first day of Xanadu me and a bunch of friends set out to find the perfect spot to plant a little deed on (nothing extravagant, just a nice little home where we could enjoy the server and play on our newly created characters). After a long walk and lots of scouting we finally found the perfect little spot where we planted our token, and ~10 tiles offdeed we started a mine to get the material we needed since the deed was on a tiny peninsula without a rock layer underneath. Can anyone guess where this is going? If you guessed that someone deeded over the mine to intentionally grief us you are correct. At first we thought that maybe the people who deeded over the mine did it by mistake, since a lot of people want to live by the water. Perhaps they didn't realize that we had a mine there that hadn't yet been gate-housed, and perhaps they hadn't realized that their deed basically bordered ours. So we checked the token to see who owned the deed, because we thought that maybe we could talk to them and see what was up. It became evident right away that the deed was intentionally placed there in order to grief us because the deed motto was "Deed it or loose it" (yes, misspelt like that). It struck us as odd since why would anyone do that? Why would someone deed-grief us in an area where we were completely certain that we were the first ones to ever live? I started walking around in the area where we deeded and noticed that there were deeds outside our local area that all seemed to be in the same alliance, and this is where it got murky. Some of the deeds were planted before ours and some after, but the more I looked around the more I realized that they had counted on being able to control the entire area by deeding in a circle around the water. I also swam to the island that was to the south of us and realized that the deed on it was also part of the alliance, and that the alt that had planted the misspelt turd motto deed resided there. So I started lurking the forums and chats, and realized that these people (after we had planted our deed) had started planning a market area that was counting on our peninsula to work. They seemed to be planning to make two landbridges from the island: One going west and one north, and thus turn the bay into a lake. The problem of course being that we had a deed north of the island. A deed we planted within the first 36 hours of Xanadu's opening, on land that they somehow still felt entitled to. We owned the deed on what was pristine land, it hadn't as much as been dug on before we planted our deed, and yet they felt so entitled to it that they planted a deed on our mine in order to intimidate us enough to get us to leave - Without ever talking to us. If they had spoken to us we might've been able to reach a solution that was amicable for all of us - Maybe they could've bought our deed, or maybe we could've told them not to plant more deeds since their plan wouldn't work out. But no, they went straigt for the deed-griefing. Obviously the support call we made led nowhere, since the "deed it or lose it" yada yada blah blah is so ingrained in people that not even obvious grief can set off alarms. We ended up buying the griefers off using a large amount of ql95 iron lumps as payment, so essentially we were extorted and it still counted as fair gameplay on a PvE server.