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  1. I am going to practice using my emotions on you, thank you for involuntarily volunteering for this! Here we go:
  2. Hahaha I feel so dragged But what if I do not know how to emote? What if it is too hard? Tell me, what do I do?
  3. I feel like I just opened a mail that tries to both sell me male potency pills and a video link to a motivational speech about self-actualization. I am confused
  4. I'm sorry to hear that, and I wish for him to have an enjoyable time. He always lit up the room by not only tolerating but actually seeming to enjoy the company of some of the more difficult personalities in the chat. That for sure is a quality not many possess, and he probably isn't even aware of it and the impact it had on the general mood in there. Also he came to save my ass once when my horse decided it didn't need me anymore on a stranger's deed along the coast, and decided to take on a bear on its own to protect me (I think, I don't know what goes through the head of a horse). I think a pile of gear was all that was left to retrieve, but I definitely remember that Mikeyyaya was the one that helped me do it.
  5. Since you're experiencing a lower QL output in the video than in your gameplay experience I'm guessing it's caused by compression. Bad compression algorithms produce a lower sized file by compressing the contents without consideration for its quality, and it's often very noticable in the video and/or sound depending on what algorithm is used. I'd suggest looking through the "custom" option in the Quality section to see if there is an option for no compression.
  6. If someone wants to respond to a PC with the correct price there's nothing that stops them from doing that - And if they only respond to pricechecks to correct others that give an "incorrect" estimate I don't think they have the best interest of the person asking in mind anyway. I absolutely understand what you're saying and where you're coming from, but the PC conversations in trade chat often drag on for ages and derail into arguments about what a correct price is and what jagoffs the others are and this and that. It's been an issue for a very long time and I'm glad it's been addressed. And again: Anyone is free to give an estimate with the @ tag, and if someone doesn't want to give a pricecheck unless they feel they need to correct someone else they probably don't have the "correct price" as top priority, but rather the need to be "right" or a need to hype up their own prices.
  7. I'm feeling polite so I haven't even added a weird joke to go with the picture; The most offensive thing here is my face (please don't erase my face, I need it for buying alcohol).
  8. I'm sorry this happened to you, and I'd like to thank you for sharing your story in the hopes of helping others. The items that have been stolen may end up for sale, so if potential items of yours pop up on the forums you could ask the buyers to check the signature. That way you could narrow down some of the forum alts they're using, and hopefully at least avoid doing business with them.
  9. New players often do things on purpose but without fully understanding the consequences: That's not the result of inattentiveness but rather the effects of being able to do anything in a game with a steep learning curve. For an older player it might be nice to be able to burn birch tools or slap a tent on a wound, but for a newer player there might be value in putting an opt-in checkbox for such actions. A new player has a lot more longterm value from spawning with a tent and a shovel after each death than from being able to slap the tent on a wound one time. (I don't know if tents can in fact still be used on wounds, just using an example of something that used to go sideways a lot right when tents were introduced)
  10. Hahaha nothing quite like scaling the tallest mountain only to be used as a lawn dart
  11. I've no idea, but I am now imagning you being hunted by a dragon and I feel sorry for you but also can't stop laughing
  12. This is absolutely not what he was saying, but rather projection of your own feelings towards how he handles himself. What he said was that he sees what people are saying and doing instead of what they are wanting or thinking. He literally said that he expects to be treated like everyone else: Not that he expects to bend over backwards to please others, which is what you seem to have somehow gotten out of it. That he is "working" on himself is no different to how other people are working on themselves, because everyone has things they need to work on in order to become better at this, that or the other. And none of us were making fun of or reacting saltly to Bloodreina: We were simply pointing out that by not managing her expectations she is setting herself up for failure. You yourself seem to think that "adapting" is a way of compromising who you are, when in reality you can never be 100% your uncensored self and still expect to form meaningful relationships with others. Everyone makes compromises in order to get along better with those around you - Neurotypical and atypical people alike. If you were severly lactose intolerant and insisted on chugging a gallon of milk before entering a room I can guarantee that people would leave the room as soon as you started playing ye ol' butt harmonica, regardless of whether or not you inform people about your diagnosis.
  13. Nice pieces! Your technique is really good, and it's fun that you're doing so many different things
  14. Good luck to you too: I have a feeling you're going to have a hard time finding nice people.
  15. I feel like this might be an Expectation Vs. Reality problem regarding what you imagine an ideal ingame relationship to be like. Some people regularly message everyone on their friendslist while others only message people when they have something they want to ask: Because people are different and treat their ingame relationships according to their own expectations. Perhaps someone in your friendslist would, over time, come to message you in the way you'd want them to - Either because they've gotten to know you well enough to feel comfortable doing so, or because they know you well enough to know that they should do that to meet your needs. No one is wrong in the scenario you described but it is a bit unfair of you to tell people to, and I quote, "start considering if you can't do something more to support Wurm than buy your premium". Buying your premium playtime is literally the only thing you are required to do in order to support the game (apart from following rules and community guidelines). Your need for social interaction is neither the responsibility nor the center of anyone else's gameplay. You need to remember that your needs come first only to you, so not everyone else is constantly considering your needs and wants because everyone else is focused on themselves. One can certainly sympathize with your wish to have more social interaction, but the truth about that is that if you wish to interact more then the ball is in your court. Not everyone has the same drive for social interaction, and some people are even hesitant of messaging others for fear of being annoying. There's a wide variety of reasons why someone might not contact you, ranging from complete disinterest to general indifference.