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  1. I am going to give this a -1, but not because I am against more lore on gods and creatures. I like the concept of finding out more about gods and creatures. I am going to give this a -1 because Wurm already has such a rich and extensive history in relations to past kingdoms and tales - all created by players. The essence of Wurm is that the players make the history of the game and by introducing more developer designed lore will devalue our player created history. The more 'official lore' there is will slowly devalue the player lore of the game, and the player history. A lot of players consider none game lore just as roleplay, or irrelevant, but in Wurm, the player relationships and such is all the game has to offer as the lore, so they can't ignore that the game was built by the players. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Please keep active in GL so we can continue to argue.
  3. Can you elaborate on this 'aren't even to be found INSIDE the game' part?
  4. This also? Have you seen the hit rates for dragon kills, even on small groups of 15-20? You might be lucky to hit it 5 times, and to even do 2-5% of its health even in that small of a group, even at large FS and with good weapons. Imagine having 150 people at a dragon slaying, you won't do enough to get anything unless you're a priest.
  5. There is a very minor amount of luck involved in hunting uniques, if you've been doing it for longer than a small period. As Finn has said above, anyone experienced in unique hunting can basically bag uniques on rotation purely from skill, just like you might bag a fish during a seasonal migration.
  6. Are you sure about this? On many different servers in my time on Wurm, including NFI, there are unique hunting groups that are open to people who are just willing to give it a go. Find the slayers on your server and ask politely. Sometimes, they will even reach out to you and ask you if you liked to join. Just don't expect them to consider you if you're likely, to you know, insult them and call them elitists?
  7. I am curious how dragons/uniques are considered end game content when all they do is provide the needed materials for some buffs that you can purchase with your very easily obtainable silver/gold from the actual end game - grinding your skills to high level. Stop comparing dragons/uniques to raids etc on other games, as most other games have bind on equip loot n shiet. I agree that they need to make it so that sharing uniques doesn't outright impact the penners - as it stands, a public slaying often costs you more to pen the dragon than you can actually make off of it, but I have yet to ever see a system suggested that can make it profitable for everyone, and worth sharing. I am going to again state -1 to this suggestion however, a +1 to the eventual discovery of a method.
  8. -1 Players who put their time into hunting, surviving the penning process, putting silver into the required metals etc should be able to do with the unique what they want.
  9. I doubt its working as intended mechanically, in fact if that was indeed the mechanical process behind the concept of SMCs or LMCs, then perhaps a refund is in order for all the players lead to believe that the chests stop items from decaying? Maybe adding a small note 'These chests are designed only to protect items while they are kept on deed' so that no other players fall for, if that is indeed the intended mechanical workings, blatant scam? These items are either a heavy amount of marks, or a hefty amount of silver, and if that is indeed their intended purpose, then that is nothing short of a scam.
  10. -1 for too many reasons to state. Do you even play this game?
  11. Bumping +1 to Elwood and this lovely idea. Wurm can be a struggle to get into, and having such a wise and experienced player such as Elwood leading them provides so much experience from a kind and respected player. Thank you Elwood for constantly setting a shining example for the Wurm community and for being one of the oldest and most respected players on Wurm, and continuing to grace the community.
  12. I give it a +1 if they could make a difference between 'game brightness' and night 'brightness' also. Lanterns are a big part of a deeds look, so having them smaller and weaker due to 12am looking like 8am kinda sucks.
  13. Absolutely. I don't understand why the decay system works in its current method, or why they introduce decay reduction in any form when its irrelevant when you go to actually use the items you're preserving for later.
  14. Aww, but I got a picnic basket for christmas!
  15. IRL, Buoys are picked up and cleaned roughly once every 4 or so years for some, and upto once every 15 years for other types. It would make sense to have them no decay, or to decay at such a slow rate, as they are not quickly decaying items in any sense.