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  1. +1 A multitude of reasons would lead me to support this endeavour, a list that would stretch three whole debates.
  2. The roadmap is being worked on but Wurm will never be a game with transparent changes being discussed until they are nearly done. Also I am not sure if its a minority or not. It seems more like theres a minority of vocal speakers on the forums that are heavily disagreed with whenever the discussion say, moves to a bulk of the playerbases feeds in GL-Freedom.
  3. Oh, also, [1416.1711] connects to that new extension at [1458,1711]
  4. New highway extension! [1457,1853] [1459,1670] [1472,1659] [1475,1610] [1467,1611] [1465,1545] Thanks Yaga
  5. Never been told about it because I am doubtful it happens. Never once had an issue with the Yaga community maps - even when I am on my phone, they still work lovely in desktop mode. Once all maps land on Yagas map mode - the community maps will finally be up to standard. This map and the Indy map are lacking, in both usability and detail.
  6. Just posting this image here in spoiler so you can see kind of what I mean. Current rifts - pretty much either while im at work or on my way to work, or while I am fast asleep. Yes rifts change time and day, they rotate - but most of my rotations either end up for when I am asleep, or when I am at work.
  7. This 1000% times over. Most rifts happen at stupid times - for me, its almost always either during the working day, or while I am asleep. When they are in my timezone at a decent time, if I want to attend, I would have to put off making dinner or other activities included to living a normal life, such as doing the washing etc etc. I've made a total of 1 out of counting 6 rifts that have been available at a reasonable time without being a stupid inconvenient IRL since I started looking at them in Feb 2020. Yes some happen at maybe 9pm my time, but that includes an hour of travel to the rift, staying at the rift and then possibly returning home or camping there nigh midnight - which is not always viable. Depending on your time zone, your work schedule, where you are located on your server and where the rift is located on other servers - 100 rifts in a 2 year timespan can be completely unreasonable. Yes, most wurm players are old geezer retirees that can no life this fine game of ours 24/7, but that doesn't mean that we are all like that. Also, the assumption that one can just hire priests, or hand their account to a trusted friend etc to make the goal easier not only undermines what the goal should be, but also overplays what the average wurm player has access too.
  8. I have premmed at minimum 70 alts over my time on Wurm. I have during my time on Wurm, played all 70 while premmed. I currently have 15 character premmed down from my usual 30, and I am trying to get that down to as low as 5. Sometimes, when your personal goals attract no-one but yourself, and you still wish to go through with them - you're looking at a 10 month project with alts, or a 10 year project solo. I'd rather the current concept of Alts to stay, than to see alts made redundant or to having multiple characters make your main goals more difficult.
  9. Agreed, it was so lovely to see the table - I even got to have a little bit of it due to staff least it looked super lovely. This would also help for when we're feeding alt accounts that we don't want to have the same level of permissions on, whether it be because they're in allied deeds or not.
  10. +1 and a big agree to this. It would legitmately be easier to fillet a fish, sitting on a moored boat, than it would be to fillet it standing on the shore without a table.
  11. If we take some accounts or deeds into play, we've had many sell for dozens of gold.
  12. Fantastic Stone Chisel - made of steel or seryll.
  13. Sad to see one of the last relics of a better time in the unique dying. Would have much preferred if t was repenned
  14. Rifts are already critiqued and unloved in the community as it is - forming a unique system like a rift system is bound to fail as it is. This fix looks ugly and sounds awful. -1
  15. Mainly through different dyes and combinations of armour. Plenty of outfits look somewhat similar but besides those only wearing the starting gear, there were enough differences in outfit to spot some people out from a distance