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  1. Bowyer cause you be cupid in dis shiet bae
  2. I cannot tell which part of your messages are sarcasm or satire..however I agree, the more players making private slay groups and hunting to kill privately would be amazing for Wurms unique market.
  3. I do not have anything I can submit to improve the current tutorial, in fact I don't actually dislike the current tutorial. However, as per suggestions by Retro in his lovely thread - which I am sure will make a good read for you - I am just expressing my well founded concerns in regards to this suggestion and the easily foreseeable issues that I had pointed out. That is all.
  4. Don't Panic

    Eww. Stop.
  5. I will be dragging my knarr and some crates of stone to turn into bricks while I am there as usual I love the themed costume idea, though I probably won't participate in that myself. o/ Seeya in July!
  6. So glad to see you come this far after our conversation last month! Good luck on the Impalong - if you could, could you PM the types of games you are playing? I may have some suggestions for some also.
  7. Few things I have an issue with regarding these suggestions, mainly 1 and 2. 1. There would have to be a very large amount of permanently active communities and deeds available at all times for players to join. This is highly unlikely and even just 5-10 new players joining would probably cap out any deeds that put their hands up very quickly - the staff would have to make and monitor a deed of some sort for this to happen and that isn't really in line with how Wurm operates or its cash flow methods. Another thing to note here is that due to how Wurm works, the new player would have to get used to being told 'No' a lot in a sandbox game, which is not normally what happens when you are let loose to find a spot and well, do 'Yes' things. 2. 100 tiles from any deed with a task list, especially for a new player, sounds like complete hell for any established players as well as overwhelming for a brand new player. Dropping a brand new player right into the area around deeds and instructing them to cut trees, mine, dig, plant fields etc would be painful for both the new player and existing players. The new player will not have public amenities available right nearby like the current set ups are, nor will they have a grip on their location on the map, any guard towers or the ability to actually explore for threats before leaving the safety of a town. In regards to older players, if they decide to leave the game and not realize they've just butchered someones area - especially if they are spawned within something like a community orchard etc - a lot of these amenities are respected by the established player base and this would easily wipe our certain amenities. The new player might find themselves interfering with community works, somewhere inhospitable or other generic things that are left undeeded for the ease of public access. Imagine a new player is spawned right on the tundra or steppe of a server and just gets to digging right away because his screen tells him too? Or their first quest is to make a bunch of wooden things and they've just spawned into the local cedar sprout orchard. 3. I actually don't have that many issues with this, besides the fact that it basically exists through the journal and following the journal as a new player will end up having a similar or same result. It appears from what some staff has said in GL that staff are already looking at the tutorial again and his video has spread. Suggestion 3 isn't bad but already exists in the form of the journal. Suggestions 1 and 2 sound too troublesome for players involved, both old and new, especially for a new player.
  8. I hope that all players that rely on Wurm to fund their self worth are given the proper therapy they require. +1 for the general concept of the change, I hope to see a more even playing field and one day Silakka in the death tab.
  9. The riddle is in. Chaos is best.
  10. This is disgusting, -1. Please don't suggest such a thought again.
  11. +1 To help prevent the destruction of noobs.
  12. Hello everyone! As per usual, the documenting of player costumes was back with this years impalong! I have sent out a call to action on our discord, but I will post it here also that if you do not find your outfit in this years album, please either message it to me through forums or by posting it in our screenshots section of our discord! Due to timezones, there is a chance that I missed your outfit, or due to Imgurs sometimes hidden "upload_imagine fail" it might have been removed in the chaos! So, without much else.. Enjoy the outfit compilation! This year, it appears Zarune is the poster boy!
  13. If you have previously attempted to make a character on that account that has timed out, hunt down that old email and make sure you click the (now expired) registration link. For some reason, Wurm will 'queue' the registration link emails. Source: I have too many damn accounts and run into this often when making new alts.