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  1. Purely subjective - take Shydow for example - I would consider him a veteran yet he is still one of the 'newer' players when I think about current Wurm players I know. With the amount of game knowledge Madnath has, I would call him a veteran - but hes also a player thats only been around for half a decade or so. Catch me aiding new players on the daily, yet asking how to reinforce a cave floor. I've played actively since 2009. Would I consider myself a veteran? Yeah.
  2. Wurm itself already has a rich player made story when you go back through the game itself, the dramas and everything - sure it isn't a traditional story but I can tell you stories about the first boat bridges on Indy, stories about the day gold was shut down etc ... theres tons of 'real' story made by the players.
  3. As a player that has found multiple uniques for my own hunt group and hasn't been able to attend the kills due to the global time agreed upon for the slaying within my own group winding up in the 2am-4am range for myself, but also as a player that has found and sold dozens (I don't mean 12, I mean 30+) uniques, hardly ever attending those slays even with an invite by the buyers due to timezones, I cannot think of a worse system honestly. Having uniques with 0 announcement, just sprawled out in the wild is the only way I can find and hopefully securing a slaying that works well for me and my 'off brand' +8 gmt timezone. They told me that 'its alright, one rift will happen in your time zone soon enough to attend' and I got to attend THREE in TWELVE MONTHS that happened during 'peak' gaming hours for me. Any others I attended required me to wake up early before work (5-6am), skip entirely (10am to 2pm) or stay up late (1am to 2am) in the evening. Under the current system I am going to continue to find, pen and sell uniques, whether its to share with my own hunt group or to sell to another buyer - under any other system if they continue to keep their 14ish day respawn time, going off by the rift examples, I will get to attend maybe one a year - which sounds a bit trashy to me, especially with how much I love to hunt for them. I've helped 4 players who have randomly stumbled upon uniques in the past few months pen/slay them, going to other servers to do so even - that is the most I have ever helped in the last 5 years in that Shrimpie has said, the current system has seen far more random players stumbling upon them since the announcements were disabled and the introduction of treasure maps has only increased that. Lets take a look at Deliverance over the last 8 months for example; 2023 - Jan 23, Public Slay 2023 - Jan 5, Private Slay (Group A) 2022 - Dec 21, Private Slay (Group A) 2022 - Dec 4, Public Slay 2022 - Oct 28, Public Slay 2022 - Oct 20, Private Slay (Group 2022 - Oct 5, Private Slay (Group A/B?) 2022 - Sep 19, Private Slay (Group A/B?) 2022 - Aug 29, Private Slay (Group C) 2022 - Aug 6, Private Slay (Group D) 2022 - Jul 18, Private Slay (Group A/B?) 2022 - Jun 27, Public Slay 2022 - Jun 13, Private Slay (Group C) 4 Public slays to 9 Private Slays Group C is made up entirely of Deliverance 'mains' and is its own hunt group. Group A is made up of mainly Xanadu and Independence players that also hunt on Deliverance. Group A/B contains mainly Xanadu/Indy players with a few Deliverance players with one dedicated hunter on Deliverance. - This ONE player has found more uniques by himself than most hunt groups will have collectively - he is my neighbour and I even recall him finding around 10 by himself one year. Group D is made up almost entirely of Celebration players. What I think is also surprising is that none of these unique kills listed were even Stanlee hosted uniques - we have some players that always happily hand over to Stan when they encounter a unique so its not that uncommon either. To me, this looks like a very competitive and healthy unique situation where all the kills are not split entirely through one group, there is a healthy amount of public slays being hosted and I think this is a sign that even this current BROKEN system is heading in a direction where unique hunting groups don't own a massive monopoly, even on their own servers where 10+ people can be out searching at one time. As I have said before, this current system isn't perfect, but I think it is time that we re-evaluate the propaganda that is used to attack players and the current system and re-evaluate the suggestions we pose into making the system better. We are still only new to Wurms increased focus on exploration and already I can see a trend towards more 'casual' or 'non elite' players finding uniques.
  4. The more I read this thread the more I think back to question 2 and how it says 'I don't get invited' to private hunt instead of 'I choose not to form a group with my friends and hunt the uniques'.
  5. I would like to DM (or GM) a player vs player Wurm TTRPG style combat session focused around the current PMKs.
  6. Few Wurm players can bring tears of happiness, he will be missed.
  7. Seems rather low..but also very accurate at the same time.
  8. @Finnncan you check Bricks in your chat detector over the last 3 years? 😮
  9. Intention =/= decisions made in hindsight when a problem is found. That is all.
  10. Please make every element entirely resizibleleeeeee instead of having to scale it all through the UI!
  11. Refer to I was addressing Lisimbas comment that the intention was that you picked a god, became its follower/priest and stay there.
  12. Has it? I've been a follower of Vynora for 13 years and I have never been told it was a permanent choice, in fact over the years ive been constantly reminded that I can change if I feel like it, or wish to walk a new path. I'm not sure that the actions of a developer today can change the true intention of the actions of the developers over a decade ago.
  13. Cause to some of these obvious drop kicks, a difference in opinion is clearly a tribal 'us vs them' situation. Honestly not a fan of the change, also not a fan that some of the reason of it was player threats. Take action against the players for their behaviour, not actions against a system that isn't broken.
  14. Sadly I missed three days due to IRL but 30 crates were cut