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  1. Few Wurm players can bring tears of happiness, he will be missed.
  2. Seems rather low..but also very accurate at the same time.
  3. @Finnncan you check Bricks in your chat detector over the last 3 years?
  4. Intention =/= decisions made in hindsight when a problem is found. That is all.
  5. Please make every element entirely resizibleleeeeee instead of having to scale it all through the UI!
  6. Refer to I was addressing Lisimbas comment that the intention was that you picked a god, became its follower/priest and stay there.
  7. Has it? I've been a follower of Vynora for 13 years and I have never been told it was a permanent choice, in fact over the years ive been constantly reminded that I can change if I feel like it, or wish to walk a new path. I'm not sure that the actions of a developer today can change the true intention of the actions of the developers over a decade ago.
  8. Cause to some of these obvious drop kicks, a difference in opinion is clearly a tribal 'us vs them' situation. Honestly not a fan of the change, also not a fan that some of the reason of it was player threats. Take action against the players for their behaviour, not actions against a system that isn't broken.
  9. Sadly I missed three days due to IRL but 30 crates were cut
  10. Laughs were had, bricks were cut. It was a good time, my chisel, bricks and I will be there next year.
  11. 5s? Seen this going in Trade for like 5-10s.
  12. As a player that values delivering goods myself over wagoner, I would also like more to express my love for wagons/carts. A title and such would be lovely.
  13. This post is NOT goblin certified. #banlee #twoatonce
  14. Wurm is a player driven economy, as such there are times when you must trade with thy enemy. I support this idea wholeheartedly. These are the suggestions that will bring Freedomers to PvP. +1
  15. The servers I had played had it as an any god spell, which is why I corrected myself. I also haven't played WU in years